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Title TypeEps.Score
Astareul Hyanghae Chaguchagu add
TV 27 0.00
Zton Jingai Animation: A Beautiful Greed Nulu Nulu add
Based on the doujin manga by Z-ton.
OVA - 0.00
Oide yo! Mizuryuu Kei Land add
Come to the greatest sexual theme park in the world, Mizuryu Land!
Tec & Her Pets add
The series follows a quirky girl and her pets.
ONA - 0.00
Gerotan add
A flash-animated anime series following the strange character Gerotan.
ONA 6 0.00
Anime-ban Little★Nicky: Henachoko Akuma Nicky no NY Taikenki add
An anime tie-in to the Adam Sandler film Little Nicky that expands slightly on the story, showing the demonic Nicky exploring New York.
ONA 6 0.00
Nono-chan Theater add
Animated shorts focusing on the Yamada family.
ONA - 0.00
Ganbare!! Tabuchi-kun!! (ONA) add
Animated shorts revolving around the titular character Tabuchi-kun.
ONA 10 0.00
Ore to Issho ni Training add
An animated training DVD, where your attractive boyfriend teaches you about exercising and eating healthy.
OVA 1 0.00
Shirome-chan no Uta add
A CG animated music video featuring the character Shirome-chan.
Music 1 0.00
Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai Recap add
Recap of first four episodes of Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai.
Special 1 5.39
Ichigo Chocola Flavor add
Girl Electric add
An music video for The Breakaways' song Electric Girl for their 1st mini album "N.T.A.".
Music 1 0.00
Ape add
An official lyric music video for Fact's song Ape a part of their new album "KTHEAT".
Music 1 0.00
I Love Koiking add
A video celebrating the Pokemon Magikarp.
Music 1 0.00
Eievui to Colorful Friends add
A short animation promoting a new line of Eeevee merchandise. The short features Eevee and its evolutions.
ONA 1 6.25
Kaiketsu Zorori add
The first anime adaptation of the Kaiketsu Zorori franchise. It adapted 3 of the picture book's stories. A 2nd OVA was planned to cover 3 more books but it was postponed and eventually cancelled.
OVA 1 0.00
Aotenjou no Clown add
Dedicated to all street performers; who hit their metaphorical ceiling or lose the motivation to continue their art.
Music 1 0.00
Kaakaa Karasu no Kanzaburou add
A focus on crows and how they interact with all different kinds of animals and people in Japan.
Music 1 0.00
Kaiten Mokuba ni Boku to Neko add
"Encounters" and "farewells" that everyone experiences; when thinking of "farewell", what does the empty heart feel?
Music 1 0.00
Tomoyo add
A warm heart of friendship extended from South Korea to Japan in wake of the 2011 Touhoku earthquake and tsunami.
Music 1 0.00
Nanatsu no Umi add
Anxiety and loneliness is like crossing an endless sea. Endeavor to reach your hopes and dreams.
Music 1 0.00
Moufu no Hi add
On a cold winter morning, a warm blanket is an oasis for everyone.
Music 1 0.00
Otsukisama Light add
Kids play in the park to late and return home thanks to the moon light helping guide the way.
Music 1 0.00
Mayuge Dance add
An eyebrows appreciation music video.
Music 1 0.00
Kkachi ae Nalgae add
A direct sequel to Tteodori Kkachi.
Special 1 0.00
Tteodori Kkachi add
Kkachi is a young boy who lost his mother at the age of 6 and lives with his father who has the habit of crossing Korea with his caravan but they suddenly move to Seoul where he joins baseball team more.
Special 1 0.00
Paperman add
Within the Paperman game, glimpses of an anime were shown. Several years later after a mobile version of the game was released, a special promotion was created where players can follow a link within more.
ONA 1 0.00
Kizunakizu add
A little boy moves away and his friends give him a map. He returns to his childhood town now as an adult reminiscing of fond memories as he digs up a time capsule they left for him.
Music 1 0.00
Yume Hakonda Randoseru add
A randoseru/ransel is packed with 6 years of memories. Follow as a young man reminisces about his elementary school days.
Music 1 0.00
Stella no Mahou Specials add
Specials bundled with the third and fourth discs of the Stella no Mahou television series.
Special 2 0.00
Geisters Movie: Inochi no Shou add
Recap of the second half of the TV series.
Movie 1 0.00
Geisters Movie: Hikari no Shou add
Recap of the first half of the TV series.
Movie 1 0.00
Mahou no Yousei Persia: Kaiten Mokuba add
A recap of the TV series with six and a half minutes of new footage.
OVA 1 0.00
Deeky & Carina add
Deeky is a wolf whose wild appearance belies his pure-hearted and slightly gossipy moe nature. Carina is a squirrel whose soft and cuddly appearance hides the black and beating heart of a hard rock more.
TV - 0.00
Dappys add
Love trouble, friendship, busy work. When the mind is tight and painful, you ought to shed it! Very cute "Dappys" sing and dance to give encouragement.
TV - 0.00
Nikoyaka Shokudou add
The Kumamoto Prefecture Agricultural Cooperative Union's website began streaming an anime commercial titled 'Nikoyaka Shokudou' (Smiling Restaurant) on Wednesday. The commercial is intended to more.
Special 1 0.00
Sigh add
A music video for BACK DROP BOMB's song "Sigh".
Music 1 0.00
MAFF x Chobitto Zukan add
A series of collaboration episodes between Chobitto Zukan and JAS.
ONA 4 0.00
Hoshi Akari no Concert: Seiza ga Kanaderu Yozora add
A short music video produced as part of Planetarium Starry Cafe's Hoshi Akari no Concert: Seiza ga Kanaderu Yozora winter program.
Music 1 0.00
Seizei Ganbare Mahou Shoujo Kurumi add
The anime centers around Kurumi Azuchimomoyama, a normal 14-year-old girl who attends Egaogaoka Middle School. One day, an angel named "Devilun" that looks like a Tasmanian devil appears before her, more.
Shampoo Ouji add
Prince Shampoo lives in the clean and shiny Bubble Kingdom. He's bored with his life and decides to jump out of the protective dome and explore the dirty things of the outer world. Here he more.
TV 12 0.00
Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e (TV) add
Koudo Ikusei Senior High School is a leading prestigious school with state-of-the-art facilities where nearly 100% of students go on to university or find employment. The students there have the more.
TV - N/A
Velvet Underworld: Alternative add
A music video promoting the multi-media project Velvet Underworld.
Music 1 0.00
Velvet Underworld: Fragment Person add
Music videos bundled with character CDs for the Velvet Underworld cast.
Music 12 0.00
Pure Aluminum: Sunoko-tan. add
A 90 second promotional video featuring Sunoko-tan and Alumi-san, characters created by a metal production company in Niigata Prefecture.
OVA 1 0.00
Teakamamire no Tenshi The Animation add
Boku to Misaki-sensei add
A student confesses his love to his teacher, an attractive woman with large breasts.
OVA - 7.53
Hashire Melos add
A Gakken version of the Run, Melos!.
Special 1 0.00
Yuurei Yashiki add
Special 1 0.00
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