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Owari no Seraph (Anime) add
When I watched Owari No Seraph, it gave me the same aura as D.Gray-Man... it has a dark pandemic theme in it which builds the tension in the entire series.

I like the art style of this anime and the soundtrack is really nice especially the opening song since it was in English (I rarely hear English opening songs in anime).

Character designs are really nice especially the vampires. Krul Tepes was the main reason why I watched this anime but unfortunately she has very few appearances. The weapons are really nice especially Shinoa's and Mitsuba's.

I do enjoyed the anime. Each episode leaves a mysterious impression in me that makes me want to proceed to the next immediately.

I kinda hate that the vampire leaders are quite powerful wherein the humans side there are actually no one can match their level... that concern makes me irritated but it can't be helped. Meanwhile, I like that there is some issues within the human organization as well, which makes humans fight not only vampires but also within themselves.

Overall, the anime gives me that sympathy on the main characters and the awful situation they are faced with... but also gave me excitement to see how are they'll going to survive and obtain victory.
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To be honest, I was actually hesitant on watching GATE knowing that it involves military... but I'm happy that I have watched it since it is really enjoyable and the story is nice.

Most of the anime that I watched, soldiers are usually the weakest but this anime is the reverse of it... the soldiers are actually badass! The soldiers are pretty OP which have altered my thinking about them in animes.

I like the mix of military and fantasy genre in this anime... it's a different aura in my opinion. Also, it involves some politics which makes it more realistic since military and politics are interconnected with each other.

The art style is nice and the characters are really promising especially the demigod Rory Mercury, which is the main reason why I am interested to watch it and I say she's really awesome. Special mention, the mage Lelei, who is quiet and intellectual which makes her cute.

Overall, I enjoyed the entire anime which I really did not expect.

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Paprika (Anime) add
Have you ever had a bad trip and then after that, sat there thinking "holy fuck, what did I just witness?". Paprika is like that, except a lot more crazy and a lot less "well, that makes sense!". Seriously, don't watch this movie unless you've forgotten how to put two and two together and want a crash course in chemical engineering that involves brain surgery. This is a film that takes what you knew about the world and pushes it off the top of the Eiffel Tower.

Paprika follows the adventures of a dream persona and her waking world self, Dr Chiba Atsuko as they investigate the theft of a device called the DC Mini. Throughout, the lines between what is real and what is a dream are blurred, to the point where the two merge. Basically, this is where Inception got its idea from, except ramped up by the sum of 0 divided unto itself. Suffice it to say, Paprika is the original Inception.

The characters are fantastic, if a bit one-note. Paprika is carefree while Dr Atsuko is strict and rule-abiding. The antagonists are self-centered and controlling, drawing on a dialogue about how people will always seek to control what they cannot because they fear a lack of control in their own lives. The cop, Toshima Konakawa, is plagued by regrets over a past unresolved. The way he handles his past and the resolution is heart-warming, if a bit cliche.

So let's talk about the music. Something Satoshi Kon does is follows a strict rule with music in his films, and that is using music that fits the theme. In Paprika, the music fits as well as the Noire-esque music of Tokyo Godfathers and the frenzied notes of Perfect Blue. Paprika is first and foremost a whimsical film about how dreams affect us, and the music plays to that. Even in the climax, the music is whimsical and fun, much like being at a circus or watching a parade. It works because, like all of Kon's works, the music is a natural part of the film itself.

Finally, the art. Colorful, vibrant, and yet, it has a sense of emotion to it. Every shot is full of emotion, reflecting how the characters feel or how we should interpret the world around them. The beauty of Paprika is that while it is full of color, it doesn't feel overwhelming or TOO bright. It has the right amount of energy and emotion to convey the emotions of the scene while giving the appearance of something truly beautiful.

Before we finish, it has to be said that Paprika's weakness is teasing us with something that has yet to happen, and perhaps Kon's crowning moment. "Dreaming Kids" is suggested to the detective at the end of the movie by Paprika, and as he approaches the theater, posters of Kon's other works are pasted overhead. It's a personal theory of mine that while we never got "Dreaming Kids" per se, Kon's fifth movie was read more
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Hyouka (Anime) add
i am not a fan of anime. never been. had always been into live action series. but my girlfriend requested me to start watching them. so i did. the first anime i watched was the seven deadly sins which gave me a general idea of anime.
looking for simething, i stumbled upon an anime called as hyouka.
my life changed.period.
this anime is true art at its finest. the story, the characters, the art everything is the heavenly. its one of those shows which gives you an eternal peace with an everlasting craving.
truly blessed to have seen this show.
will recommend to everyone.
in the end all i can say is " I'M CURIOUS"
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Death Note (Anime) add
One of the Cult Animes of the History of Anime most appreciated for most people,even for me.
I was finished the series and i can say,what this anime is good,because the great interpretation of the Psychology Theme and Mental Strategy between the villain protagonist Light and the Antagonic Hero Detective: L,with an great appreciation and with one of the great stories about Manga/Anime Universe,about a Note Book with the power to kill people,and the main protagonist make him,an great form to erradicate all evil-people of the entire World,for make him a better place and became a God. The God of the New World. The series was good until the Second Half of the series,and really was a bit dissapoiting for me,and the ending was really epic and good. And most of the characters, have my respect because of how are maked themselves,with an different role.

In my opinion an great Detective Histories,with an Epic OST,Characters with Good Roles,an Intense Psychologycal Battles,and also an history about an evil notebook who that could dominate the world,and became a God: The Death Note.And also Greatest Animation.

Who is evil and who is the justice?: It depends on yourself
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Prison School (Anime) add
A group of five boys begin their school life at Hachimitsu Academy, a school that’s transitioning from all-female to co-ed with a male to female ratio of 1:200. Drama ensues when the group of raging hormones get caught peeping the women’s locker room. Punishment was determined by an underground all-female power council to put the rat pack in an actual prison inside the school's premises for a month. Nothing bad can happen, right?

Time appears to be in present-day Japan. Most events are in and around the school’s facilities and obviously inside the actual prison. There’s a handful of scenes that happen outside of the school in places like the arcade or a movie theatre. The only extraordinary thing about the setting is the fact that Hachimitsu Academy allowed to build a prison on campus.

The main protagonist, Kiyoshi is the apparent ringleader of the hoodlums. He has a fling with Chiyo, a fellow student who has a deep passion for sumo wrestling. Gakuto is a Romance of the Three Kingdoms otaku who would sacrifice his high school life for a rare Guan Yu figure. Shingo is the Yankee looking rebel of the group who can’t keep his room clean. Joe, the hooded one of the bunch, enjoys his life raising ants and likes to openly cuss in English. Andre is literally a giant masochist with earlobes for days, who especially enjoys it when Meiko is doing torture rounds.

The members of the underground student council are the main antagonists: The ice-cold president, Mari calls the shots and has a thing for crows. Vice president and spanking expert, Meiko flaunts her insanely developed mammaries and cameltoe at least twice in every episode. Despite looking like an older teacher, she’s definitely not the brightest of the bunch. Perhaps she's been constantly left behind? The innocent looking Hana, is apparently a high ranked karate master who has a peculiar interest in seeing Kiyoshi urinate. And finally, the school chairman, Kurihara is an ass man.

The animation quality is consistent with very detailed close-up shots of characters. Anatomy is off the charts, most predominantly in Meiko’s gratuitous positions and various camera angles. The subtle effects and shading used seem fitting for the show. It looks like each character had some airbrush done with some burning in. Also, quite possibly one of the best animated renditions of full frontal cameltoe out there.

Quick Thoughts:
Please note that I did watch the uncensored version. There’s deception, manipulation, torture, and a lot of cameltoe. There’s something for everyone here. Episodes are serial with a developing plot and story arc. A lot of comical moments involve body fluids, incontinence, genitals, and torture. Personally, I don’t mind some of the humor, but Prison School is absolutely not forgiving in that aspect. It will definitely throw unaware viewers off. I also do think the fan-service could be toned down a notch or two.

Past the half-way point of viewing, I was conflicted in this show’s direction and questioning how serious I should read more
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Doukyuusei (Movie) (Anime) add
Doukyuusei is a very simple romance story that will leave a big smile on your face.

Based on the very popular manga of the same name, this movie follows Hikaru Kusakabe and Rihito Sajou, two high school students of the same age, through their journey of self-discovery and their first love.

Story (8/10): Even tho this movie is good, the story isn't very deep or emotional. In real life first loves can be a very complicated thing, but not for these characters. The story flows as it should be, there's isn't a "dramatic twist" or a "love rival" or a "love triangle", this movie didn't need that at all, it's just them falling in love and enjoying each-other. Nothing more, nothing less.

Art (9/10): Doukyuusei has a very unique kind of artstyle. I personally think it works PERFECTLY with the movie and the characters but you'll have to see it for yourself.

Characters (9/10): the characters are what makes this movie WORK. How they interact with eachother is the cutest thing you'll ever see. You can feel the love they have for eachother, and that's an big accomplishment for the mangaka, the studio and specially the director.

Overall: If you're looking for a hardcore yaoi movie then you'll be disappointed because this movie is very romantic and REAL. You can easily feel the characters and understand their actions because they're very relatable.

Anyway, WATCH IT.
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Pokemon: Mewtwo no Gyakushuu (Anime) add
Oh my Me, this is going to hurt!

