Yuru Yuri

YuruYuri: Happy Go Lily

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Synonyms: YRYR
Japanese: ゆるゆり
English: YuruYuri: Happy Go Lily
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Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 5, 2011 to Sep 20, 2011
Premiered: Summer 2011
Broadcast: Unknown
Licensors: NIS America, Inc.
Studios: Doga Kobo
Source: Manga
Genres: ComedyComedy, Girls LoveGirls Love, Slice of LifeSlice of Life
Theme: SchoolSchool
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.581 (scored by 134003134,003 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #14022
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #571
Members: 308,504
Favorites: 4,275

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Yuru Yuri is like K-On with more characters and a giant love polygon. Very similar comedy and cuteness. 
report Recommended by Volbla
Visual similarity is the first thing people will tell you when you ask them why x show and y show is similar, because it's what you saw. Such is always the case with fellow all-girls, somewhat yuri anime. Yuruyuri, serialized in comic yurihime, is, of course, highly lesbianated. Teenage male audiences in general will find nothing wrong with this show. And even put aside the visual, Yuruyuri itself has some witty-funny dialogue and deserved to be judged by its content and not just visual. But there are people who will totally convinced by visual alone to watch or skip something, and I can't blame them, it's  read more 
report Recommended by lapisdragon
Its about 4 girls just hanging around talking about whats on their mind in both animes. There is the glasses-girl, the Otaku, the clumsy oversleep-all-the-time girl, the classic moe girls. Both hame similar drawing style being "fun" and lighthearted. Both of them misses any kind of real story, its just a lot of sketches of the girls doing sleepovers, missing homework and talking about stuff. 
report Recommended by tbthegr81
For Yuru Yuri and Kiniro Mosaic, the word "cute" comes to mind when describing each other. There is an all-female cast for both series that consists of cute girls doing cute things. They also follow a slice-of-life format rather than any direct storyline. It chronicles the girls' lives and what they do at home, school, and anywhere else. In Kiniro Mosaic though, there's a diversity of nationalities while in Yuru Yuri, there's more of a sense of diversity in personalities. Nonetheless, both series are something to grab as they inspire smiles and joy. 
report Recommended by Stark700
The second half of the name 'Yuru Yuri' describes both series perfectly. Both are light hearted comedies about girls who are into girls. Little more to say about them, really. 
report Recommended by samonus
Both have an amazing cast and use some abnormalities for comedy, though Nichijou takes it to a new level. 
report Recommended by TheStubbsMan
Higher profile all-girls anime with some but not unacceptable lesbian tendencies (yes, there are MORE obviously lesbian shows out in the wild.) A-channel is the serialized series in a less obvious girl-loves magazine Manga Time Kirara. One of my favorite magazine that also home to the even more prominent anime such as Hidamari Sketch and K-On!. The positioning of this magazine doesn't allow girl to blatantly kissing or making out, thus is pretty SFW. And A-channel is a stereotypical Manga Time Kirara's manga, and same goes in its anime adaptation. No overly lesbian action. YuruYuri is serialized in Yuri Hime magazine. With more frank title, this magazine  read more 
report Recommended by lapisdragon
Both anime are about ridiculous middle school girls and their life. The characters are loveable and cute. Filled with hilarious dialogue and moe artwork. A little bit of shoujo ai in both animes.  
report Recommended by TranHere
Cute girl doing cute things. In new game case, cute girl making a games, plus yuri and fan service 
report Recommended by CrazyFrogz
Sharo - Chinatsu Rize - Yui Kokoa - kyouko Chiya - Akari Both about a group of friends. Both moe Both have shoujo ai. In Gochuumon wa usagi desu ka? Just a little shoujo ai. Both about kawaii girls  
report Recommended by shirley1994
If you like the slice of life comedy + yuri combination, you will like both of them. The setting is different though (Yuru Yuri has a tipical school setting, while Kanamemo is more focused on the life outside school - precisely at work), but the feel is definitely the same with a bunch of cute girls (mostly lesbians, of course) living their normal lifes filled with comedy, jokes and... well, yuri. 
