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May 22, 1992
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My taste > your taste. Deal with it.

I am currently enlisted in the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) as a combat soldier and have been there for over 2 years now. Recently I've been promoted to Staff Sergeant.

So get down and give me 20, maggot.

I'm just looking for entertaining and/or interesting anime, and don't prefer any specific genre.

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Vaitihare | 04-30-15, 3:49 PM
Remenber I learn from You <3

Merridian | 06-01-11, 10:41 PM
Yeah, I equalized all the Clannad shit across the board for basically no reason. I should probably put Tomoyo's back up to an 8, since it puts both seasons to shame in the space of like 23 minutes. And I totally agree with your thoughts on Kyou's special. The best girl got a really cheap "chapter" for herself, and the episode itself was paced poorly as well. Things were simply too rushed to deliver any significant impact behind the love triangle.

oh well. It's KEY after all.

And your points about AS are the reason I rated it at a solid 7. It's first half is incredibly retarded almost all the way through. And then its second half, although balancing some of the drama a little better, ends up messing around with time skips that don't really feel like time skips. AS as a whole was a very strange hodge-podge of a story. Its aesthetics were good, though.

but the fucking yakuza

how do they work

Merridian | 05-24-11, 7:41 PM
[x] wife dies
[x] all alone ;___;
[x] pseudo-raises daughter for five-some years with help of in-laws
[x] doesn’t hook up with incredibly hot kindergarten teacher that he knew from his school days

[x] time travel lol


Merridian | 05-17-11, 10:59 PM
Yeah, Clannad's melodrama was ridiculously manipulative, to the point that suspension of disbelief was tossed out the window quite a few times (like in that tennis ball episode you noted). I'm writing up a pseudo-review for EGF summing up my thoughts on the show. The short version is that Ishihara's direction is really good, but the weight the show tries to carry doesn't persist or maintain itself very well. If the melodrama affected you at all, it ceases to after the episode ends. It's not like, say, Shinkai (maybe he's a bad example, but shit man, he still manages to get me when I watch his shit) where he'll have equally ridiculous high school dorammaz but he'll present it in a way that keeps the atmosphere in your mind long after you walked away from your computer and eaten, exercised, gone someplace else, done other shit, and hours later you're still feeling like you just finished watching his movie. It stays with you. The drama is stupidly mundane, but the way it's presented is impeccable.

Clannad though... not so much. The drama tries for that level of "WHOA" but it falls way way wayyyyyyyyy short.

And the thing is, Ishihara has IMO since demonstrated his ability to BE this caliber of director. Disappearance had all the right things in all the right amounts, and although the atmospheres of Disappearance weren't overly melancholic or of all-consuming dread, they were still laid on thick, fluctuated wildly, and managed to provoke some serious elation after the film ended. It works as a good pick-me-up, I think. But like many other directors (and many other writers, even outside of anime), Ishihara still doesn't have that nuance needed to depict melancholy well. At least, not yet. Maybe After Story is a lot different, since that's apparently when the water works really begin...

And yeah, Tomoyo special was great. That was where he got closest this that abstract whatever feeling I was rambling about above. I still stopped caring almost the minute the episode ended, but his form did an excellent job at manipulating me for those 20-some minutes.

Merridian | 05-16-11, 8:28 PM
Yeah, the male cast was pretty awesome, actually. Nagisa's dad was hilarious, and it was nice that Sunohara eventually had his moments of being a well-developed character. They both worked well enough in comic relief roles, but the added nuances really did a lot to establish them as being more than just throw-away cast members. And I definitely agree that Okazaki's seiyuu did a very good job. One thing I've noticed with Ishihara is his ability to draw out some really good performances from his voice talent; he did it on Haruhi all the time, and he did it consistently here, as well.



Merridian | 05-10-11, 10:34 PM
I don’t know why I’m watching Clannad.

I've been dealing with a recent bout of bitches & whores lately, and as we all know, the best way to deal with recent bouts of bitches & whores is to watch overdramatic cartoons about socially retarded autistic chicks and their troubled harem-lead love interests. I must have been drunk when I decided that it was a good idea to try watching this show again.

That said, Kyou and Misae are best girls. Milftits is cool too, though she’s just as inept.

It's not nearly as bad as I expected, TBH. After the Fuuko arc things picked up a little. The directing is very solid and probably the show's best feature, but that's basically expected given Ishihara. At this point I'll definitely give those specials a shot, and I certainly can't come this far without checking out wtf the fuss is over After Story. :D

Xardie | 05-05-11, 12:41 PM
why haven't you been on EGF lately?

Xardie | 03-15-11, 5:16 AM
yeah, EGF was fail yesterday

BrikHaus | 03-12-11, 10:24 AM
I haven't seen Hajime no Ippo yet because my anime backlog is rather extensive. I'll put it on the list since you recommend it.

tomertop | 01-30-11, 7:54 AM
Actually I've already started Madoka, I just didn't updated my MAL for a long time lol
It really is a great anime. A horror anime dressed as a pure Maho shoujo. I just finished reading about the "runes" and the meaning of the witches names in the Madoka-wiki and it really is one of the most mysterious anime I've ever seen.
Bakemonogatari was just so goood. Araragi's voice actor is awesome, he knows how to play exaggerated and it's just so freaking funny XD

most of the hebrew subs are done by complete amateurs, and I'm already used to english subs.

Xardie | 10-16-10, 5:39 AM
Nah, I haven't watched it. I don't know if I have it in me now as I have 12 shows from this season already to watch...oh god X__X

Xardie | 10-09-10, 3:03 PM
5 cm/s is easily the best in my opinion, but both Voices of a Distant Star and The Place Promised In Our Early Days are well worth seeing (as well as his numerous short animations). Especially Voices: it's incedible for being practically one man's job

Xardie | 08-29-10, 8:39 AM
hahahah, yeah, that sure is some rating right thar! :D

Xardie | 06-25-10, 11:12 AM
Well, if you think it's been boring so far I doubt you're going to change your mind. I thought first 7 eps were absolutely perfect as was ending. The "filler eps" 8-10 were rather weak addition overall (albeit ep 8 might be best of all eps of the whole show :D) but not enough to drop it from 10

If you haven't liked it so far however I doubt you'll rate it very high in the end.

Xardie | 06-13-10, 9:06 AM
"Was it worth watching the Haruhi movie even if it was a cam rip? It has best score on MAL, but thats because a lot of other Haruhi fans just rated it 10 and rated other shows 1 to bring it up."

Hell yes. Disappearance was fucking incredible.

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