Alternative Titles

English: Another
Japanese: アナザー


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 10, 2012 to Mar 27, 2012
Premiered: Winter 2012
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: P.A. Works
Source: Novel
Duration: 24 min. per ep.
Rating: R - 17+ (violence & profanity)


Score: 7.761 (scored by 477,431 users)
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Ranked: #9592
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Guy moves into a town which holds a mystery that unravels troughout the show. Higurashi has some lighter slice of life episodes, but that's cool because it's pretty long including -kai. Highly reccomend both 
report Recommended by arnxx
Students of a certain school are involved with something supernatural and they experience tragic deaths and accidents. 
report Recommended by Camarel
Both give a similar feeling: New guy arrives to a little village, and certain dark events start happening that are somehow related to a young mysterious girl. Slow and creepy atmosphere that makes you want to find out what´s going on. Brilliant ost and VA´s. Personally I enjoyed Shiki more, because it gives a deeper development to its characters and a more intricate plot. Still, Both are awesome animes that will keep you thrilled till the end, so if you enjoyed one, you will probably enjoy the other. 
report Recommended by Orulyon
Both anime narrate a deaths sequel, one is more like a game that the one who lives will be the new God, and the other is a school tragedy, that the peaple will stop dieying just when they found out the 'ghost roomate'. Blood and drama, characters with tragic stories, despair, two very popular anime from the same year. 
report Recommended by Nay_Killer
Very similar in that there is a supernatural cause making people die. They are both thrillers but Death Note has some deep thinking aspects while Another is Horror 
report Recommended by FFFTNere
Both are entertaining if you want to switch your brains off and enjoy some fair amount of gore paired with ridiculous writing and character development. 
report Recommended by Diaspora
Gothic ghost mysteries of some form. A girl is invisible to all except one for a particular reason. There is also a lack of trust at times, which results in negative things happening. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
In both cases our protagonists have to survive the supernatural haunting them. Both excel in creating an eerie mood through audiovisuals. But sadly both lack solid characters and story. 
report Recommended by Ryander
Both series take place in and around an abnormal school, with its students trying desperately to understand their situation with deaths taking place pretty much constantly. In Angel Beats! death is cheap (and impermanent), but Another plays for keeps. 
report Recommended by lithiumflower
Very similar atmosphere. Both contain mystery, horror, and lots of bloodshed. Both contain humanoid monsters. 
report Recommended by XanthReborn
its the race against time.... while the deathly game continues, The Scaredy Protagonist along with Big muscled easily embrassed guy and cowardly twin tailed girl trying to solve the mystery of the game, Its Like Deja vu you know?? Another.... , Mei and Kouichi, with no extra guy BUT an old guy... A TRIO!!!, trying to solve whos the extra one.... Maybe Ousama game has also the EXTRA ONE, trying to find out WHO THE REAL KING IS!!! or maybe its not included... One by one... piece by piece.... for the next 24 hours there will be the next VICTIM.... 
report Recommended by Nyanchan053
a kid comes to live in a rural town and is greeted by his class with open arms. also the town is f---ed up but no biggie. supernatural stuff happens people are "mysteriously" disappearing every episode MC should have GTFO'd out of there ASAP 
report Recommended by supermegasonic
Most of the show is inscrutable plot exposition, but when it comes time for bitches to die, you get your money's worth, no doubt. It takes quite a bit longer for the mayhem to kick in in Blood-C, but once it does, it's pretty brutal. 
report Recommended by SuchADojikko
Not sure if its truly right to compare something so early in its debut but Judging purely from episode 1 of Another, both series' share: - a similar eery atmosphere - psychological horror genre? - a dark mystery in need of uncovering - a similar look, use of music and mood - a main male protagonist who has had a death in the family  
report Recommended by Zayn
Both of them are Horror, has blood, and interesting stories. If you like dark theme anime, then you should watch both of them! 
report Recommended by FunnyGames
In both anime, the main character meets a mysterious girl and the pair finds themselves in the middle of danger (in Another, a deadly curse - in Denpateki, a string of serial killings as well as a cult-like prankster group). The investigations build up similar atmospheres; though Denpateki is a bit more serious than Another, they both take a look into the psychology behind the characters and each has its fair share of death/gore/crazy people/plot twists. Denpa teki na Kanojo > Another 
report Recommended by Audio
These both have the same "aura" when it comes to mysteries . Hyouka is more on club activities while another is more on finding the root. 
report Recommended by deathmoon06
Dark world atmosphere, murder and people trying to solve the mystery behind weird death. Nice animation, good soundtracks. 
