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Overlord (Anime) add
NOTE: Will change after completion of the anime. Just know I wrote this after 4 episodes of Overlord.

Overlord features the MC experiencing his last days on Yggdrasil, the MMORPG that he spent ages playing. Yggdrasil is shutting down, and the MC decides to not log out when the servers are about to shut down. Next thing you know, he is stuck in the game, with no idea how he got stuck.

So far sounds like a standard SAO, No Game No Life, anime where MC gets stuck and adapts to the video game world...right? Well there are differences.

STORY: 6. To be honest, it's not a bad story so far, but 6 is as high as I can give the story right now. MC gets stuck in a game, which is similar to many animes out there. MC is at a very high level in the game since he's probably played for ages, which makes him OP when he gets stuck in the game. Many questions can be asked, such as: how the heck did MC get stuck in the game? What's happening to his body outside the game? Why are NPCs able to interact with the MC with emotion all the sudden?

The story isn't too bad in the sense that we get to see what changes the MC has to adapt to now that he is stuck in the game. I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll just leave it at that. Just know that the MC has an objective and is sticking to it, which drives the story.

ART: 8. Nothing special. The effects when fighting scenes occur is good, but not something I would give a 9 or a 10. I have no complaints.

SOUND: 8. Again, no complaints. Nothing stood out to me either to make me hate or love the anime simply due to the SOUND category.

CHARACTER: 7. A driving force to any anime is the characters. I felt like there wasn't anything really special about any of the characters introduced so far. At the same time, there weren't any characters that would make me hate the anime, which is a good thing right?

ENJOYMENT: 9. The idea of the anime is not bad. If you don't really question why things are and just go with the flow, the anime is pretty enjoyable to watch. However, it's kinda hard to not be ask the questions that I asked in the STORY section. Maybe those questions will be answered within the next few episodes.

OVERALL: 8. So far, I don't feel like this will turn into a masterpiece, but it's still a nice anime to watch. Overlord is enjoyable to watch, mainly due to the MC's interactions with the NPCs around him, now that NPCs are able to think for themselves and have emotions. If you are looking for an anime with a video game theme, then Overlord is a good choice to pick up.

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Bikini Warriors (Anime) add
Bikini Warriors is one of the more socially conscious series. In words of Dr. Martin Luther King, "People want to be free, for freedom is the essence of human being". Bikini Warriors provides unique take on this ultimatum, examining society as a snapshot frozen in space and time, taking and shaking it out of all the absurdies, until they are laughable. Mahatma Gandhi once stated, that "first they laugh, then they fight, then we win". By raising the stakes of laughter in this cerebral adventure only matched by Neon Genesis Evangelion in depth and Kantian examination of subject datum as-is, we are in for some heavy treat.

Heavy with parables to daily lives women in our society, who must deal with increasingly absurd expectations of post-industrial society bent on gamification of people's lives through lens of Kantian transcendency, we can see how daily objects such as bikini are in fact lenses to reality. What really makes a bikini? We see women in bikini scorched in fires (of society), bikini (her weak defence) crumbling. Approaching patriarchal phallos figure selling "armor", which is for us just another bikini, is the woman able to overcome flames of society. Introspection and serious reflection makes it obivious, that the subject datum here is self-confidence. Womanhood itself is inspected with parable of breasts, which all women have, and only women wear bikini, reflecting their thin armor. Nakedness has been seen as sign of vulnerability, revelaing human being for others. This is reminiscent of Neon Genesis Evangelions' concept of AT-fields. And bikini does leave a lot of naked surface.

Vulnerable women struggling in their daily lives with only the shield of self-confidence, described in the series as only a delusion. Some bikini are armor, some are swimsuit, but in the end they are all mental constructs sharing attributes with bikini. This metaphysical examination assumes bundle theoretical standpoint in conjuction with Platonic ideas, which is a intellectual feat in itself with intriguing possibilities. It also highlights how human mind really is like grass in the wind. To recall main thesis of the series, people want to be free. But to what extent do our self-delusions go? How can we even be sure of what really is freedom? Bikini Warriors seeks to answer difficult question like that and does hellova job. It also targets the gamer generation by making absurdities reflecting the world we live in look like role-playing game tropes on the surface.

I warmly recommend Bikini Warriors to open-minded people who are ready to dive deep into waters of doubt and self-expression and reflect their own life through brave women of Bikini Warriors.
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Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutusu na Sekai is one of the better animes that I've started to watch in Summer 2015. In this society, the majority is ignorant to anything that is related to sex, which is a huge driving force for this anime. Okuma Tanukichi, the main character, is an exception to society and knows about sex.

... and from there read the synopsis that MAL gave us.

STORY: 7. While the idea of having a society where the public is heavily monitored when it comes down to lewd stuff, there are a handful of generic stuff that you can find in countless animes. For example, Okuma Tanukichi is suddenly in the student council... student council president is a huge role model... character's personalities are not too unique... and so on. After watching 4 episodes, I don't see a clear direction as where this story is going right now. Nevertheless, the background for the story is very unique and creates funny moments.

ART/SOUND: 8. I grouped these two categories simply because it's something I pay less attention to when watching an anime. I have no complaints at all for the art and sound of this anime. However, nothing completely stood out to me either that made me say "Wow, this is some nice work that they put in here."

CHARACTER: 8. You could probably classify many of the characters into specific stereotypes and compare them to other animes. For example, you have a character that is monotone and to the point; you have a character that is extremely outgoing; your MC doesn't really differentiate that much from other male MC, except that he is not completely stupid unlike certain MC's that you can find with watching other ecchi animes. Even though this anime has somewhat generic characters, I don't really have any complaints about them.

What turns me off with watching any anime is when the anime has a braindead, stupid MC. You won't find that mindless MC here.

ENJOYMENT: 9. The unique background to the society presented in this anime is a huge reason why I enjoy this anime. Having people that go against society is great to watch. Additionally, watching this society react to the lewd things that happen in an ecchi anime is hilarious, since society's school students are completely clueless of the lewd stuff.

OVERALL: 8. The anime is good for Summer 2015. It's not a masterpiece at all but the story drives the anime and my enjoyment. This anime isn't an anime where the MC gets into "accidents" where he somehow ends up in between a girl's rack or under her skirt every 5 minutes. The ecchi is definitely unique and I've enjoyed watching this so far.
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- I am gonna write a short review -

Naruto is my favorite anime. I have been watching it for years but I have to admit I really didn't like the movie. From the trailers I though that the movie would be okay but...

I am not really a huge Naruhina fan. I just like that pair a little. The main reason why I didn't like the movie was because it had Naruhina and nothing more. I wasn't waiting for this from Kishimoto. There were no any other pair. The movie was focused only on Naruto and Hinata. I like romance animes but Naruto is not a romance anime that's why I was surprised. I wanted to see relationship between Sakura and Sasuke and others too. I wanted to see how Kakashi became hokage and more other stuff. Somehow this movie was a disappointment for me. But it didn't really changed my opinion about main Naruto series. It will still be my favorite anime.

sorry for my bad english
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To put it simply, I'm pretty chill with yaoi. It's not like I like to watch it on a daily basis, no sir, but it's just when I find one that catches my attention that leads me into watching it. This was one of them.

Story: 6

The story is about our main protagonist, Shima, who is basically that kid who wanted to be perfect for his family. So when his parents had a divorce, he was taken to live with his grandfather, and life was pretty good after that.

A few years later, his grandfather died and Shima just hangs out at a cliff near an ocean. Suddenly, the picture of his grandfather flies out of Shima's hands and, without thinking, he jumps into deep water and nearly drowns when a merman saves him.

The merman, later named Isaki, asks Shima if he can live at his house. Shima agrees. Which basically starts the blooming of love between them.

I guess I feel as though the plot is pretty cliche for a mermaid story, but at least it shows a little backstory as to why the main character wants to bring a stranger into his home.

Art: 8

Seeing a different art style in this anime was really fascinating to watch. The colors of the background and the characters alike was just really pretty. Like... I have no words to say about it. It's just really pretty.

Sound: 8

The music was very peaceful and made me feel relaxed but it was sometimes very quiet that I couldn't hear it. Or it could have been where I watched it.

Characters: 9

The only characters that were in the show were the two main characters. I mean, even though the side characters didn't get much screen time, they did put great impact on the main character and his development which is really good.

The chemistry between Shima and Isaki were really great and I was very delighted at the end of the show. Not to put any spoilers, but you'll be happy at what happens to our two main characters at the end of the show.

Enjoyment: 7

As I said before, I'm pretty chill with yaoi but I still freak out at the most littlest things the characters can do, making this review more harder to do.

But even with that, I really enjoyed this show and I would like to watch it again.

Overall: 8

With a cliche plot, beautiful art style, relaxing music, awesome characters, and my enjoyment, i would recommend this show to people 13 and up and are okay with yaoi.
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Yu☆Gi☆Oh! 5D's (Anime) add
5D's, my favorite show of all time. This show is a beautiful work of art, with some of the most real characters I have ever experienced. However, between Dark Signers and Pre-WRPG there is a huge shift, however I personally adore season 2 for there depiction of the main threat of the series, Yliaster.

The art is beautiful, and the monsters are some of the most beautiful we've gotten yet. The Signer Dragon's complexity could make them hard to look at if your use to the original, but once adjusted they are some of the best designed monsters in the franchise. The Earthbound Immortals could be considered simple, and they are simplified black versions of the Nazca Line the represent with a different color line vairty across them, but they somehow manage to still look amazingly badass. The Machine Emperors are just sheer eye candy to anyone a fan of machines in general, and the characters still have gravity-defying hair, making certain characters(ESPICALLY APORIA) a pain to draw.