You know the saying, that if you liked tomething as a child, you shouldn't like it as an adult? No? Just me? Okay. So, anyway... I love pokemon. Or... at least I used to, before they became sutch a sellouts, that it almoust hurst to admit, that I used to own my life at some point to this... this! I watched the anime, I played the games - all me, my sister, and my... mom - and we collected as many of the cards as possible... without ever understanding the rules of the card game itself! I was still a wee lass, when I first saw this movie, and let me tell you, although I still love pokemon, and this movie is one of my dearest treasures from my childhood... this isn't really good! At all! Compared to the third movie, spell of unknown, this movie is crap, and let me tell you, why!

The story isn't actually all that bad. Human kind expanding his knolewdge upon things he shouldn't be tempering with, screws everything up, and before we know it, there's a poke-armageddon on the way! Yay! We are of course given some relatively deep and meaningful thoughts about life, existence, what's the purpose in birth, evolution of life, loneliness and taking your place in a world... and so on. Good stuff, from coming from pokemon of all places, but when it comes actually handling all these themes with at most respect and fairness, keeping it's audience in mind, this movie holds water as well, as the bucket with holes on it! So many key-elements of the story, and most of the themes, decisions made, the actions out-carried, and the messages and morals spoken out loud, are so well shoehorned in our minds, and in our faces, that it's at some points really difficult to take it seriously... although this is just a pokemon, we're talking about here!

The only real thing, that I actually enjoyed in this movie, was the main star himself. No, not Ash! Mewtwo! Mewtwo was always my absolute favourite pokemon, out of the bunch, and I loved - and still do - how they managed to give him actually decent backstory, motives, believes and personality, that was both sympathetic, and threatening. The finnish voice of Mewtwo is both soothing, but cold and pleasant to listen to, making him both memorable, and believable... but that maybe just the nostalgia talking! To some, Mewtwo may come across as a hypocrite, but in my opinion, he was more like as someone, who - like his creators - pushed the limits of birth of what you can become, and therefore created a new kind of way to exist, without limits or boundaries, with nazies... no, clones, being the new ultimate form of life, and therefore more justified to live, as long as they first destroy the old, and weak. He touhgt himself as an ultimate being - like nazis did - but read more
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Nagi no Asukara (Anime) add
My expectations have been completely and utterly shattered. I was expecting a generic harem show with a slightly unusual setting (under the sea) that would serve as cheap entertainment until I came across a masterpiece that offered real enjoyment. This tale of relationships was one such show. If you are considering to take up the series, be prepared to be thrust straight into a drama-heavy, emotionally-intense and beautiful venture.

Take the red threads of fate of a handful of people, tangle them, tie dead knots and entangle them further. Only be satisfied once you get an excruciatingly messy ball of threads lumped together that is seemingly impossible to undo. There you have it: Nagi no asukara. The story depicts the lives of a group of friends who struggle with their relationships and resulting emotions. Love, jealousy, guilt and fear. They attempt to deal with these painful and conflicting emotions and the show captures their inner thoughts while they do so, making them all the more lifelike. While they do battle with their feelings, we get to see obstacles after obstacles thrown at them to further complicate matters, be it discrimination and conflict between the people of the sea and of the land, or an infuriating deity that appears to enjoy taking that which is most precious to our characters. I will reveal no spoilers about the plot, just be prepared for an emotionally-heavy ride throughout the ups and downs.

The strongest selling point of the show; the characters are what makes Nagi no asukara come alive. They just seem so real, having thoughts and feelings that anyone would have if placed in that position, particularly the selfish and negative thoughts. Lets take the mc, Hikari Sakishima, for an example. I will be honest, I had considered dropping the show within the first few episodes when I saw the mc. He was rash, inconsiderate, he wasn’t exactly the sharpest and certainly wasn’t the most charming. His character irritated me. But, he grows. Throughout the show, Hikari actually develops and matures as a person. And watching that growth was oddly satisfying. He eventually matures to a person that is able to place the feelings of others before himself and control his emotions. How he interacts with the other characters was especially interesting to watch. I have a suggestion, knowing that this is a love drama, perhaps those intending to watch Nagi no asukara should decide on a pairing they like in the beginning and then watch to the end to see if that pairing comes to fruition. The character's relationships are exceedingly complicated and things might not just turn out they way that they appear to. The suspense and surprise is exciting, you should try it.

I don’t have much to say about the visuals. Just know that the animation of this show is one of the best I have seen. The characters look splendid, especially the eyes that are unique to anime. The scenery was truly beautiful and fairytale-like. The art of the sea read more
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Girls und Panzer der Film (Anime) add
Story: (8/10)
- I can't exactly give it a 9 or a 10 despite how much I liked the story. For starters, the story isn't exactly deep. You can take the story at face value. What makes it deserve an 8 though? For starters, the dorama in this movie is REAL. It exceeded what the series even did in 2 hours of content. But enough about the dorama, WHAT ABOUT THE TANKS. The amount of absurd tank movements and tactics in this movie is cranked up to 11. And you thought the series had WTF tank tactics, wait till you get a load of the movie. Apparently tanks can now turn into roller coasters and make jumps that make monster truck somersaults look like child's play. I cried so hard from laughing. But despite the tactics, the action pack and the twists in the movie keeps me at the edge of my seat. There wasn't many dull moments in the movie. If I had to state any problems though, its that the start of the movie, your bombarded with an entire group of new characters. The pacing in the movie is so-so. You can easily keep up with the movie, the plot doesn't move too slowly, and most of the movie is dedicated to tank battles anyways

Art: (9/10)
- The animation remains consistent. There weren't any off-models as far as I saw, and the combination of 2D and the 2.5D animations really blends. The visual effects also remain consistent as from the series, so you can expect some eye catching visuals from the tanks and the girls

Sound: (9/10)
- As usual, the voice actresses/actors all did a wonderful job. But thats basically seconday. WHAT ABOUT THE TANKS AGAIN. The tanks all still have the sound effects from the series. Barely anything was changed. There was a lot more action in the movie, so its much appreciated that they did a good job with the tank explosions, tank sounds, and tank cannon blasts.

Character: (8/10)
- Just cuz its the tail end of the series doesn't mean there's no room for character development. Despite the shallow plot of the series, there was much room for character development in the series. We're shown a brand new side to each character, sides that we never saw before.

Enjoyment: (9/10)
- Putting aside the initial hype I had for this movie, the movie truly is enjoyable. It exceeded my expectations. The comedic tank tactics, the suddenly tanks can do better stealth than Big Boss, the explosions, the visual effects all make up a really exciting tank battle, and the dorama and interactions make the peaceful moments interesting. If you enjoyed the series, your going to enjoy this movie a lot

Overall: (9/10)
- The story isn't bad. The reasons for things to happen are simply because "it happened" is probably one of my problems with the story aside from the sudden bombardment of new characters. It seems vague cuz I did my best not to spoil any story elements as much as I read more
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I've seen that a lot of people don't like this movie, and personally I can understand it, some of the points are:

- It's more centered in the action that it's in the psychology of the characters.

And yes, I can see why people are pissed because of this. Evangelion always centered the things and dialogs in the characters more than in action.

Nonetheless, just because there's more action it doesn't mean that it doesn't take some development.

In this new movie, we can see a stronger bond in Kaworu and Shinji, I've heard that some people think that this bond is poorly executed because it seems like a bad Fanfic work, but honestly I don't think so, it's a little more developed that it was during the original series, with new metaphorical phrases and a somewhat familiar angle from Kaworu, and the contrast between the knowledge of both characters shows you that something big has been hidden from Shinji.

Which comes to the next point.

- No need for a 14-year skip.

This might be true but if the movie developed right after the second movie, let's be honest, at some point Shinji had to know about what happened, and it would have to be double work and it would be more boring if we already know the things that are going to affect Shinji. This skip I think is a good thing because it shows us the confusion of Shinji in this new post-apocalyptic world with the same incertitude of the protagonist. Which leads us to the next point.

- Everyone's a dick to Shinji.

And while I can't completely understand it I get an idea: How would you feel if the person that send the world to the toilet just to try to save someone he loved and pretty much destroyed everything at its pace woke up not knowing what he did. And not only that, not that much caring about the world but caring only about that other person... You would think that the person is egocentric, right?

"Oh but he didn't cause the Third Impact". No, it was a Near-Third Impact, and let me tell you about the "Eye of the Storm", you see, in a natural event that has a circular effect, the "Eye of the Storm" is relatively calm, while in the exterior it's pretty much the opposite, I think this is what happened with the Near-Third Impact. And while this might not be true, remember that Gendou apparently did some other things (implied in the Kaworu's final conclusion) in order to get what he wanted, probably causing that and blaming Shinji for it so that everything would be in his plans, but this is just mere speculation.

- This movie gives you more questions than answers.

Yes, this is true, but I think this is what a good pre-movie does, it shows you the world and what happened and how things are in order to have a better conclusion. While this movie lacks a proper conclusion you could say, there's an emblematic fight between read more
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This is my first review and I've decided to review Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Break Time because I'm lazy and don't want to tackle an anime that requires thinking or a lot of typing to review. These are essentially just 2 minute shorts based on the currently airing show Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu so the target audience of Break Time is people who are watching and enjoying Re:Zero and can't wait a whole week to get their next Subaru fix. The shorts are humorous in nature and occasionally add a little bit to plot points that were tackled in Re:Zero but are generally unnecessary and are just for fun & not to be taken seriously. So if you're enjoying Re:Zero or love chibis I'd check these out but it's definitely not necessary.
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Toradora! (Anime) add
This anime... oh my goodness. This anime is my all time favorite anime. You may ask: Nefer you give everything a 10/10 so why should we trust your review on Toradora? This anime i truly say with all my heart is a masterpiece of animation coupled with tons of emotion and heartfelt love. I will explain.

