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August 7, 1989
Melbourne, Australia
January 16, 2009
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i just recently started watching anime (again). i use to watch Dragon Ball Z, and pokemon as a kid but never really thought of it as anime. I happened to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion in Japanese some time and that's what sparked it off for me.
i mainly watch dubbed anime for two reasons.
1. im lazy
2. i feel if im reading the sub i can't really watch whats going on.
Don't get me wrong, im not a sub hater. i even think that if your reading the subs you understand the lines better. But cbf reading.
i hate anime that drags on forever. Drangon Ball Z was good but i'll never watch an anime were they stand and look at each for 20 min and fight for 5 mins. i just don't have the time. also HATE bad endings, referring to Air. worst ending i've ever seen. its a shame because i liked most of it. A good anime also lets me feel what the character is feeling. i love anime that has meaning, a point to it. Once i start watching a anime i usually see it through

And i'm always looking for new anime to watch

God only knows 99%

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03-26-10, 7:24 PM Edited 10-11-11, 12:48 AM

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Axzqueen | 12-09-14, 6:28 AM
He he he

Stalking begins

julyan | 01-05-14, 4:46 AM
No problem. I'm glad you liked it.

Kineta | 01-03-14, 1:38 PM
Thank you very much for your recommendations. Ichigo Mashimaro is a series I vaguely remember hearing about but never really had any motivation to watch before. But I saw after you rec'd it that I've seen images of a few of the characters many times over the years and it would be nice to put a character to the face, per se. I only got a chance to watch one episode so far, but I enjoyed it and look forward to watching more :)

Kare Kano I believe I might pass on though, since I'm trying to finish reading the manga now and I'm really struggling through it for some reason.

My recommendation request text was probably quite difficult, so I apologise in hindsight for that. I wouldn't wish Daa! Daa! Daa!'s incomplete and excruciatingly slow subs (Frosti!! >:() on anyone, but please allow me to reverse rec you Toshokan Sensou. In the user recs, some liken it to Planetes or FMP (both of which you enjoyed) but I think it has a special quality unto its own. No pressure on the rec, but if you decide to give it a chance, I'd be interested in hearing how you liked it.

Thanks again!

santetjan | 05-18-12, 7:30 AM
Hi there,

First of all, my apologies for the late reply; the admin usually responsible for accepting new members has been inconvenienced for a while.
I'd like to welcome you to the "Critics and Connoisseurs" club. Please feel free to take some time to familiarize yourself with the club rules posted on the club's main page and in the FAQ thread.
We'd like the members to stay active by reading/watching the spotlighted entries as much as their time allows them to and also by participating in the discussion threads and most importantly by voting in the weekly polls. I hope that you enjoy your time at the "Critics and Connoisseurs" club as an active member.
Should you have any questions regarding the club please feel free to contact one of the admins or refer to the FAQ thread.

sinanime | 01-03-12, 11:19 PM
A whole year?! Oh ok, I can wait... not like I'm doing anything in the meantime anyway lol

sinanime | 01-02-12, 3:44 AM
Did Evangelion 3.0 really come out? It says 'Finished airing' on it's page.
Hope it doesn't take too long for the dubbed or subbed to come out too.

Infinite8 | 12-10-11, 9:16 PM
Yeah i think your right, there isnt any guy in aus who didnt watch dbz back in the day..
lols sbs ftw! ^^
Nah bro there isnt anything that interests me these days.. im loving the new HxH thats on right nows but besides that not much else.. well during my spare time im usually just playing games lol wbu any recommendations?

Infinite8 | 12-07-11, 11:59 PM
Sup, hey we got alot in common i also started watching DBZ then got into all of this by Eva ^^

NorthPole | 12-01-11, 2:36 AM

We hope that you join us again!

gigobyte | 07-06-11, 8:24 AM
Its already deleted bro :/

sinanime | 12-07-10, 2:59 PM
thanks man :)

Toddler_Naruto | 11-23-10, 5:02 PM
I'm waiting for Clannad After Story and the Movie to be released english dubbed in 2011 before I watch it.

I have been watching anime seriously since October 2008 (age 19), but I have been watching anime casually on TV since I was 8-10 years old.

Kaskoda | 02-08-10, 4:23 AM
K thx for that :D

Cian8900 | 07-24-09, 3:47 AM
Well I initially streamed but trouble finding sources, low quality, and limited sub selection (sometimes terra-bad subs) turned me off on that option. (I'm a big subs > dub guys. It's just my preference)

But yes it does eat up my bandwidth which only is a problem if I want to play BF2142 online >.> You see I have several anime series downloaded to my PC and since my computer is downloading 24/7 (I do give it breaks) I can't watch the shows faster than I download them. Once I got some shows downloaded so long as I keep downloading I'll always stay ahead of the curve. Plus I won't take my anime in anything less than clear TV quality (at the least) and usually go HQ or HD. That's only possible by downloading, and if I really like the show I can archive it to watch again or share with friends.

Sry for "bombing" your profile with a super long message, but I wanted to explain clearly :/

Cian8900 | 07-23-09, 8:05 AM
Thanks, references like yours are just what I've been hoping for. I actually already have 5 Centimeters per Second and Full Metal Panic! queued in my torrent, BUT now I know to bump them up for immediate download. But I never knew/heard about The Place Promised in Our Early Days and Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo.

Thanks again :)

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