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*It's recommended that you've seen at least the very first Digimon series to get yourself introduced to the characters*

Digimon tri: Saikai (Saikai literally means reunion/meeting). Probably one of the most anticipated entry to the Digimon series ever since it was announced.
As part of my childhood I was pretty hyped about it turned out... just okay.

In this series we get the reunion of the DigiDestined (including a new one) alluring to the respective title, who gather to combat a new menace that's surging upon the real world : Infected Digimon (as refered to a secret agent group also introducted in these series)

Straight from the start, I started smiling listening to Butter-Fly, the nostalgia just flew into me, but I have to admit the artist voice doesn't transmit the sheer epicness that Koji Wada transmits to me.

The art looked pretty good, but now that I grew up, there are some things that make me feel uneasy about it, the voice acting was pretty good as well, but it was a new experience for me since it was the very first time I've watched Digimon with their original japanese voice.

I also had a major issue with how Taichi acted through the series, he was suppose to be corageous and he was so different from how I remember him, I mean even his symbol was the courage symbol, he was afraid of the city destruction of his surroundings which just felt... awkward. The remaining cast remained loyal to my memories so it made up for it.

All in all, I would give it a 7/10 since it was pretty decent overall.
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Dance with Devils (Anime) add
Typically, reverse harem animes are guilty pleasures for me- something I'll horde and hide away from prying eyes because WHO IN THE HOLY MOTHER OF TASTEFULNESS LIKES THEM ACTUALLY

When I heard about DwD, I was willing to give it a try simply because of that reason, but found myself pleasantly surprised. I was expecting the usual Mary-Sue type heroine with her thirsty-ass group of males. Instead, I got Ritsuka Tachibana, Shiko Academy's Student Council, and the ever-so-holy Lindo. Compared with other reverse harem animes like Amnesia and Diabolik Lovers, DwD is a breath of fresh air. Of course, that's not to say it's excellent by any means- it has its faults and is often very predictable- but for what it is, I'm honestly enjoying it a lot.

Ritsuka, unlike the heroine from Amnesia, and whoever that girl was in DL (I honestly cannot be bothered to remember her name. She's such a throwaway, placeholder character that it hardly matters anyway...) is actually quite likable. She doesn't annoy me in the same way the others did, and despite playing the whole "damsel in distress" card sometimes, she stands up for herself in a way I haven't seen before in reverse harems.

In contrast, I found the members of the Student Council to be... kind of irritating, especially Urie. I generally despise the whole "Sexy-And-I-Know-It" seductive guy trope, so his whole episode in which he tries to retrieve the grimoire from Ritsuka was almost skippable. Shiki, for me, is kind of comic-reliefish, in the way that I can't really take him seriously. Mage is more tolerable the other two, but he lacks depth imo. Lastly, Rem, a clear-cut tsundere, is sadly my least favourite member of the Student Council (besides Urie. Seriously, eff off Urie. Throw that rose out before you hurt someone). It sucks because he, imo, is the most interesting out of all four of them. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with his character per se, unless you want me to be nitpicky (which I'm not). I just really, really can't stand tsunderes. As of yet, I don't think any member of the Student Council actually has genuine, vested interest in Ritsuka- maybe Rem is the exclusion here, but because he purposefully hides whatever feelings for Ritsuka he may have, I can't really put him in any categories.

Lindo, though... Lindo's where it's at. He's like the cockblock for Rem and Ritsuka, and I find that I actually eagerly await the moments where he shows up and goes all holy on Rem's (and everyone else's) asses. The thing with Lindo that he is, without a doubt a yandere, and really little things set him off. The moments where he goes crazy are probably my favourite moments. To be honest, I love a well-written yandere, because they're usually really complex and interesting, and Lindo is one of those. He reminds me a lot of Toma from Amnesia behaviour-wise (who was honestly the only guy that was worth any attention in that anime) read more
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BlazBlue: Alter Memory (Anime) add
Este anime está hecho ÚNICAMENTE para aquellas personas que se terminaron los primeros 2 juegos de BlazBlue.

¿No me creen? Vean los primeros 3 capítulos y verán.

Jugué ambos juegos, pero aún así, el desarrollo de la historia va demasiado rápido y confusa.

Un problema que tengo con esta serie, es la participación de los personajes, sólo Ragna y Noel se les da protagonismo. Otros como Kokonoe, Tager, Arakune, Carl son casi inexistentes, su participación es muy poca.

Al no tomar en cuenta casi a todo el elenco, la historia se vuelve en exceso confusa. Y deja muchas cosas sin aclarar.

Lo único que rescato aquí es la animación que, a comparación de sus juegos, es mucho mejor.

Lamentablemente el anime te "empuja" a jugar los juegos, y en casos extremos, leer el manga.
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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica (Anime) add
En pocas palabras Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica es una excelente serie, con una excelente banda sonora.

Primero, quizás dirás "solo es otro anime de chicas mágicas" pues no. Digamos, esa es solo la "fachada" del anime.

La historia en lo personal me gustó bastante, al ser escrita por Urobuchi, te encontrarás con giros argumentales totalmente buenos.

A esto, le sumamos una animación de parte de SHAFT, que te dejará atónito/a, es uno de esos pocos casos, en los que la clase de animación surrealista de SHAFT le viene bastante bien.

Ahora, una banda sonora compuesta por Yuki Kajiura, ¡Dios! es magnifica, si te ves esta serie, o buscas el OST de Madoka te encantará.

Lo único malo aquí sería un poco la protagonista, ya que tiende a llorar bastante, pero al igual que todo el elenco de personajes contribuyen bastante bien al trasfondo de la historia.

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica es sin duda, un anime muy bueno, totalmente recomendable, al llegar al episodio 3 te aseguro que la serie te enganchará.
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Bakemonogatari (Anime) add

The monogatari series currently consists of 6 different seasons, Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari, Nekomonogatari:Kuro, Monogatari Series Second Season, Hanamonogatari, Tsukimonogatari and Owarimonogatari (Kizumonogatari will be released in 3 different parts later on in the next year).

Bakemonogatari at first was confusing, I had no idea what was going on and I could not keep up with all of the talking but in a couple of episodes everything started making sense.

Story: Araragi Koyomi is in third year at Naoetsu Private High School, he has two sisters and through out the story he gains a lot of friends. During a day at school he comes across a mysterious girl by the name of Hitagi Senjougahara and saves her from a crab aberration with the help of a Specialist, Meme Oshino. The story goes on as Araragi saves mulitple girls from different types of abberations.

Art: The art for me gave a satisfying feeling when watching Bake. Shaft has done a wonderful job with animation in Bake and the rest of the monogatari series.

Sound: Bake had 5 different OP themes for a 15 episode series "staple stable" by Chiwa Saito, "Kaerimichi" by Emiri Kauto, "Ambivalent world" by Miyuki Sawashiro, "Renai Circulation" by Kana Hanazawa and "Sugar Sweet Nightmare" by Yui Horie". The openings were all great but I was in love with the ED theme "Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari" by supercell.

Character: I'm not going to go over every character but just to point out the main character "Araragi Koyomi". How he deals with all of the girls and abberation while maintaining a stable relationship is beyond me. He cares for each charater and has a special bond with all of them.

Enjoyment: Once I started I could not stop. Every episode for me was a cliff hanger. I have never had the urge to rewatch an anime before but I'm most likely to with Bake.

Overall: While I find this anime amazing some people may find it boring or just dumb but that won't change my opinion on it. I strongly recommended it for everyone but don't judge it by the first episode, try watch it through.
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Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry (Anime) add
Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry is no way a special or a Masterpiece. This anime is definitely an interesting one when it comes to my overall enjoyment. I have watched eight episodes so far and I can see the development is good and still ahead.

Story : 6 - The story is fairly intresting and each episodes make me want to watch the next episode so i'd say it has a good story development.But it is safe to say that the story is nothing new. Atleast it isn't treading any new light with its battle academy story. Of all the animes watched I can think of three animes namely Absolute Duo,Freezing and Infinite Stratos which has a similiar story and development. And this season (Fall 2015) an another similiar anime 'Gakusen Toshi no Asterisk' have been airing as well. That said, it is a generic story because it is generally a well-received story that is a simple setup for the rest of the show. It's an average action-fantasy RomCom on the surface, but it sows great interaction and romance between the MC and the femaile characters. The story is very straight it doesn't try to go for details and looks more into story deevelopment. SO I'd say Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry ha outgrown in some ways from its predecessors.

Art : 9 - One of the great points of the show. The art is very good , but is by no means perfect. Character designs and colouring while greatly generic, are done well enough to make them eye catching and loveable. the background and scenery is breathtaking and very appealing.The fight was animated beautifully and the sword play is awesome. Honestly, I can't think of a more fitting art style for Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry than the current art. So I thank Silver Link for the great work.

Sound : 8 - One of the factors I love the show. It is really good. The OP song catches you immediately and pulls you into the fun adventure you're about to go on for the next 20 minutes. The soundtrack throughout the show is very well adapted for what's going on visually, from the quirky tracks during the moments of levity, to the epic and hopeful tracks during the well-choreographed action, to the light string and piano compositions during the touching romantic moments. The sound team really did a top-notch job on this show. It's a pleasure to listen to. But I can't say much for the ED, it is really out of the place it makes me want to ask if they could'nt find a better choice than it.

Characters : 7 - As I mentioned before the characters are very generic and common. Specially what caught my i eye was the amount of red-headed tsunderes that pervades the animes lately. However, I do give my credit to Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry for tweaking the situation and story a bit to make the characters a bit read more
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Shinmai Maou no Testament (Anime) add
Shinmai Maou no Testament is definitely an interesting series. Evidently, a range of inconsistent reviews render it to the category of "you either hate it or love it".

