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"0" add
This music video tells how a shy girl with a secret love and curiosity about what surrounds her works.
Music 1 4.78 2,372
"Calpis" Hakkou Monogatari add
A Calpis (Calpico in the US) commissioned short about the history of the company and how their product is made today. A few scenes use live-action footage. The short is animated by Takaharu Shimizu more.
ONA 1 5.32 172
"Eikou Naki Tensai-tachi" Kara no Monogatari add
An anime/documentary series about athletes present by NHK. The first episode adapts material from Tomoyoshi Itou and Shingo Morita's Weekly Young Jump biographical manga Eikou Naki Tensai-tachi ( more.
TV 2 0.00 440
"Kinako" x Mameshiba Movie add
A collaboration between Mameshiba and Kinako, a 2010 Japanese film based on a true story of a dog trainer, meant to promote the latter's release the following month.
Special 1 0.00 209
"Kiss Dekiru Gyoza" x Mameshiba Movie add
Two televised specials collaborating the Mameshiba franchise and the feature film Kiss Dekiru Gyoza being released June 2018. The film is about Yoko Fujita as a single mother who goes through a more.
Special 2 5.20 212
"Parade" de Satie add
A Parade for three managers and four performers. (Source: Yamamura Animation)
Movie 1 5.65 244
"Tokyo" add
A short film spelling Tokyo in hiragana.
Movie 1 4.63 117
#Compass add
NHN PlayArt and Nico Nico's #Compass [COMbat Providence AnalysiS System] smartphone game has been inspiring a series shorts in which TMS Entertainment is overseeing the production, but different more.
ONA - 0.00 134
(a long day of) Mr. Calpaccio add
An experimental work created by UrumaDelvi in 2005 and screened at several film festivals. The UrumaDelvi and Productions Inc. company later released it on DVD in 2006.
Movie 1 0.00 85
001 add
Short animation by Masaki Okuda.
ONA 1 3.32 4,426
009 Re:Cyborg x Zip add
A series of animated shorts done in collaboration with Zip.
ONA 10 5.27 731
00:08 add
A man enjoys a drink over and over and over again, for eight seconds each time. It's the same every time... or at least that's what it seems like at first. With every sip, something changes, making more.
Movie 1 5.02 5,001
1-ri Botchi no Ookami to 7-hiki no Ko Yagi add
An adaptation of the The Wolf and The Seven Little Goats story.
OVA 1 0.00 113
1/100 Rice Planting add
A 1/100 scale of rice planting in a field done with paper stop-motion.
ONA 1 4.88 325
1/100 Shibuya Crossing add
A 1/100 scale of the famous Shibuya scramble crossing done with paper stop-motion.
ONA 1 5.23 317
1/100 Train Station add
A 1/100 scale of a train station done with paper stop-motion.
ONA 1 5.24 337
100% Pascal-sensei add
ONA 6 5.71 339
100% Renewable Energy add
Short film directed by Amika Kubo and sponsored by WWF Japan as part of their campaign to move Japan away from nuclear energy and towards the use of renewable energy.
Special 1 0.00 78
112 Sabsections of Skyline add
Short film by Takashi Ohashi, depicting birds resting on electrical wires to play out a musical score.
ONA 1 0.00 83
12-gatsu no Uta add
Short film by Tadanari Okamoto originally projected on three screens, and re-edited for domestic release many years later, set to a poem by Noriko Ibaraki of the same name.
Movie 1 4.71 491
123 add
With an American comic touch, the hip-hop song features a semi-biographical representation of the band bless4 who sings the song. They are 4 siblings who grew up in the US after being born in more.
Music 1 4.99 165
1989 add
Music video for song '1989' by the pillows from their 20th anniversary compilation album 'Rock stock & too smoking the pillows.'
Music 1 5.71 897
1gatsu ni wa Christmas add
Nobumasa is a boy who works part-time in a shoe store, where he meets Mizuki, a girl whose abusive family life has left her unable to trust other people. Meanwhile, Nobumasa is unaware that another more.
OVA 1 6.10 466
2 add
A music video for the song "2" by DALLJUB STEP CLUB.
Music 1 5.08 139
20-dai no Heya-hen add
An advertisement for MyNavi Chintai (MyNavi Rental) that began airing on television on January 10, 2015. The "20-dai no Heya-hen" (Rooms for Twentysomethings) commercial shows how the MyNavi Chintai more.
Special 1 5.17 1,264
2002-nen Halmeoni Ondo add
A music video for the song by Mika Shinno that was featured on NHK's Minna no Uta program.
