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Did you expect something cliché like boys singing and dancing and lalala? Then, that’s a wrong impression you have there mate. Shounen Hollywood Holly Stage for 49 & 50 is way beyond that.

One word is all it takes to make any anime worthy to be watched: interesting. It’s simple. If you think it’s interesting, then watch. If not, then don’t. It all boils down in asking yourself: Is it interesting enough to make me watch it?

So? What makes this anime interesting?

Well, what is an idol? Is being an idol the right path to take? What does it takes to be an idol? --- These are the questions that swirls around the anime.

The episodes are mild and slow-paced, in a good way. This anime shows a different angle of idols. The masses only see idols as they are on screen, on a poster or on a picture. They shine. They sparkle. They always smile like they don’t have any troubles. However, what happened before all of that? What kind of road could they have taken to get there? What kind of lives do they lead?

The characters are fascinating especially, the five main characters. They aren’t boring at all since they have different personalities which blend well together. Each of them has quirks that make them interesting and stand out on their own. In addition, they are all eye-candies. Red, pink, blue, yellow and green… I couldn’t pick out a favourite out of the five.

So? Is it worth it?
Yes, I enjoyed watching this anime. Actually, I didn’t expect it to influence me this much. I’m so glad that I stumbled upon this show. I don’t mind watching the two seasons all over again.

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Hey folks, this will be a review for Netoge no yome wa onnanoko ja nai omotta. Honestly this started out alright, but it went down hill as it progressed.

The story starts off with our main character being proposed to inside of a video game. He turns down the proposal several times, but finely agrees after being constantly bother by the girl proposing to him. We soon learn why he was so against marrying her in the game. This is the basis of a odd relationship that has now formed between our main character and Ako(the girl who proposed). The remaining bit of the story is dealing with this relationship. The show reminds me a lot of Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shita.

Each episode is generally dedicated to helping Ako come out of her shell and learn about real life and to start to see the world somewhat differently. However this isn't as serious or obviously a story like Chuunibyou. At the same time this show isn't slice of life enough to be considered and enjoyable episode to episode romp. Overall it was pointless, somewhat boring and otherwise mediocre.

The art was great. They had alot of emphasis on the lips which, to be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about. The soundtrack was fine.

The characters are fun at first, much like the story. Our main character Nishimura, Hideki is a gamer who is an open otaku. He proposed to a girl in a game once and she turned him down on the basis she was an old man. This of course ruined his idea of games and gave him his slogan as games and real life are separate. Tamaki, Ako is this tame yandere girl who loves Nishimura. She seems rather strange and somewhat crazy at the start, but mellows out and becomes an object to show off how nice Nishimura is later. Segawa, Akane is overly tsundere, and has an interesting revelation early about her gaming companions and her name which plays a good bit into the comedy for the first few episodes. Goshouin, Kyou is the final female main character. She is the rich student council president and she uses money to buff her in game character.

The other characters do play parts in the story and at times the part they play can be significant but overall the ones listed above are the ones that are worth mentioning.

I enjoyed this anime for the first 4 or so episodes. Getting to know everyone and watching as they discovered each other and had their little misadventures was entertaining. However as the plot progressed and nothing really progressed with it, I quickly found myself bored. This show doesn't really do much great. The comedy is thin, and most of the time only worth a smile or a light chuckle. The story non existent, or perhaps more kindly altered and pushed aside. Again I find myself amazed at such high scores by other reviewers.

I do want to praise a couple of read more
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D.N.Angel (Anime) add
DN Angel is the first anime I have chosen to watch myself.
Funnily enough I knew only my mother tongue, so I was pretty much guessing what was happening in the anime (I still understood most of it, since the plot it quite easy) so I decided to rewatch episodes I am most found of to check if I nostalgia lenses aren't blinding me too much.

Story 7/10
As I said, the story is quite easy to follow and actually differs quite greatly to manga. The manga is still on-going since Sugisaki Yukiru have more Orphaned Series than completed ones, so the anime creators took liberty to go in the own direction. Is the story worse than manga? Yes, but it's true for many other anime.
How does it hold up then in general perspective then? It's a romantic comedy than anything else and it has rather stupid moments, like Risa (who is 14 years old mind you) wanting to meet her crush Dark, which means wondering the streets at night, and the fact that Main Protagonist's pet cannot say his master's name correctly and in stead say "I love you" in Japanese, it was bound to result in some silly situations.
But is comedy the only thing this anime has in store?

While love is the reason is in the very center of the story at most time, the conflict between Main Protagonist family of thieves and the "creators" family is the main story.
Niwa Daisuke is part of the family of thieves who courteously sent away notices whenever they are going to steal something, but they are not stealing just anything. In fact they specifically aim at artworks created by Hikari family. The males in Niwa family are rigorously trained since young age to become great phantom thieves. Daisuke is not so eager to take over the family business but is basically forced into the roll when one day he returns home and his physical appearance changes. His mother explained that this change is normal as it happens to all Niwa boy once they reach the age of fourteen and once they inherit the title of "Phantom Thief Dark". Soon enough he realizes that the title is not the only thing that being "Dark" is about.
Of course Niwa family's tricks are too much for the Japanese police, but luckily for them they have another fourteen years old kid to help them out, namely Hiwatari Satoshi. Hiwatari is skilled at predicting Dark's moves and prepares multitude of traps in order to capture him.
What makes this series great, however, is the stories between each artwork. Very few have none, such as Sacred Maiden from episode 1 or the golden bird (I believe it has no name) in episode 2, but the rest stories have lovely and compelling stories with Second Hand of Time having the most advanced story, spanning across multiple episodes.
It has similar vibe to Kamikaze Kaitou Jean, except that the romance part is said in a way better way (unless you count season two of read more
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Prison School OVA (Anime) add
I'm writting this review for those users who have already seen the 12 caps of the anime, so if u haven't, i really encourage you to do it, because it is funny from the first episode to the last.
Taking this into account. This OVA is mostly everything you could ask for at this point. It perfectly concludes the first season, and all I can say is that it is even funnier than the other episodes.

-Story: As I said before, it continues the story that was left in the last episode from the anime. I gave it just a 9/10, since i think there are some features missing to introduce the new season, or at least the next part of the manga. However, it keeps on where the last episode left the story, and thats all I could ask for.

-Art: Personally, I find Prison School's art awesome. It fits perfectly for this genre, and it lets the characters perfectly show every emotion. You can even watch the series without subtitles or sound, and you could just laugh for many of the reactions, so i gave it a 10/10.

-Sound: I'm not really sure of what to write in here. I love the opening theme, and the effects included are good enough. The voices, as the art did, expressed the feelings perfectly, I am a fan of voice acting, and I can say I enjoyed it ^^ 9/10

-Character: Same stereotyped characters as in the anime. However, this show makes this stereotypes into something great. In other animes, u can see those repeated and overused personalities, with a shy guy as the main character, and some innocent and tsundere girls. I think this is the fact that makes this show so awesome. They exaggerated everything so hard, that it turns into a funny quality of the characters. 9/10

-Enjoyment: Definitelly one of the best comedy manga/animes ever created. At least from my point of view. I enjoyed every chapter, and this OVA is not an exception. 10/10

-Overall: I love Prison School, and I hope it gets a second season soon. Hope you agree with my honest and personal review :3
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Bakuman. (Anime) add
Bakuman is a masterpiece. There are three seasons to Bakuman and this review will speak to all of them. Bakuman is one of those anime that is so fulfilling throughout the entire 75 episode story that it will leave you feeling complete and satisfied. I have watched anime from all different genre for the last five years and outside of the typical "masterpieces" that the general public often finds agreement on (think Death Note, Code Geass, etc), I had yet to find a show that is less popular that I consider a true masterpiece. Bakuman changed that for me. There is nothing in any season of Bakuman that needed changing - everything comes together throughout the seasons to create a complete and satisfying story that will leave your heart warm and your eyes wet.

{Story} - The story of Bakuman is what created the structure for it to be a masterpiece. Every episode serves a purpose in building up your investment in characters and highlighting key facets of the manga industry. As someone that was previously ignorant of the difficulties and challenges faced by mangaka, Bakuman will draw you into the world of manga and leave you breathless. The story draws you into the creative process and will leave you exhausted alongside the main characters as they fight for serialization and an anime adapation. This anime will make you feel the story like no other.

{Art} - While I am inexperienced in what constitutes "good animation art", the visuals in this anime certainly created an atmosphere that allowed the story and characters to succeed. I would say I have seen more beautiful anime out there, but Bakuman's art felt proper and natural for the setting.

{Sound} - Similar to the art side side, the sound in Bakuman felt right. There was no noise or songs that felt out of place or distracting from the anime. Every song and sound effect added to the ambiance that Bakuman needed to succeed and it did just that.

{Character} - By far and away the strongest point of Bakuman and what filled out the story frame that allowed this anime to become a masterpiece. I often find anime that have many different "main characters" to spread themselves too thin and to draw away from the rest of the story, but every single character in Bakuman served an integral purpose to the overall story. You will care about every character in this story (except maybe Nakai who frustrated the heck out of me) by the time it is finished and understand just how important each person was to the story. I've never felt so heavily invested in over 10 main characters in an anime before - but Bakuman did it in such an excellent fashion that I have zero complaints. I cared more about some of the minor characters in Bakuman due to the way they were developed than I care about most main characters in an average anime.

