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February 1, 1991
London, UK
July 21, 2006
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About wildinferno16
Hey there im a huge anime fan living in London. I like and watch/read almost every type of anime/manga as long as i find the story interesting. My favourite genres include shounen, action, comedy (especially high school ones mixed with slice of life) , slice of life, sports, fantasy and martial arts.
If anyone has any anime recommendiations that i havent watched ill be happy to give it a go.

I will accept random friend request although i would prefer it, if you leave me a profile message along with it :D

My favourites:

Anime Top 20: (click for more detail)

01.One Piece
02.Dragonball Z
03.Great Teacher Onizuka
04.Hellsing Ultimate
06.History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
07.Hajime no Ippo (both seasons)
08.Rurouni Kenshin
09.Yu Yu Hakusho
10.Shaman King
11.Full Metal Panic Fumoffu
13.Black Lagoon (both seasons)
14.Hunter X Hunter (+ovas)
15.Slam Dunk
16.Hokuto no Ken
20.The Law of Ueki




Favourite music bands/artists :
Abingdon Boys School
All Time Low
Aqua Timez
Asian Kung-fu generation
Beat Crusaders
Fall Out Boy
Foo Fighters
Franz Ferdinand
Green Day
Guns N Roses
Kaiser Chiefs
The Killers
Kings of Leon
Led Zepplin
Linking Park
Maroon 5
Pay money to my pain
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Scissor Sisters
The Script
Snow Patrol
Sum 41
Three Days Grace
Three Doors Down
30 seconds to mars
+ many more I cant think of right now

1.Football (Soccer)
3.Table tennis
5.hmm ... Basketball maybe - not sure tho

Last edited 5/03/2010

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Pocoyo | 01-15-15, 3:18 PM
2 Years goes so fast XD
Yeah still in Harrow!
Still Love One Piece!
Bartolomeo is now my favourite character. He is/acts exactly how I would see myself if I somehow ended up in the "One Piece" world. Hope is joins at the end of this arc!

do you have any good recent anime recommendations to watch?
visited Japan yet?

Pocoyo | 01-13-15, 12:40 PM
Hey There,
I talked to you agesssssssssssssssssssssssss ago!
How are you doing?
You still in Hillingdon?
Sorry i totally forgot about this website!

zildoxD | 07-08-14, 4:26 PM
I think I'm gonna do that too xD

Skyline_R | 07-07-14, 2:05 PM
Sometimes I dream about that. Can you imagine? Meet your favourite characters personally, that would be so awesome xD

zildoxD | 07-06-14, 7:53 AM
haahah okay ;)

Skyline_R | 07-06-14, 5:07 AM
Someday we will all to be rich and we will all travel around the world xD

Skyline_R | 07-05-14, 2:09 AM
It sucks when we don't have enough money to do something that we really want :/

Skyline_R | 07-04-14, 2:21 AM
Yes, that's true, but I really want to know other places, like London, Tokyo, Paris, but I don't have money to do that xD

Skyline_R | 07-03-14, 10:57 AM
Porto it's nice, but sometimes I don't like Portugal, sometimes looks like every country is better than Portugal xD

zildoxD | 07-02-14, 4:17 AM
I wish I had the abilty to stop watching One Piece, so I could 'acumulate' some episodes. ahahaha

Skyline_R | 07-02-14, 3:58 AM
I am jealous. I want to live in London too :(

zildoxD | 06-25-14, 1:25 PM
ahahh i see, 'you must train you patience' ahahah -> this is wisdom speaking ahah

Skyline_R | 06-25-14, 1:06 AM
You're welcome. And you like Pay Money to my Pain, so you're awesome, eheh :)

zildoxD | 06-10-14, 6:13 AM
No I stopped reading the manga cause i didnt wanna spoil the anime. I like to have surprises while watching the series ;D

zildoxD | 06-08-14, 10:26 AM
Youre welcome ahahah, Im fine thanks, and you?

Thank you. I see we have a lot in common, One Piece favourite anime yeaaaah!

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