The Voice Acting is sheer beautiful, from the sexy voices of Yusei Fudo and Aporia to just the plain awesome voice work that is given to Lucciano. However the music is where it really shines. Almost all OSTs are amazing, including Yusei's theme, Lucciano/Skiel's theme, Light and Dark, Placido's theme and many MANY others. However the openings, endings and inserts are where they just BOMB IT. 5D's and GX are the only shows were I love every single opening and ending, and my god, do they not disappoint. Future Colors, Cross Game, Start, Last Train, Going my Way!!, Believe in Nexus, Freedom, -OZONE-, Close to You and Kizuna are the best songs in the entire franchise by far, and we have the all holy insert song sung by freaking Masaaki Endoh known as Clear Mind.

I will admit I have a crush on Placido to the point where it's kinda scary and sad, but the characters feel so real. Yusei and Jack are by far the best Yugi/Kaiba duo yet, and the entire major rest of the list excluding the characters from Secruity and Satellite are amazing. Rua, Ruka, and Lucciano are by far the best children characters in this franchise along with Arc-V's Sora, and damn does Z-One troll everyone. There's even a character exclusive to the spinoff Bonds Beyond Time who gets mentioned, and well, just watch the freaking show.

I have never enjoyed a show this much. Every episode, even the filler, was good in some way. My personal favorite episodes are 105-110(the Placido VS Yusei mini-arc as I like to call it). But just, watch it.

This franchise is amazing, and this series is a treat from beyond heaven. If you like anime in general, WATCH YU-GI-OH! 5D'S RIGHT NOW.
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Neon Genesis Evangelion (Anime) add
A summary of all reviews.
If you are looking for an anime with lots of cool action sequences and interesting plot this actually is not for you, this is a psychological thriller which largely depends on you participation as a viewer. The creation of such an anime is controversial people who love it will love it because they are its target audience, it does not appeal to all audiences and thats why its so amazing, the director made a point of bravely targeting a specific group of people but still left enough room for people who are not in its target audience to bash on it. which ultimately is its downfall.

you should watch neon genesis evangelion if you have been down on your luck your entire life and need some solutions to your life problems. you have been so desperatley drowing yourself in anime and distractions to avoid getting hurt by people.
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Mirai Nikki (TV) (Anime) add
Just your average-everyday anime-viewer here, with another review!

As any accustomed anime-viewer on the internet and surfing about in the vast corners of the ever expanding sea of information (or in my case, the shallow waters of 9GAG), then you have probably already heard of what could really be considered as the birthplace to "The Original Overly Attached Girlfriend", or at least by the anime community. I am of course referring to Yuno. Booting up the first episode and having quite a few expectations as to what I am about to witness, not only were they confirmed but actually exceeded these expectiations quite exceptionally. But (yes, there's a butt), as this show is highly claimed to be one of the better horror, gore and phsycological anime out there, which I totally agree on, there are a few flaws that just needs to be adressed. And now, I can already feel that DEAD END coming for the button "Not Helpful" by mobs of people who are sharpening their pitchforks and lightening the bonfires. In this case, the Mirai Nikki fanbase...

Before reading on, this review is spoiler-free, so don't worry should you want to watch this show after reading the review. I take it that you've read the synopsis yourself and maybe even watched the show. This review also comes with a TL;DR section as well as a few additional details, right at the bottom before the conclusion.

The Story: 9/10
With a premise of a Deathgame (one that we should be quite used to after this, Deadman Wonderland and many others, including The Hunger Games), this one actually has the most interesting twist to the game, or at least in my humble opinion (IMHO). In the beginning of the show, everything we need to know is covered, nothing more and nothing less, leaving what will actually happen in the game itself very vague and up for the imagination to come up with how they will execute the plot (and players). This is crucial, as this leaves an exciting and often curious mind-set into each and every episodes, which however lasts only in the first few episodes. They show us these few episodes and the set-up quite remarkably fast and informative. Then, the show divides itself up in different parts where Yuuki and co. has to kill (or something else) the player of the episode. Or rather, episodes. Here lies one of the problems I metioned in the beginning. While the player-arcs are interesting, thrilling and a treat to watch, other arcs feel emptier. Not by means of action and excitement but BECAUSE of the player-arcs, they seem insignificant even though they are not. Towards the end, everything connects and starts to conclude the series when you suddenly remember that one thing from the second or third episode and realise that there's three more episodes left. I'm not saying that the ending was bad, but if it was something I want to adress to the ending, it was that urge and need to stand out, read more
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Another (Anime) add
„Another“ is just another thriller/horror story in just 12 episodes. With 23min per each episode you can finish this anime in less than 5h (4h and 36min to be exact) and it's definitely worth the time.
Another is actually a Japanese novel written by Yukito Ayatsuji. After the manga adaptation an anime series, directed by Tsutomu Mizushima, was launched in 2012.
Storyline & Plot
The story line is very smooth with not a single plot hole. I think that it kind of merges from horror ghost story to a killer thriller, and that’s what really gives the show the special taste.
So, the story begins when Shakakibara Kouchi (what a name) moves from Tokyo to a small town called Yomiyama and enrolls The Yomiyama Middle School. Right in the beginning he feels that something is rather odd about his new class. Ninth graders class 3. All the talks about “Not breaking the rules” and “Not letting him know” makes Kouchi and the audience just more curious. He gets closer to solving the mystery after meeting the little girl with the eye-patch, Misaki Mei. But wait… Misaki who? No one except Kouchi sees or knows anything about her. Is he crazy? Is she a ghost? Is that the mystery of class 3? Well, find it out on your own.
When it comes to the characters I’ll just talk about the main three:
Kouchi: An ordinary boy that becomes part of an unusual story. I was surprised that despite all the happenings he keeps calm and puts on a brave face. To be honest, I would completely lose my mind.
Misaka: That girls looks just resemble her personality. Dark and emotionless, but strong. She really the creeps, not to mention the eye-patch.
Akazawa: You probably have an Akazawa in your own class too (American High School excluded). The oh so smart, pretty and popular girl that sits always in the first row. A very strong character and a leader. As the head of countermeasures and later on the Class Officer she does her job very well. I personally think that she is, let’s say, the best developed character and my favorite.
This is just how a horror anime should look like. Dark, with a lot of ravens and a creepy music in the background. I hope you notice the doll-pictures that keep flashing in every episode. Unique characters, awesome graphics…what to say, hats off.
If you don’t know what to do the whole afternoon go to Hulu, Crunchyroll or I recommend Gogoanime, dive into the story of Shakakibara Kouchi and enjoy. And don’t worry, you can put away your pillow after a few episodes but don’t you dare to stop watching until the very end.
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Tokyo Ghoul √A (Anime) add
*" Why is it that the beautiful things are entwined more deeply with death than with life?"*.

Now that I've watched the 12 atrocious episodes of this trash, I think it's about time I give my view on Tokyo Ghoul √A...

Story: 2.5/10

Plot: 2/8

OH LORD WHAT HAPPENED, ISHIDA??? Root A's plot is a mess through and through. Nothing makes sense at all, like why did Kaneki join Aogiri Tree, the group that tortured him for ten day cause him a whole slew of mental problems, and to develop Marie-Antoinette Syndrome. (His hair changing from black to white due to intense amounts of stress, Yeah it's a real thing.) Root A also has a problem with introducing character then having them disappear again/not developing them. Main example of this is the Twins: Kurona and Nashiro, their whole existance is irrelavant. They show up in episode 3 (?), get absolutely "rekt" by Suzuya in the next 2 episodes, and then disappeared off the face of the earth. What was the point. I was honestly confused to the point where I went and read the manga. All in all this plot was a train wreck from start to finish.

Complexity: 0/2

You can't get complex when the watcher can barely figure out what is going on.

Animation: 6.5/10

Coloring: 4/5

The coloring most of the time was absolutely beautiful, especially the end cards that were drawn by Ishida, himself. Of course there were some spots that didn't look to hot, but overall this was one of the better things that came out of this anime.

Action Sequence: 1.5/2.5

The action sequences were few and far apart, and even then the choreography was notiable stale and boring. The only exceptional fights were Centipede Vs Shinohara and Shinohara's team Vs The One Eyed Owl.

Normal Animation: 1/2.5

The normal animation, while good at times, was laughable horrid. The long tedious walk cycles, and the classic protagonist hair blowing were just time fillers that happen way too often, and the snow makes it even worse. Please just give TG to anyother studio because Pierrot did a horrible job with this.

Sound: 9.5/10

BGM: 2.5/2.5

Music-wise everything about Tokyo Ghoul √A was Great! Especially that acoustic version of Unravel. The chills man! Some of my favorite OST are Glassy Sky and White Silence. So this is one of the few catagories that got it right!

Seiyuus: 5/5

The Seiyuus represent their characters exceptionally well, and show a lot of emotion behind their characters. I'm quite amazed with everyone acting, but the clarity of Tsukiyama's Seiyuu with all his outlandish expressions is quite amazing!

Opening/Ending: 2/2.5

Both songs are equally beautiful in their own respects, but Muno (Incompetence) can't come close to the God-Like opening that Unravel was. IMO, they probably just should of kept Unravel as the Opening and changed the animation.


Protagonist(s): 2.5/5

Ken Kaneki:

No rest for the weary as they say. Kaneki's character is buchered to the point of no return, and then given the slient treatment for the rest of the show. He doesn't explan his reason why he did anything through read more
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Alive (Manga) add
Before reading this manga I read some reviews about it. So maybe my expectations were high especially since I like psychological manga but somehow I didn't feel satisfied.

The plot is strong but the manga is so short that it fails to make an impact. I feel that the characters could have been better developed. Still it was an average read.

It could have been a great manga but the story ends just when the reader starts getting engrossed in it. At the end I don't get a feeling of closure.

For me it was a worthwhile read. Read it and you may like it if you like stories that make you think.
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For those who love fanservice, dirty jokes and wants something to make you laugh no need to look further because Shimoneta is here to guarantee you to make you laugh out LOUD!!!

