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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Anime) add
Everyone now must obviously know Kabaneri is like Attack on Titan. Humanity in verge of extinction because of zombie fellas. so yeah, it's no original, but that doesn't mean it's completely ripped off. If you have an author you idolize and you want to make a same work as his you don't copy everything in his work you only adapt the idea to create your own and that's what Kabaneri did and it did a very good job adapting it. such as the world building they didn't use the same setting of Attack on Titan but used a steam punk one instead and with a greater depth putted into it. Just by using a steam punk as your setting it's already given that there's so much of interesting things to get explored but it's even more spiced up when they got to throw stuffs related to human cultures and beliefs in the setting. I really like how this make the world building feels natural.

About our Protaginist, well, even with the series' premise, he surprisingly isn't your Eren clone! they do share the same tragic backstory, same objective and even the half human half monster thing which kind of upsetting but even though he got this cliche thing in his character he managed to stand above this bastard Eren and his clone Yuu and Lenka. He isn't your immature kid who was born only for the solely purpose to scream "I'MMA KILL YOU ALL!!" in other words only thinking of revenge nothing else that if you make them an extra character of their own series they will just get killed real fast no one would care not even the author himslef. Protagonist here have a way better of doing things and way better of thinking. He's badass but not physically we used to see but intelectually which is a good change of pace and he show it not by explaining every fucking single thing he does after making you go "what?" but through his action instead.

if there's one thing I hate about the Protagonist though, it's his age. I mean another teenager for this kind of plot? another show with a teenagers who kill a hundred of enemies and adults who couldn't kill a single enemy? Japan, you don't only have kids who watch your cartoon stop making us believe Adults are useless. If Protagonist were a lot of older and a scholar of some shit wouldn't it explain why he knows something only him know and make things believable and so we all can take it? same goes to our female lead Mumei, like holy shit! why is there a loli here? a fucking badass loli! now now don't get me wrong I like lolis! who doesn't? you? stop lying pls what I mean is it just doesn't fit this kind of story world building already did a very good job to make the world feels natural but with this teenager characters it's hard to take everything seriously.

Anyway, that's my read more
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Gantz (Anime) add
I've heard about Gantz before and thought it might be interesting.. but uh..
The animation is very sloppy and the characters reactions to different things is unnatural.

Spoiler examples.

The MC randomly sees all girls naked, no reaction except for a boner.
He then can read peoples mind all of a sudden, no reaction.
They're about to get run over, they don't climb up instead run.. it's a bit odd..
As they get overrun by the train their heads comes off rather oddly since no other harm is made to the bodies.

when they show up at the place they end up once they're dead, they don't freak out about being teleporterad over there, no one is surprised at all.

Once the female show up, she's naked of course since she committed bathtub suicide.
The girls body shows up in the arms of the MC whom randomly kisses her.
Then another guy comes and pulls her with him into the hallway and attempts to rape her, so MC's friend saves her.

While she sits there sobbing and the guys talk, the dog comes in and starts licking her between her legs, she blushes and moans to the dog to stop, rest is acting like nothing's going on.

Guys leaves and so does the dog, after that they get to know they're dead and that they're about to go hunting aliens....

they kill an alien who turns out to be a child.? so his father shows up blowing one guy up, no one freaks out about him getting killed they're all just like.
"Um.. who are you?"

seriously, the characters act very odd and unnaturally to everything that's going on. And the animation is sloppy and not that well made, still frames with a sweeping camera for effect.

gg.. horrible, it could been good... but it's just random and no realistic reactions at all.
I don't even give it 0 as score it's simply -5.
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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Anime) add
Coming from the same team behind the megahit of Attack on Titan and the disappointing Guilty Crown, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is packed with tons of potential to become a blockbuster hit among the anime community.

In a world that is undergoing an industrial revolution, creatures called Kabane suddenly appear and begin attacking everyone and everything. With a heart that is protected by a cage of iron, the Kabane confines the remainder of humanity into walled cities with armored trains called the Hayajiro providing transport and supplies between them. As the first four episodes are primarily focused on the immediate need for survival and relieving the tensions between the Kabaneri and human, there is little time given to the major overarching plot beyond a glimpse of Memui’s mission and a few words on their eventual destination of the Shogun’s main stronghold. I will say that the show is well-paced in delivering action and dripping out information about the nature of the Kabane while wrapped up in a tense atmosphere of fear and dread.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is a serious show and pandering character tropes are thankfully absent but that doesn’t mean that playful moments don’t exist in the show. Given that there are only four episodes aired thus far, it is much too early to give a final judgment on the characters, both main and supporting. I’m encouraged at what has aired so thus far in seeing Memui balancing the precarious thin line of being a badass without being oversexualization while having Ikoma infused with the classic shounen spirit backed up by his impressive engineering skills forms an intriguing dynamic between the duo. The ojou-sama of Ayame, while timid and indecisive in the beginning, has seen a vast improvement by willing to engage in direct combat and building bridges with the Kaberbai when everyone else wanted to throw them off the train.

Distinguishing itself from modern anime trends with its steampunk/Japanese Edo period aesthetic mashup, Wit Studio combines a very 1990s art style with its well-known ability to produce gorgeous animation in order to create something that is pleasing to look at. Evident by their experience in Attack of Titan’s action sequences involving 3D Maneuver Gear and death-defying gymnastics, they continue that trend of animating some very impressive scenes of swordsmanship and shooting Kabane to death. Even its strikingly unique and memorable characters who are designed by Haruhiko Mikimoto, known for his work on Gunbuster, Macross as well as many other shows in the 1990s, fit well in the warm color palette with their old-school look.

As the musical composer of insanely popular shows like Blue Exorcist, Guilty Crown, Attack on Titan, Kill la Kill and Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, Hiroyuki Sawano complaints the show’s high-octane action with his usual bombastic style of heavy electric guitar, electronica, thumping bass, choirs and his usual stable of singers that he relies on to provide the cheesy insert songs. read more
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Kuma Miko (Anime) add
Story: 7
Kuma Miko is really just a slice-of-life comedy with no real overarching story (thus far). It largely focuses from the perspective of Machi and her life has a secluded shrine maiden who has very little knowledge of the modern world. There's not really much to say besides the fact that if you don't like slice-of-life, you probably won't like this.

Art: 9
The colour palette along with the character design is wonderful. Machi is absolutely cute and her facial expressions are something that's worth rewinding to watch over. The backgrounds tend to be simple, but they suit the general style of the series so no complaints there.

Sound: 10
I won't make much comments regarding BGM, OP or ED as they're really based on person to person, though I'll say that they suit the general theme.
What made me give this a 10 is that the voice acting is absolutely engaging, and is by far the biggest reason why I'm giving this series a high score overall.
Machi has one of the cutest voices I've ever heard and that absolutely fits with the character. Just hearing her voice is engaging. She's able to express all sorts of expressions depending on the situation while still maintaining the cute aspect is absolutely astounding.
Natsu also has a really nice carefree and conversational voice.
The other supporting characters are also pretty well done as their dialogues really feel like the characters are actually having a conversation rather than everyone constantly waiting for a prompt before reading their line (*cough* Sousei no Onmyouji *cough*).

Enjoyment: 9
I really enjoy the art style as Machi is really cute. Hibiki is also quite attractive with her long hair and choice of clothing. But what absolutely seals the deal is Machi's voice, the engaging dialogues as well as the light hearted comedy in general.

Overall: 8
To be honest, the first episode made a really dull impression on me. For whatever reason, I managed to get through it and decided to try episode 2 then I just couldn't stop listening to Machi's voice.
Overall, this is a great series if you're a fan of slice-of-life antics as well as light hearted comedy.
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Hotarubi no Mori e (Anime) add
"Hotarubi no Mori e" or "The Light of a Firefly Forest" was based on my own opinion one of the best anime movies I've ever seen.

I think the way they told the story was very unique, we were first in the present time but then they showed us the story that happened in the past
( I know a lot of movies are like this but I think they just did it really well and I myself couldn't think of any other/better way to have told the story).

They also showed us more than they talked, do u know what I mean ? Like they showed us more than that the characters actually talked. I normally don't really like that, but again they did it very well with the music and the art style.

I liked the character designs, they suited the character personalities very well.
The voice actors also did a really good job on this (the Japanese version at leats, I didn't watch the dubbed one so idk if the English voice actors did a good job or nah).

Overal it was such an emotional movie, to be honest, I sheded some tears but like who didn't right? Loving someone who you cannot touch that is what the story is about.

And if you've seen this movie already may I recommend a video on YouTube that you must watch, its titled 'you can be king again' really that video almost made me cry again.

Hope that y review was helpfull ^-^
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Clannad: After Story (Anime) add
Clannad : After Story is the direct continuation to Clannad, a visual novel developped by Key. After watching it all, I feel compelled to write my first anime review ever for what is considered by most as a must watch.

A bit of context on when I watched it : I had already watched Clannad first season a bit after its full release. However, I didn't like it at all : I still think the art, plot and characters are generic. Thus, I randomly decided 7 years later (and after being baited with spoilers) to watch its continuation and reach my own conclusion on a work I couldn't understand the fascination for.

Clannad : After story can be divided in 3 arcs : first one is pretty much like Clannad first season. It's uninspired and generic, but it could be worse. It ends on episode 8.
C:AS really shines with its two last arcs which could be (and should have been) a season of their own. The main character faces realistic issues : he has to grow up and become a functional adult. And this is probably one of the few anime to show a character struggle with adult fears and problems. The culmination of the plot is reached in episode 19 where the show should have ended. Alas, for the sake of drama, the authors decided to asspull a bad ending and a deus ex machina on the plot which ruined the moral of the story.

Characters can be divided in three groups :
- The typical harem girls which are generic. Even the main girl Nagisa is a caricature of a woman
- The main character Tomoya who evolves a great deal. To elaborate, the protagonist has great development, flaws and quality. He's the first character in fiction I ever wanted to punch when he made mistakes.
- The main girl family, idealized but necessary for the plot to work
The character design ranges from uncanny (the girls eyes...) to generic (Tomoya).

Soundtrack is fair but each music goes well with the scene they play with.

To conclude, even if harem and slice of life animes aren't to your taste, you should watch Clannad : After story for the exceptional episodes 9 to 19 which carry the rest of the series and which will probably leave you thinking about how you live or will live you adult life.
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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Anime) add
It's like a steampunk Attack on Titan. With zombies.

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri :
Beautiful art, full of action, amazing music, and of course, an interesting story.

*May contain spoilers*

After watching the first episode of Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (henceforth Kabaneri) I was so excited and immediately wrote a review. Of course it was removed *pfft*. Such was the impact Kabaneri had on me. It's almost impossible not to compare AoT and Kabaneri due to the many similarities that they share.

