Kokoro Connect

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Synonyms: Kokoroco
Japanese: ココロコネクト
English: Kokoro Connect
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Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 8, 2012 to Sep 30, 2012
Premiered: Summer 2012
Broadcast: Sundays at 00:30 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Source: Light novel
Genres: DramaDrama, RomanceRomance, SupernaturalSupernatural
Themes: Love PolygonLove Polygon, SchoolSchool
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.741 (scored by 416031416,031 users)
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Ranked: #10762
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Popularity: #212
Members: 821,162
Favorites: 7,841

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similar concept about various phenomena linked to puberty syndrome, with great character development and romance. Both are recommended romcom anime. 
report Recommended by Juarez
All of the characters of both series are brought together through events none had asked for. They are tasked with understanding each others pains both emotionally and physically. A seemingly usual day like none other will soon spiral into a chaotic array of self discovery, growth of interpersonal relationships, and unwanted thoughts are brought to the surface. Unconscious decisions are suddenly questioned and naïve ones could prove fatal. 
report Recommended by PinkHeart19
Both explore the difficulties that arise from body-swapping, such as the impact on daily lives and coping with the invasiveness of it. 
report Recommended by ElanMT
Both involve the whole switching body theme Kokoro Connect being more dramatic and Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo being more comedic  
report Recommended by AlanaSenpai
Two shows with a focus on drama and the personal relationships between a group of friends. 
report Recommended by Jax
First of all, both anime have these following themes in common: comedy, slice-of-life, supernatural, and school. The settings are the same; they are both a school and the characters are part of a club that only consist of five members: two boys and three girls. I also feel that the characters have similar personalities with some slightly differences. 
report Recommended by Mythical-Katie
When looking at the artwork for Kokoro Connect and Hyouka, the artwork looks strikingly similar to each other, despite being animated by differing studios. Hyouka's artwork is a marvel to look at since it was animated by KyoAni, but Kokoro Connect's artwork is also very good. Kokoro Connect, synthesizes comedy and drama in a very appealing way. It does not rely on straight gags, and it doesn't try too hard for laughs. This is a positive, because it doesn't seem forced like in other anime. The drama is not over the top and does not seem forced at all. There are also slice of life elements  read more 
report Recommended by Ejc
Similarities: -high school setting -high school club -supernatural elements -'powers' -a tad of mystery Both series include a group of high school students that join a club. In Kokoro Connect, this is a club that friends are in together. In Charlotte, the 'club' is the student council. In Charlotte, however, the abilities are all different and are used on a voluntary basis. In Kokoro Connect, the abilities the club receives are not voluntary. If you like high school 'drama' and supernatural elements such as powers and abilities, Charlotte may interest you just as much as Kokoro Connect did! 
report Recommended by DizzyBunnies
Both anime leverage their supernatural elements to create unique dramatic situations/character relations that wouldn't normally be possible. Both focus on romantic drama and love polygons with adolescent characters. 
report Recommended by Serpentsounds
Both series are a "deconstruction" (that is a very overused term.) of teenage social relationships. ReLIFE explores them from the point of view of a grown up dude who is shrinked into the body of a teenager and has to attend highschool, while Kokoro Connect makes its own entire cast go over and analyze their friendships because of some mysterious spell, bringing empathy and hostility between the group flourish. 
report Recommended by Haizel
While both series don't have the exact same premise, Kokoro Connect and Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. deal with a group of characters who get together at school while participating in various events/activities. Both series' main female protagonists have a strong and independent personality but sometimes are too brutally honest. Among other things, the interactions between the main characters of both series are what makes it a fun watch through the usage of humor, dialogues, and gags. Both series also add flavor to the romance side as there seems to be some drama between the main characters. 
report Recommended by Stark700
- Both have a supernatural event occurring in a school setting. - Both deal with a club/group of friends daily lives and problems they face. - Main guy is very altruistic and is in a love triangle. - Both are very unusual comedies that carry a lot of dramatic moments bringing out your emotions in every episode.  
report Recommended by Orulyon
Slice of life airing anime. Two boys and three girls who are friends and in both anime have similar personalities. Both feature a highschool setting where the group is trying to achieve something. KC is supernatural though.  
