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June 25, 2009
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About woody938
I go by woody anywhere, it's the universal nick I've had for many years.

I'm no person who's life revolves around anime, however, I do wish I could afford it to be more in my life. In order of importance to me, I'm a cyclist primarily, then a university student, then a music lover, and then an anime fan.

I can't say any anime character comes close to who I am that I know of but I do get some one liners and some... eeerrrm... "encouragement"?, "enthusiasm"?... from some that I watch.

There are some characters that I share different traits with though, such as Spike Spiegel's lack of care for what people think of me and for what people think I think of them, therefore I refrain from judging others.

As far as I'm concerned, everyone's on equal grounds, everyone has something they're good at and many things they're not good at, it's impossible to be good at everything but merely a good level head and common sense can make you not look stupid... or so it seems.

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Rychy | 02-23-14, 12:37 PM
I bought a shirt with Erza's insignia on it for Sakura-Con this year! lol. It's actually a decent looking shirt, I like it. It's official and from FUNimation.

It's only a matter of time before I buy a figure.

Rychy | 02-02-14, 6:46 PM
Figured you’d be excited about the ‘Sailor Moon’ reboot. Sounds like it keeps getting delayed … or maybe it’s just nobody is sure when it’s starting?

Vote for Erza for me! All the bonus points you can too. lol.

Yeah, I feel the same. I wish I had more time for the things I want to learn how to do. I also really wish I could stay a bit more focused. lol. Hope you enjoy learning how to play the guitar and stick with it!

There’s a Japanese bookstore close to me that I like to browse through, but I haven’t bought any kind of collectables or figures in quite a while. I pick up a manga volume here and there, that’s about it lately. ‘Koe no Katachi’ is a newer series that I’ve fallen in love with. I’m buying all the volumes in Japanese cause I want to support it ( only 2 volumes so far ).

Rychy | 01-20-14, 10:22 PM
That is a nice quality figure … sadly her face doesn’t look quite right to me. I really appreciate the heads up though. One of these days I’ll find an Erza figure I really like.

Sorry, finally responding to your previous post.

So is DFC starting again soon? No matter how much I get done I always feel like I’m behind and I don’t even have Uni to worry about ( just work and life ). lol. Learning to play the guitar is awesome. I used to play the piano long ago, really wish I didn’t stop.

The ‘Phoenix Wright’ games are great, definitely check them out if you ever pick up a 3DS.

That Sailor Mercury figure looks pretty cool. I have to admit I’m not really a ‘Sailor Moon’ fan, but all this talk of the new anime adaption has me quite intrigued. I think I’m going to watch it whenever it starts airing. You pretty excited about it?

Rychy | 12-20-13, 7:43 PM
Sorry woody, I’ve been meaning to respond.

Yeah, Lucy isn’t one my favorite characters either, but I really like that figure of her. I wish Good Smile would make an Erza. The only figure I have is one of Tifa from Final Fantasy VII. It’s nice, I really like it.

Don’t know who MonkeyWithGuns is, must have been before my time as well. I’ve heard ‘Yowapeda’ and ‘Ace of the Diamond’ are good, but sports series aren’t really my thing. My surprise favorite this season is ‘Golden Time’.

Hope you’re getting through that Physiology class alright.

I haven’t done much gaming in the last year. I really want to play ‘The Last of Us’ sometime soon though. I’ll get a PS4 sometimes down the line, but I’m in no big hurry. I actually really want a 3DS because the new Phoenix Wright game ( lawyer game ) came out a couple months ago.

No, unfortunately I’m not practicing kendo currently. The class times started to conflict with my work schedule, I need to figure something out so I can start again.

It’s really cold here in the Seattle area. It was snowing this morning. I just want it to warm up to like the 50s. What’s it like there?

Rychy | 11-28-13, 7:35 PM
Hey woody!! That Erza figure looks pretty cool. I’ve been waiting for a good figure of her to come out, but I agree, $130 is a bit pricey. I’ll have to think about it. Thanks for the heads up.

That Lucy figure is nice! The one from Good Smile Company, right? I wish they’d make one of Erza in her Heart Kreuz armor.

