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Noir (Anime) add
To start, I think some people writing bad reviews need to realize that the anime is from 2001; it's not a show from recent years that tends to copy stuff from previous shows. This was likely a great breakthrough in 2001. I loved this show at first sight. The story was captivating; the pacing fits the story and it's not rushed nor to slow, considering the type of show it is; the characters are likable even though their true-selves are not fully revealed at first. There was lots of gun shooting with the many fight scenes, but the show didn't feel the need to show blood dripping everywhere as it never showed any.

I liked the ending. In the end, both main characters find out how they are connected and they find out what they wanted to know about their past. This was the first anime I watched (I started it in September 2015) and it's still my favorite anime to date. It's heavily story based and although curtains scenes are shown so much through the episodes, they were important scenes and they helped develop plot later in the series. Watch this show! The story was great and if you're into heavy story based animes, I doubt you'll hate Noir.
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Servamp (Anime) add
I've currently watched all 4 episodes of this anime so far.
Rating on those aired 4 episodes, i think the story is very interesting.
This anime isn't focused on a tragedy or a romance anime, but it still made me shed tears near the end of the 4th episode.
Therefore, for story i give it an 9.
It meets my requirements and i genuinely enjoy animes that can make me emotionally unstable because it just shows how much attention i'm giving the anime.

For the art, it looks rather basic.
lol im kidding, i think the art is cute. Kuro's fashion makes me think moe, but uh that's not the point.
The art is exceeds my average standards.
Leading my rating for it, another 9.

For sound wise, i'm not sure if i enjoyed it too much.
The voice actors were incredible however, as always.
The opening did match the the of the anime so although the beat wasn't quite my taste, I did understand.
Sound gets an 7.

To be honest, the characters in the anime were the main part it was so interesting.
Kuro's lazy personality really helped lighten the anime and made it easier for the watcher to consume.
The story in general about vampires isn't realistic but the MC displays realistic human emotion which helps the person watching relate a little.
The supporting characters made me feel like they were really needed to bring the story up as they did their job well. Sometimes in animes, the supporters don't do the job well which make watchers think that they're not needed in general.
With these details included, this section scores yet another 9.

Finally the enjoyment, this may just be personal because everyone has their own enjoyment level on different animes, but mine was a 10.
This anime led me on with plot development and suspense.
I couldn't wait for the next episode and when i realised i had finished watching all the currently aired ones, i was rather devastated.

Overall this anime scores a whooping 9.
I suggest you try out this anime if you have nothing better to do or you're looking for an anime to really make you excited.
This concludes my review.
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D.Gray-man Hallow (Anime) add
They should have stuck to the manga. The story doesn't make sense, the comedy is bullshit, the characters are just "gone", and it doesn't feel like the heartwarming anime that we know and love.

Maybe its the translator, maybe its me. Whichever it is, the first episode alone has confused me more than the entire series ever had. I don't remember every single thing that happened in the first season but aren't the first episodes in the second season at least supposed to give a recap of what happened so we know where the following episodes are going to head towards. I mean, yeah, sure, they recalled some of the events that happened but not enough for us to understand the secrets you start revealing right at the beginning.

Secondly, the comedy! The comedy was one of the most beautiful part of the entire series but now it's just unbearable. I used to laugh my ass off but now it just feels so dead.

Next issue, the characters. The animation feels too perfect and it makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable. Allen barely looks like himself. The feeling of the characters, their personalities feels so fabricated.

Yu and Allen used to fight all the time and it's not just the comedy that made it so empty, the feeling of warmth, love, friendship, maybe it's just me, but I can't feel it when I watch this season. Maybe it's too soon for me to judge but so far, these are my thoughts
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Akame ga Kill! (Anime) add
I really enjoyed Akame ga Kill. Was it a basic evil government, shadow killers with special weapons anime?- Yes it was, but it doesn't matter. A lot of shows use ancient weapons and having assassins who kill in the shadows. Reusing some ideas doesn't make a show bad. If every show was required to have a new idea, there would be so few shows to enjoy. There was a variety of characters including the shy girl, the girl who thinks highly of herself, the joking big boobed girl who still really likable, the main character who wants to avenge his friends and support his group, the strategic pervert, etc.

If you don't like blood, don't watch this show since there's a lot of it. It fits the style and message of the anime though. The fight scenes were well done and they got intense most of the time. The show had a great message: Sacrifice must be made to bring peace. The only major problem that I had is that too many characters were killed off in the final battle; this show probably could've been renewed for a second season and I think they should've tried for it so there wasn't so much death in one episode, but it was still great. I really enjoyed this and I recommend it to action and gore fans especially.
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Hetalia Axis Powers (Anime) add
Hetalia's original series has high production standards, high creativity, and high entertainment value. Hetalia's art gives off the vibe of a lighthearted kids' show, which serves to supplement the main character's (Italy's) childishness, while providing excellent contrast to the more serious parts of the show. The story follows main countries in the world leading up to and including World War II. The personification of the countries is hilarious while maintaining at worst a facade of historical accuracy (most often accurate). The show has great music that adds well to the short form of the series (five minute episodes). Overall, the show is a great watch that brings up a mood with little effort, and works well for something quick to watch.
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Mirai Nikki (TV) (Anime) add
Just finished this anime. Terrible. My advice would be to skip this anime and watch just about anything else.

I hate the characters. One of the least likable main characters I've ever seen. He was weak, whiny, wishy-washy. Actually every character was deeply flawed, but not in a humanizing way. Hard to stomach.

I hate the twists.

I hate the resolution. Still hated the main character at the end.

Most of the time I hated the story. It didn't make sense. It required generous leaps in logic. It has too many "deus ex machina" (often literally) resolutions whenever the main character(s) got in trouble.

Having forgotten how many episodes there were, by the time I got to around 20, every time I went to the next episode I kept praying it was the last. I just wanted it to be over. Wish I hadn't wasted my time watching it. Can't understand why it has such a high overall score. Terrible.
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Masou Gakuen HxH (Anime) add
This may be just another ecchi harem show with lots of boobs and shit thrown in, but at least, it's enjoyable. At least the main character fondling a woman serves a purpose. It's not like Dragonar Academy when sometimes random fan service was thrown in for absolutely no reason at all. I've been enjoying it, but fan service action harems aren't for everyone. There's definitely worse and it's enjoyable so far.

After this weeks episode, I upped my initial score of 7 to 8. They got into more detail on the hybrid counts last week and this week, they used the hybrid as a way to have Aine open up more about herself. Plus the hear hybrid helped her remember some of her visual memories. This show isn't on par with High School DxD, but it does have a purpose to its ecchi content, which is nice and funny at the same time. Aine is my favorite girl as of now and she's my second favorite of the season.
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Naruto: Shippuuden (Anime) add
The first episode is the only one I watched because it was so garbage. It was a flash forward with no explanation and a terrible fight that was over-advertised. I stayed up an extra hour on a school night to catch this piece of trash when it came out because I loved Naruto so much. This episode so put me off that I've been unwilling to try any more since. They redesigned the characters to look edgier but just made them look impractical and ridiculous. I'm happy I skipped out on the rest of the series as well from what I've heard about it. They kill off an bring back characters like it's nothing and don't respect or stick to the ideas of the original show. The art and sound quality is high, showing the support and funding from the original show. Too bad that the story sucks anus.
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Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu (Anime) add
As a gay person myself, I'm always eager to try to find shows to watch where I can see people like me represented, and it's so rare to see it done well that I take any chance I can get. When I saw this as an upcoming anime, I had hopes that maybe, MAYBE it would be respectful despite fujoshi culture generally being fetishing and off putting.
And what was I greeted in the very first episode? Homophobia and sexual assault jokes. And that theme has remained constant over the four episodes that have so far aired. It treats gay people as if we're all two dimensional characters that you can slap a "seme" tag on and pretend it's not gross to imagine us as rapists.
We exist, we have feelings, and this culture of sqeauling over the very possibility of us having sex is disgusting and needs to stop.
So yeah. This show is gross and frankly I have no positive feelings towards anyone who enjoys it. End of review.
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Onara Gorou (Anime) add
Although an incredibly rare occurrence, anime that transcend the term "masterpiece" actually do exist. You may doubt it, but you simply need to turn your attention to Onara Gorou, and I guarantee that you will believe me when I tell you that this show is beyond perfection.

This magical journey takes viewers through many real life experiences where expertly animated individuals are descending into sin, falling into despair, and other tragic happenings that unfortunately exist in reality. This anime shows us the corruption of society through these all too real events, opening the eyes of viewers to the nightmarish world in which they reside. While other anime present us with bland fantasy realms and unrealistic scenarios, Onara Gorou brings something far more meaningful to the table, since practically everyone ever has experienced at least one of the situations presented in every episode of this phenomenal show. Yet its just so depressing to watch! Can anyone illuminate these dark circumstances and save these seemingly irredeemable characters?

Never fear, for Gorou is here! This magical fart that at first glance looks like an overinflated erect penis solves the problems of these wretched people with his profound knowledge of the universe and charismatic presence. Gorou is by far one of, if not the most, dynamic character that I've ever had the pleasure of watching. He is the light in the darkness. The savior of the hopeless. The wisdom in the sea of stupidity. If only my farts could grant me an understanding of life itself like Gorou does. He is truly inspirational to farts everywhere.