The story is about a highschool boy named Tanukichi who just attend at a moral public school to get closer to the school idol Anna. But on the first day of school he met a crazy half-naked terrorist who he soon find out is actually Anna's best friend named Ayame who forces Tanukichi to collaborate with her quest to make dirty jokes allowed in Japan.

The animation looks good and clean. The opening IMO is the funniest op I have ever seen since Seto No Hanayome and i think it is even funnier.

For main character we have Tanukichi who is just your average MC, although his reaction is actually very funny. There's Anna the student council president she is very innocent (she doesn't know what a p*nis looks like she just guess it is a mushroom) and a very dilligent one to keep the school protected. Finally, Ayame Anna's best friend and the one who wants dirty jokes to be allowed, she is a very eccentric and funny girl definitely my favorite.

I really like this anime, it's kinda rare to find a hilarious anime about dirty jokes and i can't wait to watch it every week.

Shimoneta is definitely one of the must watch of the season, because it's so honest with itself, especially with the fanservice and its the dirty jokes.... Seriously this is really hilarious. SOX!
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Mirai Nikki (TV) (Anime) add
"July 28th. The day Yuki and I will be together forever."

"Eventually there will be no one left to kill but him. Then where will you be? You gonna protect the man you love from yourself? How's that supposed to work? What will your love be worth at the moment of truth?" - Minene Uryuu


Mirai Nikki is another show that needs no introduction. #16 in raw popularity, and one of the most talked about anime alongside Death Note, Code Geass, and Elfen Lied- it's one that's left its mark on the medium, and is certain to be discussed for as long as there people around to watch it. While the popularity is certainly deserving, Mirai Nikki is nowhere near a perfect show, though it does have some interesting characters.

Artwork and Animation: 8

Asread, a studio I admittedly had never heard of prior to this show (but also responsible for the popular horror series Corpse Party) did a nice job bringing Mirai Nikki to life. While there are some obvious places that corners were cut with super low detail character models and stillframes with no pans, when it springs into action, it looks great. The backgrounds and attention to detail in certain environments are very well illustrated. A rather dark palette was used for a chunk of the show to match the tone, but all in all, it's a very vibrant looking piece of art.

One point of note is the use of cel-shade in Mirai Nikki. I've seen a lot of other reviewers and watchers mistakenly refer to the art style that Deus and his realm are rendered in as 3D CGI. Cel shade is not 3D CGI. It's what's known as a "non photorealistic" rendering. Also referred to as flat-D or 2.5D, Cel shading uses less gradients and shading to give art a comic book feel, rather than a wholly 'realistic' look, as seen in the ufotable produced "Fate" series.

Sound and Voice Acting: 9

I watched both sub and dub, and I have to say, game set and match- English.
Perhaps the sub translation that I watched was just poor (HorribleSubs was responsible), but the subtitled version had little to no emotional pull to it like the English did. It was entirely more heartfelt in English, and the word choice and elucidation from Zach Bolton's script made it a 'smarter' watch in my native tongue than in Japanese. While some moments were decidedly darker in English than Japanese, I never got the feeling that Yuno was any creepier or more insane "sounding" in Japanese than English. Given that part of the whole allure of the series is how nuts this main character is, it was a no brainer to watch it in what is familiar- and turned out to be better sounding. Josh Grelle's (Armin, AOT) Yuki was a much more ninnyboy middle schooler sound than Togashi Misuzu's. Brina Palencia (Holo, Spice and Wolf, Touka, Tokyo Ghoul) as Yuno was perhaps not the best casting, but again, Yuno sounded like read more
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Soul Rescue (Manga) add
The concept of the story is fine but the way it is presented is too plain and cloying. The art is fine, characters are one dimensional and narration is poor.

Overall, at the end I felt that it was not worth my time. I had a hard time completing this manga.

Still, this manga may find some takers if they like fantasy stories with a simple plot.
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Etotama (Anime) add
I honestly don't know why this show had bad comments, personally I found it funny and interesting at the same time.
I mean yes; the Chibi versions of the characters may be somewhat new to some people and it may cause haters to raise and comment about it but still!

We should look at the plot!

The plot is based on the 12 Chinese zodiacs and the story of how the cat tries to fit in among the zodiacs.
The plot itself is somewhat unique; I mean who would think of a competition that is held once in a few thousand years for the 13th zodiac place?
That's plenty unique if I must say!
There are also times when the anime goes past the line that they shouldn't pass (I mean it they start talking about recap episodes) which is funny so no problems there

Although it is not fully focused on explaining the reasons behind Nya-tan's motives until much later on; the anime keeps the viewers distracted by providing us comedy
I swear this anime can be categorized solely as a comedy anime and I don't think anyone would complain.

BUT the story starts to go into detail about Nya-tan towards the end (sadly) but none the less the explanation was necessary; especially with an anime like this which already started with the present setting from episode 1.
I still find it amazing how creators can summarize the plot line of the series into one episode.... It amazes me till this day....

For a 12 episode series it ended perfectly!
Although it felt rushed the series was none the less interesting and in addition was hilarious!!
Comedy lovers will love this anime (If they don't mind how the characters transform into Chibi versions of themselves)
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Monster (Anime) add
(I try to keep my reviews short and sweet and straight to the point without giving away spoilers with that said lets get this show on the road)

So this anime is an overall good anime. Which sometimes were over dramatic and sometimes I caught myself losing interest.

This anime has

1. psychological thriller (something that play with your mind)

2. investigation (looking for answers to solve the problem)

3. mystery (a lot of questions that need to be answered)

4. No romance (nothing)

5. action (gun shots)

Overall 15+ should watch this anime. Its just based on personal opinion if you like this anime or not. Its okay it was kind of annoying sometimes though.
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Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace (Anime) add
Laplace as I'm going to call this series sounds and looks good. I got a really nostalgic feeling form the opening for it's reminds me from that time in early and middle 2000 when most of opening were artsy and music was some random rock band plasting away.
But the story leave much to be desired at the moment when 4 episodes have come out and I don't think it going to be better than this. As likable the character are and I keep on watching to wind out more about them there is a huge problem. The mysteries.
In detective stories there is a crime that the detective(s) try to solve. In good mystery story the detectives go trough all the evidence and talk to people so that you, the watcher, can keep up with them and think for yourself who would be the real murderer. At the end everything would come out and you would connect all the dots and sort the evidence to mach to the killer. Reactions would be like: *why didn't I think of that', 'I see what you did there' and most importantly it would all make sense in the end.
Laplace doesn't even try. You get you murder but no suspects. There is no real evidence and most of the episode is just spend confirming with every character that yes this murder was horrifying.
About five minutes of the 20 min episode (excluding op and ending) is used to give huge explanation about who is the killer and how they did it. There is no evidence you just have to take it as face value that this is how it all went down and the characters just say that it just come to their mind. It's unsatisfying. It's terrible when you consider that the mysteries should be the spine of this show because character focused it's not!
So the mysteries suck and the character, as likable as they are, are one dimensional and often times annoying. Art and music are good, but not great so watching this series only for them doesn't work neither.
If you have anything better to watch or do I would advice to skip this series as it now is. Not recommended if you like mystery and detective stories.
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Mouryou Senki Madara (Anime) add
One of few anime, that I've seen at least, that builds a world I could see in western fantasy (two other series being "Record of Loduss War" and "Ruin Explorers"). The animation is solid while the art style is what you'd expect for the time of release. The main characters are moderately likable, but don't have too complicated of situations or anything to keep them very memorable. The story isn't too far from something in your usual, cheap fantasy story. This short anime is an adaption of a manga too, and that links in to the worst part of this anime - being how terribly the story was executed in the limited run-time. I haven't read the manga, but I honestly doubt that the entirety of the story could've been reasonably told in two hours. What should've been done is the main parts of the plot should've been kept in and other less important aspects should've been held back or scrapped all-together. Instead, the story is executed in a way that the first hour (basically the first episode) moves at a very nice and enjoyable pace that would be a good pace if the entirety of this anime were to expand it's length to properly accommodate the whole story. But, in reality, there's still only two hours to work with, and you can tell how much the people behind this anime knew that as they pulled out the tape and glue in the last hour/episode. You have developments of the story passed over casually like a bowl of dip and characters brought into light only to fade back to the corner once their name and presence is known enough that they can be differentiated from the other background cast. The most hilarious part of how the second episode is handled though is that the logic of the main characters is lowered to that of a child to make everything conclude immediately. You have one person who uses the chicken before the egg logic to have a change of heart on who to direct his drama, and you have another person who was built up to betray to achieve his own goal only to stop because, oh, "it was a stupid idea" *with a vocalized wiggle of the wrist*. Take note I watched this in the English Dub and that the localization/script-writing could've been worse on that side of things. I could definitely understand that too as the writing quality noticeably dips a bit into the second episode, like those working on the dub knew it wasn't a winner. I can at least report that the English voices are fine. While there's no terrible actor, though, there isn't any exceptional/notable actor either. I would say Madara was a worth-while viewing just for it being one in a light number of anime to carry that western fantasy feel, but this anime is still nothing to write home about - just to MAL.

I'd recommend watching "Ruin Explorers" over this, and I have a read more
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Arcana Famiglia (Anime) add
First I'd like to say that I thought this show had a great premise. I thought that over all it was decent. The plot was great and the character development was awesome but the story felt rushed. The whole point of the story was to help felicita to win the arcana duello so she could be free of the burden of having to marry the winner. My problem is the fact that they made a huge deal out of the arcana duello so I thought it would span at least 2 episodes. Instead they crammed it in to just one, and to me that just seemed a little to rushed after all the hype they put into it. It just seemed like a big let down.
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9 hours ago
Non Non Biyori Repeat (Anime) add
The rural comedy is back again! *spoiler free

After watching season 1, i find it enjoyable and fun to watch so i'm expecting season 2 to be better than season one. With season 2 is airing, I'm a little disappointed on the story but i still find it enjoyable to watch, well since this is a slice of life genre so there aren't gonna cover a lot of plots or arcs. Also if you notice the name "REPEAT" then you know what i'm talking about. But from first to fourth episode, i can say it is performs well and shows a good start.

