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February 1, 1991
London, UK
July 21, 2006
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About wildinferno16
Hey there im a huge anime fan living in London. I like and watch/read almost every type of anime/manga as long as i find the story interesting. My favourite genres include shounen, action, comedy (especially high school ones mixed with slice of life) , slice of life, sports, fantasy and martial arts.
If anyone has any anime recommendiations that i havent watched ill be happy to give it a go.

I will accept random friend request although i would prefer it, if you leave me a profile message along with it :D

My favourites:

Anime Top 20: (click for more detail)

01.One Piece
02.Dragonball Z
03.Great Teacher Onizuka
04.Hellsing Ultimate
06.History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
07.Hajime no Ippo (both seasons)
08.Rurouni Kenshin
09.Yu Yu Hakusho
10.Shaman King
11.Full Metal Panic Fumoffu
13.Black Lagoon (both seasons)
14.Hunter X Hunter (+ovas)
15.Slam Dunk
16.Hokuto no Ken
20.The Law of Ueki




Favourite music bands/artists :
Abingdon Boys School
All Time Low
Aqua Timez
Asian Kung-fu generation
Beat Crusaders
Fall Out Boy
Foo Fighters
Franz Ferdinand
Green Day
Guns N Roses
Kaiser Chiefs
The Killers
Kings of Leon
Led Zepplin
Linking Park
Maroon 5
Pay money to my pain
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Scissor Sisters
The Script
Snow Patrol
Sum 41
Three Days Grace
Three Doors Down
30 seconds to mars
+ many more I cant think of right now

1.Football (Soccer)
3.Table tennis
5.hmm ... Basketball maybe - not sure tho

Last edited 5/03/2010

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xochandaox | 05-24-13, 9:04 AM
ohh.. I was actually just seeing if I should start it xD

xochandaox | 04-13-13, 7:39 PM
What are your thoughts on world trigger so far? Think it will be great?

Iceiam | 12-26-12, 5:55 PM
I stumbled across a person who has a friend which had read over 1.5k mangas and 3k animes. the list may overlap.. but still WTH. she makes you look like a casual reader/watcher.. .><

Kazekage_Gaara | 11-14-12, 3:50 PM
Not right now. I get grants instead.

Haha well it's been out for a while now. Still haven't played it yet though...

Yea it will probably be a while before it comes out

Well if Steam has a sale on it I'll get it

Yea I know. This is why I like Dragonball better I haven't been watching Naruto but I've been keeping up with the manga. Or at least trying to...

Well I started watching a few more episodes of it. I'm at the Davy Back Fight Arc.

Hm yea that's true. I'll probably try to get more into manga...

_gRim_ | 10-10-12, 8:56 AM

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Kazekage_Gaara | 09-10-12, 4:13 PM
Yea I have financial aid to help out and stuff...

Yea I just realized it's getting released to NA next month =D

Yea probably. I'll be hooked on that game that's for sure xD

The new Ace Attorney is gonna be for 3DS too

Hm that sounds like fun. I'll give it a try

Yea they spend like half the episode powering up in DBZ it's ridiculous...

Oh geez...I'm only in the 200s... >.<

Ah I see. I don't know why I don't manga much...I probably should read/continue some of them aside from just Naruto...

Kazekage_Gaara | 08-09-12, 3:12 PM
Thanks! =D

Yea and you won't have to feel homesick as much either. Oh I see. I might have to get student loans when I get into pharmacy school but we'll have to wait and see...

Haha yea I know. The games just don't get old. xD

Ah I see. It's kinda sad to see my DS just sitting in my room collecting dust...

Haha I will eventually. =D

I think it's better than the first. They improved pretty much everything on the second game.

Yea I might give a Ys game a try eventually. What's the game like?

Yea I know...I've pretty much seen all of DBZ at this point. I personally think DB is a lot better than DBZ.

But there's so many episodes... >.< How many do they have now?
Yea I can see you have over 200 manga that you're currently reading...How do you keep up with all of that...? 0.o And I see. Doesn't really sound like my type of manga though...But I don't really read manga much anyway...

Kazekage_Gaara | 08-01-12, 8:49 AM
Yea and if I take two semesters of it I'll complete a biomedical physics minor.

Yea and I'll get to come home everyday after class which is always a plus. Well they offered me student loans but I decided not to accept them...Hm I see. I usually spend a fair amount of money every grocery trip too...

Yea me too. It's probably still the same game but Pokemon games can be so addicting even though its gameplay is so simple.

Yea I don't have any consoles and I was playing it with a friend. I'm more of a PC gamer as you can already tell xD

Yea it might actually make me want to get the 3DS. I'm pretty excited for FE too

Yea it's really fun. AC II is even better because there's a lot more things that you can do aside from the story. Thanks I'm enjoying it a lot =D
Oh yea I heard of Ys Origin. I saw it on Steam during their Summer Sale. It looked pretty interesting.
Sword Art Online is pretty good so far. I heard the novel is really good too. I didn't have Cartoon Network back then so I never got to see any Dragon Ball. I found a website that streams old Toonami stuff 24 hours a day a few months back and they had Dragon Ball and DBZ in their schedule.
Oh I see. I still need to catch up to One Piece and what manga are you reading?

