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Oct 4, 2013
Savage Garden (Manga) add
Despite positive initial impressions, the dark ambience and uniquely dark tone can only take you so far with an ending that drops out of nowhere like a lead balloon (don't worry, I'll spare you the gory details - AKA spoilers). Disappointment? Yes. Raging fangirls? I count myself in their numbers. Grab your torch and pitchfork, because if you have stuck with this manhwa since the beginning, you probably have a bone to pick with Lee Hyeon-Sook considering the subpar ending that was delivered. But watch your step, there are plot holes everywhere.

With a plot that does not deliver, Savage Garden strangely starts off with some read more
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Mar 27, 2009
Dash! (Manga) add
Isaku Natsume's Dash! contains two stories: the title story Dash! takes place around a high school judo club. Saitoh is the star member of the team, and the reason Akimoto applied to that particular school. However on closer inspection the master judoka isn't quite what Akimoto had expected - he seems to be lazy and spends no time in the dojo practicing. However, he takes Akimoto as his gopher and the boy spends a lot of time following him and obeying his orders. As Akimoto's feelings towards Saitoh take a turn from friendly to lusty, he also discovers Saitoh's dark secret the older boy has read more
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Apr 5, 2015
Tamayura: Hitotose (Anime) add
In Kino's Journey, it is said that the world is not beautiful, which is actually said to be a reason why the world can, in fact, be considered beautiful. Tamayura is a stunningly emotional tale of a girl finding beauty in what had been the source of her sorrow before: photography. Reminded by the loss of her father, she distances herself from his former favorite activity and struggles to cope with the situation she was suddenly forced into.

Tamayura sets off when she finally succeeded in accepting reality and regaining her vitality, which allows her to dive into the memories she has been keeping buried for read more
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Dec 20, 2014
Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora (Anime) add
Well I'm new to reviewing, but I'll just wright down my feedback. Short and simple.

Story 8/10 :
I find the story enjoyable and not too cliche. The story had its sad and touching moments. The show is actually a slice-of-life, since the story was made to be realistic, it doesn't have any supernatural stuff in it at all just pure realism. I gave it a 9 probably because the story was short and that I felt like it had more potential for the show to be longer. Anyway, This show does have its moral lessons and well in my point of view the show tells you read more
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Apr 8, 2015
NHK ni Youkoso! (Anime) add
Welcome to the world of mental disorders, in which everything looks colorful yet mundane. It is a world that lets affected people transcend the borders of the ordinary by allowing them to impose their very own interpretation of the world upon the circumstances that surround them. This way, people learn to cope with their sometimes unpromising situations by making use of their powerful minds alone.

Those who have a profound knowledge on the functioning of the human psyche including the process of dissonance reduction probably understand the importance of the NHK to exist. Ultimately, that what constitutes the NHK and other conspiracies (in the case of read more
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Feb 20, 2015
Akatsuki no Yona (Manga) add
first review :) *minor spoilers but isn't that important*

- Though the introduction & plot of the story seems kind of boring and almost generic, as you read further into the manga you won't even consider it boring. It starts out with a weak princess, Yona, and while others won't even bother touching a manga with this type of female protagonist, surrounded by many other men of her own harem, Yona actually puts up a name for herself. Yona gets stronger overtime because of her own determination and will to, which I really give respects to her for. As the story progresses, the story introduces read more
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Mar 2, 2015
Usagi Drop (Anime) add
SPOILERS: Minimal (I can't ruin the experience. Also, forgive my poor grammar)

To be Frank, I was skeptical about committing to watching Usagi Drop having read all the manga. Adaptations are great and all, but boy oh boy the source material (original writing) for this almost led me to drop this entirely.

Now, I can safely say I'm glad to have watched this amazing experience.

