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03-28-15, 7:32 AM
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November 29, 2010
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Arevia | 02-15-15, 4:19 PM
Ooo i liked it! The animations are nice. It was like a cougar love story which was interesting hahaha :P

Yes he is ahahhaa, his name is Hak. Yona is actually a pretty good anime! Not as much romance as I anticipated but still looking forward :)

Arevia | 01-28-14, 8:21 PM
I just finished watching steins gate and realized u dropped this awesome series! How come? :O

Arevia | 03-26-13, 8:57 PM
last episode tmr! :)
it's alright. the adventure and mystery in the first part was what attracted me to this anime. the second part of it is a little more toned down (boring) except the fact we know who aika chan really is haha. xD [not spoiling it for you]

wow i did not know that! but i like the voice actress, it's very calm and sounds firm and intelligent haha

Arevia | 02-08-13, 8:14 AM
usui takumi. one of my fav. anime characters :P i think i have a thing for blondes with cryptic personalities :/

SUGU and KIRITO in one photo! UNACCEPTABLE! maybe sugu's going to be on ur "fav character" list, yes, no?

Arevia | 12-13-12, 12:19 PM

Arevia | 11-19-12, 5:37 PM
lol now im caught up with you :P

Arevia | 10-22-12, 8:10 PM
I see you're starting Zetsuen no Tempest, let me noe if it's good!

Arevia | 08-01-12, 10:12 PM
hyouka's coming slow at the moment. :P
lol i want him to be with asuna too, he's wasting too much time meeting other girls

Arevia | 07-29-12, 9:08 PM
Sword Art Online is gooodd. it'll actually be cool to have MMORPG games like that XD

Arevia | 05-08-12, 9:08 AM
kaichou wa maid sama. very shojo anime/manga =P

Arevia | 05-02-12, 10:31 AM
Usui Takumi. he won Sexiest Anime Man of 2010 =)

Arevia | 04-29-12, 6:12 PM
ohh okay. problem is im not sure if i can go noww :O it's okay we have a whole summer! :)

loll i agree it's super confusing, im hoping as the episodes go down it'll start making sense. =P psh ur brain should be powerful enough to do anything =_=

Arevia | 04-24-12, 7:20 PM
why did u drop steins gate???

Arevia | 04-24-12, 7:14 PM
hyouka....haha clannad w/ a mystery twist? omgsh there's so much for me to watch T_T HEY I EVEN GOT BACK TO WATCHING KOREAN DRAMAS. WATCH "THE MOON EMBRACES THE SUN"
haha yes so u teared >:] see i told uuu! ur not cold hearted after all. lool but im a girl so it's okay for me to have tissues :P
and tachibana is socially awkward which makes me think she's kinda funny. oh woah i didnt even noe that! i like tsukimi too =)
are u done exams yet btw? oh we'll prob. see u after ur vacation. tbh i don't wanna watch the lucky onee T__T

Arevia | 04-17-12, 9:53 PM
yeah i've heard ppl say it's good, i'll give fate/stay night a shot :)

Shuu again? No way, i thought he was annoying enough, and ur saying this one's hateable... :/ but ill still try it out, who noes maybe ill like the series

Haha ur right! im not very into slice of be honest i skipped parts of clannad 'cause it got boring...not saying the story wasn't good or anything aha. and i see ur watching it of tissues mike! ur cold hearted if u dont even tear one bit! =P 5. Wow it's amazing u can keep up w/ 17 stories at once! how many episodes do u watch per day??

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