The overall story is simplistic at best. The character development offers nothing unique; a hot red-head is presented as the primary love interest, a long lost childhood friend is introduced almost immediately after, former enemies develop feelings for the main character, and so on. Most of these clichés are now well-established fragments of the harem genre.

The battle scenes are not exactly terrible, nonetheless they offer nothing special. The overall animation and sound quality are also quite ordinary and not memorable.

Well then, it begs the question; why is an average, mediocre series rather interesting? Bluntly speaking, the sexuality in this series is beyond over the top – make no mistake, if you happen to be watching the uncensored version, the ecchi and fan service scenes turn into borderline hentai. I found myself questioning whether I was watching an ecchi/comedy or hentai on numerous occasions. Further, the show takes itself very seriously into catering the “step-sister” fetish. By the 3rd episode, I realised it was a guarantee that a serious scene will be followed by “onii-chan I need you touch me” scene.

And this reviewer feels the poor juxtaposition of such two scenes is the downfall of Shinmai Maou no Testament. The willingness to push into hentai boundaries leaves little in the comedy to be desired. The attempt to connect the sexuality into the story is rushed and poorly executed. Granted, the story is neither thought-provoking nor original, however at least the comedy could have been much better appreciated overall if the show didn’t emphasize the “I must pleasure my sisters” element so seriously.

Nevertheless, much of the series is entertaining enough for harem/fantasy fans. If you can tolerate borderline hentai, I would encourage you to check out at least the first 3 episodes and see the interesting juxtapositioning for yourself.

For what it’s worth, here’s a summary:


- Enjoy watching a likeable MC slowly acquire a harem
- Enjoy demon – fantasy settings that are not gloomy but rather comedic
- Interested to see an ecchi series pushing the borders into hentai
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Shokugeki no Souma (Anime) add
Sorry everyone, I'm about to bash on your favorite anime, and I honestly don't know why this show is so highly ranked as it is.

Shokugeki no Souma is an absolute train wreck. And when I say this I don't say it lightly - what started out glowing with great potential came crashing and burning once the show got a little over half-way into the season.

The biggest and most saddening part of Shokugeki is the very poor (or lack of) character development. By throwing way too many characters into the mix, there is simply not enough screen time for most of the main characters. The only person who I would argue went under the most significant change was Megumi, and even so, her development was incredibly forced - her development was not so much based on her own sheer free will but rather because she wanted to mimic other individuals.

The other disappointing factor about Shokugeki is the over-stretching (if this is even a word, lol) of the plot towards the latter half of the season. This is especially exemplified by the Autumn Elections. Most of the tournament events could have been condensed into two to four episodes, but since the judges kept talking and basically giving the same, predictable reviews and reactions ("oh this doesn't look good... but it's so yummy! *insert overly used ecchi animation*), this was easily dragged on and on when it didn't have to be.

What does Shokugeki get right? Arguably the humor. The humor is quick, witty, and light and never fails to disappoint. The artwork and sound is also decent, albeit the ecchi animations are way too overused.

- Humorous
- Interesting characters, although some were clearly drawn from stereotypical personalities
- Poor plot execution, especially towards the second half of the season
- Poor character development
- Predictable
- Overuse of ecchi scenes - as the saying goes, the same jokes get old fast...

Story: 3
Art: 5
Sound: 4
Character: 4
Enjoyment: 3
Overall: 3
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Date A Live: Encore OVA (Anime) add
Arguably better than all of Date A Live II.

With a sweet and simple plotline, this one-episode OVA sheds a whole new light on Kurumi and her relationship with Shido. Although the ending was rather (somewhat) saddening, it was moving in its own unique way.

One thing that this OVA (and not a lot of other OVAs do) especially integrates well is the use of symbolism. Take note, for example, of what Kurumi writes during the festival. It's very apparent by the end what her writing symbolizes, and it further strengthens Shido's perception of who Kurumi could and should be.

Given this, there are a few things that this OVA misses the mark on (but again, this is only half an hour, so these are relatively minor). There are some minor plot elements that are somewhat questionable. On top of that, there are many characters missing from the original series (but I guess this is fine because, after all, this is mainly about Kurumi and Shido) and those who are present serve little purpose whatsoever.

Aside from that, there isn't much too critique since this is just a simple half-hour episode, but this was definitely worth the watch.

- Symbolism integrated well into the plot
- Simple plotline that was easy to follow
- Many characters missing (relatively minor)
- Those characters who are present serve little purpose
- Some plot elements that will make you say, "why?"

Story: 7
Art: 4
Sound: 4
Character: 6
Enjoyment: 6
Overall: 5
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¿Por qué me ví esto? Es la pregunta que me haré por el resto de los tiempos.

Fuera de eso, este anime me entretuvo los primeros 2 capítulos, la animación y la ambientación musical con piano me hizo pensar que este sería el primer anime de Idols que me gusta mucho. Pero no fue así.

A partir del capítulo 3 la serie se va al traste, ¿Por qué? Si algo DETESTO, es que me metan muchos personajes en minutos.

Y tampoco es que sean buenos personajes.. todas son iguales, chicas que quieren ser Idols, son "Kawaiis" e irritantes para que su Fandom las maten a FanArts. Tanto es así, que el único nombre que recuerdo es Shibuya Rin.

Por otro lado, como eso del capítulo 5 las cosas se ponen "tensas", pero sólo me conmovió. Se maneja más o menos el "drama" aquí..

Si te gustan las Idols, adelante ve esto, pero si quieres buenos personajes y una historia que se vaya bien y no sea monótona.. esta no es tu serie.

De ninguna manera pienso verme la segunda temporada.
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Diamond no Ace: Second Season (Anime) add
This was my first venture into the baseball sports anime genre. I have never watched a single baseball game in my life and was never intrested in one until I watched Diamond no Ace. I expected it to some boring anime of a team trying to play baseball as hard as they can. But sometime after that Diamond no Ace was approved for 52 episodes for its first season and the it was being produced by Madhouse. So I thought i would give it a try and to my surprise Diamond no Ace is now one of my all-time favourite shows.

Story: 10 - Diamond no Ace is without a doubt the best Sports-Baseball anime ever. Diamond no Ace : Second Season is the continuation of Seidou's journey to win the Koushien. It also shows the path of Sawamura Eijun to become the ace and the best pitcher in all of japan.But the show provides us more than just following Sawamura's journey; we basically get an overall glimpse of how high school baseball in Japan. This show has taken time to progress , and over the 109 episodes (Season 1 - 75 ep , Season 2 - 34 ep) we have seen the development of Sawamura and Seidou over the time.

And one thing that I love about Diamond no Ace is the SUSPENCE. The DnA knows hows to build up suspense leading up to the final scene in every episode..

Art: 8 - The art is great. It is difficult to not like it. Overall, I have no complaints about the art , the only reason I did not give a higher rating is because I have seen more unique and well-made art-styles among the animes I watched so I the outcome was a 8/10 as you see.

The baseball-playing scenes are very well-done especially some of the pitches which are animated showing clear movement of the ball (slow-mo shots of how the ball moves, or a clear arrow-like streak of light to see the course of the ball). Especially Sawamura's unique pitching form is well done. I never tire of seeing it. In later episodes, we also get to see how genius of a catcher Miyuki is with a few amazing saves.

Because comedy is a big part of this show, sometimes we'll see chibi forms pop out now and then, or sudden solid-colored background changes (with sfx and the like) when the mood switches suddenly from serious to funny.

Overall, the animation gives off a very shounen-like vibe: we get to see red-colored and blue-colored demon eyes for when they're fired up, players aura engulfing their bodies like a flame when they're pumped up, etc.

Sound: 10 - It is just the best. Madhouse has fitted every scene with the right and most fitting sound effects. Specially in the BGM, I found that madhouse has done a really great job of mixing the sound with each moment and situation. I could feel the intensity and suspense of the game from the screen. read more
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Mekakucity Actors (Anime) add
Este anime es malísimo. Yo era fan de Kagerou antes de que saliese el anime, y ya me había escuchado sus canciones, leído su manga y novelas.

PERO, su "adaptación" es pésima, los acontecimientos para la gente que no hizo nada de lo anterior les será confuso, DEMASIADO.

Los personajes tampoco hacen muy bien su trabajo, ¿Cómo les digo? A comparación de otros medios, aquí no se les "brilla" bien, véase en "Kuroha" no duró ni 5 minutos en pantalla y fue vencido por el poder del amor y la amistad.

La banda sonora digna de Jin no deja nada que desear, me dejó satisfecha, incluso con el Opening, que a pesar de no ser tanto de mi agrado lo hizo bien, y el Ending es muy bueno, expresa de que irá y que rumbo tomará la serie.

Por otra parte, me fue un bonito detalle contar la historia de Azami y Mary al final de cada episodio.

