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01-12-15, 2:01 PM
July 30, 1996
May 1, 2011
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Time (Days) 41.2
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Time (Days) 5.6
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Plan to Read 14
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Unknown :(

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About themreaper
Lets see
I have Anime ADD and its really rare for me to actually finish an anime nowadays
My favorite character is Walker Yumasaki

I really suck at these are some cards

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Ashi-nyan | 05-02-13, 4:31 PM

Pika876 | 12-30-12, 8:40 AM

Arinya | 04-04-12, 2:49 PM

iAkumuXD | 03-03-12, 10:47 AM


March Layout Voting forum is open!
come and vote

iAkumuXD | 02-23-12, 1:29 PM


New Banner Contest
This banner contest will have a 1st,2nd,3rd place IF we have enough participates.Sign up here~ and when you have, you could start making you banners right away. This is like the banner contest in One Divine ^.^;
When you're done, send them to me and when I get everyone's banners, i will make a thread for voting.

The theme is Friends. As simple as that.
Size- 500x200
Sign up deadline - March 3
Voting - March 3 through March 10

Come and Join!

ShatteredDreams | 09-10-11, 8:19 PM

Yo, minna-san! Cadenza's Card Club is hiring! If you would like to become an admin, please apply here. If you don't have a member card yet, you can get one here. The Back to School LE is also now open!

This will be your last newsletter from this club unless you sign up here.

Ashi-nyan | 09-10-11, 9:50 AM

Pika876 | 09-05-11, 5:27 AM
Ok will do!
I like the front page bit :3

Crazy_Cadenza | 09-04-11, 12:39 PM

kirihara | 09-03-11, 1:51 PM
prettyy XD

devilotaku666 | 08-31-11, 5:48 PM
yea, only 33, so XP, I am soooo excited, i just can't hide it~!

Pika876 | 08-29-11, 7:59 AM
Wow!! Getting your coputer fixed is always good ;)
Aha, well not in the UK I think, pretty wierd... :S
Yup, I read it! As usual no Ren X Kyouko action but a nice read. :/
Next one coming out on the 5th September! Not a long wait this time!! :D

devilotaku666 | 08-28-11, 7:48 PM
how do i do what? and i only have like 33 cards...

Crazy_Cadenza | 08-28-11, 3:22 PM

devilotaku666 | 08-27-11, 1:05 PM

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