The premise of Kabaneri is very interesting. It's about the struggle for survival of the humans against the Kabanes (zombies). They seek refuge in 'stations', where the only way for mobility is a locomotive. It's not just a story about fighting zombie-like creatures, it explores the themes such as the loss of loved ones and humanity. Things that we can reflect on.

"Is it right to protect yourself by sacrificing others?"
"I don't want to run away"
"I want to someone who I can be proud of"

Yup. Things like that.

As I watch the series, I can't help but compare it with AoT in my head. However, as the story progresses, I see that Kabaneri took a turn for the better. Like...How the MC suddenly attacked the one that believe he's innocent? We don't get that in AoT right? I see that Kabaneri's got huge potential to be good as AoT, or even better, story-wise.

The art is absolutely gorgeous! Heck, even the Kabanes look cool with their glowing, caged hearts. The action scenes were fluid; you can't take your eyes off or else you'll miss something. The colour tone fits the mood real good. The sceneries look haunting and many details were given to it. The weapons, the locomotive splattered with blood, the costumes, the houses, the character designs; almost everything were given details. The characters' expressions were excellent too. I don't think I have any complaints for the art.

Great OP; it gives off just the right vibe for this show. It's gives off a vibe like Guren no Yumiya, AoT's first OP. On the other hand, the ED for Kabaneri felt a bit mysterious. In short, the OP and ED are a perfect fit for this show. The show is mostly quiet, but the tracks used really suits the events and it helps to set the mood. Like when the Kabanes managed to infiltrate the station and everybody was panicking...I panicked too. The sound effects for the train, the weapons et cetera are top notch. The voice actors were also excellent in portraying their roles.

At this point of the show (episode 4), the MC's past was already revealed, so we kind of get why he became the way he is. The MC's really similar with Eren Jaegar in personality. That's where the similarities stopped. Thank god. I think that the characters in Kabaneri are interesting, particularly Mumei. She's sassy and strong, and also mysterious. Oh, there's this one character that keeps getting on my nerve, because he's too prejudiced and bossy and read more
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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Anime) add
Koutetsujou no Kabaneri seems really promising so far. Fantastic art and animation, wonderful music, great OP/ED and visuals. But when it comes to story, it's already been seen before. And it's still worth being given a chance, and it may turn out to be something spectacular, if done right.

Story [8]

Story so far is fast paced, solid, with gradual explanations. Having seen only 4 episodes so far can only give me a little - but so far, it has been enough. The pacing is steady, there is no information overload and it's easy to follow. For now episodes are connected into arcs, so it may be better to watch all of the episodes either when it finishes airing, or every week. It also has a bit darker structure and atmosphere, given that it's about steampunk zombies, infections, station-towns and big trains. Already in the second episode we are given the reason behind the name of this anime. It's a ruthless world and people are quick to turn on each other if they even suspect one has been bitten by Kabane. They would kill or tell them to end their own lives if it would get them out of danger as soon as possible (which in fact, like Ikoma said, makes them huge cowards - if they can't even follow the rules they set themselves.)

Also, because it's original anime, I have big expectations. It means we will get either a solid ending or another season, but it probably won't be left open ended.

Art [10]

I can say I am surprised at how detailed they are when it comes to hair, clothes, shadings. It's very difficult to animate with unique styles, that is not the usual cell shading, and this was done gorgeously. Even Kabane, the zombie monsters, are fantastically done. It is a memorable style and so far, they have stuck with it. I also believe the art style is fitting with the atmosphere and the story this anime is trying to pull off, so this is generally a very big plus. Backgrounds are also highly detailed and stunning. KnK is trully piece of art when it comes to Art section.

Sound [9]

Wonderful and awesome melodies, put in the right place in the right time. Not only instrumentals, but catching songs as well that are put in the fight scenes.
Seiyuus are fitting their roles perfectly, and opening and ending are extraordinary.

Characters [8]

Given we have only 4 episodes out so far, there is not enough on the characters, but there is no doubt that will change very soon. There is a current set up of the characters:

Ikoma, for example, is a genius, and he won't stop at being innovative even if it costs him everything, only so he could help everyone else stay alive. He is, after all, not a type who runs away - or ever will (again), especially after a particular incident in his past. While he is also impulsive and determined, when it comes to devastating situation, he read more
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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Anime) add
With popularity of SnK, as it is the same studio behind it, with the same composer for the OST, popularity is surrounding Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. Although many do compare this to SnK, it has a rather unique story to it, with episode 1 being the only exception that is rather similar to how it handled it story progression.

This review will be only up until Episode 4, with minimal spoilers

Story: 7
The story, as mentioned, has some similar essences as SnK, with the concept of building "walls" around each station to barricade themselves from the Kabaneri. However similar it may be in essence and setting, the actual core story has a different one to tell, focusing more on the characters, rather than the whole issue of the Kabaneri. it is about finding out more about the following our protagonist Ikoma, to see how he will fair with his newly become self as a Kabaneri, and how society reacts to him and others who try to cover him. However, in episode 4 the pacing was slightly off with some scenes of pause between dialogues being a little too long, thus feeling a little awkward. But this is a minor nit pick so t can be somewhat cast aside.

Art: 9
The art in this anime is stupendous , with the old 80s or 90s animation feel, reminiscent of a Ghibli film, with a lot of sakuga, and limit use of CG, except in scenes that involve super fast moving backgrounds and train movements. However, these uses of CG are used VERY well, not being jarring or detracting from the experience, fitting very well.

Sound: 9
Well, it's Sawano Hiroyuki, and what did we expect from the man behind guilty crown and SnK? Another great soundtrack. Unlike what happened with SnK and GC, where the soundtracks sounded rather similar, Koutetsujou no Kabaneri manages to have its own identity, whilst still giving us that Hiroyuki essence, epic, grandiose, and gripping use of vocals. The sound effects are fitting as well, with my favourite sound being when the hearts of the Kabaneri are stabbed or shot through, creating a screeching sharp sound that resembles very well the metal cages in which the hearts of the Kabaneri are encased in.
And man, the opening and ending. Two of my personal favourite singers, Egoist and Aimer are in it, with the opening being explosive with its music, matching with the visuals.

Character: 8
Although controversy sparked upon the trailers of Koutetsujou no Kabaneri with similarities drawn with Ikoma and Eren from SnK, these two characters are completely different. Whilst both characters are similar in terms of that they both are halves of what the enemy is and have the will to kill the enemy, Ikoma is a lot more focused, with a proper rational mind to think for others to protect and to think in a different way from others, finding out ways to get stronger for himself and for others, which is different from the temper tantrum annoying read more
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Majo no Takkyuubin (Anime) add
*1st review
Short plot
Kiki's delivery service is about a 13 year old girl (witch in training)who leaves home to find her witch skill
Like the other ghibly films(example:my neighbour tottorothe art is very beautiful,bright colours and make it a realistic world or believable world

The sound track in this film is relaxing and fits very wells With the film

The story is simple but simple doesn't mean it's bad,Kiki's delivery service is very enjoyable
Buy may not be for everyone,though it is a great but I preferred laputa or my neighbour Totoro more than Kiki's delivery service

The only flaw in my opinion is that the movie is slow in the 1st half of the movie

The world of Kiki's delivery service and the characters make this movie very worth watching
If you enjoyed the other ghibli films

Overall Kiki's delivery service is a good watch if you want to watch something relaxing or easy to watch,if you liked Miyazaki's other file than you should definitely watch this one
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Mayoiga (Anime) add
"We can start a new life in Nanakimura village"
"Running away from society"
"Turn over a new leaf"

Those are some of the participants of the bus tour to Nanakimura Village's motivation to join the tour. They joined in hopes that they could start over a new life,
where no one knows them. However, the village seems to have a deadly secret of its own...

The premise of Mayoiga is actually quite interesting, and IF I rated it only based on the storyline,I'd give it an 8.
But...I'd say that the writing is quite bad. So 6 it is.
First, at this point of the show (episode 4), it's safe to say that nothing major had happened.The dialogues didn't really have real tension or depth behind them. Some of them were said just for the sake of it being said.
In episode 1, nothing happened,except telling us about the purpose of the tour and introducing the characters.Oh, and the characters were arguing most of the time.
Yeah, sure, they managed to go to Nanakimura and some suspenseful events did happen. Someone MIGHT have been dead, but we still don't know what had happened.
I think that's what happens when you try to put sooooo much mystery, that nothing seems to happen. I've seen anime that had me gripped ever since the first one, but sadly,that's not the case for this show.
Despite the obvious flaw, this show still managed to do the suspense excellently.Although the pacing is slow, the suspense managed to keep me from dropping this show.
You just want to know what happens next. I think that the redeeming quality of the anime is the suspense.

The art is quite pretty, and it haven't dwindled in quality, yet. The sceneries were quite beautiful although not really outstanding.

IF the characters die, you wouldn't be feeling sorry for them. Most of them are annoying or doesn't even have real depth so that we could emphatise with them.
Maybe some characters were just meant to be there for a sacrifice, because they're too superficial. At this point, the characters haven't really changed, the annoying still annoying, the stoic still stoic.
However, we did get some unexpected character's background development, and that's a good thing.

Most of the time the anime is quiet, but the tracks used aren't memorable. The OP and ED are decent, but not outstanding.

I had fun thinking about all the theories about Nanaki Village, and also the suspense. However, the interactions between the characters took some points off for the enjoyment.

Sooo...I feel like this show is wasting too much time on their endless pointless arguments and it took a toll for the enjoyment part. Having bad writing and annoying characters really made this anime got a low rating from me. However, this show definitely managed to utilize the suspense to keep me watching this show. Those who can tolerate an intense amount of suspense (mystery) should watch this show.

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Bungou Stray Dogs (Anime) add
The first thing that you gonna find this anime as being, "interesting" or "unique" from other anime. That would be the humor, the character names and ability which are derive from an actual author (and their novels) names, the personality of each characters, their behavior etc. Incidentally, the author of this anime is so determined to emphasize the personality, or tendency of "Dazai Osamu" as having a suicidal thoughts, or eagerness to kill himself in a less lonesome ways by trying to commit a double suicide with someone, and in search for a way to kill himself in a non painful death.

In term of the story, it first seems to progresses extremely fast, then went back to its slow pacing afterwards for a new character introduction, or showing some badass screen and character's interaction with their dark and weird humor. But thus far, i have nothing to say for sure that this story is not very that appealing or it's really all that great, since i've watched up to only 5 episode of this. But it has been pretty interesting and unexpected so far. But the big thing that throw people off about this anime would be the suicidal jokes, circling around Osamu Dazai's character, which is somewhat fuck up in a certain extend depending on individuals with different value of morals.