report Recommended by Sayuri92
It's exactly the same show but in a major city. The main cast is all female There is no plot both are comedy Slice of life difference Yuru Yuri has 2 girls with glasses that fantasize that certain girls will become couples.  
report Recommended by pjburton
Both are about single-gender groups of friends doing hilarious things in a skit format. I got similar vibes when watching both. Both have a straight man with black hair surrounded by crazy characters doing crazy things. 
report Recommended by baltar
Very cute character designs with yuri undertones. They also revolve around friends doing stuff at school. 
report Recommended by Ahegyao
They are similar due to their SOL and Comedy genre, both of them has a good artwork same with the animations, but Yuru Yuri has more Shoujo Ai vibes than Sansha Sanyou. Both of them are really interesting anime; it has a vibe that you will never get bored-vibe in some aspects. Both of them is really good. You will have a good time spending your time. Your time will not be wasted. It is worth watching. 
report Recommended by Amakusa_Est
Slice of life, Comedies. Kyouko reminds me Miu; Yui reminds me Chika. Their personalities are the same and is a very good combi! 
report Recommended by Kyyo
It has the same nostalgic feeling, loli characters, and cute romantic comedy, in different ways. Yuruyuri is more about 4 girls, it has a bit of shoujo ai, comedy, slice of life and school life. Acchi kochi has those except for the shoujo ai. Kyouko reminds me alot of mayoi from acchi kochi. Both are def recommended. 
report Recommended by MoonXArtemis
Similar theme & personalities within each characters. 
report Recommended by Omynous
Both are as similar as Facebook to Hi5, or Democrat to Republican. The shows are brushed up with similar art-direction, almost pastel color choice, character design, pace, and genre. The real example of style-parody. When someone say in easy English "the art is similar" this is what they mean, mostly because both shows share some staffs. Style-parody is not exactly a right word, they are officially sharing art-direction. Genre similarity is also difficult to overlook. They are slice-of-life comedic show with heavy effort on showing the relationship of sub-character with the main cast (Minami family/ four main Yuruyuri girls.) The original manga presents them both as a circle,  read more 
report Recommended by lapisdragon
Here you have a variety of charming, unique looking characters in a school and unproductive club setting. The two containing lighthearted comedy with little story progression, but having a fun atmosphere making you smile as you watch. 
report Recommended by Xerallite
Hilarious slice-of-life comedies about a club which exists solely for its members to slack off, as they take place in an all-girls academy there is heavy girls love undertones, albeit more heavy handed in Yuru Yuri. Both are incredibly high quality in comedic delivery and have similar character types, some of the best in the CGDCT genre and firmly stand tall among them. 
report Recommended by Jerkhov
Similarities: - Four or so cute girls have fun together as a club. - Lighthearted and somewhat silly tone. - Implications of yuri without ever forming official couples. Differences: - Yuru Yuri is more of an episodic comedy, while Hinako Note has somewhat of an ongoing storyline. - Similarly to above, Hinako Note is specifically about acting, while Yuru Yuri is just about girls hanging out. 
report Recommended by Achachan
One of the main characters is a blond-haired, blue-eyed middle school girl who really likes a particular magical girl show whose main character has pink twin-tails to the point of vaguely implied shoujo-ai on the part of the fangirl. The plots of each series are completely different, but it's an odd enough similarity that I think it's worth mentioning. 
report Recommended by Numi
Both are comedies about girls in a club. Both have a yuri feel to them. 
report Recommended by nicknames
Both are have hilarious moments you will love. The characters have the exact same personalities, with the same short height. One difference about both of these series, is that Teekyuu is very short with 2 minutes that you get mindfuck, and entertained. 
report Recommended by LegendGoldDark
Both of these slice of life anime are about a group of cute girls doing cute things. The jokes are similar and some characters share many things in common. 
report Recommended by Rythme
Almost the same show. Four girls, unbelievably moe, and hilarious. 
