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04-25-15, 12:40 PM
June 6, 2011
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Arinya | 04-09-12, 3:06 PM

laketica | 01-11-12, 3:43 AM

1. Get your NEW official member cards along with new member ID # HERE! Even if you received previous cards, the numbering system has been restarted and everyone can claim NEW ID #'s and NEW cards.

2. We have surpassed 4000 members!!! Get your 4000+ LE cards HERE! The thread will officially open on 01/12/12 Thursday ~8AM PST. They are available for a limited time, so get them fast!

ShioChan | 08-04-11, 10:06 AM

Minbari | 07-29-11, 10:07 PM
Thanks :) !

EatsSweets | 07-27-11, 11:53 PM
Sorry. D:

Smaster | 07-27-11, 11:39 PM
I hope the list was fair cause I tried to search for some exact one in your description.
Tell me those you liked after watching them.
They'll being back some nice memories to me...xD

EatsSweets | 07-27-11, 4:22 PM

Smaster | 07-27-11, 7:34 AM
Funny+bizarre.. you mean comedy with weird occurences.
Hmm..kinda hard to merge the two but I do have some that fit the category.

Okay lemme tell you some comedy you may like:

Smaster | 07-26-11, 7:15 AM
Yeah since MAL is a universal site there's always jet lag time differences.
So when it's day's night at your place.
You english is perfect as compared to some people I've met don't worry ^ ^

Okay..I can give you rec for short anime if you tell me a genre you want to watch...cause it will be like asking me to search for some royal ants in a nest of ants...xD

TheRower | 07-25-11, 4:14 PM
Your Welcome.(:
And Thanks.(:

TheRower | 07-24-11, 1:38 AM

Smaster | 07-23-11, 7:50 AM
Did you saw me as online when you posted this yesterday ?
Cause I'm sure I already signed out but keep on getting messages as if I was appearing

I'm fine here. And of course I can recommend you..any genre you want to watch?
You like ecchi? Try Sora no otoshimono both seasons, I just finished them and they were awesome :D
Boredom can be overcome with they say :P

Kasinika | 07-22-11, 4:27 PM
Hi everyone!
I want make in club Vocaloids LE (this mean first LE Miku later Rin, Len etc.) but I want make it special
so this is my idea :P
This LE can make you admin!
You just must make card for Vocaloids LE (only one card!) You can use what you want and make this card how you want
Here is only one rule!
If I tell that theme in this week is Hatsune Miku or Luka you must make card with this character not other
Send me message or leave me a comment on my profile if you want take a part in this contest.
You dont must be master in make cards!
This is just fun so I hope everyone will take a part in this :P
ok and now this what everyone want
Of course we have prizes!
  • Winner card will be official character LE card
  • We make you admin
  • You get special card (with this character who is theme of LE)

    Everyone can make cards for all characters LE (so you can get special cards with all vocaloid characters)
    What more ah other week other character so all characters have weeks.
    For this week LE character is Hatsune Miku!

    If you have any question just ask :P
    and of course good luck everyone

  • EatsSweets | 07-16-11, 1:04 AM
    You're welcome

    EatsSweets | 07-15-11, 3:34 PM

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