I will talk about what matters the most in an anime to me personally: Story, Characters, and Sound.

Story: 10

Toradora! has a very simple premise with the main character Ryuuji being a high school student who everyone is scared of due to his eyes (Almost everyone is intimidated by him) He has a crush on a girl, Minori who is very outgoing and loud. Minori's best friend is Taiga, whom like Ryuuji everyone including the teachers are frightened of due to her aggressive nature. I won't go any further so i don't spoil the story. The story may seem as if it is cliche at first and to many anime elitists it is. But the story grows much deeper and stronger and becomes one of the greatest love stories ever shown in the history of anime.

Characters: 10

The characters in Toradora! are what truly sets it apart in my eyes from every other romantic comedy anime out there. Throughout the story the characters develop and evolve so much that while they still may keep their quirks and qualities, they are in a way completely different characters who have learned from their mistakes and mishaps and become stronger. While all the characters develop throughout the anime some develop more notably then others. Kawashima Ami for instance has absolutely amazing development throughout the anime as she goes through the hardships of being famous and popular. My absolute favorite character of the series has to be Aisaka Taiga. Yes she may be a Tsundere but for the love of god she is the Queen of the Tsundere's. Everything about her, the character design, her hair, her eyes, her personality, her height, etc. (If you look at my profile you will understand how much i love Taiga)

Sound: 10

One thing i find absolutely necessary in an anime is to have a good soundtrack. Toradora! delivers in that field n every aspect. The music combined with some of the more somber scenes made me tear up and cry on multiple occasions, and when need be the soundtrack completely cuts off to make romantic scenes even more so. The music direction in Toradora! is absolutely stunning.

Overall: 10

As i stated earlier Toradora! is an outstanding anime, and in my opinion is one of the best anime ever. It has one of the most memorable cast of characters a romcom has ever delivered and will provide you with many great laughs, as well as make you cry. About the only thing i could say bad about Toradora! is the ending (which i will NOT spoil) as i feel like it was out of left field and i wish they would make a OVA or even a read more
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Sakamoto desu ga? (Anime) add
Parodies are hard to review. You either like the joke or you don't, and I, unfortunately, am one of the people that doesn't.
STORY: 1/10

I hate to say it but... Sakamoto doesn't hold up to it's massive comedic potential. Or was there potential for the joke in the first place? See, Sakamoto follows a simple formula:

Girls flip over Sakamoto > Something bad happens >Sakamoto saves the day while looking cool > Someone gets jealous > They try to make Sakamoto look bad > It makes him look ever cooler >They become his fan

I understand if that happens for one episode, but 6 episodes in and all they've just been redoing the formula every episode. It gets boring, watching the same thing over and over again. It's not like the story is meant to be in depth, so by just messing up the comedic value, it makes it completely worthless.
ART: 7/10

Bright colors were definitely a necessity for such a lighthearted and over dramatic series, and Studio Deen NAILED IT! The actually detail in the animation or even the structures like the classroom is average - good for the most part, but the colors give it the extra edge it needs to make it a seven. Nothing about it is stunning, but it does it's job and it does it well.
SOUND: 7/10

Voice acting and sound effects are average. Sakamoto is done well, but not really as standout as, say, Saitama. The rest of the voices are only there for support, with typical bad boy and damsel in distress voice actors. The opening... is ridiculous. Ridiculously awesome, that is. I don't know how something as utterly stupid can get you so hyped for some Sakamoto action. The ending also works to calm you down after a fit of laughing (or in my case, sighing) for 20 minutes straight. The actual soundtrack is HILARIOUSLY overdramatic and jazzy, which works so well with Sakamoto's character!

After a ten minute debate with my conscience about whether to put a 1 or a 10 in this category, I finally decided on a perfect score for character. Is it because of the supporting characters? Is it because of their designs? Is it because they have realistic personalities? Well, I don't even understand why you would ask those questions in the first place for this series, but hey, at least it makes my writing more interesting, right? Anyways, back on topic! In an anime like this one where the only real important character is Sakamoto, I think Sakamoto is the only one who deserves to be judged. First, design: Sakamoto was gifted with the feat of being a glasses wearing protagonist, meaning he is automatically recognizable. On top of that, he also has neat hair and a much more contained face then your average protagonist. He's like, a mixture of the goofball character and the awesome older brother guy. And I'm sure nothing needs to be said about his personality, as it can be summed up in two words: comedic read more
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Sword Art Online (Anime) add
I had a thinking that this anime was for child or such but not, it has a good story, nice fight scenes but not too much or something you'll get excited. Not being rude.

STORY: 8/10

So, the story of the anime is about a game on a virtual world. It reminds me of "Greed Island" from Hunter x Hunter. I'm not gonna say too much, i had this vision at the very first episode.

However, the story still good, focused. But when it reach some point it really get tiring to watch.

ART: 8/10

Amazing, perfect how we can see everything on the fight scenes.

SOUND: 7/10

It could be better? Yes. So that is all i have to say.


The characters are based on the person who are playing the game. So there's nothing too say about, because they're cool, good looking.


I saw it was romance on the genres and i got interested in this part. This romance thing is not that so strong until the ... episode but is kinda cute... But when i talk about enjoyment overall the anime, it is great how they know how catch you attention until the very end.


Is a great anime, is not that what the fame says so, i was expecting more... more.
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Natsume Yuujinchou (Anime) add
I dropped this one like two years ago and i'm really happy that i finished. The anime shows the life of an adolescent boy who had a bad past, this is not a summary first thing, just saying because the proposal of the anime is direct but subtle and rich, and i really adored everything.

STORY: 10/10

Some people would be say that is too much drama, i'm not, because is the proposal. Is not a thing who say "i'm gonna tell you thing, sit here and listen", this story is fluid along the episodes and fill itself on the right way, you're not gonna be like "i'm tired of it".

ART: 10/10

I'm a fan of the japanese scenery and it really pleased me in every single way. The sakuras, the moon, the streets, everything about the art of the anime is flawless. The color palette was according to the season and the rest.

SOUND: 10/10

Well, I watched on my phone so i was using headphones and it was perfect. But when I changed to television, my impression was even better, because the sonority joined on the scene in a way that seems to involve me to the scene and the characters made me think about being there.


I'm not gonna say too much, because i'm looking like a fanboy but in a way the characters are coming and joining with the episode is just perfect you know? I didn't see any character stuck there for some useless reason or just to fill. Their personalities are very unique, captivated me.


When we look for an anime, at least me, i see for the genres because it's filtered and direct. Natsume Yuujinchou just hit the nail on the head. I felt everything that was the proposal of the episode, i just had a good time watching because isn't tiring, is fresh and light, heavy when it has to be.

OVERALL: 10/10

You can think that i'm a fan boy what i'm not but i really enjoyed this anime like any other, i just feel that anime like this should have more fame to people see how some things and people are, and how amazing is when you can see on an rich animation like this. I really recommend if you are reading this. If you watched and are reading this thinking how stupid i am, i don't care.
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Nanatsu no Taizai (Anime) add
An interesting anime, telling a story that really is not what is expected and it would should shock us, but it's just another anime shounen with content ecchi very weak and biased. I saw this one on the Netflix catalogue and got really interested because of the achieved fame.

Just warning this is not spoiler or such, but warning before someone get "thanks for the spoiler" if you don't want any freacking thing that could be almost a spoiler for you, get out.

STORY: 7/10

Really the story is very interesting, however, a little bit predictable you know? 'Someone go there, do something, win and end'.

ART: 7/10

I'm not really a fan of the art on this anime, you really have to watch on full HD otherwise the main character will be looking like a seven-aged boy. The art is just there because "it was must to have" isn't a complement.

SOUND: 5/10

I barely remember of the OST, really, was the first thing that i noticed on the anime because it shows how the characters will behave or such, but it's ephemeral, you listen and it don't get stucked in your mind.


I felt like I was forced to like the characters, i would name one but i can't and it's a point that really disappointed me because the story is there to fill the characters and they look so boring and empty, and some really annoying.


Like i said, the ecchi thing is poor and isn't funny in some points. But the "set" is awesome how things worked so good.


I'm not trying to be a hater but this anime took some "Naruto, DBZ, One Piece" proportions on the otaku brazilian area, that made me feel anxious for some good and unforgettable anime.
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Mayoiga (Anime) add
TL;DR : If you aren't strong enough to open this sealed jar sitting in your fridge, don't worry anymore ! The main character of this show will put you in such anger state that you'll start developing what I call the "Hulk effect", beware of everything fragile around you while watching Mayoiga, you might break something.

Story : (7/10)
The story is what made me start this anime, a group of people joining a village to flee from their mistakes and start a brand new life ? That sounds interresting. Add the mystery tag and I'm in, what could go wrong with such a good promise ?

Characters : (1/10)
Oh boy, THAT is what went wrong. I understand that in a group of 30 strangers their might be some dummies and annoying characters, but giving 90% of the cast an extra chromosome wasn't the best way to develop a good story. Especially when the main character is the worst of them all, there isn't a single episode where I don't want to punch my screen at how annoying and stupid this kid is. We found a new potential winner for the "Worst MC contest"

Art & Sound : (5/10)
The art is ok, the characters are actually drawn pretty well during dialogues and the overall atmosphere given by the sound effects are ok during some scenes, but some OSTs remove all of this by adding some music totally out of context during these so-called "mysterious" scenes.

