Uchuu Kyoudai
Space Brothers
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Alternative Titles

English: Space Brothers
Synonyms: Uchuu Kyodai
Japanese: 宇宙兄弟


Type: TV
Episodes: 99
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 1, 2012 to Mar 22, 2014
Premiered: Spring 2012
Broadcast: Sundays at 07:00 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: A-1 Pictures
Source: Manga
Genres: ComedyComedy, Sci-FiSci-Fi, SeinenSeinen, Slice of LifeSlice of Life, SpaceSpace
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 8.541 (scored by 3279632,796 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #902
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Popularity: #922
Members: 125,849
Favorites: 3,027


Both of them are about people setting goals and trying to achieve them. They are great and make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. You will find nothing like this on american tv. 
report Recommended by animejnkie
An impossible destination, distant and unreachable to ordinary humans. That is what the 2 anime share. Although there's no lack of stories in space or harsh environments, what sets them apart is that they are grounded in reality and within the familiar confines of our present world. Space Brothers, as per the title, follows the journey of 2 brothers as they aim to fulfill their childhood dream of becoming astronauts and going to the moon. It's an incredible ride of 99 (too few!) episodes, inspirational and engaging throughout. But what's truly impressive is the anime's astonishingly realistic and painstaking display of astronaut training, as well as the  read more 
report Recommended by fullmetalbender
The general vibe of a protagonist trying to navigate his life seems similar. The level of humour seems similar, too. 
report Recommended by flinty17
Featuring the journey to space, Planetes and Uchuu Kyoudai (Space Brothers) have distinct realism in their perspective stories. The characters are also relatable with genuine sense of humor and inspiration to make their dream into a reality. The stories of both series indeed also have great development along with its characters. I recommend both series for anyone interested in an insightful and well crafted story with credible characters. 
report Recommended by Stark700
While they seem different on the surface, these two anime have some similar themes.the main characters must undergo several exams, forming bonds in the process in order to achieve their dream. 
report Recommended by Monjoex
Very similar themes: the main characters dreams in going to space and endures a lot of tests. They also experience a lot of problems while reaching their dreams. 
report Recommended by xxxholic_wing
Well, they're not similar, but they're both written very maturely and really fun to watch. Animation quality for both series are top notch, triple A status. It's really difficult to pin point any real negative criticism. 
report Recommended by StigmataSasha
Both series will make you feel warm and relaxed after watching them. They also have good, calm music and focus on two main characters that bring out the best in each other. 
report Recommended by ohai
Mutta is a down on his luck guy that has lost touch with his childhood ambition: to be an astronaut. Arima is a guy who hasn't quite given up piano, but is stuck in his past. Both make a plethora of excuses, and are unable to move forward in life. But, people appear who pull them along into their past dreams, and they begin to change in positive ways. For Mutta, it's his little brother Hibito. For Arima, it's Miyazono.  
report Recommended by arashi-chan12
Similar bromance between the main male characters. Great comedy, a colourful range of moods and lots of drama.  
report Recommended by Mayuka
Even though both anime are very different in their genre and story telling, they have some similarities too. First would the be the very realistic animation - no rainbow color hair or any fantasy. Everything sown in both anime seem very realistic - being a detective involved in a murderer case or being an astronaut, training and going to space. Even the side stories and secondary characters have a big role to play and gives the realism feeling to it. People in the story, no matter how small their role can be, have their own lives and problems, but they just let you connect with  read more 
report Recommended by Hutai
"Space Brothers" and "Shirobako" both showcase a more realistic portrayal of adult life, particularly how people take on jobs and seek out jobs. These two slice-of-life shows also use humour rather well in the depiction of people's careers and can both be quite insightful into their respective fields as well as being overall very educational. 
report Recommended by StevenHu
Although one is about Space and the other is about Basketball; both have the same style, humour and vibe. Both have very similar types of characters in the show; main characters have very similar personalities. And both of them are characters who have strong will to achieve their utlimate goals 
report Recommended by mojohojo
Optimistic and motivational series that helps you succeed in life. 
report Recommended by roquefort
Both about Space and Astronauts. NASA/JAXA are part of the story. Space Brothers follows the story of two brothers who dream of becoming Astronauts, now in their 30s, the younger brother will be the first Japanese man to set foot on the Moon, but the elder brother has just began his road to becoming an Astronaut. I don't really have to say much, if you went out of your way to watch this short film about Space, you'll probably want to see Space Brothers. 
report Recommended by AnimePope
Nostalgia play a big part in these stories. Unsure of their futures, both main characters look back into their meaningful pasts in an effort to regroup their thoughts and decide what they really want for their lives onwards. 
report Recommended by WarlockAppa
They're (like) brothers, have very different personalities, and are together in the search for a dream. And "together" does not mean it won't be conflict, angst and envy between them. Both series will make you learn a lot: In Rakugo Shinjuu, you learn a lot about the rakugo art and japanese history and culture; in Uchuu Kyoudai, you learn about astronautics and space. The drama is very well presented, even the side character's stories manage to captivate you. You'll end up crying, laughing and struggling together with the characters - they're crafted like real people. 
