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6 hours ago
October 19, 2010
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Kebz0r | Yesterday, 12:02 AM
Happy birthday Tori!
I hope you have the bestest of all days, you gave me a fun summer so this is for you!

Proud to be your SOLC minion member o/

SparkleBunnies | 09-16-14, 7:12 PM
Happy birthday tori~! ^^
Hope you have lots of fun on your special day. c:
I'm a member of your club so it isn't really random. ><

Luvia | 09-16-14, 11:38 AM

Plinius | 09-16-14, 10:36 AM

Card Delivery

-: Thank you for Requesting :-

Thread -//- Cards

Just Crtl+F your name :)
If something wrong please tell me, cuz sometimes i am bit distracted :3

SweetKotomi | 09-16-14, 9:23 AM

Audiof3ar | 09-16-14, 8:28 AM
Oh, Happy Birthday my goddess.
Hope you are having a good day, and Olwen is making you a cake and wine.
Sadly, I removed all my photoshop/editing stuff on my computer so I can't do anything cool for you.. So, I will give myself as a birthday gift.

Silver4000 | 09-16-14, 7:49 AM
I actually forgot that I had this one saved on the mailbox.
Happy Birthday:

Manjuu | 09-16-14, 7:40 AM
Okaaaaay... that works I guess.
*silently cries in a corner*

Misa-chanx | 09-16-14, 7:33 AM
Happy Birthday, Tori <3
SOLC has always been my favorite club to work in, so thank you for allowing me to be a card maker in it~
I'll make you something after school =u=

LAOG | 09-16-14, 7:31 AM

Silver4000 | 09-16-14, 7:25 AM
I should be the one saying Thank You.
For all the hard work on the SOL club.
Best club ever.

And since I don't have anything to give, why not the cliched '' I'll do one thing that you ask.''
PS: Don't give it to King, Hax or nogood, they would do bad thing >.>

Mikuza | 09-16-14, 7:21 AM
Happy Birthday~ o/

Uncrowned_King | 09-16-14, 6:58 AM
I haven't included "domination" gift for your birthday!
I demand power of objection.

HaXXspetten | 09-16-14, 6:55 AM

You're making me blush >.<

Uncrowned_King | 09-16-14, 6:46 AM
I have no idea what you are talking about.
Don't call me slave, baka.

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