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04-16-15, 8:43 AM
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July 3, 2010
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Lost_Soul22 | 09-01-14, 9:19 PM
but your the one that is suppose to halp me XD

TDMG | 02-10-14, 3:24 PM
nooooooooooo You the nub

otaku-0x | 02-19-13, 4:16 PM
I need no weapons, I use my fists and my will of fire!

otaku-0x | 02-18-13, 4:17 PM
Bring it!

o1Miku_Hatsune1o | 09-27-12, 6:47 PM
LOL yay! :D add me? Unleashed.jpg is my Skype name c: I dont really voice chat/video chat lol i just IM XD

o1Miku_Hatsune1o | 09-11-12, 4:54 PM

o1Miku_Hatsune1o | 09-10-12, 7:30 PM
lawl, whats wrong? school? XD

o1Miku_Hatsune1o | 09-03-12, 8:36 AM
dood btw u need to watch Sword Art Online! :o its like... SUGOI! :o

o1Miku_Hatsune1o | 08-29-12, 7:58 AM btw heres the Master Yi guide I follow, its really helpfull! u might not get it thou.

o1Miku_Hatsune1o | 08-24-12, 7:18 AM
oh lol XD I personally love all genres of games! :3 LOL XD umm im not sure, but I do play it, lol, btw watch out for the LoL community, some are a bunch of try hards who get mad at u for "kill stealing" and other crap like that... >.> in general, some of them don't have good sportsmanship, but ull mostly experience this as u rank up, btw add me, im not part of the try hard community, i just play casual, my user is Phlutter level 13 i think? i main dem assassins! >:3

o1Miku_Hatsune1o | 08-11-12, 5:14 AM
sup Tan! I just came to ask if you ever played Persona 4 or anything, cause Persona 4 Arena just came out a while ago, and yea its a great game if ur a Persona 4 fan, it was also made by Arc, which were the people that made Blazblue and Guilty Gear so the mechanics are like the same :3 btw do u also have a DeviantART? X3

o1Miku_Hatsune1o | 07-11-12, 11:07 PM
o kk lol, lmao XD yea sry lol o and sry for the late reply! X3

o1Miku_Hatsune1o | 07-05-12, 5:59 PM
LMAO XD We gotta contact FPSRusshia then! btw are you retaking the SAT? or is this your first? cause my sis took it on February, but now shes going to retake it in October or something cause she didn't like her grade... :S (it was like 17,400 or something I think.)

o1Miku_Hatsune1o | 07-03-12, 8:44 PM
Ahh, lol, makes sense actually... well, because there asian! XD bet they have more material to offer over there than here, Im actually in a SHSAT training course right now, its torture! DX but yours is 40 days!? mine is only 10 sessions! o.o If it was me, I would be brain dead on the 3rd day. :( I pity your soul... T^T but you kno... asian parents... can't help it. :/ haha! true lmao XD no one has proper grammar these days.. not even me, I have a Filipino grammar accent.. .__.

o1Miku_Hatsune1o | 06-25-12, 5:38 PM
lol, its really fun X3, awww :( well hf in China! :D I bet its nice there lol, I really wana go to China and Japan! >.< I want to see the games that haven't been released in the US like KH and FF!! >3< **nerdgasm**

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