Enjoyment : (2/10)
The thing I enjoy the most about this show is seeing its rating drop after each episode. How am I supposed to enjoy an anime if I want to punch my screen everytime the main character shows up ?

Overall : (3/10)
I'll give this show a chance, while I'm typing this review the show hasn't ended yet (episode 9/12) so there MIGHT be a very tiny chance of it giving us a good ending, but am I not expecting a bit too much ?
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9 hours ago
Aku no Hana (Anime) add
I saw this anime so high... man!! I enoy it so much... it's like a japanese telenovela!! so much drama!!but real life drama, like totally that could happen at that age. I remember when I was in school at that age and teenagers really were like that, they though like that...and most of the times anime exagerated and they scream so much, I mean that doesn't happen in real life you know? nobody acts like that, well... But, what I'm trying to say it's that the characters are so well created, their personalities, the situations, the reactions... I love it
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9 hours ago
Boku no Hero Academia (Anime) add
English isn't my native language. At least now, if you spot some grammar errors, it's not my fault.

Story (2/10) : So the story follows Izuku, the MC, who wants to become a hero to be recognized. Yes, his main goal about becoming a hero is being recognized, not bring justice. The anime begins with the main character discovering he doesn't have Quirk, which is necessary to become a hero. It's a typical from zero to hero shounen.
This "From Zero to Hero" thing is reflected by bullied, which is the MC and the bully which is Bakugou, Izuku's rival which he admires a lot. Although the MC tries has to become more confident to become a hero, he keeps going after Bakugo's butt, even though Bakugo can't stand him. If this anime tries to give confidence to bullied kids, and make them stand up against those bullies, encouraging them to stick after them will not help. And I know what I'm talking about, I lived that stuff...

Art (8/10) : It looks nice, nothing special..

Sound (5/10) : The voice actors, especially Bakugo's one seems to overact everytime. Let's take Bakugo again, his voice seems like he wants to appear threatening ALL THE TIME, especially to Izuku.

Characters (3/10) : Pratically none of these characters stand out. They're all seems blank asf. So stereotypical too. We have the MC, otaku, crybaby, not confident, wanting to become... well has to become to more confident obviously. Which confirms the "Zero to Hero".
We have Bakugo, hot-headed, oversized ego, deeply proud (Vegeta ?) which will not accept to be beaten by the little boy who's on his hook since they were little.
We have Ochako, the pretty nice girl who gave attention to Izuku when nobody paid attention to him.
The Justice guy, Tenya, I think, strict and which takes everything, even the tiny tiny little thing.
I could go one but..

Although Aizawa stood out in like 5 minutes comparing to all the others characters.

Enjoyment (2/10) : Seriously, everytime I watch this anime, I get bored. The humor is terrible, it's like watching a mix of One Punch Man and Dragon Ball (for the terrible humor) but in a childish/worse way. You can easily guess what will happen EVERYTIME in this anime.
I personally think that My Hero Academia got all the hype because of the similarities it has with One Punch Man.

But again, that's my opinion...
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10 hours ago
Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
I started watching 'Erased' over a recommendation of a blogger.I think the series a bit overrated to be honest yet i felt so emotional over an anime for the first time. With this anime i felt 3 different feelings like in 5 minutes,that made me enjoy this anime at top levels. Still i feel like people are going a little bit crazy on it - it is a good anime but not the best (yet i am not watched a lot of animes to say a thing tho) But if you want to have some emotional moment with a decent story and good art you can watch it without hesitation!
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10 hours ago
Howl no Ugoku Shiro (Anime) add
Previously, I've reviewed another Ghibli movie where I did explain that although it was a 5/10 and that it was mostly gonna overview the fact that I didn't like it because I was the wrong audience and give some information for some likeminded individuals. It is absolutely not the same situation here because there's plenty of things wrong and to criticize.

But before that, I'll have to get this out of the way. The world looks amazing and the atmosphere set is great. As far as visuals go Ghibli delivers again a set of stunning visuals in a world where magic exists, making everything look absolutely incredible. There was never a dull moment visually and it was truly a sight to behold. Paired up with good sound direction that was pretty fitting and these factor into making this at least worth watching for the visuals.

But that's all the praise it will get from me.

The story attempts to create a romance between two characters, created through a juxtaposition of a girl with really low self-confidence, cursed to look like a 90 year old and a wizard who's a racially pure proud aryan, with beautiful and long blonde hair and pure pristine blue eyes, probably because this world is an alternative world 10 generations in after World War 2 was fought and the aryans had won the war. As a result of their superior genes they have unlocked the hidden capacities of their bodies and are capable to use magic. At least, that's how I chose to look at it while eagerly awaiting the plot to catch up to me.

In all seriousness, she's represented as a typical girl with typical features and he's presented as a really handsome man. Which happens to be aryan.

Their relationship is supposed to be this relationship where the guy sees through the curse and helps her cope with her low confidence and she sees how wounded and how affected he is affected by all the fighting and how it changes him, with occasional changes in their appearance to represent that.

But quite frankly their relationship makes no sense or rather, the way it's portrayed doesn't. Sophie barely spends any time with him and mostly lives in the same place as he does, but suddenly falls in love with him because plot. As a matter of fact most of Howl's action are unknown or kept hidden to the residents of the castle. And when the time they've spent is so short, I can only look at her as shallow or having a mere crush at best. While Howl simply falls in love with her because she's there, to put it bluntly. Like, Howl has a woman in his home, better fall in love with her.

Which makes their relationship feel shallow. Yes, there is a definite moment, their introduction, you can see how the spark had happened but there's nothing fueling the flame. You have no idea why they've decided to close the gap between each other and why read more
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Ao no Exorcist (Anime) add
Blue Exorcist Review....
Here's my first review, Let me know how I did :D

Blue Exorcist (Ao No Exorcist)

Creator: Kazue Katō

Genres: Action, Comedy, Demons, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural, Dub

Does this review contain any spoliers? Uhh not really but the only spoiler I would see is when I was referring to a scene, that's about it..

Blue Exorcist also known as Ao No Exorcist is a fine wine anime for any shounen fan out there, or maybe someone who just desire for Shounen for the first time. Published by A-1 Pictures (Fairy Tail, Magi: The Kingdom of Magic, and numerous titles), Blue Exorcist delivers enjoyment along with its variety of characters including AWESOME animation. The main focus is the ironic idea of a demon killing demons; not just any random demon, including Satan as well. The first episode jumps immediately into the storyline, which grabbed my attention (considering most animes doesn’t do that). The dope soundtrack produced by Hiroyuki Sawano (Attack on Titan, Kill La Kill) keeps bringing that fire through the battle scenes.

This 25 episode anime had an original ending, although I feel one of the weaknesses of Blue Exorcist it felt a tad bit rushed and unfocused. Another weakness would be, there were many unnecessary filler episodes, but hey at least they do focus on the other characters (firing up on each character's development). Overall the series conclusion was not focused on until the last few episodes.

I’m pretty sure as I mentioned before the series offers a great variety of characters along with different personalities, and most of the filler episodes help characterize them. Each character is seen as they own person, each with just the right amount of screen time (not too much nor too little). Perhaps one could relate themselves to another character because of this?

If you are looking for an anime with a simple yet fire storyline(pun intended) , then I highly recommend Blue Exorcist. The scenes themselves will have you speechless, while others might have you dying of laughter (One scene would be (Spoiler Alert): where the group is camping and Yukio Okumura is going on about the rules and such, he also mention Kirigakura Shura birthday, which she cut him off by throwing an empty drink can and said “Uh-oh my hand slip,” thus angering Yukio and he replied “Cut the shit and get to work already” she then said “Look I made him mad.” Considering the fact she was drunk makes it funnier.)

Upon watching this series you would want to immediately continue to the next episode, until you reached the ending. Whether you may be an anime veteran or just a plain rookie on the sidelines, you would fall in love with this series.
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Inferno Cop (Anime) add
Inferno Cop is a humorous distraction and nothing more. I understand this is against the status quo, but this is how I feel. It seems like the joke surrounding this anime is that's it is the greatest worst show ever. Just be advised the show certainly can be entertaining, but it's not worth the 10 people give it.

The show features terrible animation on purpose. Involving characters barely moving. It works for the show though. The music is actually pretty good and the voice acting (especially for Inferno Cop himself) sounds very good. All of this works for the 3 minute episodes.

Inferno Cop focuses on absurd scenarios involving a flaming skeleton cop. His goal is to stop the Southern Cross gang. Along the way he falls into random situations. These can be mildly funny. Sometimes you'll even laugh out loud.

My opinion. Be in the right state of mind before watching this. It's wacky and has it's moments. Just don't be fooled into thinking it's something more than it is.
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10 hours ago
Stand By Me Doraemon (Anime) add
As my introduction to the Doraemon series I was not expecting much.
I had many questions: how do I watch this anime, in what order should I watch this anime; should I watch movies before watching the series, should I consider which movie(s) to watch without significant spoilers, etc. The answer is Doraemon is episodic, you can watch it in whichever order you like. I had no idea this film was 2014, when I stared I picked a Doraemon movie at random - I now love Doraemon.

~Story & Character Development~
The story revolves around an elementary school student, Noby, and his everyday struggle as a walking disaster. One day a magical robot cat called Doraemon and Noby's relative from the 22nd century come out of his dresser drawer from the future. They've come back in time to fix the horrible events which would ensue if Noby would continue his everyday life - his future is distasteful and utter ruin, as well for his relatives in the future. They've come to change his choices and fix the future. Doraemon refuses, but is forced to due to a program that makes him help Noby until he is 'happy' (fixed future). The relationship doesn't start off smooth but soon they become friends and shenanigans begin. This of course is only the start of the movie.

