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Alternative Titles

English: Nisemonogatari
Synonyms: Impostory
Japanese: 偽物語


Type: TV
Episodes: 11
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 8, 2012 to Mar 18, 2012
Premiered: Winter 2012
Broadcast: Sundays at 00:00 (JST)
Producers: Aniplex, Kodansha, Rakuonsha
Licensors: Aniplex of America
Studios: Shaft
Source: Light novel
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 8.201 (scored by 250,422 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #3332
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #155
Members: 424,774
Favorites: 2,984


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Aug 17, 2012
Veronin (All reviews)
Fanservice has always been a bit of a controversial issue. Some love it, some hate all instances of it. There's really no feasible way to please everybody when the reaction can often be likened to a dichotomy, split between 'too much' and 'not enough'. While Bakemonogatari is a series known by most for its unique art direction and character interaction, to say that it's removed itself entirely from sexual themes would be a flat-out lie. It's not much of a surprise then, that these elements are even more prolific in Nisemonogatari, for both better and for worse.

The first thing that should be recognized read more
Mar 17, 2012
Myrmidon83 (All reviews)
Nisemonogatari was certainly one of the more interesting anime of the season, not least for its trait of dividing viewers down the middle in terms of who enjoyed it and who didn't; this show, being the continuation of a well-known franchise, has attracted plenty of vitriol in the last eleven weeks, even though many people have been outspoken in its defence. But now that broadcasting is finished (even if the argument over whether it is masterpiece or merely the latest victim of too-high expectations has plenty of fuel still left to burn), I'm afraid to say that I couldn’t resist the lure dangling so read more
Mar 21, 2012
Skadi (All reviews)
Shaft has been on a pretty good run for the last few years churning out some extremely popular and perhaps over-hyped series. Now they have brought us Nisemonogatari, a show that I was looking forward to quite a bit. This is partly because I just generally find their work interesting but also because I did enjoy its predecessor. Now while I would not classify myself as a huge fan of the original show I did enjoy the characters, quirky story, and fabulous artwork. However Nisemonogatari is a pointless and directionless mess that feels more like a cash grab that takes read more
Mar 17, 2012
McRib (All reviews)
Nisemonogatari is the sequel to Shaft's 2009 hit Bakemonogatari. It features much of the same cast as the first show, but it includes many new characters as well. The particular focus is on Araragi's sisters, Karen and Tsukihi this time around. The first show broke sales records and this one is looking to do incredibly well as well. However, if you were expecting more of Bakemonogatari you might be in for a surprise.

There is always an issue with sequels when it comes to the story. They always seem to never really live up to their predecessors and sadly Nisemonogatari suffers from this issue as well. read more
Jan 8, 2012
Riesbyfe (All reviews)
I will be honest, I hold a certain amount of bias for this anime, a bias that leans towards "SUPAH" positive. I love Bakemonogatari with a passion, and I will always convince myself that Nisio Isin will remain to be one of the greatest writers I've ever seen, at least when dialogue and plot is involved.

So, if I seem like I'm just acting out my part to spearhead the opinion of the fanbase, don't hold it against me. I will do my best to be as unbiased as possible. You have been warned.

Story [9]

