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Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (Anime) add
Before you watch the first episode of Grimgar, you sort of think, "Aah, another MMO anime. SAO copy. Great." But! I'll give it a shot-- because my friend recommended it to me, and I hold their taste in high regard!

I'm a total sucker for really good art, and the painted scenery and animation is just, super great- no joke. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. Toho animation really outdid themselves with this one. It's good! I swear! I love seeing the painted-looking BGs. They're so pretty. The music as well can really set the mood of the whole scene.

Aah, the thing is, with MMO stories like this; you have to bring something new to the table. With Log Horizon, and DanMachi, and, I guesss. Konosuba (Not a fan). They all brought something different (if at least, only nuanced, I guess), and Grimgar brings this really realistic light to fantasy stories-- they show how killing your first monster really is-- Life isn't really easy as a beginner adventurer; and how hard it is to earn a living-- in other animes like this, it usually ended up being very easy for the cast to earn money and armor and skills + the like, but in grimgar, the party struggles. Not everything is totally fine and dandy. It's... refreshing. And also totally heartbreaking. You know a show's got you when you start feeling sorry for the bad guy... right?

For Characters... Okay, listen: My only fear is that this anime will become harem anime where everyone falls in love with the protag, Haruhiro. Every character, I think has some depth to them; but it's only the first four episodes, so I don't think I should judge too harshly. I think there's a lot of feelings going on with-- this, you know? Something like that. It shows how desperate they are in a situation and how they struggle to survive in a world that's new to them; and, how are you going to know a character when they don't even know themselves? They wake up in a world that's new and unfamiliar to them-- but also don't know what /is/ familiar to them. The factor where they come from this "other world" that can be referring to the modern world is pretty interested and I'm totally into it! I'm digging it!

I'm really enjoying it so far. I've been crying my eyes out for the past couple hours.

I'm saying-- at least, try to give this show a chance-- it's got a good enough hook and can keep you there with all these things that make you cry.
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Clannad: After Story (Anime) add
My first review ,so... I'll try my best , I'm sorry if it's not well explained.


I know that some people will say that i'm a hater because of rating this low to such a fantastic story... Yes, such a fantastic story!!, but that's not the problem i have with Clannad, my problem it's how was adapted in this 24 episodes of not more than depressing feelings, I mean it was poignant and heartbreaking but it was really just that, because it has left no room for a decent story development.

Now i shall continue to explain every part [PROBABLY SPOLIERS AHEAD, BE AWARE OF IT]:

[--STORY--] <10>

The story itself it's a masterpiece, (LONG LIVE TO MAEDA-kami!!!) telling the After Story, which explains how are Tomoya and Nagisa living as a couple and all the complications that brings in their daily lives. That on one hand, on the other hand we have Nagisa's illness, making one worries through all the serie and pray for her life and suffering much as family and friends do.

That's what the first arc tells about, the second shows us a lovely relationship between a devastated father that ignore his daughter for five years... and the ignored daughter that lived her five years with her grandparents, and see how the two of them manage to form a decent bond. This part of the story shows us how beatiful a relationship between father and son can be, despite the difficulties that arise before them.

The only bad thing here is the romance; they fell in love each other, they live together and most important, they don't even kiss or touch and... voalá, she's pregnant. I think that's the only supernatural stuff in this season.

[--ART--] <7>

Not much to say here. In my personal opinion it wasn't really good, not that it was poorly animated but it had a strange animation, the faces were the main problem. Although the background was pretty good, they're really good.

[--SOUND--] <6>

Not big fan of this kind of music (especially the openings), endings were good i guess (specially the Dango song, BEST ED EVER BITCHIES) and the ambientation was perfect (dat melancholy music man D':)

[--CHARACTER--] <8>

In here we have two spots; the strong spot and of course, the weak spot. :B

The strong spot it's the main character Tomoya; He is so funny and has a really depressing past, also he's very emotional and cares about the others.

And the weak spot is the fact that the other characters are left behind and don't get a good development, like Kotomi, Tomoyo, Youhei, etc. And the main problem is our heroine, she was apparently disagned to be too shy, too childish and too ill on the two seasons.

[--ENJOYMENT--] <3>

Yep... 3, I did not enoyed Clannad After Story because like i wrote before, it was nothing more than depressing read more
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Sword Art Online (Anime) add
OMG, I hate this show with a burning passion. If I where to just sit here and type all the things I hate about this show we'd have a thirty-fifty paged paper or a two hour long video. Truthfully I really want to give it a rating of 1 but I can't because, objectively speaking, it does have some good points and there is a method of watching it that makes it considerably less painful.

Story: Poor design in planning and complete failure in execution. The flaws in the nerve gear and keeping everyone alive in the real world are just briefly touched on and not properly explained in the anime. For the planing portion, the games the characters are trapped in are both terrible and boring. The mechanics make no sense and doesn't seem like a mmo's at all. If you had told me they got transported to another world that has a few game mechanics it would have been exactly the same. In fact, that would have actually fixed a few of my problems with this show, examples: the nerve gear, the supposed no pain, the care of their real bodies on earth, it would have all been fixed if they were just transported to another world.

The problems in execution are the pacing is horrible, and the story is riddled with plot-holes that just seem careless in nature as a lot of them had easy fixes. The ones that didn't have easy fixes were just so contrived that they shouldn't have even been in the story except for that the author wanted them in. My biggest example of this is that they say no pain is felt since it's just a game, but for EVERY hit the people look like they're in pain and their movements stiffen as if this is the case. There's absolutely no excuse for this. No explanation is given on this at all in the anime and even the explanation from the LN, which is it's reflex, is complete bs as this game goes on for years and everyone who fights in the front line should have adapted to that ages ago. The goal for the first half is completed in a half assed manner and the second half goal was completed with some bs logic involving the first villain. There's 2 reasons why this didn't get lower than a 3. First reason why this story doesn't get a 1 is that despite all the pointless detours, terrible set up and contrived points they actually finish the story and the main goal for both part 1 and part 2 of this series are met. The second reason is that this anime takes place in the future which forces me to knock down some of my problems with it's layout despite how terrible it is.

Art: Pretty good for the most part and one of the two reasons I can't objectively give this a 1. It was vibrant, colorful, well drawn and the choreography wasn't bad. read more
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Aldnoah.Zero (Anime) add
Let me start by saying that I don't enjoy anime like this so to speak. With that being said however I won't hate on Aldnoah.Zero too badly.

I have to imagine the budget for this anime must have been good as the animation never misses a beat and this plays very well with the series well choreographed mech-action scenes. The soundtrack is excellent as well and is also used to bolster the impact of the action scenes. If you came to Aldnoah to watch mechs fight you won't be disappointed. The first season ending is gutsy, to say the least. This may pan out as either a good or bad thing depending on the viewer but I really enjoy moves like this and it is certainly not something I saw coming.

Pointing out the "elephant in the room" within this 12 episode first season is how underwhelming the emotionless-husk of a main character Inaho is. I do mean that he is very, very bad. In fact, aside from Rayet and Marito, none of the characters really stood out to me and many of them came off as underdeveloped. The story, with the exception of the ending, was fairly predictable and isn't anything you haven't seen before but provides you with enough of an even pacing to keep you watching.
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Ano Natsu de Matteru (Anime) add
Going into Ano Natsu de Matteru, I wasn't sure what to expect. On one hand, it was written by the same people who did Anohana, one of my favorite anime. On the other hand, I hadn't heard much about it and reviews said it was mediocre. In the end, I think it was very good, but nothing super special. I do think Ano Natsu is worth a watch if you like the genre or if the story interests you, but otherwise I think you won't be impressed.

Art/Animation- Definitely one of the better parts of the show. It was the first thing I noticed while watching. The lighting was very pretty and the character designs were really great. Animation and movement of characters and objects looked natural and pleasing to the eye. Overall, the art and animation was very good. J.C. Staff did a great job with this one.

Story- I really like the premise of the story. Basically, a bunch of friends get together to make a movie and end up discovering a bunch of stuff about each other and themselves. Relationships start to blossom and crushes and conflicts begin to show up. This show is a Slice of Life show and I was interested in the premise. The characters mostly drove the show forward and because they were mostly good (I'll explain later) they helped the story. My major gripe with the story is the completely useless sci-fi elements that they threw in. Making the character Ichika an alien instead of a foreigner added absolutely nothing to the show. There were also some moments towards the end that I felt were a little too cheesy. Usually, I'm a sucker for cheesy relationships with characters making vows to each other and stuff but even I cringed at the train scene in the final episode. However, the premise is good enough and driven by good characters to keep the story interesting.

Characters- I liked most of the characters in this show. Each one had at least one personality trait or redeeming factor that I liked. While none were of particular notice, they each had their moments of development and felt at least somewhat relatable. That is, every character except one. Kanna Kanigawa was the only character who I thought was subpar. She had only one aspect to her personality. She loves the main character Kaito. We know literally nothing else about her. We get very little backstory and her reasoning for liking him is pretty stupid. As a result of this, I felt no attachment to her at all. And yet, I was supposed to feel for this character because she had no chance. The other characters thankfully did a pretty good job of being interesting and entertaining so I still give them a good score. I just wish they had done more with Tanigawa so that I would feel bad for her.

Sound- The sound was decent. The OST was fitting but nothing too memorable. I wouldn't listen to any read more
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Guilty Crown (Anime) add

At the very start of watching Guilty Crown, one thing was going through my mind.. And that was "I'd much rather be watching Code Geass". I had this anime dropped for several months due to the fact that I couldn't bring myself to watch it, I liked nothing about it. I later picked it back up to clean out my dropped list and I am somewhat glad that I did because the show certainly gets better after episode 14 or so.

Story - 4/10
The story was pretty standard and I didn't get engaged at all by it, the first half of the series was so boring that as mentioned before I dropped the show. The second half of the series turns up the pace and actually becomes watchable. One thing the story does well is making you hate characters, which is why it's satisfying to see them die.

Art - 8/10
Art doesn't make an anime good, but it's always nice to look at and Guilty Crown does a great job setting atmosphere, with an ensemble of well drawn characters with unique designs (for the most part)

Sound - 8/10
Again like with the art, the soundtrack actually does a good job of presenting an atmosphere especially during battle scenes, nothing to write home about though.

