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“A regular wind-up toy world, this is.”

Hello there. I'm Touka, or rather, a mega fan of Touka from Utawarerumono and couldn't think of a better username when registering and that's what I go by now. I've been around here for quite a while, and used to help moderate the manga database in 2011 and '12. Sadly, I'm not the best at keeping on top of messages but, by all means, leave me a message if you want to chat. I might take a while to reply, but I'm always happy to talk. The websites I use outside of MyAnimeList mainly consist of tumblr and, so feel free to contact me on those if you want to, as well.

I'm a huge fan of Japanese cinema and Haruki Murakami novels. All About Lily Chou-Chou is my favourite film, Yu Aoi my favourite actress and Norwegian Wood my favourite book. If you share an interest in the cinematic works of the Japanese nation, then please join the Cinema of Japan club. We'd love to have you! I also help manage the Avatar club (which would also love to have you) and I maintain a tumblr dedicated to the work of mangaka Taiyo Matsumoto. If you're a fan or just want to see some wonderful manga illustrations on your dashboard, then please check it out.

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Kanai-kun ~Review~ (Matsumoto x Tanikawa)
11-12-14, 7:39 PM Edited 02-04-15, 5:02 PM
Evangelion 1.0 and 2.0 on the ~BIG SCREEN~
05-22-10, 9:41 AM Edited 11-15-14, 6:07 AM

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Awry | Yesterday, 4:34 PM
If you read this, take life easy and it'll be good~

Take care!

aflame | 03-02-15, 7:51 PM
Then I'll definitely read it, I haven't read much recently. btw your review was just awesome.

psilocybe | 03-01-15, 5:14 PM
I'm so glad that I found a lover of Taiyo Matsumoto.

aflame | 02-26-15, 7:26 PM
Hey Touka, i'm the guy from last. I think I'm gonna read Ping Pong!

Tuzo | 12-18-14, 5:54 PM

Zee530 | 11-09-14, 11:26 AM
Any idea why it was removed? did it not conform with any of the DB regulations? No problem, it was a beautifully written review, i also loved the story's description, even if it's not on MAL i'll take note of it elsewhere so that i don't forget about it.

Zee530 | 11-09-14, 1:36 AM
Hi, forgive me if i've mistaken you for someone else but i read a review for a one shot manga yesterday but i can't remember the name, according to the reviewer it was a collaboration between two writers (one was a poet). The story involved how people reacted to the death of someone or there about, i read it on my phone so i couldn't add it to my PTR at the time but i have a feeling you were the author but i don't see it on your reviews page. If you've deleted it, can you redirect me to it, if not forgive my intrusion.

EDIT: After checking my phone's history i found out that the name of the manga was Kanie-kun but it seems between yesterday and today the manga has been removed from the DB, is this an error or something?

Kondo-Isao | 11-05-14, 6:14 PM
Your Sidonia no Kishi review was great. I've read a lot of SnK reviews, and nobody even touches on the sound outside the OP/ED.

Subpyro | 10-19-14, 3:59 AM
Welcome back to the moderator position! It seems you and Loxaris plan to continue going for it.

Subpyro | 10-17-14, 6:16 AM
It's been three years and a half. That was a splendid read.

JCDRANZER | 10-13-14, 2:13 PM
Thanks, I didn't even recognise her.

JCDRANZER | 10-13-14, 1:46 PM
Who's the anime character that your forum avatar depicts?

rainwalk | 08-07-14, 2:10 AM
Oh, well it is good to know that the anime was faithful to the manga, because the anime was great (except those animations).

The manga is kinda short (only 50+ chapters) so I don't mind to read it (although I don't think I will read so soon).

I love manga more than anime, and I will give a try to see the art style and the play style, ping pong the animation is one of my favorite anime this year and I am sure to read the manga would be great.

Thanks for your help!

rainwalk | 08-06-14, 9:48 AM
Hey there, saw your review on ping pong a lot of time ago.
I finished ping pong the animation (which was, very good) and I was wondering if I should read the manga too. Did you watch the anime? and if you did, do you think that I should read the manga?

RabbytX | 05-26-14, 5:42 AM
Hmm, kinda hard to say as I just know the anime source.Well since most people talk about the animation, lets begin with that.From one point its rather unique to see realistic drawen characters (for exempel Aku no Hana) ,however I feel that the anime sometimes feels like a totall mass of curves and not even one stright of proper human anatomy is seen.Other than thet I feel the strongest point of the show are the characters.My personal favorite currently is China (just becouse its rare to see a foreigner in anime) and Smile to some extent...The music is mediocre but I kinda fall in love with the opening.So my final verdict about the current show is probably amazing source material (might check the manga), a good execution for the budget and to see an anime like this one is rather rare...might give it a 7 or 8 dapening on how it goes on...(btw sry for my bad english).Ohh and while I am at it could you recommend an anime/manga where I can just chill, as I feel rather stressed from the seinen manga/anime I watch usuely .

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