{Enjoyment} - To put it bluntly, I watched all three read more
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Another (Anime) add
I decided to write this review because someone recently informed me that, despite my opinion, Another was actually a terrible anime. They cited its poor direction in the second half, a simplified story, and “tons of idiocy.” I’ve rewatched Another in an attempt to address these issues and here is my conclusion.

For starters, Another is an entertaining anime that explores pertinent themes while featuring an interesting and diverse cast of characters propelled along an engaging plot line. It only takes 4 and a half hours to watch, so it’s totally bingeable and has a climactic structure that is not hinged on or pining for a second season. Combined with great art, sound, and voice acting, I see no reason for any fan of anime to pass up this show and heartily recommend it to anyone. For a more detailed review, see below.

1; if there is anything Another does correctly, it’s effect a mood. The ambiance, from art style, to sound, to micro-cuts to creepy doll faces, down to the way people talk is created seamlessly, consistently, and flawlessly. You can compare it to the Bakemonogatari series in terms of its effect, though Bakemonogatari does a much better and more stylized job.

Another does a great job of making you feel like you never know exactly what is going on as well, like the characters are constantly hiding something from you. This is reinforced and primarily affected by the side characters constantly hiding things from each other and the protagonist as well as the older generations wanting to hide things from the younger ones. The idea of memory manipulation taints everything as well. No piece of information is dependable.

There are some interesting peripheral methods for establishing this fog-like ambience, such as in Episode 1 12:00 where Kouichi’s sister says “the 4th thing you need to know is,” but she gets cut off by Kouichi’s grandmother. This is another example of the protag and the viewer being given an incomplete picture. It made me feel like I was trying to piece together a puzzle without knowing the full shape of each individual piece. Personally I found this very entertaining and engaging. Others might not.

TOTAL SPOILER! 2; when they made you think Misaki was ghost, I honestly believed it. This played into the idea of having puzzle pieces whose shape was not perfectly discernible for me.

3; while I suppose anyone can criticize the “direction” of the show, I think the change in direction from figuring out what’s going on to figuring out who is the bad guy was perfect. It happened at almost exactly half way through and was carried out to the end with a glorious climactic confrontation: Doesn’t get much better than that as far as I’m concerned. It’s a combination of the what’s going on and the who-done-it that some people might not like. I personally found it to be a fresh change in a dull genre that propelled the story to a fulfilling closure.

4; There is definitely some lame and read more
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Story is a 8: summary: it takes the "summoned in another world" plot in a weirdly somehow realistic yet awesome way, with the typical character who isn't comfortable being where he is, would rather be somewhere else, and happens to be summoned out of a day-to-day situation into a fantasy game-like world.

Story lacks a bit of order in my opinion but it has its reason, it's its way to be, you'll find out why when you watch it. This I like it, even when I do think it may be tedious to watch for some. (wouldn't like to spoil, but if you don't like deja-vu-like stuff you'll probably feel a bit bothered) I like it that it has 25 chapters because in my opinion that's a good amount of space to develop a good plot.

Art is 8, drawings and animation are good. I'd give it a 7 since I don't find it any special but after watching animations like naruto's (even when I'm a huge fan of it, its a shame..) I think animes with decent-okay animations must be recognized.

Character is 8: I like the range of possibilities (to call it somehow) that the show describes, their characters are pretty mature and well-made.

Along with first season of SAO (WARNING: a bit of spoilers of SAO coming, just for the comparison)(because second I didnt watch it due to my harsh prejudice about it..) I believe this i the best "summoned in a fantasy videogame-like world I've watched so far. Mainly because in both cases the situation is seen through some weirdly realistic showcase, in SAO there is real life death and a in-game violence, which is translated to real life stuff too... this delivers a pretty intense suspense through the game, even when they do take it as a game too, since they are gamers who are trapped there.

In re:zero Subaru tries his best to always see the glass half full even when he stuff doesn't go his way, I do like that the show is realistic about his character, it goes really naturally, who wouldn't be stressed or feel despair?

Enjoyment is 7 not because I didn't enjoy it as much, It just didnt catch me as much as other animes I've watched and instantly gotten obsessed with. It's mainly a personal opinion.

Overall:8 . In my anime list I rated it 7 only because 8+ are favorites to me and this one -for the moment- isn't. I do think it has a quite good potential and I may possibly update it later. I'm still rating it an 8 here because it deserves the 8, very good well-made anime.
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Maria-sama ga Miteru (Anime) add
My experience watching this anime was akin to walking on a tight-rope. Affection nipping at my toes on one side, a vast ocean of boredom on the other, and simple confusion residing in the mythical third side of a line. (For those who don't get it, think of a triangle with four sides and how little that makes sense.)

Story: 2/10

Here's the main issue I have with this show. It started out all right, kind of standard and a bit too ritualistic for my tastes, but something that I felt had a certain charm that could keep me watching. I delved into the first two episodes which elude to a school play that I assumed would be happening some time far in the future (possibly at the end of the season as I know this is a multi season series) due to the significance it held for the main characters. There's some decent buildup, a rehearsal, then literally the next scene, I am left completely confused. The show spent two episodes threading all the strings together then they went and SKIPPED the entire play. Just like that. Nope, natta; without warning, no bone for you.

So I let it go the first time. The next few episodes had some great character interaction and back story. Then they went to the trouble of introducing a new event at their school: the student council elections. Excellent; I thought I would be getting some interesting insight on speeches and how campaigns are set up at such a prestigious school. Then this series had the guts to go and SKIP the entire election again.

In case you can't pick up on it, I'm spotting a trend here. This series has a terrible habit of forming story elements just for the sake of the drama it causes, rather than using that element to actually enhance the world and its characters through decent story telling. Don't know what I mean? Imagine how an anime like Haikyuu would be like if every single major volleyball match was skipped. That's how I felt. It's like the author can only write drama and doesn't bother to do proper research or put in real effort to get out of their comfort zone. A comfort zone which, may I mention, is not even so out of left field considering the setting of an all girls' school. Unfortunately, the story suffers horrifically for it.

Art: 6/10

Considering the time period that this series came out, the art is decent enough. The character models put me off slightly for the simple fact that, aside from the hair/face, every single character looks exactly the same. I get that it's a girls' school with a strict dress code, but if something as simple as clothes could warrant this complaint from me, then any anime with a school setting would be getting 6/10. But of course, that simply isn't the case. You can argue that sure, all anime characters look the same but honestly, that's a claim that only people read more
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Shinsekai yori (Anime) add

I would recommend this anime to any true hard core anime fan whom appreciates character development and plot.

I honestly believe EVERY anime could learn from this series whether it be a school, thriller, romance, psychological, or even a sci fi anime, because of how perfectly done each of core aspects in an anime is explored (Such as character development), all anime should be like this one.

I will try to keep this review short and simple.

Character Development 10/10

Shinseki Yori is a complete masterpiece in regards to deep character development and regression, with an even deeper plot. Each character is beautifully developed and memorable. And they will stick to you.

We start off the series by watching young kids and their life in a very eerie school. By the end of the show we've seen them progress through their youth into teen years and finally adulthood at the end of the anime. This is one of the aspects I love the most. This is how the director and writer really makes us as audience feel attached to the characters it feels as if I have known them my whole life, they all feel too real, each one is memorable and unforgettable, as they all have their ups and downs.

Story 10/10
The plot twists. The plot twist oh my god. And the eerie sensation, the dark and the light hearted parts of the anime are so beautifully executed.
Story wise, in my opinion he who watches Shinseki Yori has to view it with a mature mind, this is no simple anime, it takes some thought. This story combats racism, discrimination and persecution on an entirely whole other level and executes it beautifully which is one of the beautiful aspects which I love about it, where humans with powers are so called gods, and beings with a similar human structure are discriminated because they don't contain these powers. The story drastically and exponentially becomes deep each episode, I once had a dream, which plot-wise, was very similar to Shinseki Yori. The story is post apocalyptic based, based in Japan a dystopian world in the future. Usually instead of technological advancements which many post apocalyptical stories contain, this has a certain twist, where humans have supernatural abilities. And other beings walk among them which serve the humans as so called "gods". The story also revolves around romance and same sex romance, which is why a more mature audience should watch this. But I highly recommend this anime to any deep anime fan.

Art 9/10
Where do I even start. The art in Shinseki Yori is somewhat unique which really draws you in, its something I love so much, each character is unique and beautifully drawn. At some parts, very few, there could be improvements with some 2d/3d models, but its a very minor and non problematic part of the anime.

Sound 10/10
I have downloaded all of the OST's, they are amazing, can't say anything else other than beautifully amazing and intriguing. What is strange though is that read more
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Mayo Chiki! (Anime) add
Before i begin im gonna be really honest with u guys mayo chiki(my chicken)lacks common sense and logic on so many levels it sucks.from story to characters its all messed up your typical love anime with tons of fan service,unnecesary characters and moments that will leave you like wtf just happened.

Our story begins when our protagonist discovers a secret of their high schools most famous guy Subaru-sama is actually a girl,it just so happens that Subaru is the bodyguard to the headmaster's daughter Kanade.(***spoiler;the part how he finds out she is a girl is amazing he falls on her in a way in which her shirt happens to tear itself and he is literally pressin her tits wtf,watch it u will understand***)anyway the story is random and out of order u get a birthday of a completely unnecessary character,a fight scene where people jump on knife,too much people fainting everywhere its not good.