Characters - 3/10
This... This is where the show became unwatchable, the worst part of this show was the bland characters, the unnecessary attitudes of some characters, the pure unlikeable heroes, the only good characters in this show were side characters. A lot of the drama of this show stems from poorly written characters being needlessly dramatic.
Inori is the poster girl of this show and you're MEANT to like her, but I was not given any reason to like her other than the fact she is well drawn, but that doesn't cut it for me, she had nothing going on for her except her voice acting.

Enjoyment - 3/10
If not for the heel turn in episode 15 or 16, I would've given this a 1/10

First half of the series: 2/10
Second half of the series: 8/10
Overall I would give it a 5/10

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I've already written a review for the main series, so I'd recommend reading that first. This is the first picture drama I've seen to completion. If you thought regular anime had budget problems, seeing one of these makes you realize it's no joke. Characters are represented by floating heads in circles over still backgrounds, kind of like a skit in a "Tales of" game which I imagine has a big crossover fanbase with .hack. Anyway...

In .hack//Legend of the Twilight: Offline Meeting Special, Hotaru visits Japan from America with Sanjuro and gets separated. Hotaru logs in to The World from an internet cafe where she asks Shugo, Rena, Mireille, and Ouka for help. They all work together to figure out Hotaru's location then eventually they go out to find her in real life.

There's a scene where Hotaru is explaining how she got lost in a big Tokyo crowd where Hotaru's floating head-in-a-circle flies and fumbles around a still watercolor image of a crowd of Japanese people viewed from the top down. It's so adorable that I screamed "k-kawaii!!!" in real life and made everyone in the internet cafe I was watching from leave in embarrassment. But I'm sure if they saw it they would understand.

To be blunt, this special is very disappointing. You literally do -not- see any single character's real life appearance. Even when they meet up in the story their portrait is of their game character. I've admired .hack's artistic choice to obscure any real world faces in their series, but making a special based around revealing that and just blue-balling the audience is a misleading and pointless thing to do. You get a detail or two about each side-character's personal life, but it amounts to so little and seeing what they really look like would've been a far better reward. Not to mention it was actually revealed in the final volume of the manga but not matched up to the specific characters so you kind of had to guess who was who.

The last quarter or so of the special is the voice actors saying something nice but frivolous about the character they voiced then saying some catchphrase. It's cute to hear how enthused they sound, but they don't say anything special.

And thus, this special in its entirety isn't. There really was almost no point to making it. Yet I might've liked it more than the actual series just because it's just this silly cute thing that never has any moments of stupid writing or slapstick. It feels more in line with the tone of the original manga, which was overall better than the anime adaptation. Anyway, I pretty much outlined the whole thing so you can decide on your own whether it sounds like it's worth watching. I'm just going to pretend Ouka looks the same in real life.
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Chihayafuru (Anime) add
OK what to say about this, this anime is an extraordinary experience, I really could not express enough how great was for me to watched it. Like the majority of the viewers of this show, when I started watching it I didn't have a clue what karuta was about, but that didn't mind once I watched it, I became a karuta fan.

The story is very amazing from the start, at first they show you why Chihaya loves karuta and how does she bond the with other characters through karuta. What makes this show so exciting is how they manage to get you excited it into the matches, the atmosphere around the games is so good because that even though you are not there and don't know anything about karuta, you feel anxious by the plays they make, the cards that are read, the outcomes, and when the music comes into the scene you get goose bumps. The pace of the story is well conducted it does not rush neither is too slow, its perfect, it's not the typical history where the main character win everything at the first try but i will not say more to avoid spoilers

the main and supporting characters are all interesting, it has a real amazing antagonist the mighty karuta queen Wakamiya Shinobu :)

The development of the characters along the series is great you really will get hooked by them, and you will find Chihaya pretty captivating, she is really cheerful, i mean she is always happy,she is also a bit clumsy and yeah sure she only talks about karuta but let's face it, she manage to take you the karuta dark side with a smile xDD The story does not only centers in the main character, all of the characters are well developed and they contribute to make a exciting story.

The sound play a huge roll in the series, not only they make a great work into the music but also they accomplish to show the importance of the words, if you have seen the show or heard poetry reading you get what i say and if you don't, don't worry, you will understand me better when you watch it. You will learn about poems while the shows go on, so if you like poetry like me you have yet another reason to watch it.

also If you are like me, and give the director and studio some importance you should noticed that this series was directed by morio asaka, he is responsible for works like chobbits, Sakura cardcaptor ore monogatari and more, the studio is one called madhouse they are not that good(yeah right) xD so i don't need to tell more, this is not a beginners work, so don't feel insecure to watch it, and jump right at it

Like i said at the beginning i can't really express how amazing was for me to watch this show,you will laugh, cry, feel disappointed, get excited and get inspired by this story. Chihayafuru is read more
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Baccano! (Anime) add
(Profile rating based on personal enjoyment)
-Minor Spoilers...I guess-
RECOMMENDED FOR: Those that like 1930s mafia movies, people who like complicated plots, people that like gory things, people that like short series, patient people.
NOT RECOMMENDED FOR: People who can't take complicated plots, those who are impatient, people that are confused at chronologically challenged story lines.

But before I start the stories, the animation, etc. etc. I must say, there will be a mixture of confusion and boredom for the first couple of episodes. That's fine, most people have that reaction while watching this, hell, even I was like that. But once you watch the anime and keep watching it, then you're in for a mighty ride.

Story: 9
Well, what is there to spoil really? The very beginning is the end, the beginning is the middle, the middle is the middle and end and the very end is the very beginning. Confusing at first glance? Yes, but does it piece together and complex but beautiful as it progresses? Yes!

There are three story lines in Baccano! The first being the Mafia and alchemists trying to create a liquid Philosophers stone. Then you got the White-suits, Huey's mafia, bootleggers and the Rail Tracer all attacking each other in the train called the Flying Pussyfoot. Then the third you have Eve Geonard and her acquaintances help find Dallas Geonard.

And the reason I put "Minor spoilers...I guess" at the top there is because the first episode is a big spoiler, having the chronological order get whacked out of the equation.
Art/Animation: 9
The animation Baccano! Is very fluent, it's very great and works very well in every scene. Even though it may look stiff or strange in one scene. It still works because the animation in the scene wasn't supposed to be that good in that specific moment.

The art style may be a big generic via character design, but it seems somewhat realistic in it's pallet. Their hair colors seem very human-like and not lava red or purple or anything exaggerated like that. The brownish and darker settings color is very fitting for the 1930s period. It just works so well.
Sound: 9
Soundtrack in this anime, is just...addicting. Each track is very catchy and addicting to listen to. Especially the opening, the opening has got to be one of my favorite anime openings I ever heard.
Character: 9
Saying the characters in Baccano! Are bad is like saying Naruto is good to the elitist community. 1; They community will say you're wrong. 2; They will flame you harder than the pyro in TF2 and 3; You'll regret saying that.

The characters have great development to them, they all seem real and non-forced. And they all have their own charms. Every character doesn't seem like the MAIN character (Obviously Isaac and Miria are not the main characters, but they sure are damn good to watch) every character is lovable from Mafia accomplices to psychopathic murderers, each of them are just gushing with God-tier enjoyment out of them.

The only problem I had with the characters is the read more
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Steins;Gate (Anime) add

Alright, so I usually don't feel the need to write a review, but seeing how many positive ones this anime has gotten, I feel the need to.

Don't be fooled by the high ranking, this is not a good anime. It's so bad, I feel like ranting about an anime for the first time.

Let's do this properly.

*Spoilers ahead*

Music: nothing. There's nothing. Nothing memorable, that is.

Art: the only character with actual features is Okabe, everyone else apparently wasn't worth a proper design.

Story: unevenly paced. Stiff, repetitive dialogue. Considerable amount of plot holes as well as irrelevant arcs and stories. Slow build-up to a less-than-memorable and even less believable ending. In the end, everything just feels pointless.
*Major Spoiler* And even worse, a story supposedly about time-traveling and an organization set on world-domination degenerates into sappy, hardly-believable romance. Pretty much like a version of SAO but without the cool CG.

Voice acting: I saw it dubbed, but I'd say it's pretty good. So, one point total.

Characters: Now here's what makes this anime completely unwatchable. You get one good character: Okabe, and that's it. And at some points even he seems to be built on nothing more than quirks, many of which get old and stop being funny. As for the female characters... I don't know how to put it in polite words. Just awful. Horrible. The writer must think women have no brains. Even the lead, who's a physicist, throws tantrums like a little girl.

A character actually transforms into a girl and immediately becomes clumsy. WTF?

World of advice: Don't be lured in by the small original things that appear in the first few episodes: the mad scientist who talks to his phone, the tv screen frozen on a lama, the disintegrating bananas... because that's as good as it gets. Ep 1 is the best one, and it's still pretty pitiable. How this anime got ranked above masterpieces like Rurouni Kenshin and Bacanno, I'll never understand.
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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! is one of the funny anime that I have watched so far but of course Baka to Test is the most hilarious among them for me. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! is the kind of anime that will leave a smile on your face after watching every episodes because of different scenes that will really make you laugh.

I do not really expect that this anime will come out like this because I thought that the characters will be more serious about defeating the demon king but I was wrong because mostly, they just do common jobs and do lowly quest that you would not expect to really exist. What is more funny about this anime is that the main characters are bunch of individuals who are not failure in a sense because they have unique powers which are really powerful but what is wrong about them is their mindset. But that is the main reason why this anime is very interesting.

The art is also good and for the enjoyment factor, I will give it a 10 because you will really love each episodes especially the funny moments and how the characters do funny stunts even though they can be considered as powerful adventurers with unique skills. Each episode is not a let go and would only make you wanted to see the next episode just to make your day a happy one.

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Durarara!!x2 Ten (Anime) add
Hey folks, this will be a review for Durarara!!X2 Ten. Finally is the word I come up with to describe this season. Durarara has been, and still is a long journey that seemingly keeps pushing its own goal line back so as to broaden its scope. This season was joy to watch overall as the last season was an immense drag and it even promises an interesting next season. Anyway onto some more descriptive bits.

As always the story is told through the lives of our characters. We don't have many new characters and some of the old ones that didn't have much to do the last season have made a reappearance. The one thing that has changed is the basic framework for how the story is transmitted. The first season did an amazing job of interweaving these mini stories together to make the world feel natural and organic. This season threw that out the window, they kept the same cut in and out and narration based story but made it more episodic. This fit this more action packed season better IMO, however this means that the story has gotten a little too crazy and the writers didn't care enough or couldn't weave it together as they had in the past. So you may ask yourself, "Why give it an 7 then"? Good question!