So how do I describe and score Usagi Drop? Well, this happens to be one of those shows where numbers just won't do, and an in-depth analysis is actually quite frankly overkill since it might lead to some people to never read more
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Dec 28, 2014
Girl Friends (Manga) add
Pillow fight! (Not really)

Yuri is a really misunderstood genre. Usually it is paired up with hentai because of its occasional sexual nature (Lesbianism). However that is not usually the case when reading actual good yuri that is not a one shot. Girlfriends is a prime example of that.

At first this series doesn't feel that much like Yuri. Even with some elements of ecchi being thrown into the mix. It takes a while for Mari, and Ako to go from point A, to point B. And that is why this manga series is a delectable buffet. The writing is just superb. It's as if the read more
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May 6, 2009
Clannad: After Story (Anime) add
I laughed...
I cried...
I experienced something that changed my life...

In a nutshell, Clannad ~After Story~ influenced the way I will live for the rest of my life and not just in some half-assed way like any other show would. It legitimately moved me to make certain decisions, for better or for worse. In that sense, no other anime can compare, as no other anime has provided an equivalent reaction on my part.

Before you continue, you should know that Clannad ~After Story~ is a continuation of the story from Clannad and an adaptation from the original Visual Novel by KEY. Although knowledge of the first season read more
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Nov 26, 2008
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (Anime) add
Watching Higurshi is like locking a group of happy people in a test chamber, only coming back to find they've hacked each other into a bloody mess. Its horrific, its shocking, and yet a part of you, cannot help but wonder, how did it happen?

The curiosity takes over... and so you repeat the experiment, knowing full well that those cute looking teenagers you just sent are going to end up as bloody pulps. But hey, at least each time they die, you're one step closer to figuring out why they died, it's all good.

Higurashi essentially places you in the role of the scientist. It divides read more
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I've noticed a trend with myanimelist. Works of anime that act as parodies of genres are often taken way too seriously and get poor overall ratings. Binan, which we will henceforth refer to as Magical Boys, suffered this treatment as well. Up until the final episode aired, this show was stuck with a 6.7 rating. Does it really deserve this little? Nope, it's actually one of the best things that aired this winter.

Story: 7/10
Magical Boys is very cyclical up until the very end, and I think that's why it turned a lot of people off initially. For the most part, it uses a fight-of-the-week setup, read more
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Jan 30, 2015
NHK ni Youkoso! (Anime) add
Are you new to anime? Or are you a veteran? Well, with "NHK ni Youkoso!" it doesn't matter! This is one of those anime that you can easily get through, want more, think about it's message and wonder how such a masterpiece isn't more popular. Not only does this anime entertain it's audience with a wonderful story, a variety of characters, great sound affects and great music, but it also teaches the viewer about the difficulties of social anxiety and psychological disorders. There are only a handful of anime out there that handle such delicate subjects and shower them in read more
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Jan 2, 2015
Le Chevalier D'Eon (Anime) add
All the world's a stage, all the world's a stage! Comedy and Tragedy cycle endlessly! And to be or not to be---that is the question! We live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with weapons. Who's gonna do it? You weep for those that are your allies, and you curse those that are your enemies. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing the truth. Death, while tragic, probably saves lives. And the existence of love and hatred, while grotesque and incomprehensible to most, is the core of life itself. You don't want read more
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Dec 16, 2014
Mahou Sensou (Anime) add
The magical warfare. Where to begin? Its an epic tale of conflict with shounen ideals and stride. Its an enthralling tale that captivates the hearts of casual watchers like myself. And did it? No.

- Story -
When it comes to having a plot, the anime nails it for having a premise. But is there an actual plot? Not particularly. The first half of the anime is devoted to introducing the protagonists and hinting that Takkeshi might just be a super powerful magician by the end. The second half kept me on the edge of my seat because, well, it was so rushed that even read more
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Oct 2, 2014
Hunter x Hunter (2011) (Anime) add
The lack of popularity surrounding Hunter x Hunter (2011) has always confused me, especially after catching up to it six months ago. For an anime that seems to do everything right, it isn't talked about a lot at a popular level. Neither has it been successful in garnering a fan base similar to that of SNK or SAO. I decided to write this review to do the show justice. If a show this good is still flying under your radar or if you are discouraged from watching this because of its "childish appearance" then reading this review is a must.

