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04-14-14, 6:16 PM
November 3, 2007
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JigsawTricycle | 03-21-14, 9:58 AM
I noticed you don't come very lot on MAL for a while, I need your scores senpai.

MALstats101 | 12-23-13, 2:40 AM
Wow your mean score is super low. Very nice!

opernlied | 07-20-13, 5:12 PM
wwwとショック! (;゜Д゜) I have no idea of how to go about starting that kind of stuff.

The gondola ride mystery is basically the translator being convinced that the gondola ride has some meaning that no one is able to get, in a way that is different from the rest of the story. Which makes it a part of the meaning behind RH1 and stuff, I guess. One of the things he said:

opernlied | 07-20-13, 3:06 PM
After reading some older conversations and discussions about SubaHibi, I can definitely see some sort of explanation of RH1 through Insects, the true ending, the Tractatus, etc. I might have caught Takuji's delusions at this point, though, so I don't know what make to make of it. Reading the discussions also made me realize how much I'm actually missing, so something like who Miu is supposed to be is bugging me. Well, got to read some more deepstuff before a rereading.

Also, there's apparently a subtle "mystery" like the gondola ride in RH1 which involves the fingerprints in RH2, I think. Know anything about that?

As for me, I think I'll take a break from moon reading for a while and stick to the English translations of Danganronpa and Grisaia (when it releases). If I do read something else, it'll probably be Sayooshi, Himawari, or Ourai no Gakhthun. Maybe White Album 2 or Baldr Sky if I feel like reading something really long.

When did you start reading something like Asairo/Saihate, actually?

opernlied | 07-19-13, 3:25 AM
So, I finally finished SubaHibi. I don't know, I felt like I had to tell you. That, and I probably want some sort of discussion. Like, for example:

- Are there a lot of kanji puns and stuff? There obviously some wordplay with Kimika and stuff, but there's apparently a pun/foreshadowing in "羽を咲き" in the 神登場の歌 segment and I have no idea what it is.
- What is the above-mentioned 神登場の歌 segment supposed to mean?

And probably a lot of other stuff that would probably be best to leave to a rereading.

moeshit | 07-13-13, 3:07 PM
Racist Yang is best Yang

Orion1 | 07-06-13, 5:03 PM
No worries I was just filling in today for admissions and couldn't find your name on the master list we have of members. You've been added. Do you know when you initially joined approximately?

Orion1 | 07-06-13, 3:12 PM
Hi tsui_mokei welcome back to the Critics and Connoisseurs. What was your original join name again for record keeping purposes?

opernlied | 06-02-13, 2:06 PM
Yeah, why haven't you finished Muramasa yet?!

Did you hear about Sakura no Uta? Apparently SCA-JI is rewriting it and it's going to be the follow-up to SubaHibi, with the whole 「幸福に生きよ」 thing. It'll be finished in 2014.

opernlied | 06-01-13, 12:17 AM
Sayooshi definitely looks like something to read, but the issue is that it also has a translation project going on. But I suppose it will be worthy trying after I get around to finishing a moege or something. I would probably tackle SubaHibi after that point, assuming the translation progress is still looking grim by then.

As for Jabberwocky II, there are always comments about it being things like "difficult to translate" or the writing style being particularly "SCA-JI". I'm not sure if that means it's actually difficult to read, but it definitely seems like something different from the other chapters, especially since it's often considered one of the most important as well.

opernlied | 05-30-13, 9:22 PM
Look who I got into the DB!

Random question: How experienced were you in moon before reading SubaHibi? At this point, I don't know if I will be able to wait for the English translation, but vocabulary makes things a pain to read. There's also Jabberwocky II to worry about...

Liebert | 05-21-13, 12:26 PM
Your taste is so great that I can't breath.

Jolon | 04-15-13, 8:38 PM

I'd little expected anyone to ever want to join my super-secret-no-invitations-to-anyone Yukkuri club, so I didn't even bother to check.

I thought having a club with no members was pretty Yukkuri to begin with, but you are of course welcome to join.

Weren't you in C&C? What occasioned you leaving?

mangoseller | 03-24-13, 7:21 PM
I can read Chinese, if you look at my profile more closely you'll notice that the text is Chinese (all kanji). How about you? are you able to read Japanese or do you use something like that.

PleiadesRising | 02-16-13, 3:00 PM
I'll admit that the 9 I gave to Alien Nine was influenced by my emotional reaction to it. I'll also admit that the story-line toward the end just kind of...ended. Yet, Yuri's own personal story and experiences, and how they built up, seemed to me important in how they connected with the viewer emotionally, rather than rationally.

So, my score is also weighed in how the entire story affected me subjectively, in how far it made the characters resonate with me emotionally. In that respect, it was fairly successful.

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