The reason this season received its score is purely because they decided to go down a path and seem to be finishing it. How many times are we going to see that damn head before we finish that path, how about the estranged couple, what about the other faces of the dollars....the list goes on. This anime has too many stories and never finishes one. The one they seemed to have finished back in the first season isn't finished and honestly it was the stupidest one. This season we have fights, life changing events, feelings and more character growth. This surge in action however makes for more flaws, and more character based issues. Tack that onto the already stretched thin issues with the supernatural themes and you have some mediocre content. However the growth that some of the stories experienced is enough to squelch these feelings and makes me want to see what happens. That isn't something just any mediocre anime can do.

Art and sound were the same as the other seasons.

Characters are the sticky subject for this season, as I have eluded in the story section. Its odd how everyone's character changes a bit. It turns the person you thought you knew a bit about into almost a new character and you have to decide how you take that. Orihara seems to be more human than we expected, Mikado has a complete identity crisis, Celty remains something the anime refuses to acknowledge. This is doesn't even scratch the surface, so much stuff happens that will make you experience this season much differently than either of the previous ones.

I enjoyed this season immensely read more
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Giant cliffhanger at the end of the season. They chose to sum it up with a OVA for laughs. Even a half-ass wrap-up would've been nice to at least get the story done, if they wanted to do this they could have made this ova not the follow-up of the actual story.

OVA would had been fine by itself but it was a pathetic excuse as the series end.

Art and sound were like the season. Story and characters were pathetic. Overall it was a poor sum up of the anime, this anime deserves a real ending that has something to do with what occured during the season.
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Kamisama Dolls (Anime) add
Prior to watching this anime, I had already known about the events that would take place to due to reading the manga. Nevertheless, it showed great promise having the opening minutes be with a scene filled with action and also one surrounded by suspense.

The anime is about a few selected people within a village who are chosen to have a Kakashi (god doll) due to their capabilities of controlling them. The main character, who is from the village, tries to escape from this life by moving to away. Little did he know that he could never escape the village and he would be trap within its grip. While seeing several school mates being murdered and his sister who is a seki visits him from the village, the story began.

The time distributed to the events within the anime focuses more time to trivial events, like how the main characters are living their lives away from the truth of the village rather than why they want to live away from it.

The story is driven on battles to get across on one point but instead focuses a bit too much about a little girl trying to handle herself having being pampered as a seki (the person who have the ability to control a kakashi) since childhood.

The character who appeared to be the villain on first impression became misguided and confuse not really having much of a role within the anime.People later unveiled to be the true villain had not much time to demonstrate what their plot was.

Things are left unexplained within the anime due to it not covering the entire length of the manga. Certain things that needed to be explained were left out and left confusion if you havent read the story.

The anime was still enjoyable having some weak points, it allows you to enjoy some action while slipping away from some seriousness. I would have liked for it to had continued having so much potential in the story.

I would recommend whoever watches the anime to read the manga to know how it ended. There is a lot that needed to be done in the anime and didnt had its time.

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Noblesse: Awakening (Anime) add
Ah yes, the studio to one of the first anime I’ve seen (Production I.G) when I started out anime, Attack On Titan; with numerous titles that I’ve haven’t got the time to watch (However I want to) like Psycho-pass, FLCL, Ghost in the shell, that I’ve only heard nothing but greatness about them. This time, is the same once again, with one of the most anticipated manhwa to grace the screen as an anime series (although this time it is a single ONA), Noblesse: Awakening.

Now how did the story go, for a 30 minute ONA... If I could give an analogy to this, it would be that it’s like an appetizer to a full course meal. Something that keeps you busy while we wait for a little moment (well hopefully soon) until the full course is ready.

How was the actual story?

Well, it started out with a Noblesse who goes by the name of Cadis Etrama di Raizel (or in short, just Rai) who has just awakened from a long deep sleep (820 years in particular). When he woke up, he met back with his servant (well, he calls him master) who is in charge of a high school. As in normal high school life, there is also people who love playing games. This is where one of my favorite scene came about where Rai was confuses with playing a video game. Even though it felt natural and logical to behave that way, since he is in a new era, it just felt too funny for me (since I’m a semi professional gamer myself). This is where, despite the lack of character development, since it’s an ONA, it felt like too rushed in my honest opinion. I wish there are more of these little funny scenes when and if they decide to come out with a full fledged TV series in the near future.

The art is where the light shines upon in the anime. God damn, it’s beautiful. The character design, to the aesthetic of the building looked amazing. The opening scene was good too. Rai looking badass as his the top ladder of the vampire world. The sinister looking vampire could easily identified as the antagonist with his sly smile of his. The high schoolers in particular, looked like people from high school. So that is a nice neat touch to it.

Overall, coming into the anime without any knowledge was a good experience in my opinion. It makes you eager to wait for a full anime series that is hopefully coming soon from Production I.G. There is some area lacking, like the pacing feels too rushed, the character development is a little bit lacking. However, I enjoyed every second of it. It’s defintely a good ride, don’t miss the train.
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Though it initially looks like a military-based magic-fighting show, Taimadou is actually more like your typical action-based harem in a school. It takes many of the good ideas from other shows and, in my opinion, follows many of the themes in Trinity Seven.

Our protagonist, Takeru, is the rather level-headed leader of squad 35, the worst-performing team at the anti-magic academy, which is a school that fights against magic using guns and Shana-like contractors. However, soon, their squad is joined by Ouka, an uptight tsundere who happened to be a star inquisitor but demoted due to her revengeful nature. How will she bond with Takeru and his other companions?

Though there are certainly flaws with this show, especially in the latter episodes, the overall execution is well done and the characters are surprisingly interesting and well developed. If you like a mix of action and harem, this is a pretty good choice.

The animation is mostly good though there are a few qualms. The drawing style is pretty mainstream with nice coloring and average shading. Backgrounds are often plain and occasionally blurred out. The setting is actually rather undeveloped relative to the characters and takes place mostly in an urban setting. Despite the school-based theme, there actually aren't very many scenes in what you'd normally consider a school. My main criticism is the blatant usage of low-quality CGI; this is especially painful during many of the latter battles. Characters are well drawn and, compared to Trinity Seven, more appealing over all. Usagi does carry a striking resemblance to Dekomori from Chuunibyou, all the way down to the short eyebrows.

Battles are fair overall with average choreography and a fair amount of special effects. Our protagonist uses swords in an age where most sensible people use bullets, which makes for some fun scenes. Speaking of fun scenes, there is definitely a fair amount of ecchi in this show as well. Takeru has his fair share of accidental run ins with naked girls and is often teased by the team's mad scientist Ikaruga. Oh, you even get an entire filler episode dedicated to ecchi with two separate portions involving a love potion and a tentacle-wielding beach monster.

The sound package here is definitely a pleasant surprise. The show opens with a lyric-heavy but catchy and melodic piece; it's the type that grows the more you listen to it. The show often fades into the unique ED by Kanako Itou; though her voice is very familiar, the instrumentation is a lot more electronic (fittingly) than many of her other songs. This is fitting given the show's unique and electronic-infused BGM; expect a lot of drums. There are some nice melodies in the BGM, and it sets the tonality well during both battles and peaceful/playful moments.

The voice cast is actually pretty junior and though Rumi Ookubo does a great job as Usagi, Kanae Itou's experience shines as Mari. There's a lot of character development and dialogue here and the main cast does a great job in general.

Though Taimadou reuses read more
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So a little background: the .hack//Legend of the Twilight manga was possibly my first non-Toonami related anime/manga ever. I say possibly cuz it was a long ass time ago and I don't really remember, and it was such a long time ago that the whole reason I got the first volume of the manga was because my horny pubescent mind noticed the steamy full color "pin-up" inserts in the first couple of pages. Good thing my mom wasn't curious enough about Japanese culture to ask to take a look before buying.

However, this turned out to be the one time in my life my dick coerced me into making a good decision - the manga was actually pretty enjoyable in its entirety, and I read the whole thing several times, completely taken in by that magic I spend all of my time as an anime watcher trying to capture more of. Now, some months later I see a familiar looking DVD sitting on the new releases shelf of a store. They made an anime adaptation of my favorite manga at the time, and I couldn't have been more excited to see the story and characters I liked in full color, motion, and sound. That wasn't really meant to be. You see, as it so happens the .hack//Legend of the Twilight was one of those short mediocre budget series more concerned with advertising the manga than it was with doing it justice. Evident by the fact that the studios couldn't wait a measly ten months for the manga to finish.

This led to one of the most drastically changed anime adaptations I've ever seen. I'm not inherently opposed to this idea, since changes always bring the chance of some improvements (like parts of Fullmetal Alchemist), but the fact is that improvements are extremely unlikely and optimally shouldn't be prioritized over first doing a faithful adaption. In an ideal world we'd have our complete manga adaptations and then whatever extended universe/re-imagining series the studios wanted, but in the real world there are time, budgets, and profits to consider.

To make a long story short, if you're a .hack fan interested in the Legend of the Twilight world and were only going to do the anime or the manga, then do the manga because it's far, far better. Or at the very least do both, because they're entirely different stories. They begin seemingly the same way: Shugo and Rena are siblings living under different parents who reconnect in the online game "The World" after winning avatars that look like previous legendary The World players. When they're attacked by a mysteriously invincible monster, Shugo is killed and revived after being given a special bracelet item by a girl named Aura. This bracelet can rewrite data in the game to weaken it, allowing Shugo to combat these new invincible monsters. Shugo and Rena try to play the game normally but are continuously disrupted by strange circumstances and more invincible monsters. With the help of new friends Mireille, Ouka, read more
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Pokemon: The Origin (Anime) add
The Pokemon anime often isn't very entertaining. It can repetitive, boring, and just annoying. However, this is a very enjoyable piece of Pokemon Animation. It will make you laugh, cry, and keep you on the end of your seat. This was originally a movie in Japan. But for some reason, the pokemon company decided to make Pokemon: The Origin a four-part anime special. Just thought I'd make that clear.

Story- 6

I know I was just praising this, but the story isn't original. The special largely follows the story of the first Pokemon games. And I mean, reeeeally closely. Aside from one big twist, if you've played the original pokemon games, you'll know exactly where the plot is going. But closely following the games also means adapting some really great, most memorable parts of the games themselves. The locations, people, and pokemon look exactly like they do in the games. They even have Youngster Joey in one of the episodes, and he says "Hey! Don't be a thief.". They "Do you believe in ghosts" girl is also there too. And after every episode, it has the saving screen from the games. The Pokemon Company really knew what we wanted with this one. The story is pretty dark too. One of the special parts is all about Lavender town, and it's really dark.