report Recommended by nuuvox
All female cast with lots of dialogue-driven zany comedy. 
report Recommended by Numi
This show was basically Azumanga, but with less variety in jokes, and more lesbians. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because I loved Azumanga, and greatly enjoyed this show, as well. If you like gag comedies about cute girls, this show is probably up your alley.  
report Recommended by JAKQ7111
Both are yuri/shoujo-ai anime with a lot of cuteness. 
report Recommended by abystoma2
Himouto! Umaru-chan and Yuru Yuri showcases their strong points with the large serving of 'genki girl'; as Umaru-chan and Toshinou Kyouko does have their 'genki' similarities on being otakus, filled with events that fills each episode with silly nonsense, comedy and antics. If you're a fan of otaku-ness and daily dose of CGDCT moeness, these two shows are for you. 
report Recommended by GiancarloLS
Both of these have batshit insane comedy that makes the other shows in their respective genres seem tame by comparison in terms of humor and weirdness. Both of them have plenty of characters that are lovably idiotic as well. KonoSuba and Yuru Yuri are a blast to watch when you want to laugh and have some light-hearted but insane fun. 
report Recommended by MorningStorm64
There are no obvious Yuri stuff on Slow Start, but both has similliar atmosphere, by being a story about 4 school girls. 
report Recommended by absortio
The main characters Tooru and Kyouko have a really similar... aura? ^^' Like, their crazy straightforward personalities, and their silly over-the-top actions, and the poses they make, and the way they talk, right down to their overflowing love for one of the other female characters, and the way they express it. It was killing me while I was trying to figure out who Tooru reminded me of, until I finally remembered Kyouko and everything clicked into place. Both of the shows are also really enjoyable slice-of-life/comedy animes that make the most of their really interesting and diverse groups of characters, and  read more 
report Recommended by StrawberryKitKit
Yuri Yuri is basically this anime but with a larger production value. If the this short had a larger production, I feel both of these shows would be extremely similar. One of the main characters in Yuru Yuri Toshinou Kyouko also has the same voice actor as Azuki in this short. Azuki and Kyouko both have the same sort of quirky personality. All in all, Yuru Yuri is basically this anime but with a larger budget. 
report Recommended by Sicara
Both are four cute girls doing cute things situation comedies with very good humour level. Character types are different, but it definetly give you the same feeling. 
report Recommended by Ever2014
They are both the top of the genre when it comes to consistent quality of lighthearted entertainment. 
report Recommended by Volbla
Story centers around a group of girls with their daily life -both is all about friends and friendship -both are of comedy & school life -both has lovely light-hearted art and character designs 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Comedy and girls who nosebleed! 
report Recommended by XxGothicLatinaxX
both are school-based, and both have girls who are candid (and usually comical) about sex, but where Yuru Yuri is between girls, Seitokai Yakuindomo is boy and girl. 
report Recommended by misfit27
Disregarding supernatural force in Nyaruko-san, they both are pretty much moe-overloaded comedy. Looking for anything that lacks a lead male with actual facial features? YuruYuri is a better choice for you here. All lesbian high school probably with aphrodisiac in all the cast's meals. The rate is not 18+ but if you are not those people who took anime for the love of life but know only Naruto and Dragon Ball, your imagination can probably crank it up a few gears. Yuruyuri is, after all, a moe comedy you see popping up a lot from Japan over the last decade. It's imagination inducing, fap inducing, or  read more 
report Recommended by lapisdragon
Story centers around a group of girls with their daily life -both is all about friends and friendship -both are of comedy & school life -both has lovely light-hearted art and character designs 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Lesbian-themed slice-of-life madness! Naoko-san is only one episode and is intensely perverted, unlike Yuru Yuri which largely stays away from that stuff, but both are very funny and fast-paced with jokes. If you like one there's a good chance you'll like the other. 