The art and sound of this anime is top notch. The characters just look so realistic and have very fluid movements. Gorou himself simply shines with a golden aura of beauty and majesty. There is so much compassion in the voice acting. And the fart noises, oh man, they're just SO REAL! I welled up in tears every time I heard one. And the song at the end was fantastic. I'm sure those idols performing the ending theme were honored to play a part in this masterpiece.

Onara Gorou is something special. Shows like this only come along once or twice in a lifetime. So cherish this anime and always remember: in times of trouble, don't bother relying on wishing stars and fairly godmothers to make everything better. Instead believe in Gorou, and I guarantee that this fart will make all of your dreams come true.
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91 Days (Anime) add
Hello , this is my first review so....

Well befor I begin I would inform you that I realy hate the long review with it's cheesy words so I will make it short.

So far, the anime is amazing,promising and exciting .The art style, and the story are what made me get hooked on it.

It's about a guy named Avillio sets about befriending Nero the man who will someday become a mafia boss.He is also the target of revenge by Avilio, whose family was murdered by Nero' father. So in order to carry out his revenge, Avilio will have to kill his friend.

Well the story isn't any new but being back in the old times what's make it refreshing.

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Angel Beats! (Anime) add
At first I saw the length, 13 episodes, and was deterred. After seeing anime like FMAB with 64 episodes and the Fate animes with around 25 each, I thought a solid story couldn't really come out in 13 episodes.

Oh, was I wrong. As I was shown with God Eater, anime creators can pack a lot into a 13-episode show. A lot happens in each episode. This is by no means a short anime.

Well, maybe it is. This anime's only major flaw is that although it's solid enough, it could have been longer, perhaps describing more of the other characters' backstories -- although perhaps to only describe those that it did was best. Short and sweet an anime this is.

You've probably heard of the opening theme My Soul, Your Beats! somewhere if you're a fellow anime viewer. The ending themes are awesome too. The soundtrack's pretty good too, very emotive like the OP and ED.

This was an anime that upon completing it, I said and thought that this was worthy of my top 5 anime seen. I even gave FMAB and Code Geass some reconsideration for top 1, that's how amazing Angel Beats was. But perhaps I should get more deeply into why this was so good.

The art is very gently done, kind of like that of Kyoto Animation (Clannad) but more like that of Studio Deen, kind of in between. Excellent lighting and use of shadows and light, chiaroscuro. The characters may look alike as those of the same gender do in Clannad, but it's the characterization, the personality and backstory, that truly defines the character whether it be English-speaking T.K. with his hippy-style bravado or halberd-wielding Noda or soft-spoken and shy yet gracefully powerful Tenshi or aloof Shiina who always says "how unwise" or any one of the magnificent cast of Angel Beats. You just gotta love the characters and the characters of Tenshi and Otonashi. They may be in the afterlife, but they're very much alive.

Seriously though, I loved Angel Beats, it really stole my heart. This, like Clannad, is one of those pearls that shine, sparkle, and scintillate with an inner beauty that you can't see until you seek it. There's plenty of action in it too, made all the more interesting by the fact that in the afterlife you can't die permanently. Quite the interesting afterlife indeed...

Well anyways I should get going, try it out, you won't be disappointed.

one word to describe this anime: heartfelt
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Mahou Shoujo? Naria☆Girls (Anime) add
"Let's make a Mahou Shoujo anime!"
Hell No!
Hell No! Hello people I'm Josh for those that don't know and today I am reviewing this...this thing calling it self a magic girl anime, Mahou Shoujo Naria Girls....Oh dear god.

Story- It's about 3 magical girls who constantly talk over each other....That is all I got. The story is narrated by drawing that I rather look at then the animation. The rest is them babbling over each other chit-chatting about any goddamn thing. Makes me wonder if there are even writers for this sometimes

Art- I got nothing against 3d animation but dear god! The drawing they use to narrate aren't anything to really brag about but I take that over the 3D animation. And I mean for crying out loud the fight scenes are basically drawing with sound

Sound- The opening is alright and the ending is okay but the voice actors
*Girls from the show appear*
*Girls start talking over each other loudly about random stuff.
*Girls keep talking over each other about random things.*
*Girls keep talking
FUCK IT! *Grabs shot gun and they shut up and run away*
Oh god....Mars Of Destruction I am sorry for saying you had bad voice actors. Sketler Heaven I am sorry I said you had voice acting...The person who voice the demon child saying "Oni-chan" over and over again in Pupa making me bang my head against a wall...I am sorry. Like...dear god it like they just placed the voice actors in a room with one mic and had them say anything random thing and talk over each other. I have never been this annoyed with voice acting in my life. Just...God!

Character- There is no consistency and there personalities aren't set. All they seem to do I'd talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and tal-


Sorry about that. Anyway all they do is just talk about any random thing that pops into their heads. Then monster of the week pops up, they babble some more and then they beat the monster. That's pretty much it. Overall these characters are bad and then they talk some more. All they do is talk

Enjoyment- ...............

Overall- I wouldn't recommend this thing at all. I'll give them credit for the opening and ending which are alright and the voice actors seem like they are having fun with this but just...god. The animation sucks, the story is...something and the characters are bad. I haven't seen much Magic Girl anime and I am far from an expert on this genre, but this is one I would probably avoid

With that said, I'm out people. Peace

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Sugar Sugar Rune (Anime) add
Summary: I watched it and hated it, but I suppose that being a 26-year-old introverted girl who has seen a lot of much better anime has a lot to do with my profound lack of enjoyment of Sugar Sugar Rune. I wish I could say I would recommend it to at least 8 to 12-year-old girls but honestly I can’t say I would: this will be a negative review. Anyone who’s interested in the show’s positive points, please look elsewhere.

So, Sugar Sugar Rune. I somehow missed the Sailor Moon craze when I was still a small kid so I actually don’t have a lot of background in mahou shoujo, which I attempted to remedy by picking up this show. The reviews were pretty good, promising a surprisingly nuanced, slightly dark twist upon the genre so often accused of being rife with overblown drama, too much saccharine and self-righteousness. I was instantly attracted by the series’ premise: two young witches who are childhood friends vying to become the next heiress to the Magical Kingdom’s throne. Both have their own sets of strengths and weaknesses, ultimately challenging and completing each other in the new and unfamiliar Human World. Will their friendship endure under the pressure to compete, especially when a mysterious bishounen is thrown into play?

The biggest disappointment for me will have to be the wasted character potential, translating into wasted plot potential. Ostensibly we have two main characters who balance each other out, and around whose interactions, trials and tribulations I expected the show to be built. First, we have Chocolat Meilleure, an extraverted, bright, spirited, feisty young girl. She is strong and fearless, and while she may be a bit stubborn, brash and strong-headed, she always means well and she’s not afraid to admit her mistakes. She is very open and spontaneous which helps her to make friends, and to those friends that she makes she is fiercely loyal. Her temper and foul mouth are considered to be good qualities in the witch society and a lot of show’s plot revolves around how that clashes with what’s considered good behavior among normal humans.

Her opponent-cum-best friend is Vanilla Mieux, a lovely, nurturing, gentle and kind girl. She’s introverted, shy, and scares easily, but she makes up for it by being very studious, hard-working and smart, and while her timid demeanor made her unpopular back in Magical World, she has the chance to blossom now that she’s in the Human Realm. Thus, the show had an excellent chance to show how two very different people can walk towards the same goal each in their own way, relying each on their own strengths of character, and still be friends, working together despite all that divides them. “Being friends with someone who isn’t like you isn’t only possible, it’s exciting and opens a lot of possibilities and manners of thinking before you if you’re open-minded and want to make it work”. “If you believe in yourself, work-hard and embrace what makes you unique, read more
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IS: Infinite Stratos (Anime) add
So where to begin,

Concept is good, but story is weak. It could be far better. I believe that only the comical part of this anime worth something, and i really can say that it was worth to watch just because of comedy in it (it could be more humor but its fine),

Art, very good, it is nicely done, the IS itself were nicely designed, although if i must guess that technology is nano technology, in real life no chance these suits could do what was shown in anime (who knows), sound is good, it could be better but il stay on this

Characters,, i love characters in IS, they are all fine and funny on its own way, enjoyment and overall, i would love to give 10 to this anime but it deserve max of 8 points, simply there is things that could definitly be better, like story,
but eight is not bad score at all,
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Buddy Complex (Anime) add
Buddy Complex is another addition to the string of near indistinguishable mecha series that Sunrise seems to have no problem effortlessly churning out year after year, alongside their usual Gundam installments. It's a pretty standard mecha show, that on closer inspection has both standout qualities and some heavy flaws.

Right from the first episode alarms were going off in my head; this was going to be another time loop story. I really didn't have faith that the creators could successfully pull one off here. And, to put it bluntly: they couldn't. It makes absolutely no sense and is barely understandable even once things are explained. The sheer amount of logical leaps and assumptions that have to be made when it comes to this time travel plot are astounding. It's like they saw Steins;Gate and Madoka Magica and thought they could do the same thing, without actually understanding how those shows work.

However, with all of that being said, the time travel story has little to no bearing on the meat of the show, and merely bookends what is otherwise a typical mecha action series with its usual grab bag of tropes. So, for eleven of the show's thirteen episodes, you can almost forget about it and all of its stupidity--almost.

