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08-04-12, 2:08 PM
July 25, 2009
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Time (Days) 25.7
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Should I be worried if instead of studying for finals, I find myself reading 500+ chapters of manga in a week? :v?


I love you Kyou~~~<3
I also love you Kanade~~~<3
I can't forget about you Morishima-Sempai~~~<3
Mio-chan, I miss you~~~<3 (your fucking band sucks, but i still love you <3)

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Fraiiz-Wanderer | 02-25-12, 7:54 AM

There's still nothing there but please take a look n enjoy your stay^^

Sebsan | 01-30-12, 6:54 PM
yo you will probably like this new series called "Another"- im watching it now. check it

Sebsan | 02-08-11, 4:25 PM
"why am i still watching this?"

- don't we always ask that question to ourselves when an amine that hooked us in and had so much potential turns out to be more and more shitty?

Sebsan | 09-20-10, 9:50 PM
wait, what happened with your profile man?

gez i haven't been able to watch any anime for a while, or manga
its incredibly depressing

Sebsan | 08-18-10, 7:23 PM
enjoy enjoy

Sebsan | 08-05-10, 5:51 PM
WOULD YOU RECOMMEND BECK: the Mongolian chop squad?

Sebsan | 08-05-10, 5:28 PM
ahhahaha im joking, its just the same genre

Sebsan | 08-04-10, 7:47 PM
hahahah b gata h kei is hilarious. but i dropped it cuz yea it got boring
man ur comment made me laugh so much lmao
no dont worry, to love-ru is better

Sebsan | 07-28-10, 7:34 PM
HEY MAN ... angel beats was awesome, funny at times too ^^, but the ending and emotional bits seemed a bit too rushed. lol KANADE is cool, she reps the series but still i wish they made it longer so her emotions/past/character could have been developed more

Sebsan | 07-27-10, 9:28 AM

Sebsan | 07-25-10, 2:08 PM

Sebsan | 07-21-10, 7:19 PM
whats the life lesson?

Sebsan | 07-21-10, 7:19 PM
almost half way through it

Sebsan | 07-20-10, 9:39 AM
dude finished afterstory, man so good,

Sebsan | 07-15-10, 9:29 PM
well what happens in it that makes it a good ending?

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