The art and the sounds, i'm glad that they didn't change completely except for the songs of course since this is season 2. The new OST are amazing too, wouldn't expect that quite a lot. The seiyuus remains unchanged which is good but i wonder why nii-san has no seiyuu, would love to hear his voice though. The OPs and EDs are more energetic than season one's.

Won't talk much on characters yet, verdict once series ended.

Overall, I've enjoyed watching this, so no intention to drop it. I'm glad to see Renge and also Komori again (two of my favorite characters in NNB). And don't forget about Nii-san too! And of course the rest.

Well, welcome back to rural area once again!

Happy watching~

may change once series is completed.
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Byousoku 5 Centimeter (Anime) add
After watching the English dubbed trailer and film, I can honestly say that the 5 Centimeters Per Second movie exhibited the same cheesiness in the trailer. But the cheesiness wasn't what bothered me, it was how several background scenes that didn't really contribute to the plot were unbearably dragged (to me, their main purpose seemed to be to emphasize the drama and how good the animation is). Speaking of animation, the artwork from the characters to the scenery was well done (even the lighting was realistic). I liked that through the exquisite animation, 5 Centimeters Per Second implemented symbolism, but I didn't like that there seemed to be so much of it that I (and probably many other viewers as well) had felt somewhat lost. Though predictable, the ending had summed up the two main character's relationship well and had provided me with a sad yet satisfying closure (an unpopular opinion). 5 Centimeters Per Second was a great movie to watch, but anyone who chooses to watch it should be prepared for a plot that moves as slow as 5 centimeters per second, maybe even slower.
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Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (Manga) add
I really enjoying anS the characters are really cool and they are easy to like.
What i also like is the love triangle Obi -Shirayuki -Zen its really cute and is later discovered in the manga, also the main girl character isn't weak and need protecting by the mc guy and who can not like the humor?
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Makura no Danshi (Anime) add
alright, i've never written a review on here but i'm drinking and this one has earned it.

the original concept described was pretty interesting and worth checking out: pretty anime boys are gonna talk at you like they;re beside you in bed. and if you see just the op you might actually think this isn't going to be bad. so wrong.

this is show is a beautiful trainwreck. rather than have the boys just tell stories about their day or something, they're trying to talk at you. and it's not only rhetorical questions. if this dora the explorer "shout map!" vibe wasn't weird enough the camera is jumping around into undesired close ups of fairly simple (OFTEN TERRIFYING) faces. i can't describe what about every character's face is so goddamn spooky - i think it's something in the mouth and just... the way they draw the eyes? - but my skin cRAWLS. i think it's the mouths. one minute he's asking you about your day and RIGHT when you're about to start telling your computer screen all about it using the silence provided, HE'S THERE. SO CLOSE. STARING. one of them told you to be quiet and listen to his music then they had no music play - it was just a still holding a violin in silence i f****n lost it

i swear to god i get giddy when i see the new episode is out because i KNOW i am guaranteed 4 minutes of an ab workout as i cringe and curl in fits of laughter and secondhand embarrassment. it's absolutely surreal how creepy it is to watch and in that regard i highly recommend it - i think everyone should take 4 minutes out of their life to watch something that will inexplicably flip your stomach a little. it's fun. it's an experience.

story: 2/10? there isn't really one
art: idk 3/10? terrifying faces and they don't really move much in general
character: 2.5/10 they're all tropes but you can't expect depth in 3 min of show

ability to put you to sleep (what seems to be its goal): 0/10
enjoyment: a bizarre 6/10
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Imagine our world without the concept of sexual jokes. Boring isn't it? Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai, or Shimoneta's plot made this anime interesting and funnier. I never thought that this kind of anime would catch my attention, and in 4 episodes so far, every episode improves on its own way.

Comedy through the sexual jokes reminded me of Seitokai Yakuindomo, but there's a chance that Shimoneta may rise higher than the latter anime show. The OP and ED itself is enjoyable and hilarious, character development can be seen, and well, enjoyable as always.

Anyways, I'll be back with another review at the end of the series.
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School Rumble (Anime) add
School Rumble
There isn't much I could say aside from it was one of the best anime I've ever seen.
The characters especially Harima cracked me up in almost every single situation and, the moment I found out Harima was striving to become a mangaka than after confess his love, I instantly thought of Bakuman and cracked up so bad!!!

I could probably write everything good about this show but it would be extremely long and so let me just say this, watch School Rumble yourself and you be the judge on whether you like it or not.

Story: 8
Art: 9
Sound: 8
Character: 9
Enjoyment: 10
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Today, 12:34 AM
Toaru Majutsu no Index II (Anime) add
I really have no idea why.

Why is it on its 2nd season and why oh why, each season contain 24 episodes

I was trying to figure out, this series, but, obviously, utterly failed in the end

Oh yeah. Right. Constructive Review. Okay...

The hero continues on its approach. Long dialogues about religion and science. In it details why this magic happened and why this scenario occurred and reasoned why the owl hunts at night.

I don't know if others felt the same way but to me, it just seems that they took too much time talking. Many judges kids or people with short attention span that its normal not to like this approach, though I doubt I have this problem. I can read through thick books, fiction mostly, in one sitting. I can stay up to the most boring teacher there ever lived.

Anyhow. The story continues where the season 1 left off. And as said, greatly details the side of religion and science. The religion for magic and sorcery while the science will be represented with esper capable people.

I want to give you the basic idea of what they are on about. their arguments. But every time I try to listen, words would just tunnel through me from ear to ear. I don't get it. And most of the time, I start to wander off, or sleep. Probably snore, considering the effort in trying to understand this series.

There were no improvement. The hero and its sub characters were freezed. No lessons, no motivation clearly defined, at least one that I understand or can relate to. You see, in this series, the main character comes to save every person he comes by, risks his live even. How and why did he come to this kind of state. Instead of an in depth knowing of the hero's life to somehow explain his god-like goodness, we are busied with watching various stories of chivalry, battling monsters, and if not one of those, more likely showing us some hot anime girls, clothes or no clothes.

This series is survival to the fittest, to me that is. Constantly in it to survive until knowing the ending, out of curiosity. I'm already more than half of the series. I don't know about the others since apparently, the anime is popular? You might find this fun, going by the probability and if you're one to like neked anime girls, then the probability of liking this series goes through the roof.
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Today, 12:11 AM
School Days (Anime) add
I've got two words for this anime : "Masturbation material". I’m not even quite sure why I’m reviewing School Days. No one asked me to do it, no one cares, and then here we are! If you’ve been living under weeaboo rock or just any rock in general you probably have no clue what this anime this is and/or why it is so polarizing and notorious. And if so, then boy do I have a review for you! So, let’s not waste too much time (I mean we could I’m up for that), let’s I guess go out and review School Days (spoilers probably ahead by the way, it’s not like anyone cares)!

Additional Notes:

School Days is a 12 episode long anime done by Studio TNK back in 2007. It was originally a visual novel by 0verflow that was released two years earlier. This anime is notorious for picking a horrible route in the game and adapting it into the anime, including the most famous and hilariously sudden anime endings of all time.

This anime is rated TV-MA for eventually obvious reasons, so viewer discretion is highly advised.


If Madoka Magica is king of deconstruction in the magical girl genre, then School Days is the king of deconstruction in the harem genre. But at first, like Madoka Magica, it wasn’t even like that at all. So the story is about Makoto Itou, a typical high school boy who starts falling in love with Kotonoha, a big breasted yet sweet girl in his grade. His friend Sekai tries to get Makoto to go out with her, and succeeds. As the show progresses in the love between Makoto and Kotonoha in your typical harem plot, we start to figure out there may be more to the story than the typical can hold…

Like I said, at first School Days was your generic cute harem anime that had nothing special. But once you continued to watch the show, everything was blown way out of proportion! Sex, cheating, affairs, violence, bullying, like Jesus Christ did someone sneak into the writers office and just f*ck everything up?! It’s bad and unexpected, but I will give it credit for what it was doing. Why? Because this is one of the first animes to actually show what would happen if the harem genre was a real life thing. I mean come on, most of the stuff in this anime is pretty much accurate to what it would be like! So yeah, I’ll give credit to where it is due.

And then there’s the ending. Holy crap when I first saw it I couldn’t tell if I was laughing at how bad but relieving it was, or crying at how bad but relieving it was! Like seriously, pretty much everyone was just torn by it, it just came out of nowhere! But anyways, MOVING ON!


If you thought the SAO characters were the worst cast of characters to me, you clearly don’t even know about this anime at read more
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Yesterday, 11:48 PM
Victorian Maid Maria no Houshi (Anime) add
"Service Please" ~ Chef Ramsay

Story, Story!??!?! WHAT ARE THOSEEEEE
Essentially just a made screwing a master in a POV cam fashion. Is it hot? Yes! you got boobs a flying, dick a screwing, and a bathtub scene? What more could you have asked for you pretentious casual!!!!

Maria is amazing, she totally sucked the dude's dick and got screwed in every which direction. She's awesome!!! She needs to be featured in more hentai because she knows how to please a man, and me!
Average height
Probably D-Z cup
Poifect :3

The visual pacing is a bit off but other than that the boobs are detailed, the pixelated vagina looks better than ever, and you can see the sweat on her face so GOAT. Also, some nice backgrounds surprisingly, I was expecting 360p but what I got was 720D.

The sound
Orgasms!!!!!!!!! The voice actress put her all into the performance for Maria, better than Junketsu no Maria! It's like she was really being screwed offscreen. If she was, then more power to her!

