Nazo no Kanojo X

Mysterious Girlfriend X

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Alternative Titles

Synonyms: MGX
Japanese: 謎の彼女X
English: Mysterious Girlfriend X
German: Mysterious Girlfriend X
Spanish: Nazo no Kanojo X: Mysterious Girlfriend X
French: Mysterious Girlfriend X
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Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 8, 2012 to Jul 1, 2012
Premiered: Spring 2012
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Source: Manga
Genre: RomanceRomance
Theme: SchoolSchool
Demographic: SeinenSeinen
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.251 (scored by 133694133,694 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #27042
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #727
Members: 281,139
Favorites: 2,791

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Preliminary Spoiler
Mar 24, 2013
Now, now, now. I've been informed that certain people think that Nazo no Kanojo is ecchi. I've also been informed that a lot of people think it's bad that it has some originality. Well, guess what? It ain't so. Not often will you find an anime which revolves around drool, and this one did a damn fine job in doing so. So, you think that people sharing drool is nasty? Well, guess what, it is. Oh, but you watched only the first episode of the anime and took upon yourself to be an arse and immediatelly toss it aside? Well, guess what, not all anime ...
Apr 26, 2014
It is safe to say that the core concept of which this anime is built on, the saliva mind meld, is pretty obscure, if not totally weird. However, although Nazo no Kanojo X goes to the absolute extremes of weirdness in some areas, it is perhaps the single most realistic in others.

So I'm not going to talk about the drool, that may be what drew me to Nazo no Kanojo X initially, but it is not what kept me watching, it is not the part that I love about this anime.

Most romance anime, especially school-based romance, are ludicrously unrealistic. We see the tsundere girl, the ...
Apr 22, 2012
Ah yes. Mysterious Girlfriend X. When I heard that the manga was getting an anime adaption, I looked forward to seeing other people's reactions to the synopsis almost as much as the show itself. Perhaps a fair few WTFs amongst viewers who've never read the manga?

The story is simple. Boy encounters transfer girl. Boy deliberately tastes girl's drool on a desk. Boy falls in love with girl after that. Um, yeah.
The drool. If there's anything in this series that would turn off those who watch it, it'll obviously be the various saliva-swapping scenes. Personally, I don't think it's that bad. If it helps, think ...
Jul 19, 2012
I watched one episode last night and ended up burning a sickie from work to finish it off today... I found this series by clicking through recommendations starting from 'Kimi ni Todoke', how I arrived here I don't recall, but thank goodness I did.

I don't think I've come across anything as unique as this. The story line was out of this world but not so far out that it is unwatchable.

The art was a plus for me, it was clean and easy to look at. The characters are very well designed. It was only 13 episodes, but I felt like I really got to ...
Apr 8, 2012
Preliminary (1/13 eps)
"Upon discovering the existence of sex, every boy wonders one thing. They wonder what kind of girl they'll be with for their first time."

TL;DR: boy meets girl, hen things happen, no general romantic shit.

The series starts very cliched. We have The Ordinary High School Student, we have The Ordinary New Transfer Student... or not that Ordinary? Yepp, new girl looks weirdo, do weirdo things, drooling as hell and, in nearly everything, isn't usual high school girl, filled with shyness and taboos. That's cool, if you gonna ask me. Main Hero aka Akira-kun despite being at top of his sexual maturation is all round nice guy, ...
Aug 19, 2013
Have you ever found an anime that "SALIVA" or "DROOL" is become a proof to the bonds of love? if you're havent, then maybe you could try Nazo no Kanojo X.

Nazo no Kanojo or Mysterious Girlfriend in english is not your typical comedy - romance anime, why? First of all, if you're an easy people to puke because of something weird then maybe this anime is not for you, since this anime will have SO MANY scenes that will make several people go puke. like i said before, your first impression while watching this anime is DROOL, yeah, i am not kidding. but dont take ...
Apr 8, 2012
Preliminary (1/13 eps)
This show is unique to say the least. I was expecting something f**ked up and weird, but I must admit I was expecting something more on the comedy side for some reason. Not that I dislike how f**ked up and serious this show actually is, I actually think I love it even more that way. I was expecting some crazy ecchi with just some original characters, but it doesn’t look anyway like that at all.

The first thing that caught my attention with this anime is how old the animations looked. It had this grainy and low definition look to it, It was kind of a ...
Jul 2, 2012
Mysterious Girlfriend X. What hooked me to watch this was, of course, the drool tasting. This series made me more open-minded to watch romance-ecchi, since this was ecchi but has a good storyline.

What makes this anime different from others is its uniqueness. Drool as bond is not something a couple usually has, and drool tasting is something you can't see everyday. Now, on to the details.

This review may contain spoilers.

Story: 8/10

Honestly, after seeing "ecchi" in the tags, I thought this anime was about sex, but man I was wrong. The story is surprisingly really good. It's not based on sex, though you can sometimes see ...
May 11, 2013
Mixed Feelings
Mysterious Girlfriend X is a show that’s pretty icky. There’s no getting around it. As a viewer, one always has options, one can always make decisions. So, if you’re planning on watching this show, you have to get past the hurdle that is the synopsis of this show. A high school student one day discovers the new transfer student asleep at her desk after school. After she hurriedly leaves, he sees a small pool of her drool on the desk, and for some unfathomable reason, he puts his finger in said drool, and takes this finger into his mouth. He licks her drool.