Para ser fan de Kagerou, el anime dejó mucho que desear, en especial la animación.. en el capítulo de Ayano.. Dios..
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Ima, Soko ni Iru Boku (Anime) add
Enter the world of Hellywood where dreams come to die! (Which, only now I realize is a play on for Hollywood where dreams are said to come true) Ima, Soku ni Iru Boku, or as the English has dubbed it, Now and Then, Here and There, centers its story around a young average Japanese boy named Shuzo, or Shu for short and his journey through a dystopian society centered around a dictator in hopes of achieving something highly unattainable in that world. Let me tell you this, I admire Shu greatly for his attitude throughout the series. What this young boy goes through is something no one should have to and I often found myself cringing and breaking for him because he was too stubborn to allow himself to do it. I laughed, I cheered, I even cried seeing this boy's story as well as other characters'. This boy, by the end of the story, walks out of that world a broken man with scars that won't be healing anytime soon. I absolutely love the symbolism and the metaphors, which, as an English major, makes me very happy to see that it is in-coordinated so well and done appropriately. To say that this main character went through Hell and back would be an understatement. You physically feel for most of these characters and end up truly hating the villain as if he were a real life villain that you may or may not know. The fact that you know his name further fuels that hatred. You cheer on the main protagonist on his journey to come back home but find yourself screaming in frustration or sadness as one thing leads to another that prolongs his journey even further. You will laugh (slightly), you will cry (a lot), and you will sigh (a lot). So be prepared to hug someone or a stuffed animal and pillow and grab a couple boxes of tissues. You're gonna need it for this journey that you certainly won't regret. I highly recommend this to those who are interested in a realistic anime with a ground shattering storyline.

See you next time! (,, ・∀・)ノ゛
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Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis (Anime) add
Esta es mi primera reseña, así que puede no estar del todo "bien".

¿Qué puedo decir de Shingeki no Bahamut? Yo la pondría en una categoría de un anime que se sostiene por sus personajes, ¿Por qué? El argumento expresado es sobre un Dragón que va a resucitar, algo que ya hemos visto antes, pero esto no significa que sea mala, por el contrario, es muy buena.

Se desarrolla bien. Los personajes cumplen decentemente su papel, tanto los protagonistas, secundarios y terciarios. No me quiero extender tanto en este aspecto, pero en resumidas cuentas, amarás los personajes.

La Banda Sonora es un DELEITE, es de los mejores animes con una buena banda sonora que haya visto y oído, incluyendo el Opening y el Ending, pocas veces me gustan ambas cosas.

Shingeki no Bahamut es totalmente recomendable, no los va a decepcionar, tiene luchas muy buenas, buenísimos personajes y una banda sonora MUY buena.
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Ouran Koukou Host Club (Anime) add
Before watching Ouran High-School Host Club, I thought it would just be another lame shojou anime, with unnecessary fanservice, 2-Dimensional characters, and so on. I really was wrong. This is coming from a Death Note, FMA Brotherhood type anime fan. From now on i will refer to the anime as "Ouran"
Ouran is about a girl who dresses like a boy named Haruhi Fujioka, an honor student, who ends going to Ouran HS, a school for the super rich and beautiful. Being a commoner, this experience is obviously awkward. Looking for a quiet place to study, Haruhi opens the door of an abandoned music room and finds the Host Club, which is pretty much a group of really hot guys at the school with too much time on their hands, entertaining rich girls who also have way too much time on their hands. Anyways, with her encounter came the breaking of something super expensive, she owes 8 millon yen to the host club, and since she doesn't have any money, she is, evenually, forced to become a host herself to pay her debt.
As for the rest of the series, (no spoilers,) there are several mininplots, along with many episodes that show almost all of the important character's backstories. Not just main characterers, but the pasts ofimportant side characters as well. Since almost every single character is rich in this series and most reading this review aren't, I'll say that it was extremely interesting to see the struggles within families of the rich. I have a friend that told me that there's too much comedy, even in serious moments; I'm inclined to dissagree. I'll have to compare this to Black Butler, which had a huge problem when it came to humor. In very serious moments, everything was broken with a joke. Ouran knows hoe to execute himor correctly in dark times, which is an amazing feat you won't see in many anime. Besides, Ouran is a comedy.
The boys in the host club are definitely shojou stereotypes, (fanservice, perfect looks, etc.) The way it's presented, however, gives Ouran an advantage. There are several instances where the anime was MAKING FUN OF THE SHOJOU GENRE, which was hilarious. Plus, the fanservice actually CONTRIBUTES TO THE ANIME! A perfect example is the Hitachiin twins, (you'll see what i mean.)
Ouran's greatest asset. In 26 episodes, the writers managed to make the development realistic and influental on the watcher. I actually learned a few lessons with the characters from Ouran. Pretty much all the chatacters developed, with one exception in the Host Club.
There are sooo many other good things about the story and characters, but I'll leave that for you to figure out.
Fitting for the genre of the anime. Cartoony, chibi versions of the characters all the time, and in my opinion, the outside design for the highschool building is really beautiful. There was nothing AMAZINGGG though.
I watched the english dub, which was SPECTACULAR. Nothing less than what I read more
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Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers (Anime) add
Well.... it acctually got me impressed, it is like doing a Namco X Capcom anime. Why? some may ask. Quite simple, this history has its originarity (although the Digimon feeling, look at Jessica, SHE IS A CHARACTER FROM DIGIMON artwork), yeah, it has it originarity, the thing is that:

Some teams in original's Marvel SPOILERS 1: some teams never meet each other, like Guardians of Galaxy never crossed paths with the Avengers (not from what I read), they never came across Doormamu (didn't read this one too).

Spoilers 2: They even made a Symbiote original's arc (this arc felt like Evil Ryu in Namco X Capcom,, who played it may understand what I'm saying). They even put DeadPool to work!!!!

Spoilers END.
OF COURSE IT IS DIFFERENT FROM THE ORIGINAL MARVEL STORY. But whatever, it is not Saint Seiya Omega at least (Naruto is Naruto, Mecha is Mecha, Power Ranger is Power Ranger, but SSO IS NOT SAINT SEIYA!)
It is supposed to be a kid show, but it is good the way it is (fun to watch),
this is mah opinion, mah, warui if I had bad manners here.

Story: 09/10. Like I said, it has it own originality, even copying Digimon and stuff.

Art: 07/10. It has some fails in the art, soooo, good although.

Sound: 10/10. Nothing to complain here.

Character: 07/10. Hulk's behavior is a bit different here, and the children are... well, their evolution in the story isn't that to be expected in an anime.

Enjoyment: 08/10. The last episodes (after RedSkull's arc) are better.

Overall: 08/10. Not that bad like the fans say, I am a fan that likes anything related to what I find fun, be a HQ, Manga, Anime, Game, whatever, if I like the brand, I will enjoy it, but SSO... I don't know how people can like that.

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Working'!! (Anime) add
"Try your very best to not write any spoilers."
Oddly enough, that seems not to be the case that often. I probably should state a good example right now but I came badly prepared so brain has to serve and rescue the review.

As you can guess from the synopsis already this second season of Working!! rotates around the same simple plot (slice of life at wagnaria's and the takanishi household) and still aims to just get you smiling rather than thingking.

You will get reunited with the same characters, which have still the same interesting starting position and they still won't solve anything. Sound and art aren't much unlike before (I seriously noticed no improvement/change) and the new support characters won't make a big deal either.

To keep long stuff short and useful, the story is still dragging ever so slow and the jokes still come rarely, but aat least they still come. It's a solid anime if you need some entertainment and a smile but you probably end up sleeping and waiting for it to get finally good. Not happening in this season.^^
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Rokka no Yuusha (Anime) add
Let’s make an anime where we get 7 heroes to gather up and defeat the demon god. Wait doesn’t that sound very generic to begin with. No one of them is a traitor, there is only supposed to be 6, so it’s actually a mystery on finding out who the 7th is. (The Video Review is up on my Channel, but here is the written)

Story - 8/10

The story of Rokka starts off pretty basic. As we get our hero Adlet Mayer has been chosen as one of six heroes to participate in a quest to defeat the Demon God. Now initially when you think trying to defeat a Demon God, another generic villain name, you wouldn’t expect much of this anime. However by the end of episode 4, it is revealed 7 heroes have been picked, whereas it’s supposed to be 6. So one of the heroes is actually a fake and traitor. And so begins the mystery thriller on to find who the seventh brave is.

The story initially starts off slow and uninteresting, because it’s just a generic quest for the first 4 episodes. After that, the story gets interesting and focuses on the theme of truth and lies. As the plot progresses we are given more hints on who are the seventh is. Because of the way it’s structured we don’t find out till the very end, so the mystery gets really dragged until the end. I can’t help but feel they the seventh very obvious, so to me if felt, like waiting for them to reveal my answer, and I was correct. However the ending, not to spoil anything felt like a dick move to the viewers. As they try to introduce a new characters, and let’s leave it at that.

Characters - 7/10

Because there are seven amin characters, I’m going to go through this quickly. Our main protagonist is Adlet Mayer, the self-proclaimed strongest man in the world. Well maybe the strongest man, but the most cunning. He is the main target of all the heroes to be the fake, as they all suspect that it’s him. So he is out to prove he’s innocence while solving the mystery of who is the real fake. Over the course of the series, I wouldn’t say he really develops, as he just pretty much plays a role in everyone’s development, but he himself doesn’t really develop. He job is to keep the story moving forward.

The other six braves are Nashetania, a Princess of Piena and Adlet’s first friend and ally. Fremmy Speeddraw a mysterious sniper, known to actually kill potential breaves. Godolf Auroa one of the knights of the Piena Kingdom and childhood friend of Nashetania. Chamo Rossa, the youngest of the heroes and considered the strongest out of all the heroes. Mora Chester, a mature woman known being the leader of the saints of the temple. And lastly there is Hans Humpty an assassin, with cat like features.

