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May 18, 2011
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Shishio-kun | 08-17-12, 8:45 PM
Thank you for entering my list contest! Please make sure its ready by midnight tonight (Saturday). You might want to check to see if all image links are still active- you can empty your browser cache in case if you feel the need to be 100% sure.

Daizuko | 08-01-12, 7:36 AM
Nice work on your list. Clean and fresh design!

Stereoman | 07-19-12, 6:08 AM
Tried that, didn't work at all. Our lapops have the same settings and hardware lmao. Oh well, going home tomorrow anyway so no worries \o/

Stereoman | 07-18-12, 4:29 AM
There is but my laptop can't detect it lol. Using my dad's laptop to download anime but I can't chat using this one. D: I miss you guys ;A;

Keyden | 06-30-12, 4:09 PM
Awesome podcast :) i don't want to confirm your selfish comment that everyone listened to it because of you (i do realise that it was a joke), but hey... :) should i create your fan club here? ))

Stereoman | 06-29-12, 2:47 PM
Ah, I'm visiting a friend this weekend, that's why my manga post is delayed. I wrote this in my previous FT manga post. \o/

But I'll be back tomorrow morning. Btw, why is this the worst day to be absent? Kininarimasu!

Stereoman | 06-29-12, 6:11 AM
I am watching it.... sort of... slowly, ehe... 8D
It takes sooo long to type with this virtual keyboard. 8[

Stereoman | 06-28-12, 5:23 PM
*Spamming on your profile*

Zarmyn | 05-21-12, 11:48 PM
Out of all the writers on Random Curiosity, you are by far the best and my personal favorite.

Akuto | 05-11-12, 9:47 PM

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Unknownentity36 | 03-31-12, 4:11 PM
just saw the spring post on RC cant wait to read wat u r covering. btw hope u get to blog about fate/zero

Shirt | 03-30-12, 9:19 PM
I bet I've outplayed it more than you. *chuckles* That Swedish House DJ wouldn't happen to have a name or perhaps more to offer, would they?

Good luck on that OST. I saw it was around the price of a Limited Edition Xbox 360 game on a midnight release.

Shirt | 03-28-12, 5:22 PM
I heard you liked Rinne no Lagrange a lot from your Podcast on Metanorn. I personally loved the opening theme. So much in fact that I happened to stumble upon this track.

Give it a listen. I think you'd like it.

Music by Nelac - Inspired by Rinne no Lagrange OP Theme

Unknownentity36 | 03-28-12, 1:38 PM
i like reading ur blog on randomc and i was wonder wat anime are u going to blog about in spring season. love reading the nisemonogatari blog :}

Don_Don_Kun | 03-06-12, 7:46 PM
Hello there, I noticed your post on the blogger's union about Randomc needing a few more writers. I already have a blog and am wondering if it would be okay for me to be able to become a writer on Randomc and still make the same posts on my own blog. If that is okay, I would be interested in writing for Randomc.

If you would like to get a sense of my writing skills, you can check out my blog at for individual episode write-ups and some series reviews. I try as much as possible to give an introspective look at things when I write about anime. I usually cover thing such as a show's pacing, execution and directing. So if you feel Randomc needs a writer like that, then I'm your man.

Thanks, let me know if all is good! :D

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