HxH is about a young boy read more
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Dec 30, 2009
Mars of Destruction (Anime) add
This is by far the anime medium's magnum opus. Mars of Destruction is the best animated movie I've seen in years, if not ever. In terms of science-fiction related media, this blows other greats such as Heinlein's works, Battlestar Galactica, and Neon Genesis Evangelion out of the water. Truly an experience I will never forget, and oh, what an experience it was!

Story: 10/10
This film is highly philosophical. I actually felt regret when the Big Bad Ancient Guy told Random Armored Cop Dude that the humans were the true invaders of Earth. This plot twist was stunning and, on the whole, thought-provoking. It was like something read more
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Mar 19, 2015
Eureka Seven AO (Anime) add
Building on an existing storyline isn't an easy thing to do - especially when the ending of the original tale has a degree of finality to it. That doesn't stop people making the attempt though, and nowhere is this more prominent than in the world of fanfiction. This rather odd realm of amateur (and not-so-amateur), writers is filled with continuations, alternate retellings, character side-stories, non-canon additions, and a host of other works that reflect the fan's passion for the source material. Although they often lack the quality and direction (and sometimes the logic and common sense), of professional pieces, they're generally imaginative yarns that can read more
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Feb 9, 2015
Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino (Anime) add
To call the original Gunslinger Girl a pleasant surprise is an understatement – what began as mere curiosity gradually transitioned into genuine intrigue, as its expertly constructed main cast, thematic depth, haunting beautiful soundtrack, and breathtaking visuals made for an unexpectedly profound, and remarkable, experience. That said, the change in studios for the second season was a bit of a risky move, as the first one did such a large number of things right; and unfortunately, to call this transition rough would be to say the least. However, the series’ rich characters and engaging relationships have remained consistent, making for an experience which, at its read more
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Jan 17, 2015
Diabolik Lovers (Anime) add
I just marathoned this abomination (which wasn't too difficult considering each episode is under 14 min) and first of all, men: if you hate women and like to see them abused you will love this show, ladies: if you are masochists you will also love this show. If these descriptions do not fit you, you will just be vomiting your brain cells out the entire time.
From reading the summary, you would (obviously) think this story would evolve to the brilliant anime equivalent of the Mona Lisa or the Sistine Chapel but no. Let's go through this using the provided elements.

Alright, I KNOW the art is read more
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Dec 28, 2014
Horimiya (Manga) add
Horimiya is a manga that I found occasionally, and seeing just the art, I found it very interesting and showy. Reading the synopsis already came to my mind "romance in sight", so I decided to deepen into the history of manga, and finally I ended up having good hours of entertainment by reading this great show. All content posted here is my opinion about the plot, I hope you enjoy reading.

Horimiya has a simple yet enjoyable story. I say simple in terms easy to be understood, and not be common. In fact, so far, I'm finding the development of history quite interesting, doesn't evolve very read more
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Dec 23, 2014
Orange (Manga) add
I think I understand why this manga is called orange. When you eat an orange, you don't know if it'll be sour, dry, sweet, juicy, etc. You try your best to pick the perfect one to eat, but you don't know what'll happen when you eat it. Will it be good? Bad? Will it leave a bad taste in your mouth or make you smile from deliciousness. When/if you read orange, you will understand what this means.

Story- 10
This is a story about a girl named Takamiya Naho. She is 16 and on a certain day in April, she receives a letter from her future self. read more
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Dec 5, 2014
Ookami to Koushinryou (Anime) add
This is a review of BOTH seasons of Spice and Wolf, but I have gone to great lengths to make it completely spoiler-free.