Overall i recommend this title if you're looking for a hot maid to service you before you go to bed.
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Yesterday, 11:42 PM
Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu (Anime) add
Here is the written review to my video review.

Story - 6/10

Set in an alternative time-line of the Haruhi universe, the Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan premise is, what would happen if the world of Haruhi was missing the supernatural plot elements and becomes a normal slice of life? Well to put it to short Kyon would’ve never met Haruhi, but instead gets closer to Nagato. The plot of the whole show is about the relationship between Nagato and Kyon, with the question during the series, can Nagato get Kyon to fall for her, and so for fourth they go and perform a huge range of normal activities building their relationship. Pretty much everyone knows Nagato has a crush on Kyon, except Kyon himself, and everyone is playing wingman hoping to get the two together. Unfortunately for the story, nothing really happens, they go on do a various range of normal activities you find in a slice of life genre. The story does get interesting at episode 10 with the sudden shift in tone, turning it from a comedy to a drama. However this is short lived.

So unfortunately the story is nothing special, it’s a simple romance story of can the girl get the guy. And the whole shot is like this for the majority of the time. Only at one part the story, it gets really interesting. At episode 10, things change up, because we get so used to this new world of Haruhi and get used the characters, but what happens when you take that away just for a bit. The show’s pace and tone changes drastically from a silly slice of life comedy to a supernatural drama. And unfortunately it is just for a bit, as the show changes back to its generic slice of life format. The show does have a slow start and doesn’t really get interesting until Haruhi arrives at episode 3, but it also has a rather underwhelming, unsatisfying ending. But seriously if it wasn’t for the fact that these were Haruhi characters, there’s not a lot going for this show.

Characters - 6/10

Yuki Nagato is the main character this time around in this universe. Unlike her character in Haruhi, she is more awkward and shy this time around. She gets nervous a lot when she gets close to Kyon. And she is also a gluttoness gamer girl that has the personality traits of a little girl, and that is kind of annoying as she can’t really do anything on her own. As the series progress, she gains more confidence in herself and she starts to become more opened to the people around her. Eventually wishing everything stays the same as it is, that is until episode 10, when she completely does a 180. For episode 10 to 13, Nagato personality changes to a more familiar appearance, resembling that of the mute, emotionless Nagato from Haruhi. And I love that the did this change to the plot up a bit, as we have gotten so use read more
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Yesterday, 11:35 PM
Kill la Kill (Anime) add
キルラキル | Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill was an engaging anime with awesome fighting scenes and high production value. This is an undeniable fact. However, as for its writing and overwhelming sex appeal to the target teenage male audience, these prove to be large detractors from it being something. Kill la Kill has high production value in the sense that, the creators put a lot of time and effort into creating the battle scenes, putting together the openings and closings, the music was superb, and the music was all professionally composed. Arguably, the 'transformation' cutscenes (i.e. Kamui Senketsu and Kamui Junketsu) are reused, and this is fine, considering many anime simply reuse assets for characters or backgrounds or don't animate certain scenes, where it seems unnecessary. Now, for the detractors, the writing is very, very silly. I haven't watched an anime that made me scoff and say, "Are you fracking joking me?" to the extent I did whilst watching this anime. Many loose ends are left untied, self-contradictory points for the lore are made constantly, and is very far fetched, which is certainly saying something, since this anime has many fictional elements. In addition, the sex appeal thrown into this anime is so in your face, it's nauseating and is embarrassing to even watch in public. I'm not a fan of provocative scenes, unless it contributes to the story development in a significant way. Needless to say, the sex appeal displayed here is less than irrelevant.

A couple of episodes were AMAZING, a couple were downright insufferable, and the rest were 'okay, I guess'. This is pretty normal for some anime, considering many are adapted from manga. Some manga series don't have enough source material to support an entire anime series for 13 or 24 (Kill la Kill had 24) episodes, so the anime production team needs to provide filler, and sometimes the filler can seem out of place or maybe even better than the original manga's storyline. Regardless, this is a fact that must be accepted in the anime industry to understand that, while we love the original author of the manga's creations, not all of their ideas are completely sustainable in neither business agreements nor the 'art scene'. This meaning that not all anime can be both financially successful and encompass the desires of all of its fans.

Unfortunately, I digress, because this anime WAS NOT adapted from a manga, and fails to string along its audience with compelling writing episode after episode, which may SEEM hard to ask for, but not when one considers the fact that all of Kill la Kill is tidily kept in 24 episodes, as to be expected for longer series.

In my personal experience of the show, I enjoyed it for the most part, which may seem unbelievable, due to my slandering comments above. However, it was a fun ride and had a colorful cast (if not TOTALLY obnoxious) of characters. I say it's a must-watch to see what's wrong and right read more
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Yesterday, 11:32 PM
Sukitte Ii na yo. (Anime) add
好きっていいなよ。| Say "I love you".

For any anime I've ever seen, I've never felt sincerity and love course through my bones throughout the entirety of the series. So, Say "I love you". spans 13 episodes with one extra OVA (or "OAD") following the story of Mei Tachibana, showing how her life changes when she meets the prince of the school, Yamato Kurosawa. Needless to say, this anime is a romance, but not a comedic one, which makes this the first full-on romantic anime I've ever watched.

For my review, the only things I can say about it are positive, so don't anticipate any surprises. If you're still in school like I am, you can definitely relate to any of the issues addressed in this anime, and even then, if you have vivid memories from when you WERE in school, this anime appeals to those long-lasting memories (positive or negative) well. Our protagonist, Mei, has troubling experiences from when se was in grade school, and has made her believe that friends will always end up betraying one another. Many other issues related to high school life are presented in the show and eventually leads to some kind of moral.

The characters were given excellent voice actors and actresses, who were able to provide believable, sincere delivery for their respective characters. Each character was also given a level of depth that would resound in anyone's thoughts or opinion of them, whether it be a negative or positive opinion. The characters' dispositions will be able to make the audience really hang on to the story and chose what kind of mindset they will continue watching the show with.

The writing was constructed very eloquently and elaborately, which shows that the feelings the characters convey are what the creators want the audience to feel. As far as the anime goes, there's very little filler, if any, and if there is any filler not included in the original manga, then the anime production team did an excellent job propping up the story on a strong narrative of the creator's and their own. I have to admit that there WERE some small complications that may seem farfetched for a realistic fiction. Regardless, the large majority of the story was well written and extremely appealing to a current/past school student, whether they studied in Japan or America.

This anime was adapted from a Shōjo manga (manga aimed towards teenage girls). If you know me, you know I'm a teenage guy, and not to mention one that lives in America, so the reason for its universal appeal wouldn't be too far-out. The fact that it's, quite simply, "a romance", there's no need to have extra knowledge of Japanese culture, language, or traditions. In addition, if you're also a teenage guy who likes romances, this anime is a MUST SEE.

My Rating: 9.5

In my personal opinion, I feel that this anime is just superb. I can't bring myself to say it's perfect, however. While I praise it for its writing, characters, atmosphere, and such, I read more
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Yesterday, 11:31 PM
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (Anime) add
となりの怪物くん | My Little Monster

After the monumental disaster that "Oreimo" was, I had to find anime I'd be comfortable going into with, at least, a brief synopsis. My Little Monster is the story of Shizuku Mizutani, whose life changes when she is asked by a school administrator to ask the infamous Haru Yoshida to return to school. Now, before you click away, I concede that this sort of setting may SOUND familiar, but the story itself is more complex than it may seem at first glance.

In my school, I am SURROUNDED by an extremely smart group of friends, and as smart students, we have to work hard, and that's exactly what our protagonist, Shizuku, is beginning to feel conflicted about after meeting Haru Yoshida.

The writing may not appeal to all people, and will feel like "just another anime", and I understand that. However, if you are able to feel what Shizuku is feeling with her, then the story begins to have more depth. Some lines are VERY out of place, in which some may convey sexual violence, but those lines come from characters who wouldn't say anything like that and a female manga-ka who write Shōjo. On top of that, by actually listening to what the character says, there weren't enough participial phrases to cover what the translators wrote, so please take this into consideration before condemning the anime. I watched on Crunchyroll, so I'm not sure how other platforms' translations will change.

In the show, a colorful cast of characters exist. The main character already breaks away from what one would expect from an anime filled with troupes, sex-defined roles, and typecasts. (I am not saying that this anime is filled with troupes or anything. I'm merely saying that THIS anime breaks away from others in that sense.)

My Rating: 8.5

This anime isn't perfect, and allowing my biases to affect my review wouldn't be something I want. Although it presents a believable story that would apply to someone like me, some troupes and typecasts exist. On top of that, some side stories of other characters are either uninteresting or are explored (interesting or not) and left as loose ends. However, these loose ends MAY be tied up with the possibility of a sequel to this series. I had fun watching this anime, and I'd encourage people to watch it in their free time, because it definitely isn't an earth-shattering piece of art.
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Yesterday, 11:30 PM
Anime de Wakaru Shinryounaika (Anime) add
アニメで分かる心療内科 | Comical Psychosomatic Medicine

Now, to preface this review, let me establish what this anime is. Comical Psychosomatic Medicine (CPM) is a gag comedy anime adapted from a manga published in a Seinen magazine. With the fact that it's intended audience is male (men who can read kanji ~ "Seinen"), one can already assume that there will be a lot of sex appeal and innuendoes. Despite the existences of such sexual themes and the introduction of the anime itself, it still is a gag comedy, and actually parodies the genre of anime.

As soon as the gratuitously sexual introduction finishes, the anime pokes fun at the fact that there aren't any sexual exaggerations in the actual show as their were in the introduction. Since the main characters either work or are treated in a mental health center, there are some segments that have pure fan service (material added intentionally to please the audience; predominately sexual fan service or fan service in which a pair of characters fall in love or something to that effect) and that segment has a disclaimer stating it IS in fact fan service. Whether or not the fact that this anime is satirical and self-parodying absolves it of its sin of using the content it does is up to the viewer. As the critic, my personal stance regarding that issues will not be included here.

