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OVA - - Rx
The first ever hentai OVA, Lolita Anime was released in early 1984. Some of the episodes featured parodies of other famous anime characters (i.e. Lum). The series' main focus was bondage. (Source: more.
OVA 6 02-21-84 Rx
A collection of short stories, ranging from soap opera (the Ami series) to fantasy (Rall series) to horror (Cream Lemon Dark) to parody (Pop Chaser). It does deal with a lot of heavy perversions more.
OVA 38 08-10-84 Rx
One of the first erotic OVA. Based in an original story of mangaka Hachurui (羽中ルイ), it would also have a live-action version released almost at the same time and starring AV actress Kyoko Nakamura, more.
OVA 2 10-11-84 Rx
One of the first erotic OVA. Released in 1984 by the company Let's, the characters from this animation have the names of famous Japanese Pop singers of the 1980s: Seiko Matsuda (Vol. 1) and Akina more.
OVA 2 11-30-84 Rx
Lolita Anime was made on base of manga by Aki Uchiyama. Lolita Anime Vol.1 : Uchiyama Aki no Obyoki Aki-chan Lolita Anime Vol.2 : Milk Nomi Ningyo Lolita Anime Vol.3 : Uchiyama Aki no Omorashi Gokko more.
OVA 3 12-15-84 Rx
Reiko is tormented by a nightmare of a demonic figure having his way with her. Soon after, this nightmare seems to have become a reality. (Source: AniDB)
OVA 1 12-15-84 Rx
OVA 3 12-22-84 Rx
Three young girls try to identify a thief who stole money from one of them. There are three suspects and each girl investigates them separately. The suspects are: a girl from their class with a more.
OVA 1 01-10-85 Rx
A family who gets in way over their heads when the younger sister ends up owing the yakuza money. Since she can't pay, the gang members take her instead to use as a sexual toy. She then enacts more.
OVA 1 03-10-85 Rx
Part of Little Mermaid Series along with Telepatist IQ315, Punky Funky Baby and Shining May.
OVA 1 03-10-85 Rx
A demonic dark lord named Damia is planning to take over the Earth. He must first harvest life energy from 100 young women with psychic powers...and he only needs one more. Meanwhile, Kaori is an more.
OVA 1 04-25-85 Rx
It's the far-flung future, and girlfriends Fami and Cyan live on a little planet full of aliens and robots of all types! The girls are on their way home from a day of shopping when they run afoul of more.
OVA 1 05-01-85 Rx
Ero anime from the mid 1980s
OVA 1 05-10-85 Rx
One of the first adult OVA. Released in 1985. The Naoko in the title refers to the original author, not a character. (Source: AniDB)
OVA 1 05-10-85 Rx
One of the first OVA format adult anime. Based in the 1984 manga Barabanba by Go Nagai. (Source: AniDB)
OVA 1 06-21-85 Rx
An 18+ restricted OVA of 1985, produced by Fuji Video. (Source: AniDB)
OVA 1 06-21-85 Rx
A young gradeschool girl can only envy her already teenaged friend's boyfriend. But when she meets a magical salesman pig and receives a magical lipstick (containing another magical sidekick creature, more.
OVA 1 07-10-85 Rx
A 18+ restricted OVA, the third series produced by Fuji in 1985. (Source: AniDB)
OVA 2 07-10-85 Rx
Lolita hentai parodying the science-fiction genre.
OVA 2 07-23-85 Rx
OVA 2 10-09-85 Rx
Maki gets groped on a train, and although the molester is stopped, it awakens her sexual awareness. She has a talk about it with her older sister, who unexpectedly decides to give Maki a hands-on more.
OVA 2 11-21-85 Rx
May Kanou is the coolest new idol around. Everybody seems to think May's got it made, but secretly, May struggles with overcoming past trauma...she caught her mother having an affair on the day of more.
OVA 1 11-28-85 Rx
An army of invading aliens attack the peaceful land of Lyon with lust and carnage on their minds. Only the combined forces of Swordsman Zeke, Swordswoman Neris and the psychic Flare stand between more.
OVA 2 07-14-86 Rx
Legend has it that the human race is not the only dominant civilization living on Earth. Two other races exist in this world: the Makai (a demon race) and the Juujinkai (a half-man, half-beast race) more.