Art- 9

The art in this 4 part special looks really good. The animation looks much better than the average weekly pokemon anime. But it dosen't look quite as good as other pokemon movies like Genesect and the Legend Awakened. But the art really dose shine when it needs too. The battles and all of the attacks look great. The characters are good as well.

Sound- 10

The music is alright. They use some tracks from the games and some newly composed ones. Since it was originally a movie, their is no opening or ending song. Darn.

Character- 9

Red is a great character and gives a fresh breath of air to the anime. He is a good trainer with good morals. And unlike Ash, Red actually makes an effort to "catch'em all". Their are also some other good characters. Blue is just like you'd expect. Cocky and a jerk to red. Professor Oak dosen't have much character. The character who really stands out the most is Giovanni. Although it's only a 4 part special, Giovanni drastically changes in character. It's great to watch and he was my favorite character in the special.

Enjoyment- 10

What an amazing special. If you're a pokemon fan, go watch it.

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Hunter x Hunter (2011) (Anime) add
I loved this anime show. I have never heard of it until it aired its first ever episode and I fell in love with it instantly. I have never watched a 148 episode week by week before. But in honestly it was a nice change from going to badass older character (highschool and older) to a badass kid who is still figuring out life and has many obstacles. There was one point in the anime where it lost my interest and lets just say that it was towards the end a bit so u got a lot of story before that point. That is why I'm giving the story an 8. If that part of the story wasn't there I would've easily given it a 10/10. This anime is a must watch if you want to watch a very action packed yet very nice friendship building story.
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Majo no Takkyuubin (Anime) add
Kiki's Delivery Service is a coming-of-age film focused on a young witch named Kiki learning the challenges of living on her own as part of a tradition among witches where they have to move away from their family for a year. While away from home, she establishes a delivery service to deliver goods via her broom flying for the owner of a bakery and his pregnant wife.

Kiki's Delivery Service possesses a number of Studio Ghibli's trademarks that include focus on a female character, flying scenes via Kiki's broom flying and a lack of villains. Throughout this film, Kiki undergoes the challenges of learning about independence and responsibility. As events in the movie transpire, the girl learns to cope with her new life as she is no longer dependent on her family, has the desire to fit in with others and dealing with her her first job. Her powers as a witch by talking to her cat, Jiji, and flying on her broom also provide symbolism to her passing childhood. As the movie lacks any kind of antagonist, it is free to explore the challenges Kiki is facing in her life without having any other conflicts to get in the way of her character's developments and the focus on her struggles would make make it an easy movie for folks to connect with due to having their own struggles with understanding what it means to grow up.

On the visual end, Kiki’s Delivery Service features plenty of nicely-detailed and expansive settings that are influenced through Ghibli's efforts to research the landscape and building structures of European settings in developing the film. Character designs are a bit on the simple side with facial and clothing designs, but do well to compliment the light-hearted mood of the movie. There is a good deal of fluid movement throughout the film offered from moving vehicles and characters shown to walk city streets. But the animation highlight of Kiki's Delivery Service comes in the form of Kiki's broom-flying scenes that do an excellent job at simulating the sensation of flying whenever Kiki is flying at fast speeds to react to sudden obstacles or changes with the weather.

Overall, Kiki's Delivery Service is certainly among Ghibli's most memorable films thanks to its simple focus on the coming-of-age trials faced by Kiki as she learns to live independently and adjust to her new surroundings. This is a definite recommendation for fans of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli's works.
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Noblesse: Awakening (Anime) add
I'm starting this off by saying I was so freaking pumped for this!
Noblesse has been my favorite read for a while now and once I came onto MAL and saw that it was an animation, I literally started having a "fangirl attack".
The great thing is this is a very short animation that can be watched on Crunchyroll. Luckily I have Crunchyroll and watched Noblesse: Awakening as soon as my mini freak out was over.
My eyes were literally glued to the screen.
The music and amazing artwork wrap around you and pull you into a web and don't let go. Seriously.
Some might say the story is a bit boring and drags on too long, but I was having so much fun with expectations and the kick-ass action! What more does something need than freaking awesome action?
I'll admit, the story line and characters, to me, were a bit "off" I guess, but it doesn't change how I felt at all.
If you have the time, you should definitely give it a shot, it's pretty fun!

I guess the fangirls are: awakening.
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Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? (Anime) add
I didn't have high expectations for Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?, seeing it's an ecchi harem and that's not usually my cup of tea, but found myself enjoying it a lot. It definitely got me hooked and I went through the 12 episodes pretty fast.

The comedy was one of the main things that grabbed my attention, since it doesn't take much too process. It's perverted to say the least (panty shots, boobs, girl and guy butts, you name it) which caught me off guard sometimes, but just added to the hilarity. There's also some sarcasm, breaking of the fourth wall, and just flat out immaturity. It made me laugh out loud a lot.

One thing some might have a problem with is the lack of of a consistent plot. Each episode bounces from one thing to the next, occasionally bringing ideas from previous ones with it. Often things are resolved quickly and then something new would pop up to replace it. A few parts of the story also carried action along with it, which surprisingly had some gore in it. The gore-factor though was kind of hard to take in while teenage boy Ayumu, the main protagonist, is dressed as a magical garment girl wielding a bright pink chainsaw.

But the not very strong story wasn't an issue for me- I was too busy enjoying the characters! I really liked all of them, my personal favorite being Eu, the necromancer who uses a pen and paper to communicate. (Or as Haruna would say, "neck-wear mancer") I thought the dynamic of the characters worked together very well, especially in the show's comedic sense. You definitely can see a lot of the stereotypical anime tropes in cast, but all of the characters' quirks help soften the edges of the easy to spot tropes.

Overall I really liked Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?, and would recommend to it anyone looking for something short, funny and easy to enjoy.
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Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
It is hype time! This show has received a copious amount of attention over its six week time span. It has been mentioned a countless number of times by reviewers and otaku alike! Although, is Boku dake ga Inai Machi all what it is hyped up to be. Almost, but not quite. It is almost too early to tell, but I'm going to share my reaction anyways.


The story is interesting in its presentation, but not its actual plot. The actual plot is pretty basic and some may say a bit contrived. And at times the events that take place are a bit convenient, although not overtly so. I say this because almost every time travel plot in existence has issues with its logic. Even the best ones... Another common complaint is how it ungracefully handles touchy subjects. (I will elaborate more in the character section) It isn't subtle. It is very in your face about the characters hardships that it gets a bit preachy. Although, as of now there isn't a lot of story to go off of.

When I first viewed Boku dake ga Inai Machi I did not like a single character. Each and everyone of them came of as bland and one-dimensional. Although, when I viewed the episodes again they kind of grew on me. There was some genuine charm to a few of the characters. Despite that some where a bit lacking the motivations and development mainly Kayo's mother who has no true reason to abuse her. But then again there are six more episodes to go.

The animation is better than what A-1 pictures recently put out (Asterisk Wars), but it isn't super stellar. It is great in all, but there is nothing that stands out. The character designs are interesting and more unique than A-1 pictures typical fare, but they don't stand out very well. The music is very pretty and fun to listen to. I enjoyed many of the pieces, but I wouldn't listen to them on their own.

This is something a lot of people get out of the series. And this is probably why it is rated at number 10. I must say I have gotten a lot of enjoyment and pleasure out of watching this series. Despite all of the negative things about it there is some type of charm to it. (Similar to Seven Deadly Sins, another A-1 pictures series) And like many shows from that studio they tend to either diverge in fanbases or severely drop in quality. I hope that doesn't happen to this series.

Pretty good series, a bit overhyped, but good nonetheless.

(This review will be updated after the series finishes.)

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Dagashi Kashi (Anime) add
Dagashi Kashi doesn't really feel like an anime per se, more of an advertisement along with a history lesson.

So the general story is that Hotaru one day appears at Kokonotsu's candy store to persuade You (his father) to join her company, but You will only agree if Kokonotsu takes over the candy store. And... that's pretty much where the story ends because from thenceforth every episode is exploring a different Japanese candy, how delicious they are, and their history, along with some light fan service. So basically, this is like Shokugeki no Souma lite.

In regards to art and sound they're okay. The art is better than average so it's an 8 while the sound is an average of 7.

The characters are pretty stagnant which would've been okay in a slice-of-life but I feel as though there should be a bit more to them. Kokonotsu also has a childhood friend who secretly likes him and for whatever reason she serves, we don't really know.

Overall, the anime is okay. It's really something that's acceptable to watch while you eat to pass the time, but it's not something I would recommend you to go out of your way to watch unless you're really interested in learning about Japanese candy that you may want to try.
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Future War 198X-nen (Anime) add
I will be reviewing the Australian release of this obscure as heck anime.

Story: This is one of the most unique animes ever made. Few, in fact, practically no other anime can claim to depict conventional modern warfare as faithfully as this anime has. No aliens, no overpowered mecha suits, no ancient interdimensional vampires etc. Just war! One side of its story is a geopolitical thriller about WW3 and the escalation of nuclear warfare. It captures the general essence of anti war cold war era movies like Strangelove, Fail Safe, Wargames etc. which in itself is an admirable feat for an anime. Equally unique IS the dub; it features solely one person as the narrator, giving the film a docudrama feel that works well with the main, geopolitical storyline. The other storyline is a romance focusing on a scientist (Japanese in the original version, white in the dubbed one) who works on the SDI inspired missile defence system and one of his coworkers. Obviously, the narrator only approach means no dialogue, totally destroying the immersion or meaning of these scenes though I doubt the original romance plot was good either! 8 for the unique anime depiction of nuclear warfare.

Art: Artstyle is appropiately realistic and more western looking. Research was done well and period accurate military vehicles are depicted faithfully.
The animation itself is horribly subpar for an anime film, even for the early 80s. The anime tends to be too dark, meaning things become a horrible blur. The poor video quality this anime was released in doesn't help either. 5 its pretty bad.

Sound: The original version had a standard orchestral film score. But as for the musical choices in the dubbed version? Period accurate rock music featuring Asia's Sole Survivor, Wildest Dreams, Only Time Will Tell
and Rush's Witch Hunt! (in shitty quality but...) NICE! Tangerine Dream is also used as background music. 10 I've never heard rock music of this calibre being used for an anime XD.

