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April 9, 1999
July 19, 2012
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Bacchi-gu-Sama | 04-09-14, 11:48 AM
Happy Birthday!

gabrieer | 12-27-12, 11:23 AM
Whoa, you have Bakuman in favourite like me! :')

Baurus | 11-25-12, 4:41 AM
Canceled?... too bad... Well, sure i'll read it, i think it's interesting.

And one question: Why you haven't got score in your mangas? I think it's useful, for the compatibility, and the favorites. You should do it :D

Baurus | 11-25-12, 3:17 AM
Wow, Detective Conan, it has got 838 chapters. have you got energy to read all? xD

Me, i'm reading Koisome Momiji, a recent canceled Weekly Jump. And Rosario Vampire.
After that, i plan to read Kiben Gakuha.

I see you have Kiben Gakuha in favorites, what's it about?

BlindNoldor | 11-24-12, 2:03 PM
hmmm... I wouldn't say that the anime is worst than the manga. You probably have heard that because the anime endings is a little... ¿unique? The truth is that is a really mindfucking ending that take your time to fully undertand and that left things a bit hang in the air, but the real ending was later done on a film so if you just watch the first 24 chapters and then watch the film is the same than read the manga. The manga is a good adaptation that only change few details. Although I prefer the manga, because the relationship between Shinji and Rei is much deeper than in the anime, and I'm a huge fan of Rei.

Baurus | 11-24-12, 12:12 PM
Hi tools! Long time ago we don't talk xD

What are you reading now? : )

BlindNoldor | 11-21-12, 3:15 PM
Good luck if you're going with Detective Conan, there are more than 800 chapters, it will take you a will. Although I'm not the one to say that, I'm reading one that will reach the 1000 chapters this year :)

Also, is quite strange if you read Evangelion manga before watching the anime. Not that it matters too much, but the manga is the adaptation of the anime so it's finished already. And well, I like to read/watch things in order they are published :)

BlindNoldor | 11-19-12, 2:42 PM
What do you think about Bakuman's ending? :)

BlindNoldor | 10-11-12, 2:44 PM
I read all my mangas in English on MangaFox. I have an account there and it marks the last chapter you have read to continue where you left it last time. Except for Naruto, Bleach and One Piece, that I read in Spanish, I read all the other mangas in English, mainly because the Spanish translations for other mangas are very very bad. Sometimes even the official tranlations. I have bought some Claymore volumes and they are very bad translated. At least Death Note and Bakuman are fairly good translated.

Baurus | 10-11-12, 3:31 AM
Yes, xD. We have compatibility 98,5%, is for family xD

BlindNoldor | 10-10-12, 3:59 PM
The manga is called Kiben Gakuha. It's way way more dark than Trap but it reminds me to it. What amazes me about that manga is the artwork, it fits so well with the horror stories.

BlindNoldor | 10-10-12, 2:10 PM
Well, there is an Otter's Eleven chapter published, although I haven't read it yet. I also found a manga similar to Trap and PCP but it was cancelled too soon. That's the worst thing of Shounen Jump.

Baurus | 10-10-12, 12:41 PM
Hey, you added to friend list my brother, AlexiLaiho09, haha xD

BlindNoldor | 10-09-12, 2:33 PM
If there would be something like Crow it would be epic, but something like Reversi seems more logical for them. Although my favorite from Bakuman is The Classroom of Truth.

BlindNoldor | 10-07-12, 3:12 PM
A friend and I use to discuss about it. We think they are working on a fight manga, mostly because Bakuman story seems to be the story of their lives :) I'm of the opinion that they will wait to Naruto ending before present it on Shounen Jump.

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