Jun 17, 2013
Date A Live (Anime) add
Date a live is definitely one of the most popular and most hyped animes of spring 2013. Despite that, the show just failed miserably. Seriously, I haven't seen many animes that can be as stupid as DAL.

The only good thing about DAL is art and sound. I must admit that characters' design has been done beautifully, especially the girls ( which is the main attraction of the show). Though animation in action scenes wasn't well made, making these scenes boring to watch. BGM as well as OP and ED songs are fitting, though not excellent.

The show's setting is just beyond ridiculous. I've heard many ridiculous settings, but this show's setting is unimaginable, it simply defies logic. It really tries to combine TWGOK and Evangelion, and also tries to make a serious plot out of it. Plot's progression is not really that bad, but because of the absurd setting, I really cannot take the show seriously.

Last but not least, characters. I have seen many wimpy, idiotic harem protagonists, but this show’s male lead, Shido is just beyond my imagination. He’s the worst protagonist I’ve ever seen. He’s weak, stupid, clueless. He tries to save everyone, but don’t know how. He relies on others’ help to do the work, but still cannot do it properly. And some how all the girls fall for him.

If you want to watch anime that has good plot, avoid DAL of all cost. If you want to kill your time with some fan service, then go for it.
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