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Favorite Anime
Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail add
Detective Conan
Detective Conan add
Peace Maker Kurogane
Peace Maker Kurogane add
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood add
Nanatsu no Taizai
Nanatsu no Taizai add

Favorite Manga
Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail add
Nanatsu no Taizai
Nanatsu no Taizai add
Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden
Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden add
Akagami no Shirayuki-hime
Akagami no Shirayuki-hime add
Heart no Kuni no Alice: Wonderful Wonder World
Heart no Kuni no Alice: Wonderful Wonder World add

Favorite Characters
Nagakura, Shinpachi
Hitsugaya, Toshiro
Break, Xerxes
Wataya, Arata
Yamato, Kansuke
Roun, Rimudo
Heartfilia, Lucy

Favorite People
Kuraki, Mai
Kuraki, Mai
Yoshioka, Aika
Yoshioka, Aika
Kurosaki, Maon
Kurosaki, Maon
Ayres, Greg
Ayres, Greg
Takanashi, Yasuharu
Takanashi, Yasuharu
Park, Romi
Park, Romi

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About v3catsxanime
Hello there.

Thank you for visiting my page. I am very honored that you are interested in my ever-growing anime list.

I am someone who loves to watch anime and draw the occasional fanart, and if I really like a certain series/couple, I may write fanfiction as well. Personality wise, I'm a lot like Oreki from Hyouka/Lenessia from Log Horizon, and would rather be lazy and not do work 8D.

Inuyasha was my first anime, and my first ship was Inuyasha x Kikyo. Inuyasha: The Final Act also happened to be the first anime I watched while it was still airing. So you could say Inuyasha was my first everything ;)

I am in the process of finishing my rather long on-hold list.

My OTPs.

Gajeel x Levy
Elfman x Evergreen
Doranbolt x Wendy 8D
Kinana x Cobra
Shinichi x Ran
Heiji x Kazuha
Takagi x Sato
Kansuke x Yui
Kaito x Aoko
Sonoko x Makoto
Kogoro x Eri
Shiratori x Sumiko
Yukiko x Yusaku
Chihaya x Arata
Sakura x Syaoran
Hazuki x Cicinho
Levi x Petra
Mikasa x Eren
Sharon x Break
Alice x Oz
Meliodas x Elizabeth
Ban x Elaine
King x Diane
Gilthunder x Margaret
Maou x Emi
Mai x Naru
Ayano x Kazuma
Natsume x Harutora
Inuyasha x Kikyo
Miroku x Sango
Kohaku x Rin
Yato x Hiyori
Lucy x Hasabe
Natsuno x Kaori
Izumiko x Miyuki
Mirai x Akihito
Hikari x Miuna
Tsumugu x Chisaki
Riki x Rin
Chitanda x Oreki
Mei x Kouichi
Takiko x Rimudo
Yakumo x Haruka
Krusty x Lenessia
Shiro x Akatsuki
Edward x Winry
Al x May
Roy x Riza
Ling x Lan Fan
Accelerator x Last Order
Index x Touma
Shana x Yuuji
Ai Enma x Ren
Yuuta x Rikka
Tamako x Mochizo
Saya x Haji
Kirito x Asuna
Tamaki x Yuji
Kodaka x Yozora
Sakura x Nozaki
Wendy x Van
Yona x Hak
Decim x Onna
Shinichi Izumi x Murano

"You're always so quiet and calm, and yet sometimes you become so fierce that I can't handle you. At that time, I thought you were like the sea." - Tsumugu Kihara

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Sen-Allen | 06-13-14, 10:03 PM
I've been really great myself! I've settled down and finally can watch anime over the summer. I'm so hyped for summer season anime! I've already started preparing my list and of course you're free to look at it!

