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Tokyo Ghoul:re 2nd Season add
Second season of Tokyo Ghoul:re.
TV 10-09-18
Yuu☆Yuu☆Hakusho Specials add
Special included in the 25th anniversary Blu-ray box set. The special will cover the "Two Shot" bonus chapter from the manga's seventh volume, which tells the story of how Kurama and Hiei met, as more.
Special 10-26-18
Black Clover: Jump Festa 2018 Special add
The special episode features the captains of the different squads plus Asta and Yuno participating in a quiz show.
Special 11-25-18
Hero Mask add
Now there's a mysterious Mask before James Blood, and the man behind it is one that shouldn't exist. What is the mystery surrounding this mask...? So begins an action-packed crime story set in a more.
ONA 12-03-18
Osomatsu-san Movie add
The film centers on the sextuplets at a high school class reunion. There, they see all their former classmates who have become "proper" adults with company jobs. The sextuplets sulk about this and more.
Movie 03-15-19
Gunjou no Magmel add
One day in the middle of the pacific ocean a miracle occurred, a new continent appeared out of nowhere! The new continent was the home for new and mysterious plants, creatures and minerals! Humanity more.
TV 04-??-19
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