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Wanwanwan Coin add
A "vertical" anime starring a coin with doglike properties.
ONA 11-30-15
Kitty-chan wo Sagase! Toyama-shi Stamp Rally add
Kitty-chan briefly goes missing.
ONA 07-20-16
Nineko Gelée: Opening Movie add
A music video staring Gelée, a character created by DLE, featuring Seiko Oomori.
Music 07-29-16
Peeban add
The episodes follow a pig named Peeban and his friends.
OVA 04-22-10
Gakuen Handsome: Haitoku no Lesson add
Two music videos for the songs "Shuumatsu no Mellow Dance" and "Haitoku no Lesson," sung by Teruhiko Saionji from the Gakuen Handsome franchise.
Music 05-10-16
Gakuen Handsome: Legend of Sexy add
Two music videos for the songs "Legend of Sexy" and "Kagami no Naka no ME", sung by Sakuya Mitsurugi from the Gakuen Handsome franchise.
Music 02-04-16
Marine Bloomin' add
A music video for the song "Marine Bloomin'", a part of the iMarine project which stars Umi Monogatari's Marin.
Music 03-24-16
Marine Dreamin' add
A music video for the song "Marine Dreamin'", a part of the iMarine project which stars Umi Monogatari's Marin.
Music 04-24-15
Yasoukyoku add
A music video for Tamaki's song "Yasoukyoku."
Music 01-04-11
Magical Music Train add
A music video for Rag Fair's song "Magical Music Train."
Music 08-06-09
Shangri-La (Music) add
A music video for the Wienners' song "Shangri-La."
Music 10-05-11
Hatsune Miku: Hiyashite Narasou Okashi no Ii Oto add
Hatsune Miku teaches viewers how to eat Pocky in summer.
ONA 05-31-16
Suntory Minami Alps no Tennen Mizu add
Collaboration commercials with Suntory and Kimi no Na wa.. The "Mitsuha no Omoi" (Mitsuha's Thoughts) commercial shows the character Mitsuha Miyamizu drinking SUNTORY Minami Alps Tennensui Yogurina, more.
Special 08-09-16
Hane (2016) add
Official music video for Koushi Inaba's 5th single Hana. The video features a girl running through a desolate city with occasional cuts to the singer in the studio.
Music 12-25-15
Kochikame: Mezase! Kameari Superstar!! Ryoutsu-shiki Aidoru he no Michi! add
A new idol unit is formed to teach people the importance of traffic safety.
Special 10-26-08
Kochikame: Washi to Ore!? - Bokura wa Asakusa Shounen Tanteidan! add
An amazing time machine invention allows Ryoutsu to return to the years of his childhood.
Special 04-06-08
Kochikame: Ryou-san no Sushi Kuinee! - Choujyou Maguro Taiketsu!! add
A two part Kochikame special wherein Ryoutsu becomes involved in a sushi chef's dealings.
Special 09-30-07
Kochikame: Shiiron Tankentai! Sumidagawa no Chikai - Omoide no Shiroi Kujira wo Sagase! add
The two-part Kochikame special, wherein Ryoutsu helps a zoologist friend capture a real white whale.
Special 08-05-07
Kochikame: Ryoutsu no Asakusa Rinyuuaru Daisakusen!! - Aa, Omoide no Hanayashiki add
A second and final Kochikame special of 2006.
Special 09-24-06
Kochikame: Hashire! Ryoutsu-shiki Chinchin Densha - Omoide no Daijirou-gou add
The first Kochikame television special of 2006.
Special 04-02-06
Kochikame: Ryou-san to Chyuuken Rakkii Monogatari - Kameari Dai-Houimou wo Kawase!! add
A Kochikame television special.
Special 10-23-05
Kochikame: Ryoutsu vs. Nakimushi Aidoru!? Nihon Ikkai Dai-Sugoroku Geemu!! add
A Kochikame special pitting Ryoutsu against Aidoru.
Special 03-27-05
Kochikame: Marugo no Notta Keikan add
A Kochikame special that takes place on a fisherman's boat.
Special 01-02-05
Fujinkoron-senpai add
A short promotional video for the Fujinkoron magazine, starring employees of the editorial department.
