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08-09-10, 6:25 AM
May 5,
February 26, 2010
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Even though I am still a yaoi cadet, I have become hooked and can't go one day without a fix

Damn stupid chore also known as living, taking away from my pleasurable reading experience....really not got for my health.....


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laketica | 01-11-12, 4:05 AM

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Kannei | 08-30-11, 4:35 AM

Yo minna- san
--New Voting of the month is up -here-

Kannei | 10-02-10, 5:22 PM

Yo Minna Votings are up:)

~~couple of the Month

~~Main Pic Voting

Kannei | 09-02-10, 10:34 AM
bl obsession
vote here~
for the couple of the month-october

za3bola | 07-22-10, 12:58 AM
SIIIIIGH!!! pulling an all nighter at work's times like this that I wish we lived in a yaoitopia---occasionally walking in on two guys getting their freak on would certainly make the hard work a lot more rewarding tehehe

Anywho back to it....

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