The characters with the most read more
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Nanatsu no Taizai (Anime) add
I have never seen an anime that I liked this much, with so many plot holes. I HATE plot holes and its the only thing that always gets me with anime. Usually if there's one plot hole, I drop it, but this one some how managed to make me want to keep watching despite the plot holes. I don't understand.
+points for the anime:
I do like the main concept and story idea. The main character is intriguing, and overall the cast was good. And there was a descent amount of romance in the plot. The fighting scenes were well done and it gave the this bad ass feel to it with and made overpowered characters that weren't actually overpowered because all the characters were OP. weird sort of balance.
Main good point I have for this anime is that it is heavily plot driven (in a good way). despite the plot holes or simply the annoying hiccups in the plot that came out of nowhere, it hooked me and made me want to keep watching. So if you want anime that hooks you, this is one of em.
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9 hours ago
44-hiki no Neko (Anime) add
I watched out of curiosity, wondering how a music video could've had such a low rating score. I've come to the conclusion that it's score is probably due to not a whole bunch of people watching it. The video itself isn't that detailed, it's just the same reel of cats repeating throughout the song. The song however is one of the catchiest things I've ever heard. I give it a 5 because it isn't the best thing I've seen but it certainly wasn't the worst; just don't watch it under the influence. Although I've been somewhat entertained by this, after a minute in it gets weird. I promise, you'll thank me.
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11 hours ago
Kuroshitsuji II (Anime) add
Akuma no Shitsuji continues on to the second season. At first, it feels as thought the show has reached the end of the story and the rest is just lengthened to make the story continue longer as seen in many other shounen anime/manga(with the cliche ****sia). But as you keep on watching the continuation finally gives some meaning with an unprecended ending that will surely surprise you.
For those of you craving to see more of the 'ikemen' Sebastian, you'll be surprised to find yet another butler added to the crew called Claude(Just do not droll) with his annoying Master, Alois Trancy. The rest, watch it yourself, so that I do not spoil it for you.
If you watched the first season and if you want to watch the whole series then I highly recommend you to watch this season too. But if you do not want to watch the whole series, you may skip this season as it is not that interesting. With the cliche type of shonen story, the plot just feels too normal with parts that you can feel are overused in anime. If you plan to watch the whole series then this season becomes indispensable as it explains a crucial thing.
As a side note, do not sell your soul to a demon.
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11 hours ago
Akame ga Kill! (Anime) add
NO SPOILERS.... This is my first review too I hope you like it!

After watching Akame ga Kill!, the overall anime boils down to three words: "poor transitioning" and "potential".

Lots and lots of potential.

Story (7): The story seems like the typical shonen with a little harem here and there. Tatsumi, an excellent swordsman, travels to the nation's capital in search of money so he can honor and help his village. However, his image of the glorious capital becomes tainted when he realizes that the government is corrupt and full of greed. He then joins (or should I say is forced to join) "Night Raid", a revolutionary organization that plans to destroy the government in order to set the people free of unjustified rule. Many of the characters also have "imperial arms" which are special weapons with unique abilities. To be honest the story seems pretty good whether you're a newbie or an experienced anime watcher, but get ready for many shocking moments that'll make you say "What the hell just happened".

Art (7): I haven't really watched many anime but I would say the art is good. It isn't insanely detailed but you also know that the artists didn't cut many corners. I did enjoy the fight scenes and they are pretty exciting to watch to say the least. Overall the art is just good, not bad or the best, just good.

Sound (8): The sound is great. Loved the soundtrack and the sound effects were great also. Being a newbie and all I can't really compare the sounds of anime to others yet but I'd say it's exciting to hear what goes on during the fight scenes and all that. I don't think anyone's ever remembered an anime for their sound but the sound won't bother or amaze you.

Characters (7) : I would say they're good but I think cliche would describe them best. You have your tsundere brat, the huge macho enthusiastic bro, the silent but deadly (lol) girl, the main character with 1003% motivation to get the job done, the non-caring tomboy chick.... you get the jist. Now this is where the poor transitioning comes in. You will notice that there will be a lot of parts where a character or scene will bring a lot of serious emotions. Then all of a sudden one of the characters cracks a joke and the mood goes from serious to Gintama at an alarming rate. This happens multiple times and you'll be wondering why so many serious moments are ruined by such poor decisions. That is the probably the biggest flaw I see in this anime. Don't expect immense character development but do expect the usual group of anime characteristics.

Overall/Enjoyment (8): Overall this anime deserves an 8 especially if you're new to anime. I would even suggest it as a starter anime to be honest. It really does help you establish a good story line and the type of characters most anime's have. If you're experienced in anime, I read more
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Yu☆Gi☆Oh! Arc-V (Anime) add
5th Part of Yu-gi-oh based on the famous children's card game (CCG).

Each part is completely separate from the others, with minor references or crossovers in some cases, though nothing important that you need to know before watching.

They don't make up the rules either like Part 1, which is likely the most familiar series to people here.

It's 83 episodes long so far, I remember it picking up around episode ~15 for me and again somewhere in the 30s. I mean a general improvement in quality, it doesn't drop down between them.

Like the other arcs, Duel Monsters is akin to a major sport, and also a major way of battle.

Action Duels are just cards appearing across the Solid Vision Field, mostly quick-play spells but it depends on the arena chosen. Solid Vision Fields are a false environment, though they hold their own structures akin to real world structures, I would assume they have safety features installed due to the lack of major injury.

Story - 7

Set in Miami City, on the coast of Nippon, Duel Monsters is the biggest thing in town. Thanks to the Leo Corporation, run by its president Reiji Akaba and it's introduction of "Solid Mass Vision", Action duels have reached worldwide popularity. Sakaki Yuya, the son of the former highest ranked duelist, Sakaki Yusho is our protagonist.

Yuya aims to become the worlds best entertainment duelist, just like his father :) though three years prior to the series Yusho mysteriously disappeared and he has yet to reappear. Ishijima Strong, the man who Yusho was to face before his disappearance sends Yuya an invite to duel on behalf of his Father in an exhibition match. It's kind of odd how slow the series starts, when he is meant to be a world champion.

During the exhibition match, Yuya discovers a new dueling technique, Pendulum Summoning which leads onto his path to become the best entertainment duelist there ever was. Smiles, not victories are his goal.

Inspired by the summoning method, a number of new duelists attend You Show Duel School, and a mysterious doppelganger of Yuya is rumored to have appeared which sets the wheels in motion for our adventure. There's a lot more to the story but that's too far in the series for me to non-spoiler it, but the world isn't just peaceful dueling.

It starts slow, gets running, then takes another while to really introduce the plot to viewers.

Art - 8

It's good, I don't really know what else to say. I like it.

Sound - 9

I think most tracks really capture the moment, they done well on this. OP/ED aren't extra special but the music used within the anime itself is really neat.

Character - 8

I already covered Yuya, the only other non-spoiler characters I can introduce is Yuzu, Yuya's childhood friend and the best duelist at You Show Duel School, with Yuya being an average duelist bordering a 50% winrate at whichever level 14 year olds play at, at the read more
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Fairy Tail (Anime) add
I hate this anime so much yet I cannot stop watching it in the hope that over two hundred episodes down the line the story will actually develop. I now have to take monthly breaks in between of individual episodes so that I can convince myself that the next episode wont be as bad as the last.

Story: 1/10

If this section of the review is a mess it is because there is no way in words to describe how horrifically bad fairy tails story is and I have therefore just ranted for a while about how bad it is as well as I could.

Imagine if nobody ever died even the bad guys. Does that sound like an interesting story with high stakes? This is what Fairy tail is. Not only that but every villain seems to have a change of heart and become good or just comes back to be defeated again. Death is something acknowledged as happening in the past yet literally nobody seems capable of being killed from blows that should destroy entire cities.

There is no plot development, a horrific seven year skip, an overarching story that disappoints at every turn, so much bad filler, people recover strength from fucking friendship in every fight etc.

This anime has got to the point where each horrifically short story arc is incredibly easy to predict. The story never changes it is just on a constant loop in which the heros lose then get motivated and come back to win.

Art: 4/10

The art has its ups and downs (more downs) but is what you would expect from an anime of this size. I have never been disappointed with the art but it has never excited me either.

Sound: 7/10

This anime is made watchable only by its well voiced characters, good sound effects and great music. I still listen to some of this anime's music despite the horrific memories it gives me.

Characters: 5/10

The pros of the characters are that they are well designed and all have their own interesting distinct powers. If this anime had been good then I would have been very pleased with the cool way magic is portrayed in such variety.

The cons of the characters is that they NEVER FUCKING DIE. Literally every character is invincible there are no stakes. They also reintroduce characters that should be long dead and make previous story arcs even more pointless. More characters are added at such a rate and bad guys convert to good so fast that there are now hundreds of main characters.

Enjoyment: 1/10

This anime is about as fun as masturbating with a cheese grater. After a promising start it progresses to being torture.

Overall: 3/10

I'm being generous here when I say this
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Isshuukan Friends. (Anime) add
Ohayoo! Mina, It's 10:38am as im typing this."Why in the morning"You ask? Because rn i got nothing better to do so lets do this thang.

Well this show does more than give your brain just a bit of a workout on thinking about a “what if” scenario that is rather unusual.

They actually do a rather good job of helping you understand what your life might be like if you had the same affliction.

Just what would it be like for me personally to have a friend that every Monday morning I had to re-introduce myself as if for the first time.

How would it feel to be that person who is afflicted and only knowing people because of what you wrote in a notebook, always worrying that you might lose the notebook and thus lose your “memory”. I really enjoyed the show.

Well it wasn't the most interesting review I did lol but overall this is a nice, relaxing anime that has a good story and introduces you to some interesting characters and interesting concepts. *exhale* I'm done, i hope you guys enjoyed the review... Bye-bye (≧∇≦)/
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Tamako Love Story (Anime) add
This is my first review and I'm writing it because a friend of mine asked me if he should watch Tamako Market to understand Tamako Love Story, so I thought a lot of people out there could have the same question, so here we go. By the way, this review is free of spoilers

"Do I have to watch Tamako Market in order to understand/enjoy the movie?" NO. In fact, I didn't watch Tamako Market and I still enjoyed the movie.