report Recommended by Thedude3445
- Both have mild climate yuri - Character charismatic - History takes place in a school - Kyouko = Eruna / Yui = Seisa / Otone = Chinasu-chan / Bimmi = Akarin - They live on the basis of their clubs 
report Recommended by A-yaBokukakkoi
Both are really funny. I laughed a lot when I watched these. 
report Recommended by ecesucuk
Both are about "cute girls doing cute things" and have a slight shoujo-ai feel to it, though it's a little bit more than slight in Yuru Yuri. 
report Recommended by Obinderu
Both are slice of life anime about random funny things happening to girls. There is violence in Jashin-chan Dropkick, but other than that, both are funny at their own rights. 
report Recommended by DarkYuzuko
My recommendation will be speaking on both the anime and the game series (spoiler free!). If you are a fan of the series, I highly recommend watching "Yuru Yuri". I was constantly reminded of the "Neptunia" games when I was watching it. Both series have a similiar type of humour, they are pretty much a parody because they don't take themself seriously at all. Alike Neptune, "Yuru Yuri" also has a very clear girls love subtext. Both have some fourth wall breaking going on. If you're looking for something very light to watch and want a palette cleanser between watching heavier drama stories, or just  read more 
report Recommended by GeeGeeDandere
Want a cast of four to six young girls? Want to watch them do slice of life things complete with comedic elements, Shoujo Ai undertones, and even occasional overtones? Want to watch three seasons worth of it? Have I got the show for you.  
report Recommended by Queen_Shiro
Both shows are cute girl slice of lifes. In both there is an older sister is obsessed with a younger sister, though this is not the main focus of either show. There are also other yuri undertones in both shows. Yuru Yuri has a school club setting, while Kokoro Toshokan is set in a library. Yuru Yuri is more of a comedy, but Kokoro Toshokan is also quite comedic at times. Kokoro Toshokan is slower paced but is more heartwarming. Both are worth a watch. 
report Recommended by ccorn
Both are slice-of-life shows about a group of girls. Yuru Yuri focuses on a club where the members mostly just hang out together, while Locodol focuses on local idols who promote their community. Both have funny moments, although this is more prominent in Yuru Yuri. Locodol is slightly more laid back because it does not have a hyperactive character like Kyouko. Both have some yuri undertones, though this is much more of a focus in Yuru Yuri. Neither show has much drama, and they rarely have a boring episode. Both shows provide a warm and enjoyable atmosphere and are worth a watch. 
report Recommended by ccorn
Both have a bunch of cute girls doing fun stuff together with a slight tone of yuri. The art style is almost identical. The main character is like Akari and her friend is like Kyouko. 
report Recommended by Jokuc
Who needs manly men when you can douse yourself in fluffy feminine sweetness! Both Hanayamata and Yuru Yuri do exactly that my friends, no longer do you have to deal with harems that revolve around a brain-dead pervy guy, but instead focus on the adorableness that is girly girls~ Other similarities: *School setting *Club formation struggles *Comedy all-round *Shoujo Ai for the shippers out there :3 *A main character who doesn't stand out much and easily embarrassed *Directed to an older male audience I recommend both as they're personal favorites of mine cx 
report Recommended by GDTriAxis
There are a group of girls just hanging around, good comedy though. ut yuru yuri also involve a little of girl to girl love while wakaba girl doesn't. 
report Recommended by santi1227
Cute Girls, Moe Archetypes, and Yuri. If you love watching 'Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita', you'll definitely love this series! 
report Recommended by hewn
Both Yuru Yuri and Yuru Camp feature a cast of female students. Both are laid back and can be enjoyed casually (hence, 'Yuru'). Both feature the cast in a school club doing stuff together. Both have a cast of fun characters with varying personalities (Yuru Yuri is more over the top, while Yuru Camp is more grounded with their personalities). 
report Recommended by RoterMann
Both shows have cute girls. One of the characters has a look alike from a tv show. In Yuru Yuri it's Chinatsu, in Gochuumon it's Syaro. 