CG animation isn't for everyone, but this show really overlooks CG. It's wonderfully looking, this isn't your rag-tag cheap budget CG. The animation is smooth and continuous, no laps or tearing.
I didn't even consider it being CG after about 10 minutes into the show, it had no ill-effect.

Nothing negative here, everything seemed to fit in this department.

(Stand By Me) Doraemon had me emotionally attached, at one point I was telling myself I wouldn't cry. By the end of the movie I was running to the washroom to get a roll of toilet paper to bring back into my room. I was not expecting this, I was not expecting a show about a robot cat to resonate such emotion within me. It's silly really, but isn't that what anime is all about?

Stand By Me Doraemon is a masterpiece.
Show your kids, show your spouse, show your parents.
Buy a copy.
Then start watching the rest of the series.
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Oh my god this show is always great no matter how many times I watch it. I was almost in tears watching Excel Saga again. The box set doesn't lie when it warns you about the comedy.

Characters 9.0/10

Amazing characters. When I first started watching Excel saga back in 2005 I actually didn't like the main character Excel. I found her annoying, unfunny, and her personality was awful. 2009 comes around and I decide to watch it again and I was like "okay, this is okay, I think she's alright." Here it is, 2016 and I absolutely love Excel! So it took lots of time not only for excel to grow on me but the other supporting characters too. Hyatt, Menchi, and Pedro became some of my favorite supporting characters in the show.

Story 8.0/10

What can I say, it is bad, ridiculous, both plot and story! However its biggest and greatest redeeming factor is that it does manage to stay fresh, comedic, absolutely hilarious! fourth wall breaking, brand advertising, cameos, skits, the story is all over the place with great content, consistently too. For the most part Excel saga's "story" and "plot" for each episode is pretty easy to follow. The producers and creator do follow a lot of the original work which is good. The pacing of each episode really varies based on content and other elements, so some episodes can be slow and others fast paced. There are serious, or somewhat serious dialogue in certain episodes however for the most part they were just part of the skit.

Soundtrack 7.5/10

Music was pretty good! My favorite thing about early 90's and early/late 2000's anime shows is the opening & ending songs. Most deliver really catchy opening songs. Love Hina, Azumanga Daioh, just to name of few, have those catchy intro where you either get the song stuck in your head or don't skip it due to the fact that you're singing along to it.

I loved the voice acting done in Excel Saga! My favorite thing about the show is for its time, there was an awful lot lot of English used and spoken fluently. In addition to the speaking, the voice actors did a pretty good job when it came to using english references and jokes. I loved it!

Animation & Art 7.0/10

Pretty good all things considered. I think the animation was good for its time. Special effects looked pretty mediocre however they are still tolerable. Character designs were pretty great. I have no complaints there. Overall I was pretty okay with what I watched.

Enjoyment 8.0/10

I could not help but enjoy Excel Saga, it is hilarious! The performances were good, the pacing of the show was great. I gave Excel Saga 8/10 because I felt that it has a great lasting appeal. If I ever needed to watch a 90's anime comedy that I could actually laugh at, then I would most likely return to Excel Saga! overall I loved it.
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Hello again everyone! This being my sixth review to date, I'll do the best I can to express how I feel about [C]: The money of Soul and Possibility Control. *Spoilers may be ahead*

I watched this in it's English dub due to my friend suggesting it to me after discovering of my addiction to a certain economics driven story know as "Spice and Wolf"(that is totally my plug for you to go watch that too). This story revolves around an economics student Yoga that gets dragged into what is called "The Financial District" by a person or thing called Masakaki where he trades his future away for money, as does everyone else there. He meets his asset named "Mayu" (pretty awesome character) and he meets an individual who is trying to "save" the Japanese economy from collapse named Mikuni. Of course there are many more characters.

Each nation or area of the world has a "Financial District" and if they collapse the nation vanishes. The overall story discusses whether it is best to let the economy be inflated artificially of let it fall off the cliff in order to bring itself back up. That is at least the way I see it. This is heavy on economics so if you don't like that, avoid it. Though I am surprised it isn't rated better. It's execution could have been a bit better and I would have liked the whole plot to take maybe two seasons instead of one. It felt a bit rushed, and didn't give me much time to get the characters a lot more.

Either way it is a solid anime to binge in a day or two. Cheers!
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Yesterday, 4:26 PM
Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou (Anime) add
I see a lot of people giving this anime around a 4 because of a lack of story, and I couldn't agree more. The show really lacks in the story department, but if you came to an ecchi harem anime about perverted monster girls while also expecting a thrilling plot, it's pretty unfair to be giving a 4 to a genre you don't like in the first place. I digress, but my main point here is that as a harem anime, this is hilarious. I found myself laughing at every turn in each episode, and growing fond of both the protagonist and the harem itself. The harem being centered around monster girls makes for some interesting jokes, such as a full moon bringing out instincts and the protagonist being crushed while a large snake girl crushes his bones out of affection. All I can really say about this anime that I think you can't infer by these other reviews is that an anime doesn't necessarily need to have the most outstanding plot or character development to be good, it just has to be better than it's competition. For me it did exactly that, and I highly recommend this series to my fellow pervy otaku brethren.
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Yesterday, 4:08 PM
Uchuu Patrol Luluco (Anime) add
Story: The story is a little bit chaotic but that is what makes this story interesting and original

Art: Kill la Kill Style, i like it

Sound: The background music and all kinds of sound that exists in this anime sound very natural, like they are make just to that moment

Character: The MC is a little like Mako from Kill la Kill so i like her, i also like her badass mother, the others are just normal?

Enjoyment: It's very good for a 7 min anime

Resume: If you like a Sci-Fi, Space, Comedy, Romance???, Stupid anime, this is one that you need to check out
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Oh boy, were in for a ride.The wet dream of every weeaboo and Fedora-wearer:A Girl which plays videogames, looks like a model and is mindlessly in love with the MC.WHAT COULD GO WRONG? EVERYTHING.

Do you know that feeling when you watch people being really, really stupid on the Television? I feel the same while watching this mess of a show.You could also compare it with a cringe compilation.So, what even happens in this wish-fullfillment fantasy?
Dont let yourself be fooled by the description on MAL, the element that MC proposed to some girl on the internet before is thrown out of the window in one of the earlier episodes to fit in more ridiculous "video-game talk".Its basically just a really uninteresting and needlessly stretched romance, and like digibro said in his review for this "There is no reason why they should not fuck immediately".

The art is bright and flashy.I have no clue about anime art , but im just gonna say that it was the only reason why i didn't try to pour something really hot into my eyes.

The soundtrack is completely bland and i cant remember any melody, except for the opening because it is so painfull.

The Characters are either full-on trope embodiments or go halfway through with the stereotypes.I dont know which is worse to be honest , but the main girl is kind-of a yandere, so if thats your cup of tea you might want Mirai Nikki instead, at least they tried there.(I have not watched Mirai Nikki but im a hundred percent sure its better than this)

I enjoyed the first half of the show because of the reason mentioned earlier: its like watching very stupid people do very stupid things and laughing at them.The characters behave so unnaturally stupid and clichee-like, its hard not to laugh.After a short time it became just boring , so maybe give it a try when you are drunk or on other substances.

I apologize for any spelling mistakes, its 1 AM and im bored and annoyed at the same time, because this show gets 10-point reviews.Ew!

Edit: The only reasons this doesn't get a 1/10 is because the main girl is cute.Period.
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Yesterday, 2:29 PM
Aku no Hana (Anime) add
After being impressed with the manga, although slightly shocked by it, I knew I had to eventually watch this anime.

I'm halfway through and I am shocked again.... this time at how incredible this series is.

The animation/rotoscoping didn't really get to me at all.

The ending of some of the episodes are incredibly powerful.

This series highlights some of the struggles and emotions going the puberty and teenage years can throw at you and takes them to the extreme.

I'm only half way though but already holy moly, this is a masterpiece.

The sound design is sublime. I don't know how to describe the string arrangement at the end of episode 7. Its placement in the entire series is directed incredible. Highlighting potential the most important pivotal moment of the series. It almost had me reduced to a babbling idiot :)
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Yesterday, 1:52 PM
Clannad: After Story (Anime) add
*Before I start my review, I would like to say that I strongly encourage you to watch Clannad first. If you are wondering if you should watch Clannad for the pure reason of watching After Story, I would encourage you to do so. After Story will be much less enjoyable if you haven't seen Clannad.

What does it mean to watch a truly great anime? When I finished After Story, I was watching it on my laptop in the student center of my college. The show ended, and I found myself in a state of euphoria. I looked around and saw all of these people, going about their day, all completely oblivious to what I had experienced. This left me with something that many call "the void."

The void is a feeling of emptiness. You feel like you have lost something, and you want to find something else to make you feel whole again. You can get this feeling from anything of course, whether it's music, a movie, a book, or maybe a real life experience. And what makes the void so bad is that you may fear that you will never experience something so great ever again. Clannad: After Story probably gave me a bigger void that any kind of media ever had.

Something I hate to hear is when people say, "After Story is better than Clannad." Is it? Well...yeah, but it is not so simple as just being better than it's predecessor. You see, they are both the same story. After Story doesn't just become written better or introduce different characters. The characters in Clannad are for the most part the same ones in After Story. So if that's the case, why is After Story better?

