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Dream Festival! add
One day, second year high school student Kanade Amamiya is suddenly scouted by legendary idol Haruto Mikami. He now faces the life an idol with others in the same agency. He aims to make his CD more.
ONA 09-23-16
Asa da yo! Kaishain add
The series follows a variety of employed shellfish who exhibit selfish or odd personality traits. (Source: LiveChart)
TV 04-04-16
Zonmi-chan: Halloween☆Special Movie! add
A Halloween special starring Zonmi-chan. A soldier is being chased by several Zonmi-chan zombies. He shoots at them but is ultimately caught.
ONA 10-26-15
Bubuki Buranki: Hoshi no Kyojin add
Sequel of Bubuki Buranki. Episodes 1, 2 and 3 will be previewed at a screening at Kadokawa Cinema Shinjuku on September 10, 2016. Regular broadcasting will begin in October, 2016.
TV 10-??-16
Nuwa Chengzhang Riji add
This story follows an orphan girl rumoured to be a successor of "Nuwa", the goddess of creation in ancient Chinese mythology.
TV 04-12-16
Tsukiuta. The Animation add
In the anime series, the members of Six Gravity and Procellarum are all living in the same dorm building. Hajime Mutsuki and Haru Yayoi, the oldest members of Six Gravity, are first year university more.
TV 07-06-16
Suki ni Naru Sono Shunkan wo.: Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai add
Kokuhaku Jikkou Iinkai: Renai Series (music and animation series featuring seiyuus) created by HoneyWorks.
Movie 12-17-16
Kiniro Mosaic: Pretty Days add
The episode is set during a school festival where Shinobu is assigned to write a script and make outfits for her class play. Youko and Alice notice that Shinobu is sleepy every morning and are more.
Special 11-12-16
Starmyu OVA add
A new year arrives as the school festival ends. The season has come as Kaou-kai members leave their jobs after doing their final duties. Each musical team prepares for the final big performance for more.
OVA 07-27-16
Drifters: Special Edition add
Bundled with the fifth manga volume.
OVA 06-06-16
Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume add
The manga follows middle school students Koyori Tsumujikaze and Agari Kamiya as they enter the world of girls' middle school ping pong. (Source: ANN)
TV -
Danganronpa 3: The End of Kibougamine Gakuen - Zetsubou-hen add
Hope's Peak Academy is a special school, recognized by the government, that was established in order to gather and nurture top-class students who excel in various fields. This school has two more.
TV 07-14-16
Infini-T Force add
The original manga follows a young girl who summons a team of superheroes to save others. The anime adaptation will not adapt the story exactly. Promotional materials indicate heroes from the more.
TV -
Time Bokan 24 add
A new TV series in the Time Bokan franchise.
TV 10-01-16
Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince Movie add
Movie 11-04-16
Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince Special add
Special 09-29-16
Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru add
The year is 2205. The "historical revisionists" have begun attacks on the past in their plot to change history. The Saniwa, who have been charged with protecting history, can imbue life into more.
TV 10-??-16
Ragnastrike Angels add
The series follows fighting girls whose size is increased to 38 meters (about 125 feet) tall. (Source: ANN)
TV 04-03-16
Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage 2nd Season add
TV -
Touken Ranbu add
It was revealed at AnimeJapan 2016 that the online collectible card game Touken Ranbu will be receiving a TV anime adaptation in 2017 by animation studio ufotable.
TV ??-??-17
Super Lovers OVA add
Bundled with manga's tenth volume.
OVA 01-01-17
Island add
Urashima, an island far from the mainland. The people who live there lead carefree lives. But five years ago, the island's three great families suffered a series of misfortunes, and succumbed to more.
TV -
Kaijuu Girls: Ultra Kaijuu Gijinka Keikaku add
The Ultra Kaijuu Gijinka Keikaku project transforms kaijuu (monsters) from the Ultraman live-action special-effects series into cute, female anthropomorphised monsters. (Source: ANN)
ONA ??-??-16
FLCL (TV) add
In the new season of FLCL, many years have passed since Naota and Haruhara Haruko shared their adventure together. Meanwhile, the war between the two entities known as Medical Mechanica and more.
TV ??-??-17
Tanaka-kun wa Kyou mo Kedaruge add
A series of shorts featuring super-deformed characters from the the show Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge.
Special 04-07-16
Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku add
The highly popular social network game "Magical Girl Raising Project" is a miraculous game that produces real Magical Girls with a chance of 1 in 10000 for each person. Girls who are lucky enough to more.
TV 10-02-16
Panpaka Pants W-O-New! add
Sequel to Panpaka Pants O-New!. It follows a young underwear-wearing pig and his adventures.