Our protagonist, Aoba, finds himself sent seventy-or-so years into the future by his mysterious classmate, Hina, where he's flung right into a war between two opposing factions. As expected, he ends up piloting a giant mecha to fight for one of them. The series' main gimmick, and explanation for the title, is actually something called the "Coupling System," which involves two pilots connecting--not combining, but rather syncing up--mid-battle to increase their fighting abilities. A surprising amount of detail is given about how this system works and what effects it has on the pilots, although it can get a little jargon heavy. At the end of the day, it's clearly a plot device to get the series' main protagonists, Aoba and Dio, to develop as characters together. And, for what it's worth, this aspect of the show works pretty well.

Aoba's disoriented outlook on the world and selfish desire to meet with Hina again naturally conflict with Dio's cold front and strict adherence to the military's rules, causing them to frequently butt heads. At first, Dio only values Aoba as a necessary component to the "Coupling System," but does learn to respect and care about him as a person. Their interactions and chemistry become some of the series' strong points, for sure.

However, the same can't be said for the mechas themselves. Honestly, the mecha designs just don't appeal to me at all in this series. They're very much like those of Code Geass: sleek, vibrant, neon-colored, and complete with all sorts of jagged edges and pointy bits. Except, unlike with Code Geass, none of them have particularly interesting designs, and trying to tell the difference between each one becomes a challenge in its own right amidst the fast-paced cuts of the action scenes. The action read more
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Sansha Sanyou (Anime) add
Sansha Sanyou started as a four panel manga series by Cherry Arai. Just this year it received an anime adaptation by Doga Kobo, the same studio behind Yuru Yuri. Yeah, this is a pretty recent one, having ended at the end of June. Is it as strong as Yuru Yuri or is this the first negative review I'll be doing of something Doga Kobo worked on. Of course, I have only reviewed series of Yuru Yuri from them, so I'm not exactly looking at a long and proud tradition that could be broken here. Either way, let's take a look.


We open with Nishikawa Youko, a former rich girl who's ostracised because she still has a rich girl's sense of comportment in spite of her family having lost its money, is sitting outside for her lunch of bread crusts when two other girls, Odagiri Futaba & Hayama Teru, decide to join her. The three become fast friends and various shenanigans quickly ensue as they go about their daily lives. So, no real story to the whole thing. Let's move right on to discussing the comedy.

The humour in this series is based heavily around quirky personalities interacting with one another. Like Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka, Azumanga Daioh, Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight or several other slice of life comedies. In Sansha Sanyou, the results are a bit inconsistent. It has some moments that are quite funny. some that are funny the first time but then get repeated basically verbatim twice or thrice. It's one of those comedies where there are running gags that don't have much variation in their occurrences. For instance, there's a jape about an older student who has a one-sided rivalry with Futaba over which of them can compete bulk eating challenges faster and most of his scenes are the same thing repeated. I really shouldn't be watching a twelve episode series and getting bored by the running jokes. To its credit, there were more moments that I was entertained and amused than moments where I was tired of the running jokes or where the jokes just fall short.


If you're looking for deep, complex characters, this isn't the right place. These characters are simple with comedic quirks. For a comedic work, they're more than adequate. They have decent interactions and their quirks are largely entertaining. Which is pretty important since that's the crux of the comedy in this series.


The character designs use a pretty typical slice of life style. It looks fine. The background scenes are actually really nicely detailed and there's a lot of effort put into the various flora. In contrast, the fauna is done in a really simplified un-detailed style. I guess drawing flowers is easy, but drawing kittens is hard. Although, to be fair, they're probably cuter as the semi-amorphous blobs we get in this series than they would be if they looked incredibly realistic and the realistic look wouldn't work for animals given the style they use for the human characters.


The actresses in this read more
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3 hours ago
Zetsuen no Tempest (Anime) add
A stylish anime with great art and sound, held back by its mediocre and pretentious execution (review based off current progress, 13/24 episodes)

First of all, let's go over the pros:
+ Stylish, well-made OP1 with great visuals that pump up the viewers
+ Decent musical score, especially the OP1
+ Some interesting plot twists
+ Some interesting information that totally changes the direction of the plot
+ Koyama Rikiya's sexy voice (I'm totally gay for his voice acting skills)

Here's a huge list of cons, however:
- NPCs treated beyond expendable (implications of certain events not further explored; sorry if vague, trying not to spoil anything)
- Empty-feeling settings (even factoring in a certain "syndrome", settings feel noticeably empty)
- Shakespeare inspiration ends up being random Hamlet quotes that seem pretentious
- ED1, OP2, and ED2 are all crap that seem ill-fitted to the show
- Totally ruin a character by turning her from leader into tsundere (part of the reason why I put the show "on hold"; more like pseudo-dropping it)
- Poor transition from first arc to second arc
- Some admittedly horrible character designs (like the blonde dude in OP1)
- Possibly because I haven't watched far enough, but flashbacks involving a certain dead person don't seem relevant and feel like filler
- Plot moves at an intensely erratic pace (super slow plot movement when exploring the past, but insanely quick plot movements in present time)
- Anime has a decent atmosphere in first arc but feels cringy second arc
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Asobi ni Iku yo! (Anime) add
I loved Cat Planet Cuties ever since my first viewing at the begging of this year. I've watched the majority of the season 3x, excluding one or two episodes that I skipped during my 3rd viewing. You get get exactly what the title suggests, beautiful cat girls. Having Kio meet up with Eris during an anniversary party of someone's death has to be one of the best ways to meet someone in anime; it's weird enough having a party to celebrate someone's passing, but meeting a cat girl to boot just made it even funnier.

The show is an ecchi harem so there is not a huge amount of character development, but there's enough to make you like the characters and to have them fit into their roles. There wasn't any girl that I didn't like besides maybe Antonia. The show doesn't hide itself and it just lets everything out. The show made me realize how much I love cat girls. The main reason why I can't give this a 10 is because of episode 9; giving background on the assist droids is nice, but it didn't add much to the story. If episode 9 had a good replacement, I would likely give this a 10. I highly recommend watching this for great off sexually based comedy. Don't worry, it doesn't get as out of hand as other series like High School DxD.
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I loved Cat Planet Cuties ever since my first viewing at the begging of this year. I've watched the majority of the season 3x, excluding one or two episodes that I skipped during my 3rd viewing. This ova added to my enjoyment. It offered some more off the wall enjoyment. I loved seeing the girls, both human and Catian, get so fired up over games. The prizes for the main crew's game day were jsut as funny as the actual expressions and actions that were seen during game play. The two embarrassing videos were the best prizes. Kio, Eris, Manami, and Aoi, and the rest definitely enjoyed their day and it was well deserved relaxation after the last few episodes of the season (10-12).
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Sword Art Online II (Anime) add
I rewatched both seasons over the past month; most of my viewing was done within the past 2 weeks since I was busy earlier on. I still loved the series even after a few months went by. I like how the show doesn't completely ignore games and stuff that are brought up in season 1. The Fairy dance arc is my least favorite arc, but it's still very good and Alfheim is the center for so many things later on in the story. Gun Gale Online was a fun thing to experience from the show. The Phantom Bullet arc brought up the Laughing coffin raid that we didn't see in season 1 and the creator did a good job at connecting events in GGO to that previous SAO event.

Sinon was definitely a good addition. Kirito needed a friend who wasn't another SAO survivor and she was strong (in the game anyway) and fiery and it fit her role perfectly. I loved the action and I enjoyed seeing Kirito adapt his in game sword skills in order to use them in a gun game and succeed. One of my favorite scenes is when he cut Sinon's hecatete bullet in half. They also made a good and took care of Death Gun. Kirito also helped bring Sinon out of her shell in the real world.

The Calibur arc was short, but enjoyable. It was nice to see a story arc based around Excalibur after it was previously introduced and I really enjoyed the boss fights in the arc. The Mother's Rosario arc was great too. Asuna is my favorite female in the show so I like how they showed more development for her. The addition of Yuki and the sleeping knights just added some story drive to the the arc and the guild had a huge impact on Asuna. Seeing the way her mother acted at first helped explain why she had an aggressive attitude sometimes. For how much I love the Aincrad arc, I think season two was better in the fact that every arc served a purpose; the Fairy dance arc did, but some of it was unnecessary. Due to how great the Aincrad arc was though, I'd say both seasons are equally amazing.
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Mars of Destruction (Anime) add
There is special score for anime like this on my list: 1.
Word "appalling", which is also MAL's description of 1/10 score, perfectly describes Mars of Destruction anime. Let me explain why...

This anime is perfect example of situation where having bad story is much worse than not having story at all.
So, some aliens are attacking earth for some reason, some girls fight them but they are too weak than some guy is forced to be hero, then there is some plot twist. There, I just explained whole plot of this OVA and I dare say I did it better than anime. It's not joke, they seriously tried to make it a deep and dark story. Just thinking about it makes me feel bad for people who worked on it.
Still, I give story 2, not 1, because it could be interesting if whole anime was remade.

When watching Mars of Destruction I felt insulted. How could person responsible for animation decide this... thing... is acceptable? Was there even such person? Quality of animation can be compared to pictures made in Paint being "animated" using PowerPoint. I recently watched anime movie from 1983 and it was infinitely better than this.
Sound is slightly better. Only "slightly", because while music is ok, voice acting sounds like the one I heard in amateur mods to some games. At first I thought I'm just watching some broken version, but after checking voice actors I guess it was supposed to sound like that.