The art is pretty consistent within this anime, it isn't bad, but it isn't the best either. However, in a certain vital part of its dramatic screen, the details of the art and the contrast are really amazing. It really give you that exact feels that you should be feeling in a specific screen. The OST was pretty cool as well. I mean, so far in all anime, the OST are so fucking good lately. The quality of the intrumental play, the refined melodic singing, the suspense music and so forth are really top notch. Including this anime.

But overall, i was not really impress with this anime. It's alright for me so far, and enjoyable as well. However, it weirdness in characters, plot, the sudden turn of horror are just not what i like about it. It's all too sudden and i know that this anime only have like, 12 episode so that may explains why. But the pacing is one of the thing that i dont really like so much at all atm. But check it out, it's a good anime.
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Non Non Biyori (Anime) add
Season 1 of Non Non Biyori is a great show because the audience gets to watch how a country setting can nurture people and their relationships.
The setting itself is a character in Non Non Biyori. It has a relationship with the characters and it helps them grow and develop. This is amplified by the minimalistic but beautiful art design that accompanies the show. The simple colors add to the personality of the setting, and beautiful backgrounds help give the audience an emotional core to latch onto. This allows for the audience to feel the same emotional connection to the setting as the characters. Thus allowing the drama of the narrative to be more immersive.
Then there is the characters themselves, who are simple yet enjoyable to watch. The shows narrative basically consists of situations that the setting puts them in. And what makes this narrative so compelling is the characters themselves. Each character has a very different personality that when clash together make for good television. Furthermore what makes this show so much better than other moe-girl shows is how the characters grow throughout the story. The characters grow by learning to face these situations that are presented to them. Each episode a character learns something about growing up or themselves. But the real crowning goal of Non Non Biyori’s story is the relationships of the characters. Without these very specific relationships that are made possible by the setting; the show would be no different from the usual moe fare. These relationships are great because each of them has a few specific quirks that work well with the other character’s quirks. It’s this perfect balance of quirks that makes them work so well.
There are other pieces of merit within Non Non Biyori as well. For example, there is great comedic delivery given to us from visual presentation of the film. Great timing and shot composition give the comedy the spark that the show needs to stay entertaining. Furthermore the music of the show is very adorable and fitting, and it gives the show the tone and character it needs.
So overall Non Non Biyori gives the medium of anime a strong addition into the slice-of-life genre, and it is a show that can encourage other moe slice-of-life anime to properly use its setting and relationships to create an emotional core for the world presented in the show but also for the people watching.
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Bungou Stray Dogs (Anime) add
Mystery and comedy don't usually go together, and this show is a mix of both genres.

*May contain minor spoilers*

So, if you strongly dislike comedy, this show is not for you. Why? Because a big part of this show consists of comedic acts. Since Bungou Stray Dogs (BSD) is done by the same production house that did Ouran High School Host Club, it makes sense. Those who have watched Ouran High would be familiar with the gags in BSD.

The storyline of BSD is quite interesting, although at first it seemed simple. Atsushi the MC was kicked out of his orphanage, so he's practically homeless. Then he (reluctantly) saved a man who was indulging in a "leisurely submersion" who turned out to be Dazai, an "Armed Detective". Later, due to certain circumstances Atsushi was taken in by Dazai, and became one of the Armed Detectives. I don't want to spoil beyond this, but I can say that things took quite a dark turn.

It's also easy to watch as the characters would explain what is going on. However, I gotta say that the comedy in this show is quite overdone. At times, the comedic gags seemed inappropriate because it was supposed to be a serious scene, so the tension kind of dissipated. That's all I got to complain, though. Once you overlook those excessive comedic acts, you'll enjoy BSD.

The art is quite pretty; with the sunset and the flowing river (in episode 1) , but it's not really astounding either. The battle scenes are done quite nicely; it was smooth and entertaining.

The VA's did a good job, the OP and ED is befitting for this show. The OP sets the hype, the ED is quite relaxing. I don't really remember the tracks used, soo I guess they're not really memorable.

There weren't many battle scenes (at this point) because the show focuses on some character development, and the characters didn't really feel shallow and superficial. I think that all of the characters (in the detective company at least) had some degree of humor. There's Dazai the Suicide Freak, Kunikida the 'Straight Man' to hit the 'Funny Man', the Great Detective, and many more...But there's more to them than meets the eye, actually. Personally, I can relate with the MC, who sometimes got the feeling of being not good enough.

I really enjoyed watching this show, as it has a twist to it. Just ignore those excessive comedy and you're good to go. This show, for all it's flaws (bad comedy) is definitely worth checking out. Unpredictable storyline, great art, quirky characters, good sound.

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Angel Beats! (Anime) add
Story: 4/10
As another works from Jun Maeda and part of KEY VN adaptation (related: Clannad, Air, Kanon, Little Busters!, and recently Charlotte) I rate this one as another good work yet a boring one. Why?

Angel Beats story line took an idea of purgatory(afterlife) with the high school setting. High school setting is one of the best part which Maeda specialize at. While the plot actually works fairly well within that setting, there isn't actually anything that I found inspiring or moving in any way. In addition to this the whole basis of the story is that this particular purgatory is only for young people, however one has to question why this is so, and also why the only young people who get to go there are all people with regrets.

Throghout the story, you will discover a little bit of the characters previous live but you will see that this anime is not tear jerking as another work which previously made. Purgatory is the last chance a soul has to "get it right", and whilst Angel Beats does kind of show this, the lack of anyone who died for revenge makes the whole story unbalanced. The fact that almost everyone in the story only has regret makes the whole show a bit too sugary sweet, and while the whole series is actually pretty well written, this only makes the areas that are missing more pronounced.

The short duration of the series was at fault when the characters couldn't even get a proper development and backstory and mostly because of that, the story, on the whole, fell short. The huge amount of comic relief (at times, unneeded) didn't help much either. Honestly, they could surely have sacrificed some of the rather drawn-out comical scenes for some backstory right? Well, they obviously thought showing like only 6 backstory (out of 18+ SSS characters) is enough, otherwise they could have shown at least one or two more in just 13 episodes.

Also for the ending... well it's loved by a lot of people and disliked by others. As for me, I was very disappointed by it. The romance buildup towards the ending only had a few episodes to go for, and was rushed and just crammed together in the last few episodes, having almost no development whatsoever.

Character: 5/10
I feel like some of the characters in this show have a good amount of fanboys and girls. I feel this because their designs, along with the superb animation make these characters have a very good look, although their personalities all were clearly lacking. I personally found most of the characters FAR too one dimensional. This is especially true with the very large ensemble of side characters that never seem to get any proper attention or development. With an uninteresting lead, and one dimensional characters, it usually spells trouble. However, the fantastic character arcs for four of the characters were so good that I really can't say the characters were anything worse than above average. These arcs were read more
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Buddy Complex (Anime) add
Story: 7/10
Buddy Complex is a mecha anime from Sunrise that does not push any boundaries, unlike Valvrave. At the first battle scene you will think that is this really not a strange anime?

"Connect with Dio"

What the heck??
However, the story development is very well done. The battles display differing tactics after failed attempts rather than having the same few machines doing the same few moves against each other, which happens in quite a few of Sunrise's previous mecha series. It is a delight to see how our main characters get out of the various difficult situations they are forced into.

Art: 8/10
Coming from Sunrise, it is not much of a surprise that the art and sound are well done. The character are normal, but the art of Luxon and Bradyon is nice, and when both of them in coupling mode is so damn cool, like how the wings glow and all the cg effects stuff. But the 2 mecha still look like some No-grade Gundam. If Buddy Complex have more budget, the mecha will definitely look nicer with a bit of more detail. The battles scenes are amazing and do not have a noticeable amount of re-used scenes. It is a joy to watch for the art and sound alone.

Sound: 9/10
I like both the opening and ending, except the ending somehow give me the feel of watching Gundam Seed ending(note: ending here isn't the final phase). Nevertheless, everything sounds right in this anime. The background music during the battles and while they are on standby fit in very well.

Characters: 10/10
All of the characters seem ordinary. However, they are easily likable and feel human enough not to feel two-dimensional. Also, when they get emotional, there are clear reasons behind them (i.e. their emotional spurts do not seem to be pulled out of nowhere). There are also no noticeable plot holes that I have noticed while casually watching the show. I like Hina a lot in this anime, her depicted character with her long black hair and purple eyes.

Enjoyment: 8/10
This is where the series shines for me. The anime does not become too ridiculous or too boring, and nothing about it bugs me. All the coupling scenes is good, I also enjoy how Aoba always talking about Hina as though Hina is his only one. But it's really enjoyable to see fast action mecha fight that is not one sided, even when it is, it will and must be overwhelming!

Overall: 8.4/10
Overall, this anime does not try to be anything out of the ordinary, but its excellent execution and animation bring this anime as one of the few good mecha anime.
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Byousoku 5 Centimeter (Anime) add
I've never written a review before, so I'd rather not call this a review, but instead an explanation of why I enjoyed this show.

To me, I felt a great deal of realism; this means that the things I saw that happened to the characters are possibilities in everyday life, that characters were not overly-dynamic, and that the story did not take extreme twists and turns.

The characters' emotions easily reached me; anticipation of wanting to see someone important, frustration and anxiety from intrusions to your schedule, the ever-growing chasm of loneliness from separation, the self-isolation after losing love, the tiresome monotony of life dragging on, and the occasional curiosity of how the other person is doing even if you may mean nothing to them anymore. Nothing has ever reached out to these types of emotions for me besides Byousoku 5 Centimeter.

I don't know much about judging art or sound, but I assume that since no strange music or scenery caught my attention, everything was well put together.

Overall, I really love this anime.
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I started well-knowing that it was the quintessential cliche harem anime, but was blown back by just how bad it actually was.

Story 2/10: Quite possibly the most contrived part of the anime is the story. Plenty of animes can get away with copypasta characters, but stories not so much. This basically just went straight-forward with a downright silly, improbable path despite trying to be more or less a slice-of-life.

Let's just say you can tell it's based off a Visual Novel, because of all the "romance" options in the harem, it decides to go nowhere for any of them specifically for the sake of flaunting it to try and get you to buy into it. And by the way, that's all there really is to it. There's a subplot about the MC deciding what to do with his life after school, but you could guess where that leads the moment he haphazardly joins the "club".