I’ve been watching mostly simulcast. I love ’Attack on Titan’ and ‘Kill la Kill’ is quite good so far ( not quite what I was expecting though ). Definitely worth checking out. I really like ‘Golden Time’ this season, kind of refreshing to watch a romantic comedy that’s not about highschoolers. lol. I’ve been meaning to catch up on ‘Space Brothers’ and season 2 of ‘Chihayafuru’, but keep putting it off. I still need to check out ‘Gunbuster’ that you told me about a while ago. Are you going to watch ‘Yowamushi Pedal’? It’s a series about cycling.

How's everything going? Things good at Uni? School certainly has a way of keeping you busy. I’m doing alright, taking on more responsibilities at work, which I’m hoping might lead to a better position at some point. Unfortunately I can’t really afford to go to school anymore, so I’ve been self-studying with my design and art stuff. Still hoping to switch over to that field one day.

I’m excited the new game consoles are coming out. I’ll probably get a PS4 next year some time.

Rychy | 06-17-13, 1:47 PM
That Birdy statue is awesome! Where’d you get it?

I hear the Persona series is popular, but I’ve never gotten into the games or anime. ‘Attack on Titan’ definitely seems to be the new big thing, I think the attention it’s getting is well deserved though. It’s really good so far and I simply love post-apocalyptic stories.

lol. Wow, that sounds a bit different from when I was around. It’s great that people are getting along though. ‘One Piece’ is big on the boards?! That’s a bit shocking. Is everyone new? lol.

Alright, I’ll just have to check out the Gunbuster movie then.

Well I certainly know what having a wet season is like. Hopefully it doesn’t rain on you too much. Glad you’re injury free.

I didn’t know you were in school ( or didn’t remember, sorry ). Sounds like you’re going for something in the health field?

In August I’ll be going to PAX Prime, which I’m really excited about. It’s a huge gaming convention in Seattle. It’s become so big it’s been hard getting tickets the last couple years, they sell out in hours, luckily I got some this year.

Rychy | 06-07-13, 7:58 PM
Hey! I’m glad you left a comment, I’ve been meaning to write on your wall for a couple weeks. I’m doing alright. Life situation is largely the same, but I’ve been enjoying my hobbies a bit more lately, so that’s good. Summer is finally coming around in Washington which is great ... the rain and clouds get a bit old even for us Washingtonians that have been here our entire lives. lol. How about you? Anything new going on?

I’ve been watching mostly new stuff lately. I’m sure you’ve heard of ‘Attack on Titan‘. Amazingly good so far, I really look forward to it every week. ‘The Devil is a Part-Timer!‘ is quite the pleasant surprise for me this season. A lot of hilarious everyday life humor.

I’ll definitely have to give Gunbuster a watch. Do you recommend watching the movie version or the full season? I’ll let you know what I think after I watch it. I don’t own many series on DVD, but I actually just ordered the complete ‘Birdy the Mighty‘ series yesterday. I don’t know what it is, but something has really set my love for Birdy ablaze! lol. I want DECODE:03 so so badly.

Wow, 7th sounds really good to me! But I guess we always want to aim higher. How many miles do you ride in a typical week? My friend’s husband got into a bit of an accident riding in a tandem line not to long ago, he’s alright, but it sounded a little scary.

I wanted to ask if you had any big plans for the summer ... but won’t Australia be entering winter soonish?

Rychy | 03-01-13, 6:57 PM
Hey woody! Check out this article on Crunchyroll. There’s a manga about a girls’ cycling club called ‘Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitenshabu’. I’m actually a bit interested in it myself. The color illustrations are really great and I love their team uniforms. There’s also a video promoting the manga ( still shots ). I wonder if it’ll get an anime adaptation one day.

Crunchyroll - Cycling Club Manga

Rychy | 02-01-13, 9:23 PM
Soooo close to beating Yoko! Darn. Seems like Erza did pretty well for her first time in it ( I think it was anyways ). Final Four seems about right for the IGN anime board. lol. I would’ve voted for Kurisu and Erza of course. Hopefully Sugu will be in it next year  … I like her more than Asuna.   

Future Diary is good, I bet you’ll like that. I haven’t seen the anime, but I’ve read the manga and really enjoyed it. The manga was finished long before the anime, so I’d imagine the adaption is fairly decent. Yuno … is an interesting girl. lol. I’ll let you experience that one for yourself.