Characters are even more messed up or unnecessary,Konoe, Subaru is a fine character but rest just suck.lets just say she is keeping her secret as a girl from other people,Suzutsuki, Kanade is a good or bad character i still cant decide,she will leave u thinking who is she what is she doing and all that crap,Sakamachi, Kinjirou now the real problem when your main character is lame,cant fight,doesnt stand out from the crowd and just takes beating this shit happens he has a rare case of gynophobia(fear of being touched by women) so he has constant nose bleeds which i dont understand why they even kept to make it funny?well no body laughed at it,right?(rest of the characters were unworthy of mention so ill sum it up in 5 or less words )Narumi, Nakuru-the glasses loving weird girl who writes tons of erotic shit,Sakamachi, Kureha sister of Kinjirou whose only role is to beat up her brother,Usami, Masamune bunny girl whose character actually makes sense as the only love rival of Subaru

Sound and art are not worth mentioning i just skipped the whole thing.

Overall this anime is like this review really crapy and going no where with the plot,all i learned from this anime is if you have a stupid plot story that doesnt go anywhere,tons of unnecessary characters and a stupid joke that doesnt stop this happens.its even worse than "Ookami san and the small breast jokes".
Final verdict-kill it with fire,twice
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The anime is pretty good, but left some plot holes
the story is pretty good (where itself show per character arc and finally getting to the main case of the story)
The male character art is kinda fair, the female character art is perfect ! background etc is pretty good~
Character, it doesnt really show how character past, why their inner self want the witch power, etc etc (this is what i meant plot holes)
Comedy is pretty usual but still fun
so yeah anything beside the plot hole is good
worth watching? yes, especially for someone who look for enjoyable and refreshing anime without a really serious plot
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Kaiji is one of my favourite animes and one of the best to be made by Madhouse. The first season leaves you with anticipation for Kaiji's revenge and that the second season gives exactly that satisfaction
Story: Kaiji starts off with him in debt and going into forced labour. He tries to cancel his debts by gambling with dice and succeeds by exploiting his group leaders trickery. The story is also quite unique as not many other animes deal with gambling.

Art: The art isn't great and the noses are a 'bit' pointy but it isn't bad either. Art isn't as important as story in my opinion. It fits the story quite well.

Sound: The opening gives you a lot of hype and the ending sounds good to the ear. Could have improved on the BGM.

Character: This is what separates Kaiji from other shows. Strong personality characters and there isn't a SINGLE girl in the whole anime. Except for someone in the OP.

Enjoyment: Kaiji is one of my favourite animes. The episodes went by in seconds and I was going from one episode to the next. It also has an extremely satisfying ending.

To conclude, Kaiji surpasses the first season and even though the pacing in the last arc was dragged out, it caused even more dramatic tension for the final scene.
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Hundred (Anime) add
If you're reading this you are most likely familiar with shows in the sci-fi / romance / harem genre like IS: Infinite Stratos, Radukai Kishi no Cavalry, or Date A Live. This show is literally just a cut and paste of those shows (and it doesn't cut the good bits out either). The plot is incredibly predictable and the I wasn't surprised at all, or really had much of a reason to keep watching because it was so bland. To be honest, if you're looking for a show that is better than this, but fairly similar in content, I'd recommend IS: Infinite Stratos because it's basically the same as this show apart from it's done better in almost all aspects.

The story was pretty mediocre in my opinion, it really didn't stick out from all of the other anime in this genre and the plot is really generic. Hero with cool powers, some girls who are relatively uninteresting and not important, and a group of bad guys which have a grudge.

The thing is, this show looked promising in the early episodes, it had a relatively interesting concept and if it was executed correctly, it would have been a fairly decent show. However the lack of plot development and some useless romance episodes just made the main story feel tacked on. Hell, you don't even get to see the main villain properly up until episode 11, before then they are pretty much not mentioned apart from the odd name.

The art was fairly decent, there was not much to complain about but it didn't stand out much from other shows. The fight scenes were pretty good and drawn nicely but there wasn't many of them and instead just some mindless harem crap for most of the time.

The sound was also pretty good, most of the time I didn't really notice the background music or the music during fights but the OP and EP were fairly decent.

The characters also were pretty lacklustre. The protagonist just seems like the generic hero you've seen in about every other harem / sci-fi show and he is quite bland. The female characters are also generic, you've got the main girl, the rich powerful girl and the idol, generic characters with pretty minimal development during the show. Even the 'main' girl is left in the shadow a bit and you don't really learn much about her. The plot leaves you guessing on characters for the most part and it really should have done a better job at character development.

The show was a little bit boring most of the time and there wasn't really much plot development so I didn't really enjoy this show much. Most shows in this genre rely on fanservice to make up for their lacklustre plot and characters but this show didn't have much of it either.

Overall, i'd give it a 6/10 purely because it's not a terrible show, but it sure as hell can be a boring one. Shows like the first read more
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Big Order (TV) (Anime) add
Well, what can I say? This is the biggest creation ever made since Mirai Nikki. Hideaki Anno, Hayao Miyazaki and Masaaki Yuasa doesn't stand a chance to this masterpiece.

Story (10/10):
Just Imagine Mirai Nikki's story, just 69 times better! They have powers that are called Order! And the title is Big Order! OMG, plottwist!

Characters (10/10):
My nigga Eiji is alpha! Why? Take a look at this video.

All the girls:
These bitches in heat want a taste of the d of our lord and savior.

Art (10/10):
This is a piece of art, no question. Look at the character design of Eiji!

Sound (10/10):
Just by hearing Eiji talking makes me orgasm.

Enjoyment (10/10):
Eiji is Love, Eiji is Life.

Overall (10/10):
Make Anime Great Again! With Big Order!
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This One Piece special was a mistake. I could probably just end my review right there but allow me elaborate. And strap in because I have a lot to say about this poor excuse of a Special.

Foxy is one of those “villains” in One Piece that I wish I could forget ever existed. Despite that, I was willing to give this special a chance because the synopsis caught my attention. I went into this film-length special with the understanding that it was going to be a rematch between Luffy and Foxy, the twist being that this time there would be no devil fruit powers involved due to the fact that the island they are grounded on nullifies their powers. Never has a synopsis been so misleading because this was the complete opposite of a battle between Straw Hat Pirates and the Foxy Pirates. You can throw in the word “spoiler” here because technically I'm revealing details about the special that are not specified in the synopsis or the trailer, but really these are things that should have been specified anyway.

Story: 5 (Mediocre)

This hour and 45 minutes of feces is actually about Luffy and Foxy teaming up in order to defeat a bigger badder guy so that they can save their friends. Oh, you might think that Nami or Chopper got kidnapped but no, instead, two of our strongest characters – Zoro and Sanji – spend the majority of this movie waiting around helplessly in a cage for their knight in shining armor to come rescue them because they ate some miraculously unheard of mushroom that conveniently turns them into wimps. Yeah you heard me right.

My biggest problem with the story was the lack of understanding regarding Devil Fruit powers. Much of this “story” revolves around the use of devil fruit abilities and highlighting the fact that seawater is their kryptonite. As we know, somebody who has a devil fruit ability can no longer swim, but more than that they become weak when in contact with seawater. This concept has been shown multiple times within the original One Piece story. The people in charge of this movie evidently don't understand this because there are several occurrences that just do not add up. There is a particular plant within the movie that grows via seawater, and when touched by the plant, devil fruit users are shown to become weak. The fog that comes over the island is “seawater fog” which makes our devil fruit users weak as well and we see them struggling just to stay standing (as a side note: seawater fog? Really?). However, in this same film where those sorts of events happen, we see Luffy multiple times standing knee-deep in seawater and showing no reaction to it at all. Small details like this drove me insane. If they are affected by the seawater plant and the seawater fog to the extent that they are suffering because of them, then standing in a big pond of read more
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Reikenzan seriously suffers from the lack of any notable progress. By the end of the first season, you don’t see or learn anything substantial. For a majority of the twelve episodes, our main character, Ouriku, trains to become more powerful than he was the day before. This might sound cool, but, every episode follows the same repetitive formula:
- Ouriku hearing about some new powerful technique from one of his many "wise" teachers
- That teacher explaining said technique for half of the episode.
- Ouriku trying to learn that technique for the rest of the episode.
The entire anime wastes your time and in the end you’re stuck with little to no development. The worst part is that he isn't even training to defeat some all-powerful foe. In fact, we don't even know his motive for trying to become stronger. If we were to assume that he’s just training for the sake of being strong, that makes this piece of crap even less developed than it already was.

Enough of that, onto the review:

Story - 1/10:
The story is about our self-obsessed protagonist, Ouriku, practicing powerful techniques and training with his all-wise teachers for (currently) no apparent reason. Similar to what I said before, the viewer has to assume that he’s just doing it because he wants to be cool or something. The anime starts out with a contest to determine a "chosen one", yet this unfortunately only lasts a few episodes. In the start, I was invested in the idea that this anime was going to be about an intense tournament to figure out who is worthy of being chosen. But, like I said, it doesn’t last very long at all, and following the events of said tournament, it goes straight into the repetitive bullshit. Our heroine, Oubu, takes Ouriku in as her disciple and begins training him for the rest of the series. While I thought the anime was interesting at first, it slowly went downhill once I realized how repetitive it became. The problem can easily be resolved during the second season if they fix the repetition problem and try to give his character some kind of motive to what he’s doing.

Art - 4/10:
The art in Reikenzan is mediocre at best, it’s not that special but it isn’t very good either. In a lot of cases, it takes away from the experience so it definitely hinders scenes that could have been at least okay.