report Recommended by Hutai
Both are thriller/suspense dealing with the supernatural. Both have an ominous and eerie atmosphere. Another was the first series Shinsekai Yori reminded me of. That's gotta account for something, right? lol 
report Recommended by wd0
Both series contain plenty of mystery revolving around mysterious deaths and suspense. Both series' plots are twisted and contain plot holes as confusion and horror spreads as the episode progresses. Both series contain a cast of characters that begin to lose themselves in hopelessness as the murders continues in unfit matters. Additionally, some of the murders are graphic and increasingly violent as the death count toll piles up. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Just check the cover... Need I say more? lol... Just kidding... In all seriousness though.. * Both have weird Female lead * Both of them have an eye Patch * Both Male lead are almost identical * Both series required a whole new level of imagination to be created * Both series will leave you clueless in a different way though for each of them * Both series are so alike yet so different :D Guaranteed though that everyone will enjoy both.. 
report Recommended by Carex
In essence, both these series contain the elements of horror, mystery, and the thriller like feelings when you watch its progressing episodes. In other words, there are some cliffhangers that leaves the viewers wondering "what will happen next?" At any rate, Another and Ghost Hunt are similar in a variety of ways. Both series contains a school like setting where mystery is present. Additionally, the main protagonist is accompanied by a girl throughout the series with all the strange phenomenon going around. Both series although different in terms of story structure builds itself through suspense, horror, and mystery. Both series' characters are also teenagers and thus  read more 
report Recommended by Stark700
1. Main character with a physical illness moves to the countryside. 2. He befriends a girl who is an outcast/bullied by the social group they belong to. 3. He protects the girl even though he doesn't know her backstory. 
report Recommended by Plictiseala
They may not be the same , but both have mystery and thriller in their genres, and both have a deep story plot that would make one glued to it.  
report Recommended by La_Matona301
Both series have the same Mystery and Horror theme which deceives every viewers. Most importantly, they have the same impact when it comes to plot revelations. 
report Recommended by NameLess_NEET
They both depict people trying to survive a weird conspiracy that has shaped their lives and because of those circumstances, people die. 
report Recommended by Dwarfking45
Both have mysterious deaths that will be discovered over anime and of course a lot of blood 
report Recommended by Lucas8x
Both are bloody horrors where the main charcther is suddenly surrounded by horrible deaths when introudeced to a new place,Gantz is more of a Action where as Another is more of a Mystery. 
report Recommended by Ozzey
Both have great and detailed animation that gives a lot to the atmosphere of anime and feeling. Lots of action, fights, deaths, blood and gore. Ajin has more of terrorism and killing, whilst Another has some detective horror story.  
report Recommended by Hutai
Both dealing with unnatural phenomenons and surrounded in mystery. The emotional leaps and ecchi that were in Steins;Gate are not present in Another, but I would say you should at least give it a shot. I enjoyed it. 
report Recommended by Lovelle
This is the kind of story that doesn't get better for anyone. Actually, everyone dies in some pretty spectacularly bloody ways. Tune in for some flashbacks, gore, bloodshed and assassination! 
report Recommended by NatoBoram
Similar feel, but Another is more dark. Both anime is of a class of students who are all have a risk of dying and in both anime the class has to find the 'special' person, where in Danganronpa it is the murderers but in Another it is the 'Extra' one. Also, both a bloodbath of an anime. - Mystery - Murder  
report Recommended by sxndz
Both are a mystery anime only with a different setting. They both aim to make you think who is/are the person/s they are looking for. 
report Recommended by megalols
Both Anime has an unknown presence Very suspenseful, and mysterious Similar character designs. 
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
First of all, it's all about the suspense and the atmosphere of the anime! The creepiness and awesomeness and all the exciting mysteries and... ah! *fakes cough* What I mean to say it, they're both amazing ;3 
report Recommended by chirukuma
Similar feel for the main female characters in both personality and art style. Similar art style for the series. 
report Recommended by Kalivanna
Horror series featuring a mysterious girl and an ordinary boy trying to discern and overcome the supernatural circumstances plaguing them. The plots are quite different, but the creepy ambiance pervading both is remarkably similar. 
report Recommended by lithiumflower
The mood of the 2013 adaptation of Rozen Maiden has a similar feeling in comparison to Another. Otherwise, there's also the themes of dolls present in both series as well as a mysterious atmosphere. Both series also deals with a normal boy whose life becomes abnormal after a faithful day. Both series' OP song are also handled by ALI PROJECT. 
report Recommended by Stark700
Both the protagonists have secrets in their family that help drive the stories to their conclusion and the final ending. It is a dark Gothic with lots of death and a nice mystery of trying to figure out the bigger picture. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Same strange boy/girl relationship with many misunderstood mysteries to be solved. same art style and performance. no blood and gore, but zombies! 
