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Favorite Anime
Akira add
Waga Seishun no Arcadia
Waga Seishun no Arcadia add
Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa
Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa add
Odin: Koushi Hansen Starlight
Odin: Koushi Hansen Starlight add
Maken Liner 0011 Henshin Seyo!
Maken Liner 0011 Henshin Seyo! add

Favorite Manga
Hachimitsu to Clover
Hachimitsu to Clover add
Honey & Honey: Onnanoko Doushi no Love Couple
Honey & Honey: Onnanoko Doushi no Love Couple add

Favorite Characters
Yang, Wenli
Yabuki, Joe
Oscar François
de Jarjeyes, Oscar François
Takemoto, Yuuta
Tooru, Rikiishi
Rivera, Carlos
Samalin, David
Shidou, Hikaru
Kakizaki, Megu
Tange, Danpei

Favorite People
Ginga, Banjou
Ginga, Banjou
Ootsuka, Akio
Ootsuka, Akio
Sakakibara, Yoshiko
Sakakibara, Yoshiko
Shiozawa, Kaneto
Shiozawa, Kaneto
Tomita, Kousei
Tomita, Kousei
Tomiyama, Kei
Tomiyama, Kei
Yara, Yuusaku
Yara, Yuusaku

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September 2, 2011
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Time (Days) 162.7
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Completed 578
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Total Entries 751

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Time (Days) 1.7
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Favorite Anime Series:
1. Ashita no Joe
1. Simoun
1. The Vision of Escaflowne
4. The Rose of Versailles
5. Legend of the Galactic Heroes
6. Honey and Clover II
7. Zipang
8. Key the Metal Idol
9. Taiyou no Kiba Dagram
10. Devilman Lady

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Audio017 | 08-10-13, 1:23 PM

Audio017 | 07-16-13, 1:47 PM

KevS2 | 01-14-13, 9:34 PM
I loved the character development in Utena, all characters were fleshed out and it was super enjoyable finding out about them. I really enjoy the duels as well, the music was stellar for all the fights. I even enjoyed the filler episodes immensely. most of them actually made me laugh(mostly nanami curry episode). The show also has so much going on(IMO) that it's hard to pick up on everything on a first watch. The story was felt paced and nothing felt dragged out. Going back to the characters, I enjoyed all of them. My only complaint about the show is that sometimes the repeated footage can get tiring but those scenes are memorable as fuck. Sorry for this blob of me sperging on Utena but I ate this shit up.

chocolatematter | 12-15-12, 11:57 PM
10/10 taste m8, come play gw2 with me. I know you loved that short silly comp tf2 with me.

user20793843 | 12-08-12, 8:31 AM
oh sorry i forgot i had comments off oooops

user20793843 | 12-07-12, 9:26 PM
where's la la land?

KevS2 | 07-11-12, 10:16 AM
you read it

KevS2 | 07-10-12, 2:28 PM
literally shit on me on cooperative castle double

Audio017 | 06-12-12, 2:43 PM
I think you should log into Steam again, you were fun to talk to. I actually found this when I was asking Horo if he knew what happened to you, I wanted to talk about something. Of course if you aren't comfortable being on Steam then its no big deal, I leave for a few days sometimes too. Just wanted to mention it.

Audio017 | 06-10-12, 1:42 PM
Ive started watching it again as well, much more than I had in the past. I usually have two series going on at a time now, one with friends and one alone. I need more stuff to waste my time though, I get bored of anime quickly if its all Im doing.

Audio017 | 06-10-12, 10:52 AM
I appreciate that you thought about me given the type of email you received. Ive been thinking lately though that that's a bad thing, I might have to be less, well - you know. Horo seems to love your wall. And I seriously loved Madoka, I didnt know you watched it. I had no idea you watched this much anime to begin with. I asked you for a recommendation like two years ago and you said dennou coil (I still havent watched it) but this is pretty impressive. Im also glad you dislike lots of slice of life shit. I thought I was the only person who didnt like Azumanga enough to finish it.

chocolatematter | 03-25-12, 5:20 PM
I see.

chocolatematter | 03-25-12, 4:58 PM
you about that wacky game again

user20793843 | 03-25-12, 8:35 AM
Ydy, you need to have at least one cute girl on your list design.

user20793843 | 03-22-12, 2:17 PM
and from what i've seen they all have at least 40 episodes.. damn

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