report Recommended by Orulyon
Both : - have similar art - have good character development - have same ratio of male to female characters - are slice of life/school life - involve romance  
report Recommended by WolfxPup
The settings are definitly different and at a first glance it may not seem that they are similar. They are both humouristic and have a nice feeling to them, but in both shows there are some events that puts the main characters on the edge and the story becomes a bit more complicated and darker. There are supernatural elements but both shows focus on the relationships between the characters and how they develop and deepens through out. 
report Recommended by JaeDough
-Supernatural things and unexpected events happens in their summer -School life/slice of life anime 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
The art and the animation for both animes are very similar altough one of these two is not KyoAni animated but is heavily influenced by KyoAni's style of Art. Both Animes have a group of friends having some weird ocurrences in between.  
report Recommended by daniyan
Kokoro Connect & Glasslip both involves the process of friendships being destroyed and repaired again. Having similar genres, these two may seem different but in the end, it's mainly about how the friends went through a lot and came back together.  
report Recommended by Aleron
The student cultural society and the neighbors club are very similar in their scope. The lack of it being a conventional club, in addition to both clubs helping out the students social lives, means that they’re very general settings for both of these animes are very similar. 
report Recommended by Cosplay_Joe
-Both anime's animation look really similar because they are created by the same character designer (Yukiko Horiguchi) and they both surround school life, comedy, drama, slice of life, as the story focuses on their daily life in their respective clubs. Only difference is that K-ON's story focuses on comedy and the daily life of a group of girls, while Kokoro Connect focuses on drama/romance. 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
A group of teenager struggle to save their friend(s) from the complex problem they had. Iori's and Kakeru's problem are a bit similar (their parent issue, which indirectly affected their life). Both school anime with a lot of drama. If you enjoyed one, try the other one! 
report Recommended by renzospark
These two series give off the same feeling. They are similar for two big reasons: 1) the animation looks a lot alike and 2) the relationships that the group of students hold in each series are similar Sakurasou does not have that supernatural element though. 
report Recommended by pandoreye
Starts off as your typical comedy/romance school anime through the first few episodes and takes a turn in the opposite direction with more deep, serious, and sometimes dramatic tones.  
report Recommended by Jmac
Comedy and funny moments are superficial in addition to profound themes and meanings. 
report Recommended by reluctantbeeswax
Even though the shows have very different settings, the dynamic between the male main protagonist and the 2 female characters ( one being the cherful silly character, the other the more distant "coldish" character" feels excactly the same. If you like one of these shows for the romantic dynamic I highly recommend checking the other one out. I´ll admit that the cheerful character in Kokoro can get annoying. therefore the show includes a larger count of main character and therefore more interaction and impact the whole lovetriangle has on the group. tl;dr If you liked the love triangle in one of these, check out the other :) 
report Recommended by Spyclist
Centered around the same club at high school, The main character is also a self-sacrifice, and The romance develop in a pentagonal way 
report Recommended by Ghozzz
Both have supernatural elements, romance, complex stories, and multiple arcs each featuring another "supernatural element". 
report Recommended by Moedera
-Supernatural things and unexpected events happens in their summer -School life/slice of life anime 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
They don't have the same premise but both Kokoro Connect and Henneko reflects on experiences of youth. From those experiences includes romance that details of a main male protagonist and the interactions he has with girls and friends. There is supernatural themes in both series that takes on a more abnormal way of expressing youth. There is also a lot of catchy dialogues and cute moments. Both series are also lighthearted but at times contain emotional moments as well. They both take place at a school life setting with misunderstandings ensuring.  
report Recommended by Stark700
Lots of psychological themes throughout both of these shows. Be advised -- Death Parade has a lot more gore in it. But seriously, did you expect something happy? It has the word "Death" in the title for crying out loud. 
report Recommended by FiREIng_maNiac
Both anime have similar story telling. They start as comedy, and slowly, episode by episode, more and more drama comes in. Also, the art style is quite alike. Both shows include supernatural elements as well as a certain amount of romance, and the main characters are school students. Kyoukai no Kanata has more action, but both shows are really worth watching. 
