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02-12-15, 8:46 AM
Japan, Tokyo
October 2, 2007
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ternalnodorei | 11-03-14, 1:06 PM
Hey, Tohno. Yeah, just wanted to give you the heads up that I'm thinking of actually moving to Japan next year. I'll be graduating then and think I'm going to give just freelance graphic designing online a shot to make a living.

You're in Tokyo, right? Heard the rent is kinda tough there so maybe Chiba or Saitama might be good. Still, also kind wanna go to Akiba on a regular basis, haha.

ternalnodorei | 07-30-13, 11:46 AM
Yo, guess I'm just dropping by again. How've things been going?

ternalnodorei | 07-24-13, 9:30 PM
Hey~ Guess you really updated your MAL, eh? Is it about set?

ternalnodorei | 07-24-13, 12:30 AM
(Gonna respond a little late, heading to bed now. I have to get up early for class tomorrow.)

ternalnodorei | 07-24-13, 12:29 AM
Heh, I watch anime raw quite it a bit actually, it just depends what's out. In Shingeki's case, I watch it subbed since it's translated so quickly and usually there a few hours after it airs. But I watch Milky Holmes, Genshiken, Prisma Illya, and other Saturday shows without subs.

Ohh, a single house, eh? I'm probably going alone at a hotel, maybe meeting up in Japan with a friend from Germany, depending on if he still wants to go or not. I guess it kinda depends on the situation whenever that happens if I go with my mother and sister. Dunno, all very vague right now.

24/7, eh? Same, let's keep in contact more often? Heh, it's really amazing, three years since I last talked to you...

Ahh, I really want an Ai dakimakura. Among other dakimakura's... I don't own a single dakimakura yet. Mm, I'm into pettanko, but sometimes there's exceptions. Somehow I really got into Himawari (ViviPan) a few seasons ago. I really want her figma to be announced already.

ternalnodorei | 07-24-13, 12:03 AM
Ahh yeah, I can get by most slice of life or romantic comedy stuff just fine. Will do then!

Tokyo, eh? Ahh, that's really convenient, it's right there. I've only been there once but I really enjoyed my time at Akiba. Didn't manage to get to the doujin shops though orz. Brainwashed, totally brainwashed! I'll look forward to it for sure!

Seri and Neko, eh? Haha, I'm too lolicon. I actually never got to use an oppai mousepad before... I don't think I can get away with owning one in my parents house.

ternalnodorei | 07-23-13, 11:37 PM
Right, right? Communication is suffering. Sometimes you just hide in the bathroom. (I hope that's not too pathetic, I was doing that earlier today.)

Mm, yeah, I guess I really have to find the motivation to start studying again then... These past few years, the only thing related was watching anime. I can understand a good portion in my head, just have to convert that to speaking now...

Er... Just stop me if I'm getting too personal, which part of Japan are you in? Since I plan on at least visiting within the next few years and attending Comiket and all that. I'm anti-social as hell, but maybe we can meet up...? oh god what am i saying just kill me now

Free probably has more fanservice than any other KyoAni show, huh? Ah, and I guess you're also really into K? Anna and Kuro, definitely my favorites there. That soundtrack is god-tier too.

ternalnodorei | 07-23-13, 11:05 PM
My math teacher can't be this cute! Or something like that.

I have no idea what I want to do for a living... I actually still want to go to Japan, but I heard getting graphic design work there is difficult, especially considering my Japanese speaking abilities are really low level. I'm wondering, is English actually any help over there?

And yeah, since I already watched all of KyoAni's other shows. Free is actually really fun though. I really like how ridiculous everything is, especially with Haru and Rei. I just really wish the rest of Haruhi could be animated someday...

Light novel's kinda impossible for me, but yeah, I can kinda tell after reading the manga, noticing all the details they left out. I saw a few spoiler scans though. Haha, Ai's really cute, I really like Ai.

ternalnodorei | 07-23-13, 10:31 PM
Ahhh, no, no, I seriously liked them! Maybe it's not professional, but I definitely felt the moe out of listening to them. Too much moe...

Chemical engineering, eh? Heh... Sounds difficult.

I guess you can see what I'm watching on my MAL? I've really been getting into KamiNai recently, that ED is really powerful. I just marathoned through the manga version last night.

ternalnodorei | 07-23-13, 9:28 PM
Followed! I don't mind at all, haha. (My blog on the other hand, I guess is pretty dangerous with how much I reblog and post)

Oh man, I started play some of those voice clips, this is way too adorable, oi.

Haha, I'm in college too, majoring in Graphic Design. Originally, I wanted to do animation, but it ended up I was no good at 3DCG orz. What are you studying?

Ah, and what anime are you into this season?

ternalnodorei | 07-23-13, 9:08 PM
Ah, you're on Tumblr too? What's your username over there?

Haha, yeah, I haven't touched my CR in I don't even know how long. I've been doing okay. Real life's starting to become a pain but anime's been keeping me alive.

I also ended up starting a visual novel project:

ternalnodorei | 07-23-13, 8:59 PM
T- Tohno!! Oh god, it's been years. What happened?

ternalnodorei | 04-21-10, 8:44 PM
Let me know if you ever make a return. It seems you've been dead around the net for the past few months.

ternalnodorei | 11-02-09, 12:44 PM
Ah, yeah. Since senior year has been lighter to me, I gained a lot more free time. As usual, good luck with your exam. Looking forward to revival.

ternalnodorei | 10-28-09, 1:58 PM
Hey, I just noticed you're using MAL again. Welcome back.

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