Sound - 3/10:
The score does a poor job of bringing to life any moment presented, in fact, it does the opposite. The voice acting, OP, and ED are all okay. However, the soundtrack itself is a huge problem. The whole show has an extremely amateur feel to it, which is not just because of the art, but also because the music played in most of the situations is awful. I rarely found myself connected to the score, and it usually made me much less immersed than I already was.

Characters - 4/10:
Thankfully, some of the characters are actually read more
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This Anime made me laugh so many times, and it was also very ecchi which i like in a good anime it had cliffhangers where every week i nearly threw the chair at the TV xD. The story as they go makes sense and it just explains to you what is happening before they do stuff that is not found in many anime. The anime is pretty long name so I have to type in the English name which is A Boring World Were Dirty Jokes Dont Exist. I have nothing else to say but this wont let me submit it if I dont continue so the anime is great story great art great sound great character great enjoyment great overall.
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Sword Art Online II (Anime) add

I feel as though I'm getting more and more into the minority when I say I liked the first season of Sword Art Online. Sure, it definitely wasn't perfect and could've been a LOT better, but it did have a lot of nice moments, an interesting world with many different scenerios, and a very sweet romance to top the story off. But it made several easily fixable mistakes and had several notable flaws. For more on that see my review of the first series.

So when I planned on seeing Sword Art Online II, I was hoping for an experience similar to the one I got before, but maybe fixing some of the problems that existed in the past show.

To describe it really would be: very disappointing first two thirds, but the last part was surprisingly well done.

Story (4/10)

The series is in three arcs, Phantom Bullet, Calibern, and Mother's Rosario. Since it comes first and takes up the most time, let's discuss Phantom Bullet first.

In an MMO called Gun Gale Online
(think Call of Duty + Valkyrie Chronicles), a player who calls himself Death Gun kills the current top dog in the rankings IRL through the game, and given his past experience with defeating the final boss in Aincrad and saving 300+ players from captivity in ALFheim, Kirito is called once again to find out how Death Gun kills and stop him. One action movie retirement cliche later, he goes into the game, meets a local player named Sinon, and the quest begins.

One aspect to note immediately from the first series was the pros and cons of the pacing. While the first series was all over the place in both arcs, it lead to several unexpected story directions in a multitude of different locations. In this series, Phantom Bullet's story structure is more coherent, but this also makes it very predictable. There's a tournament, a Battle Royale scenario, and then the arc ends. It's not helped by the fact that the end tournament has Kirito and new character Sinon stuck in a cave for what feels like three episodes. For the most part it goes in pretty much the way you'd expect it to, with Kirito defeating Death Gun in the final battle, so while predictable, what you see is what you get. Meaning that if you were expecting more expansion from the world of GGO, don't get your hopes up.

Asuna, the female lead of the first series, is basically sidelined for this arc, which is very disappointing as much of the heart of the first series is removed, and given what Kirito goes through in this arc, more of it was needed.

Fortunately, Sinon's inclusion does something to make up for that. She has a backstory that makes sense to motivate her character, a cool and collected attitude, a nice design that reminds of Yoko from Gurren Lagann
(even the voice is the same in the English dub), and the contrast between herself in the game and in real life read more
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Joker Game (Anime) add
Things to consider before watching this series:

-Joker Game is a 12 episode anime based off 4 novels, this anime covers different stories from each novel. These novels were written in an anthology fashion, in other words, multiple short stories that each focus on one of the spies introduced in the first episode and a really non-existent linear plot.
-Because of the way this series is written, the anime is largely episodic, with only two short two episode arcs, one at the beginning and one near the end. Also, this anime is the episodic style in which there is no overarching plot, just overarching themes.
-This anime, in my opinion, is largely a niche one that will hit and miss very clearly depending on he audience.
-This anime is told non-chronologically.

Onto the review:
For all intents and purposes, I enjoyed Joker Game a lot. The first two episodes introduced the D-Agency and it's spies, along with who the audience initially thought would be the protagonist, only to be abruptly introduced to what would be the episodic style of each spies mission. The transition may fool some, and a lot of people may be disappointed by the direction this series goes with the spies. If you wanted a series involving each spy doing something with action like you see in the movies, look elsewhere.
Characters: Each episode from episode 3 onwards features a different spy, the only problem is differentiating which spy is which. As far as character design goes however, Joker Game does it really cleverly. Since the audience barely has time to register the names and faces of the spies, when it comes to their feature episode its hard to tell who's who. But that's the whole point of their designs, as spies they're supposed to blend into the background. In the novels, it's not even specified which spy does which mission, it was all on the anime director to choose which spy did what. The spies themselves aren't exactly developed characters as some people would like, but in each episode they feature in, you can see they do have some distinct traits and methods of espionage (best way to recognize them is by their voices).
Individually, the spies don't have much going for them as characters. Collectively however, what each spy does is indicative of the ideals that drive the D-Agency as a whole: Done Die, Don't Kill. If there was ever a main character in this whole anime, it would the be spymaster Yuuki himself. He is the mastermind who trained and oversaw the spies. Yuuki is a man of mystery, but is also the most compelling of the cast, because the audience ends up knowing the most about him, while also not knowing anything about him at all.
Story: Each episode is fascinating in showing the different sides of conflict during the war. As this anime is about espionage, the spies it feature prominently are the members of D-Agency, but other times one off characters from all sides read more
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Sousei no Onmyouji (Anime) add
So i did a little research and this is going to be a 50 episode series!

I heard people saying that the story was trash but hopefully they use the time they have to develop/adjust the things they have to.

I hope it turns out good or else I'll prob just watch it when I'm bored af lol

------------------------------Ends here just cuz it wasn't long enough lol---------------------------------------------

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• Don't steal anyone elses work, this review should be all in your own writing.
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Boku no Hero Academia (Anime) add
Ah, Boku no Hero. Probably the shonen of the season. Aclaimed by many, is it that good? Let's see.

Story: 6
A normal kid with no powers wants to be a hero. This would be appalling and unoriginal as hell if everyone else have any powers too, but this is not the case. Everyone but him have a different kind of superpower, what allows the anime to emphatize the MC's fears and insecurities. The story flows smoothly since the first chapter

Art & Sound: 7
The animation has that Gainax-ish vibe, making it enyoyable, but we don't have a lot of action here to truly shine this animation. Opening theme and animation are good enough, being so catchy, and the soundtrack, well...has its moments, but follows nicely the way in the epic moments this series has.

Character: 7
The MC is that archetype of character. Yes, i mean the untalented young boy who want to be the very best (in this case to be a hero and help others), doing his best effort to achieve it. However, while he's an archetype, he's a pretty good character and well developed. You feel his progress during the show. No stupid power-ups (hi Ichigo), just a boy making progress slowly, and that's kinda rare in a shonen.
Boku no Hero has many secondary characters: All Might, the best hero, is another archetype. Again, in this case this is not bad: All Might's mission is to inspire, to be the reference. And he does hella good.
Deku's classmates are well characterized but not developed at all just because the anime is incomplete, but you have an idea of their dreams and personalities with just a couple of arcs. Especial mention to Bakugo, Deku's childhood rival, always invaded by anger, that can by exhausting to see. But he's more than it seems, showing moments of wit and cold blood.

Enjoyment: 8
I enjoyed a lot this series, despite being short or a shonen. Well, i watched 9 episodes in a row, nothing more to say.

Overall: 7
This is a good anime. Average story, while a bit original, good narrative, but the main problem is that is currently incomplete. Let's see if the second season fulfill the good expectations created in this one.

"Do you recommend this anime?" Yes. especially if you are a shonen fan.

If you liked Boku no Hero Academia, take a look to:
- Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, pure epicness with nice characters, story and narrative.
- Hunter x Hunter, probably, among One Piece, one of the best shounen series out there.

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Naruto: Shippuuden (Anime) add
Shippuden is literal fillers to the characters past. But incase you're skipping all the fillers,it's an enjoyable series. Plenty of likeable characters even though Naruto is still cringy to watch :/. I remember so many of the OP's in Naruto because it's just that good. The character development is tolerable,I suppose. The story feels rather slow at times,but it's alright for a shonen anime. In my personal opinion,the Pain arc is the best. Nothing can top that. The action is nice but not that amazing. Naruto:Shippuden is an alright anime at it's core but it can be enjoyable if you're into this kind of stuff. Just don't go expecting great character development or an amazing story cause this anime doesn't have it.
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6 hours ago
Naruto (Anime) add
Naruto is a mediocre anime but the main reason why everyone remembers it better than it actually was is because nostalgia. I'm sure plenty of old Naruto watchers used to do that stupid run and stuff like that makes people remember it more. The story is aight and same goes for the art. The soundtrack is alright as some of the sound effects are memorable,I can't say the same about it's OP and ending besides Fighting Dreamers. The characters are the usual shonen protagonist. Bullied kid,Cocky Bastard,Useless girl,A sensei to teach him shit. Naruto is the embodiment of the classic Anime protagonist. Even though it's a mediocre show,I enjoy it purely based on nostalgia. If you're in your early teens,you'll probably like this but if you're in your latter teens/adults,you're gonna cringe a ton. You probably shouldn't watch this.
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Kiznaiver (Anime) add
Have you ever wondering how it must feel when one of your friends or loved ones are in despair? When they’re having a despondent day? Well, look no further because Kiznaiver portrays this theme, and I mean literally.

Kiznaiver is an anime revolving around bonds through pain and sentiment. The story circulates around that of our main protagonist, Katsuhira Agata, a modest, slow teenage boy that grasps no emotions within his hands, accordingly making himself a bullying target. However, the bullying that consistently approaches him from every direction is beyond his concerns and most notably, his pain. Him, alongside with 5 other teenagers’ wounds are connected through the Kizna system and are obligated to bond for the sake of creating “World peace”. And so, their journey begins.

