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02-27-10, 9:43 AM
April 2, 1995
August 6, 2009
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About untitled
Ahoy Matey! (:
I'm a danish born vietnamese, which basically means I have the typical asian look, but; what seperates me from others (ha. ha.) is the fact that I was both born and raised in an european country. Which makes it pretty obvious that I speak danish. It's a bit of a turn off though, that I barely know how to speak viet. Sob. I mean, I've got the pronounciation, I can read, write and I do understand it to a certain degree but, that's about it. Sad huh?
Anyway, I used to be an anime addict, but I don't know how that so-called 'love' suddenly decided to die out. I still read manga though (very few.) , but that's basically it. So, you guessed it, I'm here to revive the slowly dying-out relationship I once had with anime&manga. Wish me luck. -the world applauds- *bows*
Thank you, I love you too.

Apologizing for the nonsense above ^ I think I left my mind at home today. Sigh.
Feel free to leave a comment, I won't bite (much).

[update 02/21/2010]

I realized that what I stated above only described a tiny part of me, so here goes:

I like music, first of all. No music, no life, I'd say, even if it might sound a tad too mushy but it's practically true. And when that's said, I'm open to all kinds of music. I'll most likely prefer something over another, but I never judge the song by its category. From rock, metal, indie to pop, hiphop or rap, I like everything as long as it appeals to me. At the moment, my life is quite centered around everything korean though. From entertainment (music, variety/reality shows, dramaseries) to culture and food. I never thought I would get so much into it, but here I am, a kpop-addict lol :D There's too many kpop-groups that I'd like to point out, and well I think it's best not to leave out anything so let's just end it here.
I've joined countless forums (mostly kpop-related ones). You'd prolly find me under the name of Anh (like duh), unless the name's taken. Add me if you want, I just need to know who you are. =)

Uh, so what more to say? I like to draw, write and read, play the piano and sing/dance in the bathroom (oh yeah that's life). Pretty much what you would call the indoor type. I'm not an introvert though, I like to get to know people that I find interesting, even though they might not look at me in the same way haha. I may be quite boring to some, but for other people that I'm closer to, I'd turn let's say.. less sane.

More to come..


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Juste-Dino | 04-12-11, 11:11 AM
Hey! Shining Kpop group SHINEE needs your help.
Now we are in second place,but we need just a few hundred votes to reach FIRST place! Help Shinee to become THE BEST KPOP GROUP 2011.
Thank u for voting.

NorthPole | 12-16-10, 9:18 PM

PsyCoNoRikAn | 03-01-10, 7:46 AM

Member Cards Delivery~!

izzyimagine | 11-10-09, 11:32 AM
jeg hader karakterblad, hader fremlæggelser, hader at skulle forberede på tests nonstop.. and all that crap.

-ja, det har nina fortalt xD det er ret...sjovt..
nina går like i ..8..

PsyCoNoRikAn | 11-08-09, 8:55 PM
I just saw that...XD I already watched it and want the frickin eps SO BADLY! >.<
ep.8? wasnt it ep7.? I lost count already XD

Yup, Fell in love with him after I saw his Ssanti dance on Star King - Epic XD

PsyCoNoRikAn | 11-05-09, 3:03 AM
Well I dunno,maybe I'll join later cuz it haz Wild Bunny episodes. XDD

No ur not,so get a picture XD
U can stick to them all but I HAVE to choose? XD now THAT'S unfair XDD but I dont have a problem with that,luw them all,maybe sum more but Woo Young i 1st place for sure XD

that kinda I'm awesome XD

PsyCoNoRikAn | 11-03-09, 11:59 AM
Why would u think that,I'm not an active person when it comes to forums so I rather not join them at all cuz then I get flamed like "why wont u post anything,why aren't u online" and so on xD on top of that it's international,I'm scared i'll get flamed even more XD

Thank u~! why don't u have a display picture? xD

PsyCoNoRikAn | 11-03-09, 5:59 AM
Yay,glad u like them xD
no o,o give me a link and I'll see? xD

izzyimagine | 11-02-09, 12:59 PM
vi har lige fået vores karakterblad ):

PsyCoNoRikAn | 11-01-09, 4:38 AM
Member Cards Delivery~!

hope u like them xD

izzyimagine | 10-31-09, 4:05 AM
oh snap

-han fimser vases fims GANGE 2345!!
man falder om INSTANTLY når det sker, i tell you!
nogen gange lugter det som om han har skidt sig selv i bukserne...

-søvn er godt..... altid godt

izzyimagine | 10-21-09, 11:59 AM
1 point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! det er meget.
-hvad skulle den handle om?

-og omg. jeg sidder ved siden af. ..møller... JEG TORDNER!!!!!! han fimser i timerne, holder sig ej for munden når han hoster, har en STOR mave, ingen tøjsans!, NO COMMON SENSE AT ALL, TOO! so.. AWFUL! det er bare altid MIG )': ..

izzyimagine | 10-16-09, 9:43 AM
ah, when i've got the time, the time~~

-den er så genial =D

-det er let at få fire. det er også mega....average.....i hate average.....

izzyimagine | 10-13-09, 12:23 PM
yeah, pretty eh, hahahaaha.
vi har bare ej motionsdag :) *flabe-smiley*
oh yeah, god loves you....certainly does....... ... yeah

kommaregler som fx: altid komma før "men" + kommer før der/som, hvis man kan bytte rundt på der og som i sætningen + de det meste før hv-ord, blablablabla.
and i bet it can't beat mine. karakter: 4. føj.

IT IS COMPLETED !?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?! OMfg! OG DU HAR LÆST DNE ?!!!! endnu bedre.

i don't have any time for that, right atm... busy..

izzyimagine | 10-10-09, 1:42 PM
du må gerne sende det faktisk.. og ja, mit nummer er stadig det samme xD
jeg har btw fået afbleget mit hår, så nu er det brunt...og næste gang jeg afbleger det, bliver det orange o: !

-har i btw lært kommaregler etc? for det har vi, og endelig fatter jeg det..
-btw x2: hvordan var motionsdag? [:

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