Sound 3/10: The most Jarring aspect of the show by far. It starts off alright, but then takes a steep nosedive. I'd have rated it higher because for the most part it's passable, but one of the more influential characters in the story sounds like they went to her house and pulled the audio off a portable recorder in contrast to everyone else.

This is exceptionally alarming because not only does she frequently give the MC verbal hints with very clear double meanings, but she is the voice actor of the group and you will hear her voice ALOT and hangs around the MC ALOT(for obvious reasons).

Characters 3/10: By far the most cookie-cut characters you may ever actually see in any anime... The only interesting interaction between characters was the MC Buntarou and his childhood friend Yuuka, because the hints are dropped fast in the start that she wants to be more than friends but isn't sure how to do so. Other than that it's just really bad cliches and characters done for the sake of appealing to fans basically forcing themselves onto the MC.

Enjoyment 2/10: After the first episode I legitimately started "skimming" episodes, skipping small parts a few minutes at a time and only going back if it seemed like I missed anything important. I didn't miss anything important. There is nothing important. It goes close to nowhere and very slowly specifically because the player isn't controlling the main character's actions. Therefore he is effectively neutral to everything and just coasts through. Watching this show feels like a long, dragged out filler arc.

Overall 3/10: Would not recommend this to anyone, regardless of the circumstances or how well I get along with them. I'd have rated it higher, but for lack of better explanation it simply wasted my time and somewhat limited internet usage.
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9 hours ago
Osomatsu-san (Anime) add
An anime about sextuplets living their NEET lives. They get into all kinds of situations, and even though this is a comedy, it might make you cry a little sometimes. With all of the characters having the same face and name, it was a bit hard to figure out who is who. There isn’t really a story, but there really isn’t supposed to be.
When I first watched it though, I couldn’t stop. I wanted to watch it over and over again (and I kinda did). Every character is a bad person, but they’re all likeable in their own way. I think the characters and the different skits they perform in are really funny and most often than not, it’s better the second time around when you finally figure out who’s who. It’s a very colorful anime that may keep your attention, but the art style is a bit different in the majority of the anime, which turns newcomers off from what I’ve heard. I’d say to give it a try – you’ll get used to the style.
The intros and outros are all pretty good, the EDs are less catchy than the OPs, but all are very nice in my opinion, none of them are so awful or boring that you’ll want to skip over them entirely.
I’d have to say the majority of this anime is very funny, some sad parts included, and unfortunately some boring parts as well. A few more upsetting things are that they used episode 12 as a recap episode, episode 1 is unavailable in most places, and oh that ending. But the humor is tops, and the characters are great, voice acting is awesome, and the situations are hilarious.
Very enjoyment, just watch it, kinda really need more, second season pls – 8.876982/10.143
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10 hours ago
Joshiraku (Anime) add
"This anime is full of ordinary dialogue so that the viewers can fully enjoy how cute the girls are."
That literally sums it up.

At least, that's what I would say if it actually summed it up.
The dialogue is anything but ordinary-- the things they talk about are absolutely hilarious and I found myself almost bawling from laughter very often. All the characters had very different personalities, and, as the above statement said, are all really cute.

Story: 8/10
I was first introduced to Joshiraku through an osu! song- the ending theme, to be exact. It was a great, fun song, and the anime looked good, so I decided to check it out. It's about five rakugo girls (and a mysterious mask...) that discuss random topics. Usually, they drift away from this topic until they're up to something completely different. It's always hilarious. However, there are loads of Japanese inside jokes/puns that you probably wouldn't understand. I recommend 'gg subs' (I use KissAnime to watch it), because they make it very easy for you to simply look up what certain things mean.

Art: 8/10
The anime's art is pretty similar to the manga. Very cute, obviously. I like how they've done it, because anything more detailed would ruin the theme of the anime, in my opinion.

Sound: 10/10
Okay, I know what you're thinking-- "10/10?! Isn't that a little far-fetched?!?!?!"
Yes, probably.
But, taking in all aspects- the opening is amazing, and I have the ending downloaded onto my phone. I know most of the words from listening and singing along on repeat. IT'S SO GOOD. The voices are also cute, and cute in a good way, not in an intolerable way.

Characters: 9/10
The characters are all very different and amazing in their own ways.
There's Marii. Marii is a very funny, tomboyish character who never fails to make me laugh with her bruised butt. She is often ignored or left out by the other characters. Her name, Buratei Marii, is a pun meaning bloody mary- say it out loud. Buratei Marii. You see?!
Kukuru is a very unlucky, emotionally unstable girl. Her name contains various Japanese puns relating to very dark things. She has a dark sense of humour.
Kigu is a very cute girl with short yellow hair. She pretends to be cute, but often has moments in which she turns very dark, muttering that she is sick of 'their damn expectations', often swearing.
Her name, Kigurumi Haroukitei, is a pun-- say it out loud! Kigurumi and Hello Kitty.
Tetora is a very lucky girl, and considered the main character of the series. Again, her name is a Japanese pun.
Finally, we have Gankyou. Gankyou is a glasses-wearing girl, who often acts very violent towards the other girls. She generally likes reading books and surfing the web.

Overall: 8/10

This is a must-watch for those looking for anime which reflects the dark and humorous side of life- you can thank Kukuru for the 'dark' part :)
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Noragami Aragoto (Anime) add
Overall, I really liked this series once it kicked into the more serious plot of the second season. The first season was a modest beginning to an action anime with some unique plot devices and reasonably good quality characters.

The comedy loses some punch as the same jokes repeat often. That said, the comedy is timed well so that it doesn't interfere with serious moments (and occasionally provides much needed relief of tension).

The characters are each memorable in a way that most anime just can't manage. I really appreciated that the plot is 'small' enough that solid closure and denouement were possible. The ending is very satisfying because it was done with finesse, but it leaves you wanting to hear more stories from the noragami universe.

The plot isn't fantastic, but the character development maintained a great lock-step with plot advancement. Despite the great character advancement, many of the characters having the emotional maturity of a 6 year old throwing a tantrum.

Artistically, the style is well-developed and comfortably shifts between the realism of serious plot points and the cartoonishness of the comedic relief.

There is enough good content in the anime to make it memorable, but there are some oversights. The framework of this series is remarkably mature and healthy, but unfortunately the execution of the manga wasn't always able to do it justice.
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Aldnoah.Zero (Anime) add
What happens when you combine Gen Urobuchi, Sawano Hiroyuki, and Yuki Kajiura in one anime? Well, it will become one hell of ride experience when you try to enjoying the anime in each episode and you will expecting some major plot twist since Gen Urobuchi for his famous plot twister since Fate series, Psycho Pass and etc. Aldnoah Zero also wasn’t an exception when he making this series but, I can tell you, the series wasn’t bad and it has some good points which you might like it.

Aldnoah Zero has some average story but it’s not your average mecha and action genre. You will find the series has insert some logical part yet not too reasonable as you enjoying the action pack fighting mecha using science logic. It’s not too complicate like you need to have wiki on your side to watch but, I find it more interesting since I love science especially when MC explain the theory of each attack made by enemy and it makes the battle looks real in terms of logic. Aldnoah Zero also do a decent job telling us story between each side since it’s a tragic war between them and made the story unique and having the impact between middle and the end of story.

What make Aldonah Zero different with any mecha genre that I have seen, is the interaction in each character especially our two main male characters. We can see different aspect and view within these two as they progress with their own story and for the same time developing new characteristic. One is being lack of emotion but very smart with logical thinking to survive in war and one is being too idealistic and very loyal until he can reach his goal. These are two sides in one coin which we as audience need not to make haste judgment in each side which is one of the interesting parts in this series. Other characters also do have some spotlight in each episode which you can see their own perspective being conveyed.

I have nothing to say specifically for animation. In general, studio A-1 Pictures did a good job handling battle animation especially in CGI. You can see each mecha suit has their own unique ability followed by their design which pretty decent for mecha genre. What I like about animation is the gorgeous surrounding or environment of each episode. For example, the buildings, the sky, sea and etc looks beautiful if you watching it thoroughly.

When watching Aldnoah Zero, one will experience the thrilling of action especially in mecha battle and enjoying one of the awesome soundtracks composed by none other than famous Yuki Kajiura for her other masterpiece like Tsubasa Chronicles, and Fate series. Did I also mention Sawano Hiroyuki earlier? Yes my friend, since he was famous with his other project like guilty crown and attack on titan, you will be listening some blowing soundtrack while watching the series. Kalafina also famous for their opening in fate zero joins in read more
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This is anime that doesn't beat around the bush, you get what see. There's titties, games and high school love. The characters are all shit we've seen before, the story is really not there. Most of the characters are one dimensional and are better to look at than listen to. The art style is your run of the mill color by numbers Barnes and Nobel how-to-draw anime, but executed well. There isn't a girl that has lower than a D cup. Which is exactly the grade I'd give this high school delinquent bullshit, a D, shitty to watch and completely transparent in it's boner inducing intentions. If you're a gamer too nervous of cheesing his pants to talk to your crush, I'd highly recommend it.
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11 hours ago
Seihou Bukyou Outlaw Star (Anime) add
One of 90's nothing but just action anime, this series showed how why thrilling fight scenes was great.

Like most of the animes that I have prefer, it has a nice opening and ending theme. It was short and sweet to the point, in which there are no fillers and continue the story consistently even have a few backstory to make it more interesting.

The funny thing I thought about this anime was that despite the protagonist being the center of attention, I believe he wasn't as popular. Sure he was a pervert and always got into the debt, however I think the appeal center around the women who were essentially his crew. Now ignoring the fan service, they gone through many adventures together, in which we got a few good laughs, sadness is some parts and even said farewells to some.

Overall its a pretty enjoyable anime. Unlike most that I have wrote a review on so far, it doesn't stand out as extremely good, but it is still a good series.
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11 hours ago
Yuusha-Ou GaoGaiGar (Anime) add
A decent series at its time, the appeal of the audience is probably not as good since most of the things that made it good in the past are outdated.

Out of all the animes I have watched, this is probably the closest to a power ranger series. Protagonist has cliche dialogue, always announces their attacks before initiating it and every 1 or 2 episode is fighting another mecha villain.

It does has its merits though as the characters are drawn to look every cool and still has a nice opening even to this day. There is not much else to say about this anime, but its good if someone just explore the series (you don't have to watch every episode to be honest) just to see what kids in Japan when this show first premiered really enjoyed.
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12 hours ago
Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Anime) add
So far so good.Kabaneri is living up to its hype.

I was a bit doubtful about the first episode.But fortunately the main characters power up comes at a cost(human blood)Unlike Eren.Moreover,there is an explanation that is not necessarily what was shown in episode one.....