Now, I must say, Kiznaiver is an anime I saw one of the brightest potential in, however, was abstracted by various divisions. Whenever it was character development or drama, the manner Kiznaiver executed this is what made itself abstracted from a rather good conception. Many like to say this is a character-based show so they are going to get more profound of the characters than any other department in the show, but even then, Kiznaiver fails abominably at this.

If I had to describe the characters using three adjectives, they would be “mild, archetypal, and caricatured” The characters were first given archetypical roles, initially seen as symbolism, which I had no concerns for, however, the characters just started to use that as their foremost individualities, never actually getting in-depth of the traits and explaining why they maintain such. Alternatively, this started to define the characters themselves and the purpose they bring to the plot. Niko and Tenga, for most of the series existed, only to slap in some eccentric yet cartoonish comedy in there, but only came irksome and unnecessarily, leaving room for its incompatible tonal dissonance. Kiznaiver genuinely knew what they were doing, thus far were oblivious about the fact that it’s never going to work. Kiznaiver knew that it wanted to be witty at times, whilst simultaneously being serious, yet merely making the story paradoxical. The way serious scenes would modify itself into comedic ones was awkward and off. Kiznaiver couldn’t handle both, therefore making the tonal shifts cringeworthy.

The only characterized really are Honoka, Katsuhira (fairly) and Sononaki, yet they still don’t possess strong characterization. Katsuhira and Sonozaki were the only crucial characters of the show and would have still been proficient of creating a story with just the two of them. The rest of the cast didn’t live up to their significance, let alone nearly, and that’s what I found dissatisfying about Kiznaiver. If every single character were presented exactly like how Honoka was, this series would have left me with a different impression, potentially increasing its score from me. Hisomu was a random guy in the background educating a few life lessons to these youngsters but served no purpose whatsoever. The finale of Kiznaiver entirely explained read more
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Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge (Anime) add
tanaka-kun wa itsumo kedaruge is an anime that will make you sleepy every episode.
but daijobu, that's what makes it COMPLETELY UNIQUE!
if you like slices of life, this is the anime for you!

tanaka-kun is always lazy. the name speaks for itself.
but this is not only a slice of life about a lazy person.
this is pure knowledge being thrown into our lives!

despite being SUPER fun, this anime teaches you many.
(i'll leave that part of the fun for you, don't worry)
watching tanaka-kun being lazy everyday is an unique experience,
and those who have watched know why.

somehow, this anime makes you lazy as tanaka,
but in a good way!
there is no human being who won't see him/herself in him.
at least the slightlest thing.
make sure to check it out!

never forget the feedback, minna!
tons of kisses,
aure-chan! (≧◡≦)
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6 hours ago
Wagamama High Spec (Anime) add
wagamama high spec was based upon a light novel.
and it had a HUGE plot to work on.
on the other hand, the studio decided not to focus on anything.

if you like short animes, with a little bit of comedy and fanservice,
this might be the anime for you!

wagahai doesnt have a big plot, even though the novel has so much.
if i would review the novel… my grades on story and character would be different.
you can get a bit of the characters as the anime goes by,
but anything of this anime is too explained.
you'll only get partially whats going on.

i would recommend this,
in order to kill time, only.
check it out, if you'd like!

never forget the feedback, minna!
tons of kisses,
aure-chan! (≧◡≦)
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Aldnoah.Zero 2nd Season (Anime) add
Now then, well to start?
I suppose I will start with the good.

Sounds 7/10
I enjoyed a handful of the score immensely but at the same time almost none stuck.
aLIEz is probably the song from the whole show, while rest just blur with one another and the moments of silence had more impact on me.

Art 6/10
The art is the same quality more or less, although in couple scene the frame rate and quality of animation should be greater, with one of the most notable scene with those issues being one with Inaho and Slaine on the beach.
The CGI of the mechs was okay in the space scene but when put next to buildings on Earth made them look plastic and comparable to CGI used in Initial D.

Characters 3/10
The main problem of the show is that the main cast is quite week. An average viewer starts to emphasize with Slaine after all the ordeals he goes through but his character is ruined as the anime progresses. There is also the fact that the Inaho's squads appears to be protected by the plot armor as none of the is even close to death, despite the fact that they have to go around without Inaho's tactical brilliance for 18 months + the duration of season one, unlike the Orbital Knights.

Inaho 2/10
Everyone jokes that he is emotionless since season one and rightfully so. For a split second the anime tries to mislead viewer that he got character upgrade as well as cybernetic upgrade, as Inko comments on him making a small talk, but in the end he is as emotional as ever. He generally shows his emotions only around his sister Yuki and Princess Asseylum, since the anime still tries to use this weak excuse for a romance similarly to Sword Art Online. While his tactical abilities in the first season could easily shutter the suspension of disbelief of viewers, his cybernetic eye takes the cake. The eyes is able to, among other things, map out the whole moon station despite not having any kind of access to the system, has zoom allowing to not only see battle on Moon from Earth, despite the fact that this kind of thing cannot be achieved with very specialized lenses, assess the enemy's geographical location without satellites. Had such technology been available to humans, they would actually have a read fighting chance against Marsians as they are also surprised at the Inaho's abilities, although they do not know it's mainly made by the cybernetic eye. Inaho is quite a hypocrite as well as he suggest Inko not to fight, despite the fact that seconds before his own sister asked him the same thing and he refused.
Speaking of the cybernetic eye, Inaho is quite the hackers since he upgraded the provided software for his own means. Good to know.
While I always like Inaho's design as it makes him look more like a side character then lead, his "tactical abilities" are the only thing that gives Earthlings upper hand despite they read more
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Usakame (Anime) add
ahhh. how good it is to finally see teekyuu's style again!
if you liked teekyuu, you'll surely love and feel pretty nostalgic about usakame.
and also, if you enjoy short animes, with quick comedy and sports, this is the anime for you!

usakame follows the same plot of teekyuu, but this time focusing on kohais (SO KAWAII).
the comedy follow pretty much the same line, never failing to make you laugh.
make sure to check it out!

on the other hand, i do not wish this was longer.
i guess short comedy is just the style of the anime,
and being longer would spoil it.

*aure-chan is hoping for lots of seasons,
as teekyuu had! <3*

never forget the feedback, minna!
tons of kisses,
aure-chan! (≧◡≦)
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6 hours ago
Usakame (Anime) add
The spin off / slower version of teekyuu, Usakame. I have close to no complaints. It was just as good :)

Story 8/10: It's average. It's not as random as Teekyuu, but it still works, and I get laughs out of it now and then :3

Art 9/10: Great art! The way something's are drawn is similar to Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (Just connecting the art styles... not the anime in anyway.) I like this type of art style because it has texture, and it looks like well drawn storybook in a way.

Sound 9/10: This is the only spot I may have a complaint for. The ost, opening, were fine, but the ending didn't hit me right. The huge saw wave synth you get as soon as you hear the end is nice, but it feels too overpowering for this series in my opinion. If it was slightly different, or tuned down a bit, I might like it 100%. Regardless, I like all the music, and that's the only thing that turned me off.

Characters 9/10: Characters are just as good as Teekyuu. In a way, they seem more refined. I especially love Kurumi <3

Enjoyment 10/10: I love this short anime series. Made my Tuesdays (the day each episode airs) way better. I got laughs, and nice feelings out of this anime even though it's only 4 minutes XD

Overall 9/10: This is a gem just like the rest of the Teekyuu series. For the rating this anime has at the time of writing this review (5.90), I think this is a very underated series. I would recommend any friend to watch it wholeheartedly.
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Kodomo no Jikan (TV) (Anime) add

Complete pedophilia with a plot that isn't very interesting, and a slight hint of incest.

It's literally just a story about a third grader who wants to have sex with her 20 year old teacher and her making advances on him. It's disgusting and not even very entertaining.

There's also story about the person who takes care of her at home and he basically slept with a fellow family member and as a result the child was born. So there's the incest. Might explain why she is so messed up in the head

Would recommend to people who are screwed up in the head
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**Spoilers** ***Warning*** **Spoilers**

I decided to wait a day before writing this review after I completed watching
Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works 1st and 2nd Seasons.

I am so disappointed in the ending of this season, I have waited and waited only to endup getting trash thrown at me by the writers, I kept on watching even though it was getting extremely boring since they tend to talk more than anything else, for every 20 minutes of talking they will fight 10 seconds, and they are not talking about important things at all, just about how such a loser is Shirou for believing in himself, or about how such a loser is Archer for regretting his past, I mean PLEASE stop this nonsense. They talk about the most useless stuff on earth like motives of why Shirou wants to become a hero of justice or why believing in something is so useless etc...

What I can't accept at all, whether in this anime or any other anime is when the main character is weak in general then by the power of love and rainbows he gains exceptional strength during a battle, it is true that Shirou was training and trying to improve himself, but that doesn't change the fact that he was weak in general, and hey if you consider holding a glowing stick every night as training then Sure honey...Whatever makes you sleep at night.