Character: The narrator only approach screws up any characterisation that the original may have had. However, the reactions of the various military personnel to the war such as the warmongering Soviet secretary of defences villainous coup of the Soviet government, the American President's decision to not launch a retaliatory strike and the Soviet sub commanders deliberation on whether to launch nuclear missiles or not are very powerful scenes based on the sheer gravity of the situation. 6 Their actions manage to speak for themselves and give some semblance of characterisation.

Enjoyment/overall: This is actually one of the HANDFUL of anime about WW3/ conventional, modern warfare that doesnt feature any far fetched sci fi or fantasy elements. If you are in this niche audience like I am this anime will be worth a watch and rather entertaining despite the crazy limitations of having one voice actor and the horrible animation. For those war nerds out there; there are some military hardware featured in this anime that you just wont seen in any other anime; what other read more
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Diabolik Lovers More,Blood (Anime) add
I'm writing this review for the entire series because you can easily explain one while describing the other.

When I came across the first episode (season 1) I didn't have high standards set in place, I was just looking to kill some time and decided to try out this show because my friend thought it was "sooooooooooooooo good". The first episode revealed to me the typical harem girl (who had an adorable outfit by the way) surrounded by all the generic boys on the checklist of a reverse harem anime.
What interested me was the fact that they didn't all want to be her friend or lover upon first sight. In fact they hated her and simply viewed her as a resource; and I actually thought that even as generic as this has started out that they might delve into this topic a little more. To my disappointment the series played out in the order listed below; throughout, every, single, episode....
- Girl walks around a bit
- Girl runs into guy
- Guy makes a move on girl
- Girl resists, but is inevitably overpowered
- Girl gets raped or however you want to put it
- Girl passes out then awakens in a bed or couch
- Something plot related happens

Then the second season appears and we're introduced to new characters, and guess what! The same shit happens all over again except this time the characters are unlikable and creepy, and the main character turns out to be just plain annoying.
Not that this matters, but the sounds they make when they're sucking the girls blood sound straight out of a hentai... Also if you want to see the worst car crash in the history of anime watch the first episode of the second season.
The last episode of this season implies that there is more to come, and hopefully it never will.
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Kuttsukiboshi (Anime) add
I've seen a review on here that put this anime at a 10, and that's honestly a crock of bullshit.
This anime pissed me off so much to the point that I HAD to make a review about it. Why? Because I needed to vent this all out and get my rage out.
THIS IS NOT A SPOILER FREE REVIEW. And why would you want to waste a whole hour watching this trash anyways?

Story: 1
Absolutely pathetic. In the beginning, it started out as a nice love story, but not a lot of things were connected. A lot of points were unexplained and they made a piss-poor attempt to connect things in the story even when they tried to develop it. That being said, many questions were left unanswered and the supernatural elements in the story did absolutely nothing to help it out.

For some background, Kuttsukiboshi is about 2 "lovely" girls by the name of Aaya Saitou and Kiiko Kawakami. Kawakami has the supernatural power of telekinesis brought on by a car accident, as explained in the series. Does it make sense? Nope! But does anything really in this anime? Definitely not.

As it turns out, Aaya is the only one who knows about Kiiko's powers, and makes her do "experiments," which I assume she didn't exactly sign up for. Just like some other things in the series. But I'll indicate which section of this review is spoilers for people who don't want to read it.

I felt as though yuri was thrown in here just for the hell of it. This could have been a very interesting plot to go along with, maybe Aaya blackmailing Kiito for some reason? And it turns out Kiiko is in love with Aaya and for some odd reason, they hook up about 4 times in the first episode. Ridiculous. No explaination, no reasoning, and no feelings were put forth. They're honestly just fuck buddies in this anime.


The plot twists in this anime were so lackluster and dumb that I honestly had to hold in my barf when I saw the "ultimate twist" that separated these two in the first place. So, in the first episode, they've been hooking up for awhile and they constantly stay at each other's houses and pleasure each other in the library while Aaya is doing experiments on Kiito, right? All hunky dory? Not really.

One day Kiito is on the train and realizes she's missing her phone and remembers she forgot it at Aaya's house when she last stayed there. No explaination to where she was going or how she even got off, but the next scene we see is in front of Aaya's door when she's ringing the doorbell. The door is locked and she uses her powers to get into the door. Not only is that trespassing, but literally the only practical use of her power ever since the anime started.

When she goes into Aaya's room, read more
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Nijiiro Days (Anime) add
As someone who was a huge fan of the manga before any anime adaptation came out, let me tell you the following: You do NOT want to miss out on watching this. I've always loved romance but despised the Shoujo genre for it's banal writing and irritating tropes. Nijiiro days is a true romantic comedy, moreso than shoujo manga, in the following ways:

1. It features well developed characters
2. It has actual comedic timing
3. The writing is really good.

It's hard to put a finger on what makes Nijiiro days good, but overall the writing is just above and beyond so many other shows of the same genre. It's comedic timing is spot on, it's characters are endearing, and it doesn't waste your time. Many romcom animes might include a scene where the characters might be cooking together. It might drag on uninterestingly for minutes on end. Nijiiro days has it last 4-5 still frames, which it uses to help us understand the personalities of the characters in a big way, and then it has the courtesy to moving onto the next scene. And the things that happen are also pretty interesting. The first episode includes a guy falling in love with a girl at what's practically first sight, confronting some tough looking people to try and save her, and becoming convinced she is sleeping with his own teacher. All in the course of 13 minutes.

I'd like to get back to the characters for a bit, because they're a big selling point of the series. At first, it seems like each one has their own single personality trait: You've got the cool guy, the otaku, the sadist, the effeminate one, and you think they'll be flat but they aren't. These people have interests, flaws, secret depths that others don't know about. They are some incredibly well-rounded characters, and you keep discovering things about them.

Theme song is pretty awesome, too.

I really can't recommend this enough, even if you're normally turned off from this kind of show. It's really one of the best you can get.
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Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Anime) add
It says a lot about modern anime when badly executed mediocrity with very good production values is heralded as one of the greatest anime ever conceived, praised to high heavens everywhere, exploding in popularity.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi, also known as Erased(which I'll be calling henceforth), is an anime by the studio A-1 Pictures, a studio known for their very popular adaptations of generic manga and light novels, most notably such titles as Sword Art Online, Fairy Tail, My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute, and Your Lie in April. All less-than-stellar titles lacking in originality, but teeming with fans because they look good, contains "feels", and are made for the unthinking masses.

Now, on to the review. The story of Erased is quite simple, it's basically about a struggling manga artist nearing his thirties named Satoru, who also works part time at a pizza place. Every time something bad is about to happen, he gets sent back in time via an ability called "Revival" in order to prevent the tragedy from happening. After witnessing his mother's corpse and subsequently framed for the murder, he is sent 18 years back in time, in order to save a female classmate from being killed by a serial killer, in turn preventing his mother's death.

Like almost all time travel stories, this story is plagued with plot holes and inconsistencies. There are no rules for "Revival", the main character is sent back in time, but how far back is at the plot's convenience. For example, he is sent back 18 YEARS to prevent his mother's death when a few hours should be enough, just so he can also save a girl he use to know. Instead of moving him back in time again to redo his saving the girl, he's sent into the future instead even though it was never established Revival can do that, just so the story can move along. The fact that him saving the girl from his past can prevent his mother's death is also a faulty slippery slope, it's illogical and only a plot point because of plot convenience. Another huge problem is the overblown drama, there was no reason for Satoru to run away and be framed for the murder when simply talking to the police can resolve the misunderstanding. And then his 15 year old co-worker is dragged into it, and will die in a house fire set up by the real killer to further frame Satoru as a suspect, all stemming from his inability to act like a normal human being rather than a plot device. The entire story is a series of convenient coincidences and forced drama, there's no depth to it.

Moving on to the characters, first we have Satoru, a 29 year old guy trapped in the body of a kid to change the past and prevent murders, yet can't seem to use his experiences or knowledge from being older to his advantage. We also have Kayo, the girl who is to be read more
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Noblesse: Awakening (Anime) add
As someone who knows nothing nothing about the original source material I would just like to say that I still thoroughly enjoyed this OVA.

Though Character development was short due to length, I still found many of the characters interesting to watch.

The animation and music was very crisp and enjoyable to look at.

