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Pankis! 2-jigen add
St. Muse Academy: the place for the "sound of the spirits." In order for people to live pleasantly among the sound, there is an academy where people learn to balance and control sound. Now, the five more.
TV 24 N/A
Panpaka Pants add
A series of shorts about pigs who wear underpants.
TV 27 N/A
Panpaka Pants Matsuri Movie: Purin Ara, Domo add
Movie 1 N/A
Panpaka Pants Movie: Bananan Oukoku no Hihou add
Movie 1 N/A
Panpaka Pants O-New! add
Follows a pig whose family's mission is to collect underpants.
TV 26 N/A
Panpaka Pants W-O-New! add
Sequel to Panpaka Pants O-New!. It follows a young underwear-wearing pig and his adventures.
TV 26 N/A
PePePePengiin add
TV 13 N/A
Pichiko Dakyuubu add
TV 29 N/A
Pichiko Dakyuubu USA-hen add
Special 3 N/A
Pikotarou no Lullaby Lullaby add
Pikotaro breaks new ground. Drawing inspiration from illustrations by director Taniguchi, he does the unthinkable: three-minute, scriptless fairy tale anime. Pikotaro is presented with classics more.
ONA 3 5.23
Pikotarou no Lullaby Lullaby (TV) add
Piko-tarou will improvise the story of each three-minute episode using an illustration by the anime's director Takashi Taniguchi. He will tell each story in the style of a fairy tale and voice every more.
TV 9 5.56
Pittarazu add
A series of surreal dialogue-heavy sketches by comedy trio Tokyo03 featuring everyday objects.
OVA 10 N/A
Pittarazu Gekijou Manner CM add
Pittarazu-themed manner movies shown at T-JOY owned theaters around Japan. The first four were shown from August 7, 2013 to November 1, 2013 and were included as specials on the Pittarazu DVDs. more.
Special 9 N/A
Puttobe! Poodel add
A musical farting poodle anime. The animated songs were broadcasted on TV Setouchi.
Music 27 N/A
Puu-Neko add
Based on a four-panel manga, Puu-Neko is about "jobless (puu)" cats and Momoyama Momoko, who can talk with them. According to the author, 98% of cats are jobless.
TV 11 N/A
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