Shirou gained some imaginary power during his fights, that's exactly what happened with Shirou....No I am not going to swallow some unsupported nonsense bullshit, now just because Rin gave him her powers, that doesn't mean he can just go ahead and rise as a unique exceptional undefeated man, that's what he became since he defeated some of the strongest servants on the planet, if Rin was such a powerful person then she would have done everything by herself especially that she is a 1st class mage and she was actually training since she was young, unlike Shirou who only practiced strengthening since he was young, sorry but I can't let this slide, you CAN'T just gain power during the heat of the fight when whoever your fighting is more experienced, more powerful and he happens to be a super human!! and Rin's power is not that impressive so passing her power and magic to Shirou shouldn't make him Superman instantly, and that's exactly the situation here, Shirou is fighting heroic super humans who are supposed to be guardians and can only be taken down by other guardians, I even did't accept that "Souichirou Kuzuki" who is Caster's master was able to fight with Saber like if she was nothing...wait what..Saber...ow I am getting there, but to tell me that a softy like Shirou was able to defeat Archer (Faker) and also defeat the other archer Gilgamesh...C(0_0 c)?

if there is one thing I learned from fate/zero/stay series, that I would summon anyone but Saber!! seriously this girl is not that impressive...If you would like to read more
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I honestly don't know why so many people gave this animation such a low score.

Story: 6 - Fair story, for a one-minute-anime.
Well, as the title says, the story is about an embryo that develops into a fetus, a alien. It doesn't have a in depth story or a real educational value, but it surely don't have any plot holes as *many* big titles out there.

Art: 8 - Actually good animation.
The animation is very simple, being also black and white, but the style is very calming and not aggressive at all. The high point of the animation is the fluidity, almost every animator can learn something looking at this anime, all the frames are almost perfectly in sinc. with one another. There is no exaggeration on explosions, bad CG or stuff like that.

Sound: 3 - There is none.
Although not having sound wold almost surely award a 0, this anime gets 3 from me.
Lets start at 0:
+1 There is no dialog what so ever, but it also does not need dialog.
+1 The music is not there, but it also doesn't hurt my ears like many other anime music does.
+1 The absence of sound makes the animation , that is the best part, the focus of the anime.

Character: 6 - Develops enough for an 1 minute short.
The character is not a copy and paste from another anime, like most "something-dere" characters today, and its somewhat unique in appearance. It has no personality, witch means that it doesn't have a fake persona or a unrealistic or forced way of doing stuff, bla, bla, bla...

Enjoyment: 7 - Not bad, showed to my friends.
Even if you don't like anime or don't know what it is, this one gets a "It's a nice GIF" easily from someone that sees "The Embryo Develops into a Fetus". It's not something I would watch again more than twice (unless I try to make a review), but I would not say i lost my time with this, as I said, it's something nice to see.

Overall: 5 - It's a question of what "Could have been"
The animation is nice, there's no much more to say about this anime. It is not bad and I definitely find it better than many stuff you can find out there. I can easily see this anime being a animated screen saver or wallpaper or something.It's not a good story, but it developed the character more than average anime does in that time frame.
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8 hours ago
Aldnoah.Zero (Anime) add
OVERALL:The show overall was decent. The story and how characters reacted to the situations that were presented made sense for the most part. I wasn't left thinking, "well that just made no sense whatsoever" as tends to happen in most anime. It was pretty strong. No obviously major holes. Pretty much all the questions that needed to be answered in a first season were answered and just enough was left unknown to make you want to watch the next season. Though it wasn't an anime that had me hooked from the get go, leaving me needing to watch the next episode, it did hook me into the next season.

STORY:The show is fairly predictable, which doesn't make it bad, it just makes it safe. I don't think safe is a "bad" thing, it's just a bit boring. The thing that I felt saved the show from being totally boring was the last episode. It was the only point in the series where I felt really invested in the characters and felt the need to see what happened next.

ART:I liked the art style. It was a little bit different, creating a rounded and soft look about the characters, but with a subtle sharpness. It gave the male characters a very "pretty" kind of feel. The female characters were a little typical though.

SOUND: The music is pretty good. It sounds a lot like the soundtrack for Kill la Kill though. The music for each show was done by the same person so it makes sense, but a unique soundtrack can really help make an anime and when an iconic sound from another show is playing it can be a little distracting. Naruto is a good example of iconic sound. The music from Naruto is uniquely Naruto and, for many fans, hearing those sounds can really amp up the mood for a fight or set the viewer up for a tearjerker.

CHARACTERS:The characters are really not great. They're very average. The supporting characters are very typical and very few of the characters are actually developed. My two main issues were the main character, Inaho, and the princess. Inaho is what I would call an extreme case of the "composed type." Most of the time he seems like an emotionless lump. I think there were only a couple moments where he seemed to have emotions, and some of those moments weren't even directly from him but from the words of other characters. Yet somehow it was just enough to cause me to become somewhat attached to him, attached enough to care whether he lives or dies. Even though I wish there was a little more emotion from him, they did succeed in giving him an underlying sense of emotion. They managed to paint the picture of an incredibly emotionally challenged genius.
The princess was my possibly my least favorite character. This is mostly because she filled the part of the delicately adorable love interest. I hate these characters. They're like the magikarp read more
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8 hours ago
Hunter x Hunter (2011) (Anime) add
Trying not to spoil!!!
Story 10/10
Characters 10/10
Hunter x hunter is anime that on first look (especially the first episodes) looks as a typical shounen and even rather childish. We have our main hero, Gon who wants to find his father, is exceptional and gather friends along the way. However as the story progresses and I mean with the end of the first arc we start to notice that all the common shounen tropes get reversed. There is no nakama power, the reason the characters succeed is because of loses, hard work and friendship is not the only the reason for success. The main character, Gon is not anymore a typical shounen MC with great ideals and nature that tells him to save everybody. As the story progresses, it is revealed his hypocrisy and selfishness which makes him more human and relatable. The other two main characters, Leorio and Kurapika, have their own lives and goals, and do not follow Gon wherever he goes. The last main character aka Gon's new bff Killua is as complex as Gon himself. His development as human and the change of his ideals is one of the most exceptionable in the series. Even the villains are not typical. Most of the time they have nothing in common with the supposed MC's Gon and Killua. The goals of the villains, especially in Kurapika's character development arc, are disturbed by the MC solely because they want to help Kurapika not because these villains may kill hundreds of people. The other antagonist, that can be considered MC since they appear in almost every arc, is driven by their personal desires for fighting and often is extremely contrasting with themselves. In this way the border between good and bad gets smudged and even the main characters can't be considered good people especially Gon.

Art 9.5/10
The art is not so outstanding but still amazing. Since the anime was started 2011 we could not expect the animation to be something out of this planet. However till its finish in 2014, the animation gets better and better. The last fights were so greatly animated that I had to watch them at least twice just because it was so flawless. The characters' feelings and thoughts can be tell just by looking at their eyes and body language. In overall in the beginning for me the art is 9/10 just because Madhouse thought that after so many years it wouldn't be so popular and they started with lower budged and 10/10 for the progress in the animation.

Sound 10/10
The OST of hunter x hunter is one of the greatest I have listened to. It is diverse and epic but also sad and evoking memories. Also it was used to provoke emotions according to the scene. It cannot be described by words, it just have to be listened too.

Enjoyment 10/10 or more
Till I watched it I have already abandoned the shounen genre because of the cliches and the overuse of everything. read more
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Fate/Zero 2nd Season (Anime) add
Fate/Zero Review (NO SPOILERS)


Ok. Fate/Zero. A show that I saw a lot of pictures of for a while and it just had something about it that made me think it would become one of my favorite anime series ever. Did that end up being true? Well, let's see. Now, before I begin the review, let me make it clear that first off, this is a review of BOTH seasons. Not just 1 or 2. Just so we're clear on that. You can't really just stop at the first season, anyway, so I feel this is justified. And second, this review is being done by someone who has ZERO (teehee) experience with ANYTHING else Fate, related. I haven't seen Fate/Stay Night, I haven't seen Unlimited Blade Works. I chose to start with Fate/Zero, because it's first in the timeline. So if my opinions seem a bit strange, due to not knowing anything else that happens in the future, that is why. Ok. Now that that's settled, let's jump into the review.

Now, again. This review is being done, before seeing anything else Fate related. Fate/Zero may be first in the timeline, but it was released after Fate/Stay Night and Unlimited Blade Works. So maybe this complaint would be null and void if I watched it in release order, but I really had a hard time following what was going on, a lot of the time. The first season is very slow, in my opinion. It focuses a lot more on building up the world and characters, but in a bit of a weird, almost awkward sort of way. While the second season completely focus on tearing everything apart, and ripping any and all hope you had for anything and anyone to shreds. The second season was much more intense and engaging to watch, but I still wish that kind of intensity was sprinkled all around the entirety of this show, rather than just solely the second half. For the most part, I knew what was going on. I know who's on whose side. I know which characters I'm rooting for. I know what they're fighting for. I get the main gist of it, but it tends to get a bit convoluted in terms of explaining its history. Stuff like the connections and relations with all the characters in the past, explaining the details of the Holy Grail War, the different classes and creatures and rules of magic in this world. It got better in the second season, which is a lot more action oriented. But then it wen back to being confusing in the ending. And I still don't entirely know what just happened.

The characters either range from very interesting, to not at all. Personally, I much rather preferred watching the servants be on screen and interact with one another, while the master characters were a lot less interesting and overall kinda quiet and bland. It's like, the show knew that they were taking a back seat to the servants, who were read more
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Fate/Zero (Anime) add
Fate/Zero Review (NO SPOILERS)


Ok. Fate/Zero. A show that I saw a lot of pictures of for a while and it just had something about it that made me think it would become one of my favorite anime series ever. Did that end up being true? Well, let's see. Now, before I begin the review, let me make it clear that first off, this is a review of BOTH seasons. Not just 1 or 2. Just so we're clear on that. You can't really just stop at the first season, anyway, so I feel this is justified. And second, this review is being done by someone who has ZERO (teehee) experience with ANYTHING else Fate, related. I haven't seen Fate/Stay Night, I haven't seen Unlimited Blade Works. I chose to start with Fate/Zero, because it's first in the timeline. So if my opinions seem a bit strange, due to not knowing anything else that happens in the future, that is why. Ok. Now that that's settled, let's jump into the review.