A positive about this show is that though not everyone knows everything,even with understandable trust issues,at least they try to make do with what they know,like how they tried the shortcut.

They know their goals(make it to the city).They keep the kanberi around,and will sacrifice for their best interest,like how the princess knews about their blood problem rather quickly.

Unlike a certain show that derails the basement objective.

The animation is consistent as well.It's not still frames when there is no action,while only animated when there is.

The show still needs time to develop its characters though.They just seem to merely react to circumstance.Too many self-inserts.

This show has no profound messages,but it's fine the way it is.Cool zombie action will carry the show.Will update as the story progresses.

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12 hours ago
Bleach (Anime) add
This review is based on all the episodes of Bleach that have been released so far (366).

A lot of people seem to say that Bleach doesn't have a very in depth story but honestly when you compare where the show is at at episode 300 compared to episode 1 it is one of the furthest developments of a storyline I have ever seen. The main arcs are highly enjoyable and setup the fight scenes brilliantly. The only thing that lets Bleach's storyline down is the fact that this show is so jam-packed with filler episodes. I know you can just skip fillers and what not but I am a bit of a completionist and like to watch a show in it's entirety, so these were a huge slog to get through for me. Even if I wasn't a completionist I would still think it proper to take the fillers into consideration as they are a part of the show's episode list (unfortunately).

The art style is brilliant in this show, from the way the characters are designed and drawn, to the action choreography, to how the comedic scenes are delivered, you can hardly fault this show for it's exciting visuals.

I absolutely love the audio in this show, they have a variety from heavy beats to more higher-pitched fast tempo tracks. They sound fantastic and the music in this show never fails at getting you pumped to see someone power up or a fight break out.

The characters in this show are amazing in their design and are mostly interesting. The only things I can fault regarding the characters is some of their powers are sometimes a little bit dumb (for lack of a better word) and sometimes it simply doesn't make sense how one character who just lost a fight to someone goes and beats someone who just beat the person they lost to originally. The show is a little inconsistent with it's characters power levels. Both of these factors are easily overlooked though as for the most part the characters are brilliant.

I love Bleach and while it isn't a perfect anime (due to the reasons I've mentioned) it rarely failed to entertain me and all of the main story arcs and characters were an absolute blast.
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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Anime) add
Before we dive into this review let's address the elephant in the room: Koutetsujou no Kabaneri has a remarkable number of similarities with Attack on Titan.

Both shows have essentially the same overarching storyline (they are each set in an alternate post-apocalyptic setting), are both animated by Wit Studio with a similar art style, and even share the same director and composer. Therefore many may find it easy to quickly dismiss such a series as a blatant rip-off and write it off as a copycat of the original (and better) anime that preceded it. However, after watching the first few episodes of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress I believe that assumption to be a mistake in this case because this show has many excellent qualities that allow it to stand on its own as well (very minor spoilers for the first few episodes ahead)

Story 7/10
The overall setting of Kabaneri is, as previously alluded to, essentially a re-write of Attack on Titan’s world with the Kabanes replacing Titans as the main source of conflict to society. Like Eren Jaeger, the show’s main protagonist Ikoma also has a harrowing experience in his youth that prompts him to want to destroy the creatures that have wronged him. While this storyline is certainly formulaic and derivative, it is also still very effective. By the end of the first episode I was already quite invested with the characters and wanted to see the how the plot would further develop.

Art 8.5/10
This anime shows some wide, sweeping shots that showcase the beautiful landscape but Kabaneri really shines in the nitty gritty effects department as one would hope for in a show featuring a lot of hand-to-hand fighting and close encounters with Kabane. The somewhat darker art style that is present in tense situations really encapsulates the overall tone and mood. The character designs are also well done and the action animation is quite crisp and fluid. The anime does employ some instances of CGI, particularly for the trains but overall it is handled well and the transition from 2D to 3D models is pretty smooth.

Sound 9.5/10
Hiroyuki Sawano is at it again and his tendency to churn out epic background tracks continues with Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. The full soundtrack is not yet available but I am already looking forward to its release as there are several great pieces including another great song featuring MPI. In addition to the stellar score, the opening and ending themes are performed by EGOIST and are both excellent (the ending is particularly good and features vocals by Aimer). A great soundtrack is crucial to setting the overall ambience and feel of a show and this may in fact be Kabaneri’s strongest asset.

Characters 7/10
This shows does not have a very large cast of central characters but the few it does focus on are fleshed out decently and possess some intriguing traits.

Ikoma (the main protagonist) has the quintessential heroic qualities you look for in a main character but also stands out due read more
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One Punch Man (Anime) add
This review is based on all the episodes they have released so far (12) of One Punch Man.

The story felt a little rushed at first as they jumped straight into the action from the very first episode without really setting up the characters or world at all but this was really just to give you an appreciation of the beauty of this anime, as well as let you know exactly what you're in for. An action-packed adrenaline rush. Within a few episodes though they slowed down (a tiny bit) to involve some backstory and plot which has been entertaining and kept me watching episode to episode excited about what's coming next.

The art style in this anime is second to none. It's brilliant and has a certain polish to it's look whether it's in the more comedic or full on action scenes. I can not fault this anime for it's aesthetics.

The audio in this show is fantastic from the sound effects, voice acting or music. I have really enjoyed it and it definitely adds to the overall quality of the show.

While this show is faultless in many areas probably my favourite part so far has been the characters. From the villains, to the heroes, to our main protagonist Saitama they are all completely badass and are an absolute treat to watch.

This is the best new anime I've watched in the last few years and I am truly loving it so far. I just wish season 2 was out already!!
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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Anime) add
(this is my second review so please bare with me)

"I am never watching Kabaneri because it's a ripoff of SNK!"

I am sure you or or someone else you know have said something along those lines. If an anime about people having a certain weapon to kill the enemy and is about their survival in a made up world, then gosh golly darn it, this anime must also be a ripoff of Hellsing/Hellsing Ultimate, The Walking Dead, Noragami, and all of the other anime/television shows in the same neighborhood.

Sure, the starting premise of a special someone being needed to win agains the enemy isn't exactly original, but I am sticking with this anime until the end.

And for those who says it's a ripoff of SNK, let me say that it wouldn't make sense for Tetsurou Araki to- as some would put it- 'recreate' SNK. Why would he got through the trouble of doing the exact same thing?

For those who are interested in my actual review of the anime, let's move on. I don't wish to bring in a comparison/contrast of SNK but I will at some point, so fair warning.

Story (10)

I am in love with the premise already and am excited to see where the anime is headed. KnK's storyline has started off with a bang and is only on episode 4. It could go in any direction from here on out!

Art (10)

Not much to say here. I am impressed with the character designs. It is very anesthetic and pleasing to the eyes.

Sound (10)

The seiryuus do a nice job, and of course the background music is great because it's by Sawano, who has also done SNK and Guilty Crown, for examples.

Character (10)

The characters haven't been delved into much except for Ikoma, the main hero, but the charactersar nice written so far. I can't find any complaints with the way they have acted.

Enjoyment (10)

I am an avid lover of action anime, and can't complain about this one. I am enjoying it immensely. As I stated before, it's only on episode 4 but so much has gone down already.

Overall (10)

As I also started before, I'm excited to see where this anime will head in the future. Overall so far, it's been great. I usually don't rate anime highly when they are airing and don't have many episodes released, but this one is an exception.

So as for the SNK comparison.

I've seen SNK twice and think it's very slow, especially in the first half. There are a lot of 'what if's, 'but's, and 'yet's that drag the storyline down, in my opinion. Kabeneri is not that slow, I mean, most of the issues the characters would have faced have been taken care of already, and from here on out, there shouldn't be as many.

All in all, I'd say give this title a chance before you watch the first episode or two and say it's a read more
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Boku no Hero Academia (Anime) add
This review is based on the first 4 episodes of Boku no Hero Academia (or in English - My Hero Academia).

The story is nothing groundbreaking or new but has a fresh enough spin to be entertaining.

The art style is fantastic giving off a comedic element while also looking quite brilliant during the action scenes.

The sound has been fine without being inspiring. There hasn't been any sound effects or music that have really caught my attention.

The characters are probably the most interesting part of this anime so far. Most of the characters so far are well designed and interesting - can't wait to find out more about them.

Overall this anime (so far) has been quite enjoyable and definitely has the potential to be great.
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Re:␣Hamatora (Anime) add
Review for both Hamatora and Re:Hamatora.

Note that I'll use [] to put something that could be an spoiler, though I won't reveal major plot parts.

This was, actually, my favourite show from its year... for the wrong reasons.
I'm not even kidding.

███STORY ███

To make it short, the story is full of good ideas, but the execution is awful. Everytime Hamatora manages to do something right, making you hope that the show will become good, it screw up EVERYTHING the next episode. An example of this are those episodes where a character dies. Is pretty obvious that the director has no idea about how to handle drama, because:
1-His drama is stupid.
2-Does a good drama and then fills the screen with jokes, so the sadness that you're supposed to feel disappears.
I swear I was really mad after that episode where X character dies. I was truly heartbroken, and then, the next episode they gave me a BEACH FILLER. WHY? The characters didn't even discuss that X died. They just went to beach. Mr. Director, are you sure you know what are you doing? I guess no since you didn't do this once, but twice.
Talking further about this death topic, every death is terribly handled. It tries hard to be something shocking, but it barely is because no character actually dies when killed. And when someone finally manages to die, the death is so forced that you end complaining about how innecessary that was.

Relating other problems, this show tries too hard to develop its characters, but fails at the matter. Uses flashback totally out of places, introducing cliches situation to force you to sympathize the characters but... it doesn't work. It's not like the characters are annoying (they're not likable either), but everytime they tried to show me the story of a character I felt like something was missing.

Now, let's talk about the cringeworthy writting. God, I really had a good time with it.
I know that friendship is something, but seriously. If my best friend is constantly trying to kill me, then he stop being my best friend at the second. Like really, Nice has the worst friends in the story of Earth.
And characters constantly contradict themselves with what they want. Let's see an example:
[Character Z wants to kill character X. Character Y knows it, and KNOWING it notices that he actually hates X and sympathizes with Z, so he wants to join him now.
Y: Dude, I feel you. Let me join your cause.
Z: Great! I'm going to kill X.
Y: What? You can't kill X. I quit this shit!
Then Y beats the shit out of Z because the latter wants to kill X. The end.
(After this, Y hating X was never mentioned again. In fact, they endend as close friends).]
And how can we forget that time when A went to drink tea with B, KNOWING that B killed his best friend? Obviously, everything had a bad end.
And let's not talk about plot devices and Deus Ex Machina. They're everywhere.