To be honest, I thought the highlight of the Monogatari series in read more
Mar 29, 2012
Cobbles (All reviews)
Bakemonogatari was a special anime for me. While it didn't really have any stand out qualities, the whole show ended up being much more than the sum of its parts. It had some nice visuals, fun dialogue, interesting characters and plot. Maybe a dab of mystery/suspense here and maybe a few seconds of good animation there. Ultimately it was an incredibly enjoyable show that was just a blast to watch when all of its elements came together in a dizzying fashion. So you can imagine my confusion when I finished Nise only to realize that I hadn't enjoyed the show all that much. When read more
Feb 26, 2012
Inkwave (All reviews)
You may have read my review for Bakemonogatari, and if you have, you will know that I consider anime to be a legitimate genre of art, as are paintings, video games, and novels. You will also know that my admiration for Bakemonogatari goes well beyond simple fandom and that I regard it as one of the masterpieces that transcends the genre, as is Michelangelo's David to sculptures. If you have not watched Bakemonogatari, much of this review will not make sense. That's to be expected since Nisemonogatari shouldn't make much sense if you haven't watched Bakemonogatari. With that out there, I read more
Mar 18, 2012
Jeffrey-sama (All reviews)
An imposter is one who is skilled at the arts of deception, often using their gifts to swindle unsuspecting victims. While its predecessor, Bakemonogatari, focused on the supernatural forms of five everyday animals and how the heroines of the story had to deal with them, Nisemonogatari shifts the focal point to the effect that imposters can have on the lives of those around them, specifically the two Araragi sisters. The sequel brings back the heavy dialogue to a lesser extent, adding in a touch of fanservice to fill in the gaps. While liking one does not necessarily mean it'll be same for the other, there read more
Mar 17, 2012
SteelMaverick (All reviews)
Better than the real thing.

Fake, unreal, an impostor. Story. With even more of a play on words than its predecessor, Bakemonogatari. Nisemonogatari is everything you can believe or disbelieve in when it comes to being a good anime. Directed by the avant-garde-ish Akiyuki Shinbo, Nisemonogatari pushes the boundaries of conventionality in anime and even in our own perceptions in more than a few ways. Like Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari splits itself into two character-centric arcs, focusing on Araragi Koyomi's sisters, Araragi Karen and Araragi Tsukihi.

As a show Nisemonogatari carries surrealist presentation, strong dialogue interactions, characterisation, story, tenets of philosophy and seamlessly integrated 'fanservice'. It is that read more
Jul 5, 2012
Stellio (All reviews)
Bakemonogatari was definitely one of the most talked about anime during 2009. Whether it was the clever dialogue or Senjouhara Hitagi herself, fascination was aroused among the viewers. Now in 2012 Nisemonogatari, the sequel, rivals the splendidness presented in the prequel. However, Nisemonogatari shouldn't be pressing attention for the same reason, in fact its dialogue lacks the same teasing tone as Bakemonogatari, but it poses an interesting Eastern philosophy which most people tends to ignore while thinking of Nisemonogatari.

One of the most brought up issues about Nisemonogatari is its fan service. While rarely noticed in Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari presents its fan service in the most raw read more
Sep 11, 2013
Lindle (All reviews)
It might be a bit premature to say this, as (the infuriatingly-titled) Monogatari Second Season is still airing as of this review, but Nise is definitely the odd bird amongst the Monogatari series, always spoken of as an exception where the other three are the rule. And though I enjoyed it immensely, for reasons both wrong and right, it's an uneven mess from start to finish.

Nisemonogatari starts off sloppily, wasting the bulk of the first several episodes of an already short series reintroducing the cast of the first series, as well as the two new challengers: Ararararararagi's sisters, Karen and Tsukihi. They both fill more read more
Jan 7, 2012
InunoTaishou (All reviews)
Well it may only be the first episode but the sequel to Bakemonogatari does not fool around!

Only one episode in but just from the synopsis and what happened this looks to be a very very interesting anime. The first episode really grabs you making you wonder whats happening then completely throwing you off and making you laugh and the very unusual and non-cliche jokes.

Same art as the first season and there's nothing wrong with that. Very nice animation and if you don't like the art style try watching a few episodes and you will come to enjoy it.

