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Yoshimaho add
Exhausted by your daily life, you were seeking a way to heal. You wanted to be kindly praised and comforted. "Toddlers can be legally fawned over, they're so lucky..." Such thoughts were an escape more.
ONA 06-??-21
Himitsukessha Taka no Tsume: Golden Spell add
Latest Himitsukessha Taka no Tsume series to be aired on TV.
TV 10-05-20
U-turn wa Wakai Uchi ni Shiro! add
A web series featuring the Toyama City detective Perorich who helps a young businessman down on his luck job hunting in Tokyo. This series was created as part of a campaign to encourage prospective more.
ONA 07-21-18
Pittarazu Gekijou Manner CM add
Pittarazu-themed manner movies shown at T-JOY owned theaters around Japan. The first four were shown from August 7, 2013 to November 1, 2013 and were included as specials on the Pittarazu DVDs. more.
Special 09-07-13
Pittarazu add
A series of surreal dialogue-heavy sketches by comedy trio Tokyo03 featuring everyday objects.
OVA 03-04-14
Taeko no Nichijou 2nd Season add
Sequel of Taeko no Nichijou.
TV 07-01-20
Himitsukessha Taka no Tsume Six: Shimane wa Yatsura Da add
DVD handed out at theaters for premiere of Taka no Tsume GO: Utsukushiki Elleair Shoushuu Plus.
OVA 09-13-13
Olga no Russia Gokouza add
Shorts that aired within "Fight Tension☆Depart," a variety program that originally aired the anime as one of its segments. A blonde Russian woman named Olga gives Russian language hints and comedic more.
TV 01-15-07
Tobidase! Dokan-kun Specials add
DVD specials of Tobidase! Dokan-kun.
Special 08-24-12
Mukashi Keibanashi add
A fairytale and folklore parody anime focused on race horses. They take classic stories (like Momotarou or Cinderella) and put them in race horse situations with the narrator voicing the action in more.
TV 11-30-19
Taeko no Nichijou add
A short anime about Taeko Shinbou who is an office worker that is patient with everything and greets everything that comes her way with cheer. An announcement was made that a "regular person" from more.
TV 10-06-19
Taka no Tsume-dan x Uchicomi! add
A collaboration between Eagle Talon and Uchicomi the real estate company. Eagle Talon informs various people about Uchicomi's app and easy ways for them to find housing meeting their specific more.
ONA 08-19-19
Deluxe Da yo! Kaishain add
With the conclusion of Asa Da yo! Kaishain's TV broadcast it gets reborn with a brand new story and new characters (though some will make a come back). This time it follows the human Kamoyama who more.
ONA 07-19-19
Mugyutto! Black Clover add
SD Black Clover short comedy specials released exclusively on dTV.
ONA 07-01-19
Taka no Tsume x Johnson: Tatakae! Jokin Shitennou add
A collaboration between the Eagle Talon franchise and S.C. Johnson's Japanese branch. Eagle Talon has a giant mold monster in their base, and a sentai group called Jokin Shitennou who look eerily more.
ONA 05-17-19
Puttobe! Poodel add
A musical farting poodle anime. The animated songs were broadcasted on TV Setouchi.
Music ??-??-10
Kokoro no Tokyo Kakumei add
A studio DLE collaboration with the Tokyo Metropolitan government, aims to improve Tokyoites' public manners and regard for others. Three total videos were made and released on the same day. One more.
ONA 07-02-15
Ryuu ga Gotoku Online x Taka no Tsume add
A collaboration between Eagle Talon and the mobile game Ryuu ga Gotoku Online. It is a spin-off title of what is commonly known as the Yakuza game series in the Western world. In the first episode, more.
ONA 11-02-18
Honda-san x Taka no Tsume add
A collaboration between the Eagle Talon franchise and Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san. The former is promoting the latter's TV series. In a tongue-in-cheek style Yoshida-kun "explains" what Gaikotsu more.
ONA 11-03-18
Tobidase! Dokan-kun add
The fifth season of the Dokan-kun franchise. It aired within the "Dejisuta Teens" variety program.
TV 10-26-11
Tatakae! Dokan-kun: Robolympic-hen add
The fourth season of the Dokan-kun franchise. It aired within the "Fight Tension☆TV" variety program.
TV 04-05-08
Tatakae! Dokan-kun: Gekitou-kun add
The third season of the Dokan-kun franchise. It aired within the "Fight Tension☆TV" variety program.
TV 01-05-08
Susume! Dokan-kun add
The second season of the Dokan-kun franchise. It aired within the "Fight Tension☆School" variety program.
TV 07-07-07
Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san OVA add
Unaired episode included with the DVD releases bundled with the re-release of the first three volumes of the manga.
OVA 02-27-19
Tales of Puppet add
A puppet parody of the Tales of franchise, filled with gags and help explain the popular RPG to newcomers.