I haven't been watching much of this season very much partly because I was busy at university a month ago and it killed my schedule drive. But this allows me to catch up with series I've been putting on hold for a while as well as fill myself with sports anime/manga. Forever it shall be the death of me. It's a recently new genre I'm getting into and man my soul has been sold to: volleyballs, basketballs, bicycling, and baseballs.
(I think tennis and football make in there but I haven't touched those series as of yet. Hahaha).

I'm also translating in my free time but that's more hobby wise.

How are things with you? You doing well yourself? (´â½`Êƪ)â¡

Sen-Allen | 10-06-13, 11:51 PM
Hello there!

Yep! Your list is growing! I definitely can see improvement. Your senpai has noticed you. XD Sadly, I can't even watch half the series airing out this season due to how many harems that have been made available. In a sense, I'm so happy that the guys have a season to appreciate and love since they haven't really had any series to love and fan over.

So my watching list is shorter than usual. It doesn't look like that but it is shorter this season! Lot's of things to catch up on but yeah, at least you have buddies to have fanning and discussion moments unlike me. OUOb

Keep it up Betty!

Sen-Allen | 07-29-13, 4:58 PM
Yes yes. But I sadly don't write fanfiction. I just never thought I'd be good at it. I did attempt a start but during that time, my computer broke down so it got erased away with everything else.. I used to roleplay long ago in novel format though! It's been ages though... You have to send or let me read some of your fanfics. I'm sure it'll be great. OUO

Yes matching keychains! Judal hangs nicely on my purse. xD I got one of the bigger keychain sets though so my Judal might be a bit bigger than Morgianna. See? Aren't we good? Magi matching until the end. Hahaha. XD

I got your text! Yeah make sure to get your textbooks before school starts. Try used textbook shopping online or something. That way you aren't spending so much. I know a couple of people that have purchased books and they are spending over $100!! OoO I did look into the research behind buying the books so that really helped a lot considering the cost of tuition and university costs. Life is hard is hard...

Yeah, not good to get addicted to Hi-Chews. You can get them at any Asian Market though, so it's not really problem so much if you need Hi-Chews. I always go to the Korean Plaza for that. XD

Sen-Allen | 07-29-13, 1:43 PM
Ah it's really pretty! It's chalk full of info. I learned something in the process hahah. XD I'd say I got to see what your otp's are and of course I didn't know you wrote fanfiction! That was completely new for me to know! OoO

My summer has been going well! I recently went to Japan Town in San Francisco for the J-Pop festival. It was so fun! I bought a boat load of anime merchandise and of course manga imported from Japan. I was able to get series that I couldn't get here in California.That also includes two doujins as well. Also I got keychains! I got a Judal, Kise from Kurobasu, and Ikki from Amnesia. They're really cute. Plus the area had a lot of vendors and booths up kinda similar to an anime convention. I also got some free items given out by the booths. I love free stuff. XD

Yeah! I'll be able to show ya if you come over on the 3rd of August. OUO I left a message for you on Facebook as well a text on your cell. I hope they arrived safely. Gotta bond before the school years starts! I've already purchased my textbooks for class already. I'm happy I'm going for used editions. Never resorting to new editions if you can buy it used! OUO

sweetangie | 07-16-13, 4:51 PM
Yay thank you I'm glad you love my AMV and yes I'll definitely make more AMV of Arata x Chihaya near the future. *_*

sweetangie | 07-14-13, 4:35 PM
Yay thank you for your comment of my AMV I'm glad you love it and I really appreciate it. Yes I'll definitely will make more AMVs of Chihaya x Arata in the future. ^_^

sweetangie | 07-13-13, 9:52 PM
Here's the link to watch my newest AMV of Chihayafuru I made ( Chihaya x Arata) If you're interested, check it out. I hope you like it. *_*

sweetangie | 07-11-13, 6:18 PM
Yes, I'm happy to see more Arata supports out there, it's sad that we don't see many Arata fans:HE'S AWESOME but makes me happy that weren't alone I made wonderful friends who are huge Arata fans like me here & YES ARATA FAN FOREVER ( HUGE SHIPPER OF ARATA X CHIHAYA). *_*

Disapparate | 07-11-13, 12:24 PM
I could listen to him talk all day long lol Have you heard his Arata character song? His voice is heavenly!