report Recommended by Cozye
Cute Girls Doing Cute Things. Relaxing comedy. No male lead. While Yuru Yuri focuses on short stories of random comedy related to amusing lesbian romance, friendship, silliness, school life, and slice of life. Comic Girls focuses on the goals that each main girl is trying to achieve. 
report Recommended by windymarion
The themes maybe far different from each other. Harukana Receive is about beach volleyball with fanservice while Yuru Yuri is comedic CGDCT and school life. but they both have the similar format. at least 99% of the population in the anime is (good-looking) females. and yes, there is GL subtext too. 
report Recommended by windymarion
Cute girls doing cute things vs. cute boys doing not-so-cute things. Both animes relies heavily on comedy and the complex web of relationships between the main casts. In Hetalia there's much more information about the history of the countries' relationships for centuries, Yuru Yuri focuses more in the daily lifes of the all-female cast. Other thing that Yuru Yuri shares with Hetalia is the homosexual tendencies of the characters, the former is much more pronounced in the yuri aspect, while the latter tends to be implict on the yaoi. 
report Recommended by tlato_but
Both have super cute/attractive loli characters.  
report Recommended by StampedeBumper
A funny Yuri version. despite the comedy, we have romantic and serious moments of affection. But it disappoints because we don't have a real pairing 
report Recommended by Ntly_
Yuru Yuri and Konobi (abbrv) are gag animes that focus on comedic happenings in their club. Additionally, both have similar characters that secretly admires one of the main characters (Toshino Kyouko of Yuru Yuri and Uchimaki Subaru of Konobi) Their cute attempts to get closer to their crushes will make you root for them unconsciously.  
report Recommended by euls
Both animes have highschool girls that tries to recruit enough members to create a club, and has a story that is mainly centered around them, but Saki Achiga-hen is more of a serious sports club while Yuru Yuri is only a "Slice of Life" type of anime and their club is more lighthearted.  
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Most of the time, there’s slice of life elements that happen between the girls in the school that create some of the best comical moments 
report Recommended by albertbrown
Humor random . Where all the main characters are girls, and there is an illusion of love between them . And it is located in a school club where the fun occurrences happen . Although they are mini - stories , but equally are connected. 
report Recommended by OtakuNote87
They both have the same "cute" style. Felt the same aura, similar jokes. Also both from the same producer. 
report Recommended by Zakkyliar
cute girls doing cute things, also has alot of the same voice actors as well 
report Recommended by LawlumBawlum
Over-the-stop comedic situations with yuri undertones.  
report Recommended by radishleaf
Both have a couple of girls, who become friends. Although Yuru Yuri is more of a comedy slice of life, Chuu Bra has a bit more of a plot, or a story, but both are comedy and have shoujo ai in it. Yuru yuri more of it (in every episode lol). Both recommended. 
report Recommended by MoonXArtemis
both are a 4 girl ensemble. Comedy, slice of life, and school life. Kyouko is alot like torako, both are energetic, leader (kind of ), but the rest are all different to each other. But both are pretty good anime series. So if you liked one, you'll like the other! I hope :) 
report Recommended by MoonXArtemis
Slice-of-life about four middle school girls with some yuri vibes. The hair colors match pretty well, too. 
report Recommended by ZettaiRyouiki
Similar random humor, together with a young girl protoganist. Tamako is about the live on the Tamako Market (and a random chicken), while Yuru Yuri is about 4 girls and their fun club. 
report Recommended by Jeller
Relatively cute and innocent GL anime that don't focus on sex/fanservice. If you're looking for cute fluffy yuri with lots of moe these two are your best bets. If you like one you may like the other, though Konohana has a more relaxed atmosphere and focuses more on relationships between characters while Yuru Yuri is energetic/upbeat and focuses more on comedy.  
report Recommended by ryuurena
Both are school comedies with bubbly and colorful style and suspicious humour. They really make you lauch out loud and just feel lol. The humour is based on characters.Some scenes can be quite touching and have a bit more serious feel in them, but that's rare. 