Now, finally to the actual anime, the audience is guided through 20 5 minute-long episodes, in which each focuses on a single ailment that some people experience by psychologist Ryō and nurse Asuna. Word play, gags, and troupes (used for the sake of parody) exist in teach episode to keep the audience entertained all throughout. I'm pretty critical of the things I watch, especially into regards to media that set gender roles, have repetitive troupes, or are gratuitously sexual, but this anime was generally lighthearted and I found a lot of the jokes funny. In addition, the fact that the show is somewhat educational is another positive point it gains.

My Rating: 9 / 6*

*The 9 is attributed to the belief that this anime is a parody of the anime industry itself. Its writing keeps the actual show interesting and constantly informs the audience (blatantly or not) that it's poking fun at ITSELF. If I'm rating it otherwise, believing it's "just another anime", its reliance on established troupes and innuendoes of Japanese culture in general and common anime reoccurrences really drops it down a huge notch. Thus, it receives a 6, regardless of whether or not the jokes were funny. The animation and production value was there, which is an undeniable fact, earning it, at least, an above-average score of 6.

Reviewing this anime was more difficult than I had initially thought. I don't recommend this anime for the sole usage in learning more about psychological afflictions. I do, however, suggest anyone looking for easy humor (meaning that the comedy presented is not ALL witty), this anime is for you, if you intend on read more
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Yesterday, 11:28 PM
Inu x Boku SS (Anime) add
妖狐×僕 SS | Inu x Boku SS

Inu x Boku exemplifies how an anime can combine both drama and comedy well, similar to how Black Butler accomplishes this. Where Inu x Boku excels in this comedy/drama timing, many other anime fail to even do it decently, which makes the show already stand out from the crowd.

Inu x Boku combines a modern setting with traditional Japanese culture. Many anime try to do this, but fail to do so, making the narrative weak and they tend to end up being very inconsistent in their writing. Inu x Boku does a considerably good job in combining these things, while keeping the inclusion of these themes interesting, funny, and consistent.

There are some troupes to be seen in the anime and there are some derogatory terms used towards a transgender female character. Other than these two things, the anime was engaging, interesting, and fun.

Personally, I found this anime quite enjoyable and think it is very worth putting one's time into. If you liked Black Butler 1 or 2 (IxB doesn't really resemble BB: 3), you're probably going to really enjoy Inu x Boku.
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Yesterday, 11:21 PM
Angel Beats! (Anime) add
エンジェルビーツ! | Angel Beats!

Angel Beats! is one of the few anime that successfully combines common anime/Japanese humor with action and adventure, much like Black Butler and Inu x Boku SS can. The overarching story is very engaging, interesting, and fun. Angel Beats! is one of the few anime that actually start out AS an anime, rather than being adapted from a light novel or manga series.

The story follows Yuzuru Otonashi, a young man who awakes in the afterlife deprived of his memories from his life before death. He finds himself thrown into a high school setting with a club dedicated to rebelling against God. Overall, the story will keep you wanting answers to all of your questions. In addition, you will soon find yourself very invested in the individual characters and the mysteriousness of the predicament the characters are subject to.

Most of the characters are very well written. As far as I'm concerned, the most important aspect of character development is when the majority of the main characters develop, and not so much supporting characters. One supporting character's backstory contradicts her behavior, considering what one can assume about any person when passively evaluating their character. There are pretty few character troupes in Angel Beats! and having these missing is an extremely refreshing breath of clean air, especially considering there are quite a lot of garbage anime out there.

The music isn't anything special, but the sound direction is definitely well done. The voice acting is very well done, and the voice actors have to be commended for their good work. (Digression: Kanade Tachibana is voiced by Kana Kanazawa, who voiced Kuroneko in Oreimo.)

As far as common troupes go, in Angel Beats!, there aren't many. If there were any that I happened to overlook, it must have been insignificant enough for me to overlook it like I did.

The drama and tragedy presented in the show is very well put together. This is the SECOND anime to make me well up to cry after, if you remember, Oreimo. I won't reveal what the unfathomably heartbreaking thing was, but hopefully we will share the same feelings about it.

Whether or not this anime has an original concept is completely meaningless. It's the execution that matters, and the staff behind Angel Beats! hit the nail on the head. It may be confusing as to why I gave it only an 9, and not a 9.5 or 10, if I liked it so much. There could've been some things I would have liked to have been improved on, but what's presented is still REALLY well done. This anime has made it to one of my favorites, and I absolutely recommend it to anyone who likes/liked Black Butler or Inu X Boku SS.
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Yesterday, 11:19 PM
Kotoura-san (Anime) add
琴浦さん | Kotoura-san (a.k.a "The Troubled Life of Miss Kotoura")

[Trigger Warning marked below]

Kotoura-san is a very special anime. Whether or not that's in a positive or negative will be revealed to you quite shortly, but let's assume you were in the position to watch this gem.

Kotoura-san follows the story of Haruka Kotoura. Haruka was born with the ability to read other people's minds. As she grew up, these powers caused problems between her friends and family. After she was abandoned by her mother and father, Haruka's grandfather takes up the task of raising her.

Of the past couple of anime I have posted reviews for, a trend can be seen, and this trend is the fact that Inu X Boku and Angel Beats! were anime that successfully draw the line between their comedy and drama. While Kotoura-san isn't the worst at it like Soul Eater Not! is, but it definitely is not close to being good at it like IxB or Angel Beats!.

The very first episode starts of with a depressing chronicle of Kotoura-san's life and then abruptly switches to a very silly romantic-comedy tone. This kind of juxtaposition can normally be considered a commendable feature of any form of media (film, television show, etc.). However, like I said, Kotoura-san does not blur the line enough and in actuality just jumps from dramatic to comedic. THIS kind of juxtaposition cannot be commended in any way, considering how foolishly it was crammed together. I haven't read the manga, so maybe the change there is more natural.
The original publication that the Kotoura-san anime spawns from is predominately shōnen and, usually, one can assume with this fact that there will be plenty of gratuitous sexual fan service for the teenage male audience. The twist here is that Kotoura-san actually USES the sexual fan service in such a way that it doesn't seem TOO in your face throughout the series. However, with context or experience of watching the show, one could argue that the show didn't need to have this sort of fan service whatsoever.

The soundtrack wasn't anything special. The art and animation, however, was well done. The character design is very nicely executed and the voice actors do a good job portraying their respective characters.

[POTENTIAL TRIGGER word in this paragraph. Please skip and move on if you're worried about the contents of it. In short: The writing is bad and inconsistent.]

The writing has to be the most depressing part of this review. This is one of those anime that I had to think long and hard about. Kotoura-san has a lot of charm and originality, but that doesn't absolve it of its disgusting troupes and bad writing. The grandfather character turns out to be an incestuous pedophile for his granddaughter, even though this hasn't popped up at all in the flashbacks to when he was taking care of Haruka. The writing is painfully repetitive and contains an unbelievable large amount of troupes. The characters sometimes have weird chemistry between them. Naturally, one would believe read more
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Yesterday, 11:16 PM
Denki-gai no Honya-san (Anime) add
デンキ街の本屋さん | Denkigai no Honya-san / Colloquially referred to as "DENKI-GAI"

On this page, it's been more often than not that the anime I watch and review have tons of potential due to their premise, atmosphere, art, characters, and/or setting, but fail horribly to impress. Denki-Gai is on the verge of being one of those anime.

Denki-Gai is very similar to Oreimo in the sense that it takes place in an Otaku environment. It is also similar to Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun in the sense that the characters of Denki-Gai are on the other side of coin, and let me expound on that so you can understand.
Denki-gai takes place in a fictional manga bookstore set to resemble one in Akihabara, Japan. The main characters work in this bookstore, Umanohone, and have misadventures outside of the workplace as well. One of the characters is a manga-ka, and occasionally the others will help her out with her manga deadlines. After watch Oreimo, I was really looking for an anime that depicted Otaku life in Japan. After the first episode of Denki-Gai, it seemed promising and I was interested in seeing what the rest of the series had to offer.

The art and animation is very well done. The characters are cute and the animations seem to have had a lot of love and care put into them. The music isn't anything special, but to expect an exceptional soundtrack from anime production groups isn't something we should really uphold.
Denki-Gai is a slice-of-life, and because of that, there's no overarching storyline from episode 1 to 12, which isn't a problem at all with these kinds of anime. However, a lot of troupes are used here and, for the most part, drives the story way too much.

I had to drop Denki-Gai alongside Kotoura-san, because the mediocracy of some of the episodes. The repetitiveness of both of them was too much to bear and I had to move on. The fact that Genki-Gai is so repetitive disallows me from even saying that much about it. All of the characters, despite having some personality to them, seem so cardboard and empty.

It hurts to see that I ended up giving this anime a just barely above average score, especially since it was exactly what I was looking for. I never thought I would have dropped it for how long I did and ended up not liking it all that much. But what separates it from other anime with a bunch of story-driving troupes and repetitive comedy is nothing. Nothing lets it go free and make a name for itself. I'd suggest you lower your expectations going into this one, so you can get a much better experience than I did.
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Yesterday, 11:03 PM
Boku no Hero Academia (Manga) add
His body suddenly move on its own. He can't help it. When he sees the eyes of people in need, He will come and rescue you.

Midoriya has this qualities. As the story would progress, we will know the true qualities of a hero, as gallantly shown by the main character.

He has the character of a hero. the Values, the moral code but unfortunately, lacks the power to become one in a world where super abilities becomes so common that it be part, probably, in a birth certificate.

With so many super powers, he had no chance.