report Recommended by Z_Tetriminos
Two and very very different anime, yet they have some things in common. Detailed and great art style ( even though ajin has cgi, it helps to create a darker atmoshpere and makes anime even better) Soundtracks are used well to help people to get in touched with characters and anime. Make it intense or easy and enjoyable. Also same voice actors 
report Recommended by Hutai
Both are about space. Both have spaceships. Uchuu Kyoudai has a lot of hardships and feels though, telling the story of the acual hardship of becoming and astronut to go to space between brothers. Terra on the other hand is about characters who go to space to fight and protect Earth by showing what might be needed of an astronaut in the future if Earth needed protection on another planet.  
report Recommended by OtakuWatcher
Both use their extraordinary orchestral soundtracks to give you dem feelz. Both have intense character development on two-three main characters, as well as every single side character. Both are about reaching your dreams and have strong themes of friendship, courage, ambition and hard work. 
report Recommended by Mayuka
Depthy research on the subject of each series (space exploration/competitive figure skating), and consistent themes of self improvement and friendship. Both titles display masterful renditions of character development and have excellent soundtracks, albeit there being significantly less fan service (and budget) in Uchuu Kyoudai.  
report Recommended by bitchoujosama
The struggle of adult life, trying to live the way you've always dreamed of and trying to find a job. There's some romance in both if you want that too. 
report Recommended by Deknijff
Sometimes you can't just recommend another series off of things it has in common, if you're like me different shows give off a certain atmosphere and vibes. Atmosphere is defiantly something i find these two series to have in common, if you like the vibe you got off Uchuu Kyoudai than it's very possible you might the Great Teacher Onizuka. 
report Recommended by StonedAnime
Both plots follow the dreams of a pair of brothers. While the roles of the younger and older brother are exchanged in Hungry Heart, their individual paths and struggles to glory remain oddly similar to those in Space brothers. Wild Striker is shorter and has less time to develop characters and foreshadow plot twists, but delivers a feel and atmosphere strikingly similar to Space Brothers.  
report Recommended by rcazador
Both are about grown man that gave up on their dreams and have a 2nd chance. Both have comedy, though Black Heaven is a sci-fi series about rock. 
report Recommended by m4rc0
People aspiring to be astronauts for missions never seen before. 
report Recommended by Nidhoeggr
These two series have the similar theme of "Work hard to reach your goal!" 
report Recommended by ohai
The relationship between Hibito and Mutta is almost similar to the bond Kamina and Simon shares--the main difference is the role reversal. In the TTGL's case, Simon's "Aniki" teaches him to believe in himself, whereas Hibito, the younger brother, tries to inspire confidence in his older brother in Uchuu Kyoudai. 
report Recommended by ohai
Realistic, 20th century style space flight, in a comedy presentation. 
report Recommended by Alterego-X
Both of these shows involve space, weather it be Mars or Venus... These shows are similar with character design too. Uchuu Kyoudai has a warmer feel though, isn't based on gag comedy, and remains more "down to earth." 
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
A Dream. The protagonist have a major goal in life they wish to achieve inspired by a certain event in their past. The protagonists start out at some of the lowest levels of their respective societies but the greatest joy from either of these two is seeing how the protagonists struggle and try to achieve their goal ~one step at a time~. 
report Recommended by Zee530
Both anime are pretty slow yet are not boring and manage to get a lot of things happening. They have a lot of interesting and developed characters, in both anime going through tests. The soundtracks are somehow similar and really good. The protagonists are both seeking to surpass someone in a specialization (Gon wants to be a better hunter than his father; Mutta wants to be a better astronaut than his brother) and get often compared to the people they want to beat. In both anime, there is a main character who wants to become doctor because of someone's death in the past. 
report Recommended by Piramyd
Do you enjoy shows about rivalry that manage to remain relatively down to earth and aren't overloaded with super powers and ridiculous antics? Not that there's anything wrong with those, but sometimes the rivalry without those makes for a nice change of pace. Hikaru no Go focuses on the growing bond and rivalry between two teenage boys and their passion for the board game Go. One of them is already a talented player, son of a title-holding professional. The other is a complete newbie who must painstakingly learn the game with the help of his acquaintances but mostly with the help of the ghost of a  read more 
report Recommended by Numi
Very similar vibe to both films. Both are about a Japanese man going from a normal job to becoming an astronaut going to the moon. 
report Recommended by Felix79
There are similarities between the two main characters in both animes. The two characters from each story are brothers, the younger brother is the popular one with more success and fame, while the older one is down on his luck however is more talented than the younger brother. Both older brothers have a life-changing experience and begin to work their way towards their respective goals, and over come the younger sibling.  
report Recommended by Mr_DaftPunk
As the other person said, the male leads are pretty similar. Tiger and Mutta have the same voice actor and generally the same personality. They're the underdog. Bunny and Hibito have similar sounding voices and are a bit different in personality but similar in terms of being the superior one in the main relationship. 
report Recommended by Mayuka