Now, again. This review is being done, before seeing anything else Fate related. Fate/Zero may be first in the timeline, but it was released after Fate/Stay Night and Unlimited Blade Works. So maybe this complaint would be null and void if I watched it in release order, but I really had a hard time following what was going on, a lot of the time. The first season is very slow, in my opinion. It focuses a lot more on building up the world and characters, but in a bit of a weird, almost awkward sort of way. While the second season completely focus on tearing everything apart, and ripping any and all hope you had for anything and anyone to shreds. The second season was much more intense and engaging to watch, but I still wish that kind of intensity was sprinkled all around the entirety of this show, rather than just solely the second half. For the most part, I knew what was going on. I know who's on whose side. I know which characters I'm rooting for. I know what they're fighting for. I get the main gist of it, but it tends to get a bit convoluted in terms of explaining its history. Stuff like the connections and relations with all the characters in the past, explaining the details of the Holy Grail War, the different classes and creatures and rules of magic in this world. It got better in the second season, which is a lot more action oriented. But then it wen back to being confusing in the ending. And I still don't entirely know what just happened.

The characters either range from very interesting, to not at all. Personally, I much rather preferred watching the servants be on screen and interact with one another, while the master characters were a lot less interesting and overall kinda quiet and bland. It's like, the show knew that they were taking a back seat to the servants, who were read more
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Shinsekai yori (Anime) add
The artwork is generally disappointing (with the exception of the some of the background art), the character designs are generic effeminate rubbish, males look like females and there are an obscene amount of gay 14 year olds. This is an anime clearly designed to pander to the confused Tumblr generation and as a result it's a genuine waste of an otherwise interesting concept. Shame.

If you're the type of person who likes to hangout on NeoGAF, has a Tumblr account, is unemployed with a university degree in women's studies, frequently reads/composes feminist blogs and generally likes to walk around in life pretending that you're a victim when you're actually a privileged princess, then you'll love this anime. Add five points to my score.

However, if you're a straight male, who has a job and who was just looking for a cool dystopic anime to watch over the weekend then this isn't the anime you're looking for. Move along, move along... Ergo Proxy is this way ->
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Story 6.5/10: Like normal, we are thrown into a AU where you are expected to accept what is going on, and there's nothing wrong with that (how else would any anime work off of pseudoscience?). For what they do give us as explanations, I will admit, it is a little shaky, especially the final blurb they try throwing in at the end (watch it and find out). Overall, I give the story a 6.5, but rounded up.

Art & Sound 10/10: Very well drawn and animated; interesting abilities for each of the characters are executed nicely. Very music driven anime with original songs (to the point where each character has their own CD), each character has their own style, so the chances of finding one you like goes up. Almost worth the watch based on these two factors alone. Only comment about the art is the occasional accentuation (you can guess of what), but it's nice that it isn't turned into the focus with excessive bouncing or anything of the sort, it's solely just the art style (except for maybe one scene).

Character 7/10: Just your average characters with prescribed roles. Despite any character development that may take place, at least 90% of it is predictable. I won't fault an anime for doing this (since it's tough to be original), I will only find fault with HOW they did it. Of the three main characters, you have: the friendship uguu one (as a friend of mine described her to me); the "I locked my emotions away after a tragic loss" character that starts with "you'll never replace my last partner"; and the "I was taken by a villain as a child and lied to my whole life" character that comes to find out the truth about what she was told.

Enjoyment 8/10: Good fight scenes will always add to the enjoyment factor for me, even if some of the weapons/attacks seem to appear out of nowhere (again, drawn/animated very well). Hibiki and Miku are the purest of unofficial lesbians. The music is a great addition/necessity of the show that aids the fight scenes.

I had heard the name of this show tossed around a bit, so when I expressed interest in it, it came with regards from a friend whose opinions/reviews of anime I respect. I can say I do not regret the decision to watch this show because I did enjoy it, and I do recommend it myself.
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Durarara!! (Anime) add
I have not read any of the LNs so I shall not reference from here on. This is my opinion after rewatching it for the first time.

DRRR!! is one of those anime that you cannot explain in words but you can by experiencing it. People complain about the anime having no backstory but that's what I liked the most of this anime. Although it sounds sloppy to not possess a backbone to the plot, DRRR builds itself from the ground up, not relying on any pre-mentioned details.

Another point of this anime I appreciate is the multiple perspectives. You are often shown what had happened and not before but fear not! Since this series does an excellent job of transitioning so I never felt confused or dazed at the heat of the moment.The multiple perspectives also good since at that moment you experience what a couple of the characters are talking and feeling and when that perspective changes you get a different set of dialogue and emotions. It's great because it adds substance to the multiple characters.

Speaking of characters, initially you feel they're shallow and just cardboard cutouts but as the story progresses you find that they're not their just for show but they have a role in the main story and contribute to it. I liked that a lot since shows like the recent Mayoiga fail to do just that.

The story that felt empty at the beginning begins to feel more and more complex with more mysteries being introduced at every corner.This may overwhelm some people but I had no problem and the very idea of finding the truth of the each segment of the story is what kept me watching. There are a few mature topics dealt in this anime but not in any distasteful manner that it was just there for 'shock value.

Also watching the characters interact is a joy since I believe it's a testament to their various personalities and traits. The comedy in this anime doesn't feel forced and it feels natural.

The OPs and EDs were excellent but I never got into the rest of the OST but I will that they had the right atmosphere for the right scene.

In conclusion, I think that DRRR!! is a great anime that is sure to entertain.
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Joker Game (Anime) add
Joker Game is an interesting beast. I love it, and if you're a fan of any sort of anthology fiction, you'll probably be more keen on it than others who may feel that the story is "disjointed". I can't say that I would call Joker Game disjointed, if you're viewing it as a series of short, immensely enjoyable spy stories, I'm sure you'll have an excellent time with it. If you're looking for some sort of master plot that all comes together as the series progresses, you're probably in the wrong place. Sure, the short stories are loosely connected by The D-Agency and Colonel Yuuki, and there is a sort of overarching plot, but it's definitely not the point of the series. The plot of the individual stories is quite good; the art was very well done and immersed me in the period; the sound design was nothing special, but didn't have any glaring issues; characters were well developed given that they generally had ~20-40 minutes of screen time over all the episodes, although it was hard to keep names and faces straight sometimes.

I can't say that there was anything more I could have wanted from this series, and I definitely recommend it to those who enjoy short, anthology style fiction.
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Kamisama Hajimemashita (Anime) add

Basically, the story is that a girl called Nanami gets given the role of land god by a random stranger called Mikage. The plot is then based around how she deals with these new duties and her familiar Tomoe.

The anime has parts which will make you have tears and some parts are humorous. Additionally, the art style is beautiful and each character is so different to each other.
If you cant tell I definitely would recommend this anime to anyone who like comedy animes with a bit of romance included. :-)
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Charlotte (Anime) add
Okay so let me just say the only reason I started watching this anime was because I share the same name. But anyways I think overall I did enjoy this anime and I would happily recommend it to other people.
Although its not my favourite anime type it had some humour in and all the characters were different. The plot was basically about a bunch of different kid from different backgrounds going to a 'special' type of school. Additionally, it did include the typical famous character which I didn't mind. And from what I remember (its been a while since I watched it) I wasn't too keen on the ending as it didn't really make sense in my eyes.
The art is really pretty thou and it was nicely animated :-)
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Durarara!!x2 Shou (Anime) add
It's been a while since I watched this but as I am catching up on the rest of the series right now i wanted to go back and make a few comments about this arc of the second season. First off if its been a while since you watched the first season you might want to go rewatch it or at least skim through the last few episodes. Especially if you watched the first season in a different language than your planning to watch the second. The chat room is going to be pretty important in this season like it was the first and you will get no reminders as to the real identities of the screen names which will make things confusing when they start throwing the new characters in there. Also because of the importance of recognizing voices in order to know who some of the chat room names really are in this and the next arc i recommend you continue watching it whatever language you watched the first season in.
Aside from that I really liked this season. It throws a lot of new characters at you, some of which i think are a bit pointless, but there are some fun interactions between izaya and shizuo (for my fellow fangirls out there) andthe ending will leave you wanting more.
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Redline (Anime) add
I really don't know what to say. It's spectacular!
This movie makes no sense and blends so many genres that people will always find things they love and hate about it. From the gore-filled violence to a completely original and atomic art style. All of it's elements are very different compared to other anime but they are right where they should be in the best way possible. Even where it doesn't shine as bright I would say it's way past average. If I had to make a recommendation for this I wouldn't know where to start. When you recommend something you almost always look for something with the same genre. In this case the overall focus is "spaceracing," I would recommend Redline itself already at this point because there really isn't anything quite like it. Or maybe Cowboy bebop is similar because it takes place in space and has quite high ratings, much like this one. The main character Spike is kind of similar to JP except for his dark background story and militarised job description. So there we have it. If you enjoyed Cowboy Bebop, go to Redline. I kind of lost the seriousness in this review but just shortly, I'll say something worth reading. Don't watch it because the genres add up with what you usually enjoy. Watch it because 1.40 minutes of your life are worth it and are given priceless at ""
Did I enjoy watching Redline? Yes, this is the type of anime where you will spend more time looking for something just as good than the runtime of the movie.
I give Redline a strong 8.5/10 and close my review.
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Durarara!!x2 Ten (Anime) add
You know what this series didn't need? More characters. But we got them anyway. If its been a while since you watched season one or the first arc of season two i recommend you rewatch them before started this so you can keep track of who everyone is, who knows who, who is who in the chat room and who knows who's real identities.
I personally thing several of the storylines they've introduced since the beginning of the second season are completely unnecessary and they've now introduced even more loose threads that we don't know where they tie in yet. However it is interesting to see how everyone fits in and knows everyone else and this arc sets up an interesting dynamic for an explosive finale. I hope the ending is worth it all the confusion.
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Boku no Hero Academia (Anime) add
Seeing the hype of My Hero Academia, I have the general impression that people watch it with the mindset as just another enjoyable fighting shounen with a unique-looking superhero premise. The production values are decent, the atmosphere is fitting for the superhero premise, and the story of a Quirkless individual really gives off that empowerment vibes. However, I like to try to dig beneath the surface. This review is mainly focused on the premise of the show and how it’s possibly flawed upon closer inspection.

