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07-04-13, 8:35 PM
May 10, 1992
New Zealand
May 14, 2009
7 (Find All)
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Time (Days) 19.9
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Time (Days) 10.0
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Nothing to write, at the moment.

I'm interested into different genres of anime; Fantasy, Shoujo, Action, Romance, Mecha, Slice of Life, Drama, and etc.

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quash2772 | 03-27-12, 7:07 PM
Free Comment when you comment me (:

D_Silver | 09-08-10, 4:25 PM

animefreak8889 | 07-28-10, 12:08 PM
Mass Message Special A Season 2 Petition

Hurry and get the 400+ limited cards. I simply can't believe we made it to 400. What's next 500? Tell your friends because I am human and the word will spread slowly if I am the only one spreading it. :P
Currently I am posting this to every one of my club members wall, but I also have things to do during the day, so this mass message might take more than a day to complete. Thank you for supporting me this far. What should we do to make the club more active? Any ideas? If you do you are definitely welcome to comment on my page! ^^

CLICK here to request for a LE card NOW! ^^

Vengeful-Wolves | 05-28-10, 6:19 AM
btw, the mountain goats is a band lol

Vengeful-Wolves | 05-27-10, 5:06 AM
Dw, i have been really busy too. Yeah i'm traveling to france in a couple of weeks. Travel is what i do lol

What did you do at your party? ^^

Vengeful-Wolves | 04-13-10, 10:07 PM
Aww, please say hi if you see me!!! We can hang out and get coffee :-)

Cool :-) What do you want to do on your birthday?

I've just been to wellington, hamilton, tauranga and auckland so far. just the big cities. yeah concerts! i saw the mountain goats in auckland and they were AMAZING!

Vengeful-Wolves | 04-07-10, 5:11 AM
I see, well if you see me around come say hi! :-) Well you have to believe him because he has pictorial evidence.

Exciting! what are you hoping to do for your party?

I'm travelling around new zealand to visit family, go to concerts and find new places!

Vengeful-Wolves | 03-31-10, 1:19 PM
Interesting, where do you like to hang out around there yaneee? Yes, and Serious Sam Tells mostly truth ^^ What are you going to do with the big holiday we get?

Vengeful-Wolves | 03-30-10, 10:00 PM
My name is sam btw. :-)
I'm am too serious to joke
Serious Sam ^^

Akwatyka | 03-28-10, 12:37 PM
Hi there! I see you are using a picture of Yuuko drawn by Sy-a ( on your profile.
Isn't her art so pretty? *_*
... But you haven't got her permission to use it =O. Would you mind removing it or at least quote somewhere that Sy-a drew it? =3
Thanks ! ^o^

muzumuzu | 03-27-10, 2:51 AM
Yeah it is. It can only improve now!

Vengeful-Wolves | 03-26-10, 8:23 PM
You are! :-) I was the one standing outside the stall, the blonde guy.

Vengeful-Wolves | 03-26-10, 6:22 PM

Aww, kawaii! I don't think i have met you properly yet, have i?

Vengeful-Wolves | 03-26-10, 6:15 PM
I will start soon. is it good from the very beginning?
is this - - you?

Vengeful-Wolves | 03-26-10, 6:11 PM
No, but i want to start! i'm glad you rate it so highly! :-) is that multiply profile you?

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