What can I say here? Only memorable thing about them is main character being Shinji-type annoying whiny brat but with even less character. Something like Shinji in role of harem MC I guess?
To be honest I think I'm kinda impressed how forgettable other characters were. I don't think it can be blamed on OVA being short. Yes, 20 mins isn't enough to introduce all characters properly, not to mention giving them some development, but I've seen many OVA's and anime shorts (e.g. 12ep x 2 min) and I managed to remember their cast much better then in this case.

There was no enjoyment. Normally I wouldn't even finish it, but it's in its own league of hopelessly bad anime, making it a valuable research material. And for that reason alone I'd recommend everyone to watch it.
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Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon (Anime) add

First things first...

You should definitely do you homework before watching this(look up the story and some other things about the world of this anime).
When I started watching this show,my first thought was wow wow this I going way to fast and after watching 3 episodes all there was about the anime were boobs,then I came back with all the backup info and suddenly everything made way more sense and I started enjoying the show.
but even if you inform yourself the first episodes aren't the best of the anime,it gets better with time.

so with that out of the way, let's start with the real review.

again you have to inform yourself I could explain it right now,but it only makes real sense if you watch it yourself,so don't think too much of it when you read it the first time.

I can't overlook the fact that it has some fanservice in it,but it isn't too irritating(although the show doesn't need it).other than that there isn't much to complain,only the lip-sync of one character(you will see it yourself). all in all nothing special.

Sound is definitely the best thing about the show(not in a bad way).is it the singing of horizon or the general background music,it always hits the right mood for the scene.

Our main "hero" ,Aoi Tori,is a pervert(i know what you're thinking right now:not again we had enough of these),but no he is something special although he can get on you nerve with his perverted side sometimes.i really can say more about him,he is hard to describe,I guess it's like this: you like him or you hate him.
Our second most important character is Horizon,we get to see her in an automated doll with a human soul.the soul is the one of a girl that was Aoi's childhood friend.
There are many support characters in this show,too many I would say you won't build up much of a connection to other characters than tori,cuz there are simply too many of them to fit in a 13 episode long anime.
9/10 cuz of tri

I think I depends on 3 factors:
1.You have to like Tori
2.You did your homework or can live with not getting the story
3.You don't mind fanservice
for me,the enjoyment was 9/10
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Boku no Hero Academia (Anime) add
[Note: For reviewing purposes, a 10 for me is a show that has me super anxious for each episode and gets me emotionally attached. Personal scores however, a 10 means near flawless, wouldn't change anything. I'd give MHA a 9.2 for that scale]

Okay, so I'm going to start out by saying that *no* anime is for everyone, and this is no exception. In many ways, this is a standard shounen with a standard shounen plot, but in other ways, it's shown to be masterful in it's implementation. Also, this review is done without having read the manga.

It's true that the zero-to-hero approach is not unique, but Boku no Hero Academia took a slightly different approach. Izuku Midoriya dreams to be a superhero in a world where 80% of people have super powers called "quirks", but is crushed to find that he was quirkless. Couple that with him being overall clumsy, weak, and with few natural talents, his dreams are a real longshot.

In a lot of ways, I like this anime for a lot of the reasons I'm a huge fan of Hunter x Hunter, only falling short on a few things.

【What's to like】

• Emotionally sucked in immediately. The raw emotions in this show is expressed so well and you just can't help feeling for Izuku's pain while his dreams are repeatably crushed.

• I really like action animes that are a lot more analytical about fighting, examining each fighter's strengths and weaknesses and strategizing well around them in unique ways. Boku no Hero Academia has been the first one I've seen to do this well since Hunter x Hunter.

• I'm a sucker for the Izuku Midoriya character. Flawed, but driven, he uses his learned knowledge and intelligence as his tool for success rather than natural ability, because that's really all he has, even with All-for-One.

• Similar to Gon from HxH, I also enjoy the pure motives from the main characters. The characters are driven by youthful innocence and passion alone, without the jaded viewers gained throughout life. Their ultimate motives might be selfish or self-serving, but they are still pure, and I like that.

• The other characters are coming along really nicely! They seem to be developing a full spectrum of characters and I really enjoy most of them. The character design/artwork is great and I don't really have much bad to say.

• The art and music I'm also a big fan of. Very fun an uplifting, I still need to gauge how the music is for difference scenarios, but so far so good!

【What's to dislike】

• Shounen haters won't like this show much, I don't think. While animes like HxH seems to transcend the shounen category after the first couple arcs, I'm not sure this anime will do the same.

• "Quirks" don't appear to have much of a balancing system. As a big HxH fan, one of my favorite parts was how developed the power system was. It built in tons of read more
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Sword Art Online (Anime) add
Despite its flaws, I still think SAO was outstanding. I didn't watch the show until like 3.5 years after it aired so I'm not someone who was hyped by it who's writing a late review. The pacing was bizarre, but I don't think it took away much from the story; it would've been boring watching episode after episode of only boss fights and leveling. I'll admit that Sachi, Silica, and Lisbeth should've had more screen time, but each one of them served an important purpose in the show and each experience drove Kirito even further. They did fall in love with him quickly, but that's understandable considering their situation. The music scores are amazing as well as the theme songs (Aincrad arc at least); Crossing Field is my second favorite anime opening.

The fairy dance arc definitely could've been eliminated to make room for an expanded Aincrad arc, but it was pretty good. Sughua may have developed kind of an incest type love, but after being rejected for some time, she was just happy that Kirito was spending time with her again and she lost track of her emotions. Sugu was a bit too evil, but e was a good villain; an overly-evil =l evil villain almost always makes for a great scene later on and that scene came in episode 24, where Kirito used Kyaba's admin credentials, summon excalibur, and plunged it into Sugu chest, eventually decapitating him I believe.

Overall, the show was very enjoyable and I loved the story. I think some people just criticize because it was popular or they forced themselves to finish it when they didn't enjoy it and that caused more hate to develop. For those of you who really hate this show, you should've known character development and story wasn't going to be really deep and stuff; it's rated tv-13. Think before you criticize the show and don't hate on it due to the fan-base or the ratings from others.

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One Punch Man (Anime) add
What does it take to be a hero? It’s an age old question that’s been asked just about as many times as it’s been answered, by many different people and from many different perspectives. To some, being a hero means putting the needs of others before the needs of ones self, which can range all the way from the literal sacrifice of one’s life to the offering of ones’ time to help the less fortunate. To some, being a hero means standing up for what’s right and taking whatever measures are necessary to correct injustice. To a certain man of a rather ironclad constitution, being a hero is a series of four or five moments where you’re offered the opportunity to do something right, especially when doing so is difficult. To those who call themselves heroes, it’s considered a passion... A calling to altruism, an irrefutable compulsion to put the talents or abilities God gave you to good use for the betterment of humanity.

To Saitama, a lesser known hero living on his own in a tiny studio apartment, being a hero is a job... One that lost it’s luster over time, and one that’s become boring and repetitive as he’s outgrown whatever challenge it might have originally presented him. He’s not getting paid for his heroism... I’m honestly not sure where he’s getting the money to live off of... He does it as a hobby. See, when he was a few years younger, he was inspired to take relentless efforts to become the strongest hero of all time, and it paid off, but to his detriment. Gone are the days when he could find excitement and purpose in fighting the forces of evil, and in their place are the days when no villain, big or small, can survive the force of a single punch from this blase bald brawler. When his exploits gain him the attention of an altruistic cyborg named Genos, who draws him into the official hero registration, will things finally start looking up for Saitama, or will he never find an enemy challenging enough to make him feel alive again?

Studio Madhouse is known primarily for sticking to characters with more or less realistic proportions, with diversifying exaggerations that swing more toward caricatures then what you’d normally consider an anime aesthetic. That’s not to say that they’ve NEVER put out shows full of color-coded girlies and moe tropes... They are, like any other production company, a slave to the mangaka on any given project... But the trend is still very noticeable, as most of their work is more lifelike than cartoony. One Punch Man, on the other hand, is a jaw-dropping marriage of both aesthetics. It’s no coincidence that Saitama looks more like a real, average person before his transformation and a balloon with overly simplified facial expressions afterwords... the separation between realism and surrealism is used very specifically read more
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New Game! (Anime) add
Cute girls doing cute things: Every season has a show that uses this idea. Most of the shows that use this are usually bad because they pander to an extremely niche audience. With so many of these shows out there now, companies are grasping at sticks to find new places to do the same things so they can say that their show is different. New Game is no exception. It puts the "cute girls doing cute things" idea and throws it in a game development setting. It does everything wrong that almost every other show in the subgenre does wrong and it isn't special in any sense of the word. Let's get into why though.

The story of this show is so basic and simple that it could be shown alongside the likes of shows like Johnny Test. A girl, who has no knowledge of 3d modelling, somehow gets hired at a gaming company. This gaming company literally only hires women, I guess to save 23% because pay gap (JOKES), and they make games (obviously).

The story doesn't have much weight past the initial premise because too much plot would take away from the cute girls, amirite?

The initial premise doesn't make sense on many levels because an inexperienced nobody just out of highschool would most certainly NOT get this job. Of course, how do you know the main character is just out of high school? Because the show repeats the fact over and over to beat the idea that this show doesn't take place in a school. At the same time, every character talks about how cute the main character is because they need the audience to realize how cute the character is to get more sales.

There are many problems with the execution of this premise. The romanticized version of working at a game company (especially in Japan where the work situation is way worse than in the US), the execution of the MC getting hired, small little quirks with little situations that occur in the show (like how the MC gets locked out of the office (after using the bathroom TWICE, which doesn't make sense at all, but because comedy, it's supposed to), and many other problems.