"Does that fat bird appears in the movie?" If you have watched Tamako Market, you know about that bird (I think it's called Dera) and it seems like he annoys most of the people who watch the show. Well sirs, you are lucky, because that bird doesn't appear at all in the movie (he actually appears like 3 minutes in the whole movie, but it is not relevant)

Now, Tamako Love Story, as the name suggests, it's the love story involving the main characters: Tamako and Mochizo. The whole movie focus on that; even secondary characters don't appear that much nor are really relevant to the story so don't worry if you don't know all the characters, you don't need to. Also, this is obvious but I'm going to say it anyways, this movie it's pure slice of life, there are no aliens, no magic, no battles, nor a girl falling from the sky, and in my point of view that's what makes this movie so enjoyable: it's something that could happen to anyone... except that you know, you probably won't meet a girl that cute in reality *cries*

In short, you haven't watched Tamako Market? Don't worry, you can watch this and still enjoy it.
You watched Tamako Market? Well, I don't know why you are reading this, go watch the movie!
You already watched the movie? GO TO WATCH IT AGAIN!!

This movie is super cute and I would recommend it to anyone EXCEPT if you are looking for a love triangle drama or something like that, then this is not for you.

Thanks for your time... just go and watch the movie already!

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Yesterday, 1:30 PM
Hidan no Aria AA (Anime) add
A side-story to Hidan no Aria , Hidan no Aria itself couldn't be called good but this one is like it's retarded brother that tries to suck its own dick.

An anime about literally nothing.You could film someone drinking coffee for 5 minutes, and it would have more plot than this anime has in 8 episodes.
I should mention it is a lot like the original with just a few tweaks like 200% more sexually agressive lesbians and 100% more unnecesarry characters.
The story is non-existent,the art is cute that it'd fit well with slice of lifes back in 2006,the sound is decent I guess.
As for enjoyment , if you can literally laugh to anything and enjoy brainless comedy about girls sexually assaulting ONE almost jailbait girl who seems to be the center of attention in an 'action' genre ͡( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and has for whatever goddamned reason magical powers; this is perfect for you. Shoujo Ai might be the closes genre to defining this anime,but even that doesn't do it's job.

In conclusion this anime is so badly done that it makes you question life itself and even more so the studio who thought they will get any money out of this.

TL;DR Rika best girl. 10/10 Anime of the century
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Yesterday, 1:29 PM
Koitabi: True Tours Nanto (Anime) add
A show everyone who likes romance must watch.

Story - 7/10

The three stories in this show are all sweet and endearing. They all develop well and, most importantly, really stay true to the genre. It is all pure romance.

Art - 9/10

The visuals are nice as well. The characters are drawn in a soft style that really suits the mood. But, the thing I liked most about the art are the locations. The anime is set in Nanto and the show puts emphasis on this in an amazing way. The places the characters are drawn the exact way it is in real life. How do I know? Because they show you pictures of the real life locations during the credits. If you love to see places that exist in real life in an anime you should not even consider skipping this show.

Sound – 6/10

There is not much to say about the sound. The characters their voices suited them well and the music went well with the atmosphere in the show.

Character - 6/10

The strength of the characters differs per story. In one of them the character development is better than the other, but overall the characters are likeable and add value to the story.

Enjoyment - 9/10

Even though the episodes are only seven minutes, I felt like I enjoyed myself a lot. Maybe because the episodes are only seven minutes, there is not enough time to add comedy sketches or lead the story astray. It is straight to the point, and even though this is uncommon in the romance genre, it works.

Overall - 8/10

This is more than just your regular short show. In those few minutes this show lasts, it will keep you hooked to the story and give you a happy feeling afterwards. I can recommend this show to everyone who simply loves the romance genre since it is just that; pure romance. The only thing I did not like about the show was that there are only six episodes, six episodes is not nearly enough for a show like this!
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Yesterday, 1:26 PM
Rokka no Yuusha (Anime) add
I have seen a lot of valid criticism here that I do agree with and a lot I don't agree with so im going to try and convince you that this show is worth a 10 despite its flaws. Before I get into the review I would like to say that the criticism that this show isn't what it was advertised as is true. This anime does not belong in the mystery genre but more the action genre.

Story: 8/10

Considering the way the anime was set up a story that was anything more than decent wasn't really needed as the story basically only needed to assemble the relevant characters in a certain area and then trap them with the idea that there is a traitor among them. I was pleasantly surprised when the story not only fulfilled this part of the story admirably but also added little parts of world history that were not needed but really created depth. The tales of ancient hero's who walked their path before them and the whole saints concept really created a much more interesting story than I had imagined and I really hope there is more anime set in this world. This said the story is of course not perfect and at times is a bit cliche. My main issue with the story is that instead of having some clever ending to the mystery of the traitor it just sort of involved magic whenever it needed to explain something difficult.

Art: 9/10

The bar was set high on the first episode with brilliant art, smooth animation and scenes that were an absolute pleasure to watch. This quality wasn't maintained at a constant throughout the anime but the whole thing was none the less a very beautiful anime.

Sound: 7/10

Not much stood out here. The music was good, the characters well voiced and the sound effects appropriate. None of it was overly memorable however.

Character: 10/10

I love good characters and thats what we get here. I found that the characters were refreshingly unique and didn't stray into the anime tropes. There were no harems, the females don't all fall for the main protagonist for no reason, relationships actually do develop instead of remaining stagnant etc.

I enjoyed seeing the developing relationships between close characters and watching new friendships get formed. I liked the quirky and original personality's of the characters that set them apart and made each one unique.

Most of all I loved the main character who wasn't some overpowered bad ass (despite his claims that he was the strongest man in the world) or some weakling who let others fight for him but a intelligent character who fought using every trick in the book. He never fought fair but used his array of tools and trickery to win the day (or at least try to win it anyway). The main character had the usual issue of being seemingly morally perfect but besides that I found no issues with the characters.

Enjoyment: 10/10

While this anime never lived up to read more
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Brothers Conflict (Anime) add
Obviously, this show's not for those who look for a story to follow. So if you're here complaining about the storyline and shallow characters I wonder why you even watched the show in the first place.

This series is literally intended for a bunch of hormonal teenage girls, and it does a great job in being that kind of show. As a hormonal teenage girl myself I can tell you that as long as you turn off your brain, these kinds of anime can be highly enjoyable. (or a hormonal teenage boy idk luv is luv amirite)

I'm not even going into detail about this show's flaws because there are too many to name and I also think we can all imagine them, especially if you've watched reversed harem before. To sum it up - masochistic heroine, twincest, "you worked hard", talking animal friends ft. "wait....that's supposed to be a guy?!"

If you're forever alone like me and you need something to replace the void in your cold empty heart, I recommend this show. Thank you for your time, it's been great.
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Yesterday, 12:11 PM
Plastic Neesan (Anime) add
This is one of those animes that anyone, anime watcher or average joe can just load up on Youtube, and have a hell of a time watching. Look this is not a perfectly crafted anime, and it does not have to be, hell the anime itself does not take it seriously. Think of Plastic Neesan as the Saturday Night Live of the anime world, full of funny as hell clips (humping guy OMG), and random ass moments. The other thing this anime has going for itself is the art and characters. The art is insanely beautiful in HD, and the characters seem almost life like in their quirky interactions with each other. So in conclusion if you want some quick anime humor watch this insanely short, and funny anime.
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Aria The Animation (Anime) add
Slice of life anime are difficult to represent to audiences in an entertaining manner without being a boring spectacle; that's why most of these have dramatic or romantic elements, or a lot of fanservice in them in order to be appealing to the viewer. But then there is Aria: The Animation, a slice of life in its purest form, that proves that such type of anime doesn't need any of the above to be succesful. Having dived in without any expectations whatsoever, I was pleasantly surprised: it was proven how wonderful and relaxing such a simple anime can be.


The premise of Aria: The Animation is of simple nature: Akari Mizunashi, a teenager who moved from Manhome to the planet Aqua (formerly known as Mars), joins the Aria Company to become a professional Undine - or a professional tour guide - in Neo Venezia, a flawless presentation of Venezia itself. This may seem as something totally uninteresting, learning how to become a undine, yet while it certainly is an aspect of importance, its main focus lies in the interactions with the people in the city, in addition to world building of the location.

Another interesting aspect is the fact that it is a planet covered in water and while it gives the impression at first of being a simplistic and somewhat regressed humanity technologically wise, it is for the matter not: it is mixed with futuristic vehicles and devices such as gigantic airships, or flying machinery, whereas everyday tools are simple, which gives the viewer a feeling of attachment to the setting itself, as this may be something that would happen in the near future. Now it must be said that not much of the world and how it came to be is revealed, which will maybe be done in the sequels.

As mentioned earlier, the story focuses on the different interactions with the people of Neo Venezia, and naturally fellow apprentice undines, as well as professional ones. It doesn't stop there: world building is done through the different, but intricate people of the city necessary to maintain a working society. Audiences may think that this anime has the approach of "cute girls doing cute things", yet with Aria it doesn't give this impression at all: they're just humans living their everyday life. These interactions are truly fascinating and heartwarming to watch, as it is in addition very relaxing as it also represents the ups and down life has.


The cast of characters in Aria: The Animation is not big, and is by no means necessary; in fact, it fits well with the story to have a better and more realistic fleshing out of a handful of characters, than to have an excess of those. It must be mentioned that the fleshing out is limited and nothing outstanding, as well as character development itself. The characters are simple and have distinct personalities, that fits well with the setting and different relationships between the characters.