Overall this OVA teases just enough plot and action to peak your interest into what the rest of the story will turn into. I would love to see this turned into a 24 episode anime series that I feel could have the potential to rival many of the other great Vampire Anime.
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Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan 2 (Anime) add
Don't asked me why i had two review at the exactly same time,
Story: 7.
- Don't know what our main and his harem had done in the manga lines, but kinda like a mess of fun and not having me to see it.
- Yeah fan-services is SUPER-strong on this 4 eps.
- Continous of season 1 or i could say the rest left-out of manga that author bait us to read manga.
Art: 7.
- Still good old 2005.
- "Boobies"
- Blood.
Sound: 7.
- Maybe i could be Satan then?
- Yeah the OP made changed a little, same song btw. Poor Sabato-chan "with her dog" as always *lenny face*
Character: 8
- Poor Mihashigo Sabato-chan as always, why that for so long and author still left her under the brigde? At least we all knows she's just a "took in to got a perfect team of characters" but can you please don't turture her like that, it's sad :|
- After bunch of things i don't know happened, some more girls that don't even listed on MAL because of what i can't even knows why (Illuminati involved?)
- Why Binkan-san here? Why? Why he had something with our poor main?
Enjoyment: 7 (was 9, but)
- Yeah like i was got in my previous review, just a bait for mâng (or i could say "Novel")
- Too short and even shorter.
Overall: 9.
- Did i got more things to say with those 4 shortest like North Korean Man Banana eps?
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Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan (Anime) add
Well, the first and ever anime that lead me to here and beyond, thank you very much Okayu Masaki-sensei.
So this is the review detail of the score: (Don't mind my english mistaken, my hands re almost frozen at this time)
Story: 7.
- Well that was too long for like 4 years that i ever watch and read Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan anime and manga, too long to remember detaily everything but... still a little detail in my head.
Yeah a Masochist Lucky Bastard that just in Secondary School and got a "tenshi" drop from "Heaven" (or i just say "Hellven" eh), Dokuro-chan, yeah "Torture that pig" i could say. At least man is a happily man ever created (borned) in 2005. Almost all the "main" girls character is "dropped like trees" by themself on him, yeah Harem eh. Lead by a Sadism "tenshi" lead main and the story begin to it til now, don't even knows if the manga or light novel ended yet, because of that this review may suck you guys could say.
- Dokuro-chan i could say that she had a crazy crush on our Buta-san (M), trying to hide her "embarrassing" by no more better way than hit our main "very hard" (I means crushed him out by a million pieces like her crush on him *lenny face*) to misleading us or main in anime/manga to not "spot" her love on him, still "Boku wa tsundere dakara", well.. yeah, i would not recommended it on your boyfriend, girls but do what ever you like.
- Yeah the "crushed by million pieces", well i do a little... disgusting on a first time i've see this anime, but i used to it now, i means it more funny now, the way "he" lead us to laugh at those situations seem very good, i'm enjoyed it very much, thanks. (Still, uh....)
- Don't knows why all of those "Big Boobs Lolis" there are... 2nd school? ( 9 and 12? i means 9 and 12 on Hellven? (100 years down here are 1 days on there)) or just "i'm author and i write whatever i want to for my own story"... yeah, little weird... but still enjoyed it *lenny face*
- Do a great crush on all the girls that... but manga please? Don't be so cruel like that Masaki-sensei, you did those episodes just like the "spoilers" for who's just on animes to be like "Watch those and come read my mangas for all the details left", it do great but it too short and kinda like every "important" things in manga got all (i means ALL) got cutted out, leaved the episode just 13-15 mins, Y?
- Still a better love story than Twilight <(")
- But Y a "immortality" kind of medicine that hold a girls at 12 years old and can't grow up anymore? A plan of whole pedobear community? Still a dumb reasons to follow a storyline, but this is a "another world", so keep it on please, and we knows all read more
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School Days (Anime) add
It has now been several years since the controversy surrounding School Days have come to pass. The meme has faded into relative obscurity, Yandere characters are now a dime a dozen, and that very nice boat has long sailed off into the sunset. With the controversy behind us we can now begin our analysis to determine whether this cult title is a work of incredible bravery and intellectual substance as some have suggested, or the ludicrous eroge turned soap opera as others have claimed. In order to settle the dispute I have striven to make this evaluation as objective as possible, by detaching myself from the work as far as possible and instead exploring it in the form of a series of hypothetical questions.

School Days is an anime about a love polygon with so many faces that if you were to draw it, a grade schooler would be able identify it correctly. There is nothing wrong with this on a conceptual level, quite the opposite in fact: it's undoubtedly a recipe for intrigue, but one with a high likelihood of failure. Without taking the utmost care about the execution, the story could quickly disintegrate into pure exploitation, rather than the vivid exploration of the human condition desired by the creator.

Suppose that the protagonist of the series was a very charming, and powerful person, though lacking in integrity and moral fibre. Under those circumstances, it's not too much of a strain on the imagination to suppose they could be a cold yet seductive character, with no qualms about sleeping with multiple different partners. This would not be inconsistent with common prejudices about human interaction as if instead, a rather plain man was portrayed in the same circumstances. A man who say, didn't appear to have much in the way of a sense of humour, one who lacked any charisma, was not physically attractive or had any outstanding personality traits other than indecisiveness. Suppose in fact that he were so bland that he did not seem like a character at all, and was so generic that he came across more like a basic representation of an adult male, devoid of palpable personality traits to the degree that he feels more like a framework in which almost anyone could insert themselves if they so desired. Supposing that were the case, then it probably wouldn't make the story very convincing. In fact, it would probably feel more like a mechanism for living out some adolescent sexual fantasy, supposing that it were approached in that way. Theoretically speaking.

But there are two sides to any relationship, and perhaps it is the female characters who can elucidate what it is about this seemingly plain and rather bland figure who inexplicably never fails to leave every woman he meets stewing in their own sexual juices. It would not be sufficient to simply depict them falling in love with him again and again; there would need to be some exposition to read more
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Hitsugi no Chaika (Anime) add
It's been said that the worst thing you can be is average. And that sums up Hitsugi no Chaika pretty damn well.

Hitsugi no Chaika (or "Chaika -The Coffin Princess-") aired from April 10, 2014 to June 26, 2014 and was based on the titular novel from 2010. It stars Chaika Trabant, a young wizard who carries around a coffin; Tooru Acura, a saboteur and former soldier; and Akari Acura, Tooru's adopted sister. The story is more or less a big McGuffin quest to find the remnants of Emperor Gaz. That's really all there is to say about Chaika because that's all that's even notable about the show. Hitsugi no Chaika is one of the most painfully average shows I have even seen. It starts average, ends average, and never rises above the middle ground. It does just as many things right as it does wrong.

Story: [5/10]

For starters, the story is average. It is, as I said, a big McGuffin quest involving the remains of the deceased Emperor Gaz. It's difficult to even say more than that because the story and writing are so bare-bones that there's basically nothing left for me to talk about. The biggest problem here is the tone. The tone of Hitsugi no Chaika is pretty much boring. This is one of the most tone-deaf shows I have ever watched. It is played completely straight with light-hearted moments sprinkled in, but at the same time there are several moments of heavy violence and gore. This is a huge problem when it comes to tone. Chaika swings back and forth from light-hearted to flat to dark at the drop of a hat. The show doesn't really seem to know what it is or what it wants to be, and the outcome of this is a show that lacks any real identity. It does not feel like a naturally progressing plot; it feels more like a semi-related string of events. It's like a box of candy. You open it up, and from start to finish what you expected is exactly what you get. And when you get to the bottom of the box, you eat the last piece of candy and soon forget you even consumed it at all. That's what Chaika is like. It is a series of incidents that start and end; with no build-up, no clever twists, and no climax. Generally speaking, if your audience is having thoughts such as "wait, that was supposed to be the climax?" or "it's already ending?", you probably didn't pace your story very well.

Art: [5/10]

As for art and animation, it is average. All the character designs are completely average, and for good measure they went ahead and used the "only main/supporting characters and villains get unique hair" trope, which of course means that you know exactly who you should pay attention to and who will contribute little to the story. Once more, another element that makes the show very predictable and uninteresting. The animation is nothing special. There are read more
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Bakemonogatari (Anime) add
"Did you know every time you sigh, a little bit of happiness escapes?" ~ Senjougahara Hitagi

I went into this anime with nothing but the expectations of an ecchi show that had a lot of dialogue, but I completely underestimated this show. Before watching this show, I heard it was a terrible show for newcomers, so I kept putting it off despite being interested in it. I'm not sure if that was necessarily a bad thing, but I do understand the reasoning for that warning. I'd also agree that if you are new to anime, or don't like subtitles, stay away from this show. Now, for those of you are who are still interested, let's get onto the review.

Bakemonogatari is pretty straight forward. It's about a guy named Koyomi Araragi that helps various girls seek help for their mythological and fantastical problems from a Hawaiian Shirt wearing man named Oshino Meme. Some of these problems may include having a traditional Japanese mythological being trapped inside of them. The story is split up into 2-5 episode arcs, each dedicated to the particular girl. Going through the anime, it was similar to a harem, but at the same time it wasn't. Each arc was very interesting and engaging. Some of the mythology doesn't translate well, but there are brief explanations. If you wish to know more, you can always look that up but it isn't necessary to understand the story. Overall, the storytelling is actually really interesting despite the Japanese Cultural references. Each arc is well done and concludes satisfactory.

This anime was done by Studio Shaft, known for their unique animation style in the popular "Madoka Magica." If you've seen Madoka Magica, then you probably know to expect solid animation, and Bakemonogatari is no exception. It has a really unique style and includes flashing frames of dialogue (taken from the Light Novel of which it is based), a montage of quickly changing images of the setting and bright colors. All of these elements combined with fluid animation sequences makes the show very appealing to the eye (Of course, only when you aren't reading paragraphs of dialogue). It really shines with the few action scenes and the amazing backgrounds at night. I also like the inclusion of widescreen scenes (21:9 aspect ratio) that makes the show seem more like a modern film masterpiece. There were also times where i was able to take a screenshot and make it my wallpaper on my computer. It's very high quality and should be watched in 1080p or Blu-ray Quality to get the best experience. Overall, the art in the show is definitely amazing compared to other shows from this time. the only negative here is that it's hard to appreciate it when you're reading a lot of subtitles.

With a series with so much dialogue, the Voice actors in this series really brought their best. All of the roles were well casted and they did an excellent job conveying the characters emotions. As for the read more
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It's a decent anime, since the original Saint Seiya its not that good, we can see that Lost Canvas as the main animation of the series.

The story it is like need to be, Athena VS Hades, saints vs specters, and all the fight to protect the planet Earth.

The characters all pretty much have the same personality, the saints are good, and the specters are evil, i don't liked the characters, the protagonist. But there excessions, like Manigold was a really good character and that specter who fight with taurus, they are really excessions in that simple based good and evil personality.
And there is too much sentimentalism involved, which is pretty bad, i really hated that sentimentalism part in all the lost canvas.

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Yesterday, 11:17 AM
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV) (Anime) add
What I can say?! heh, THE BEST ANIME I SAY IN AGES and I mean in AGES!! definitely my most favorite anime at the moment, the story, or should I say the 2 stories were amazing, epic, astonishing, unique in everything, the characters personalities felt SO REAL unlike most of the other anime out there, that's the thing that most other anime misses, the realistic personalities, even how fabulous and stylish they tend to be and yet they're still manly somehow even so lol the 1st part presented the only real gentlemen MC I've ever saw in ANY anime in history and the 2nd part presented the only cunning and best smart *ss MC I saw in history of anime, man I loved that, the drama was amazing, the action was amazing, the hamon idea itself was amazing, the female characters felt so real and that made it even more amazing, the villains were unique themselves, specially Dio and Kar, and Wamuu, the only villain ever in history of anime that I respect.... i can go all day talking and talking and talking and I won't even be done why I love this anime so much and why it is one of the best anime ever in history.... anyway I will stop over here and just simply say the only one thing that needs to be say shortly, MASTERPIECE.
And I give it 10/10 on EVERYTHING.
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Yesterday, 10:54 AM
Darker than Black: Kuro no Keiyakusha (Anime) add
Darker Than Black is one pretty good ranked anime, the name is cool, the short videos are OK so I expected a good, thrilling SCI-FI dark action anime.
Well, the anime is all that, but in a very poor and mild way.