report Recommended by wings4clarity
Both have a group of people in a club who obtain supernatural abilities from an unknown person. Inou-Battle is much funnier and light-hearted than Kokoro Connect, which has some dark themes. 
report Recommended by helloisabelle
- Similar Genre: Comedy, School, Romance, Supernatural. - Have Body Switching in the First Impressions without warning and explanation. - Member: Kokoro Connect in Cultural Research Club while Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo in Supernatural Studies Club. 
report Recommended by kawaii36
Strange phenomenons happen around and in the bobies of the club members and characters. Kokoro Connect is more serious. The cause of the phenomenons are different, but the phenomenons that happen to the club members are very much alike. 
report Recommended by Terra-K
These two anime could both be recommended if you're looking for something 'uplifting', 'light' and 'comical'. Both Kokoro Connect and Little Busters have a sense of mystery underneath the more obvious 'high school-plot'l and both will probably make you laugh, even if you're in a bad mood.  
report Recommended by Mangetsu-san
Both Sankarea and Kokoro Connect present themselves as a supernatural romantic comedy - and they indeed are. However, on top of that, they also deal with a lot of darker and more serious drama; and blend these two aspects together very well. Both also entail a few people trying to keep a supernatural secret, exploring the depressing backstories of the main cast; and two female characters being in love with the male lead, though he only loves one of them. 
report Recommended by lycheejane
This recommendation may seem weird, but there are aspects that are very similar. In both shows a higher entity manipulates a group of kids which leads to interesting character and social developments. In Kokoro Connect this happens through abilities that suddenly appear and allow things like reading the minds of other group members, swapping into their bodies, reverse ageing etc, while in 100-man throws seemingly randomly chosen kids into 'another world' where they have to work together to complete quests. In both cases the group and individuals get taken to their limit and develop over the course of the show. The production values in both shows are also  read more 
report Recommended by zwolf12
How the ever fast changing world twirls the past and presence of a group of teenagers together, and the interactions and incidents stemmed from it alter courses of their lives, for better or worse. 
report Recommended by SgtBateMan
Both shows show you the thoughts and feelings of a group of people that are all connected in some way. In Kokoro connect there are supernatural forces that make those feelings known and in Zutto Mae kara Suki deshita the characters deal with it themselves.  
report Recommended by BlondiG321
The same feeling of "someone else is controlling my life" even though Bokurano as of yet is a lot darker than Kokoro Connect 
report Recommended by CatchMyHead
Both series... - deal with connecting a group of friends into a deeper friendship through supernatural experiences - have the characters deepest secrets and inner desires get exposed, generating conflicts among the group - feature specific character development of each group member in detail - don't hesitate to adress controversial topics like difficult family backgrounds, guilt, self-doubt and sexuality - pretty much accept the supernatural / surreal situation they are confronted with and rather portray how the main characters deal with it - have a small amount of lgbtq+ representation without seeming forced 
report Recommended by IR0K
Both animes are similar in the respect that it is about something uncontrollable that acts as a hurdle for the main protagonist and the group he belongs to. In kokoro this is the body swapping while in golden time it is the amnesia. 
report Recommended by MajorJett
They both have body swapping and are romantic comedies. 
report Recommended by Notpockets
Both shows are about a group of friends in a club dealing with supernatural/strange things from time to time. Also drama and romance is heavy in both shows 
report Recommended by Makowka
2 girls after 1 guy. 
report Recommended by Rakuenn
Both the anime series is promote mature romance genre which is very rarely released . 
report Recommended by Grinset
Severely underrated Kokoro Connect is one of the best romance anime of all time. Kokoro means heart in japanese, thats all you need to know lol With its powerful friendships put to the test due to mysterious supernatural powers, this show is not only romance but much more than that!  
report Recommended by BlastMadness
both are school anime, which are drama and very interesting relations between the characters. First of all, in both the heroes really get to know themselves and learn to face their weaknesses. In both, the development and adolescence of the heroes is also very well presented. In both, it is said that honesty in relationships with others and with oneself is what counts, although it can hurt 
report Recommended by Abgrund1
Both of them are about a group of people that play game made by a god or something like that. 