What however stands out in Aria are the character interactions: read more
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Nisekoi (Anime) add
"False Love"
My first impression about this anime title was like this: "Ah! It must be a romantic-comedy just like Toradora (one of my favorite romantic-anime series)! It must be interesting. I must watch it..."
After several episodes I've watched Nisekoi: "What?! It exceeds my expectations!"

Well, Nisekoi is one of the anime series that is very trending to the anime society (Ahem! Weekly Shonen Jump). The trend of #TeamChitoge or #TeamOnodera is very popular also on the social networking sites when I started watching it. If you are a romantic-comedy harem fan, you must know this anime series or if not, you must watch it!

Anime Description:
"Nisekoi (ニセコイ, lit. "Fake Love") is a Japanese romantic comedy manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi. The series centers around Raku Ichijō and Chitoge Kirisaki being forced to become fake lovers in order to stop a feud between their families despite hating each other. Over time, various complications occur that seemingly worsens Raku's situation, including Chitoge's over-protective bodyguard, the presence of a female hitman and a girl who claims to be Raku's fiancée. But what troubles Raku most is finding the girl who he made a special promise to ten years ago with the existence of his pendant and multiple keys belonging to several girls, including Chitoge." - Source from Nisekoipedia of WikiA

Story: 10/10
It was very interesting that every main or supporting character were involved in the story-line's development like they have an interconnection with the development of one's character. The ending was also interesting because of several plot twist to the Romeo and Juliet story (Oops! You must watch this anime series or research it if you want to know what it is! LOL!). Nisekoi is one of the best romantic-comedy anime series I've ever watched!

Art: 8/10
I was amazed by the very unique art-style of the story (thanks to Shaft Studios).
It is also a fact Nisekoi is the first anime that I've watched made from the Shaft Studios so I'm also looking forward to watch other anime series made by Shaft. Also kudos to Naoshi Komi (the illustrator of Nisekoi) who made Nisekoi a very moe-artistic way!

Sound: 9/10
The OP song (by ClariS or Clara & Alice) was really fit to the theme of Nisekoi. As a fan of ClariS, I was really amazed that they really do a great job to create such romantic-themed song. The ED songs were performed by the heroines of the story, which also states a fact that the VA casts (such as Hanazawa Kana, Nao Toyama etc.) of Nisekoi are really talented and well-known to the anime industry nowadays.

Character: 9/10
A romantic-comedy harem anime must have heroines with distinct features, and Nisekoi achieves all of it. Each of the heroines has their own charisma or charm. The main character (Raku), is somewhat an epitome of a boy in a real world (somewhat... LOL) because of his personality. Despite of that, the story became interesting because of their distinct characteristics and how these could affect to the flow of the read more
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Seirei no Moribito (Anime) add
I don't think I've ever come across a series--anime or otherwise--as beautifully written, well organized, and emotionally captivating as Seirei no Moribito. Like anything, it has its flaws, but they are minor when compared to the strong characterization, stunning animation, and intricate plot. This series was, without a doubt, created with love and devotion, and it certainly shows.

The writing is fantastic, with small details brought up throughout the series, addressed briefly, and dismissed--only to become main elements later on. For example, a bird mentioned in a story told to flesh out a pivotal side character becomes final key to fulfilling the characters' mission, etc. The use of foreshadowing is beautiful, and there was absolutely no "Deus Ex Machina" in terms of how the setting and world, or how the plot moves forward.

The main protagonist, too, was a breath of fresh air. Far removed from the trend in most animes to objectify female characters, Seirei no Moribito was realistic and empowering right up to the very last scene. The protagonist is a strong, female warrior whose gender rarely, if ever, has any bearing on her actions or the story itself. Opponents didn't seek her out for revenge because they lost to a woman, but because they were spared by someone so strong. Clients didn't shy a way from hiring her because of who she is, but rather flock to her services because of her skills. Even the one brief scene in a hot springs is handled exceptionally well, with the women wrapped in towels so the viewers focus is pulled exclusively to the emotional dialogue.

Even the pacing is done well. The series takes places over a long period of time, so naturally there will be moments of peace in the characters lives. But even these "slice-of-life" moments move the plot forward, offering the writers a unique opportunity to build the characters' relationships, characterizations, and personal strengths. And episodes that in any other series would be plot-irrelevant fillers play key roles is driving the action. For example, the oft-used anime "festival" filler becomes a pivotal moment in the characters' lives, bringing about an urgent need to abandon their home and move forward to find the next answer to the series' overarching questions.

The animation itself is absolutely stunning. Every landscape is beautiful, and the series as a whole is an aesthetic masterpiece. The fight scenes, too, are unparalleled. Unlike many action series, there is no "movement blur" used to make battles more "intense" without animating the fight itself. In Seirei no Moribito, each individual movement is animated and realistic, each character has a unique fighting style that is seen rather that "told", and each battle is still as emotionally-charged as any high-intensity overpowered shounen showdown--perhaps even more so.

Overall, this series is unmatched. I have never watched anything like it in terms of overall quality, and I doubt I will in the near future.
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Charlotte (Anime) add
I started watching charlotte after I saw one of the scene in the meme. The sheer number of negative remarks lead me to write this review and also because how much I liked it. Now It got me hooked right from the start, that ability with the person with that attitude. I think most people, if not everyone, would use the ability protagonist has any differently than he did, which made him relatable.

This is the first anime in a long time that I have watched where I didn't disliked the main protagonist. Nobody blushes as much as other drama anime. I couldn't guess what could happen next. First few episode are most likely forgotten by how the remaining part goes on. While that may not be good thing, last episodes are has more impact and a really satisfying ending, at least for me.

Now as I said, after ep 6 or so we learn more and more about the story and why the anime is named what it is named. while some may say the story gets more deviated, personally I liked it very much. I don't get much time to watch anime lately so its been a while since I could watch anime of this sort and the development of story was really interesting for me.
The ending was really satisfying too. I was thinking that story can't be wrapped that quickly and believed ep 12 to be a good ending but as I watched the last episode and learned that the anime is contained and concluded within ep 13, and in a really better way, it really deserved the 10 I gave it.

In conclusion, if you like surprises and know nothing of what happens in this anime on later episodes, it is going to be delightful to watch, since it doesn't go as expected, But that is my opinion, may be I am easily amused, but I like it and would recommend this to my friend
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Jormungand (Anime) add
Jonah is a a child soldier who hates guns and arms dealer who he hates because he blames the for selling the guns who killed his family. However, he ends up working as a body guard for the enigmatic illegal arms dealer Koko Hekmatyar.

With Jormungand we delve into the murky world of illegal arms dealing and the contradictions that go with. We follow Koko and her band of mercenaries as she makes arms deal with anyone who can make her money, rival arms dealers whilst dodging assassins and the CIA. One thing is for sure, where Koko goes death surely follows.

One thing Jormungand does too well is glamourising the world of illegal arms dealing. One thing you have to remember none of the characters are nice people. On the surface the characters are very likable but this is a facade. Koko is fiercely loyal to those who follow her and that loyalty is returned but this loyalty has a price. She is extremely cunning, expertly hides her thoughts and will ruthlessly kill anyone who crosses her. Her mercenary bodyguards are really more like well armed killers. This contradiction is probably the point of Jormungand.

Moving on from the morality of Jormungand. The art isn't the best but the story is good. The key to the whole anime is Koko Hekmatyar as you never know how she will handle any situation and it is this unpredictability that makes Jormungand enjoyable to watch and give the anime depth where it could have been just mired in gratuitous violence.

A violent but well worked and very enjoyable anime but it could never be a classic.
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Clannad: After Story (Anime) add
The Best Romantic Comedy with Slice of Life Genre anime you'll find out there...... To me this anime was 10/10-RATED and one of the best anime i've ever seen :)
This is my first review ever so i'm a bit confused about it but i'll try my best..... :D

>Amazing Story
>Great Emotions
>Great Comedy Mostly by Youhei Sunohara
>Great Ending .....:D
>Changed a lot in my Life
>Good Art

I watched Clannad and Clannad: After Story two times. and Both times it made me Cry and Laugh like Never before watching an anime (strong Emotions & Comedy) ....... Here the comedy is really good and natural i mean it will make you laugh not like fake comedy type ............ I don't wanna spoil your fun but ending was great a liitle emotional though but great and Classic.

If you watch Clannad your Life will end up some good Changes. The first sequel is about the love story and comedy in the school life but the After Story is a Little bit Serious and is about their life afterwards.
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Yesterday, 8:27 AM
Sword Art Online (Anime) add
Sword Art Online one of the most hyped anime although I've seen so many haters too.
Me? I'm in between. Yes, I know this anime has its problems but I even though I see those problems I enjoyed it. Let's get started with the review.

Story (4)
This is where I see big problems in plot holes, the story isn't well paced and it went from action to romance. I think some episodes were unnecessary. And then the time skips the first one wasn't that bad but the second time skip really annoyed me a time skip of one year.

Art & Sound (6)
I think this what made me enjoy Sword Art Online
the animation was good (for the most part), especially in the action scenes because I think the action scenes is one of the few things in this anime that was good.

And now the sound although it wasn't really that memorable, it still was a good soundtrack(that includes the openings)

Characters (2)
Oh boy, the characters.
I think this was the worst thing in Sword Art Online that's because first of all I like backstories and that didn't really do the job and second of all the side characters
got one episode screentime and then it's like they never existed the appear but that's
it and that really annoyed me. And now the main character, the main character is unlikeable, (too) overpowered and is a real hypocrite I'm not going into detail but let me say this: Kirito is one of my personal hated characters of all time. The ONLY thing that kept this score from being any lower is that I liked two characters: Asuna and Yui.
Although they have problems of their own I find with these two characters that there were more positives than negatives (in my opinion).