ONA 05-23-16
Estima: Sense of Wonder add
Promotional shorts for Toyota's Estima (or Previa) car make.
ONA 06-24-16
Kabi Usagi: Game Center add
The mold rabbits visit a game center.
ONA 07-22-12
Kabi Usagi: Hikouki add
The mold rabbits are ejected from an airplane.
ONA 07-05-12
Kabi Usagi: Kaichuu add
The mold rabbits head to the sea, but are chased by a large shark.
ONA 08-12-12
Kabi Usagi add
Shorts focusing on the cute (albeit bittersweet) lives of several rabbits with mold growing on them. They dream to spread their mold all over the world.
ONA 06-26-16
Wonder add
A music video for 1000say's song "Wonder."
Music 12-22-12
Fujilog (ONA) add
The first episode is a motion capture of the Fujilog characters with Perfume's song with the raw data provided by the Perfume website. The second episode is smooth/realistic CG animation on top of more.
ONA 03-29-12
Cakes add
Sweets having idle chatter.
ONA 05-09-16
Chichi Kaeru add
A soon-to-be father frog neglects his pregnant wife by going on adulterous affairs.
ONA 06-12-15
Nani no Yaku ni Mo Tatanai Karappona Hanashi add
Animation made for two Makoto Otake Golden Radio bits.
ONA 08-28-13
Saru Kani Gassen (Yokoku) add
An adaptation of the classic Japanese folktale albeit a teaser.
ONA 07-31-12
Chicken Papa add
A rooster who happens to be a father.
ONA 03-30-10
Kissaten Soudou add
A customer and cafe owner get into a fight.
ONA 10-08-09
Show By Rock!! x Joysound add
A series of cross-promotional shorts with Joysound featuring Show By Rock characters.
ONA 06-27-14
Kosys! Lite: Tsuyoku Suishou Bansaku no Sunglasses - Password Tsukai-mawashi no Jutsu add
The series focuses on the staff of the Keihime Railway Company.
ONA 07-25-15
Yurugaro add
Omake specials that feature the cast of Garo: Guren no Tsuki.
Special 07-06-16
Matsubara-kun: Mackie E no Ouen Message add
Matsubara-kun gives his support to Mackie, a fellow Matsubara city mascot, for the 2015 yuru-chara grand prix.
ONA 10-04-15
Fushigi no Yappo Shima: Pukipuki to Poi add
A stop-motion animation with felt characters on a small island floating in the sea.
TV 01-09-12
Kabuki-bu! add
The series revolves around kabuki, a classic style of Japanese dance-drama that combines music, drama, and dance. Kurogo Kurusu, a 15-year-old high school student has a passion for kabuki and hopes more.
TV -
Alice in Deadly School add
The story begins with the peaceful daily life of schoolgirls — which suddenly breaks down when former schoolmates become zombies. The story follows the actions taken by the girls left behind on the more.
TV -
Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai add
You, will you be a worshipper of the devil lords? These beautiful lords lead humans to the seven deadly sins: pride, envy, wrath, sloth, greed, gluttony, and lust. A revealing fantasy that craves to more.
TV -
Chii-chan no Kageokuri add
A war film about Chii-chan who played a shadow game with her family where you stare at your shadow for 10 seconds and move away quickly causes an afterimage to stay. During an air raid Chii-chan more.
Yume Kakeru Kougen: Kiyosato no Chichi Paul Rusch add
An animated film about Paul Rusch, an American missionary who helped build churches, schools, hospitals in Japan and overall helped improve life in rural areas of Japan along with soothing post-WW2 more.
Movie 10-19-02
Gakushuu Animation Nihon Koku Kenpou add
An educational film about the formation of the Constitution of Japan.
OVA ??-??-89
Neko no Kuni no Kenpou add
An educational film about the formation of the Constitution of Japan simplified extremely under the guise of a country of cats meant for a young audience.
Satoukibibatake add
An educational film about the Sugarcane Field song composed by Naohiko Terashima in honor of the fallen soldiers at the Battle of Okinawa. The song is a ballad focusing on a girl who does not know more.
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