Personally, I believe Spice and Wolf's central theme to be a rephrasing of the saying 'Never judge the content by the cover'. The story is one of the most unique in anime, despite the presence of a naked wolf girl that would normally slap a bold 'FANSERVICE' stamp right across the middle. Spice and Wolf is inexplicable, to be honest. It's a medieval fantasy, but has nothing to do with swords and spellcraft, but rather trading and economics. If I try to explain read more
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Dec 4, 2014
Pupa (Anime) add
Let me be frank here: I love this show. It is horrible. It is absolutely appallingly horrible. I can't think of a single good quality it has. I think Pupa is hilarious. I usually don't like anime humor, but, wow, this is crazy. It's not THE worst anime I've ever seen, but, yeah, it is up there. I love it though, because it's really confusing and disgusting and so amazingly poorly made all at the exact same time, which is kind of the best combination. I try to get like everyone I meet to watch the episode thats literally nothing but the sister character eating read more
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As a fan of Steins;Gate, I decided to watch these shorts. Before you watch these shorts, there are a few things to keep in mind. These shorts are advertisements, meant to show people how IBM's "cognitive computing" initiative might enhance people's lives in the future. The 4 shorts use the Steins;Gate characters and universe to show different scenarios and how the "cognitive computing" (represented by an Oopa with a cutesy voice) help solve problems.

If you can get past the fact that these are advertisements, and you are a fan of S;G, there are some very enjoyable moments and interactions in the approximately 12 minutes of read more
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Oct 5, 2014
Slam Dunk (Manga) add
Before I start, I must point something out. If you're expecting something like Kuroko no Basket with Zone, 100% accuracy shooting, perfect copy and other supernatural powers, stop reading right now, because it has none of that. Also, SD focuses more on the whole team, rather than just 2 characters (Kuroko and Kagami). Now, onto the recommendation.
The story follows Sakuragi Hanamichi, a delinquent who is in love with a girl named Haruko and wants to impress her in some way, so he decides to join the basketball club. That was his initial reason for joining, but he gradually develops a love for the sport and read more
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Oct 4, 2014
Durarara!! (Manga) add
Well I happened to notice that nobody had bothered to write a review for the Durarara!! (the exclamation marks are very important) light novels before now, which I found quite surprising given the popularity of the anime adaptation, but anyhow I’ve taken it upon myself and I apologise in advance for the lousy job that I do but still nevertheless this will end up as the most helpful review, well for the time being at least.

First things first, I think that I ought to talk about the anime just a little bit. One of the major problems that people have with the anime, are in read more
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"How can we make the most unsatisfying ending possible, while still technically concluding something?"

I am convinced that this is what the directors/writers/whoever asked themselves when making this film.

Sora no Otoshimono Final: Eternal My Master is a film that replaced the would-be third season of Sora no Otoshimono, an anime I find sadly underrated. It's often cast aside as yet another pile of trash fanservice, when in fact it has an incredibly deep storyline, as well as fantastic emotion and drama. SnO Final forgets about all of that-- no, they deliberately ignore it in this mess of a film.

The SnO manga had mountains of story left read more
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May 25, 2014
Dragon Ball (Anime) add

This won’t be an in depth review because everyone knows about Dragon Ball and its influence and there are already numerous reviews written about it. This will just give you an idea of whether you should watch it or not, for those who haven’t yet.

Dragon Ball undeservedly doesn’t receive the same attention as its more popular sequel. The Dragon Ball series does receive a lot of flack for being really repetitive and for its unnecessarily long fight sequences but it’s really unfair to compare the franchise to what the shonen genre has become today. Because of this people tend to overlook Dragon Ball.

Dragon Ball read more
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21 minutes, 12 seconds.

