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Xi Xing Ji: Suming Pian add
The third season of Xi Xing Ji.
ONA 06-02-21
Sidonia no Kishi: Ai Tsumugu Hoshi add
After the Earth was destroyed by mysterious alien lifeforms known as the Gauna, surviving remnants of the human race escaped to space in the enormous generation ship Sidonia. Having drifted through more.
Movie 06-04-21
Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight Movie add
"Starlight" - it's a distant star, long ago, and in the far future. Two girls, who were struck by the light of the stage in this play, exchanged their destinies. "Two people's stars, waiting on more.
Movie 06-04-21
Eiga Daisuki Pompo-san (Movie) add
The series centers on Joelle Davidovich Pomponette (Pompo-san), a talented film producer at the movie capital "Nyallywood." Despite her prowess to see through to the potential of actors and staff more.
Movie 06-04-21
Netokano add
OVA 06-04-21
Netoshisu add
OVA 06-04-21
Pretty All Friends Selection add
TV 06-06-21
Xinghe Zhizun add
ONA 06-10-21
Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash add
—Do you know the Nejen? If you know it, then I'll take you there— The year is U.C. 0105. Twelve years have passed since the end of the second Neo Zeon War (Char's Rebellion). Even after "the Axis more.
Movie 06-11-21
"Uchuu Senkan Yamato" to Iu Jidai: Seireki 2202-nen no Sentaku add
Compilation of Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2202: Ai no Senshi-tachi.
Movie 06-11-21
Sayonara Watashi no Cramer Movie: First Touch add
14-year-old Nozomi Onda has only one thing on her mind: playing beautiful soccer. There's just one problem: no matter how much she longs to participate in official matches, she'd have physically more.
Movie 06-11-21
Gyokou no Nikuko-chan add
The story centers on the growth and paths in life of Nikuko and Kikuko, a mother and daughter who lives on a boat. (Source: MAL News)
Movie 06-11-21
Zhihao Beipan Diqiule add
Lu Fan, a white-collar urban woman who has always considered herself a more ordinary woman than anyone else, is suddenly abducted by an alien one day. The alien, who claim to be from Saturn, tells more.
ONA 06-11-21
Juan Siliang add
A stubborn girl on a mysterious island, her dreams of becoming a martial artist, and her complicated love story. (Source: Livechart)
ONA 06-14-21
Shuumatsu no Walküre add
High above the realm of man, the gods of the world have convened to decide on a single matter: the continued existence of mankind. Under the head of Zeus, the deities of Ancient Greece, Norse more.
ONA 06-17-21
Youjo Senki: Sabaku no Pasta Daisakusen add
The 203rd Air Mage Battalion led by Tanya is forced to fight in the southern desert, the front line. In an effort to provide some food for the harsh conditions, Colonel Rerugen sent dried pasta to more.
ONA 06-19-21
Sore Ike! Anpanman: Fuwa Fuwa Fuwaly to Kumo no Kuni add
Anpanman, his friends, and the cloud child Fuwari strive to save Cloud Country. In order for flowers and plants to be healthy, Cloud Country travels to distribute clouds that can make rain and more.
Movie 06-25-21
BanG Dream! Movie: Episode of Roselia - II: Song I Am. add
Movie 06-25-21
Journey: Taiko Arabia Hantou de no Kiseki to Tatakai no Monogatari add
The Journey is a Japanese–Saudi Arabian animated film co-produced by Toei Animation and Manga Productions directed by Shizuno Koubun. The film revolves around a potter named Aws who joins a battle more.
Movie 06-25-21
Eroge de Subete wa Kaiketsu Dekiru! The Animation add
OVA 06-25-21
Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken (2020): Bouken no Kiseki, Kore kara no Tabiji add
Recap of first 37 episodes of Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken (2020) to look back on Dai's Adventure so far.
Special 06-26-21
Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song - To Make Everyone Happy With My Singing add
Recap of all 13 episodes of Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song.
Special 06-26-21
86 Special Edition: Senya ni Akaku Hinageshi no Saku add
Recap of 86.
Special 06-27-21
Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken 2nd Season: Kanwa - Veldora Nikki 2 add
Recap of Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken 2nd Season.
Special 06-29-21
Wonder Egg Priority Special add
Special episode serving as the conclusion to the anime series.