Without getting into ...
Apr 26, 2012
Preliminary (1/13 eps)
uhhh.... wtf did i just watch.... thats all i can say...... but i need to write a longer one in order for this to be posted.... in episode 1, i already HATED that main chick, story dont seem to be that good, the whole thing is just messed on every level... she pukes whenever shes happy? the dudes addicted to the chicks spit? i have seen some strange stuff, but this is the strangest yet....
Aug 4, 2015
Nazo no Kanojo X
This anime is a little bit tricky, while at first you're like WTF? is he/she really doing that? and by that i mean they interchange saliva but then you will be thinking that that's romantic for some reason lol and end up liking a lot this anime.

The story at first is really weird, but it starts to grow on you in every episode and you want to know more about this weird relationship between Mikoto Urabe and Akira Tsubaki and how is it that just with saliva they feel what the other feels, you don't get to exactly know the reason but ...
Apr 26, 2012
Preliminary (1/13 eps)
I can't even express this in words. It's just completely pathetic. I Couldn't even finish the first episode, it was do bad. The art was poorly done. The choice of main character is unbearable. The Sound is quite decent. But the story, how every damn thing falls in to place ; Specifically the whole ,"Oh she's gone, Oh she left some drool, Oh maybe I should taste it." I don't know if it's just the type of anime meant for people who tend to be attracted towards a drool tasting fetish, but I utterly find this as an anime as dreadful as possible. I give ...
Nov 20, 2014
Mixed Feelings
(This has been adapted from my reddit thread)

Saliva is a basic necessity for most animals. It provides humans with a way to break down food, aids in protecting our teeth, and allows us to have the ability to swallow easily. It's so ingrained in our daily lives that, for the most part, we pay it no mind. However, once it leaves the mouth, it usually goes from a friendly companion to a disgusting byproduct. In short, while saliva is seen as a benefactor to our everyday lives, drool is not. But this anime, Mysterious Girlfriend X, would like you to think otherwise.


Mysterious Girlfriend X begins ...
Jul 18, 2012
I love this Anime! i have seen only a few romantic/comedy anime and this one is the best! Although it comes off a little weird with the drool bond i think that it is just something you have to see as a beautiful bond between two people. The creativity of this bond is art. The Romance and Comedy are a great mix as well, there wasn't a point were the one overpowered the other it was a smooth mix. The way the two dreamed about each other was really cute and reminds me of myself. The dream world was so crazy and wonderful it brought ...
Oct 18, 2017

This is a review I've been planning to write for a long time. I've been putting it off in part because reviews like this are by FAR the hardest to write. Here is what I mean. The easiest reviews to write are bashing bad anime that absolutely nobody cares about. They get quick and easy laughs from readers. Nobody gets angry or offended. You can just say whatever you want with no fear of the consequences.

The second easiest to write are gushing praise onto a universally beloved classic. Have you ever seen an "Anime everyday" review? I'm not trying to be mean, I'm totally ...
Aug 27, 2012
If you've got this far, you know the show's synopsis. Your standard anime transfer student doesn't quite fit in, as expected, but due to a series of events ranging from ordinary to a bit weird, the show's main character ends up falling for the weird transfer student. All this made possible due to the strange effect her drool has on him, creating a bond between the two that makes him physically ill if he goes without it.

While this may not sound all that interesting, and perhaps down right gross with the drool aspect, Mysterious Girlfriend X stands out as one of the most unique and ...
Apr 11, 2012
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (4/13 eps)
If you can somehow, in some way that is not life threatening, remove your stomach from the rest of your body and sit right next to you, then this anime is a bizarre treat. . . Or at least I wanted to say that. . . .

It's quite a feat to be both an intriguing and somewhat fresh look at the highschool romance genre and physically sickening at the same time, Nazo no Kanojo X is a rare case of doing something different yet doing something that immediately pushes you away, literally.

It's starts out with Akira Tsubaki wondering about how his first girlfriend will be ...
Jul 2, 2012
This is my first review and it's a bit spoilerish, mostly about the stuff that annoyed me there.

People told me Nazo no Kanojo was good, so I kept watching it despite the ridiculousness of the first episode. It was pretty weird and kind of stupid, but I've seen stuff that had more stupid premises and that was nonetheless very good.
This manga and as such the anime was written by someone who obviously has a drool fetish, but it shouldn't be enjoyable only by people who have that kind of fetish.

The first episode is about the protagonist feeling sick after tasting the girl's drool. The girl ...
Aug 19, 2012
Unique. Original. Surreal. Fetishistic. Fantastic love story.

Don't be put off - this is not an ecchi anime. The synopsis and premise of the story is enough to raise your eyebrow (and possibly retch) before moving on. This would be a mistake. Like B Gata H Kei, the precis fails to do justice to the wonderful romantic story that lies within.

The combination of retro late-80's art and beautifully melodic musical themes with the surreal nature of Tsubaki's dreams are near on a masterpiece.

Granted, the saliva swapping scenes may make some viewers nauseated but if you can deal with that, you will fall into ...
Nov 22, 2014
Mixed Feelings
The whole concept of exchanging saliva is gross. I’ll say it. But to be fair, the story and the interactions of the other characters are good enough that most can bypass this. After a while, I noticed that I cringed less and less every time I had to see the two love birds put their drool in each other’s mouths.

At times the show dragged. There were a couple episodes that really seemed to do a whole lot of nothing. Overall, I’m glad that it only ran for 13 episodes. The ...