TV 04-02-16
Neko mo, Onda-ke add
The manga is set in Matsuyama City in the southwestern prefecture of Ehime on Shikoku Island during the Showa 40s era (1965-1975). The Onda family includes the big sister Sachiko who is a passionate more.
TV 04-01-16
91 Days add
During Prohibition, the law held no power and the mafia ruled the town. The story takes place in Lawless, a town thriving on black market sales of illicitly brewed liquor. Avilio returns to Lawless more.
TV 07-09-16
Lo Re: Pako Sukusuku Mizuki-chan The Animation add
Based on the manga by Red Akazawa.
OVA 05-06-16
Yuri!!! on Ice add
The show's story revolves around Yuuri Katsuki, who carried all of Japan's hopes on his shoulders to win at the Gran Prix Finale ice skating competition, but suffered a crushing defeat. He returns more.
TV 10-??-16
Sore ga Seiyuu!: Petit Uchiage add
Special episode of Sore ga Seiyuu! bundled in BD & DVD Vol.7
Special 03-23-16
King of Prism by Pretty Rhythm Short Anime add
Short Anime Bundled in Movie BD of King of Prism by Pretty Rhythm.
Special 06-17-16
Natsume Yuujinchou Go add
Season 5 of Natsume Yuujinchou. Episode 1 will be previewed at a screening at Differ Ariake on October 1, 2016. Regular broadcasting will begin on October 5, 2016.
TV 10-05-16
Imakara Atashi...... add
Based on the doujinshi by Kaisei Kishi.
OVA ??-??-16
Hand Shakers add
The anime takes place in Osaka in "AD20XX," and revolves around the Hand Shakers — partners who can summon "Nimrodes," weapons born from their deep psyche by joining hands. In order to grant the pair' more.
TV 01-??-17
Flip Flappers add
Papika and Cocona hold the keys to open the door. When the two girls meet, their adventures in a different time and different overlapping dimension called "Pure Illusion" begin. Many things in Pure more.
TV 10-??-16
Aggressive Retsuko add
The show centers on Retsuko, a 25-year old red panda who works in her dream company's accounting department. But it turns out that she is forced to keep doing more and more impossible tasks by her more.
TV 04-02-16
Occultic;Nine add
The "paranormal science" story follows nine idiosyncratic individuals, linked by the "Chōjō Kagaku Kirikiri Basara" occult summary blog run by 17-year-old second-year high school student Yūta Gamon. more.
TV 10-??-16
Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars add
In the country of Rimguard, a mysterious event shook the country and its people just 12 years prior. As time passed, memory of the incident began to fade while peace reigned over the land. Sisters more.
TV 07-07-16
Mirai no Watashi add
The short is part of McDonald's new "Crew ni Narou. Campaign" (Join the Crew. Campaign) to attract part-time restaraunt staff members. It depicts the coming-of-age of a new crew member named Sumire. ( more.
ONA 03-15-16
Ahare! Meisaku-kun add
A long, long time ago, there was a prestigious school called "Ryuuguu Elementary School" that produced many masterpiece characters. One day, an ordinary boy named Meisaku Matsuda enrolled at the more.
TV 04-08-16
Flying Witch Petit add
CG short specials of Flying Witch posted on the official YouTube channel of distributor VAP and later bundled with the Blu-ray and DVD volumes.
ONA 03-18-16
Koi ni Naritai Aquarium add
Music video included with the second single for the Love Live! Sunshine!! anime idol group Aqours.
Music 04-27-16
Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records add
Sistina attends a magical academy to hone her skills in the magical arts, hoping to solve the mystery of the enigmatic Sky Castle. After the retirement of her favorite teacher, the replacement, Glen, more.
- -
RS Keikaku: Rebirth Storage add
In the year 2025, automatons dubbed the Kikou suddenly appear and attack human beings, leaving many cities completely devastated. Human civilization is left in the ruin, but debris of a Kikou is more.
Special 06-26-16
Kuzu no Honkai add
Seventeen-year-old Mugi Awaya and Hanabi Yasuraoka appear to be the ideal couple. They are both pretty popular, and they seem to suit each other well. However, outsiders don't know of the secret more.
TV 01-??-17
Fune wo Amu add
The publication of a new dictionary titled The Great Passage progresses. Mitsuya Majime, originally from publisher Genbu Shobo's sales department, has been recruited by Kouhei Araki, a veteran more.
TV 10-??-16
Battery add
Meet Takumi Harada—not even in junior high and he's the best pitcher in the region, although he's frustrated and ready to give up, because he can't find a catcher who is good enough to keep up with more.
TV 07-15-16
Gyakuten Saiban 6 Prologue add
The country of Khura'in doesn't have attorneys. Instead, the outcome of trials are decided by the oracles. Meanwhile, in Japan, Naruhodo Ryuichi receives a disturbing call from his old friend, Mayoi more.
ONA 03-17-16
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