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Savo- | 12-21-12, 9:52 AM
это лишь порядковый номер. олдфажность и принадлежность к борде она твои не отображает.

Savo- | 12-19-12, 10:54 PM
Konnichiwa ♥
Here's your member card!

I hope you like it ^^

SStefania | 11-19-11, 4:35 PM
I just came here to see if you wrote another one amazing review and HOLY SHIT I was right, you did it again. And once again there's delicious butthurt all over the truth you put in it.
It's a bad thing there isn't an RSS feed on people's reviews, guess I have to visit your profile yet again when new season comes.

Tyrenol | 11-08-11, 6:31 PM
I disagree with your Sacred 7 review, but I agreed with your Guilty Crown review.

Seriously, though. Japan's animu industry needs to be lead by its collective nose like a horse (like Marvel did with Madhouse and Stan Lee did Heroman). But, as always, I'm asking too much.

Kazeki | 10-24-11, 5:08 AM
From your review of Guilty Crown:

"What the hell is going on?
Are all of the studios compete in "who can make most stereotyped and boring anime"?

And one of your favorite anime is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
(world end scenario, giant robots fighting, huge breasted teenager with big gun arrives)

Still, Tengen Toppa is a pretty decent anime. Why?
Because it follows a stereotype-story that is interesting.
If a stereotype is interesting and entertaining why not use it?
I don't think you could come up with any concept that has not already been used for an anime.
Please prove me wrong if you disagree... if not I would appreaciate if you would stop talking anime down because they re-use stories and settings.

Edgex | 10-14-11, 9:41 AM
Loved your review on Guilty Crown, its exactly the same way I felt. Unfornately there is a real lack of creativity these day's, what a shame.

kregnard | 10-14-11, 7:45 AM
Just one thing about your review about Guilty Crown: everything is a remix, deal with it.

CornedTuna | 10-14-11, 6:09 AM
Now you make me feel bad. :(
I guess I should say sorry.

As you've already dropped Guilty Crown, whether or not your prediction is true, I'll be the only one who'll see whether this will turn out to be phenomenal or just some average shounen crap.

And again, I'm sorry.

Hugs~~~~ ;3

Nasty001 | 10-14-11, 6:02 AM
Nice review for "Guilty Crown," I guess it is very much guilty of using a lot of things from other animes.

AeonsLegend | 10-14-11, 5:58 AM
Lol, even though your English was bad you basically summed up everything that's wrong with typical shounen anime today. I haven't seen Guilty Crown though. Reviewing an anime on the first episode can be dangerous, but some anime never get better than their first episode.

I liked your review, whether it's right or wrong.

CornedTuna | 10-14-11, 5:54 AM
It's so cliched to see someone using the "kiddo" line in argument. As well as assuming that you're older than me is extremely laughable, kiddo.

You don't want someone to harass you? Reconsider typing that clusterfuck of words you call as a review.

As for me not liking it. Seriously, how could I claim to like it? It's just the first episode. I'm not so quick to judge on something like someone who's mentally retarded (e.g. YOU) does.

underoath777 | 10-14-11, 5:37 AM
don't listen to that trolls.
thanks for review, i found if helpful and decided not to watch that title.
p.s. if there is some mistakes, then sorry for my engRish )

CornedTuna | 10-14-11, 5:35 AM
Oh my. When did I say that I was a fan of Guilty Crown?

here comes first butthurt
Wow. So you're reviewing an anime on the first episode just to get attention? You must be some sad strange little man.

CornedTuna | 10-14-11, 5:26 AM
That is soooooooooooo COOOOOLLL. Reviewing an anime on the first episode while dissing it off with amazing ENGRISH!! It makes you look so goddamn retarded.

You deserve a standing ovation.

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