The manga would show us that the sacrifice and heart and mind is all that is needed to be a hero. Midoriya would be in tight spots, almost constantly, enough to make it predictable that when he declares or resolves himself to do this thing that he wanted, expect it that his going to fail, in some way, but the author would look for a detour to make it seem a success. 'cause you know, He is has this hero character but is weak, yet tend to win, somehow, someway.

In this adventure, after he be helped by the no1 super hero in this world, he intended to enroll to the no.1 super hero academy, thus the title. He meets a lot of kids there, many with great potential. Many with faults and problems in their own.

It's not all about saving characters, and persons physically, but also emotionally. The hero is nosey, and failing to dissapoint, Midoriya is as sharp as any dog can be, the nosiest, or one of.

Is there love in here, a speck of romance? I think not or perhaps I fail to notice or maybe it hasn't come, but may yet to.

The stretch and expressions of faces and body that is appropriate to the feel of the scene is a talent with the author. It enhanced the drama even more, if there is one. And if its one of those moments where the hero comes to the rescue, the relief is felt multiple times, but perhaps its just a feel of one backing up your friend since currently, they all have super powers, and little situation provides the scene for saving.

'Tis about Bad and Good. As of yet, I haven't recalled any gray areas, where there is a dillemma. To sacrifice this to save that, more or less. In reality, life isn't simple, and a lot in it has gray areas. It would add a complicated feeling in the manga if it were added. I don't know if it'd end up good for the manga, I guess it depends on how good the author is, and so far, he has talent in his subject.

It is fun. If you're looking for romance, ya ain't goi'n to find it here. If ya expect'n neked scenes, or smooch'n, ya be dissapointed. But if it be pure action, and hard work come to fruit'n, then ya be at the right place, me man or woman!

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Yesterday, 10:59 PM
Akame ga Kill! (Anime) add
I had to force myself to write this review. The reason I had such difficulty is because it is hard to organize my thoughts. This anime was so close to absolutely incredible, so close to a perfect 10 in my book, but at the same time I knew that it had major flaws all the way through.

so im adding this part because I didnt really talk about the flaws that I mentioned. However keep in mind that these flaws are truly personal preference. The story is the story, and I thought the story was good, however personaly I was not satisfied with the end. This is a personal prefence, unlike many anime at least they reached the end.


--nothing worked out in the end. They accomplished their goal but the cost was far too much.

--moments that were supposed to be sad and upsetting was instantly remedied by fan service and stupid and fake smiles.

--the bad guys were not bad guys, they were half way in between. So it felt even worse when they beat one of the "bad guys". This skewed the sense of right and wrong horribly, making you think that maybe the enemies werent wrong.

Those are the big ones. Some of the deaths were written off as nothing when they should have been much heavier on the hearts of the characters.

I still dont know if I can agree with myself on this scoring, but I will give you my thoughts on the anime and hopefully you will be able to decide if it is worth watching.

Story: The story was incredible. Right from episode 1 it was easy to see that this story was going to be big. However unlike most animes it actually held that intensity at pretty much every part of the story. If you love story driven anime then this is among those that you should watch. It is epic, lots of bad things happen, lots of good things happen, your mind will constantly be fearing and excited about what is going to happen next. At the end you will know that the grand scale of the anime puts it at the top of the list. Now as a note on my personal feelings on the story, it did not end in a way that I felt was satisfying. Nothing seemed to work out in a way that left me with a desire to go back and watch it again. The ending did not make me say to myself "wow that is a 10/10 anime".

Animation: The animation was nice. In many animes you can find at least a short part where the animation is somewhat derpy, however I cant recall many (if any) parts that were stupidly chopy or strange. The action sequences were good and smooth. fanservice is always appreciated, but they had a very reasonable amount read more
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Yesterday, 10:50 PM
Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de (Anime) add
What do you get when you take the 90s Console War (from the perspective of a butthurt Sega fanboy), and merge it with a generic shounen plot set in a generic fantasy setting?

Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de (World War Blue).

This show is literally one gigantic Sonic the hedgehog fan fiction. If it wasn't for the good looking visuals, i'd swear it was a product of divinatory.

The characters have no personality. They're just there to fight things and occasionally be used for fan service. Calling them Cardboard Cutouts would be a compliment.

The plot goes nowhere. The show just kinda ends after 3 episodes (thankfully)
However, The plot would have gone nowhere even if the show had kept going. Ignoring how generic and conveniently written the story was, it was based on Sega's involvement in the console war, which , by the way, THEY LOST. That means best case scenario, the Good Guys loose and the story had no point, worst case scenario the writer creates an ending where Sega wins.

Overall, never watch this show, unless you're some type of masochist who watches shit anime on purpose, or someone who occasionally picks up bad shows for shits and gigs
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Yesterday, 10:35 PM
Shingeki no Kyojin (Anime) add
Well, I bought into the hype. This show lives up to it.

Story: The world in this anime is amazing. A weird Middle Ages-type world, weird humanoid things running around eating people, weird cord-type devices used to move around like Spiderman? It's immersive from the start. The explicit material is insane and puts you on the edge of your seat--I gasped plenty times throughout the show, just for how brutal and insane the gore was. Also, this anime deals with an extremely mature storyline that seems to come out of left field (**SPOILER:** Mikasa's backstory), which I thought was a nice touch. Every episode of this show is completely interesting--perfect for a binge watch, though it moves kind of slowly towards the end. The underlying themes of corruption brought into this show at the end, which will (probably) be expanded on next season, made the show just that more interesting to me. Only one bad note--the military formation stuff got really confusing to me, but without going back to try to understand much of it I could still decipher what was going on.

Characters: The characters in this show are mostly one-note and can be identified by one or two characteristics that they stick to in each episode: Eren is determined, Mikasa likes to save Eren a lot, says "EREN!" all the time, and is badass, Sasha likes food and is nervous, etc. I don't think this anime really *needs* a ton of character development, THERE ARE GIANT SKINNED HUMANOIDS EATING PEOPLE EVERYWHERE. This is a story-driven anime, though I will admit if there were complex characters it would push a wonderful anime into "best anime I've ever seen" territory.

Overall: Immersive story, gore and twists that will make you gasp and/or scream expletives at the top of your lungs, but one-note characters and some slow episodes.
Overall 9
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Yesterday, 10:16 PM
Sword Art Online (Anime) add
This is a spoiler review
Guess this came out more fanboyish than I thought it would, but I would highly recommend seeing this series for yourself just to make sure the critics are right.

Overall: 9/10 - While the premise of being stuck in a video game seems interesting, it's been done and the truth is that you don't get very far with that alone. SAO did an amazing job of focusing on characters and keeping things fresh. The characters really do make this anime what it is, which is an engaging and memorable series based on a somewhat cliche premise. Animation and art is beautiful. Overall, this is down as one of my all time favourites.

Recommended for: Video game fans, action fans, anybody who likes the premise.



Story: 9.25/10-Excellent

Creativity/uniqueness bonus points: Not super unique.

Humour bonus points: +.5 There are some pretty funny parts. Not all of it really hits its mark though.

General Plot and Structure 3.5/4 - The premise of "stuck in a videogame" sounds really awesome, but the reality is that it's really hard to keep your attention after the first 45 minutes or so when the novelty wears off. Luckily, SAO did a really good job at keeping it interesting by focusing on the characters and having some nice twists (though not everybody appreciated one of these twists). There are some plot holes, though nothing significant I wouldn't say the plot is a masterpiece, but it was very well done. . If anything, it gets better the farther in you get.

Pacing 1.5/2 - The pacing in the first half is very quick, I assume because nobody wants to sit and watch somebody grind away for hours. Even so, it did lag in a couple of episodes. Overall though, it was well-paced and engaging.

Emotional impact: 2.75/3 - It was very touching. The romance was probably the best part, and I'm not normally a romance fan. The hatred you will feel at one point towards one of the characters was truly shaking.

Conclusion 1/1 - The conclusion was really good overall, I especially like that it wasn't rushed.

Annoying/mindset-breaking negative points - None


Animation: 9/10-Excellent

Artwork 2.75/3 - The artwork in SAO is great. Backgrounds and setting are beautiful and unique.

Character Designs 2.75/3 - Character designs are all interesting and there is only one part where I got mixed up between which was which.

Action Animation 1.5/2 - Fight scenes are usually very good, but definitely could have been better given what this is about.

Other animation 2/2 - Animation in most scenes is great.

------------------------------ ------------------------------ ------------------------------ -------------------

Characters: 9/10-Excellent

Personality 2.75/3 - Aside from one 12 minute or so section that kind of bugged me, characters were excellent and rounded. While side characters generally don't do much, they added extra interest and depth to SAO. One villain is by far my most hated character, and that's saying something.

Development 2.75/3 - Development is excellent in the main characters.

Uniqueness 3.5/4 - All of the characters were relatively unique.


Sound: 8.5/10-Incredible

Voice Acting (Sub) 3/3 - I quite read more
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Yesterday, 10:10 PM
Aku no Hana (Anime) add
Aku no Hana is one of those anime's that make you actually take the time to think about what is happening. The anime itself isn't very well known but it really does have a overall feeling of the balance between good and evil to it. The art/graphics were not the best and more than likely a huge turn down to most viewers but once you are able to look past it you realize it actually is quite amusing. I personally chuckled every time a characters facial features were a bit sloppy especially the elusive gender bend character with the face and voice of a male but hair and social status of a female. The character development was just amazing, I personally enjoyed learning all the characters individual quirks. The story itself has a deep meaning and to really understand it you kind of have to put yourself in the anime. The story line goes above and beyond some guy stealing his crushes clothes, where from there it turns into a mystery, romance, and slight comedy ( if you have the right sense of humor). I also enjoyed how the book itself played a huge part in the story as well a times it almost seemed as if the book was a character on it's own. Once you start watching I can almost guarantee that you will binge watch, but maybe not. I believe that people whom have great imagination and also those who see the beauty in life will personally be touched. Overall I highly recommend this anime so why not give it a try?
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Yesterday, 9:45 PM
Btooom! (Anime) add
So wow I was...hehe..."Blown away" by this show...that pun may need some explanation if you have no idea what this show is about.