When you watch a romantic anime, there is a tendency for it to end with questions left unanswered. Sometimes, the love interests just kiss. Sometimes, they just tell each other that they love each other. Heck, I've seen a show where the characters just look at each other and then realize in their heads that they like each other. However, After Story gives the viewer answers to what happens after our love interests finally get to first base.

*Minor spoilers for Clannad ahead, just in case you haven't seen it yet.

At the end of Clannad, Tomoya and Nagisa finally tell each other their feelings, but they don't kiss or anything. If you watch the OVA's, you know that it took months for them just to hold hands. But their lives move beyond that, and After Story shows us how.

After Story takes place directly where Clannad stopped. The first arc is very similar to the kind of arcs in Clannad, so at first, you don't even notice the show change. Then, the characters graduate and move on with their lives. Simply put, they become adults. Crazy for a romantic anime to take place somewhere outside high school. Telling you more than that would start spoiling things. But letting the story move beyond the standard setting read more
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Yesterday, 1:50 PM
Sketchbook: Full Color's (Anime) add
I had picked this show up via Crunchyroll recently and I was not disappointed!!

Story 8.0/10

You can understand the plot and story by reading the description, honestly it's fairly simple and oddly relaxing slice of life & comedy anime. What made the show interesting for me was the main character Sora's and other characters opinion and perspectives on life. I like that everyone in the show sees things differently and I felt that this was something that made the story unique. Because of the lack of interesting story, I was already anticipating slow paced story telling and plot. Honestly though that slow pacing really made the show all the more enjoyable. This is because I got to understand the characters more. It was relaxing in a way and lastly I was able to get to know their back stories and why they each like what they are talented at. Overall I gave the story 8/10 simply because it's enjoyable if you have the right amount of patience to sit through it.

Character 8.0/10

Now, with the characters, I liked almost all of them. I do not have any complaints or anything that I would want to see change from them. I believe that each character played their role perfectly and help bring some sort of comfort and enjoyment to the story. Sora of course is my favorite of the bunch. This is mainly due to the fact that she is a bit of an airhead, very spacey, and as mentioned earlier she has a very unique perspective of life both in and out of school. I also mentioned earlier that the characters have their own unique personalities which makes for an interesting cast. Overall I was very impressed with the characters and wouldn't want to see anything changed.

Animation 7.0/10

Nothing too special with animation. Sketchbook is presented with generic late 2000 animation, decent considering it's time of release however, I personally felt like it had a more early 2000's look to it perhaps 2001-2002-ish visuals. Either way, it was still pleasant to watch and appealing enough for me to enjoy. Character designs were also pretty good. Some of the characters were a bit odd... but I managed to pull through.

Soundtrack 8.0/10

As mentioned in lots of my other reviews I am a sucker for pianos. As a keyboard/pianist it's sort of self explanatory. The music in the show has a great relaxing feeling to it. The piano songs in the background help enhance not only the mood of me (the watcher) but also it helps reflect what the characters are doing as well as the mood. Voice acting was pretty good too. Lots of the voice actors did an amazing job with their roles. The opening song is my favorite thing about the soundtrack though. It's very peaceful and relaxing. It's sort of like the embodiment of the show. It really represents what to expect from the story and characters. I actually don't have too much to add on the subject of read more
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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Anime) add
Let's get through the 1st to 2nd episodes, rather...I ain't gonna do any spoilers or maybe in this review but THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS:

I think about Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu, it was totally awesome but there's a certain spotted in the second episode as you go along the first episode. I ain't gonna give you clue, which you will re-watch the first and second episode and find it. The type of genre are mystery, it doesn't have connection to Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikastu. Which is very unlikely that you didn't see anything (Because you were reading the English Sub) in the other hand. I was thinking about the "related" The one of the best movie that was related to anime was Edge of Tomorrow. However, in the poster, the quote was shown that is said "Live,Die,Repeat" I'm 50% certain if Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu has similar quote to Edge of Tomorrow (Re: Zero kara Haimeru Isekai Seikatsu doesn't have quote as I know, I met about Subaru who dies and repeat)
As I went up to episode 7, I had bit of confusion when Subaru had something to say to Emilia and he got fearless by saying "Several times, I've died" It was more dreadful when you think Subaru says that again, he will die in real life instead of coming back where he was.

My special guess for end of the episode 24:

I think episode 24 will have happy ending or maybe they will make Subaru fight against dangerous enemy in episode 23??? It is my own special guess but my last guess is Subaru will return the future? We don't know what happen next.

P.S. If you haven't seen this anime while reading this review, I REALLY prefer you to watch the first episode as I mentioned. So please :D
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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Anime) add
This is my review for the 8 episodes. So my point of view on this anime might change for the next episodes.

Story: 9/10 The story is still developing. But from the moment the story goes on it is a hit like track. From its being light fantasy typical anime set in a rpg-like world where everything looks fun and refreshing just like the past anime rpg based anime like Log Horizon, Overlord, SAO, and the past winter season's Konosuba. A very dark plot lies on. Gruesome and intense. With its "return by death" concept which is like some of the past time travel anime like Steins;Gate and the past winter's Erased.

Art: 10/10 The art is great pleasant to eyes. The design is typical to watchers of fantasy design, as well as moe character design. Though its typical its still great, especially when the its light fantasy animation will turned to dark fantasy animation, which used as an impact to watchers. The cliffhangers is strong, so its a pain to me to watch it.

Sound: The songs OP and ED are really good, as well as the background sounds. The OP fits the concept of re:zero from its title redo. Its awesome and gives me shivers when I listened to it with its OP video. For the ED, after a tough episode for the watchers, it acts like a relaxing song for me, though OP and ED is not always shown in all of the previous 8 eps. Moreover, the background sound fits the atmosphere of the plot. Just like the animation, from a light sound, a dark and thrilling sound occurs all of a sudden.

Characters: 9/10 The chacters are likeable. Their development are not so great for now cause its still developing. A lot more eps. to watch. The MC Subaru's development was good for being a cheerful and stubborn guy. As the story goes on he became strong from all his sufferings. The others character development on the story can't be assured its consistency, because. Their life is being reset to nothing, the bonds Subaru with the others is being reset.

Enjoyment: 10/10 I really enjoyed it watching, though its a pain to watch and wait for every next week. Its a great anime, I mean one of the best this season and year.

Overall 9/10 for me
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Ajin (Anime) add
Story: 9/10

its rather unique i havent seen one like this, its definately not for everybody but i do find it underrrated, it definately worth a watch.

Art: 7/10

i really dislike the 3d animation, infac if they sticked to the regular one im sure it would have attarcted even more attention, but regardless of so, the plot is pretty good enough to keep me in it.

Sound: 8/10

i dont really pay attention to it, but the opening is pretty dang good and fitting for it.

character: 8/10

i really dislike coward characters, but the development is pretty steady adn well so far.

Enjoyment: 8/10

regardless of the 3d animation, the storyline itself is really good and gets exciting, the cliff ahngers do get me frustrated but its definately enjoying to watch.
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Ao no Exorcist (Anime) add
Ao no Exorcist is about a guy who happens to be a demon spawn. As a result, everyone is extremely scared of him or wants to kill him, which is what makes it so interesting.

Story 8/10
No, it's not the most original thing ever. But this kind of outline story always leaves room for the author (of the manga) or director (of the show) to place their own twist on it.
One of my rules for any anime is, if I'm not enraptured by the first episode, I don't watch it. Yup, I'm picky like that. However, this one just yanked me right in. Forget the loopholes (which, by the way, there isn't any); every episode will make you watch the next up until the very end.

Art 7/10
The main aspect I want to talk about is the females. The female portrayal is excellent in my opinion; I've never seen a (relatively new) anime that has such a variety. Usually, the females are for fanservice so they all have that same cutesy look. And I'm talking about multiple animes, not just one show. But this show has more quality to it and it really shows. And not just the character art, but the other demons and the scenery as well.

I'm not one to judge for sound. When the music stands out, I can give it praise and a higher rating but this one was pretty normal as any show.

Character 9/10
Despite the MC being a demon and all, he's utterly realistic and has his flaws. Yes, ladies and gentlemen: flaws. He gets beat up all the time and every time he stands back up, you can see the character development. That's right! Character development! The other characters were developed as well as they warmed up to their strange friend.

Enjoyment 9/10
I will say: I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Is it the best? But it isn't the show's fault. This was my first shounen, and it was quite interesting, but because of the target audience there were some things that were missing that I wanted more of.

Overall 9/10
If I were you, I would give the first episode a try. It's a good length, so if you like it the show will hold for a while. Every episode is equally as good as the last and despite some flaws here and there, it really was a solid 9/10 for me.
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Another (Anime) add
I like horror. And when I say "I like horror", I mean I like good horror! Something clever, edgy, twisted and dark. Something, that picks my brains apart, and makes me wanna lock myself into a soft, warm room, with no windows, and a lots of lights - something like Amnesia: the Dark Decsent, or Silent Hill 2. Those are my absolute favourite titles to throw in, when discussing about a good horror-titles. Sadly, Another isn't among them, ad let me tell you why, here and now. It's... not...scary! Like... at all! And that's some pretty big sin for a anime, that's supposed to be... scary! Wich it's not!

