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Favorite Anime
Prince of Tennis
Prince of Tennis add
Nana add
Major S5
Major S5 add
Shugo Chara!
Shugo Chara! add
Samurai Flamenco
Samurai Flamenco add

Favorite Manga
Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan
Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan add
New Prince of Tennis
New Prince of Tennis add
Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo - Tokikake
Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo - Tokikake add
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! add
Persona 3
Persona 3 add

Favorite Characters
Oshitari, Kenya
Oshitari, Yuushi
Heiwajima, Shizuo
Sanada, Akihiko
Chris Yuu
Takigawa, Chris Yuu
Furuya, Satoru
Tsukishima, Kei
Date, Seiji

Favorite People
Hosoya, Yoshimasa
Hosoya, Yoshimasa
Fukuyama, Jun
Fukuyama, Jun
Ono, Daisuke
Ono, Daisuke
Kiuchi, Hidenobu
Kiuchi, Hidenobu
Midorikawa, Hikaru
Midorikawa, Hikaru
Masuda, Toshiki
Masuda, Toshiki

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aquas15 | 04-16-14, 5:56 AM
thank you! :D
sorry for the extremely late reply, life is hectic but everything is fine :D

GrafWutzenstein | 06-23-13, 4:21 AM

Kentven | 04-14-13, 10:38 PM
New season of anime seems to have a lot of good series, got any of them on your watchlist?

I see you really not that compatible with those gorey stuff, your wild imagination will haunt you for sure. XD

Rukayex | 04-12-13, 9:06 PM
Hahaha. I have no idea what shows are airing this season. My brother tells me Sakurasou is funny and something I must watch. But idk. I just haven't had any time lately due to school, work, that competition, and orchestra. >.< It's never ending!!! Did you have any shows from this season that you think look interesting?

I'm getting the other half removed probably sometime this summer. We did the first half just before Christmas since I was home and it worked out better with insurance to split them in half, lol. It sounds bad but it wasn't really that bad, though. :)

Whoa. @_@ When will it be? Congratulations to you! What's your fiancee like? *-*

Thank you! :D My research was on solar energy storage, based on my work in my school's chemical physics research laboratory. It sounds so fancy. It kind of is. Nobody in the world is doing what I am doing the way I am doing it. Though our school is so small and not terribly rich that it may not be as fancy as it sounds. But it's still really cool. Fancy schools like Caltech were even impressed with our work. So it's pretty cool. And it's a very relevant subject, plus I do a good job of making it so that anybody without a science background can understand it and be excited about it too. It's been an exciting day. :D

Rukayex | 04-12-13, 11:57 AM
Oh and since I told you about it... I wanna share the good news... I won that competition!!!! *____* Yay!!!

Rukayex | 04-12-13, 9:42 AM
No problem xD Lots of stuff going on here too...
I think Magi has completed already, though I also got busy and I haven't been up to date on anime or manga >.< I also recommend Tamako Market, which is an ~11ep series that ended a few weeks ago, I think. It's so cute and funny and cute. <3
Sounds fun XD I don't think I did much besides going back home for the holidays. Though I think I watched entire seasons of Bakuman 1, 2, and some of 3 with my brother during the holidays. *___* It was fun. And I got half my wisdom teeth removed. >.<
WEDDING planning?! Who is getting married? You? @_@
Lately I've been involved in a big annual school competition for undergraduate student research. There are two levels of competition, one for upperclassmen generally and one for underclassmen and first-timers. Unfortunately since I competed in the lower tier last year, they booted me to the upper tier, so I was the only sophomore competing against a bunch of seniors and juniors. D: That was cool, but also scary. First there was a paper and a poster presentation, then I found out that I made it to finalists!! So I gave the finalist presentation a couple days ago, and I find out who won in less than 2 hours.... I'm nervous and excited! :D

Kentven | 04-09-13, 1:38 AM
Yeah, I really like the series a lot, and basketball is my kind of sport. :D

I don't mind the gorey stuff, they surely take a lot of effort in making it more realistic as possible. But my after is the story itself since they fund the series worth millions of dollar as you can imagined. It might really be worth a watch.

Kentven | 04-07-13, 2:34 AM
Actually i already post the body part on my profile (the header part is not done yet) Somehow it looks good even though its incomplete. What theme are you talking about?

Currently stuck in winter season hoping to finish them all so could catch up to the current season. Other than anime ill try to start watch The Walking Dead starting to its first season. Still waiting for Kuroko season 2 :D

Kentven | 04-05-13, 8:35 AM
Well, i'm now plunging myself to be active on MAL, I just need a good profile design so could ready to roll out, though i dunno what to do next aside from com-to-com with my friends here on mal.

Just getting my chance of every bit of my summer vacation (yeah its summer here :P) I'm stuck at 50ep on Fairy Tail, >< Don't have time to continue but since the series was ended, i might consider to schedule a one way trip marathon. But i need to catch up with the current season lineup of anime first.

Kentven | 04-03-13, 11:25 AM
Hey :)

How's it going? Still remember me? Its been a while :D

aquas15 | 02-23-13, 4:07 PM
yeah, that's ryoma, but sakuno-ryoma shippers would be glad with the pic XD

I wish, he'd come and maybe sing winning shot if Zaizen's seiyuu also comes~

thank you for the birthday greeting ~ ^^

have you watched the new ova? I haven't watch it yet and tumblr is full of screenshots that makes want to watch it already XD

aquas15 | 02-18-13, 6:27 AM
haha, but I really love the idea of showing the adult versions of tenipuri characters, and sakuno was with ryoma, not that I care but they look like they're dating~
oh khr, yeah I love her TYL designs, especially Gokudera's, Ryohei's Appearance and Yamamoto's Scar. you didn't like dino's?

I wonder who will the next in line for VK,
he's always busy? now that you mention it, Did he appeared in any tenipuri festa? (because I don't remembered seeing him in then 2009 and 2011 one)

aquas15 | 02-15-13, 6:29 AM
hope everything goes well \(^ ^)/

hmm, I wanted to learn how to play a violin, but I haven't really planned anything :'|
they're 1 month old :3

I bet no one is surprised with the adult ryoma. Tezuka looked more manly than before and yeah, nothing really changed with kaidoh and I think they're eating at Taka's sushi place and Momo's the sudden hair change there's got to be an explanation for this. (I CAN'T THINK OF ANY REASON WHY KONOMI-SENSEI CHANGED HIS HAIR) I also saw a sakuno one. Are those the only adult versions that were shown? I want more! ^0^

and Happy Valentines! (didn't have time to make a card or graphic :/, Here have Shiraishi's Valentine Kiss instead ;P )
I wonder when will kenya have his own XD

aquas15 | 02-09-13, 6:52 PM
I've just read your lj post~
Marriage preparations? - congrats! no wonder you are busy and tired. and those merch! kansai-ben everywhere~ (excluding atobeXD)
I haven't really tried snowboarding but I know that feeling when it's your first time and everything happened so fastXD

really really busy/tired with school, just 1 more month till vacation~ and I'm taking care 2 adorable pug puppies :3
went to different cosplay/toy/etc cons and no luck with tenipuri merch.(I guess my only option is to order online ;A;)

btw have you seen the adult versions of tezuka,momo/kaidoh and ryoma?

aquas15 | 02-05-13, 4:11 AM
I finally made one~ Yay! and that new dp <3
btw how are you?

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