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12-19-13, 12:24 PM
November 1, 2011
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chirale | 07-20-13, 8:47 AM
Hi wishstar! I've noticed you're in the Hanasaku Iroha club. Would you want to celebrate the studio behind this title joining PA Works too? Have a nice day! (●^o^●)

narut0rulz | 05-05-13, 11:06 AM

PzykoSkillz | 05-03-13, 6:06 PM

xochandaox | 03-25-13, 4:44 AM

Jori-kun | 03-17-13, 12:56 PM

Animegirl102 | 02-04-13, 5:32 PM

reiicchi | 12-20-12, 3:37 AM

Secret Santa 2012 has started!
It'll end on Christmas day, so hurry up and go grab your Christmas goodies now!!
❅Christmas LE will be starting today or tomorrow, so stay tuned.
❅Lastly, go check out the banner competition and vote!

CocoNoelle | 10-15-12, 5:14 PM

Check posts - #411, 412 & 413

MoonXArtemis | 10-13-12, 3:05 PM

_gRim_ | 10-10-12, 8:58 AM

If you want to subscribe, and receive future newsletters from
Dragon Ball Club, sign up HERE!

rouge_ciel | 09-26-12, 4:33 AM

or here (NOV 2011)
Sorry for the delay! v.v Hope you like it!~

LoveSong | 09-17-12, 10:48 AM

Member Card LATE-Delivery From Nadeko Sengoku:

Remember to SAVE & REHOST ..

LoveSong | 09-17-12, 10:23 AM
Member Card LATE-Delivery From Bokura Ga Ita:


Remember to save and re-host :)

Kyo- | 09-11-12, 9:09 AM

Dear members,
we hope you're all doing well ^^
First of all, we'd like to inform you that the Fate/Stay Night SE is opened, so if you'd like to request some, we recomend doing it as soon as possible since the cards have a post limit.
Also, we will open Kimi to Boku SE soon, so make sure to check the club reguraly ^^

Second of all, we'd like to tell you that the following shops are opened and your able to claim for September: Zodic, Country, Asain person, Asain Drama, Brand, Kosupure, Touhou, Anime Theme, Gamers, Family Tree, Lovers, Citizens, Musician, Singer, Teacher, Villian, Dere, Future, Twins/Siblings, Pets, Food, Wear, Chibi, Power and Abilities(P+A), Items. Salon hair style this month is short hair, Stop by the shops and claim your favorite characters!!

Lastly here to tell you were looking for some banner makers and card makers, if anyone is intersted stop by here and apply. Reminder if you apply and become part of the staff you get the nice benifits of being a staff member!!

Have a nice day ^^

PzykoSkillz | 08-18-12, 10:49 AM

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