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10-04-14, 9:17 AM
Tunisia, Hammamet
September 2, 2009
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Finally, I'm back to watchin' anime.

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Hanasaku Iroha :screen shots.
04-07-11, 6:53 AM Edited 04-07-11, 7:12 AM

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Meomix | 05-09-13, 4:04 AM
The alligator wants you! To fulfill your new destiny, join us in our trials to glory and greatness to complete all 1700 kanji characters within one year!
YOU THINK I'M JOKING you ask, well bestow your eyes upon this.

Sign up for beta testing today!

And here is a pdf called "remembering the kanji" i advise you read it only after completing Wanikani and Genki kanji look and learn, it's more of a way to glance over the kanji you've learned for a quick refresher on what you have forgotten, because it has no guidelines on what exact kanji you're looking at it's kinda hard to follow, it's more for learning quick trivia on the words than anything else though.

Meomix | 12-28-12, 4:12 AM
Check this out it's a pretty good book on how to learn Kanji by comparing characters to similar drawings.

konnakude | 12-24-12, 6:52 AM
Merry Christmas, man! :D

konnakude | 12-06-12, 10:08 AM
I like it too, as it raises quite difficult questions: who can you trust or can you kill someone if you're own life is at stake. I also liked the idea that they were all sent to the island by the people who wanted to get rid of them.

konnakude | 12-03-12, 12:42 PM
Aaw, long time no see! :D

I'm doing the usual: watching a lot of running shows + editing some old series.
Have you seen anything interesting lately?

konnakude | 11-27-12, 5:21 AM
Hi, dude! Why so quiet? Long time no hear, lol...

ThatAnimeSnob | 03-10-12, 1:56 AM

konnakude | 03-08-12, 4:17 AM
From what I've read it seems that the enemies will be extremely powered up. XD

konnakude | 03-07-12, 12:36 PM
I've been both watching Bleach anime and reading manga. XD

konnakude | 03-06-12, 3:24 PM
Hmm, I do not read Toriko manga, so can't answer that. So far, it doesn't feel this way. Perhaps, one episode might be called a filler-like. :P

I'm so dissapointed in Bleach, so I can't wait until it ends, so I can move further...
But I'm so sad that such a series was trashed like that...

konnakude | 02-27-12, 3:45 PM
Did you notice that the last episode of Bleach will be on 27 March? So it's only 5 episodes left...

konnakude | 02-23-12, 1:33 PM
Stephen King: I feel like some spark is gone from his newer books. Sometimes they even feel repetitive or re-used from his older books.

Bleach: I was also quite shocked about this moment. I'm reading manga as weel, so I was expecting smth really flashy or cool, smth "wow!"
At the same time I liked this moment when Ichigo got his powers back and waved with his sword and was mistaken for getsuga tenshou. I thought it was a hilarious moment! :)

konnakude | 02-16-12, 9:38 AM
You do it when it's your favourite writer. :)

Idk why but I like his older books more, like IT or Needful Things, than the newer ones.

I liked the ending of The Dark Tower^^

konnakude | 02-13-12, 3:39 PM
Sorry, couldn't answer earlier - was busy with editing Chihaya ep 15 for days and was able only to keep up with running series and being here quite sporadically. didn't want to give a quick answer as King is my absolute favourite in that genre.

I've read all of his books up to now, except Lisey's Story, but even that I plan to read in the future. I just can't jump over a shock that Stephen King had written a "normal" book.

I admire his fantasy plus his ability to create memorable characters. My favourite series from him is The Dark Tower series.

As much as I like the books, I dislike the movies after Stephen King's novels. I've read somewhere that the write admitted himself that it seems that his works are hard to make into movies. XD

Do you have any favourites of him?^^

konnakude | 02-03-12, 11:53 AM
I suspect that he got finally tired during 10 years. Or perhaps hadn't thought longer than Aizen's arc. Sometimes you get this feeling from the manga that the writer is doing it under pressure. It doesn't seem fun anymore and Bleach went down really much lately.

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