Haha yea that's true. xD

Kazekage_Gaara | 07-27-12, 3:57 PM
Don't really know yet actually...I would assume you would learn to apply physics into medicine and biology...Gotta wait and see

Yea hopefully I can get into a pharmacy school that's closer to my house. And grocery shopping does take up the majority of money but the money usually comes from grants and financial aid that the school gives me...How much do your friends spend on groceries?

Yea that's what I read that you can do... =D

It's a pretty fun game so you might like it. There are a lot of characters you can choose from.

Yea that's a pretty nice concept in the game. I'm hoping I'll get to play it eventually. And I see...

I actually started playing Assassin's Creed recently and I finished the first game last week and I'm playing AC II now. I'm currently watching Sword Art Online and just got into Dragon Ball. How about you?

Lol thanks. And yes I'm at the legal drinking age now. xD Probably won't be doing any drinking though =P

Kazekage_Gaara | 07-24-12, 8:35 AM
You're welcome! =D

Yep...Well I'm taking a course called Applications of Physics to Biology and Medicine this coming semester.

Yea but my school is too far from home so I have to live on campus. But buying groceries isn't too bad.
Lol yea I know. I think they said you get to fight previous gym leaders too

Yea it is a pretty fun game. The combos are kinda hard to do though...But it's probably because I'm not usually good at fighting games.

Yea I heard Awakening is better so far. I like how there's a new generation in the game so you get to play the main character's descendents. Oh but is it a good game overall? Oh okay then.

Pocoyo | 07-02-12, 4:45 PM
I am also wanting to learn the language but too lazy to put in any serious effort!!! I really really really want to go to JAPAN - it would be my dream holiday to go to Tokyo. Have you been to Japan? If yes, How was it and if No, Do you want to go?

Lets talk a little One Piece!
You sound like a massive fan so i'm assuming you have cried when watching/reading One piece? I know i have - even when I re-watch the same episode they always reduce me to tears!!!! BTW i have never cried whilst watching anything else in my life apart from One Piece!!!

Here is a list of my favourite episodes:
24 - Zoro Vs Mihawk (This becomes so much better when you realise who Mihawk is later in the series)
30 - Sanji Joins
36 & 37 - Nami asking for Luffys Help
86 - Chopper Backstory - Possibly my most favourite episode
126 - Luffy Vs Crocodile - The music during Luffys win is epic
236 - Usopp Vs Luffy, both crying at the end
308 - Luffy Vs Lucci (Usopp - My fave helping Zoro and Luffy )
312 - Merry Funeral
325 - Ace Vs Blackbeard
377 - Zoro Vs Kuma
392 - Supernovas
404 & 405 - Strawhats Vs Kuma
483 - Ace Dies
489 - Shanks ends War

So are you studying or working at the moment? / what are you studying or what job do you do? I'm currently working in a 9 to 5 office job in accounting - Very Boring!!!
Do you go to MCM Expos in Excel or other Anime conventions like ayacon/amecon etc??? I love to COSPLAY here is a link to my Cosplayisland account.
Let me know what you think!!!

Looking forward to your reply!

Pocoyo | 06-25-12, 12:25 AM
Your so close to me, I'm from Harrow!

Looking to make friends in the area that are into anime. You seem like someone i would get on with based on our love for One Piece!

Are you into other Japanese stuff? (culture, food, language, cosplay etc)

Pocoyo | 06-19-12, 11:42 PM
Massive One Piece Fan here!!
Where abouts in London you from?

Kazekage_Gaara | 06-09-12, 9:38 AM
Oh I see. Well good luck then! =D

Yea that's true and everyone has a subject that they're good and not good at. When I first took college chem it seemed like a totally different language to me, but after taking science for like 3 years I'm starting to get used to it. Yea math really is. Science is starting to be okay to me too.

Ah I don't have a job, but I get my money from grants aid the school gives me. I still end up with plenty of money for other things but I usually spend it on groceries during the school year since those are necessities...
Yea I think they said they were bringing back some of the pokemon from previous games like Lucario and Metagross
He uses evidence and throws it at his opponents and he also throws paper which apparently hurts too. He also has Maya who helps him and his air combos are insane. His super moves are really awesome too. He uses the dialogue sometimes too

Yea Fire Emblem looks really good. Hopefully it will be better than Shadow Dragon. And yea I've heard of Heroes of Ruin. It looks pretty interesting. Are you gonna get Kingdom Hearts 3D?

Kazekage_Gaara | 05-15-12, 11:04 AM
Hm well has summer started for you yet?

The long classes I've had were usually labs since they usually took forever...

Oh I see. That makes sense. I had a roommate who majored in mechanical engineering and his physics stuff looked like another language to me. And I see. Oh well. Math isn't so bad I guess...

Yea I like those kinds of games too. But I don't have money to buy them so I don' have a lot and that's usually why I mostly play free MMOs. Yea it sounds pretty fun. I'm kinda disappointed that it's the same starter Pokemon though...But it's technically still the same generation so I guess it makes sense...Yea I've been wondering how Phoenix can fight in that game but I've seen gameplays of him and he seems pretty OP...Yea hopefully it's not too bad...

Oh that's cool. I'm still kinda waiting until more good games come out for it. I'm pretty excited about that new Fire Emblem game though. Haha oh wow. That's quite long but at least you'll be enjoying it.

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