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Tsubu★Doll add
The series centers around 16 girls who want to fulfill their dreams of being on stage in the city of Sagamihara. Rather than being a story where the characters compete to be the "top idol," the more.
OVA 5 - -
Shin-chan no Sanrinsha add
The story about a real life 3 year old boy named Shin-chan burned by the atomic bomb when riding his tricycle. He died later that night and his burnt tricycle is displayed at war museum.
OVA 1 - G
Cherry Blossom add
An educational anime about what people should do when faced with discrimination against them in Japan. Aimed at middle schoolers.
OVA 1 - G
Nintama Rantarou no Jishin Youjin Hi no Youjin add
An educational film about fire safety during earthquakes starring Nintama Rantarou.
OVA 1 - G
Nintama Rantarou no Shouboutai add
An educational film about fire brigades starring Nintama Rantarou.
OVA 1 - G
Manga Hajimete Omoshiro Juku OVA add
Compilation OVA of the Manga Hajimete Omoshiro Juku series.
OVA 4 - G
Midori no Makibao Compilation OVA add
OVA of Midori no Makibao.
OVA 1 - G
Charamaru-kun to Dokumaru-kun add
An anime created from a grant from the Agency for Cultural Affairs. The aim is to enlighten children towards social contribution. They bring to light the goodness of picking up litter, donating blood, more.
OVA 1 - G
Jidou Bungaku Library add
A series of children's OVAs covering various stories from old folk tales, books, and historical events. Each OVA has a various amount of stories featured.
OVA 6 - G
Ashita Tenki ni Naare Omake add
OVA 1 - G
Utakata Overdrive add
The story takes place in the fantasy world of Planet Note. Humans, who can no longer sing, pair up with members of a tribe of non-humans that can sing. These are the sound users "Otokata" and the more.
OVA 1 - -
Tsukushi no Iwai add
Documentary about Japan history, around the Iwai Rebellion period (527 AD). (Source: AniDB)
OVA 1 - -
Shounen Ashibe 2: Ashibe no Kanashii Yume add
A compilation film featuring content from the second Shounen Ashibe series.
OVA 1 - G
Magnerobo Ga-Keen Recap add
OVA 1 - PG-13
Xian Yue Meng Ying add
An OVA currently in production, planned to be released on DVD in China. On August 28, 2010, a promotional video was released advertising the project. In April 2015, the script was announced as more.
OVA 1 - PG-13
Hajimete no Eigo: Nippon Mukashibanashi add
Old Japanese folk legends released on Japanese and English to teach Japanese children English.
OVA 18 - G
Hajimete no Eigo: Sekai Meisaku Douwa add
Classical Folktales released on Japanese and English to teach Japanese children English.
OVA 18 - G
Satoukibibatake add
An educational film about the Sugarcane Field song composed by Naohiko Terashima in honor of the fallen soldiers at the Battle of Okinawa. The song is a ballad focusing on a girl who does not know more.
OVA 1 - PG
Neko no Kuni no Kenpou add
An educational film about the formation of the Constitution of Japan simplified extremely under the guise of a country of cats meant for a young audience.
OVA 1 - G
Chii-chan no Kageokuri add
A war film about Chii-chan who played a shadow game with her family where you stare at your shadow for 10 seconds and move away quickly causes an afterimage to stay. During an air raid Chii-chan more.
OVA 1 - G
Kayoko Sakura no Saku Hi add
An anime about the real story of 15 year old Kayoko Hayashi. After the Nagasaki atomic bomb, Kayoko's body was found 21 days later crushed under the Shiroyama school building where she had been more.
OVA 1 - G
Tomodachi Miitsuketa add
Two stories following Thumbelina sized people who meet and become friends.
OVA 1 - G
Santa-san wa Dai Isogashi add
A short anime about what Santa does when he's not delivering presents.
OVA 1 - G
Nippon Mukashibanashi: Sannen Netarou add
Based on the Japanese folktale of a young man who slept for three years.
OVA 1 - G
Yuukai Tsuresari ni Awanai add
An OVA series educating kids on how to protect themselves against kidnappers. Yuukai Tsuresari ni Awanai is aimed at infants and lower elementary schoolers.