Ok, so maby I should sort of elaborate, on why I took one of the most classic "new" - and seemingly popular - horror-style animes, spat on it, and give it such a low rating... as if I should actually explain it to anybody! I've seen my relatively share amount of horror - both classics, and some of the new ones, that were... more or less about the horror itself, and less of some hot slu... girls, screaming and getting themselves killed... because of the reasons. Another has that seemingly well - horror-elements over dummy-elements, that is! The story is actually vairly decent, and the setting is actually really and honestly unsettling! As a person, who holds no real happy memories since kinder garden, a school as a setting for a horror story, based on some ass-pulled japanese curses and neglectful classmates, is actually something right out of my personal Silent Hill- setting, if you will. The sounds and the art is really good too, no crosses from there! But... when it comes down to the characters, and the overall enjoyment... this was really, really weak try!

First of all... curses are like a bullshit to me! Really. They don't scare me. Something, that'll get it's power from your mind, rather than from the outside,, should always be the winner in these stories, but curses? Not to me! It should be scary enough, that all of the sudden, you just become invisible and non-existent to all around you, get constantly being neglected and bushed aside in general - that should leave some serious scars into anybody, who's ever been bullied, or teased at school - but paste some crappy curse-shit on top of all that, and all you get, is some really hot mess, with boring/useless/annoying characters, and a premise, that just dances around some dead pile of high school students, like a retarded monkey! I know this anime is short, with it's 12 episodes, but it's actually too much to take in, if the story is so paperthing and not very interesting in a long run, that you'll start to beg anything to actually hapen, before it starts to finaly hapen, and instead of being scared, or excited, you'll will just end up feeling more or less uninterested, bored and disapointed... much like having some bad cunnilingus done at you! Another, read more
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Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid (Anime) add
What will you find on this show?

TITS. In Every colour, shape, and size, imaginable.
And very bizarre relationships among women in general. This thing has'nt a single drop of history, it's like the writter and the director would had crapped in your head until your brain melted out.

Had not i seen this thing.... i probably would be happier. It's still better than Mars of Destruction, but this is one of those thing which for the extreme danger that it represents for mankind, the world and the fabric of the reality itself....and should be hidden next to the ark of the covenant, the grail and those things from the histories of bygone

So, unless you really want to see this kind of thing; please..... avoid this suffering
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Yesterday, 12:54 PM
Girls und Panzer der Film (Anime) add
This movie is basically something featuring a grand version of the 'same old' stuff but if you actually have a special side for the series it turns out a much better show.

So basically this movie bears the theme of fighting for something precious with tanks'. But it is a bit different during this time. It mainly involves the fight between Ooarai and a University team. The battle somewhat turns out into something sort of a royal rumble, if we go much deep here then I might end up giving some major spoilers. Anyway, this time we get to see a new style of sensha-dou, where the main objective of one team isn't just to take out the flag tank rather it is to take out the whole opponent team. The battle turns out into a grand version of the battles previously shown in the anime. The movie also starts with a friendly match which is a tag team fight, it was something newly introduced to the movie. And we get some feels ride after that, as something bonus [?].

This movie introduced many new stuffs. First of all new schools, here we get 3 new schools with 2 of them which represents the stereotypical Japanese and Finnish. And here is the university team, with much better tanks and skilled crew compared to High School Teams. The forms of battle are also new. And some more new Bizzare tank fighting techniques which are as always enjoyable to watch.

The art of the movie is splendid, just like the anime. Nothing with major differences. Just a bit more CG.

The BGM's are great as always. They give a exactly unique feel to the stereotypical nations, if and only if you have a good idea about the marching songs of the major combatants of WW2.

Overally this movie is much more enjoyable. If you're looking forward to the tank battles you'll be much more thrilled. The tactics are interesting to watch as always and the new techniques introduced in the movie are much more enjoyable. If you also like cute girls then you will never be disappointed with this series. If you're a Sumire fan then you get to hear her Russian in this anime. In a nutshell, the movie is a really enjoyable stuff. You've got nothing to be disappointed of, if you liked the series.
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Boku no Hero Academia (Anime) add

Boku no Hero Academia...
Set in an era where superheroes are commonly known and accepted..
It tells the story about a boy named Izuku who doesn't have a superpower thing but wants to be a hero and wants to go the the UA School..

I will tell you. The concept of superheroes things have already existed in many film/animes, such as
Sky High
Tiger and Bunny
One Punch Man

The concept of "normal person who can excel in a certain subject because borrowing things" also has been covered in this anime:
Hikaru no Go (Borrow the skills from Sai)

So, Boku no hero Academia is not a new thing. It is just adapt another story and create new characters from it.

Actually I have no problem with the concept of superhero thing. In fact I like it. But From all others super hero things I have already watched, this anime has the worst execution and I hate Boku no Hero Academia.

I will tell you why:
I like when the first episode tell us about a normal boy who wants to be a hero but he does not have a quirk... Actually, I expect he found the answer. YES! YOU CAN BE A HERO! Why not? You can be a hero by making advantage of the technology and your brain!! You can be a hero like Mikasa in "Attack on Titan" !! YES YOU CAN! You can be a hero by creating a machine, medicine, or perhaps being a battle strategist!!

But, this anime lead us to the wrong path. The first episode seems promising by introducing the issue. But if the MC just get the power from the sky, then the answer to the question "CAN YOU BECOME HERO WITHOUT POWER?" just become "NO".. So, it is just pointless to introduce the issue in the first episodes. Why don't the story just begin from the school then?

Ok. Seems like the conflict in the anime become "how to make the borrowed power to become MC's power".. At the same time, I also already know the answer: "Yes, in the end, izuku will be able to fully control the power".. But again what is the point of this conflict.? Ah... To control the power you have to train a lot... Pfft.. Anime with training episodes just boring you know.

Then, no truly villain introduced until eps 8. the pace is so slow.

Izuku seems to childish to become the Main Character here. Seems kind of egocentric and showing off. Perhaps it is the storywriter that wants the MC to show off and I don't like it.
For example, when Izuku wants to save Ochako when trapped in the rock, he decide to punch the robot, instead of moving the rock. OR when he decide to punch the ceiling without knowing the exact location of Ochako or the bomb that might cause of injury (eps 7).
He commited to have a real life without quirks read more
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Zankyou no Terror (Anime) add
There's something quite poetic about the whole story. Maybe I'm just easily impressed, but that's not it. With the apt animations, the perfect soundtracks, the backdrops, the timely moments of reflection, everything just connected for me somehow. The Zankyou no Terror is certainly no world-beater when it comes to storytelling, but I found it maybe a bit more poetic and romantic than most others.

The story is about a pair of young 'terrorists' and the police trying to apprehend them. The reason for the quotes for terrorists is that the protagonists aren't your usual idea of terrorists, all evil and hell bent on destruction themed on religion. Our protagonists have different ideals in mind when it comes to 'terror'. There are some similarities to the famous anime Monster. The protagonists and antagonists alike have some similarities to a certain main character in Monster.

What I found so beautiful about this anime is the timely combination of everything I mentioned at the start of my short review. Certain scenes, though simple were shown in such pure, unadulterated terms that it was quite refreshing to watch. The developers certainly romanticized most of the scenes of this anime. Story-wise, its quite good, if not spectacular. But its the simple execution that impressed me. Most anime fail to capture such things flawlessly.

Feelings, revelations, moments of inspiration, betrayals, loss, despair etc etc are all present in this anime. So it doesn't susceptible to too much 'improvement'. The soundtrack is excellent, the background sounds crisp and detailed. And the art, oh its superb. Modern day animation just can't get any better.

Overall its an anime to watch. Quite enjoyable for a short anime. I personally felt a sense of loss when it ended. Couldn't get the hollow feeling from my stomach for a few days. Whether its because of the characters or the general execution and the ending, who knows?
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School Rumble (Anime) add
*This review will cover both season 1 and season 2 of School Rumble, since for all intents and purposes there aren't enough differences to warrant me writing two reviews for each season. I will NOT include the sequel OVAs in this review.

So. School. All of us are either in school or went through it at some point, and if you went through school, chances are that you have both fond and bitter memories of your time there, ranging from your unrequited crush dating the local gangster leader to your dog actually eating your homework and no one believing it to you accidentally ending up on the bus travelling to the opposite end of the country and no one noticing because your existence is that meaningless to you freeing animals from the local zoo and terrorizing children in a playground...

Wait, what do you mean that none of that happened? You mean...all of that was a lie?


But you know all the absurdity and stupidity that you go through as a high-schooler? All the dumb moments and drama that is so bloody ridiculous in retrospect, yet you can't help and look back and laugh, even be a bit nostalgic?

That, ladies and gentlemen, is School Rumble. Imagine every absurd situation in high school blown out of proportion over a thousand times over, and you get the comedy in this show.

I'll be very blunt; if you're not fond of that kind of humor, you might as well stop reading this review and head elsewhere. School Rumble's appeal is oddly specific, and if you don't match that appeal, then this show is not for you. At all.

If what I said so far sounds like your cup of tea, read on.

School Rumble's basic premise is that your ditzy airhead Tenma likes Mr. What's-his-personality, and Harima, the local delinquent, likes Tenma.

This premise is, for the most part, only followed superficially; what instead happens is random comedic skits (and do take my word on it, they're random to hell and back) about Tenma and Harima trying to get their respective crushes to notice their feelings. It backfires. Spectacularly.

The show largely consists of two general scenes; either some kind of skit following (but not necessarily, especially in season 2) Tenma or Harima. The other kind of general scene tends to be interactions between the various characters, though those tend to be filled to the brim with comedy. These scenes are considerably more quiet and are more about how the characters feel about various things, usually graduating or their feelings about various characters. They're incredibly interesting and offer different perspectives about the characters, making this work unbelievably well as a character-driven show as well.