There was only an OP in the episode read more
Apr 16, 2015
ChristopherKClaw (All reviews)
WAIT. Read. I didn't just unilaterally give Nisemonogatari a 1 because I didn't like the show and I'm thoughtless and spiteful like that. I want to start this review out with a bit of a preface. I've never written a review of something that I've given a 1 before, and that's because I usually don't finish watching them. Why would I? If something is terrible, I turn it off. However, Nisemonogatari is completely unlike any of the other shows I would usually give 1s, and is also the sequel to Bakemonogatari, a show that I am very enthusiastic about. I want to make that very read more
Jun 4, 2013
Evil_Mousou (All reviews)
I really, really wanted to review Bakemonogatari way back when it aired, since the show seemed to captivate the anisphere but because of the fact I only just joined, that was of course wasn't possible. Here’s the thing though: I was never quite sure what I watched. To me, the show was overly complex when it didn't need to be, a continual tease, and only “intelligent” in the way two teenagers up late talking about life can be. But I held my tongue. I could never form a set of arguments that satisfied me. Nisemonogatari, on the other hand, I understand and was prepared for. read more
Mar 29, 2012
OdysseusUlysses (All reviews)
Nisemonogatari is the most disappointing thing since Barack Obama.

I mean what the hell was that, this wasn’t a sequel, for the most part it felt like a really long OVA that you’d get for buying a special edition of Bakemonogatari, because nothing happens in this series at all, except we are introduced to Araragis sisters but that’s all, there is virtually no character development for the sisters at all in a series that is almost entirely about characters. read more
Jun 14, 2013
Chocosword (All reviews)
Shaft... just words can't describe their magnificence. If you have seen Shaft's works, they are truly amazing and one of the best animation studio. Bakemonogatari was the first anime I've watched when I came back to watching anime in December 2012. I've got to say that Bakemonogatari was a genuine work of literature and it was my favorite. The monogatari series focuses on mysteries of each character and explains them in a beautiful way. I kept telling myself that this series isn't the best, but I was sadly lying to myself.

Nisemonogatari is a continuation of Bakemonogatari and focuses on the sisters. Araragi-Kun has two read more
Mar 19, 2012
Nasty001 (All reviews)
Ka, ka, so this 11 episode anime has just ended, as far as I want to give it a good rating, it simply doesn't deserve any, in fact the story doesn't apply fully to the plot and the plot is often accompanied by a lot of symbolisim and metaphore usually in conjuction with art, so for the story it is a "Poor" number 3. And as for the art, I'll give it a "Good" number 7, since the illustrator puts more detail into the art than the story.

Sound: Fair 6.

Don't ask.

Character: Fair 6.

Frankly this is no longer about Koyomi and Hitagi rather this is read more
Jul 1, 2013
bloodless08 (All reviews)

"The series was first created by Nisio Isin as a series of short stories for Mephisto magazine." -Wiki

It seems quite a few people who watch this series are unawares or only partially aware to the fact that this series was originally a light novel. I'm writing this review thinking of the viewers who do not know quite as much about the series as they could, and may want to learn a bit more after seeing Bakemonogatari.

Let me start off saying that the author of this series has captured my heart, be it translated bits of light novel or the animated adaptations that have read more
Aug 7, 2012
quadnia (All reviews)
Nisemonogatari, the sequel to bakemonogatari another beautiful masterpiece created by Shaft, the animation continues to be as weird as ever, an amazing sequel that has a similar atmosphere to bakemonogatari when watching it.

Story 8

Nisemonogatari, focuses on Koyomi's sisters, also known as the "fire sisters", theses active and outgoing sisters, embark on a journey to caputre Deishu. Based on the light novel Karen Bee and Tsukihi phoenix. The story is as unique as ever, with an "unusual development" between the siblings it'll surely make you go "What the F***". The story is as great as ever, showing the strong relationship between the Araragi siblings and read more
Sep 7, 2012
Nateal (All reviews)
Nisemonogatari is one of those truly unique animes. Never have I seen anything like it. Unlike other animes, Nisemonogatari relies heavily on character dialogue and interactions and almost the entire episodes are spent on discussions between characters. It is very unique on this aspect, but let’s review each aspect in greater depth, shall we?

Story: The story revolves around Araragi, a former vampire who is trying to help other people get rid of certain curses that are pestering them. Now, if you are reading this review and you haven’t watch the first season Bakemonogatari, then I suggest that you watch that first because you may not read more