report Recommended by viewtaha91
Both anime have lots of action, dark and melancholic atmosphere, blood, gore, deaths. I'd say that Shigurui is way better with the blood spill, but another has a bit more "horror"to it.  
report Recommended by Hutai
Hana to Alice and Another are both about a transferred student who can't get along with the rest of his/her classmates and that is due to a mystery about a dead student from their class . 
report Recommended by Emiyu
It's mysterious and odd, without all the gore and blood. The story is really fun and interesting. Honestly I wish everyone would watch durarara 
report Recommended by trichytaiigern
- setting with a mystery/mysteries that need to be solved - both use gore and violence, trying to add a shock factor but eventually end up being comedic 
report Recommended by Miragee
Both have good and detailed animation, a bit of realistic feeling from Another and a whole lots of it from Monster. Detective, horror, psychological story with lots of action, mystery solving and development ( well Monster is by all means better, but another has a bit of it too)  
report Recommended by Hutai
Both are centered around a younger crowd and have a dark artistic style to them. The story lines themselves aren't particularly similar but the style is simalar. Another is atmospherically darker. Madoka may feel at first like it's too "pink" but it gets darker very quickly and becomes very interesting. 
report Recommended by calicodragon
Caos, misterio, terror y ganas de más. Son algunas de las sensaciones que esta joya nos puede dejar al final de verla, desde el minuto 1 este anime hara que entre en tu cuerpo una intriga que probablemente no te sacie incluso con la resolución final. Chaos, mystery, terror and insatiability.This are some feelings this little gem can give us after whatching it, from the first minute, intrigue will be built inside you and will probably not be satisfied even after the end  
report Recommended by Menarias
They have the same base, everybody wants a person to disappear (better said "to die"), but the main character decides to get to know that person better and protect her. The difference is, Another is a bit more creepy and Akuma no Riddle is a bit of a shoujo-ai. 
report Recommended by Mi-na42
Dark, interesting, and plenty of death. Warning; you might get chills. 
report Recommended by Sl4yerkid
similarities: They both have a boy and a girl MC There are plot twists Some foreshadowing A bit of mystery surrounding the MC They both involve death One of MC from both series has a special ability Everything ties together 
report Recommended by AJasmineKS
Both series have a group of characters who are dying one by one with seemingly no way to stop it except possibly by killing off one member of the group, who's identity is unknown. Both series focus on finding out how this situation came to be and how to stop it, all the while the bodies keep piling up. In Danganronpa 3 Mirai-hen all deaths are caused by humans, while in Another there is a supernatural reason for these deaths and they are 'accidents'. 
report Recommended by wossname101
"Parasyte" and "Another" feel very alike to me. Not only are they both horror anime, but Kouichi feels a lot like a slightly younger Shinichi- nice guys who are initially a bit of a wimp but overtime gain a strong resolve to protect the people close to them and do what's right. Migi and Mei both initially appear to be hostile and start off as cold and distant but slowly warm up to Shinichi/Kouichi, and generally go unseen by most people. In a way, Mei fills the roles of both Migi and Satomi, being not only Kouichi's closest ally but also his love interest. Ultimately, while both  read more 
report Recommended by Joe_Devaney
The main character is introduced to a situation and setting in which everyone is in danger of dying by otherworldly means, and has to try to escape from the situation. In order to achieve this, they must figure out a) what the fuck is going on and b) who is behind it all. Both animes start with a large group of characters but by the end most have been thinned out and few survive. Another's ending and answer to the mystery is pretty conclusive... but King of Thorn just leaves you with more unanswered questions. 
report Recommended by lycheejane
Ghosts and parallel stories. Both terror 
report Recommended by Sachi_Yumiko
They both start off innocent enough, but once the plot gets rolling all hell breaks loose. 
report Recommended by Garabon
Both have a high level of mystery and the complete picture isn't revealed until the very end. The rumor/legend aspects and high school protagonists also give a similar feel. Another is more violent, although both have horror aspects. Boogiepop is more mature in its story telling and is more approachable for adult viewers. 
report Recommended by CrowofEcstasy
(Can't believe no one mentioned this one) The female main characters in both series has a way of 'seeing' death. Whats more, both series are easily classified as Horror. 
report Recommended by Darasuum_Array
Both have mysteries surronding the female main charcther and they have similar music. 
report Recommended by Ozzey
Everyone seems to be targeted by supernatural phenomenons. Our main characters must solve the mystery behind it. Prevent deaths to come. Both series having that chilling like horror feel. Dark, gory, and thriller. The Opening theme song for both series is very haunting.  