This number is your one chance to save yourself from the disasterphe that is the Oreimo ending. Once you reach this point in the final episode of the OVAs, stop the playback and end it right there. So long as you do, it provides a perfectly solid conclusion to the series with no cop outs or asspulls, and the rest of the story can easily be left to your imagination. If you are a glutton for punishment however, proceed at your own risk. Know that what you see cannot be unseen though. Trust me on this one, take the blue pill and read more
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Dec 28, 2013
Toriko (Manga) add
This Review is for those who are intending on reading toriko so its About time someone gave an honest objective reason as to why someone should read the Manga without any spoilers...
So let me give you Toriko's main Pros & Cons:

+ World Building
This is where Toriko has an obvious advantage over the typical battle shounens. The sheer scale and diversity of the planet in which the story is set is awesome!.

+ Battles
The fights in Toriko highlight the "battle" in being a battle shounen. More often than not, in head to head fights there are no holds barred. Characters just don't give a flying F read more
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Nov 26, 2013
Soul Eater: Late Night Show (Anime) add
The Soul Eater: Late Night Show episodes are nothing more than the preview of the next episode, including a tiny one minute story or characters commenting on the anime/airtime/producers etc.

For those people out there who wonder if SE: Late Night Show is important for the main story, the answer is no. See them as tiny fillers. There is no real story or character development in the episodes.

I wouldn't be surprised if these episodes were actually made for an audio cd. It's really about the conversations the characters have. The art isn't anything special.

Personally, I didnt like SE: Late Night Show that much. I don't have read more
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Nov 23, 2013
Non Non Biyori (Anime) add
This anime is a panacea of the heart and mind.

Life too stressful? Worried or anxious about something? Just sit down in front of the screen and put this anime on, and all your concerns will dissolve away - probably within seconds. Everything - setting, plot, sound, music, art, humour - all of it is perfectly crafted at maximising this effect. And what an effect it is.

The story itself is a simple one. It follows the daily lives of four girls of various ages who all live in the same rural village and are in the same class at school. Almost everything that happens is following read more
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May 31, 2013
Digimon Tamers (Anime) add
This is the third Digimon series and one that had a very challenging road ahead: after Digimon Adventure 02 essentially failed in the ratings department, another sequel (Adventure 03 if you might) would most likely be unable to deliver the audience the franchise so badly needed. So it was boldly decided that the best way to gain new viewers was to star over, from scratch. And there's no better way to make old viewers watch again that the concept "What if you could create your own digimon?" while also appealing to new ones. As such, Digimon Tamer triumphed and saved the franchise by denying it read more
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May 15, 2013
Skip Beat! (Manga) add
Skip Beat! is the one manga that I've been completely dedicated to. I've seen the anime and the drama, and read the current 200 chapters. No other manga or anime that I've picked up has had this honor so far. I have rewatched the anime and re-read this manga multiple times, and it is always refreshing and enjoyable. I swear this review will be chock-full of praises.

Story: (I'm going to avoid writing a summary here as much as possible) Kyouko put her soul into helping her childhood crush fulfill his dream of becoming a top celebrity. When she's betrayed by him, she decides to crush read more
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Apr 8, 2013
Aku no Hana (Manga) add
Let me start this review off with a miniature literature lecture. Charles Baudelaire was a crazy French poet who was an aspiring lawyer but decided to drop it all and become the archetypal struggling artist. He borrowed money extensively and spent them on booze and whores. Of course, he burnt out and died from overdrinking alcohol but he left behind a grand literary legacy. His poetry was vulgar, decadent and entirely brilliant, inspiring a movement called the Symbolist movement.

But rather than focus on Baudelaire, let’s focus on another poet called Rimbaud (Takao also reads him). Rimbaud became and avid fan of Baudelaire. He was a read more
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This is a short, less than ten minute special that really fits with the rest of the 08th MS Team. It retains and showcases the characters . . . character, and really focuses on a short and sweet classic Gundam vs Zaku battle, and the development of the relationship between Sanders and Michel.