But let me say something read more
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Iron Virgin Jun (Anime) add

It is well known that Go Nagai is one of the most influential and controversial mangaka in the industry's history. He gave us the giant transforming robot genre and Sentai with Mazinger Z. He gave us the Magical Girl genre with Cutie Honey. He even helped give us the seinen demographic with the bold and brutally violent twin works of Devilman and Violence Jack during the 1970s, which showed that manga could be for older readers as well.

However, if you write 2,000 different comics, one shot doujins, and anime, you are going to have a few flubs. Stan Lee has written plenty of bad comic issues by his own admission and even Alan Moore has been known to occasionally write something less than stellar. Go Nagai is no exception to this rule. So what is generally considered to be the nadir of Uncle Go's insanely prolific career? I've looked into it and most would say Iron Virgin Jun. Having seen this anime and the manga it was adapted from...yeah I can see why.

Before we begin the review, we must sing the obligatory Go Nagai tribute song!

Go Nagai! His violence is over the top!
Go Nagai! So much blood you will need a mop!
Go Nagai! The guy that wrote Mazinger Z!
Go Nagai! The likes likes to draw women pee!
Go Nagai! His rape scenes incur censors wrath!
Go Nagai! Dude might be a sociopath!



Iron Virgin Jun, as you can probably surmise, is about a young maiden named Jun. On her 18th birthday, Jun is forced into an arranged marriage by her giant ogre of a mother. Jun refuses to accept this and runs away into the woods, so her mother sends a bunch of minions after her. Jun beats up the minions and joins with a young butler of her household named Kuratta, who is basically her only friend. When Jun's mother learns her minions have been defeated, she goes into a rage and puts a "virginity bounty" on Jun. Whoever manages to catch and rape her gets to marry her! This soon leads to Jun fighting against rapist ninjas using robot penises that transform into giant drills. "Mine is the dick that will pierce the heavens!!!" Jun comes across her kindly aunt, who states that she and Kuratta can live with her on her magic island, but unfortunately the island will appear upside down until Jun has set her own life right. This means confronting the source of her family's evil, her demonic grandmother! Jun teams up with her good guy father, who jumps at the chance of finally killing his bitch mother in law! It turns out she is already dead and they must defeat her ghost, which they do without much effort because this is a 1 episode anime. Jun and Kuratta then basically live happily ever after. The end.


This OVA came out in 1992 and it looks like SHIT! Despite the fact that movies and OVAs tended to have better art than long running anime series in read more
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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Anime) add
This review only cover 4 episodes

With the popularity of Attack on Titan (SnK), this anime often labeled as SnK rip-off. According to urban dictionary, rip-off means stealing ideas. So if both anime made by same studio, of course it can't be rip-off. But YES they have very similiar plot.

Anyway let's get to the point, Kotetsujo no Kabaneri (KnK) is Post-Apocalyptic anime, that's the type of survival story that happen after some sort of accident. This type of story have same plot, survival from certain creatures, whether it's zombies, giants, ghosts, or other mindless human eater. In KnK, this creatures named Kabane.

Story (7) :
KnK story happened around Japanese Revolution Industry Age in a Steam Train named Kotetsujo. The main objective of the story is to survive until Kotetsujo reached it's destination because Kabane is everywhere in the way. Our main characters is half human half Kabane named Kabaneri. Although it's simple, the story can build good tension and cliffhanger between each episode, it can make the watchers keep wants more. But it still have plothole though it wasn't major, it's up to the watchers the plothole could ruin the enjoyment or not.

Art/Animation (10)
I have nothing more to say about this. KnK have great animation, the action scene is so exciting that can make me often wowing it.

Sound (9)
The opening and ending OST are good to listen. The best part is it playing cool background music when the action scene shows.

Characters (5)
I think characters is the weakest point of this anime, neither the main nor the supporting, but the minor characters. The main character, Ikoma is decent character but still weaker compared to Mumei. I personally hate weak male main characters but Ikoma isn't one of them. Mumei is the most interesting character so far in the series with her easygoing attitude.
The supporting characters though have good design but they didn't have enough role, only the princess so far. Maybe in the future episode the story can focus on them.
The problem is the minor characters, they were so annoying and stupid. Normal person can tell Kabaneri is very different with Kabane and Kabaneri is the one who help them fight againts Kabane but they act unnaturally very coward, this is the weakest point of this show.

Enjoyment (8)
I would say, I pretty enjoy this anime despise the plothole and unnatural minor characters. Because the action scene and tension is great with some cliffhanger each episodes.

Overall (8)
Overall, KnK is universally liked anime, I recommend this anime to my friends this season the most along with Sakamoto. But it's only 4 episodes, it can be good or bad when it finished airing. Let's hope for the best.
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Hachimitsu to Clover (Anime) add
Spurred by good reviews to watch this anime, I picked it up and continued to watch hoping that the reviews would be justified. Towards the end, I toughed it out, but was ultimately greatly disappointed.

In a nutshell, this anime is a bore to watch. Unless you count graduating from college and getting a job as exciting and significant developments, every character is almost in the exact same spot they were in at the beginning of the series.

Watch one episode and you basically get the gist: A bunch of friends in art school talk, eat (a lot), get drunk (a lot), pine after this one or that one, cry (one character seems to cry every episode, almost every 5 minutes), fervently work on art pieces, go to festivals, take field trips, have inner monologues, and don't address what is really on their minds to the ones who need to hear it. Their failures to communicate prevents them from making breakthroughs which serve to slow any development to a snail's pace artificially.

If you don't want to watch adults fall in love with a character that looks and acts like a child, do not waste your time with this series. I expected the show to address why the character is this way and show every other character be conflicted about the attraction to her, but that didn't happen. Even if they did address the attraction, it is akin to mentally mature adults pursuing a mentally challenged adult. No bueno.

Maybe the show intended to continue after the 36th episode, but, as of now, it didn't sufficiently tie up some of the threads that I was concerned about in my opinion.

I liked how this anime looks, but the first 24 episodes seemed to have looked better than the last 12. The cartoonish expressions the characters often make gets to be too much for me though. The voice acting and sound design are the best things about this anime for me by far.

In closing, I didn't enjoy this series, I obviously won't re-watch it, and I strongly do not recommend it.
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Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage (Anime) add
Story, this is where I found the most issue with this anime. The story lacks direction, conflict and resolution. The real conflict is introduced toward the end of the anime and isn't given the attention or foreshadowing needed to make it feel natural or conclusive.

There are underdeveloped parts in the story, and random skills( or sealed beasts) included that don't pertain to the story but work off previous anime. Story lacks originality and depth.

Art: old school but expectable. Nice animation , just a bit dated ( but that may have been what they were going for )

Sound: Good, appropriate. Wouldn't win any awards, but set the mood nicely .

Character: Oriku can come of bratty, braggy, and arrogant at times. Your waiting for him to redeem himself with some touching scene later, but often times he's just being an arrogant kid. Hard to love initially (but super smart and witty).

Obu's attitude towards Oriku is seeded in something, that is never really truly explained. Characters need further development, one dimensional , flat.

Enjoyment: Honestly , I came in loving this anime, and left waiting for it to finally be over. As the show went on I liked it less and less. Wholes in character and plot that you are waiting to be explained, are never addressed . Conflict is quickly and sloppy resolved. I wish I could have loved this anime, but i didn't .

Overall: Mediocre, was not "bad" but I would not recommend it to a friend
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Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000% (Anime) add
If you've ever watched reverse harem anime, you know that it usually involves a plain, clueless girl surrounded by a bunch of attractive guys (ranging from "cute" to "hot") who all fall for her / fawn over her for seemingly no reason whatsoever. The story then consists of the girl interacting with each one of the guys and learning a bit about their backstories before feeling "conflicted" and deciding to fall for the guy who is the most mysterious and tsundere of all (aka a jerk). However, even her weak effort at choosing a single guy usually offers little resolution, romance, or satisfaction, for by the time she comes to terms with her "feelings" it's usually time to wrap up the show and you're left guessing about the rest.

Uta no Prince-Sama follows this exact same format with the addition of the themes of idols, composers and music. Since something similar has already been done before with Kiniro no Corda, the writers seem to have tried to throw in some plot twists and other "mysteries", but unfortunately, as with most reverse harems, these are pretty predictable and hardly surprising.

Nevertheless, this show is far from being terrible or completely unenjoyable. In the reverse harem spectrum it's definitely somewhere in the middle, for it is neither a masterpiece like "Ouran Koukou Host Club" nor a complete abomination like "Diabolik Lovers". Rather, it stays in the mediocre-but-almost-good comfort zone with the likes of Kiniro no Corda, Fruits Basket, Vampire Knight, Bonjour Koiaji Pâtisserie, and many others.

Although the art is certainly much nicer than in the modern classics mentioned above, the animation could have used some improvement. Scenes involving singing and dancing often appear awkward or disjointed and would have greatly benefitted from more frames or even a little CGI. Additionally, the protagonist's eyes are a bit unattractive and disturbing to look at (although this is probably a matter of personal taste).

The music is perhaps one of the strongest points in this series, for it is fitting and enjoyable. While nothing out of this world, Mamoru Miyano does a great job at singing the opening as well as some other songs, and overall the seiyuus' work really shines.

Besides most seiyuus in this anime being well-known and award-winning, it was also refreshing to see (or hear) them do something different. Although I could tell that Mamoru Miyano would be in this series from the first episode, I actually had trouble identifying his character because he did not use the usual sugary sweet voice I've become accustomed to hearing in most eye-candy series in which he is featured. Additionally, Nakamura Yuuichi also voices a character that is completely different from his usual work, hence making things all the more interesting.

It is mainly thanks to the great performances from the voice actors as well as the lovely art from the animators that I was able to enjoy this series (which would have otherwise been an extremely generic reverse harem).

If you're a fan read more
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Akuma no Riddle (Anime) add
In my opinion Akuma no Riddle is one of the most under-rated animes out there. It has a solid and original storyline (though I would have enjoyed more killing) also there character designs are great as well as great voice actors for the dubbed and subbed versions. This anime has an amusing intro as well as a different outro song for each episode. The entire time you are on the edge wondering if someone is dead or alive and wondering what's gonna happen next? Who's gonna attack next? This anime has skilled assassins put up against each other so the show has constant action. This anime deserves more attention and better ratings than it has.


The only flaw in the storyline is the ending. The way it ended feels impossible and it's completely confusing.
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Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Anime) add
Review until episode 4 without spoilers beyond episode 1.

Should you watch it?
Do you like zombies, gore, post-apocalyptic and steam punk settings? Then probably yes
Do you dislike empowered teenagers, edgy anime, retard adults and inconsistencies? Then probably no.

