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October 19, 2010
2,644 (Find All)
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Time (Days) 162.2
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Completed 524
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Plan to Watch 65
Total Entries 652

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Time (Days) 34.6
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Completed 56
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Plan to Read 27
Total Entries 117

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About toridoshi
About me
A quiet and apparently "seemingly cold" girl with a passion for baking.

My preference in anime is Slice of Life type shows. I also like magical girls and have quite the soft spot for "cute girls doing cute things."
Besides what is already listed on my favorites, I'm fond of the following anime: Usagi Drop, Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita, Cardcaptor Sakura, Natsume Yuujinchou, Hanasaku Iroha, NHK ni Youkoso!, Shiki, Air, Aria, Sailor Moon, the Monogatari series and Princess Tutu. I wouldn't necessarily call all of them "favorites," but they are all titles that stand out for me.

I really dislike the majority of tsundere characters. I find characters like Haruhi Suzumiya, Shana, Taiga Aisaka, Kirino Kousaka, Louise, etc to be very vile but Haruhi is extra vile.

I'm too busy to create a new profile layout right now, so this brief "about me" will have to suffice for the time being.

Random Video

I'm calling you, dear:

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LAOG | 07-19-14, 9:08 AM
How was your trip back home?

HaXXspetten | 07-18-14, 6:03 AM
oi I just showered you know? They're as clean as my conscience

though I did fap just before that

HaXXspetten | 07-18-14, 4:46 AM
*rubs head*

HaXXspetten | 07-18-14, 3:32 AM
dai suki

HaXXspetten | 07-18-14, 2:03 AM

Misa-chanx | 07-17-14, 9:55 PM
No problem <3

LAOG | 07-17-14, 9:31 PM

HaXXspetten | 07-17-14, 2:54 AM


Misa-chanx | 07-16-14, 12:05 AM

>>if there's a problem, let me know and I'll fix it<<

Slice of Life Club
~ Weekly Claiming~
Claim MAL user as Husbando/Waifu

HaXXspetten | 07-15-14, 5:18 AM
D-do you really think I would do such a... thing?
*tehe* :P

HaXXspetten | 07-15-14, 12:13 AM

I'm sorry I can't be there to protect you but if anything bad ever happens to you you're always welcome to come cry in my arms

HaXXspetten | 07-14-14, 8:51 AM
I'll wait for you in the afterlife ;_;

..if my body is ever found that is >.>

HaXXspetten | 07-14-14, 8:12 AM
Your vulnerable side is part of what makes you ero-kawaii you know?
I.E. irresistable.

also since when is baka a honorific? >.<

HaXXspetten | 07-14-14, 5:50 AM
*Sneaks into imouto's bed and starts cuddling cheek to cheek*

Uncrowned_King | 07-13-14, 11:42 PM

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