The animation for this is, in my opinion, absolutely beautiful. I really wished it was longer, but that's not a negative and I'm not complaining. This is really just a small treat for anyone that's a fan of the original OVA series.

This is definitely worth watching.
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Feb 27, 2012
Oyasumi Punpun (Manga) add
Oyasumi Punpun is one of the greatest coming of age stories told in any form of media. This story is a very relative tale of alienated youth riddled with heavy accuracy. The story is very well developed and is partially due to its long timeline spanning from Punpun's life in elementary school to his early 20's. It deals with many mature issues like sex and depression all told in a frank manner that is coated with a strange dark sense of humor and supreme melancholy. There is a lot going on including a couple of side stories involving people that are or were once in read more
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Oct 26, 2011
Ookami to Koushinryou (Manga) add
Simplicity can sometimes produce the best results, and that is especially true for this light novel.

People who have heard of Spice and Wolf have probably seen the anime and may not even know it was based off a light novel or have not given thought to read the light novel from which the story originated. However, this novel is a very enjoyable read and can easily get people engrossed in the story.

When I first bought this novel I did it because I really wanted to know what happened next after the end of the anime series. I really enjoyed the series and the way read more
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Nov 7, 2010
Hajime no Ippo (Anime) add
"What? 76 episodes of… boxing? 76 episodes set in a small square ring? Yeah, right."

I had no idea.

What makes this anime special is undoubtedly the characters. How each character is so likeable, so original, and so fully developed that you end up understanding, caring, and rooting for them in the end. How even the ones that only last an episode, even Ippo's opponents can be given such plausible and staggering backstories that you might actually find yourself siding against the main hero for a match or two. And how these characters are just so serious with their lives read more
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Sep 30, 2010
Berserk (Manga) add
"Have you ever hated someone so much, that this feeling alone would drive you to do horrific and impossible to grasp things?
Have you ever hated someone so much, that your whole life was focused on finding that person and ripping him apart?
Have you ever hated someone so much, that you would forget about your humanity, purge it all just to find enough power, for one, single fraction of a moment, one chance to get your revenge...

What would your eyes look like in that very moment...? Insane? Terrified? Passionate? Happy? Or maybe... satisfied...

Look into his eyes, and find nothing there..."

When I first learned that there is read more
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Apr 25, 2010
Pandora Hearts (Manga) add
I never expected to like Pandora Hearts. I hate the Victorian era, get easily bored by mysteries, and am typically annoyed by fluffy cuteness. I much prefer violence, blood, and deep, dark storylines. And yet, I love Pandora Hearts to pieces!! I think I experience it from a different angle than many other PH fans, so I want to offer my perspective.

I love all the characters here. Really, I've never loved so many characters so much before. They all have very colorful personalities, representing most of the standard animanga archetypes but elaborating on each in unique ways. I connect with all of them very strongly. read more
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Mar 21, 2010
Oresama Teacher (Manga) add
Let me just say this about Oresama Teacher - don't read it if you're in a library. Don't read it at one am when you're supposed to be in bed. Don't read it in the computer lab during class.

No. If you're going to read Oresama Teacher, do it somewhere secluded where you can laugh your ass off like an idiot without getting in trouble.

Although the plot can sometimes feel just a wee bit confused and you sometimes want to hit yourself at how dense the characters (really just one) can be, this is definitely not a manga you want to miss reading. read more
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Sunrise recognised the demand for a Gintama movie and so took the concept of a teaser, expanded it a little and made Shiroyasha Koutan for the 2008 Jump Anime Tour event. With only a little information and the runtime to go on, many fans assumed the special would be ten full minutes of action - perhaps a full sequence - set during the Joui war, possibly covering sections of main character Gintoki's past. The end result was completely unexpected, but so in Gintama's nature and an absolute treat for fans.