The setting is nice, but the show barely does anything with it, most likely to prevent the people that eat this garbage up to realize this show is completely trash.

The characters and their interactions are completely unbelievable, similar to the premise and plot. Characters state the obvious, hammer ideas multiple times because the show doesn't trust the intelligence of the audience, and are defined by quirks.

The main character is a loli, which I utterly despise because it's like double pandering, is as dumb as a rock for an 18 year old, and her only purpose is to allow this show to happen.

The only good thing about her character is that she has motivation for what she does, but even then, it's quite weak. She liked one game from read more
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Mahou Shoujo? Naria☆Girls (Anime) add
"Let's make a mahou shoujo anime"
"no no we can't"

I still can't understand how this got approved to be aired.

Story: The story is narrated with drawings and it's worth 5 seconds. The rest it's just the girls doing chit-chat.

Art: Was it done with MMD? The only effort they made was in the opening and the drawings. When you see the girls, it just looks like MMD. The arms goes through the body in nearly every second. The backgrounds are plain.

Sound: It feels like the 3 Voice Actors were put in a room with a single mic. When they scream, the high-pitched voice could heart your ears. They speak over themselves.

Character: There's no consistency. The 3 girls personalities aren't set. They only chit-chat the entire time without a script and it ends with the first thing it pops from their minds.

Enjoyment: Looks like the Voice Actors are having fun and can't stop laughing. It's... charming. The only appeal from this "anime".

Overall: Masochist/10.

Don't even bother. Forget that you/ve ever heard the name of "Naria Girls", as you'll surely never see this guys doing anything new, since their careers are dead. Spend your time better, like taking a nap after a long day or finishing SAO.
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Tales of Zestiria the X (Anime) add
"Tales of the Zestiria is a show which should be watched in 1080p. "

This fantasy show is set in the world where humans and legends of the Seraphim- the spiritual beings lives. Now the human world is facing a grave danger whose magnitude and reason they quite don't understand but some of them believe that the shepherd, the savior who will cast away this calamity. Alisha is a warrior princess who believe in the concept of shepherd stumbles upon a ruin from the past which transcends her into the realm of the "Seraphim" where she meets Sorey who is a human mysteriously living in a village of the Seraphims. Sorey can see the Seraphim unlike other humans. Sorey from a young age dreams of the co-existence of the Seraphims and the humans, as they lived many years ago. Due to some events, Sorey with his Seraphim friend Mikleo go for a journey to the human world where Sorey finds out that he is the Shepherd, the promised one and now he has to save both the existences the Seraphim and the humans.
There are 3 new rules of (my) reviewing-
First rule- No anime is shit
Second rule-No anime is shit
Third rule-You don't have to agree with me(even sometimes I don't agree with myself)

It is based on the following parameters--
1)What is good about it?
2)(Probability of)Whom'll the anime appeal to?
3)Questions that other reviews raised in your head.

P.S.-If you don't want to read the whole, read the summary at the end of every question.

1)What is good about it?
As I said in the first sentence that this a show worth watching in 1080p, so simply saying this show is an eye candy. Every frame feels like a beautiful painting. There are many factors that make a anime/movie/drama good and one of the major one is how it is depicted and this being a fantasy show, having an art like animation is a big big plus. It's not only about the beautiful animation it is also the way it is put together, so kudos to director, the art director and the editor. We sometimes ignore the fact that how a show is put together or edited make a huge impact on the film/show that's why one of the best director Christopher Nolan uses a $500,000 camera(also because he has the, because what we see means something more than what is written on a piece of paper.

People ask the question about the genres which define anime or what will make anime gain more audience, there are many but in my opinion Fantasy should be on the top of the list. Fantasy, as you know is a widely popular concept which means as a viewer transporting into a non-existent but entirely possible world with dragons, superpowers and swords. Success of fantasy can be seen by Game of Thrones itself. ToZ is a step towards the new dimension of animes. Making a show with good animation doesn't overshadow its good read more
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Story 8 / 10

Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!'s story is a very fun and light hearted anime. It has great characters and an awesome story. And you know what's the coolest part? One of the main characters is really, but I mean, REALLY into anime girls. Something most of us can relate too I believe.


Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!'s story is awesome. The first episode was still kind of iffy for me, but after the second one I was sold. The characters are really funny and have great chemistry! The story itself is very basic, yet because of the funny characters and the cute and comedic things going on, you won't even notice. I really like the protagonist, Mizuki Usami! If it wasn't for her, this show wouldn't be half as good as it is.

The show mainly revolves around comedy, with minor character development. Like I said, the comedy is REALLY good. And what do you know, even the character development, though minor, is good too! Not only is the protagonist interesting, also the sub-characters are interesting and fun. The comedy is mainly made up of embarrassing moments between Mizuki Usami and Subaru Uchimaki, but there is also tons of random stuff going on which will crack you up.


This anime does have flaws. For one, there is little character development. The characters pretty much stay the same. Also, the embarrassing moments between Mizuki and Subara, though funny, get old pretty quickly. Kiss and get it over with, know what I mean?

Fortunately, there isn't a lot wrong with this anime. Every episode surprises me with new and refreshing jokes.

Characters 8 / 10

I really like the characters. The protagonist, Mizuki, is really funny and cute, and the sub-characters are in fact very entertaining. There is some form of character development and I really like the chemistry between the characters.

Art 8 / 10

I really like the art! It's cute and fits the anime really well! The characters look awesome and the environment is beautiful.

Music 7 / 10

The OST is nothing special. Gave it a 7 because the OP theme is Outstandingly good!

Enjoyment 9 / 10

I love Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!. It's funny, cute, the characters are very well written and the comedy is amazing. What's not to love?

Overall 8 / 10

Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!'s story is a very fun and light hearted anime. It has great characters and an awesome story.
It does have its flaws, as there isn't a moving plot and the scenes between Mizuki and Subaru get old pretty quickly.
The art is beautiful and cute and the OP theme is amazing!

Overall: Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! is an awesome anime that deserves to be watched by you. You're really missing out if you skip this one!

Thank you for listening and check out my other reviews :D

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Katanagatari (Anime) add
To me this anime was very good but at the same time it was a little boring. The story was pretty good I mean they stuck with it unlike some animes i know. The only thing I didn't like was the romance the main characters had i liked them as a couple, but remember you guys don't have to agree with me. They had a sexual/awkward relationship I liked the fact that they weren't so lovey dovey, but the awkwardness was a little much. They had a comedy but I put wasn't my type of comedy but it may be for you. The characters were pretty good though basically the only reason that I personally didn't like was the way they handled the romance but besides that it was a good anime
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Oh Yami to Boushi. Oh Yami to Boushi. What to make of you. What to make...

Yami to Boushi is an anime based on a hentai game. That's not immediately obvious, but as the series comes to its crashing, and partially disturbing, finale, you'll find that out amongst the frantic Googling you do to figure out what on earth just happened. Perhaps there are some hints of this at the often tasteless ecchi content, where your shame will be tested whether you avert your vision. I haven't played the game, and as somebody with no interest in hentai, I don't plan on picking it up, but the anime seems to deviate quite substantially from it, according to that frantic Googling.

The story focuses on our brooding, lonely protagonist, Hazuki, and the shame she feels in regards to her lustful feelings for Hatsumi... her sister? Maybe adopted sister. Different sources seem to have different ideas, and it's not immediately obvious. When Hatsumi goes missing into, what seems to be, another dimension, Hazuki drops everything and follows her, finding herself in a mysterious library that contains "stories" or alternate dimensions that Hazuki travels into to try and find her missing sister or adopted sister or, most importantly, love interest. The series goes into quite dark territory, even discussing the concept of death in one episode.

The story is lopsided, symbolically confused as it travels to bizarre worlds to teach our character... something. That's not to say it isn't necessarily successful imagery, it just rarely paints a picture that's relevant to the show. When she goes to a spy-thriller set on a train, she learns to work with others. When she goes to a prehistoric world, she learns to care for others. When she meets a girl that can't grow up, she explains what love is and realises her love for Hatsumi is a tangible and true love, and not just lust. She saves children trapped in space and learns an almost maternal instinct. The imagery doesn't really make sense for what should be an epic romance tale, but it develops our lead character, who is the shining beacon of the show.

Hazuki learns a lot from her journey and her character truly changes over the course of the show. However, the other characters are definitely a problem. Hatsumi you don't really meet until the last episode. She's treated as some sort an unobtainable goal, but we never figure out what kind of a goal she is. Our antagonist, Gargantua, does bad-things because he too wants to get to Hatsumi, having known her from a different dimension, but he only really does those in flashbacks. You're rooting against him, but you can't figure out what you're really rooting against. Hazuki's companion, Lilith, helps Hazuki track down Hatsumi, but is kind of useless and definitely associates with comic-relief characterisation (even if jokes don't necessarily land), as do almost all of the rest of the cast of slaves except Gargantua's childhood friend, Ritsuko.

I suppose you're wondering what place read more
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Akame ga Kill! (Anime) add
My review for Akame Ga Kill without spoilers.
Before i start i want to let everyone know that i'll write this review with honesty.

