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Fantasista Stella add
Teppei and teammate Keisuke Honda aim for the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil.
OVA 3 6.03
Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory add
The story picks up after The Second Raid as Amalgam's fight against Mithril heats up.
TV 12 7.80
Future Card Buddyfight add
An adaptation of the Future Card Buddyfight card game. Future Card Buddyfight takes place in a more futuristic version of today. The card game connects to a parallel universe through special cards ( more.
TV 64 7.09
Future Card Buddyfight Battsu add
The fourth season of Future Card Buddyfight.
TV 52 6.29
Future Card Buddyfight Hundred add
While Tasuku is off training and getting rest in the world of the monsters, the Buddy Police sees the need to deputize some of the champions to help protect the Earth. Gao, Tetsuya, and Zanya more.
TV 50 6.93
Future Card Buddyfight Recap add
Recap episode aired between episodes 23 and 24.
Special 1 6.21
Future Card Buddyfight Triple D add
Third season of Future Card Buddyfight.
TV 51 6.55
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