Enjoyment (6)
Even though with the problems I just mentioned I still enjoyed it. Even though it wasn't well executed it was still a cool concept. Even though the plot holes it wasn't a difficult story to follow. Even though the characters were mostly just dreadful the action scenes weren't. It definitely doesn't deserve the hype, but I think it isn't the worst anime either.

Overall rating= (4 + 6 + 6 + 2 + 6) / 5 ≈ 5
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Yesterday, 8:05 AM
Otome Dori (Anime) add
"Twisted life, Anger,Hatred, and Madness that i have in my Feelings"

'First don't watch this kind of hentai, it's just you are so love to watch hentai but don't know the story this hentai makes your heart broken while watching and m*********ng it will ruin your life and you will regret why are you watching this kind of hentai while doing your private that will make your heart broken.

"Like if this happen to your life and you don't know all the truth and you will know after how many years, it makes you regret forever. Like me while i watched the first episode it was boring until you watch the end of episode 2 you will regret that why did you watched this hentai and makes your heart broken.
You will think if this happen to your life and what you will do, that's why don't watch hentai that's don't know the story.

Episode 1: 5/10

"The Main Character in love to his childhood friend until he get some mysterious DVD and watch it but while watching that DVD his heart broke when he saw his crush or likely his childhood friend bang others old men and other young man. That's why don't watch this kind of hentai

Episode 2: 1/10

"You will notice his younger sister that's he always protecting her might commit a greater sins if this happens to you, it makes your speechless that who im trying to protect...and the last scenes are mostly that your mind will be blank that the Main character married to his childhood friend but when he watched the DVD, he thought it was just a dream but in the end he REGRET everything and that who might own that child.

"Don't be so trusted and seek the history of your close 1 before it might too late"
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Yesterday, 7:27 AM
Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen (Anime) add

8/25 episodes through. The story Hasn't gotten too far yet but somehow every episode makes me feel really warm inside. This might be because I love adventure anime but I'd like to say that Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen has its own catchy style.

The story follows a guy who has lost all his memories and is trying to make a living while discovering his past. MCs personalities (Kuon, Haku, (Ukon) and character settings are in my opinion quite original.
Haku is the laid back easygoing and loves to take things slowly; drinking sake and bathing.
Kuon is hardworking and adventurous person. She likes to diciple Haku.
Ukon is the allmighty warrior and politician who is admired by mostly everyone.

Characters: 9

The artstyle is done beautifully (;monster graphics, landscapes etc.) but most of all the music compensates for the artstyle also. The opening song went straight through to my favorite OP's. It gives you this really adventurous feeling what you are looking in fantasyworld like anime.


If youre looking for an easygoing fantasy/action/adventure anime with a slight touch of epicness, then this could be to your taste.

The story itself might have some more darker twists as we progress this season. I'm really looking forward to see how this anime will turn out! Every episode has something new to offer, get ready, hyped and wait in intense suspension for every episode. This was the real Dark Horse of the season.


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Yesterday, 7:06 AM
InuYasha (Anime) add
I'll Preface this with a bit of personal honesty, I grew up with this show during my early years watching on Adult Swim back in 2002 at age 6 (against parental advisement) with my uncle, watching for over 10 years, with 190+ episodes by the end of its "Final Act" in 2013. so no duh I'm HEAVILY Biased when it comes to this Action Shonen. I watched it even more than most kids my age at the time had watched Pokemon, which is now considered a rite-of-passage by most early parents my age. But watching with the blinders-off, after all these years later it hasn't exactly aged well when compared even to Fullmetal Alchemist's first off-cannon run.

Blinders-On: The story held well for me, with Inuyasha and Kagome growing in complexity as I did, gaining romantic subplots as my young mind was beginning to grasp the idea of truely loving a "stranger", yet keeping my young Carnage-obsessed mind distracted enough to keep me from questioning L-O-V-E too much or getting distracted by whatever was on the floor. The more disturbing and sexually suggestive things (Daemon Egg/Pearl in Sango's Vagina, various things involving tentacles) passed right over my head as a kid, though it contributed to things like the V-Chip to becoming standard in TVs back then.

Blinders-Off: The story takes its own pace, often allowing for a level of distraction in a world with a very real Daemon problem. but at the same time it can get very filler-y at times, with nearly every other episode being a filler EP after the first 30 or so, varying from hardly noticeable to blatant filler where nothing much happens for 25 minutes and nothing develops in any way. The sexually suggestive moments today come off as a bit overtly perverted, with the previously mentioned Vagina Pearl episode bordering on censored pornography.

Blinders-On: Not much to say for someone like me here, It was perfectly standard to me with few other points of comparison from the time frame and none that really WOWed me consistently enough to be above or below anything else, not particularly stand-out outside of a few episodes with epic landscapes that wowed me at the time.

Blinders-Off: Today the art is substandard, under-detailed, and sometimes flatly colored, leaving something to be desired outside of the rare landscape shots filled with detail, presumably to prevent the viewer's eyes from wandering too much.

Even less for me to say here blinders on or off outside of the common absence of overlap between words and sound effects in the background... It was perfectly fine then and still is perfectly fine. no need to fix what isn't broken eh?

Blinders-On: The characters where fresh, and outside the clueless female protagonist first shown here in the USA in Sailor Moon, where completely unique to me and perfectly acceptably written, ignoring the awkward initial dynamic between our leading duo. Inuyasha was always cool but not infallibly so, sometimes showing his more personable side, Kagome was trustworthy but unlucky, sometimes creating hilarious read more
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Deadman Wonderland (Anime) add
I have got to hand it to this anime. And by that I mean literally give it my hand because I'm afraid they're going to cut it off like they did the rest of the characters in this show. All joking aside, let's talk about the Wonderland.

I feel this anime could have had the potential to evolve into a burgeoning 48 episode Shounen or something, but it's unfortunately just the main 12 episodes and a single backstory episode on one of the characters. Even without reading the manga, I could tell that some severely important details were left out that really just leads to a disassociation with the characters. While I won't deny some of the premises were really cool, the faults of this anime really lie with whatever sorry bastard decided they could fit a fictitious Japanese universe + character development + plot in a mere 12 episodes. These factors combined lead to a notoriously disappointing "resolution." Also, the main character's voice makes me want to shoot myself.
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Yesterday, 5:23 AM
One Punch Man (Anime) add
It's an extremely fun anime to watch with great comic-relief characters, intense action, great animation, good story, and awesome comedy :v Aside from the story and the animation, it has a great list of soundtracks that fit whatever scene is playing and can give you goosebumps, as well. I've read the manga before the release of the anime adaptation, and all I can say to those people who are only watching the anime is that you guys will meet your expectations for this show :D The anime also has great character development, specifically Saitama and Genos. Now about the comedy, it's quite unique and it can really make you laugh, mainly because I feel that the writers have a good sense of how to get to the viewers' funny bone. One Punch Man's current rating is well-deserved.
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Yesterday, 4:34 AM
Blassreiter (Anime) add
Outwardly, this show sounds amazing. A Japanese anime NOT set in Japan, that kills off its first protagonist in the first few episodes and nukes all the second protag's shit, with zombie-like creatures that merge with vehicles, nano-machines and mechs galore, Sounds like a action junkies' dream come true right? Well if you agreed you'd be all wrong and a bag of chips when it comes to Blassreiter, but more on that later. For now lets start with the positive.

The animation is great, the 3D sections are done with a similar rendering method to MMD but its been so finely tuned, that shifting from the hand/digitally drawn artwork to 3D isn't jarring, and keeping 3D things 3D without looking out of place even when the scene is mostly 2D must have been rather difficult to pull off. S-Rank Animation!

The world is fairly well fleshed out, with the tech making sense in its own mythos, with a subtle Angels vs Daemons aesthetic contrasted well by a morally grey world where Angels will make Monsters from Humans because it suits them. A-Rank World Building.

The sound is good, with only some minor clipping when things explode that isn't severely noticeable unless you're using a theater sound system with the sound jacked up, otherwise the sound isn't particularly special, a lot of the effects get recycled with only just enough variance in tune to avoid getting stale. all the voices sound like they've been recorded with bog standard condenser microphones, which sometimes produce contrasting audio to the sound effects, which sound like they where recorded in differently sized rooms to the voices, but all these things are minor problems only audiophiles will be bugged by in any major capacity. B-Rank Sound

At the 13th episode or so I gave up. Reviewer Integrity be damned. I was SO BORED of the constant whinging these people do when they aren't busy having the shit kicked out of them or yelling for various uninteresting reasons, and the Story does NOTHING of interest with the great world its built, leaving it all bland enough that mid-episode I started playing Monster Strike out of boredom. Yes, I was so bored I started playing over-complicated digital marbles. FFF-Rank Enjoyment and Characters! Worst Possible!

Overall, It COULD have been been a great show with a well-built world, excelent premis, and well done 3D that meshes well with its drawing style if its boring characters and poorly-written story didn't cock the whole thing up a rusty drain pipe... D-Rank Overall ranking, just barely not bad enough to hate, but so boring and dry like straight uncooked tofu most (American?) people will walk away.
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Charlotte (Anime) add
We could have had it all, Charlotte.

This series started off great. I enjoyed it a lot and for the direction it was going for. I assume I don't need to tell you what it was about, but it was going great for the first half. I didn't mind the episodic format that it took to get us settled into the world of Charlotte. If you're reading this among the many Charlotte reviews already, then you must already know that the second half did not do any justice to the second.