ONA 06-14-18
Hatachi no Ryouma with Kurofune-kun! add
A Shinagawa ward tourism anime. The anime was made in honor of the 150th anniversary of the Meiji Restoration. It stars Sakamoto Ryouma, a historical figure who took part in overthrowing the more.
ONA 08-01-18
Wakaokami wa Shougakusei! Movie add
After losing her parents in a car accident, Okko goes to live in the countryside with her grandmother, who runs a traditional Japanese inn built on top of an ancient spring said to have healing more.
Movie 09-21-18
Heisei Matsue Kaidan add
A Matsue City collaboration anime with Eagle Talon. Yoshida book-ends the story as modern horror tales, originated within the city, are narrated by another person. The shorts are meant to promote more.
ONA 04-09-15
Yoshida no Time Slip Fumai-kou add
A Matsue City collaboration anime with Eagle Talon. A young Matsudaira Harusato (aka Matsudaira Fumai) who was once the ruled of Matsue time slips to the present. Yoshida ends up explaining Fumai's more.
ONA 04-01-18
Sukoyaka Oyako 21 x Taka no Tsume-dan add
A collaboration between Eagle Talon and Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Sukoyaka Oyako 21 program. The 1st episode talks about the dangers of smoking and 2nd hand smoke while pregnant. more.
ONA 03-30-18
Sword Gai The Animation Part II add
Part II of Sword Gai: The Animation.
ONA 07-30-18
Oretacha Youkai Ningen G add
TV 04-05-18
Wakaokami wa Shougakusei! add
12-year-old Oriko Seki, who lost her parents in a car accident, ended up living in her grandmother's Onsen Ryokan "Haru no Ya." With the ghost "Uribou" cohabitating with her and all the other odds, more.
TV 04-08-18
Ani x Para: Anata no Hero wa Dare desu ka add
NHK specials on parasports. The first episode covers blind soccer, with character designs by Yoichi Takahashi (from the Captain Tsubasa fame). And the second episode covers a female sprinter with a more.
Special 11-10-17
DC Super Heroes vs Taka no Tsume-dan Promotion Eizou add
A collaboration episode promoting the BD/DVD release of DC Super Heroes vs Taka no Tsume Dan and the Japanese BD/DVD release of Justice League both going on sale March 3, 2018 with the special goods more.
ONA 02-02-18
Chikasugi Idol Akae-chan Specials add
Unaired episodes 13, 14, and 15 included on DVD.
Special 07-16-14
Alphard x Taka no Tsume add
A collaboration between Taka no Tsume and Toyopet's Alphard car store launching in Ibaraki, Saitama, and Okayama. Collaborative goods will be sold on January 20+21 for at the stores as well.
ONA 01-19-18
Taka no Tsume 7: Joou Heika no Jobuubu add
A second collaboration with Town Work. Jobuubu is looking for a job and so is the Chancellor as he was fired from his previous one. The two run into each other on the street after having an more.
Movie 04-04-14
Dennou Senshi Dokan-kun add
An animated series that aired within the variety program "Fight Tension☆Depart."
TV 01-15-07
Pikotarou no Lullaby Lullaby add
Pikotaro breaks new ground. Drawing inspiration from illustrations by director Taniguchi, he does the unthinkable: three-minute, scriptless fairy tale anime. Pikotaro is presented with classics more.
ONA 07-17-17
Yodel no Onna add
The sound of yodeling will appear when you least expect it.
TV 09-22-17
Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san add
Honda is a skeleton, but more importantly, he is a bookseller. And he'll tell you from firsthand experience that the job of a bookstore employee is more challenging than it may seem to the average more.
TV 10-08-18
Daiyoshi P Produce Ashita no Jobuubu add
A collaboration between Taka no Tsume and the Town Work, an employment office whose mascot is a pig called Jobuubu (a play on words of "job" and the Japanese onomatopoeia sounds a pig makes).
ONA 08-30-13
Panpaka Pants Matsuri Movie: Purin Ara, Domo add
Movie 10-07-17
Oretacha Youkai Ningen add
TV 10-04-17
Catchy-kun no Nice Catch! add
TV 07-07-17
Pikotarou no Lullaby Lullaby (TV) add
Piko-tarou will improvise the story of each three-minute episode using an illustration by the anime's director Takashi Taniguchi. He will tell each story in the style of a fairy tale and voice every more.
TV 08-02-17
Himitsukessha Taka no Tsume x Glass no Kamen Desu ga add
A collaboration episode between Himitsukessha Taka no Tsume and Glass no Kamen Desu ga meant to promote the latter's official TV anime launch as well as the former's 4th season launch. In this more.
ONA 03-28-13
Dappys add
Love trouble, friendship, busy work. When the mind is tight and painful, you ought to shed it! Very cute "Dappys" sing and dance to give encouragement.
TV 05-02-17
Yo! Daitouryou Trap-kun add
In an attempt to strengthen relations with foreign nations amongst international unrest, United States president Trap-kun decides to embrace Japan by enrolling at an ordinary high school as its more.
ONA 03-15-17
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