report Recommended by JokerDBlue
The anime is very funny has a very cool reference to death note and a novel that encourages anyone. 
report Recommended by LordSadlli
-psychological school trauma -drama between friends -talking through and fixing problems -supernatural intervention of some omnipotent being -high tensions -nice, clean animations styles.  
report Recommended by Bheaze
There Is A Group Of 5 Friend ThEY ARE FROM SAME GROUP.And One Day An Ancident WITH All These Friends SUPERNATURAL ACTIVITIES...... 
report Recommended by animesesenpai101
both shows are very centric on characters and both deal with heavy topics in students such as abuse, bullying, and other traumas. both are pretty heart-wrenching and emotion heavy.  
report Recommended by momotarotea
Both series revolve around a group of high school students that shows the bonds of the characters throughout the show. The art styles are fairly relative, and a couple of the characters remind me of eachother, especially Mocchizou and Taichi, and Nagase and Tamako. Kokoro Connect, however, is a series that'll tug at your heart-strings, while Tamako Market is more of a laid-back comedy. Both series definetley has its light moments, and I enjoyed both of them a lot.  
report Recommended by Marshmewwos
Similarities: High school setting Supernatural occurrences and powers High school clubs Enters a realm of mystery where the MC needs to discover the meaning of these powers 
report Recommended by Yuukinaa
The main similarity between both these animes are the fact that the character(s) are placed in a strange situation (exchanging bodies, etc... / leaping in the character's personnal timeline) and are going throughout the series to try to understand what's going on and solve the problems created by these anomalies. The drawings are quite similar too. 
report Recommended by biguest
Highschool romance mixed in with a little supernatural. If you liked Just Because then Kokoro Connect will surely not disappoint.  
report Recommended by NoticeMeSenpaai
If you wish Yura's character had developed further than Kokoro Connect may be a good option (be sure to watch the extra episodes 14-17 too). In both shows the main female characters go through significant changes causing friendships to be strained. The ideas of forming an identity and personal empowerment are explored in each.  
report Recommended by UltraDoom
Bokura no Nanokakan and Kokoro Connect are similar because they both involve friendship and and little romance in the case of Nanokakan or a lot for kokoro concect. in both series some event puts the relationship between the group of frinds on the verge but by beeing truthfull to one another they can overcome their differences both have a warm atmosphere with slight touches of comedy. 
report Recommended by abyss_will
By the same amazing studio containing another slice of life adventure of high school kids the same age as Tomoko trying to overcome hardships in their everyday lives - only this time, these hardships are far from ordinary  
report Recommended by MuscularBlackMan
A group of five friends deal with romance and difficult family lives, and come together in the process. 
report Recommended by Jerakor
1. Although Nana is completely based on real-life complications and emotions, Nana and Kokoro Connect both offer extremely authentic, original characters. 2. They both delve into the deeper and more complex aspects of human relationships, individuality, psychology - there is serious character development in both. 3. Touches on adult themes, but contains no unnecessary fan-service 4. Fantastic music in both. 
report Recommended by MagicPotato98
Both series addresses somewhat the misconception and reality of highschool romance in a vague style 
report Recommended by earabiana
Body switching, multiple main characters, and drama are in both of these anime. However, Kokoro Connect has a completely different atmosphere and a lot more love polygons than Inari. 
report Recommended by Mayuka
Both shows revolve around a group of friends dealing with relationship issues among another. Even though Kokoro Connect is more serious than Lovely Complex it still has its funny moments that take you away from the drama. These two animes arent 100 percent similar but if you enjoyed Lovely Complex then you shouldnt miss out on Kokoro Connect 
report Recommended by LancelotTypeZero
Both Kokoro Connect and Mawaru Penguindrum have these weird characters who get a personality change. In Kokoro Connect that mysterious character is Heartseed and in the other it's the personality that comes when the girl puts on the penguin hat. Also Taichi and the twins have the same type of feel to save/help people. And while watching Kokoro Connect I just kept thinking this reminds me of Mawaru Penguindrum. 