In short: generic story, decent characters and action focused.

Story 4
The setting is common to other post-apocalyptic scenarios but here humans take shelter from the kabane in "stations" and are connected with the other shelters through railways using huge trains. There is no objective that drives the story other than "defeating the kabane" so the story progresses event by event. The "trigger" of the events and many of the events are more or less evident plot conveniences and the characters react to what happens so they are not very pro-active characters. If you value logic and plausibility in a show those plot conveniences will affect negatively the credibility of the story, but if you value more enjoyment than logic then probably there's no issue for you. Plot conveniences can be found in all the shows however a good show justifies them or hides them by giving the feel of a natural flow in the story. Instead in KnK the many plot conveniences are evident and in key point of the story, which should be avoided because it breaks the suspension of disbelief.

Character 5
Overall the characters are neither bad or good, it mostly depends on the situation taken in consideration with some inclination towards bad.
The adults characters are depicted as retards so that the teenagers main characters seem more intelligent than they actually are and everyone is closed-minded in their opinion or ideals.
Ikoma, that at first sight seems one that uses the head is the same especially when he is overwhelmed by his enthusiasm, others have to accept his opinion because he says so and thanks to the presentation we are inclined to take his side even if sometimes he is logically wrong. Also his design is quite awful (imo) and created through questionable methods (hair colour changed for "reasons" and he put those metal bars around his shoulder because metal is trendy.)
Mumei is quite annoying with her arrogant and selfish behaviour like she knows everything when she's actually quite simple minded but she has some badass moments. She creates avoidable conflicts or problems just because she doesn't want to communicate.
On the positive side at least Ayame is not the "useless cute princess" and actually contributes in some ways to the story.

Enjoyment 5
For me there are too many things to overlook to enjoy the action or the intense scenes because I continuously question the plausibility of the what happens unless it is a rule of cool scene like the badass moments that were pretty good. The action is the only thing that is enjoyable while the tension moments are disappointing.
For example when Ikoma says "this is not a curse but science" and I should be hyped for what is happening I am not hyped because that simply is not science. That's just a "deep" phrase read more
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Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo (Anime) add
Well ill start off with the fact that this is the anime that got me into watching anime in the first place.
Ive always loved the pure randomness and slapstick style comedy. This show nails it on the head, the story didn't really click or really follow a path. But It was the most entertaining and hilarious show I believe I ever watched. It instantly can be put you in a good mood. To warn you it is sheer randomness, it would impossible to predicate anything, and thats best part. If you are dedicated to other story driven animes and hardcore character delvope. You might just actually hate this show. But if you want comedy and just one of the most obscure view experiences ever, I highly recommend it then!!
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Death Note (Anime) add
Death Note's point of view is, of course, that the protagonist is actually Light's Moriarity to L's Holmes. Having a villain as an entertainment centerpiece is nothing new; just look back at Shakespeare's Richard III to see an ignoble main character who addresses the audience as he schemes. More modern examples would be The Sopranos, Pulp Fiction, or even the strikingly similar Showtime series Dexter. Indeed, it is not Light's prominence as a megalomaniac lethario that compromises Death Note as a series. In fact, its viewpoint is so rare in the anime world that it's refreshing.

What makes Death Note deeply problematic instead is its total lack of a moral compass. The manga's creators have said that the intent of the series was never to explore the ramifications of Light's actions; it was to present a dramatic thriller with a cat-and-mouse game. I can accept that Tsugumi Ooba and Takeshi Obata weren't going to create a philosophical manga for Shonen Jump. But Light is presented as a hero. Even members of L's team often admit that they aren't sure if catching Kira is the right thing to do because he's doing so much good at cleaning up the world. L himself isn't interested in the justice aspect; he just wants to get his man.

Death Note becomes not only morally unstable but unrealistic as it progresses. As Kira's work continues, wars stop. Crime plummets. Across the world, people are living in peace. Sounds great, doesn't it? But as we learn within the series, the Death Note only works when its owner knows the name and the face of the person to be killed. Could Light/Kira stop crime in first world countries where the names and pictures of those on trial are published every day? Perhaps. But wide swaths of the planet are not first world. Countless countries around the world, many with some of the highest corruption rates and amounts of lawlessness, are essentially "off the grid." Nobody publicizes when a village is stomped down in some rural part of Africa. Nobody knows the names of the thousands of soldiers in some wannabe dictator's army going around indiscriminately murdering. For the Death Note to work, you've got to have media. No media, no luck. Talk about a logical hole in the plot!

Even worse is that Kira is never wrong. No one wrongly accused or convicted ever dies. Even when he kills off "good guys," it's always to keep from being caught. Only in one fleeting moment of the show do we see the fact that even the worst outlaw has family and friends who care about him. What about the stories of the families of those officers he kills to make good his escapes? Never told. All of this makes it look like Light is not only justified in doing what is morally reprehensible, but deserves his status as a near-god.

All of that is bad, but very little of it is relatable to a teenager. No one's going to be able to read more
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Cowboy Bebop (Anime) add
For those who haven't caught any of the show or the hype, Cowboy Bebop initially involves just two guys, Spike and Jet, who are trying to make a living as interstellar bounty hunters. They travel from system to system trying to earn rewards for bringing in various and sundry criminals in their heap of a spaceship named the Bebop. As their journeys continue, we learn more about their pasts--Jet's life as a cop, and Spike's membership in a crime syndicate--while they meet up with others who become a part of their crew. Faye Valentine's a selfish but beautiful gal who occasionally works with the guys when not gambling or trying to understand the memories of her past that have gone missing. Ed's a she that looks like a he that can hack into any computer system, providing she doesn't giggle and goofytalk her way into oblivion. And Ein's a good-natured data dog with as much personality as his companions in just a simple woof. A ragtag bunch if we've ever seen one, the five nevertheless wind up capturing the imagination and hearts of their audience easily during their 26 episodes of adventures.

I have never seen an animated television series look so fantastic. Almost every episode of Bebop rivals theatrical animation, trouncing on OVAs that supposedly have better budgets. It looks amazing. The soundtrack by Yoko Kanno, a jazz fusion blend, is immediately catchy, but it has surprising depth, enough that the CD has become a regular companion. If you like animation at all, you'll have to see Bebop. And, frankly, it doesn't matter if you are a subtitle purist or a dub fan, because both versions are fantastic. I watch subs almost exclusively, and I got hooked on the dub. That just doesn't happen to me, but it did here. It's that good.

But beyond that, the show has a style and colorfulness lacking in too many anime. True, some shows like Hellsing are drenched in style, but that's all they are. Cowboy Bebop is cool without ever having to rely on attitude alone to see it through. Although I tend to prefer shows with plotlines that build on each other, Bebop grows our affection for the characters through mostly stand-alone episodes. There is back-story to be told, and it's told well, but rarely do shows without a strong story arch feel so natural. It shouldn't be as powerful as it is, but it's a testament to good storytelling.

Then there's that wonderful history and the drastic ending (which I won't spoil here, though I'll discuss it below under the main review). I'm reminded when watching Cowboy Bebop of the tagline from the beautifully haunting film Magnolia: "We may be through with the past, but the past isn't through with us." Bebop is effective because each character has such a rich history before the stories here even begin that they are fully realized in every way. Sadly, in most anime, characters exist only to fulfill plot purposes, rather than existing as entities read more
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Bleach (Anime) add
In almost every way, Bleach is almost the polar opposite in terms of a TV show. The animation is sometimes haphazard, and the character designs are nothing special...even verging on ugly at times. The opening theme is very catchy, but the music beyond that isn't memorable. The show at times is painfully slow and follows far too many clichéd conventions of the shonen genre, and some plot holes are achingly obviously. And yet...while this is not a great show by any means, it is a good one, and it's precisely because it has heart. I can't describe any better why I got wrapped up into seeing this tale of a demon hunter, but it has a resonance that 2nd Gig just didn't have.

Ichigo is a relatively normal (if morose) teen who started seeing spirits a few years back. Most of the time, it wasn't an issue...just an annoyance, really. But when he and his family are attacked, through a series of circumstances he is granted the power of a soul reaper. Soul reapers, it turns out, are a sort of gatekeeper to the netherworld, and they fulfill a few roles. One of their tasks is to help souls who have, due to personal attachments to this world, stuck around rather than passing over into the "Soul Society." Most of the time, these spirits are harmless, and they may wander around for a long time since soul reapers are usually busy with a far worse problem: hollows. Hollows are nasty creatures that like to eat souls, and their bone-white masks often conceal the spirits of those whom they've overtaken to become more powerful. Soul reapers have the thankless task of defeating them and sending them (and their intended victims) over to the "other side."

So Ichigo now has more problems than he ever thought possible. For one, hollows recognize his incredibly strong spiritual energy and think he'd make a tasty snack, so they show up often. Second is Rukia, the soul reaper from whom he received his powers. When Ichigo gained his powers, Rukia lost most of hers, so for now she's stuck living in his closet, explaining just what the heck is going on to Ichigo and trying to keep him from getting himself killed. Add in two sisters and a wacky dad, a girl with a crush on him and a gaggle of friends who start catching on to his spirit-fighting abilities, a wacko substitute soul that resides in a stuffed tiger, and a guy whose business acts as an arms dealer for soul reapers, and Ichigo's got far more than what he can handle.

As I was saying before, Bleach does not have a great deal on which to recommend it, at least on the surface. Quite frankly, what would be the first DVD's worth of material is just plain junk, full of formulaic pap that was so easy to predict that I almost gave up. The opening has Rukia acting as an omniscient narrator, explaining every last strange thing read more
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Berserk (Anime) add
Berserk is also unique in that it dares the viewer not to like it. It has a strange first couple of episodes and an ending that ranks up there with Evangelion in terms of "didn't see that coming." I came out of Berserk questioning why the show has gotten so deeply under my skin. Most of my readers who feel the same way aren't looking for a simple affirmation of their enjoyment, like a pre-teen Naruto fan might. I think they want someone else to help them put their feelings about this show into words. Hopefully I can help, though I daresay after nearly two weeks haunted by this program, I am still not completely sure why it is so powerful myself. All I can do is vent my own spleen.

Berserk begins by introducing a harsh medieval world where strength means everything and cruelty is common. Into the mix is thrown a swordsman named Guts who carries a blade the size of Detroit and wields his sharpened two-by-four expertly, slicing through those who oppose him. After he defeats a villainous creature, his mind turns to the past, to a simpler time of glory...