report Recommended by CinnamonHime
Both are cute and energetic comedies with suspicious humour. 
report Recommended by CinnamonHime
Another 4 girl ensemble, although upotte has a more serious tone, (not by much), has a story and the characters have more background, and it has actual action. FNC reminds me alot of Akarin, the way they are. Yuru yuri is more comedy and slice of life than anything, but the characters are all enjoyable and every episode is entertaining. So if you like one, i recommend the other. 
report Recommended by MoonXArtemis
You like cute lesbians? I do, too. Both of these shows have a mainly female cast, are entertaining for slice-of-life animes, and a carry some girl-on-girl innuendo. Only difference is that Love Live! has some sort of a consistent plot and an end goal in mind, while Yuru Yuri is all over the place, with mini arcs here and there. 
report Recommended by Deyeaz
Two comedies featuring a bunch degenerate lesbians. Stronger emphasis on *degenerate* for Ochikobore Fruit Tart.  
report Recommended by halfaspider
Both shows are about a group of school girls and their characters designs are done by the same person also there's yuri subtext in both shows. The main difference is that Yuru Yuri is a slice of life comedy while Realyse the Spyce is an action show. 
report Recommended by DarK-LaW
They're both hilarious slice-of-life and the humor is to appeal to a certain audience (you know who you are! ^^) Doujin Work is all about doujinshi and has a cast of mostly cute girls (and Justice). The humor is a little perverted but it is funny nonetheless. A girl named Najimi discovers the world of doujinshi and her life turns upside-down. In Yuru Yuri, there is one girl who likes to make doujinshi (Kyouko Toshinou), and there is an episode involving her dragging her friends to Comiket. Aside from that, there are tons of running gags and all sorts of funny. A lot of the humor from both  read more 
report Recommended by PastellRain
If u Ever watch ''School Rumble'', u May also LIKE "Yuru Yuri". ^^ another funny/silly anime with strong friendship bond among few high school students.  
report Recommended by juju20x5
The first season of Prisma * Illya is a spin-off to Fate Stay Night with a good story and character development. However you don't really need to watch Stay Night to understand Prisma. The second TV season, 'Prisma 2wei', is where you get lots of Loli and Yuri The third season you get an explosion Loli, Yuri, and Yaoi 
report Recommended by NEETxPEACE
Story centers around a group of girls with their daily life -both is all about friends and friendship -both are of comedy & school life -both has lovely light-hearted art and character designs 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Both animes have highschool girls and the story is mainly centered around the people in their school clubs, have lovely comedy, tries to recruit enough members to create a OFFICIAL club and have shoujo-ai tones. 
report Recommended by MagicFlier
Loli girls, with the same intensity puns. Both are pretty fun. 
report Recommended by GraanBR
- The two main characters are equal! In fact, the two main characters are very similar, both are similar in design and in the stupids attitudes and they can't do anything alone. Although Gakkougurashi be an apocalyptic world and have zombies, the character gets along very well on it, so it appears to have psychological problems and continues to live in the normal world in hers mind. However, the anime can be fun too. In Yuru Yuri, we have a lot of fun and funny, and that makes us laugh a lot! 
report Recommended by claracristiane
I haven't seen this anime being recommended alongside YuruYuri's so I'll be recommending it; although not as yuri or shoujo-ai-ness, but Stella Jogakuin has the same girl-admiration-ness placed on its plot elements. Also, fans who enjoy YuruYuri and school-life as well as slice-of-life will find enjoyment on this anime. 
report Recommended by GiancarloLS
D-Frag shoujos possess the same wackiness and randomness as the YuruYuri shoujos have; those who enjoyed YuruYuri will definitely enjoy D-Frag, too! 
report Recommended by GiancarloLS
Both are about a group of people mostly loafing around in a club, where many of the topics they bring up are random. Seitokai no Ichizon has a male lead with his harem, where on the other hand, Yuru Yuri fully consits of only female leads. Both include lots of comedy. 
report Recommended by Porofy