In essence, Shiroyasha Koutan is simply a build up; a supporting act before the main event. read more
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Jan 13, 2010
Kijin Gahou (Manga) add
Shintaro Kago is renowned for his frank and disturbing tales of sexual perversion. There is a dark wit running throughout all of his manga. I have personally read around 200 manga and 'Suck It' is by far the most disturbing I have ever read.

I didn't know whether to give it a 1 for making me feel disgusting, or a 10 for the balls of getting it published. I settled for a generous score due to its hilarious climax.

To analyse it would take a thousand words and make many assumptions about the author. The premise does it no justice. To talk about read more
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Nov 12, 2009
Hokuto no Ken (Anime) add
When I first started Hokuto no Ken, I did not know a thing about Fist of the North Star. I had heard the name before, and I knew it was a popular franchise with bloody exploding heads. When I started watching the series, it looked so incredibly 80s.

In fact, the Shin arc made me stop watching it for a while. The endless mooks in poorly drawn 80s style really turned me off. A few weeks later, I decided to try it again. I am so absolutely glad I did. Hokuto no Ken is a post-apocolyptic epic, and I don't use that term lightly.

The story is read more
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Nov 5, 2009
Onanie Master Kurosawa (Manga) add
Onani Master Kurosawa is something entirely different than what you see at first glance. If you are expecting something erotic or funny, you are looking in the wrong place. Those that can get past the synopsis and exposition will be rewarded, as when you reach the real bulk of the story you will realize just what it has to offer.

It is no secret that this manga deals with mature themes. The problem lies within the fact that it paints the wrong picture for potential readers. The focus is not to be sexually explicit. Rather, it is presented to us in a way that is very read more
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“I want to talk to someone. Who can I talk to?” - Lain, The Nightmare of Fabrication

“A man can be himself only so long as he is alone”. - Arthur Schopenhauer, The World as Will and Idea

This is a short story which is part of Lain Omnipresence in Wire art book. Not only does this book present absolutely awe-inspiring lithographs of original artwork from Lain but also the archetypal work of the multi-talented Yoshitoshi Abe continues to show his talents as a mangaka, illustrator and script writer. It is not only a beautifully crafted manuscript, but its images capture the likeness of a soul. It read more
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Jul 26, 2009
Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE (Manga) add
Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-, often shortened for the sake of convenience to "Tsubasa", is one of the newest additions to a large body of work by world-renowned manga studio CLAMP. After 6 years of faithfully following this series' serialization, I have come to the conclusion that it is nothing short of a masterpiece.

~STORY~: Tsubasa has an original and fresh story under its belt, which is to be expected from a CLAMP work. The main antagonist (Fei Wong Reed) causes a desert princess (Sakura) to lose all of her memories in order to achieve his dream. Her childhood friend (Syaoran) is forced to go to the Space-Time read more
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Mar 27, 2009
Casshern Sins (Anime) add
Casshern Sins is not for everyone. The show pretty much moves at one pace, and that pace is ’slow’. There is a lot of silence, introspection, and philosophical dialog. Ordinarily, this would make one assume the show is pretentious (especially since it has a lot of similarities to Texhnolyze), but it really isn’t. Casshern has a very simple plot, very simple dialog, and is easy to understand, so people looking for a mind-blower won’t find it here. The plot and messages of Casshern Sins are much more along the lines of Kino’s Journey or Mushi-shi. However, just like action fans will be turned off by read more
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Dec 13, 2008
Yuusha-Ou GaoGaiGar Final (Anime) add
GaoGaiGar Final is the continuation of the mecha shounen, GaoGaiGar. As expected, don't watch this until you have seen the original to some extent. I won't be touching up on basic stuff you should already know since you saw the original.

The plot of Final takes place, I'd estimate, roughly 6 to 12 months after the final events of the original series. I'd spoil the whole thing if I delved even into the slightest detail, but let me just say this: The story resembles that of the original's second half, totally getting rid of the "Villain of the Week" formula. You should know what you're getting read more
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