Speaking of the characters, I love all of them. All of them receive some degree of development and change over the course of the show (and the manga if you continue that after season 2), all of them are absolutely hilarious and all of them work off one another really well. It's not every day read more
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Love Stage!! (Anime) add
I just can think: "i don't care about what you wear. Yeah, you can dress all you want and let your hair in the way you want. Because this is your choice. No matter what people say, still wearing what makes you truly happy. The supposed woman's and man's clothes will suit you, no matter is your choice. Because if a dress wears you better than pants, wear it. So, love your decisions."

I liked this show. I really stories that give me something to think about. Okay, they mix yaoi and comedy in this show, but i need to say that i liked this too. I really liked to see the relathionship between the main male characters (Ryouma seeing that your lovely woman named Izumi is a man and after it Ryouma can accept that love is love no matter the sex. All of it). I liked itttt.
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Monster (Anime) add
A great piece of art who posseses an great storyline an nameless killer,who search her true name,her true identity,who is a human but with the soul of The Devil inside of his hearth. And the Doctor who wants to stop the Monster who is Pure Evil,and he is like Jesucrist for her good-sense.

And in this anime,also there are an great view of the European Culture,specially in this time,the Germany Culture (food,art,manners,etc...) with a great visual animation so reallistic and with completely human features who is amazing,and with an climax opened but not so bad because of the interpretation of yourself about the history like myself did and i don't make you any spoilers, because you need to discover this great anime,with great characters,amazing story and good art with an great soundtrack,who is enyojable,despite it's slowness in the early chapters. Who is like the beast and who can deal with it? Discover this,on your own. My notes of every part of the anime. Story:9,5/10, Sound:10/10,Characters:9,6/10,Animation:9/10, Art:9,8/10 and Overall: 9/10 and Overall:9/10

You should not miss this incredibly anime before dying.
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Owari no Seraph (Anime) add
This show gets quite of bit of hate, and it seems most of it stems from the "genericness" and "clicheness" (yes, they are words now) of the show, and I just want to clear this up a bit.

The overall plot theme is pretty generic, nothing special. It's humanity pitted against some force, in this case, vampires, in a life or death battle. The characters are pretty generic. Just for example, Yuuichirou is you classic example of shounen protagonist. He was abandoned by his parents, his family from his orphanage was killed by the bad guys, and now he seeks revenge. Yeah, it's pretty plain. Not to mention, he's with a group of other kids that are also "started from the bottom" type, and they seek revenge against the bad guys. Yeah, I don't think the plot is able to get any more generic than this.

You know, while I was watching this, I came up with a new acronym, JYAS, or "just your average shounen".

Now I don't want to beat a dead horse here, but I would like to mention that Yu is probably the most cringy, most edgy, most pubescent person I have seen, met, irl or not. Parts of the show, I actually had to pause because the garbage that came out of that mouth of his was just too much for me to handle. Ranting about family, defying his commanders, you name it.

BUT, that's not what this review is about. If you want to find out how awful the characters or story or anything about Owari No Seraph is, just check out any other review on this website.

Despite of all the bad things that I just listed, and countless more that are listed on this website, I actually found this show quite enjoyable. Yeah, OK, people are throwing rotten tomatoes at me already, but let me explain:

Yes, the basis of the plot is very generic, BUT, as you keep watching, it starts getting more and more engaging. It's as if it drags you in. Certain things happen, I won't spoil what, but as the show moved forward, I found it harder and harder to put down, and I just HAD to figure out what happened next. The way the story was written, the events develop in such an intriguing way, that no matter how generic the general basis it is, it still pulls you in. Basically, the story's good or bad is not decided by how generic the basis for it is, but instead by how it develops and how it engages the audience. And Owari no Seraph does a great job at engaging the audience.

I would like to note, many people note that this show is super cliche, and I do agree to this, somewhat. It's true every time Yuu opens his mouth, something comes about killing vampires, and every time somebody is in trouble, a comrade will jump out at the last moment to save him/her. However, just being able to read more
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Kuroshitsuji (Anime) add
Ok. This is my first time writing a review, so I don't know what to say.

I decided to write it because this is my favourite anime and I'd like to say the reasons of why I´m so proud of this masterpiece.

Art: It's so beautiful! The characters and landscapes are very well designed. It's true that is a dark anime, and sometimes is difficult to say if it's good or bad, but I think colours are totally great.

I would also like to say that the openings and endings are perfect for this anime, they give us more emotions when we are watching it, incredible! The music sounds fantastic.

As you know, Ciel Phantomhive is the main character. He's 12 years old! And he is so brave! In my opinion, Ciel is one of the best characters in anime. We could say it's only a kid, but his personality is extremely good. Even if he hurts people and sometimes is cruel, he has also such a beautiful heart. Ciel also suffers a lot, but he always tries to go on. The other characters are okay too, but no one has the depth as this one.

I enjoyed TOO MUCH this anime! It has a really good plot that makes you laugh, cry, be nervous and excited. And the end, OH MY LORD, IT'S BRILLIANT.

I'm so grateful with this anime, it gave me the strenght I needed. For me it's not just an anime.

So, I recommend this so much. Please, go and watch it, seriously.
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Yesterday, 9:17 AM
Ansatsu Kyoushitsu (TV) (Anime) add
OK, as this is my first review, everybody bear with me.

My friend actually first recommended this to me, and when I read a summary online, I was quite skeptical at first, because I thought I'd be getting myself into some crazy thing that'd give me nightmares 20 years down the road. But I'm very glad I decided to try it I must say, this is probably one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. Period.

The basis of the story is students of the E-Class in a elite school are assigned to assassinate their new teacher, who they named Koro-Sensei, or unkillable. Koro-Sensei just blew up the moon, and if the students can't assassinate him by March, he'll blow up the earth too.

Art: 8/10
The art is pretty good. However, the artists made it pretty clear which characters are the center of attention, and which are just more side characters. Still, nothing bad and certainly better than anything I can do.

Sound: 7/10
The music is pretty average. Nothing super impressive, but it does fit well with the show.
The voice acting is what I find quite impressive. They managed to have over 20 characters and still somehow keep each character just a bit different and unique from the other ones.

Characters: 9/10
Ahh... the star of the show, the E-Class. For a show with so many characters, each one is developed very well. After the 22 episodes, it feels like you know each and every one of the characters personally, well the ones that are focused on at least, more on that later. I won't go through every character in the show because clearly, there are too many. However, I will give a mention to Nagisa, the main protagonist, and the cutest to ever walk this Earth. He starts off as a shy, almost wimpy looking character, but over the course of the story, he develops the most. Next, of course is Koro-Sensei, the tentacle wielding teacher of the E-Class that seems to be able to do just anything. Although he doesn't develop much throughout the story, he plays a key role in helping the students of the E-Class grow. And special shout out to my favorite character, Bitch-Sensei, the assassin that uses her beauty and seducing skills to overcome her targets. She just makes the show that much funnier.

Overall, I really like how different and unique each of the characters are, but yet they are still all united by one common goal. The show does a great job of developing and showcasing each of them.

My only gripe is that not each character is developed evenly, and some of the side characters barely get any screen time, which is annoying.

Enjoyment: 10/10
I found it very funny, and definitely got a good workout from all the laughing I did. However, much of the humor is derived from slapstick and inappropriate topics, so it definitely isn't for everyone. Even still, the plot and characters are quite intriguing and should still be an read more
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Amnesia (Anime) add
I'm not sure I'd call this a 'Reverse Harem' kind of show...
Have you ever had that 'low self-esteem-ridden' friend who can't live 5 minutes without having to cling to a guy to make their life 'worth living'? Watching this might straighten them out.

'Amnesia' reminds me of a Spike Lee movie: 'She's Gotta Have It', where the lead character, as in the 'Amnesia', has a few guys with potential to pick from. BUT WHO is the guy with the best heart, or isn't so self-absorbed he even knows you're there?

My daughter and I are watching this this weekend, because, not to mention, there are twists to the plot and the guys are ALL hot, for a cute lil' flower like our leading lady, but with the 4 options almost going through a 'job interview', will she choose, A, B, C or D? What if the answer is 'None of the above'?

What do YOU make of the 4? Some of their personality 'foibles' might surprise you.
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Yesterday, 7:52 AM
Plastic Memories (Anime) add
First few episodes of the anime gave me the idea that the retrieval of the Giftias is also the same as losing your loved ones or something more dramatic than that. I expected the story will progress by showing a series of dramatic retrievals of Giftias being attached to their owners. The first few episodes went like that, but halfway I felt it actually went in a different way.

It could've been better I thought.

The idea of romance is nice. I like the main problem of the story which is that you can't stay with your loved one forever since they are certain circumstances different worlds experience that makes the viewer feel the feels. Unfortunately, I felt that I didn't feel the futuristic atmosphere in the anime, like there is no distinction between Giftias and humans. It could've been better when at some point, they objected the idea of romance between Giftias or humans since they are two different concepts. I felt that the main circumstance of the anime is that the fact that they can't be together for a long time since there is a time limit before Isla is going to be retrieved. It could be the same way in a slice of life setting, wherein two lovers can't be together since the girl has an incurable disease, and they have this time limit to enjoy their precious moments. I felt the impact of Sci-fi is not that strong for me to appreciate it. The problem with Sci-fi genres is that you can't make it a sub-genre or if you're going to add sci-fi in your anime, it should be the main impact of your anime. The romance of the anime is nice, atleast it could've been better if they mixed it with a slice of life setting.

I recommend this anime if you like tragic love stories or if you like the feels of being unable to love someone due to time and to those people who think time is such a cruel entity.
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