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Sep 25, 7:02 AM
September 10, 1988
Breathing in the sun (Miami, FL)
April 28, 2010
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About thedestinedblade

A big RPG fan who enjoys just about all range of anime (except Harem! D:);
current and old.

Top 10 Video Games:
1. Shining Force III (Sega Saturn)
2. Mother (NES)
3. Dragon Quest V (SNES)
4. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (SNES/PSX)
5. Grandia II (PS2/Dreamcast)
6. Chrono Cross (PSX)
7. Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War (SNES)
8. Shenmue (Dreamcast)
9. Skies of Arcadia (Dreamcast/GC)
10. Earthbound/Mother 2 (SNES)

Honorable mentions: Dark Chronicle, Shin Megami Tensei series, Silent Hill 2, Xenogears, Suikoden, Shining Force II, FE7, FE3, ICO, FFT, SRW series, Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Pokemon, Animal Crossing series

Favorite anime/video game track at the moment:

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leingodf8 | Sep 19, 2:08 PM
Huh, didn't see those ace attorney vids before. So... is that weird priestess girl the prosecutor? or your ally? or just some random important person (maybe she's the gumeshoe of the game).

leingodf8 | Sep 19, 12:51 AM

And ya, star ocean 5 looks like its coming along nicely. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

leingodf8 | Sep 18, 12:38 AM
Seen the newest trailer for Persona 5? Kinda sucks that its getting delayed till late next year but I guess they gotta do what they gotta do. Looks pretty freaking amazing, wonder if they're just gonna stick to 4 characters in your party.

leingodf8 | Sep 4, 1:46 PM
Ooo, nice nice. Not a lot to go on at the moment but still an exciting proposition. Still, its about nick in a foreign country trying to defend his travel guide... does that mean another game where we pretend maya never existed T_T.

W.e super hyped for that now.

leingodf8 | Aug 27, 11:30 AM
Huh, never really heard of Yokai-Watch before... Ya does look a fair bit like pokemon, but it kinda reminds me of a more light hearted devil survivor as well.

Could say I have a similar relationship with SRWs, in that I've never played one but I've enjoyed a lot of its music.

I actually got the newest Etrian Odyssey the other day, although I haven't played it yet.

leingodf8 | Aug 20, 12:03 AM
Well its tough to describe fully but starwars battlefront was a pretty fun party game. Me and my friends played it a lot in high school, and I'm not even that big a fan of shooters. And ya I didn't expect you to get into Disgaea 5 xP, just something I'm looking forward too (its apparently supposed to be a bit of a letdown but who knows).

And ya I started gravity falls a little while ago. Its a cute show, but man does the soundtrack have some real gems.

Anything your looking forward to this fall?

leingodf8 | Aug 16, 12:35 AM
Well lets see. For starters theres Civilization Beyond earth's expansion, which looks alright, as well as HOMM 7 which I have high hopes for. After that theres Disgaea 5, which would require me to get a PS4 I guess, but it might be enough for me to get one. After that, xcom 2 and persona 5 are apparently still set to be released sometime before the end of 2015... although I guess persona would only be in Japan sadly. And who knows... if I do get a ps4 I might end up getting star wars battlefront... despite some very iffy choices the developers have made.

leingodf8 | Aug 15, 12:02 PM
Ya I did a fair bit of sidequesting, and I might do some of the post game optional stuff too after I beat Duke into a fine pulp.

And no, I haven't bought anything new though I'll probably order Blue Dragon one of these days. Sigh... everything I want comes out in like 2 months.

leingodf8 | Aug 14, 12:02 AM
Ha nice, Clefable looks pretty cool when its shiny. I was actually considering another playthrough of Black 2, since I feel like I've forgotten a lot of that game compared to the others.

Otherwise I'm working my way through the final dungeon in Vesperia. Might pre-order Zestiria on steam one of these days, looks like they might be giving a free copy of Symphonia if you do.

leingodf8 | Aug 12, 1:37 AM
What's up?

leingodf8 | Jul 21, 11:37 PM
I dunno how many more there well be, its already out in arcades. I dunno, is it gonna be on the Wii U eventually?

Ya I'm pushing through vesperia bit by bit. Just got to watch Yuri kill his second major villain in cold blood. Also, turns out I quite like playing as Judy.

Ya might want to hold off on replaying 7 if they're going to remake it after all. Did you decide to start playing FFIX instead :B ?

leingodf8 | Jul 17, 12:00 AM
LoL, I really haven't been paying much attention to Pokken for quite a long time. Roster looks pretty lackluster for a fighting game, especially considering the insane ammount of options a series like pokemon has available to it xD.

Ya, Vesperia arrived a few days ago and I've been working my way through that. Nothing too grand to say about it yet, but the battle system works and the characters all seem like a solid bunch to root for. A friend also lent me a copy of Eternal Sonata the other day, so I may have to try that out sometime.

You been up to anything?

leingodf8 | Jul 8, 1:43 AM
Ya... Pretty late to the party but w.e. Blue dragon was already something I was considering, although it seems like the kind of game that never really made much of an impact. Might try lost odyssey too, I know a few people who quite liked that game.

Not sure about Infinite Undiscovery. A friend of mine played through that, and quite liked it, but I sat through a good 2-3 hours of gameplay over different parts of that game... and I gotta say... it seemed really boring. Granted watching gameplay for a JRPG without full context is a formula for potentially boring so who knows.

leingodf8 | Jul 5, 12:47 AM
Was a bit of a sale going on at my local game store today and I decided to buy an xbox 360 for cheap. Ordered Vesperia so that should be arriving in a few days but are there any other good xbox titles you think I should get?

leingodf8 | Jul 4, 12:01 AM
Oh ya, I've got the psp version of FF2 actually. Never did beat it but it was still pretty fun for the half or so I did play.

As you could probably guess I've been playing through some of the etrian odyssey games (currently playing one called Millenium Girl which was on sale on the 3DS store). Can't believe I never really noticed the music from this series before this year... every time I look I find another track that blows me away.

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