• Story/Plot rate (10:
The story is about a corrupted empire which doesn't even care about their civilians or what's going on outside their palace and an army of revolutionists including a special team will try to take the empire down and create a new one which it will give hope to every person who lives in not only the rich ones.
The story is really unique and all the episodes were following the story, it was pure, simple and awesome and it wasn't confusing at all. Also you could HARDLY predict what it was going to happen and most of the time your predictions was wrong. The story wasn't also rushy either the ending. Also the anime will answer all your questions without letting yourself questioning after the anime it's done and this is what i truly enjoyed also the way the director showed the stories of every character in the anime supporting and main it was very satisfying. Simply they weren't any plot holes or even if they were i couldn't spot any.

• Art (10):
The art? Magnificent! Breathtaking! Astonishing! What more should i say?! The realistic battle moments, the outstanding quality of the graphics, the drawings, everything were great! The art style was fitting to the story from the first episode until the last my opinion about the art was the same even though i can say it was becoming better and better from episode to episode. All the battles were so freaking breathtaking.. They surprised me with their awesomeness. The characters where fitting to their appeal and also fitting with the personalities they had. All of them were really unique as about style, reaction, the way they were talking, their fighting skills.

• Sound(10):
Sound.. The people who were behind those characters gave their actual best to fit with them and they absolutely did that perfectly. Their voice reactions to different kind of scenes were showing how professional those people were and how honorable i am to them for doing such a great job. The music which they were using at the background during fights or other scenes were so freaking touching and im truly speechless, i can't describe the emotions i had when i was watching those scenes so i can make you understand how i felt but i can assure you the sound was being used perfectly. As about the opening and the ending they were really great the way they were developed also i am really glad that the director manage to change the ending and the opening just to fit with the plot. It showed that the director cared about it and didn't let it slip.

• Character rate (10):
The characters were insanely awesome, they weren't overpowered and they were based on their power which they had also they were acting so realistic that any of us would have understand their reactions. read more
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ReLIFE (Anime) add
First review so really bad. (Ok done with revisions.)

Relife is about a "NEET" (he has a part-time job) who was given the choice to take a drug that'll make him 10 (?) years younger and study as a high school student, again, and use it as a means to be reintroduced into society. The concept of getting back to one's feet is something that I really appreciate but the means the anime used, which was turning younger does not really make me that happy (and somewhat disappointed) since it is akin to that of him getting reincarnated. In other words, another device for the NEETS in Japan for escapism. So, that’s basically the premise of the anime. As for the main theme/s, we’ll talk about that later.


Characters of the show, as always, are like any typical modern anime, people who has problems, which is really not a bad thing, since that means that there is a potential for them to develop as better ones. The problem with most modern anime characters is that they have backstories that are seriously very dramatic that you’d find it very unrealistic. That is not the case here in this anime. It being unreal is toned down considerably that it can be considered as realistic. It is quite interesting to see the other cast of the show being fleshed out and some being also given slight developments. Although that is the case, it still means nothing since they are completely forgotten after their stories end, NOT. I am quite surprised that this is not the case in this anime. Most of those with resolved problems are still actually given important roles for the next arc or so, which is really good. But, of course, there is a problem again, which is the fact that there is a lesser time given to the main character. Rather than being the main character, it is more like he is now the main support character, which is VERY BAD in my book (the red(?) haired girl seems to be the mc, lol). Although this is the case, I guess it is still okay since the problems and solutions made by the author to the real side characters are more than satisfactory, NOT! Although they are relatable to most viewers (which are adolescents), I still think that the solutions given are VERY basic, aside from the solution shown for the girl bestfriends, which I consider as basic to ok. As the show has 13 episodes only, when some characters say things that one would normally say to close friends or whatnot, I find it quite hard to believe. With so many problems involved, there actually aren’t enough time to actually show the closeness of the characters with each other (or at least within their groups). And yeah, most characters are one or two dimensional.

STORY (3/10):

The anime (until 10th episode, actually) has 3 main themes that are not really related to each other and are only connected with one thing, read more
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Love Live! Sunshine!! (Anime) add
How should I start.... Love Live! Sunshine! is an anime which takes place after the 2nd season of the Love Live! School Idol Project.

The story is not so original and the same events take place like how the student council president opposes the formation of the idol club and all.

The characters are also somewhat the same with just personalities switched. The main girl Chika who is quite inspired by the Muse is similar to Honoka and so is everyone else. They take reference to the Muse a lot.

The formation of the group is somewhat different.

Love Live sunshine brings back memories and has the feeling of nostalgia and shows us how a certain character from the original looks with different personalities. Each character has their own deep back story so far.

I am enjoying myself watching this anime.
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Cowboy Bebop (Anime) add
Cowboy Bebop is one of the few series that got recommended to me by both my real life friend and my net friends. I really wanted to like this show, I was so excited to watch this and my expectations were at an all time high which is what led me to dub cowboy bebop as the most disappointing anime ever

There are definitely worse, much worse series out there of course but I never expected much from them. Cowboy bebop however, is one of the most loved anime and everything I heard about it was positive which ultimately led me to expect Cowboy Bebop to be an masterpiece that cannot be hated by anyone. Boy was I wrong

Well, that's enough of that, let's get on with my review

Cowboy Bebop is episodic for the most part and what's worse is that it's pretty much in the monster of the week format. There are a lot of standalone episodes in the series that aren't really important but they tried to force it at the end. I didn't like most of the standalone episodes but I hated what they did at the end even more

They were able to give the most of the main cast a believable back story which properly explained why they acted the way they did. Not much of Ed's past is revealed though like why she even knew how to hack and what motivates her to act the way she does. They could've inserted that anywhere given how much standalone episodes they have but they didn't

Art and Animation:
I don't really mind the art style but some of the scenes just took me out of the anime because of how terribly animated they were but this can be forgiven because this is a 90s anime. The animation for the wormholes in particular were absolutely nauseous

I'm not a fan of Jazz so I have nothing to say about the music

This is one of the few anime where I actually had to push myself just to finish. I usually just drop them but given how highly acclaimed the series I held on unto hope that maybe, just maybe the next episode would be better and it wouldn't bore me out of my mind but no, that didn't happen and when I finished this series, I was just glad that it was finally over and I can finally watch something that I actually like. This series was boring from start to finish, the only exception being episode 8, the sole episode that I like

It's not as good as people make it out to be and it failed to live up to my expectations but most importantly, and when I say most importantly, I mean that this is the only part that matters for me, it was boring and I didn't enjoy it which is why I'm going to give this a 6.

Oh hey I just checked but my overall score for Cowboy Bebop is still a 6 if i take the read more
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Sword Art Online (Anime) add
I'm gonna write this review in 2 sides, the 1st half of the anime and the 2nd half.
The 1st episode was meh and I found it like a stupid idea but when I continued watching the show it started to get me watching and even I got a little addicted like I wanted to see more.
The other side when (SPOILER) everyone got out except Asuna was bad. (OVER with the spoiler) It started getting boring and started getting annoying cliches like oversexualizing Asuna ,(SPOILER) the terrible felt crush by Kirito's cousin to Kirito (OVER with the spoiler) and terrible villan. And the ending was too predictable.
As the art and sound of the anime is pretty ok.
The characters are ok except of Kirito. I don't know how to say it but Kirito felt like a boring hero in the 2nd part.
Overall 1st side of the anime: 9/10 2nd side of the anime:4/10
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Onara Gorou (Anime) add
When i first saw this anime, i though "Man, this anime looks so fabulous."
At the moment, i didn't realize i was standing right in front of probably one of the best anime i've ever witnessed.
Onara gorou "The most admirable of farts"'s genre is hard to describe. At first sight it looks like a comedy, but when you start
watching, you soon realize it has a considerably deep plot despite it's length.

I) Story. (glorious/10)
Simply wonderful. What is more impressive, it is an original anime, so story isn't taken from manga.
First of all it shows a conflict between a school principal and three criminals. This plot makes it not to look like a comedy in my opinion.
It's a deep repesentation about how today's generation is going to waste, and how adults are incapable of dealing with today's kids, who
are simply careless of what's around them. they just want to smoke cigarettes, and cause trouble being politically incorrect around
the school. The principal is constantly trying to get them to stop being delinquents because, they're doing delinquent stuff and that delinquent stuff
is really nasty, so it must be erradicated instantly. That's where our lord and saviour ONARA GOROU enters in our play, letting out his gentlefart
to deal with them. The topic of the anime just made a 180º twist Turning from a twisted, psychological drama, to a shonen full of fartction.
The delinquents are no match for our true god, so they retreat after getting taugth a lesson about farts by onara-sensei.

And that was just the first episode! so don't worry, we still have more to watch, the anime is around two episodes!

II) Character. (wise af/10)
Why Character and not CharacterS? Simply because the rest don't matter AT ALL. Why have characters when there are no characters at all?
There are no supporting characters in Onara gorou, basically because he supports every character by himself being wise af™ and sharing
his knowledge with the rest of the cast indiscriminately, which is extremely effective for everything. What does everything involve you may ask?
Well everything involves EVERYTHING, literally. EVER.

III) Art Style (studio ghibli/10)
The art might look like not the best thing in the world, It actually looks like a low budget animation from a split brained 12 year old kid with leukemia,
but looking deeper into it, I realized that it's actually made on purpose, trying to give a sensation of slow pace, like if nothing is ought to be taken
seriously, though it's totally the opposite. This might give the casual viewer a wrong impression of this anime, but as a level 129 weaboo, i've been
able to go through the external cover of this anime, and expose it's true nature as a... uh...
I can't even describe this anime with an existing genre, so from now on, we will call this new genre "bob"
So where was i? Oh right. And expose it's true nature as a "bob" anime!