Music 1 5.23 238
2005-nen Uchuu no Tabi add
Experimental short film by Michio Mihara.
Special 1 4.49 1,476
2010 add
A music video for The Telephones' song "2010".
Music 1 4.84 680
21 Emon add
In 2018 a young boy named 21 Emon dreams of becoming a space pilot and exploring space in general. He is the heir to a long line of hotel owners, which dates back to the founder of during the more.
TV 39 6.17 527
21 Emon Uchuu e Irasshai! add
The story tells the adventures of the boy, 21 emon, engaged in the management of a hotel belonging to his family for years. In his problems, 21 emons is helped by the robot Gonsuke and the little more.
Movie 1 5.64 354
21 Emon Uchuu ike! Hadashi no Princess add
Movie 1 6.06 411
21 Seiki Manga Hajimete Monogatari add
No synopsis has been added for this series yet. Click here to update this information.
Special 1 6.33 374
21 Seiki wa Minna ga Shuyaku add
An educational film about gender equality in society in the 21st century.
OVA 1 0.00 99
3 Choume no Tama: Onegai! Momo-chan wo Sagashite!! add
Tama and Friends movie.
Movie 1 6.06 421
3 Choume no Tama: Uchi no Tama Shirimasenka? add
The characters are Tama, Momo, Wocket, Tiggle, Rockney, Pimmy, Bupkus, Bengpu, and Chopin. There is no consistent plot. Tama and his friends just have little, family friendly, adventures every more.
TV 36 6.74 1,389
3-bu de Wakaru Koizumi Yakumo no Kaidan add
Stories from Patrick Lafcadio Hearn's book Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things. The Greek-American author was known as Koizumi Yakumo in Japan and is renowned for collecting and more.
ONA 7 0.00 157
3-D Heaven add
A music video for song by Psy-S for the Minna no Uta song program.
Music 1 4.77 331
3-gatsu no Lion meets Bump of Chicken add
A CGI music video of Sangatsu no Lion set to Bump of Chicken's "Fighter" single. The website states that the collaboration started because the mangaka Umino Chika is a fan of Bump of Chicken and the more.
Music 1 7.06 7,891
3-gatsu no Lion: Ugoku! Nya Shogi add
Special 10 6.21 308
3-tsu no Hanashi add
Three Tales was one of the first domestic anime ever televised. It comprised of three stories: "The Third Plate" (第三の皿) by Hirosuke Hamada, "Oppel and the Elephant" (オッペルと象) by Kenji Miyazawa, and " more.
Special 1 5.10 490
30th Gundam Perfect Mission add
30th Gundam Perfect Mission is a short original video animation (OVA) officially released by Sunrise in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Gundam metaseries. It features all the titular and more.
OVA 1 7.00 5,124
3D Onara Gorou ga Dance Dance Dance!! add
Onara Gorou is now in 3D with a little dance and music number.
Music 1 3.45 1,538
4 Shuunen Monst? Shiru ka yo! add
A 4th Anniversary Monster Strike TV commercial featuring Egashira 2:50 (pronounced Egashira Nijigojuppun), a Japanese comedian. The first commercial in the promotion was originally released with the more.
Special 1 5.39 325
4-Day Weekend add
Music video for the song Four Day Weekend by Bluetones.
Music 1 5.76 2,394
40-shuunen da yo!! Coro Coro All-Star Shougakkou add
Created In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the founding of Coro Coro Comics. The anime brings together many famous Coro Coro Comics characters. It takes place in an elementary school the more.
ONA - 0.00 352
44-hiki no Neko add
The Japanese version of the 1968 '44 Gatti,' an Italian song from the TV program Zecchino D'Oro. It was introduced in the Japanese NHK TV program 'Minna no Uta' in 1969.
Music 1 4.68 1,242
47 Todoufuken add
"47 Prefecture Dogs" is a short flash animation from a voice over variety TV program in Japan called "SAY! YOU! SAY! ME!" The animation takes Japan's 47 prefectures—or more specifically, the local more.
TV 26 5.86 266
47 Todoufuken R add
47 Todoufuken R" is based on the anime "47 Todoufuken," which aired in 2011, but with new characters in 3D. The "ken" in "Todoufuken" is a play on the words "prefecture" and "dog" since it can mean more.
TV 12 0.00 252
47 Todoufuken Specials add
A two-part TV special focusing on the romance between the dogs.
Special 2 0.00 186
663114 add
663114 is a short but hard-hitting monologue of a 66-year-old cicada. The insect draws parallels between the catastrophes of Hiroshima and Fukushima and poses a fundamental question about the future more.
Movie 1 5.42 2,637
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