First, we get a setting where having superpowers is a normality. How come heroism still thrives in this kind of setting? Factors such as the existence of Quirkless people, powers being inferior to others, and the inevitable division between bad and evil are all reasons why. Yet, these reasons could have been used more properly to have a better story in terms of conflict and exploration. The existence of Quirkless people serves as a way for discrimination to thrive into the story, without having any pre-existing remedies to compensate for their absence of Quirks. Inferior powers are also a way for discrimination to be present in the story, but powers could be used in other aspects of life apart from fighting like industry and transportation. The division between bad and good hasn’t been properly explained by the story so far but the impression I get is that it’s biased on one side (Justice always wins). I’m hoping the second season will try to expand on this aspect.

Second, the story takes place in an academy for aspiring heroes. Does it really need to be necessary to enroll in an academy to be qualified a hero? Apart from the main cast being kids which means there must be a sort of school, there is no real reason. There is an organization of heroes in general but having an academy that is modelled after an ordinary school with stuff like English class feel pointless. Powers varies by person and you can’t simply measure their capability through a set of tests following a common guideline. Sure, you can polish things like preparedness, mentality, and utilization of powers but they mostly lie on the theoretical side. How will they train their powers if there is no such thing as an academy? Things such as self-training or discipleship work. Based from what I observed, the main drive for the cast is to have their powers recognized by the crowd and not the noble idea of helping others unconditionally like All Might does. The original meaning of heroism gets twisted. It can make an interesting deconstruction but it doesn’t look that way based on what we are shown thus far.

The story is fairly average as a shounen title but with the attention-grabbing superhero premise. The main cast are not really that interesting and lack the charm to be an interesting hero. They could use better characterization to look less generic and more character background to reinforce their standing and future read more
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Sword Art Online (Anime) add
It has been four years since I last saw this anime but I haven't even gotten to review it until now so I remember very little of it. Sadly I only remember the bad instead of the good, speaking of which.. it is now one of the most controversial animes out there period. When I approached this anime for the first time, I was quite skeptical about it when my friends had told me this was the best anime of 2012, sure it may be the best but only for a while. I mean come'on there's no anime out there that's so flawless with no plot holes right? Welp, let me tell you that my high expectations did not fail me.

Story 2/10
I was actually captivated by the series after the first two episodes. The plot was built up where everyone was trapped in the game, the characters was properly introduced... the series kept me going for a while with the sense of a "mystery" you're killing to find out who was pulling the strings and what was their purpose in doing this. So after 5 episodes in... Now this where it went downhill for me, the series had a whole of lot time skips which doesn't even justify why our edgy MC here is OP as f*ck, there is ABSOLUTELY no character development in him whatsoever so they cover him up by tossing him in with female side characters which.. Oh you guessed it! They fall head over heels for him when he does them simple favors. And when the series reaches towards the end of the first arc...

The antagonist doesn't justify why he trapped every player in SAO!

MC: Oh Mr Villain-san why did you do this?
Villain: IDK LOL!

Ok um moving on. The second arc is just a new setting into a new game with the no-death penalty, I'm not going too in depth with this arc because it was just too dreadful to watch or even worth mentioning but if I were to put in a spoiler free summary.. it's just your average cliche damsel-in-distress story with little ties to the main story. Girl is trouble, guy goes on a journey to save her and they all live happily ever after.

Art 8/10
The art was magnificent nothing wrong with it, loved the blend of colors mixed for the setting of the story definitely worth my 2 cents towards an 8.

Sound 8/10
Again, not too shabby either. Loved the clicking and the notification sounds in their virtual reality MMO game. I actually loved the OP "Crossing Field" by LiSA that was composed for this anime, it blended with the atmosphere of the anime pretty well.

Character 2/10
Kirito - Okay so at first Mr edgy-kun here was shown to be a weakling, but as he faces a threat of being trapped in a game, that acts his catalyst to survive in the world where death within virtual reality becomes reality. Now I know some of you read more
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Kiznaiver (Anime) add
Kizwankers review

well, this spring season sure brought a few gems into the anime world, but this anime here is a bit confusing for some to classify. While some still like the show, others may find this show a bit disappointing for studio trigger's standard, and they are not wrong.But is it really that bad? let's find out.

Story:now, they story and setting may sound like your typical teenage show about agnst and love and emoing around.If your thinking that, well congrats your absolutely right.While this kind of starting point isnt anything new for the studio in question, what is disappointing is that there isn't any of trigger's trademark over the top greatness and comedy, nor are there any jype action scenes.But viewed as a anime about teenagers and as a coming of age story, it still can hold water against it's predecessors like Kill la Kill or Gurren Lagann.

Characters:One of the show's weakest point honestly, and i can find very little to defend about it.I mean initally, they are just stale one dimensional tropes fitted into characters and this isnt a deconstruction show like madoka or neon genesis, so those tropes and personality do not have any deeper meaning to them.
While some of the characters do grow later on, the actions and things they did before it happened really makes it hard to forgive their actions.At best, they just become somwhat two-dimensional in their personality or worst yet, never changed.
While this show also has your standard grey and grey moral, the greyness is quite shallow and really dont add much to the characters.Honestly tho, it doesnt make this series too horrible, as in a sense, their actions and personality do match up with some teenagers in this time and as such,do have a touch of realism to them.

Art:one of the best things about this show, if you watched kill la kill or gurren lagann. The artstyle is still as trippy and weird as ever.

Sound:opening sounds good and ending track is also surpisingly good for a show like this, and the osts do have a sense of familarity to them.

Overall:I feel both sides of the argument are a bit too biased, on one hand, the trigger fanboys who praise this show very hard really should chill a bit, while on the other hand, the haters really need to just stop and realise trigger just wanted to try something new with their anime originals, and sure while it may have been mediocre, at least it's still watchable
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Bikini Warriors (Anime) add
Oh, Bikini Warriors, you piece of absolute shit. I knew exactly what you were going to be, and I still watched anyways. Do I regret it? Not really. It was short enough that I didn't mind too much. However, there is no story to be had as it is all stupid episodic stuff that gives an excuse to show boobs and other fan service, so it receives a 1. The art was not noticeable. I mean, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't good. I have to give it a 4 as it was just alright. The sound was something I don't remember. At all. It was so forgettable and I don't even remember if they fit the scenes right. Truly good music should leave an impact on the listener or at least make the scene something more. This OST did none of that and receives a 1. The characters have no depth or anything to them and are only there to show tits. That's another 1. Despite all of this, I do not regret watching the series. I came for mediocre comedy and boobs and that's exactly what I got. So, for enjoyment, I give it a 5 as it is definitely more enjoyable than a lot of the shittier anime you could watch. All in all, I give it a 3. If you like tits and cheap humor, you'll enjoy yourself to some degree, whether it be small or large. If not, you'll absolutely hate it. Either way, from any aspect, it's just a really poor show.
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Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. Just read the title. It's not a deep or intellectually stimulating show. It's mindless comedy and fun. Thing is, that's just what I love sometimes. I just let the immature side of me enjoy all the sexual jokes and swearing and I was not disappointed. Anyways, onto the breakdown of my score. PSG has somewhat of an overarching story, but it really flourishes with its episodic nature. So the story is really weak, but still enjoyable, for me, anyway. I give it a 7. The art is fantastic. Honestly, Gainax went ham on this and I love the way it looks. The colors, the animation, and the cartoon-esque style are all so stimulating and beautiful to look at. I have to give it a 10. Speaking of 10s, Teddyloid did an amazing job with the OST for PSG, with its electronic feel. It's addictive and fits the series overwhelmingly well. The characters, while not very deep, are extremely fun to watch. So, I give them a 9 as they are part of what makes PSG PSG, but lack very much development (except for Panty who gets a lot of the spotlight toward the end and the only development that could really be seen at all in the series). I enjoyed this show a ton. I turned my brain off and laughed so damn hard while watching it that it's one of the most enjoyable shows I've seen with the only bad episode I can remember being Chuck to the Future (seriously, what the hell was that?). Grinding all of these scores together into the package known as PSG has me giving it a 9. It's worth the watch and one of the most enjoyable comedy anime out there as long as you can enjoy the immature humor, references, and mindless fun.
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