As a young man, Guts was simply a wandering mercenary with an attitude -- genuinely a berserker whose strength in battle was matched by his heroism bordering on insanity or stupidity. But through a series of circumstances, Guts meets Griffith, the leader of a crew of ragamuffin soldiers called the Band of the Hawk. Despite being the world's most perfect bishie, Griffith is able to defeat Guts in battle, something Guts has never experienced. But Guts' respect for Griffith goes beyond his ability to wield a sword. Griffith dreams of ruling a kingdom, and his optimistic leadership is charismatic in the extreme. His soldiers don't just like him; they revere him, willing to die for him and his dream. Against the wishes of his skilled female commander Casca, Griffith almost immediately puts Guts in charge of a regiment, and he succeeds brilliantly.

Guts spends three years with Griffith, fighting by his side under Casca's watchful eye. Griffith gets noticed and becomes more than just a mercenary leader but a knight, which makes him the devil to all the nobility of the land. They're more than willing to see him dead to stop a commoner's rise to power as the Hawks gain ever more fame and fortune. Yet in the midst of it all, Guts wavers on his loyalty to the Hawks as he begins to question a life made up of nothing but wielding death on the behalf of others.

There's also something else that bothers the band's travels, they once came across a being that can only be described (to Tolkein fans, anyway) as a less fiery balrog. Griffith is knocked unconscious during the battle, and when the demon-beast notices a unique protective amulet around his neck, he prophecies that Griffith will doom Guts once they become equals. Guts isn't sure what that means, but he's not convinced read more
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Bastard!!: Ankoku no Hakai Kami (Anime) add
Our story begins in a far future where the world has been through an apocalypse that spawned all sorts of strange and evil creatures, leaving human beings in a precarious position. Things have gone back to a feudal era where sorcery, sword fighting, and armor plating rule the day. Four warlords of chaos get together to break the seals that hold back a creature of ultimate darkness, and as the viewer knows, this can't be good. At the same time...Yoko is best friends with Rushe, a little boy who follows her everywhere. Little does she know that buried deep within Rushe is a secret weapon, the wizard known as Dark Schneider. When the warlords' plans come to the attention of the free world, there's a realization that Dark Schneider is the only hope of defeating the threat.

There's only one problem. Dark Schneider is a freak.

Nevertheless, when your kingdom is under fire from the most powerful magic known to man, you resurrect whomever you can. With Yoko's kiss, Rushe becomes the legendary Dark Schneider. Now he's not really happy about the arrangement, since he was essentially imprisoned for a very long time. Eventually, he figures, why not? He'd love to prove that he's still the most powerful being on Earth, and if that takes defeating some of his old comrades in arms, so be it. As long as he can get his groove on, he's happy...but is a rusty white-haired jerk of a warlock going to be able to handle the job?

Bastard! really is a fun show, at least through its first half. Things move quickly and the artwork is great in the first two episodes. The humor is fresh and invigorating, too. If nothing else, when things get a little tired past this point, that start keeps you going. Now the third episode shows a little bit of problems, primarily because the artistic style takes a big left turn. A couple of characters are hard to identify at first because of the changes! But that's something that can be dealt with.

However, the second half gets a little snoozeworthy. Here's where Dark Schneider takes on his foes in humongous battles. Now I'm all for great melees, myself, but these just get old quickly. There's just not enough excitement to them and no sense of real danger--if a hero cannot lose, then a half hour of violence is pretty worthless. Now there is a surprise at the end of the fifth episode that some might find shocking, but it is negated in the sixth episode. So, for the last 90 minutes, we get a little antsy, particularly because the humor and life starts to slowly drain out like the water in a tub where the drain cap doesn't quite fit. It's not terrible, but unfortunate.

There's also a very real problem in that much of the show's humor is based around something that didn't get completely translated. In the original version, the various kingdoms, spells, etc. were all named after different 80s metal read more
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Shingeki no Kyojin (Anime) add
Attack on Titan is not the best anime ever. It has some real flaws, including a heavy reliance on dialogue in inappropriate places. Occasionally, the animation suffers as the production company has rushed to get the show done in time. You can pick apart its flaws if you want. But I can only think of a few times in my twenty-seven years of anime watching when I have gotten this sucked into a show. It's smartly unpredictable, occasionally shocking, and wildly entertaining. When the action ramps up, it's nothing short of stunning. I'm having a hard time waiting from Sunday to Sunday for it.

In an uncertain future, perhaps on Earth, perhaps not...the human population has been utterly decimated by titans. These gigantic monstrosities, ranging from a few meters to perhaps a hundred meters tall, appeared a hundred years ago, eating through humanity at an alarming rate. A major group of survivors walled off a sizable area, creating a stronghold against future titan attacks. Three walls now protect the human population from these horrific creatures. Occasionally, a military group of scouts is sent out to check on titan activity, but few ever make it back. The size, speed and ferocity of the titans makes them a foe nearly impossible to beat; as they don't speak, there's no negotiating with them. As the series starts, though, there's a sense of peace -- not because there isn't danger lurking outside the walls, but because the titans haven't attacked for a hundred years.

Erin and his parents, along with his foster sister Mikasa, live a somewhat normal existence in their medieval-European city. While they live in the most dangerous zone out near the third wall, the apparent truce between the titans and humanity has lasted so long that the risks seem muted. But their world is about to turn upside down...suddenly, a colossus titan rips through the main gate, allowing thousands of titans to pour into the city, devouring the inhabitants indiscriminately. The troops trained to fight these devils are gorily defeated before they have a chance to inflict much damage, and most of the populace is lost in the rampage. Erin and Mikasa witness horrific events no one should ever have to face and Erin vows to destroy every titan as an act of vengeance.

A few years pass as we find Erin and Mikasa training in the military corps, attempting to become soldiers prepared to take on the titans. Equipped with swords, grappling hooks, and gas-powered blowers, they take to the air with their squads like well-armed spidermen. Yet titans are only vulnerable at a spot on the nape of their necks, and striking a killing blow is about as likely as bull's eying wamp rats. As primitive as their technique is, it's the only hope of saving the population from the titans, even if it promises near-certain death. But Erin is not about to give up on his revenge, and Mikasa isn't about to leave his side...

Attack on Titan's tech specs run from read more
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Kuroko no Basket (Anime) add
It is not that strange that Kuroko no basket is the most popular sport Anime.

From the very start of the Anime to the very end i liked it a lot , it had many Funny momments and some very good basketball games. The characters of the anime was (maybe) the best characters i have seen so far in anime siries... every sigle one of them had so great personalities and deffernet skills in basket that made me want to play BASKETBALL.

The first season was prety good and it is one of my favorite seasons i have seen in Anime.I HIGHLY recoment you to watch it because of the amazing games and characters and becuase i Enjoy it a lot.

I would give a 9,5 in this anime and i dont give a 10 becuase it didnt had a perfect story... but if you think about it how can you make a perfect story for an Anime that is about a sport.I dont like sport anime but this anime is an exeption.
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Divine Gate (Anime) add
Watching Divine Gate is like watching a train filled with feces crash in slow-motion while listening to some angsty teenager's self-reflective interpretation of Linkin Park. You know the outcome, you know it will inevitably wind up as a shit storm, but you can't stop watching.

In the first thirty seconds of the show, it's established that our main character, Aoi-- if not the entire story-- is edgy. Like, walking-on-knives-and-the-rain-hides-the-tears-in-my-eyes-and-I-can't-stop-writing-poetry level edge. I'm not joking. Not even Edgar Allen Poe would be able to take this shit seriously.
But hey, who cares what the protagonist is like as long as the supporting cast and the plot's decent? It doesn't matter if every episode has a three minute narration overemphasizing how depressed these kids as long as they're well-developed chara--

Haha, nope.

Roll call, please.
We've got a depressed, melodramatic water-wielding MC, the girl on the track team who just found out she was running from, the typical hot-headed flame master, three useless friends, a mascot character that appears twice, King Arthur, Loki, Santa, visual kei/steampunk Wizard of Oz characters, and illiterate loli Shakespeare (I really wish I was joking). So, in short, a chaotic clusterfuck. Oh, and there're twenty other characters who are introduced and have noteworthy character designs only to later take a seat on the bleachers thanks to plot.

Wait, wait, plot? Which plot are we talking about? There are so many plotlines that are started and dropped that's it's almost impossible to make any sense of this story. I felt like I was watching an animated adoption of a school play where all of the actors want to add their own ideas to spice things up but none of them are on the same wavelength.

This anime is terrible. It's God-awful. It's the worst thing to have ever graced my computer screen, and, let me tell you, I've looked up some pretty weird stuff. It's so bad, yet.... yet I found myself enjoying Divine Gate in spite of--no, because of how terrible it is.
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Gdleen (Anime) add
Well, this was kinda suprise for a job offer, being an representative to being send out to investigate habitable planets, and ordered not giving a crap about the inhabitants since well....... EVERYTHING TO SERVE THE COMPANY RIGHT?????????
No !!!!!! if u have little experience in dealing with stuff and the main charachter being a bit of an airhead, this ova is quite comical, with a dark twist in the end i never expected.
The art and animation is def. oldskool, gritty, taperecorded and everything, not too proffesional tey gave a little kiddo touch to it , except to the local people of the planet ( oh ideas man where have they went since 2003) and its something you maybe have to get used to.
For and short ova that mostly revolved around a young business-planet representitive and a young humanoid girl with the locals fighing it out its pretty funny and adventurous at the same time wich make more sense when more is clear about who lives on the planet, developing into something that could made a serie out of it i mean just the potential you bastards!!!!
The studio that made this took a bite out of the OVA cake since a lot of it was influenced by 1980's futuristic anime, you gotta love it, oh and Robot companions ( just 1 in this case) they always give a feeling of security even when the carachter is a bum but occasionaly for being an airhead can use its head!!only in heated moments.
This was more like a straight up anime that din't go into starmaps, spacebattles , alien invasions or anything that was time consuming ( yeah deadline alright) but i for the most part enjoyed it, even for the just 1 female charachter, i could go with it and the purpose of the locals well.... just watch it.
Overall i enjoyed it for what it was but more could be pulled out of it to be fair
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Ai Yori Aoshi (Anime) add
Beautiful love story.The plot is simple.We have 2 childhood friends with arranged marriage but even from the start we can see that there is much more drama and hidden story then i tough.It really is nice to see that both main characters are in love even doe it was a type of political arranged marriage between 2 well known clans but since there are many complications involved like for instance that male MC isn't part of his clan anymore and what kind of reaction would people have is she marries someone beneath her.This is what i love to see.When main characters are fighting with everything they have for the ones they love and when they are even ready to lose everything they have just to be next to person they love.Like i said the story has a lot of romance and hardship and it is quite nice to see so i recommend you to watch it.
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