report Recommended by otakulaurie
Both contain a male protagonist who helps his classmates with their personal troubles, getting closer to them in the process. Of course, the differences in genre and audience reveal the differences in how the protagonists go about it. Some characters share similar traits, but none worth mentioning. 
report Recommended by Reload
Both have gender transfers (though kashimashi happens once while kokoro connect happen on and out), the op theme are by the same artist (eufonius), also I feel that both animes have an unnecessary amount of drama and seriousness, and tends to only slightly dabble on fan service and comedy which I go in watching, thinking that there will be a lot of but in actually, there is little to be found. 
report Recommended by reluctantbeeswax
Both series contain a slice of life style theme with a group of friends in a group. Both series contain drama, comedy, romance, and a relaxed atmosphere that moves at relative pace. Additionally, both series' characters have stark personalities and are fun to see their interactions with their peers as the series progresses. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Same drama feeling while watching Kokoro Connect it made me think of Kamisama no Memochou  
report Recommended by -michira-
Kokoro Connect and Infinite Ryvius are both similar in that they amplify the angst and drama of youth. Things are very emotional, and taken very seriously (although both shows also have a good sense of humor and plenty of romance, which is where half of the emotion stems from). If you loved one of these shows for this reason, you will likely love the other one. I gave them both 9's, so personally I think they both are phenomenal.  
report Recommended by ovoon7
-Both anime's animation look really similar because they are created by the same character designer (Yukiko Horiguchi) and they both surround school life, comedy, drama, slice of life, as the story focuses on their daily life in their respective clubs. Only difference is that K-ON's story focuses on comedy and the daily life of a group of girls, while Kokoro Connect focuses on drama/romance. 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
When a supernatural event forces a group of classmate to have a shared experience that can have harmful consequences, they must confront their own thoughts and emotions so that everyone can survive together. Drifting Home and Kokoro Connect deals with similar themes about friendship, sympathy, and growing up. If you liked Kokoro Connect but found it melodramatic then Drifting Home should provide a better balance. Drifting Home does not provide as much attention to each character, but its narrative and plotline is mainly focused on two characters. 
report Recommended by lancelot200
Anyone watching Re:Creators looking forward to a reverse isekai with action was probably disappointed. Re:Creators and Koroko Connect have narratives focused on forced melodrama from the characters lying to themselves and others. The main characters obtain catharsis from introspection and mutual understanding. I hope you enjoy cycles of melodrama and catharsis.  
report Recommended by lancelot200
Similar plot devices and tones. An interesting premise and execution in both. Deals with students and human connections. Romantically similar - has some LBGT/poly vibes. 
report Recommended by starshinesMonet
Both have: - A group of friends that spend their days together. - An alien entity who possesses or is responsible for possessing people. - Both start slow and with comedic tone and later become emotional rollercoasters. - Tsuritama is more about friendship while KC is more about romance. 
report Recommended by Orulyon
-Both animes have a touch of supernatural things -Both are of school life/slice of life  
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Young teens which have to do with supernatural things. In Kokoro Connect characters can rarely control their "powers", while in Ghost Hound they can often control the given powers. The shows play on characters feelings, their pasts, and the relationship among them, too. 
report Recommended by Disillusion
There's a certain uncomfortable frankness in both of these series. It's not necessarily unpleasant - the series are so candid that awkwardness naturally follows, and that can be charming in its own way. The awkwardness is often played for humour, and the candidness creates some touching moments. Oreimo focuses more on humour while Kokoro Connect focuses more on drama, but comedy and drama are important aspects of both series. 
report Recommended by TotalPotato
You will say that they are not similar to each other, well, Aku no Hana is too dark, and Kokoro Connect is more light... But this two titles analyze people's, especially high-schooler's psychology. So if you liked Kokoro Connect because of psychology you will definitely like Aku no Hana too.  
report Recommended by suoyung
Both interrelate the lives of people in different manners. 