OVA 2 - G
Jibun de Jibun wo Mamoru add
An OVA educating kids on how to protect themselves against kidnappers. Jibun de Jibun wo Mamoru is aimed at higher elementary schoolers.
OVA 1 - G
Shiro to Takeshi add
Takeshi is an elementary school student. Shiro is a white dog of Takeshi, Takeshi loves Shiro. When he came back from school he was playing with his friends and Shiro every day. The war gradually more.
OVA 1 - G
Minna ga Shitteru: Kokoro Atatamaru Natsukashii Ohanashi Series add
Assorted children's fables. Ranging from the classic Japanese tale of Momotarou to the classic European tale of Gulliver's Travels.
OVA 20 - G
Kagee Anime Series add
Shadow puppet animation. This OVA tells four old Japanese tales.
OVA 1 - G
Minwa Anime Series add
This OVA tells four old folktales.
OVA 1 - G
Ni wa no Kotori add
A short story about a bird who invites everyone to his birthday party only to find out they decided to go an play at another bird's house.
OVA 1 - G
Mametarou Ganbare add
Shows the journey a corn kernel takes to grow into a fully mature plant.
OVA 1 - G
Furidashita Ame add
Two boys always want to leave home early when it's about to rain. But even in difficult situations, there is a joy and satisfaction for finishing the roles they're assigned to (eg. cleaning the more.
OVA 1 - G
Nobara (OVA) add
Soldiers in two countries, each protecting the stone monument at the border. As children they grew up together but war is separated them. This short explores the theme of "what is friendship".
OVA 1 - G
Ohanashi de Te Koi add
An anime adaptation of NHK Radio two children's folktales that were broadcasted in 1954.
OVA 5 - G
Grimm Douwa Anime Series add
This OVA tells three Brothers Grimm fairy tales: The Hut in the Forest, Little Red Riding Hood, and Snow-White and Rose-Red.
OVA 1 - G
San Tarou to Kaguya-hime no Koutsuu Anzen add
A traffic safety anime featuring 3 Tarous (Tarou Urashima, Momotarou, Kintarou) and Kaguya-hime.
OVA 1 - G
Tono-sama no Chawan add
Based on a picture book of the same name, this story tells of a teacup craftsman and the exploration of kindness among fellow men.
OVA 1 - G
Hinamatsuri add
An educational anime about the history and founding of the Hinamatsuri holiday in Japan.
OVA 1 - G
Tanabata Monogatari add
An educational anime about the history and founding of the Tanabata holiday in Japan.
OVA 1 - G
Christmas Carol add
An anime adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol.
OVA 1 - G
Chirorin Mura Monogatari: Tomkurupii no Jishin Youjin add
An earthquake disaster prevention anime starring the Chirorin Mura Monogatari main cast.
OVA 1 - G
Koala-chan no Shouboutai add
Koala and other animal firefighters teach fire safety.
OVA 1 - G
Chibi Maruko-chan: Hi no Youjin add
Popular Chibi Maruko-chan has appeared for a disaster prevention animation. Chibi Maruko starts investigating about precautions of house fires, triggered by the fire of Nagasawa's house that took more.
OVA 1 - G
Chibi Maruko-chan: Jishin wo Kangaeru add
Maruko-chan teaches earthquake safety techniques.
OVA 1 - G
Rescue Q-tai no Katsuyaku add
An educational anime teaching fire prevention safety and exploring all the roles firefighters have.
OVA 1 - G
Tottoko Hamtarou no Tottoko Taisetsu!! Koutsuu Rule add
Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams learn how to stay safe on the road in this 14-minute long special produced by the Tokyo Emergency Service. (Source: Hamatarou Wikia)
OVA 1 - G
Tat-chan - Momo-chan no Fushigina Taiken add
Tat-chan and Momo-chan are kindergarteners playing in a sandbox as usual. They get sucked in a game world where they watch Waterman fight Satan Fire. This OVA is meant to teach fire safety to more.
OVA 1 - G
Boku wa Ko Zou no Shouboutai add
A children's fire prevention education anime with animal firefighters.
OVA 1 - G
Zukkoke Sannin-gumi no Koutsuu Anzen add
An traffic safety video for kids featuring the Zukkoke Sannin-gumi cast.
OVA 1 - G
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