report Recommended by AnimeFan500
they are murder mysteries, and when I watched Another, i continually thought "i should watch Paranoia Agent again" and to be honest, how the victims die is hilarious, dying in ways that would have a 1:500 chance happening [Another] and dying by a "little kid" [PA], is just funny as hell. 
report Recommended by that_dude650
Contains that psychological feeling that you get after watching both series as the Protagonist gets paranoid. It also has that thriller-like style where each episode leaves off on some sort of cliffhanger that leaves the viewers wondering "what's going to happen next?" 
report Recommended by Stark700
If you longing for a mesmerizing artworks from P.A. Works, 'Another' will give you a gloomy and mysterious (opposite to Hanasaku's calming and nostalgic) yet realistic atmosphere due to it's wonderful artworks 
report Recommended by BlackPav
Both have mystery elements and an assailant who is after multiple characters in the show. Another is far more gory/gruesome but there are a fair share of bloody scenes in Kotoura-San. Both also involve high school daily life but with a twist. 
report Recommended by poptartnyan
Besides art style being pretty similar, themes and atmospheres of both animes coincide with each other, especially during about episode 6 on from Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi when more of a school genre is introduced. Both series can get emotiona and deal with mystery solvingl as well with themes of death however, Another is much more darker than Kamisama while Kamisama is much more emotional.  
report Recommended by Inexpensive
Both have the same basic premise: A teenage male transfer student comes to a new town and meets a beautiful, strange, and nonetheless intriguing heroine. Denpa is more comedy and harem with some sci-fi, while Another plays with the horror genre. Both are awesome. 
report Recommended by saintlier
Both of these Anime are about mysteries that surround school students. The themes are rather dark and death abounds. The dark gothic feel for each is nice despite the fact they are two different eras. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Dark Gothic mystery story lines revolving around a girl, a boy and the supernatural deaths around them. The main female characters are similar, and there is a tension about the series. 
report Recommended by Yemi_Hikari
Another and Aku no Hana give off the same eerie feeling, they're both very real and psychological, and have you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what may or may not happen. Another is more shifted in the horror category where as Aku no Hana lies deeply in the Psychological. 
report Recommended by Nikoru-san
An atmosphere of dark mystery pervades both series. The story in each develops gradually with intermittent instances of shock and revelation. The character development also has a similar feel as each person struggles with internal conflicts and an uncertain trust in those around them.  
report Recommended by Zephyrast
Bloody things, hard to understand, similiar artwork. Both is from light novels.  
report Recommended by MizukoAoki
Both anime give a similar feeling; dark and creepy. Both are horror anime that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Also, both revolve around a curse.  
report Recommended by Khalan
They are both about a MC that recently moved to a small village without knowing the backstory of it. They both give the same atmosphere when watching and you can relate both of these anime very strongly. 
report Recommended by mrpoopmaster
"Another" and "Kuro no Sumika: Chronus" are works that revolve around the theme of death, where a lead character possesses special eyes that allow for identifying people close to death. In addition, both anime share a dark atmosphere and take place in the modern world with the lead cast being students who go to secondary school. 
report Recommended by StevenHu
Both are psychological and horror, contain hidden plot twists that become apparent over time, and have gruesome scenes (although there are more in Pupa). Both main guys are involved in something (larger), and both contain death. 
report Recommended by celumie
While "Another" is more horror and "Ansatsu Kyoushitsu" - more humorous, both stories involve a class which is being avoided by others. These two animes also involve a certain "ritual", which is done by the whole class, for example killing Koro-sensei in "Ansatsu Kyoushitsu" and ignoring a certain student in "Another". 
report Recommended by MeowMaid
Both anime`s features dolls on it and have some trilling moments that makes the watcher tensed on some scenes. 
report Recommended by YukiNatsu
Both interrelate the lives of people in different manners. 
report Recommended by mohammedafif
Both stories revolve around supernatural elements. In both the ends the protagonists family has some secrets. Both anime has horror elements and similar dark creepy atmosphere. 
report Recommended by SLAIDEN_IV
It's pretty much the same with it's gore and blood and guts  
report Recommended by D4rknova-Gazio
In both, Another and Kara no Kyoukai (all 7 films), you get the same feeling, that creepy and scary feeling. Both are masterpieces in their genre (horror, supernatural, etc.) and they are worth your time to watch them. They also have gore parts in where you can see how the person is actually dying, or how their extremities are cut and stuff. As I just said, they're masterpieces that no one should miss. 
report Recommended by estefyrgzz
The style of the characters is really similar, which I love. However, that's about where the similarities end... 
report Recommended by whatisaheart
А story like no other. Taking breath from the first moment and keeping you intensive through all the episodes.  
report Recommended by wonder_dellie