It’s been so long since I’ve seen the first season of Shana, I barely remember what happens. lol. Glad you enjoy it though. Definitely continue watching TWGOK at some point and let me know what you think.

Darn these region restrictions! That really sucks, I think you’d enjoy Vividred Operation.

Rychy | 01-30-13, 9:28 PM
Hey woody!! Sorry I forgot to respond to your last post!

That sucks you can’t stream stuff from FUNimation in Australia ... to be honest though their streaming service is awful, I hate it. You might try Hulu, but I’m guessing the region restrictions apply their as well. Anyway I hope you get to check out ‘Binbougami ga!’ at some point, I really liked it. I totally understand not wanting to use non-legal routes to watch stuff, I don’t use them either.

Make anymore progress on the Shana series? I swear I’m going to finish Final someday. lol.

So how did Erza end up doing in DFC? You supported her to the end in my absence, right?! lol. Glad to hear she was going well. Who were the final four?

I love Kotoura-san! It’s my pleasant surprise of the season so far. I knew nothing about it besides the description on Crunchyroll, so glad I decided to give it a chance. I’m really excited for the next episode as well! Very curious to see how the whole situation with Moritani is going to be reconciled.

I’ve only watched one episode of Chihayafuru season 2 ... I love the series, but I think I’m going to wait until a bunch of episodes are out and marathon them. I’m a little behind on Space Brothers as well ( just a couple episodes ).

I wouldn’t recommend Vividred Operation to just anyone, but I think you might enjoy it. It has a Sailor Moon meets Power Rangers feel to it ( I know you like Sailor Moon ). It’s a bit silly and lighthearted, but I like it. It’s my guilty pleasure of the season. The fan-servicey bloomer shots are a bit out of control ... people keep comparing it to Strike Witches in that regard.

I see you’re watching The World God Only Knows! I hope you enjoy it, I absolutely love the series. They announced another season of the anime is coming out as well. Very excited.

Rychy | 12-25-12, 9:27 AM
Yeah I can definitely understand not being able to quite connect with something. I knew nothing of SAO ( or it’s popularity ) before starting it and ended up really liking it. Sugu is what made it so memorable to me though, I really really like her. I hope she remains an important character in the series. And yes, I was a little surprised Klein didn’t have a bigger role. I think he’s a good character, I’d like to see more of him going forward as well. I haven’t read the light novels though, so I have no idea what’s going to happen.

I love Space Brothers! I thought it slowed down a bit during the moon arc, but it really picks up again in episode 35. I’m very excited about Chihayafuru season two! So glad they’re further animating the series, it’s one that I definitely want to see through to the end. I liked Deadman Wonderland, I’ve pondered starting the manga, but haven’t done it yet.

Love Steins;Gate! I think you were in the middle of watching it last time I was on the IGN boards ( that might have been someone else though ). Definitely one of my favorites. Robotics;Notes is simulcasting on FUNimation now if your interested. The visual novels were made by the same studio. It takes a few episodes to get into, but I’m enjoying it quite a bit so far.

That reminds me, I still need to finish Shana Final. It’s an enjoyable series, I think you’ll like it.

Just kind of looking through your plan to watch list. I definitely recommend Binbougami ga!. It totally took me by surprise. I thought it looked ridiculous after watching a PV, but for some reason decided to give it a chance anyways. So glad I did, it was probably my favorite show from last season. It’s nothing amazing, but it’s got a nice combination of comedy, action, and heartwarming stuff. I though it was really enjoyable.

Well let me know if you watch something you think I’d enjoy. I’m always up for suggestions.

Wow! That’s awesome! Glad to hear you’re still racing. I’m sure you’ll get used to all the attention ... just don’t get caught up in any scandals and you’ll be fine. lol.

Merry Christmas! I hope you’re enjoying the holidays and some good anime!

Rychy | 12-23-12, 8:45 AM
Hey Woody! How's it going?

I love Sugu! I think she's great. Yep, we do have similar ( and good ) taste in characters. Our MyAnimeList compatibility is probably kind of low because we rated a few specific series very differently. Watch anything good lately?

Hope everything is going well!

vasplar | 01-11-12, 10:27 PM
i like your taste in anime!

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