The first few episodes of the anime are good and they can hook you to want more, but when you find yourself wanting more, this anime simply doesn't give you that. The plot is decent, but eventhought this anime has 25 episodes, it feels like it has a looot filer episodes and characters. The story is going good, but the anime gets you the feeling like only a couple of minutes per episode (and even that's a lot here) are story related and that something really happens only in the last few episodes. This anime can easly be watched with only half of brain since you won't miss much and you don't have to concentrate. To explain, you don't have to concentrate on the story, but the average viewer would want to concentrate to find some anwsers which the anime doesn't provide that very good. Conclusion from that - feel free to do your dishes and watch this anime. It won't emerge you into the story and the setting, it won't get you rooting for some character and only a few last episodes will compel you to watch more (so you can finaly SEE something of this anime).

The characters are pretty one dimensional, their past has been explained but really poorly, the animation is tolerable, sound is nothing special and the overall experiance was pretty poor.
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Yesterday, 10:42 AM
Diabolik Lovers (Anime) add
General Plot Overview: Protagonist gets left at a house filled with vampires. All the vampires want to eat her, because she is delicious.

A fair chunk of the story is never really explained. The more I think on it, the more giant plot holes I find. Very little is actually fully explained about anything. If you don't think on it for longer than a second it's not so awful, but once you think on it you begin asking a lot of questions that simply aren't answered or even really hinted at.

The anime is really pretty to look at, and when Yui's blood isn't being sucked and she's not the one talking it's actually fine to listen to.

However, Yui as a character has absolutely no agency. Which isn't unusual for this genre (visual novels adapted to anime). In visual novels the protagonist tends to have a vanilla personality so anyone can imagine themselves in that position. As a result the dialogue is intensely stilted and unbelievable. This is something that doesn't really work in my opinion in the visual novels, and definitely doesn't work in an anime. (Here is where I note that I'm a huge fan of visual novels, but that will not stop me from pointing out that particular flaw).

The other characters are okay. As per the visual novel genre they are caricatures of actual personalities, but their very limited backstories are kind of interesting and they're just good fun in my opinion.

If you're looking for a deep story that makes sense this is not for you.

If, however, you understand that you're getting into what amounts to a harlequin harem romance novel (complete with vampires and a damsel in distress) you'll probably enjoy the three hours you'll put into it.
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Yesterday, 10:11 AM
Naruto: Shippuuden (Anime) add
If you were to start from the beginning of Naruto and skip all the fillers, you will catch up and there will still be fillers airing. It has been over a year since the last 2 consecutive cannon episodes

The story is decent and with cliche characters. It is the worth the watch after the series has ended and you know what episodes to skip. So far, over half the anime is fillers.

Naruto is probably the only character that can be connected with, everyone else is just a half-selfish half-clueless supporting characters.

The reason I rated it 5 is because the fillers just destroyed the enjoyment of waiting for the next episode to come out. 2-3 Fillers is understandable; however, 1 year worth of fillers is not
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Yesterday, 10:03 AM
Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (Anime) add
There is an abundance of American procedural cop shows nowadays in which most basically develop, or proceed, in the same manner with no real change either structural-wise or its characters, which may leave some viewers with no real impact. Then there is Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, which manages to create a much more intriguing story by having its setting in a cyberpunk future where complete mechanization of the human body has become a reality, and associated with it, crimes. Furthermore, world building is done magnificently through the numerous stand alone episodes. However, as I am no fan of this type of show, there were some issues at a personal level, which I will try to depict in this review.


The story of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, or GitS in short from now on, is focused on Section 9, an independent police unit in charge of dealing with highly sensitive crimes. This especially apparent when the anime is depicted in a futuristic setting where complete mechanization is commonplace which allows for a greater expansion in both the physical and cybernetic world. Naturally, crimes involved with it are more lethal than ever, and it is thus up the task of Daisuke Aramaki and Makoto Kusanagi to prevent these. What stands out in this anime is world building: it is subtly done throughout the series through both the stand alone and complex episodes. I might want to add that the series is heavy on dialogue, yet are well executed and meaningful.

What however stands out in Ghost in the Shell are the variety of themes presented, the most predominant one being the meaning of being human; such advancements in technology made humanity able to live one without the need of any biological part, not even brains. The fact that there is a highly advanced AI only further enhances the experience - these often are very human, and difficult to distinguish from "real" people. Other aspect worth mentioning are the different cases, or crimes, to audiences: these portray the hardships of people trying to cope with the technology, problems associated with it, as well as the workings of current society. Politics are a highlight of these series as well, showcasing the corrupt system, in addition to the numerous issues associated with it. Cases such as people who absolutely neglect or embrace the technology, people who'd rather misuse it, you name it.

There are some issues I would like to point though: even when the series follows a main story, the Laughing Man case, the continuity regarding this is too far apart. The case is introduced in the earlier episodes, and although in some occasional episodes in the intermission is alluded to, it doesn't take off until the last batch of episodes. This is not a problem on its own, yet viewers who aren't particularly interested in these type of shows might feel ultimately uninterested by the time the main story kicks off, as the main case, or "complex", is something arguably read more
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Haiyoru! Nyaruani (Anime) add
Haiyoru! Nyaruani is a series of flash shorts based off of the light novel Haiyore! Nyaruko-san. I wouldn't go into this short series expected too much, but for what it is, it's not that bad.
As stated before, Haiyoru! Nyaruni consists of nine animated flash shorts that range from around one to two minutes. Being animated with flash, you can't really expect the animation to be that good, but I did like the cute, chibi-like designs that the characters had. Other than that, the art is pretty bland with blank, empty backgrounds that occasionally included a couch or some other prop.
For sound, the voices were done pretty well in my opinion and suited the characters nicely. The music was ok. The ed was fine, but over time it sort of began to feel repetitive and annoying.
The characters mainly consist of Mahiro, who is just an average, normal guy and Nyaruko, the crazy Nyarlotephian who is madly in love with Mahiro. Later on, Cthuko does show up, and Shanta appears in an episode as well.
For what it is, I actually enjoyed Haiyoru! Nyaruani. Of course, to actually enjoy the series, you'd need to have either read the light novel or watched the anime for the characters and jokes all derive from that. You'll most likely enjoy these shorts if you are a Cthulu Mythos fan as well, but I'm a bit unsure about that one since I don't really know much about the series, though I do know most of Haiyoru! Nyaruani's references are about it. Being a fan of the anime, I actually found these shorts to be pretty funny, and they exceeded my expectations humor-wise.
All in all, this short series did it's job pretty well, which was to help sell the light novel. If you're a fan of any of the series listed above, I'd give these shorts a watch as they are pretty humorous, and a quick watch for anyone looking for something short to binge-watch.
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Naruto: Shippuuden (Anime) add
In my opinion, this is by far the best anime ive watched.I just can't get enough of it.
( No Spoilers Ahead )

This anime is overall a perfect 10. It has awesome fighting scenes that makes you wish you were ninja. Action, drama, and comedy fall perfectly in this anime. Naruto shippuden is so beautiful to me, it makes me cry, laugh, and feel inspired. YES, this show is pretty kick ass with ninjas but this show can be sad at times. This show has alot of meaning.

Story- it begins with 3 main story's and they are all carried out through the series. The show makes sure to explain everything so your not lost. Everything seems to be connected to each story, so it's not like the story's is nonsense and irreverent. Everything links up so good.

Sound- Naruto shippuden has an awesome OST soundtrack. Songs match up with the characters and situations emotions. Intro songs are so good that I download some to my phone. They always switch up the music so you get to listen and find new songs.

Charterers- each character has a story, and these story's are fill with such meaning. Each character will teach you a meaning or even a lesson. Charterers are all different with their own personality's. These characters have special bonds with each other and you can actually grasp onto those bonds and relationships.

Naruto shippuden and the character himself will teach you to never give up and never give up on the people you love you will experience determinations and sorrow in this anime.
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Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu (Anime) add
So this is it, the final chapter of the story of the SOS-Brigade, at least when it comes to animation, i am aware that there's a novel. But as there is no way for me to read it, i am left wanting for more Haruhi. It's a great ending though, really the epitome of "Haruhiism", i can already spoil the review in that respect. As always, there might be spoiler for the previous seasons, but when it comes to this movie, I'll try to be careful in saying too much. You'll get the greatest enjoyment if you go in without knowing any details. Also, there are some things i want to say about the spin-off, which i dropped and don't intend to watch any further, so it would be unfair to review it on its own. I'll keep it brief.

Story: So as i mentioned, i won't tell you anything, only that i really loved the story. It's straightforward this time, a really coherent plot. It still jumps between time-planes and worlds and you absolutely need to watch all the episodes of the previous shows to really follow what's happening, but it's not as confusing as the original show. Which makes sense i guess, it's a movie, there is obviously less time. Basically, this story could have been an arc in the third season, if that would have ever happened. The story always leaves you guessing, sends you through a lot of emotions, it's simply great. Though there is a plothole i can't wrap my head around, time travel can be confusing.

Art: Oh lordy, i already liked the art of the "Melancholy", but this blows it out of the water.Everything looks better, as expected of a movie, but there are some scenes that are engraved into my brain, both towards the end, both involving cute aliens, a knife and snow. I really can't tell you more since that would spoil the surprise, but it's beautifully done, both in their own ways. The animation also seems way more fluid and i never had an issue with that in the first place.

Sound: I made a habit of listening to the OST while i write a review and i really like this one, it really sets the tone for the individual scenes, it plays with your head or it get's your blood pumping, sometimes it's just calm and tranquil. We get the Opening of the first season and a lovely new ending. I really can't complain here, it improved slightly in comparison to the show.

Characters: Everyone comes back, absolutely every character we've seen so far has an appearance in this movie. Wait, i realized they left out the president of the computer club and his "girlfriend", never mind then. But other then that, the same old, beloved characters are back and we learn something new about every single one. I have to give a special mention to Kyon here again, he is just so relatable, i always felt the same way as he did read more
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Akatsuki no Yona (Anime) add
Akatsuki no Yona was a show I picked up on a whim, but it quickly became one of my favorites. The characters are the main reason for this but the story itself is also compelling.

The story was one of the more intriguing ones I've seen, although after the first episode I was a bit skeptical about Yona. It didn't seem like she would change or get better but I stuck around anyway. One of my best choices in anime! The story really picked up and the introduction of the other characters helped propel the story and keep it interesting.

The characters were fantastic! Yona's development is still the best development of a character that I have seen. Hak, and the other characters were all believable and fun and they helped lighten the mood at some of the series darker points. I've only watched the Japanese dub but I loved the casting choices, they all fit the characters perfectly.