Disapparate | 07-11-13, 11:37 AM
Aww I loved that scene where Chihaya was waiting for the newspaper! And then she remembered him in class from hearing his voice :D Arata has the best voice, don't you think? ;) I just love his accent!

sweetangie | 07-10-13, 6:36 PM
YAY, Arata alliance unite, LOL *_*

Disapparate | 06-29-13, 9:30 PM
Hi! Yes, I love Chihaya and Arata together! I've supported them from the first episode/chapter because I think they are so sweet XD Uggh yeah, there are way too many Taichi fans out there! Us Arata fans have to unite and fight them off :D lol

Sen-Allen | 06-11-13, 12:19 PM
OH gosh, don't get me started on Gargantia. It's by far my favorite series out of this season. It's really mind blowing and everything going crazy. Oh my goodness... Yes and the Hideauze were humans before, so IN theory that meant that Ledo's race of people that fought in space are actually the experimental forms of the Hideauzes! I'm here sitting like, man! That's really deep there and that Ledo has been killing people the whole time and that the Galactic Alliance chose not to do anything or tell anyone the truth.

But then Hideauzes are dominant forms of life and that experimented on, caused them to grow that big. So basically Ledo was brought to the past and that's why the message to the Galactic Alliance won't be received until 6,000+ years or so? Yeah, I'll stop here for now, since you haven't gotten that far in Gargantia. Gosh the theories all made sense. Enjoy Gargantia!

Yes more free time. Absolutely agree with you on that one. I heard the ARC kids are starting school this week though. I was amazed since they didn't really get a vacation?? More like a week summer vacation? OH gosh.... Good luck on your hold list too! I'm kinda working on mine. Lols. I'm also getting ready for the summer series that'll be coming up in July. You'll see a boost in growth in my already watching list by then. Plus the series that aired in Spring are ending soon too like Red Data Girl. I knew Miyuki would end up with Izumiko. That'll be another nostalgic series we used to watch together Betty. OUOb

Yeah I haven't received any senior ball pics but I got my graduation pictures from the professionals. You should have by now received those.

OH the Fairy Tale manga. I think I saw spoilers but, I know this week that a ton of characters from shonen jump series kept dying or something. Did Gray die or get stabbed? OoO

Too long. Too long. XD We should hang soon. XD OH and I don't think I can make it to Anime Expo since it conflicts with my Father's work schedule. Take lots of pics for me!!

Sen-Allen | 06-04-13, 2:34 AM
Eh?! I know! Gosh, I remember us talking about that before school ended! How do you feel about graduating from high school, eh trooper? We've done it! Man, thinking back how time flew!

I'm enjoying summer, enjoying the relaxation that has been a great reward after school. I'm also enjoying the free time to fully enjoy my anime's as well. We must spend it as much as we can!

Oh and the Suisei no Gargantia ep or should I say the recent one! Gosh, so many feelings. It really took a turn! All the Hideaze's, I never thought they'd turn out like that!
I was totally like Ledo just:

I'm really liking where Gargantia is going. Did you ever watch it's specials? It's like when Index had specials called the Chib-tan. Gargantia is more like Petite Gargantia. Check it out when you have time. OUO

It'll look like this:

Sen-Allen | 05-26-13, 5:26 PM
Ah yes yes. Slowly I am. I know I have a lot of opportunity to catch in the summer, plus us Seniors really don't have anything to do but relax until graduation. But man, I am pooped out after that Senior Ball. My lack of body stamina is totally zip.
No energy what so ever. What will you do with me Betty?

Ah ha ha.
I'll just be an observer like I was from that top floor. XD

A week Betty! We gotta hang out over the summer! It's not gonna be the end!
More of a relaxation method than anything else. XD

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