Way too rushed, way too many things going on -- there are just a lot of factors that lead to it being a disappointment, at least for me. There were interesting characters all throughout the series. Some, if not most, get the unfair shove to give others more screentime (people who don't like moe or idol-like characters, I guess you should stay away from this show). The art was beautiful, too, and the seiyuus were pretty top-notch. I'm not familiar with the creator's previous work (Clannad? Yeah, I tried but not my cup of tea) but he sounds like someone who knows how to do his job. So in theory, everything should be able to work, right?

Nope. Somehow, I feel like it had all these elements going for it but it just didn't play out well. Maybe it's the 13-episode format? It had major pacing issues. Charlotte will inevitably turn up in various discussions in anime, I believe. So I will stop this rant-filled review from there.

At the end of the day, would I recommend this title to anyone else? Yes, if you're into stories of teenagers with extraordinary super powers and anti-heroes in general. It's quite a ride and despite its many MANY flaws, I enjoyed watching it as well. (I seriously got angry at some parts but that's all part of the ride.) I would not recommend this if you're looking for something with tighter and much more coherent storytelling and arguably something much more substantial or if you're just looking for something mindless to watch. It's quite polarizing in a way.
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Mirai Nikki (TV) (Anime) add
When I started watching anime i needed suggestions to get started and the first thing people said to me was Mirai Nikki/Future diary, not knowing what i was getting into I pressed ahead and started watching.

The story of Mirai Nikki or future diary is a what if story? what if we could change the future? what if our lives were a game and what if our phones were things that kept us alive.

Mirai Nikki forces the viewer to watch as characters compete in a survival game, the story can be a little hard to follow and you can lose track of what has happened but each and every episode leaves you wanting more and more while leaving you in suspense about what could happen to the main characters. but due to how intense the story can get and how easily you can lose your way I've given it a six.

The Art of this show is a high standard and helps brings out a characters personality for example when certain scenes portray the character in a different light i.e obsessive.

The art helps make you want to back away but all the while gripping you to ensure you will continue watching. for I've given it a ten

The sound was not as powerful as the art but was still very good and kept you gripped until the very end of the episode, both the opening and ending themes suited the show and i have little complaints on this part. so this i have given it an eight.

Characters, oh my those characters are unforgettable especially Yuno she has her cute side and then her yandere side, each character suits there role but at times in the story character development either didn't happen or happened to quickly. still the characters make up for the fairly written story and for that reason i've given it a nine.

The enjoyment overall was fantastic and i never once found myself wanting to drop this show as its too good to pass up and lets be honest this show just keep making you want to watch more and more and that's why i love it.

That combined with the characters and the art and you have a near perfect show but if you don't keep track you easily lose your way as they don't really do recaps but over all a fantastic show that i highly recommend you watch and hare and it remains one of the most known if not one of the greatest anime that i have watched.
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Yesterday, 3:54 AM
Fushigi Yuugi (Anime) add
Honestly, this is the anime that started it all for me. Although I believe the first anime I've seen has to be Pokemon. This was the first title I've actually seen through to the end (and 3 OVAs after). I really should have rated it higher, but as of now, that I'm reviewing it from memory, it would have probably been a disservice or filled with Nostalgia Points.

Story-wise, it really was unlike anything else my young impressionable self has seen. But it also probably geared me away from harems in general. Whenever I look back on it now, I just realize how messed up it kind of is. But that's not for this review to disclose. It's a wild ride, definitely, so you better get settled in. The characters are unforgettable. Years and years after watching this, the characters are going to be what sticks with you. Their quirks, their personas, really. More than just the lead couple themselves. If you're new to anime or if you're a young viewer, they should serve as your primers to the different archetypes you'll be dealing with in other anime shows. Other characters from different shows might not be as vibrant or as exaggerated though.

Of course, the sound, too. It was distinct enough that whenever I hear of the OP and ED, or even anything that sounds remotely like it, I just start thinking back to those days where I watch and rewatch and obsess over this show. They're really great.

I am unsure whether I will enjoy this series as much as I did back then when I was still new to the whole anime scene. But for the nostalgia factor alone, I rated it with 8 points for enjoyment. It definitely has the comedy down pat.

Maybe I should give it a rewatch and revisit/revise this review when I have the time?
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Let’s get rid of the obvious first. The End of Evangelion is inaccessible to anyone who didn’t watch the series. This shouldn’t be a point against the movie, though. There are enough great sequels who needed the first film. The fact this is two episodes smashed together to form a movie has no bearings on its quality.

There are far worse problems here. Evangelion was a brilliant series with a disappointing ending. Instead of using intelligence to lift up its story of saving the world, it went full retard. The deviation is only impressive if you haven’t been to the edge of weird storytelling. It contributed nothing to the series but was just a scattered essay with moving pictures.

The film was supposed to fix that, but sadly it doesn’t. Evangelion was never as deep as people say it is. It attempted subversions, but it lacked a theme to unite it all together. Religious symbolism and psychological portraits do not necessarily mean there’s a grand theme. They are ways to express ideas.

The problems are already apparent in the beginning. It kicks off into a huge action sequence that lives little room for character development. It also perfectly replicates the intensity that made the TV show so fun.

Nobody talks about how fun the TV show us. The drama was engrossing and the action scenes were beautifully animated. Every metal bending, every hit, every explosion is full of power. The enemies have the unique, Angel-esque design and the scene is clean. The environment is bare, making it easy to follow exactly what’s happening. Michael Bay has a lot to learn from this film.

The film attempts the same psychological-monologue-slideshow thing, and it’s just as unnecessary and messy as in the series. It’s a little better, but the core problem remains.

Moving to such territory is unnecessary. The story isn’t made for such experimental methods. At its heart, it’s a simple story about saving the world from the Unknown Enemy while realizing that humanity can be its own enemy, too. All you need for this story are characters who are convincing enough.

The monologues just go in circles, bouncing from one subject into another with no ideas concluding or connecting. This technique works in novels, but not so for films. You read novels in your own pace, so you take your own time to digest the word salad.

Movies set their own pace, so Anno is throwing at you images and words in machine-gun velocity. This could still have a chance of being entertaining, but experimental films often have a plot that works well with the method. You couldn’t tell the story of Pi without going full retard. It’s an abstract story at heart that happens only in Max Cohen’s head.

There is something about loneliness and the desire to connect. I heard this before and searched for it in this film. While the conclusion does touch that in a symbolic way that works, everything else was over the place like I remembered. Shinji is a neurotic and angsty teen, read more
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Yesterday, 3:26 AM
Sukitte Ii na yo. (Anime) add
Romance/bishoujo fans, watch this if you're tired of the will-they-won't-they and unresolved sexual tension in most shows and animangas. Aside from that, I'm sad to say that the show leaves a small impression overall.

But (and there is a but) the way they showed how the romance unfolds between the two is memorable enough that even if I don't remember much about different aspects of the show, I still find myself recommending others to watch this title because of how realistic the show's portrayal of 2 high school students who are in a relationship.

I'm only reviewing this from memory since I only rewatched certain episodes lately. For some reason, episode 8 really strikes me as the definitive episode of this show. It encapsulates what the whole series is about. I won't talk too much about it as I'd rather you go see it for yourself. Honestly, if you've liked that episode, I'm pretty sure you would have enjoyed the whole series. If not, then maybe it's time to give this show up. (Although 8 episodes in might be a bit too late?)

Story-wise, while it did grant us the leads getting together, there were still some parts that you will still find frustrating. As you would come to expect from the Popular Guy with the Unpopular Girl trope, there would be lots of girls who would come in between them. Not to mention, the misunderstandings. There were still tons of hair-pulling times when you just end up shouting to the screen "God just tell her/him!" but I believe that's something you can encounter in real life couples as well. There was really nothing spectacular story-wise. The last episode even left me wondering 'Okay, this is how they're going to end this?' but that's really better left to a bigger discussion on Manga and Anime adaptations in general. Not to say the finale episode is completely underwhelming, however. You just have to watch it til the end.

Looking back on it now, it's almost like they used the main relationship as a springboard to introduce new characters and bring to light their personalities and history. There were no new "kinds" of characters in Sukitte Ii na Yo. There were pretty much true to the type you'd find in most Slice of Life/Coming of Age and Bishoujo animangas, but what I do appreciate that the author and writers have done here is give them a different dimension. Gave them a sense of maturity, if I may dare say.

Art-wise, I have no complaints there. This is typical bishoujo fare. Slender, thin stylish characters. Surprisingly enough the guys (Yamato and Kei, the one who appears near the end?) seem to be designed alternatively? More punk-rock alternative than just mainstream good-looking. I don't mind it at all. I paid no attention too much on the sound, except the seiyuus have done a commendable job on their voice acting. Some parts can get pretty heavy drama-wise and they have managed to convey the emotion needed for those scenes. read more
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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (Anime) add
This is one of the few shows that I can give a flat 10/10 in every category. I know that by including this anime and NOT the original FMA anime in my list, I am choosing a side in the ever raging battle of FMA vs Brotherhood.

I haven't finished watching the original FMA (I dropped it) but from what little I experienced when I saw that compared to Brotherhood, I have to say that Brotherhood did a much better job at keeping me entertained. The flow of the story along with the character development feels organic as supposed to FMA where sometimes certain characters felt as if they were forced into the scenario and their presence or absence did not make much of a difference to the overall plot.

Brotherhood's pacing, along with its animation style, voice acting and soundtrack make it perhaps one of the best anime ever created. Also, to answer the Sub vs Dub question, the Dub is (in my opinion) BETTER. And again, Brotherhood is one of only two shows that I can attribute this to (The other one being DBZ).

If you love anime and haven't seen this then you're losing out on serious cred.
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