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battosai-01 | 05-24-13, 10:29 PM
Thats unfortunate, I live a pretty convenient place most things are walking distance and the public transportation is very reliable. You should try reading some other compilation works of Junji Ito like Jigokusei Remina and Shin Yami no Koe - Kaidan. There are still many works of his that I also want to read, but unfortunately not all of his stuff is translated in English. If you want to try some other horror manga I highly suggest "Look Me in the Eyes When You Talk" by the author of Parasyte and Goth.

I think Rose of Versailles would make for a great rebooted series. As long as they stay true to the original I don't think much things could go wrong. The main problem with older series is people do not like the art/animation. I think this is a little superficial, because if characters and story is good art should not matter. However many people still avoid old anime because of this reason. I'm curious if your watching any of the airing anime right now? I see you started Attack on Titan, but I think the real diamond in the rough for this season is Aku no Hana. The art style takes a little getting used to at first, but I think it's something you will really enjoy considering you like psychological/thriller stories :)

johnyjohny | 04-30-13, 12:40 AM
verlitas said:
We both have played Shadow of the Colossus & Ico.

I see what where your thoughts about Ico?

Kiur | 04-27-13, 5:09 AM
Thank you, your profile picture is nice too :) If you looking for new one, i could make you :P Added! I dont mind makeing new friends, so nice to meet you.

Maahi | 04-25-13, 5:18 AM
Lol.Then why bother yourself with those people.I prefer to ignore them.
Haha 12+ minute video? Given my internet condition, it seriously would be a hassle.
That really doesn't seem much off.Since you at least sleep during the night time.And I was like that too when I was a kid. :D I hope that the reverse timing ( sleeping during the day) isn't much regular for you. :P

Yeah! Lets hope that! Otherwise all your efforts to convince me that it's an amazing mouthwatering dish would go to a waste now. xD

You've never heard of it? Haven't you ever heard of room number "13" being unlucky in a horror movie or something.Or something like when it's friday on 13th, it's supposed to be called unlucky?
But you're sending me some,ne? :D

Omg!!! x'DDD It's soooo funny that we eat "honeydew" almost everyday ( since it's summer here now) and I never knew up till now that it's called honeydew ( I googled it).
LOL.But yeah, it's yummy! And it's a really common fruit here in summers. :3

Maahi | 04-25-13, 4:52 AM
OMG!!! I accidently sent that PM! I was typing a new reply. T^T
Please don't bother about it. ;_;

Maahi | 04-25-13, 4:46 AM
Would you be happy if you were somewhere else?
Thanks for not posting them.My internet is quite slow so it wouldn't have been fun to watch them that's why I already warned you,lol.Do you sleep during the day then?

Oh.I didn't know that.Maybe I can try it then.^^ And, lol, maybe you could send me some then. :D

Magical number? lol. I've surely heard that it's an unlucky number.
Um,no.I didn't give in much effort to it ( coz I had already made up my mind that I wont eat that stuff ever again). :p

You hate coconut that much? LOL.
And they are coconut sweets so what do you expect them to taste like? But trust me,you'll love them :3 Maybe you'll start to like coconut if you try them out. :p

Maahi | 04-25-13, 4:18 AM
Videos? What kind? ( and lol,don't post them in my profile) .What's the use of doing such things if they are not making you feel light headed.Instead you're just stressed.Maybe you shouldn't be awake so late.It's not good for health you know.

Lol.If you are insisting so much then I'll suppress the nausea and try to taste them sometime. :p But that shape isn't very encouraging.
But isn't egg one of the ingredients in it? Or am I wrong?

13 times? Who said that? There are so many dishes that I fell in love with when I ate them for the first time.But according to your theory, I'll have to eat pasta "13" times before getting used to it.You're kidding,lol. I'll die if I ate it one more time. x'DD
I love eating pineapple, celery, and coconut~ hehe. Maybe you should try eating them "13" times.They are really tasty you know. :3 And maybe you should try out some Indian coconut sweets- they are awesome! *already drooling thinking about them* LOL

Maahi | 04-25-13, 3:58 AM
It's around 4:25 pm here. LOL.What a huge time difference.
But why are you awake so late?

But I've already tasted it once and I SWEAR IT TASTES LIKE FLOUR!
But it was ravioli right? o.o
And my taste buds weren't messed up for that day only.They are permanently messed up,if that's what you call :p I'll just survive on potatoes for now. :3

Maahi | 04-25-13, 3:35 AM
Omg- I just had a lunch. :3
So I'm not hungry right now. :p

But thanks for the offer though.It looks <3 But I don't think that I'm gonna eat that stuff. x'D

Maahi | 04-04-13, 8:44 AM
Oh.I guess I'll get to read more amazing quotes like this one then. o.O

LOL. Do whatever you want! :PP

Maahi | 04-04-13, 7:59 AM
You're too bad. T.T
You deleted my comment. *crying* *pout*
And don't delete it- it looks nice! >.< Specially that quote!

P.S. : Now that you deleted my comment- I won't tell you that I like your profile pic ! :3

Maahi | 04-01-13, 9:10 PM
Lol, I guess it worked then. x'D

Maahi | 04-01-13, 6:15 AM
To be honest,I don't want to talk to you ever again! I tried to be friends with you and you didn't give a damn about it.So now I just hate you, ugh, bye now!

battosai-01 | 03-24-13, 1:03 PM
Well considering I'm from one of the if not the most multi-cultural cities in the world, I don't think it's really that odd lol. I got it in the "adult graphic novel" section which is a mixed bag of seinen and josei manga, with some more mature western graphic novels, I've actually found some cool stuff there. Gyo is very passable IMO, you should just read the manga, even though Ufotable is still one my favorite production companies, Gyo was a big misstep for them. I haven't seen the Tomie film yet, but the Uzamaki one was pretty great, although not as good as the manga.

They have been remaking a few of the oldies over time though they did a Mazinger remake awhile ago. Jojo's bizarre Adventure and Uchuu Senkan Yamato remakes are still airing and have been really entertaining and true to the original thus far. So who knows maybe RoV will receive the same treatment one day.

Maahi | 03-22-13, 6:05 PM
Hey there!^^

How's going with you?

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