OVA 3 01-21-87 Rx
Join this band of femme fatales as they sacrifice their dignity to save the galaxy from unsavory space pirates. To solve their cases, they battle the bad guys, rescue stolen treasure, and wrestle more.
OVA 1 05-25-87 Rx
An erotic version of the classical Japanese folktale "The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter", produced by Tokyo Studio.
OVA 1 09-21-87 Rx
Based on the same-name erotic slice-of-life manga by George Akiyama, serialized in Weekly Manga Goraku. Virgin boy Okuyama is a stocker at the supermarket who has no luck with women. His life is more.
OVA 1 11-25-87 Rx
Features erotic moments from the wars of the Heike and the Geiji clans. (Source: AniDB)
OVA 3 04-30-88 Rx
In the village of Le-jeute, all is not well. Over shadowed by the mysterious factory city called Balthus, this peaceful little village are lured into life with the promises of pleasure that await more.
OVA 1 05-25-88 Rx
Of the same kind of late 80s shows about old Japanese (sexy) tales. It is made of three short stories, introduced by a narrator. And there is a "live" action sequence at the beginning, that the more.
OVA 1 05-25-88 Rx
Guy is just one of those misunderstood, lovable fellows who just happens to be one of the nastiest soldiers of fortune you've ever seen... and his partner is worse! They could be, however, the only more.
OVA 2 12-06-88 Rx
Several tales of old-time Tokyo from well known directors, mainly concentrating on the courtesans of the Yoshiwara and prostitutes in pre-modern Shinjuku but also on the merchants and the more.
OVA 5 04-01-89 Rx
A mix of animation and live-action.
OVA 1 08-24-89 Rx
Kazuma is the successor of the Shinno family which leads the sex scene. But now the sex scene doesn't bring much money so father Shino wants his son to visit a sex-study to earn some experience. But more.
OVA 3 08-25-89 R+
A mix of animation and live-action.
OVA 1 11-19-89 Rx
Tetsuya was the product of his mother being raped by a burglar, and after years of abuse form his mother's husband he becomes a serial killer/rapist.
OVA 4 12-05-89 Rx
A mix of animation and live-action.
OVA 1 02-22-90 Rx
Based on the manga with the same name by Morizono Milk.
OVA 2 04-27-90 Rx
A mix of animation and live-action.
OVA 1 05-24-90 Rx
Demons take multiple forms, in this case there's one thats the mightest of all and has to be satisfied with the flesh of woman. He searches for his preys in the form of a woman, so they won't be more.
OVA 6 05-25-90 Rx
Tales of Titillation Let U-Jin's brand of erotic humor entice you into the world of adult fantasy animation, and tickle your funny bone, among other places, in the process. Being the most famous of more.
OVA 3 05-25-90 Rx
Kentaro, your basic salaryman, co-habits an apartment with his old study mate Haruo. He's engaged to his boss's daughter, the selfish Reiko. While waiting on Reiko to meet up up with him he comes more.
OVA 2 08-05-90 Rx
Sequel of Ikenai Boy.
OVA 1 09-28-90 Rx
When Shizuka comes back after 13 years, the courageous Kosuke that she hopes to find has grown into a perverted total coward. But then again, she had changed a lot too, growing into a true brawling more.
OVA 1 10-25-90 Rx
Takao Ryouta is a pervy but well-meaning biker-turned-bus driver who street-races with others, fights roughnecks from his past, and mistreats his equally pervy friend. He must play knight, however, more.
OVA 3 11-21-90 R+
Nazi Germany, 1944: As American bombers soar towards Berlin, a revolting Satanic rite takes place below—Hitler and his minions are using the monstrous Nazi Death Rape Machine to render the more.
OVA 2 12-01-90 Rx
Based on the same-name manga by U-Jin.
OVA 1 12-01-90 R+
The OVA is based on incidents in the novel Koshoku Ichidai Otoko (The Life of an Amorous Man) by Saikaku Ihara (1642-1693). The libertine Yonosuke has spent his life in quest of sexual pleasure. more.
OVA 1 01-18-91 Rx
Based on the manga by Satou Masaaki
OVA 1 03-08-91 Rx
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