IIII)Smell (strong as a middle school student's right arm/10)
Using the smell to make the delinquents go away in one of the many episodes was the read more
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Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge (Anime) add
I made a video:

Video Script:

Tanaka-kun is Always Listless (7/10): There you go, 7 ada 10, if you want to know more about my rating system check the video description. Now it is time to stumble headlong into my potentially spoiler filled review.

I really enjoyed the first episode of Tanaka-kun, after watching I thought it would be a toothless show about a guy being lazy and his sweet loving friend helping him through daily life. While that is the main premise of the show is just that, the second episode introduces one of my favorite characters, Miyano. Now Miyano could have been any silly ditzy character but the show actually chooses to give her depth, as the main joke surrounding her is that she desires the ability to be calm and relaxed when her nature contradicts that to the extreme. That character flaw still would have felt hollow until you find out that she is doing it because of her good friend who she loves and wants to impress. Episode four is another heavy hitter dealing with the conflicting nature of how we wish to be perceived by others and how we are comfortable acting like our true selves. Now I wish I could say Tanaka-kun kept this up but sadly quite a few of the later episodes fall into a purely comedic category. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as for the most part I enjoyed the comedy of the show, I just wish it had kept up with those powerful character developing moments of the first four episodes. One thing I can say I loved all the way through is the music, here have a listen (plays music), I have listened to the OST of this show a few times though and I just can’t get enough. It can be quirky and fun, relaxed and subdued and most of all I adore the instruments used! So if you are looking for a more laid back show with instances of solid character development “Tanaka-kun is Always Listless” is just the show for you.
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8 hours ago
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
If I remember very well, this anime was one of the most popular anime in 2015. I've seen it all over the internet. The world was crazy about the one lie that was told on a beautiful spring day in April. I certainly am a bit late watching this anime nearly two years after it was released but I just didn't like it at first. Now, after watching it, I present you the review on the most beautiful anime I have ever watched- Shigatsu wa Kimi na Uso or Your Lie in April.

Plot and Story Line

As I mentioned in the beginning, Your Lie in April is definitely and with great extend the most beautiful anime I have ever seen. It is amazing and a masterpiece, but first of all it is beautiful and I am not only talking about the animation or the character looks. The story, it's plot and the setting are the things that make it so beautiful. At first sight I thought that it is extremely boring. A slice-of-life about classical music, not the type of anime I am into. But two weeks ago I suddenly wanted to watch it and I did. And thank God I did. There is not a single second that I regret watching and it is on my "Must Re-watch" list on the second place just after Code Geass. But firstly, let's talk a bit about the plot.
The anime tells a story about the so called "human metronome" Kousei Arima. He is a prodigy pianist that studies under the supervision of his mother. But after his mother's death Arima becomes unable to hear the sound of his piano and quits playing. Even after two years he still doesn't play and lives an ordinary life alongside his best friends Tsubaki and Ryouta. Yet, on a beautiful April day he meets a girl that kinda changes his life completely. The girl is a beautiful and talented violinist named Kaori Miyazono. She shows him that music is not only about playing every not perfectly but a journey that they are about to take together.

From the plot description you would say that the anime is pretty boring. I was thinking the same way until I actually saw it. Because Shigatsu Wa Kimi no Uso is so much more. There is much more to it than just a story about a boy, a girl and classical music. The anime has so many plot twists and so many surprises that I cannot just tell because you wouldn't enjoy it then. The story is really deep with a lot "think about life" moments and morals that make you ask your self: Am I making the best of my life? Am I living my life to the fullest? Do I have time for all the things I want to do in life? The show has so many and probably one of the best morals that an anime has ever had.
One thing is for sure, it read more
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8 hours ago
Tales of Zestiria the X (Anime) add
As it goes for Tales of Zestiria the X, I was surprised on how good the anime is. First lets focus on the art... god dam! the art is amazing with beautiful vibrate colour pallets and seamless 2D and 3D animation that does not look out of place. As it goes for Sound this anime has one of the best sound designs with amazing depth and quality that makes the world feel more surreal and little details like echos and background sounds just puts the cherry on top for this quality of sound.

Little details like the non main character don't feel like useless objects in a background. I don't to write too much as i believe the anime should do the talking in this instance and I highly recommend to give this series a try after 2 episodes you will be hooked right in with each week counting down the days until new episode comes out.
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8 hours ago
Golgo 13 (Anime) add
I got bored of comedy and fights Ecchi, Big boobs and kawaii stuff, I had been like that before and i watched "Monster" but it came back again i needed to watch a different anime ~!! i was searching Randomly and saw this anime "Golgo 13" Never heard of that anime before, so i decided to give it a shot. who is Golgo ?
Well he is A very highly-skilled assassin only works for those who pay a lot of money for his services. Get ready for an awesome Journey In Golgo 13.

Story: 10
Art : 8
Sound : 9 ~Sub and Dub Both are good~
Character : 9
Enjoyment : 10
Overall : 10
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9 hours ago
Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Anime) add

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri/Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (Will be refereed as Kabaneri for the rest of this review) is pure fucking awesomeness. I'm sorry but most of the people who are giving Kabaneri a low score are looking too deep in too it. I'm not saying that they can't dislike the show, but why the hell did they sit though an entire show that obviously isn't for them?


What do I mean by this? Kabaneri story wise is very stupid. It is not a deep story. But the people who are linking the bad story too the show being bad maybe need to stop watching shows that favor fucking amazing action scenes than story and go and watch something deep and complex. Like Kabaneri's story does not matter too the slightest. The story is glue for all the amazing action, and that is more than fine. In my opinion Kabaneri is a far superior show to the show it's compared too the most Tetsurou Araki's previous work Shingeki no Kyojin/Atack on Titan (will be refereed as SnK for the rest of this review) as SnK has this mid section that in my opinion, is complete and utter dog shit and breaks apart what the series should be, fucking bad ass action. Kabaneri doesn't have that, Kabaneri does sort of add dumb tension at the half way point, but it doesn't break apart the amazing stupid action what was the reason I enjoyed Kabaneri so much.



Kabaneri is a mother fucking masterpiece art wise. You could screenshot any frame and make it your desktop wallpaper. The art style is this very shiny, special effect heavy style, what the masses seem to favor a lot more than me, but damn I would be lying if I said it wasn't fucking amazing. There's not much more I can really say.



The sound is soooooooo fucking cool, not much more I can really say, check out some of the songs on youtube



The characters are cool as fuck, my favorite in the series was Mumei as she was adorable and kicked major ass, Ikoma was also super cool. don't expect any Bebop or Evangelion level of character development and interaction, just watch them be hot and kick ass.



This show kicked ass, not much more I can really say. The action scenes kept on getting better and better, if you like cool bad ass shit that you can simply turn of your brain too watch Kabaneri, you'll fucking love it. If you think every single story needs to be complex and have all of the characters go through a mass amount of change, and have everything grounded in realism, don't watch Kabaneri, it's very sad that this show is getting all this negative critical reception as it was one of the best shows of the spring season. Please, if you're expecting something deep, you're not going to get that. read more
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9 hours ago
Toradora! (Anime) add
Anime... we need to talk. Honestly though it's me, not you, I've changed and I realize that now. The unfortunate collateral though is Toradora, which by all rights is fine. Toradora you're not the problem either, you're not even bad, it's just me. A decade and a half plus of anime watching and being an adult will do that to you. So Toradora, don't feel bad about my score, you're still OK, but it's just not want I want now and perhaps for others like me which is why I've decided to write this.

In a different time and place, perhaps 10 years ago or maybe back in college this might of been a show I feel in love with and it could be for you. I feel that I need to say that this show probably will be (and heck, clearly is) loved by many. For me though, I just can't do it anymore.

Toradora has some truly awesome moments, probably about 3 or 4 really stand out scenes that make you think "OK, this is why we're here, this is what we've signed up for", but than just kinda continues and as lame of a description as I know this is, that's Toradora. It just continues. It plods along, gives you a great moment than just continues for many episodes, shows you something special and than... continues for episode after episode and... well you get it. Toradora isn't slow, there aren't pacing problems, it just moves smoothly along at 5 below the speed limit as to not get a ticket. When all you really want is for it to just pick it up to 10 over because no one will ticket you for that and we can get to the destination sooner.

Again going back to this being my problem I hopped on this show way after the fact. So basically I've been inundated with threads, scores and youtube videos saying how great the romance is. This is where my years of anime and age will hurt you Toradora because well... that isn't really what I think of when I think romance. Man if lets say episode 26 was actually episode 20, that would be been amazing. That's what I wanted. I wasn't really looking for the weirdly rushed and out of place moments in the conclusion.

I want to see love, I want to see couples, I don't want to see dozens of episodes of the main characters "friends" saying they want to help and be their for the couple, but well, they aren't really or people leading others on with no intention of doing anything. Or episode after episode of two characters clearly knowing what they want, but neither doing anything about it. These aren't the helpful friends the show says they are or the great characters I hope to see.

What's the main romance wasn't even bad, it read more
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10 hours ago
Mankitsu Happening (Anime) add
Let me tell you something. Last week, I died for a short period of time after finishing the new Ghostbusters film and on my way to the afterlife God told me my time in the real world was not over, and there was one last thing I had to watch before I could pass on, which brings us to this hentai.