There are lots of shows nowadays that follow the style of 'Oh no, we're trapped in our favorite video game. What ever will we do?', examples being obviously Sword Art Online and Log Horizon. Log Horizon fixates more on the RPG aspect and the characters actually enjoy their new setting. SAO on the other hand is more of a WoW-esque game where players literally fight for their lives to escape. Btooom! on the other hand, is the best of both worlds, where players are familiar with their setting (AKA The game Btooom!), but have a strong urge to survive.

We all have people in our lives that we would like to be rid of and never see again. But how far are you willing to stress that emotion? Btooom! follows the story of Ryouta, the best player of the game 'Btooom!' in Japan, rated number 10 in the world. However, because of this, he is ridiculously anti-social and literally drops out of school to play this game. Now at age 22, that becomes an issue, for he has no job and his nonstop gaming is tearing his family apart essentially. In fact, this leads to the main plot. Recently, letters have been popping up in Japan stating that if you write someone's name, someone you want to disappear, and send that name to an address, you'll get a ton of money and that person will vanish. People think it's just a chain letter gimmick, however, it is quite real. Certain people whose names are written on these letters are taken and dropped on an island in the middle of the Pacific with no way out except for one method: Collect 7 chips. What are chips? They are surgically implanted stones placed on the hands of the contestants and the only way to remove the chip is to have the person die. Obviously, conflict ensues. The catch here is that the conflict on the island follows the game Btooom! where the only weapon one can use are different variations of bombs (see, now that pun makes sense).

I've been talking about the plot for a long time so I suppose I should move on to other aspects. The characters are all great and have very well done attributes and quirks, ranging from murderous 14 year old kid to a lawyer etc. Basically, there are all kinds on this island fighting to survive.

Animation work is really well done, especially where it needs to shine most, that being during scenes of action and explosions. The soundtrack is also, personally, one of the best I've heard recently. It's subtle, but adds a lot to the show.

I could go on for a lot longer saying why I loved this show, but I'll let the positives and negatives handle most of that for me.

+The two opening themes, 'No Pain No Game' and 'Exist' are both really read more
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Yesterday, 9:34 PM
Kimi no Iru Machi: Mousou 200-wa (Manga) add
This pretty much caters to all you perverts out there, myself included. You don't even need to get to chapter 200 of kimi no iru machi to enjoy these amazing chapters. Feel free to read them once you get to like chapter 144. Basically, this these chapters take an alternate route in each one, where Haruto, the main protagonist, goes out with almost all of the main girls in the manga. Not just goes out either...Let me just say these chapters should be considered hentai. Perfect.
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Yesterday, 9:00 PM
Psycho-Pass Movie (Anime) add
Just finished Psycho Pass: The Movie and without taking any time to collect my thoughts just decided to begin writing my opinion. To start off, no this isn't nearly as good as season 1, but it is still much better than season 2 (though really that's like saying a High school track star is better at the 400 meter dash than the top special Olympics competitor, so not exactly a fair comparison). The story line was quite intriguing to say the least and had a nice, but not entirely unexpected plot twist that any fan of the series should see coming a mile away. The animation was top notch, but what else would you expect; and the music managed to set a nice tone for the action. Some characters came back, even if they were mirages, and made this movie hearken back to the first season of the show, which after the intense average-ness of season 2 is quite nice. Overall a solid film that slipped up in some places, but hell, it was a herculean task to stand up to season 1, and this movie made an effort so props to it. Overall 7/10.

tl;dr: Tsunemori is bad at her job, Sybil is a dick, and I want to lick whipped cream off of Kougami's body.
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Yesterday, 8:20 PM
Petshop of Horrors (Anime) add
For any fans of Tales from the Crypt, this is most definitely the anime for you. Each episode follows a different character who has visited the pet shop. This 4 episode OVA is filled with creepy and spooky tales, and at the end of the episode, you may just learn a lesson or moral from each story.


Pet Shop of Horrors is about a strange gothic young man named Count D who manages a pet shop. However, this is no average pet shop. At this pet shop you can find a wide variety of 'rare' and 'exotic' animals. All you need to do is sign a contract with this man, and it's yours. However, you may find these rules hard to abide with, and end up with a disaster in which even death may occur.

I'm a big fan of episodic series, so this anime was definitely a hit for me. Each story was creepy and interesting, and the animal the characters ordered corresponded with the owners inner demons and troubles.What really got me interested was that at the end of each episode, a very interesting moral was taught. That was probably my favorite aspect of the show, besides the spooky ominous feel to it.

I also found the concept of this series very unique. The idea of a creepy 'animal' from a pet shop to move a long an entire story really intrigued me. I love animals, and like to learn about mystical creatures, so when I saw the title, I was automatically drawn in. This series definitely did not disappoint. Even with my high expectations, Pet Shop of Horrors exceeded them with its eerie tales of the characters dark pasts and their new pet which may in the end teach them a lesson.


Pet Shop of Horrors was released in 1999, so the animation is quite dated. I went into the story with low expectations of the art, but I was actually surprised. Yes, the animation was definitely not the best, but it was fitting, and was actually very well done for its time. It was also very unique in a way as well. There was no set style or pattern I could find. For example Count D and the detective Leon, have a totally different style. With the Count, his features were very pointed while Leon's were much more realistic and better shaded. This goes for not only these two, but for many other characters as well.

The character designs were pretty interesting as well, especially the Count. His tall, yet feminine figure added to his mysterious personality, along with his painted long nails, dark lips always in a small smile, and his hetereochromic eyes narrowed at you. The creature designs were interesting and haunting as well. This anime would have been a flop without the creepy and spooky animation.


There's not to much music in this anime, but nothing felt out of place or unfitting. When there was music, it only added to the dark atmosphere. No music needed to read more
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Yesterday, 8:16 PM
Akatsuki no Yona (Anime) add
I was looking for a good romantic comedy, and I stumbled across this one. The story had me intrigued, so I just had to watch this.

Story: 9
I always had my eyes on the screen every episode. None of the episodes felt like a filler to me. I really liked the concept for this story. I loved medieval and fantasy feel.

Characters: 10
It's so hard to pick a character, because I loved every one of them! I enjoyed Yona's character development from a frail girl with no determination, to a fighter with determination to protect the people she cares about. All the characters stood out in their own way. The way they interacted with each other was very fun to watch.

Art & Animation: 10
I really liked the art and animation in this. I had no problems. I loved the art for some of the comedic moments, as well as some of the more serious moments.

Sound: 10
The soundtrack was awesome! Especially the second ending. So gorgeous!
I really liked the voice acting, too.

Enjoyment: 10
Had me hooked. Didn't take long for this to become one of my favourites.

Overall: 10
Really enjoyed it. I really do hope they make a second season. I'd like to see more of these characters!
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Yesterday, 7:50 PM
Shingeki no Kyojin (Anime) add
Shingeki no Kyojin is an anime adaptation of the manga which won Kodansha Manga Award on the shounen category in 2011 and the utmost representative flag why kids nowadays will always prefer awesome action scenes instead good characters in a good story (we vidya now lads).

I try to at least be as objective as possible with these reviews, but in this case I can't not mention the constant annoyance the main character and his constant angsting about the things that happened in the first episode. Jesus Christ, his whole existence revolves around angst. Realistic portrayals of characters do not just use one aspect of them and blatter us over the head with that non-stop. There needs to be at least one high-moment to correlate all of the low moments. If he is in constant angst-mode and always shouting, it becomes meaningless and more of a joke or a running gag.

Now I know. It is shounen. What do I even expect? But the straw of thinking too deep into it doesn't work this time, because even when you scratch the surface of these characters, they still seem to be completely uninteresting. There is no concept worth exploring here, no good idea hooking you to the adventure and what is there, is boring after a few episodes.
Most of the things like character-motivation, their development and the pacing just seem quite off. The characters like Eren, Mikasa and Armin are completely one dimensional and void of almost any interesting aspect.

Up front, the more time passes between me, having watched the show and now thinking about it, the more average it becomes. I came to the conclusion, that the show severely lacks memorable moments. Many may call BS on me for that, but really think about it. Excluding what happens in Episode eight...I think, there was almost nothing for me to remember fondly. I'll say, that upon first completing the show, I quite liked it and would have even called it good, but that is just not the case anymore.

Also as enjoyment it's quite nice, but "Enjoyment" rating shouldn't be one of the aspects when making an impartial review and this is pretty much why 99% of MAL reviews are bad. There's plenty good stuff you could watch instead getting into this. After 1st season It gets insufferable -opinion even among the fans- so if you like action scenes just watch an american movie already.
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Yesterday, 7:09 PM
Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan (Anime) add
I would love to have given this anime tens straight across the board. However, since I've read the manga, the anime just pales in comparison. The manga story balances comedy with drama, whereas in the anime, there's a lot of superfluous comedy. The anime also introduces unnecessary characters like Oguni Genzai's granddaughters and has many needless fillers, which detract from the overall story.

However, that said... When they follow the manga, the anime is great. The first season has some fillers and takes liberties with the source material. However, if you can sit through it, the second season makes up for it. Following the manga almost 100%, the Kyoto Arc contains enough drama and action to make up for the childish fillers of the first season.

However, where it all falls apart is the third season. The anime caught up with the manga, which was in the middle of its final arc and had to air fillers. Fans lost interest, the ratings tanked and the show was canceled, without the manga's final arc ever being animated.

Thankfully, we have Tsuiokuhen to tell about Kenshin's past and the Memorial episode to show his future.

Hopefully, someday the Jinchuu Arc will get a full season animation.
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