Special 06-30-21
Peach Boy Riverside add
Saltorine Aldike, or Sari, is a bright, cheerful princess who wants to go on an adventure because she is bored of her tiny little castle in the countryside. One day, a hoard of vicious demons known more.
TV 07-01-21
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu add
Sequel to Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou.
TV 07-01-21
Scarlet Nexus add
Solar calendar year 2020: grotesque organisms called Others have begun eating people. To take down this new enemy, the Other Suppression Force is formed. Saved by this elite team as a child, more.
TV 07-01-21
Yoshimaho add
Exhausted by your daily life, you were seeking a way to heal. You wanted to be kindly praised and comforted. "Toddlers can be legally fawned over, they're so lucky..." Such thoughts were an escape more.
ONA 07-01-21
Nanatsu no Taizai Movie 2: Hikari ni Norowareshi Mono-tachi add
Movie 07-02-21
Ore, Tsushima add
The manga is centered around an older woman who is often mistaken as a man and called "Ojii-chan'' by her cats and Tsushima, a strange cat who appears in her garden one day. (Source: MAL News)
TV 07-02-21
Mako-chan Kaihatsu Nikki add
OVA 07-02-21
Bokutachi no Remake add
Hashiba Kyouya is a 28-year-old game developer. With his company going bankrupt, and him losing his job, he returns to his hometown. Looking at the success of creators of his age, he finds himself more.
TV 07-03-21
Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta... X add
Second season of Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta...
TV 07-03-21
Kanojo mo Kanojo add
After harboring an unrequited love for years, Naoya Mukai finally gets to date his childhood friend, Saki Saki. However, just as he tries to commit himself to this relationship, he receives an more.
TV 07-03-21
Yuan Long 2nd Season add
Second season of Yuan Long.
ONA 07-03-21
Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei add
A century has passed since magic—true magic, the stuff of legends—has returned to the world. It is spring, the season of new beginnings, and a new class of students is about to begin their studies more.
TV 07-03-21
Vanitas no Karte add
There once lived a vampire known as Vanitas, hated by his own kind for being born under a blue full moon, as most arise on the night of a crimson one. Afraid and alone, he created the "Book of more.
TV 07-03-21
Blue Reflection Ray Special add
Recap of the first 12 episodes of Blue Reflection Ray.
Special 07-03-21
Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki add
O, Hero! When Kazuya Souma is unexpectedly transported to another world, he knows the people expect a hero. But Souma's idea of heroism is more practical than most—he wants to rebuild the flagging more.
TV 07-04-21
Kageki Shoujo!! add
Founded in the Taisho era, the "Red Flower Opera Company" attracts people's hearts across generations on a beautiful and gorgeous stage created only by unmarried women. The 100th generation students more.
TV 07-04-21
Getter Robo Arc add
Getter Robo Arc is the fifth Getter Robo series chronologically. Taking place several years after Getter Robo Go, Earth is now a post-apocalyptic world. Hayato, now an aging scientist, has completed more.
TV 07-04-21
IDOLiSH7: Third Beat! add
Third season of IDOLiSH7.
TV 07-04-21
Tantei wa Mou, Shindeiru. add
Kimizuka Kimihiko is a crisis-magnet. From getting caught up in a crime scene to accidentally witnessing a drug deal, trouble seems to find him around every corner. So it is no surprise when his more.
TV 07-04-21
Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid add
Cursed by a witch as a child, a young duke gained the unwanted power to kill every living thing he touches. Forced to move away from his family and into a large mansion deep in the woods, the duke more.
TV 07-04-21
Re-Main add
The story centers on Minato Kiyoumizu, a boy who quit playing water polo after an incident during the winter of his third year of junior high school. After entering high school, he makes a promise more.
TV 07-04-21
Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Gaiden (TV) Recaps add
Recap episodes of Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Gaiden (TV), aired for three weeks prior to second season.
Special 07-04-21
Yubisaki kara Honki no Netsujou 2: Koibito wa Shouboushi add
Following the first season, Ryou and Souma—who revealed their feelings for each other—have finally started dating. When they thought their hearts and bodies were more deeply connected during their more.
TV 07-05-21
Yuan Shen Haojie add
ONA 07-05-21
Fumetsu no Anata e: Fushi no Tabiji add
Recap of episodes 1 to 12 of Fumetsu no Anata e.
Special 07-05-21
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