Mankitsu Happening is amongst the best Hentai, us filthy weebs will ever be graced with. Produced by Snoop Dog, Mankitsu Happening follows our main character, 'Guy who fucks every girl while having hair covering his face' as he gets a new job. However, this guy also has a secret special ability that would even put the most strongest of shounen fighters to shame... he has the power of strange and bizarre coincidences to have sex with any female co-workers. Most OP ability ever.

The animation is pretty great as well as character designs and overall art is top notch. There are a variety of sex scenes that are great and each of the girls are great too. It's a great vanilla and I would recommend it if you are looking for a good hentai with NO rape.

10/10 would die for again.

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12 hours ago
Princess Tutu (Anime) add
-This review has little spoilers-

I found Princess Tutu short time after finishing PMMM, just like a lot of people surely did, PMMM left a mark on me and i wanted to experience another similar animes, being Princess Tutu one of those series that is in the podium when it comes about Mahou Shoujo animes, later when i started watching this i realized that this anime has a lot of occidental influence in many aspects, this is actually good since people who are not fond to anime can enjoy it. (and should watch it since most of the occidental animated series these days are nothing but crap).

When i started this anime i was expecting something kind of dark but heartwarming at the same time and i was correct but i must say i never expected to find an anime with such an incredible story, and even when i didn't feel like i got 100% attached to it it can't be denied that this anime is an absolute 10/10 in terms of story at least.

Unluckily not everything is as perfect or amazing as the story we are introduced at the beginning. Let's start with the characters. Even when they are not bad at all definitely i didn't felt much sympathy for them at least at the beginning, i couldn't really find them truly human or relatable, the way they acted made no sense to me sometimes, even when the evolution they receive is good. This anime uses multiple times the same joke which is very funny at the beginning but starts to become boring and predictable later on.

Let's talk about the audiovisuals.

The animation is very decent considering how old this anime is, the dance sequences are absolutely gorgeous 10/10.

The music, this anime uses the legendary work of the god Piotr Tchaikovsky as the choice for it's music, technically the music would be a 12/10 but for obvious reasons it would be unfair, so i don't think i can just give it a 10, on the other side the OP is one of the best i've seen in my entire life, it's unique and magic, sadly the ED is forgettable and insipid.

The colour palette is not the wisest choice but it works nicely.

What i mentioned early are small problems this anime has, the real problem with this anime is it's pacing. at the beginning of the second part of the anime the series struggles really, really, really hard to keep going, we have episodes that barely help to the development of the plot and have a repetitive and predictable formula: Kraehe or Myuuto try to bring yummy delicious nutritious food (human hearts) to the evil crow then our heroes come and save the day at the very last moment, doesn't help the fact that some of these secondary characters that are introduced are not important at all or are boring as hell. Princess tutu at this point has to introduce multiple characters to get out of the hole and be able read more
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Ao no Exorcist (Anime) add
So, I have been dying to write a review and flex my writing muscles, so that I can find a good way to make up for not having English class (Which I sorely miss), and what better way to do it than by writing a review of Blue Exorcist.

Story - Now the story, if you read about it already, it looks pretty genuine. It would've helped if the protagonist's father's name was NOT Satan, and could've been Ifrit (Which, mind you, also has a demonic background and sounds way more badass), because that's what struck me a lot. OH LORD, our hero is the spawn of SATAN. Let's throw in a bat so we can shoe-horn in an Ace Ventura joke.
BEGONE! WINGED SPAWN OF SATAN!!!! - Never gets old. :-))
Okay, let's give it the benefit of the doubt that, Satan is not OUR Satan, but that does not change how generic and predictable the plot is. No, SERIOUSLY, IF I gave you the spoilers, you won't be surprised. TRUST ME! I mean the series was SO forgettable, that I only remember the important plot lines and forgot the fillers. OH YES, there's fillers, but it's only for one episode yet it serves no purpose to further the plot.

Art - Now I have to admit, the artwork is pretty good. The school looks breath-taking and the character designs, while some awkward, is pretty good. Heck! Why don't I enroll into True Cross Academy and learn how to summon Ifrit, OR #@$*!&% BAHAMUT! I mean, the classroom looks pretty well drawn. And never has a Principal's office looked so good. And good lord, THE BLUE FLAMES, they looked so gorgeous, yet so dangerous, That I want one of these for my screensavers. PERIOD!

Sound - The openings are #@$*!&% awesome. Not kidding, it has to be one of the most awesome OPs I've ever heard. If only the series stayed true to that. As for the OST, well, the series was so forgettable that even the OST is forgotten!!
As for the Anime Voices, I watched it in dub, and I have to give the crew some credit, they did it pretty well, especially with Johny Yong Bosch voice acting as Rin's brother, Yukio. And Rin's voice actor did a pretty good jod of capturing the spirit of a young, confident, hard-headed (is that even a word?) protagonist, that you can't help but love the guy. Everyone else, especially Bon's voice actor, did a pretty good job. Can't judge the subs, but I can tell that the subbed works for some scenes in the anime than the dubs, especially in the summoning sequences.

Character - Now let's get to, what may be the first time I have seen good characters get bogged down by a weak story. Rin makes for a pretty badass protagonist, who looked down upon society. Yukio..........umm, he's a good brother, so there's that. And everyone else is genuinely, hmm how do I say this, basically riddled in anime read more
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*Warning! Review does not contain any actual info, about the movie!*

I think Cooler said it best, when he described super saiyans as a "all show and no substance." Well... that's exactly, how I would describe both this movie, and this franchise, as a whole! Beneath the brightness and flashiness, with pretendous epicness, there's this sullen, sunken and hollow emptiness, that I for one, just can't seem to be able to fill... and for once, I'm not sorry because of it!

Let me get one thing perfectly straight! I do think, that Toriyama, is very intriguing atrist... with his stupid poses, singular face-motions, and character-styles, that'll all just blend in... but artist, nontherless! The namekians truly look good, same with Friezas final form, and Cells... first form. What I don't think he is, is a storyteller, or even capable of comprehending even the most simplest human minds, emotions and motives. His characters are just like tools for him, with very little personality, or motives, which leads him telling them, what to do, instead of them telling him, what they want to do, thus engaging the characters to grow, and develope naturally, without force, and with actual subtlety. Forcing characters to change, or not change, for the sake of the plot, is not very talented writing, and what is given out of it, is just some pointlessness, thrown in the air, resembeling this ultimate mess, called DBZ. Characters are so blank and unindearing, that they're like a memes from themselves - little to no personality, nor motives, with stupid/non-existent/implossible development, and stories, that are just as much actual stories, than five rounds in a row, of Street Fighter arcade-game! The show had the same problem, and so does these movies, and more I see them, the more they start to look exactly the same, with same colors, and same taste... which is the taste, of wet cardboard, soaked in piss!

But, what about the actual movie, itself? Well, sadly - not really - I have to say, that this movie, in it's 40-minutes running-time, is just another padding-session, for fans, with lots of adrenaline-boners, actual boning, and finaly, the happy ending - why, I have no idea! Cooler is basically just our "poor mans choise" for Frieza, having even less of a character, personality, or motives, than his predecessor... who, by far, was just some coward, with sadistic tendencies, and gleeful racisim. Cooler isn't even that, and I really have to wonder, how come he wasn't immediately laught at, in his stupid meccha-form, with his stupid plan to brake some shit, with his stupid Spagetti star - I don't even care, what the actual name is, anymore! Cooler has really no other motivation for his doings, but a whiny, man-childish temper-tantrum against those, who slapped him in the wrist, but, even if he actually had any real motivations to beging with, it wouldn't have made this story any more bearable... because, it wasn't! The story was so stupid, thin, and unneeded, that this movie, read more
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One Piece Film: Gold (Anime) add

Our beloved straw hats are going to the biggest casino in the world to have some fun and of course they will meet the owner himself!


The Casino is the biggest ship I’ve ever seen in the series and I couldn’t believe it was moved by 2 gigantic turtles! “There is gold, gold, everywhere” I mean the whole casino is filled with golden buildings, statues, restaurants, hotels and even golden amusement parks!


The animation is by far the best performance I’ve seen in a OP Movie! I was really happy to see some darker colors in the movie because the casino is filled with thousands of golden stuff. So I saw yellow and golden colors the whole time. They have done everything right at this point!


The sound was incredible! Background music, conversations and fights. Everything was sounding like I wore high end headphones the whole time!


There are so many apperances from older arcs and of course I will not tell you who I mean! I loved the costumes because our beloved crew got some noble outfits!


I heard so many laughs during the movie because there are so many funny moments while the straw hats are enjoying the time in the casino!


I really enjoyed One Piece: Gold, because I love to see how the straw hats enjoy their time like a family! The best part are the final fights and they are all insane!


Watch this movie! You’ll see a lot of old characters from the past and a lot of funny moments with luffy and the rest of the crew.
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Pan de Peace! (Anime) add
A 3 minute episode anime about bread.

It's cute, the characters are funny and are interesting in their own regard.

I found this show very funny and relaxing.

The art style is cute. Smooth and soft color schemes.

I found no problem with the audio aspect of this show. Good background music, voice acting and catchy opening theme.

Don't try to watch it expecting plot similar to shows like Deathnote or Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi (Erased) because that isn't the point of the show.

The point of the show is to be somewhat nonsensical. Just go with the flow. Watch cute girls talk about bread and friendship.

They also utilize good slapstick comedy in the show. I found myself to be quite literally laughing out loud at the comedy.

I seriously think people don't give this show enough credit.

I honestly enjoyed this anime a lot, despite the popular opinion.
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