Overall, I enjoyed this series immensely (so much so I started the manga and caught up in about three days). If you are trying to decide if this show is worth your time, it definitely is. Don't miss out on Akatsuki no Yona!
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Yesterday, 8:58 AM
Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Anime) add
All right! Where do I begin. Yes! Only three words: I-can't-explain-this-anime.

First of all, I've seen over 100 anime (ignore my list, I found out MAL few months ago, and I'm lazy to go after each anime I've seen), however I've ever never written a review. So yeah, that's my first review, I'll do my best to describe and review this anime without writing spoilers.

Story 9/10

As a anime fan, I've seen how anime quality decreased in recent years. When I speaking about quality is not about art, it's about Story. The plot. I am a INTJ, so I find myself extremely difficult to focus on something, as result I usually drop/put on-hold anime after 3 or 5 episodes. However, only the MASTER piece are able to keep me watching. And My Lie in April is one few who did it. There are two kind of plot: The one that you can easily guess what will happen next, and the one that catch you every single episode and leave your jaw open every single moment. I know everyone can easily guess where YLA goes. I tried, I tried, I tried really hard to predict the next event, like I always do in every anime. I couldn't, though. For the first time in my life I faced something unpredictable, You can't figure out what will happen, if you're like me and tried. It probably didn't work. YLA. It made me have feeling I would never experience in real life.

Art 10/10

I am very picky when it come to art choice. I didn't like Kill la Kill due its art. I know is originality and stuff, but I still picky anyways. When we say art, My lie in April is completely outstanding. It's so original, that it seems unimaginable. But I couldn't wait less. We talking about A1-Picture, after all. The studio who created SAO, Kuroshitsuji, Blue no Exorcist and other very known anime (I've seen all A1-Picture anime so far, by the way). The anime is so colorful that can hypnotize you.

Sound 8/10

Do you know those moments after you finish certain anime, and keep listen to its soundtrack for two weeks or so? YLA is such anime. Every piano soundtrack makes you remember the gold days of your life. I even remember the old and good Tom and Jerry, I believe in episode number... I don't remember. The opening? I can't tell anymore, for like I said above, no word in this world can describe this anime.

Character 10/10

I'd better don't write anything about it. Believe or not, people say anime is for kids, or you'll never find satisfaction in anime, for there isn't real people. They're all man-made. A imagination. I-dare-all-of-you-who-say-that. YLA is great itself, but what really makes it even better to be considerate outstanding, are the character. Hey, whoever made this up, you've just... Anyways. As I said, the character are really well made. In fact, they are so well made that made me ponder what if... Okay, read more
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Hunter x Hunter (2011) (Anime) add
Here is my attempt of a review.

Hunter X Hunter 2011 is an shounen adventure featuring Gon Freecss who decides that he needs to look for his long gone father Ging that has been gone a long time to become a hunter. Gon wants to find out why Ging abandoned him and his family to become a hunter and what is so special about this profession. Gon wants also to become a hunter.

Along the way he meets his 3 friends, Killua, Kurapika and Leorio. All of those characters have their own backstories and the reason to join up with Gon in order for them to become hunters.

What is so special about this shounen compared to the rest?

Gon is a 12 year old boy who wants to become a hunter but in this show he does not overpower everyone after a while, yes, he gets his powers too via training but it is a brilliant ride to see him gain all those abillities, they are all very well explained in how they work and what they do. Gon is young and he does not know anything about this world but as he learns it so do we, for every event Gon gains knowledge around him but also responsibility. All the main cast is treated the same way, none of them feels like side characters but more of an family to Gon.

Story arc telling

While the main "father" plot is pretty mediocre, it is the arcs and those characters that brings Hunter x Hunter together. Eeach arc features a theme and develops the show further, some arcs deals with different main character and their desire why they want to be hunters in the first place.

The battles and animation

This shounen differs a lot from the crowd. Gon is 12 and the rest of the group is pretty young and therefore the battles are not resolved with brute force but rather with brains. There are pure battles of course but it never feels like the main group gets overpowered and destroys stuff. Since Hunter X Hunter is 148 episodes long you may think that the animation and production value would decrease over the time but thats not true. In fact, the battles feels like movie quality and the animation is almost Ufotable quality.
My personal favorite fight takes place almost at the end of the series where the music, animation and sound effects brings it to life. I dont want to tell you more since its a spoiler. When you finish HXH you will understand why the rest of the shounen genre is so far behind.

Final opinion

I have to mention that there are a bit of sluggish and dragged out episodes, betwen episode 100 to 120 feels like a drag and it could have been shorter. The beginning is not that strong either, the series starts out very light hearted but around episode 30 or so the series starts to grab you. Dont get me wrong, its not bad but not great either, its your typical shounen read more
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JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (TV) (Anime) add
It's probably the huge amount of enjoyment I got from watching it that made it so i just couldn't score it any lower than a 10. So call me biased if you want, but I just loved watching it.
This review also counts towards the Stardust Crusaders arc (I'm reviewing the series as a whole).

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is probably one of the best anime I've seen in a while, and has even worked it's way up to my top 3!

In my personal opinion Jojo is very original and unpredictable. It keeps throwing new twists at you and makes sure you never have a dull moment.
The series takes place in the real world during various time periods, but combines that with its own story, wit and action.

The artstyle really differs from any other popular anime released during the same time-period, which makes it even more unique, there's probably nothing from 2012 and onward that looks like JJBA.

JJBA is a shonen anime, but the way they fight against the bad guys never gets repetitive. One time they have to play poker against someone who steals souls and puts them in poker chips, and Jojo has to win his friends back in an intense battle of wits. And the other time they have to battle it out in an action-packed over the top anime-fight!

My personal favorite part of the Jojo anime series are the villains. Because these guys are actually intimidating and scary!
Especially DIO as he appears in part 3 of the series. The audience gets teased by a mysterious man whose face is constantly cloaked in shadows and manipulates others to do as he commands. Until he finally reveals himself to our heroes and they finally experience DIO's terror face to face!
The way the story works its way up to this moment is brilliant and you should definitely experience that for yourself.

I started watching JJBA in a period where I was kinda bored with anime, and I couldn't quite find something that I truly liked to watch... And it rekindled my interest in anime again. So if you're looking for something you have never seen before, that makes you sit at the tip of your chair but at other times makes you laugh, give this anime a try!
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Yesterday, 6:55 AM
Pico: My Little Summer Story (Anime) add
Honestly I'm surprised that it's pretty disturbing even when censored. I expected something controversial ,but no sexual ,but if you were expecting the same...there is still sex. Just heavily implied sex with narration from Pico and Tamotsu. There's not much to say, it's Boku no Pico ,but without the full frontal nudity.

Art 7/10: I admit as much as I hate this franchise, it has some decent art even if the Characther designs are pretty generic.

Sound 6/10: Another part that I think is okay is the sound. The theme song is not as good as the (infamous) other ones ,but it's alright. And the voice acting is also pretty good.

Now for what makes this franchise infamous

Story 4/10: It's still Boku no Pico. It's just soft core porn, do I need to go into much detail. *sigh* Fine. The story....has many unfortunate implications ,but otherwise is just kind of boring. The only drama comes from Pico being the only person to realize that Tamotsu is just using him and the climax is Pico running away and looking like a real boy for once. But he's instantly forgiven and they have more heavily implied sex.

Characthers 4/10: The Characters aren't that special and one is downright horrid. Tamotsu is a straight up pedophile who uses Pico for sex, and it also comes out of nowhere so it seems like he really is molesting him. Pico meanwhile is adorable ,but a complete Moē blob. He's honestly kind of bland. And Pico's grandfather (or Tamotsu's depending on the translation) is just there.

Enjoyment 2/10: I am not a all. I think it's cute ,but otherwise I don't want to see little boys have sex whether if it's consensual or not. Even when I'm mixed about Yaoi, I feel disgusted by this and while I haven't seen the other two yet, I'm willing to bet if those kids were teenagers I would at least put aside the series's flaws. But in this case, it's straight up child grooming and I'm not okay with that.

Overall 3/10: It's not as bad as the original ,but still pretty bad.
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Noblesse: Awakening (Anime) add
Production I.G has done it again. After a stint in watching this OVA, I can fathom why so many enjoy this series. Despite the positive things I heard about Noblesse, I couldn't help cringing when I saw the words “vampire” and “high school.” I thought, “Please don't be another Vampire Knight.” But it definitely didn't fit that category. It was far greater than that. Keep in mind that this is an OVA, so it only gives a taste of what to expect in the overall story. Some things aren't explained, but if you seen vampire anime like Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, you can understand the vampires’ abilities and whatnot.

It was more of a segment than a story. The highlight was the introduction to the Noblesse (Rai) and his importance in the vampiric world. After sleeping for 820 years, he returns to a world dominated by humans and their unusual normalities (e.g. video games). His reactions to first-time experiences in popular high school activities like video games were logical. The OVA presents his unique abilities from other vampires and what he's capable of. The pacing seems rushed with dramatic events happening shortly after Rai makes an appearance in high school, but it was actually pretty steady for a segment. There's not much time for character developments or getting to know the characters in general. The majority of the show consisted of fighting, so it concludes with discarding a somewhat irrelevant part of the story. Now all that's left is Rai’s life as a high schooler and the Noblesse, as well as the several other questions you may have.

The background design is where the art truly shines. It's so well defined. The destruction in the show is constant and doesn't pause to emphasize a scene. It made it more realistic. The character designs were good. Production I.G did a good job with the bishounen protagonist. His red eyes, single ear accessory, and smooth shoulder-length hair were the characteristics that screamed “hottie” to me. The sinister vampires looked dominant over the others. I could tell their status by looking at them. The high school characters looked youthful. However, the art didn't reflect injuries much. Yes, it shows the usual draws as indicators of a character's pain, but it didn't connect with the vampires’ abilities. The vampires have brutal strength, so it makes sense to see crushed fingers or hands if they step on them with all their might. Plus the characters are able to move them despite the encounter. It lacks vampiric logic. The blood was too bright to be incarnadine.

The instrumental bluesy OP suited this OVA’s premise. Anything more upbeat for this type of vampire anime would've ruined it slightly for me. The background music, crunching noises, and staticky sounds during fights were great. The ED, which was one of the background tracks, calmed things down. The seiyuu did a good job, too.

I don't expect much from a short OVA, so I knew it would lack in some areas, including read more
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