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Miu Takigawa views the world from behind the safety of her bangs, content with peacefully passing unnoticed through life. Reserved and timid, Miu struggles to converse with or even smile at more.
TV 12 6.79
Thirteenth episode included in sixth Blu-ray volume. This episode centers on the story of Mikami Kamiki, Yuuki Toujou, and Tsubomi Hiiragi. (Source: Official Website)
Special 1 6.52
Yuuta Hibiki wakes up in the room of Rikka Takarada and notices two things: he has no memories, and he can hear a mysterious voice calling his name from a nearby room. On further inspection, he more.
TV 12 7.12
Nine regular humans from different parts of the world are abducted and transformed into cyborgs with astounding powers for the purpose of being used as weapons. The nine cyborgs rebel and start to more.
Movie 1 6.46
Episode 22.5 bundled with BD/DVD volume 8. The episode covers Kuroko's past, when he was part of the "Generation of Miracles."
Special 1 7.81
Joe Shimamura and his companions may seem like regular men, but they are anything but. Joe is actually Cyborg 009, member of a team of cyborgs who fight for the greater good. Each cyborg is more.
TV 50 7.21
They fight against evil, they help those in need, they're the Cyborg fighters! Together with the scientist Dr. Gilmore, this team of nine cyborgs use their special body modifications to fight more.
TV 26 6.84
Original Cyborg 009 1966 movie based on the manga. Features 009's origin and an epic battle against Black Ghost and their evil robot forces.
Movie 1 6.05
In 2022, an EMP detonation causes a global blackout that has massive, destructive implications all over the world. Directed by Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo's Shinichiro Watanabe, Blade Runner: more.
ONA 1 6.92
A series of animated shorts done in collaboration with Zip.
ONA 10 4.99
Skull, the evil leader of the terrorist organization known as Black Ghost, has nine powerful cyborgs under his control. But Dr. Isaac Gilmore, the Black Ghosts cybernetics scientist, decides to go more.
TV 50 7.26
Three years since the return of the legendary Space Battleship Yamato, Earth has begun rebuilding itself and has made peace with the Gamilans. However, this recovery comes at the cost of utilizing more.
OVA 26 7.63
By the year 0096 of the Universal Century, a fragile peace emerges from the ashes of conflict. Sixteen-year-old student Banagher Links visits the Industrial 7 space colony on a school field trip, more.
TV 22 7.60
Short animation by Taro Shinkai.
ONA 1 4.24
Gamilans are facing their biggest hurdle yet: their planet is dying at an alarming pace. To save his people and relocate them to habitable land, Aberdt Desler feigns submission to the oppressive more.
OVA 8 7.40
A collaboration project between 009 Re:Cyborg and Pepsi Nex, which features characters from the former fighting over the drink.
Movie 3 5.34
After discovering the existence of demons in Tokyo, the original Cyborg crew led by Dr. Gilmore find themselves in conflict with Devilman, a strong demon believed to be in league with the more.
OVA 3 6.28
Continues the story of the TV series.
OVA 4 6.38
The three artifacts required to bring back hololive Summer have been stolen, and even hololive's leader YAGOO has gone missing. Upon realizing this, staff member Friend A (A-chan) gathers the more.
ONA 4 5.90
Special 3 5.86
The story will depict Joe Shimamura and the other cyborgs' struggle with the Bresudo, a group of people who possess superhuman powers and intellect, and have manipulated human history since ancient more.
Movie 1 6.24
Compilation of Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2202: Ai no Senshi-tachi.
Movie 1 6.64
A short 3D CGI anime of Cyborg 009 produced by director Oshii Mamoru.
Special 1 5.51
TV 5 N/A
The unaired final episode of Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier. It was released on DVD two years after the show finished its televised broadcast.
Special 1 6.34
Recap of the first eight episodes of Senyoku no Sigrdrifa.
Special 1 5.85
Movie of the Bug tte Honey.
Movie 1 N/A
A recap episode of Cyborg 009: The Cyborg Soldier that aired between episode 47 and 48.
Special 1 6.07
It's September 1st and a girl is riding her motorcycle that her grandpa built for her when she suddenly time slips to 1923, the same day as the Great Kanto earthquake. Here she meets her grandpa as more.
Another short bonus included in a Blu-ray/DVD disc of μ's live concert that took place in Saitama Super Arena on February 8th and 9th, 2014.
Special 1 6.92