report Recommended by mohammedafif
Okay, those who have seen this will be confused because these anime are very different, one being a comedy about a listless, lazy guy and the other being a rather psychological anime. But they both have a lovely art style and are produced by the same mad by silver link studios. I think that if you enjoy this laid back anime you will also enjoy kokoro connect. 
report Recommended by EmmyBomb
a protagonist who is absurdly perfect, nice, brotherly, brave, smiley, cool, admirable, etc the similarity cannot be ignored. 
report Recommended by toutseul
The two anime have many similarities. Each story is about a club created by their teacher for a group of outcast students that don't fit in with the other cliques. Both stories feature conflicts where the characters want the club to stay together as friends. The main male protagonists both have a martyr complex where they feel like they must sacrifice themselves for the good of others. There is also a love triangle between the main protagonists where they fear that confessing their feelings will break apart their grorup. 
report Recommended by skullheart
In Both 'Puella Magi Madoka Magica' & 'Kokoro Connect' normal students come across something that is not of this world and is not all what it seems. When both groups come across this new phenomenon they think of it has fun or harmless but as they learn more about it the darker it gets and they are all eventually in locked in some sort of psychological problems, For Madoka they learn more about the 'Mahou Shoujo' and learn what just what the cost of becoming one is, As for Kokoro the little game they had at the start turns into darkness and despair as they  read more 
report Recommended by Miyuki_Kotone
Romance, School life, Love, Feelings and then there is certainly the unexpected ending (if you include Kokoro Connect - Michi Random). Ohh and don't forget the one girl beeing totally misunderstood and her feelings beeing constantly trampled over. 
report Recommended by _INTER_
good romance anime with twist, its similar to this anime but with out supernatural, it wont end like Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi, i think i cant say more with out spoiling it :D 
report Recommended by Sugram22
These are both animes in which characters go through a drastic amount of self-discovery and realization. Ultimately, the characters use this to their advantage by overcoming person vs. person and person vs. self conflicts. If you liked the way the characters learned more about themselves throughout Kokoro Connect and the way they matured and grew as individuals, you will definitely enjoy Ao Haru Ride. In addition, both animes involve some degree of romance. If you liked the competition between Nagase and Inaba that blossomed during the later episodes of the anime, you will surely enjoy Ao Haru Ride, as similar events such as this take  read more 
report Recommended by swirlplums
I strongly recommend Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. First of all, I must say the first thing you will cling to are the characters (somehow Shizuku reminds me Inaban). The plot is also pretty good. There are also relationships developing aside the main one, as the same way it happens in Kokoro Connect. Above all things, what reminded of Kokoro Connect is the relationship among the characters. 
report Recommended by hadassawp
- Same Animation Production. - Both series are School and Comedy Themed. - Both series have an Uncommon specific topic, in Baka is summon test game, in Kokoro is body switching. 
report Recommended by daniyan
Both are school based romantic comedys. Both have supernatural themes. Both involve a secret that the characters must keep to themselves. 
report Recommended by Deliriant
Both are romance with heavy drama (Ef more so than Kokoro Connect). Both involve characters that face tear-jerking problems (Again, Ef more so than Kokoro). 
report Recommended by Deliriant
Credit must go to NoNameNoOne's 3-4 word (deleted) recommendation, for this. Judging a man for being one of few words is harsh--Kenshiro wouldn't last long on MAL! What was so unusually interesting about Persona 4 was its all-out-in-the-open, character breakdown style of development. Its cast each had a dungeon crafted from their inner desires - including but not limited to a homoerotic sauna - and, for the story to progress, each character had to face up to their true selves--accepting both the good and the bad, in front of their friends. Since it was first and foremost a game, the manner in which the cast got  read more 
report Recommended by AironicallyHuman
Tales of high school a particular high school club, consisting of exactly 5 people (2 boys and 3 girls). In both clubs, MCs investigate and ultimately resolve some supernatural occurrences. Both focus on the relationship of members of the club. *By Suzumiya (2009) I meant watching all 28 episode in the order aired on 2009. 
report Recommended by bunny1ov3r
If you enjoyed Kokoro Connect's serious, yet light-hearted approach to the bonds between friends, you'll prob enjoy this. 
report Recommended by p4ndam