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August 7, 1989
Melbourne, Australia
January 16, 2009
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i just recently started watching anime (again). i use to watch Dragon Ball Z, and pokemon as a kid but never really thought of it as anime. I happened to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion in Japanese some time and that's what sparked it off for me.
i mainly watch dubbed anime for two reasons.
1. im lazy
2. i feel if im reading the sub i can't really watch whats going on.
Don't get me wrong, im not a sub hater. i even think that if your reading the subs you understand the lines better. But cbf reading.
i hate anime that drags on forever. Drangon Ball Z was good but i'll never watch an anime were they stand and look at each for 20 min and fight for 5 mins. i just don't have the time. also HATE bad endings, referring to Air. worst ending i've ever seen. its a shame because i liked most of it. A good anime also lets me feel what the character is feeling. i love anime that has meaning, a point to it. Once i start watching a anime i usually see it through

And i'm always looking for new anime to watch

God only knows 99%

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03-26-10, 7:24 PM Edited 10-11-11, 12:48 AM

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Naisto | 05-20-15, 6:13 AM
The World Only God Knows is best. Nice picture man!

Axzqueen | 05-16-15, 8:40 PM
Hahaha euthanised xD Imma pray for your soul! But there's your phone anyway :P Yeah, laptop/computer is everything!

Woah woah woah. Fine, claim it like that. I ain't gonna admit it anyway HAHAHA! But, you need to be humble or else people won't like you :(

Lmao. Nice try, lol. Yeah. I think I am. Joke. Just like my anime and manga, I'm into everything as long as it's good *wink wink* Black and white or sepia or colored isn't much of a big deal. As long as I can still watch it haha.

Huh? What manliness? :/

Axzqueen | 05-15-15, 6:35 AM
Oh my gosh!!! Sadist things? :/ B-b-but I'm not a masochist. I'll definitely won't love that stuff. Ohhhhh better get other social apps then! :P Lol, me? disappear from MAL? That'll only happen when i'm dead or too old to open the laptop/PC xD

So basically, I won't get to see it unless I go back to AA? Fine then. Stay humble. I won't do it just for you but also for some people :P

Oh? I just searched it and Nicolas Cage did the remake. I am still watching it lol. I am watching that 1973 ver, the original one! :) HAHAHA yep. About pagans! You know me too well xD Hmmm I'll check out that 8mm one. Sankyu!!

I guess so. Fine, you are the best stalker there is! :D

Hey! Orange is definitely not feminine ._.

Axzqueen | 05-15-15, 5:32 AM

Axzqueen | 05-15-15, 5:32 AM

Axzqueen | 05-15-15, 5:31 AM

Axzqueen | 05-15-15, 3:45 AM
Yep. Deleted. Yessir! ( ̄▽ ̄)ゞ Will you kill me if I did not go back? Lol. Fine, yeah. Just taking a breaaaaaak.

12,000? If I remember correctly, you need 26,000+. Hahaha just post it on my profile. I'll re-dl aa just to read it <3 *wink wink*

Oh, I'm watching this film called "The Wicker Man" and damn. It's interesting as fuck.

Yeah, I noticed. Those 3 peeps below your comment is on AA and look at how much certeefiedpr denies his love for me :/ xD You do know that you are the only one who loves to stalk me, right?

Axzqueen | 05-15-15, 1:46 AM
Am actually dealing with major mood swings lol. I actually deleted the app, hahaha. Well, I don't want to be rude and just leave like that, although I have a tendency to do that— not saying goodbye I mean. That's why I took a break lol. Hopefully that'll do the work so I won't just throw away those 200+ days I spent in that app, hahaha. So yeah. Peeps can only reach me through MAL 'cause I turned my phone off and deleted every social apps lolol.

Lmao. That movie must've sucked big time, then? lol. Yeah *^* Feel free to ask me anytime. I'll be sure to give yah good recs *wink wink*

Axzqueen | 05-14-15, 1:58 AM
Whaaaa? I always thought of you as famous *wink wink* Yah, that's how I roll. Nah m8. My phone's okay and there's nothing major going on. I just felt like taking a break. I dunno. Getting bored of stuff, maybe? Lol but yeah, I'll be back soon enough :D

I just searched it and it seems to be one of those gory films. Oh, and it's also in the Comedy genre :/ Nah, I don't think I'll watch it lol. You have any good recs? I can give you recs if you want to watch 'cause goddamn I think I watched some good ones! Holy hell.

Axzqueen | 05-13-15, 3:15 AM
How's it going, my dear famous friend? lol

Empty_Echo | 04-06-15, 6:32 AM
Yush *^* I need to work in mah bio, I was just about to finish, but accidentally closed out

Axzqueen | 04-06-15, 6:31 AM
"always".... Highly doubt that. Lol it is normal hahaha. Maybe I should look for a bit more unusual series :/ But honestly, I don't think I ca watch those deeps hit plots. Hahaha I'll probably get bored or sth. I love me some action-packed and comedic anime. Lol thanks! I guess it is a good thing.

Empty_Echo | 04-06-15, 6:22 AM
Lel, that sukx fur him. He shuldnt have been so much of a bish.

Axzqueen | 04-06-15, 6:20 AM
Bish, why you so mean? I think it's actually about time I get my shit together and start watching lol. Even though I said I'm not in the mood a couple of days ago. Hahaha.

KanadeSong | 03-31-15, 10:40 PM
impostor, the real ucandoit is a Bronze V l0s3r

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