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Densetsu no Yuusha Da Garn
Densetsu no Yuusha Da Garn
Jul 8, 11:16 PM
Watching 14/46 · Scored -
Yuusha Tokkyuu Might Gaine
Yuusha Tokkyuu Might Gaine
Jun 29, 4:08 PM
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One Piece
One Piece
May 23, 11:00 AM
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Kidou Senshi Gundam: Silhouette Formula 91
Kidou Senshi Gundam: Silhouette Formula 91
Oct 9, 2015 7:55 PM
Completed 10/10 · Scored 7
Kidou Senshi Gundam F90
Kidou Senshi Gundam F90
Oct 9, 2015 7:54 PM
Completed 9/9 · Scored 6
Shin Kidou Senki Gundam Wing: Dual Story - G-Unit
Shin Kidou Senki Gundam Wing: Dual Story - G-Unit
Sep 7, 2013 6:32 PM
Reading 3/13 · Scored -


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leingodf8 Jul 24, 12:48 PM
Well just beat the game. Got the Miki ending, which I guess also gave me a slightly different ending with Relia I think. Probably gonna go through the bonus dungeon at some point as well.

In the end, while 4 made me upset with the series, 5 has more left me a bit disappointed. Its just got so many little things... and with just a little tweaking here and there I think it could have been really good. Ahhh... but what can you do. Might go and play through SO3 again after all this.
leingodf8 Jul 24, 12:08 AM
Nah not quite. Been playing it here and there where I can, mostly been doing a lot of the quests and some item creation. I think I'm right outside the final boss fight now though.

Still going through first departure?
leingodf8 Jul 19, 9:36 AM
Ooo more fancy new pokemon. A little bug and grass type that will most likely evolve, a... bracelet which seems like its trying to muscle in on Klefki's turf, and a Ground Horse which looks kinda neat.
leingodf8 Jul 14, 9:44 PM
Ya its pretty much the gameplay from 3 mixed with the plot from 1.

In my playthrough my team was the main 4 (obviously), the winged siblings, Ashlay (because you need him to get the second Featherfolk) and Welch. From what I remember the featherfolk were considered very good casters (the girl was definitely the best one), while all the Highlanders (the guys with stripes) were pretty much the best frontline fighters after Roddick. Aside from that I'm pretty sure the Werewolf and sexy orb girl Mavelle were considered the worst fighters, while Welch and cat girl Pericci were fine.
leingodf8 Jul 12, 12:06 PM
Well 2 new pokemon as well! A bear that continues the tradition of taking a concept, adding a normal type to it, and making it look more derpy as a result. And a pikachu ghost.
leingodf8 Jul 11, 6:10 PM
Haven't had much time to play it these past two days. Just got the the part where Evil Mc-Goldilocks captures both the Relia Twins back from you.

Not that its too much of a game but are you going to try out Pokemon Go? I was going to give it a look see but its not available in Canada yet.
leingodf8 Jul 8, 3:23 PM
That was a nice feature to have, although I always hated having to chose between Ashton and Opera. And ya welch seems a little on the annoying side in this game, but I found her cutscenes pretty hilarious in 1.

One of the bigger problems I had with first departure was you couldn't pick and choose your endings, only certain characters could get an ending together (and after all that work I spent as Roddick trying to woo Ilia :T)
leingodf8 Jul 7, 12:02 PM
Also new pokemon, a Fire/Poison lizard! I was hoping they'd print more interesting poison types.
leingodf8 Jul 7, 9:41 AM
Whoa, that was quick. I'm only at the part were you just rescued Reila (who probably is her sister or something since shes acting weird). I was thinking of aiming for the Anne ending as well actually.

SO1 was pretty good if I remember (been a fair bit since I played it). Kinda shares a few similarities plot wise with 5, except with less little girl super weapons and more incurable diseases. Other than that, you may want to read up on a character recruitment FAQ before hand because theres 9 optional characters, and only 4 slots for them. Plus recruiting certain characters makes other characters un-recruitable (I remember restarting my entire game at one point because I really wanted the little girl with wings and messed up her recruitment). Personally, I would suggest you get welch, if only to see why they keep bringing her back.

leingodf8 Jul 5, 3:38 PM
To be fair it seems like most of the skills you get from quests just make it more likely to drop items from certain enemy types. I've been using both and Anne and Victor a bit, they play pretty much identical to Mirage and Albel from 3.

Have you been visiting welch regularly to get more item creation options?
leingodf8 Jul 3, 7:43 PM
Ya he's one of the many Kennys. He even rates the battles when he wins like Claude and Ilia did (although he does it out of 100 instead of out of 10 for some reason). I didn't find guarding anne all that difficult, though I have been trying to go back and complete quests fairly often so I might be a little over leveled.

In any event the games starting to get a bit better I feel as it goes along. Have you been trying out different characters at all or are you just sticking with old fiddly?
leingodf8 Jul 2, 1:31 AM
Ya cutscenes would be nice, but I could live with out them if they just gave us better dialogue. I've noticed this problem in a lot of modern JRPGs, but people just don't... talk they way they should, you know? Like how Crossbow guy and green haired Mirage show up and just kinda ask to join your group out of the blue. You never really ask them why they want to follow you around, you never really talk to them much about who they are or where they came from... they just are immediately part of the group. It feels like there are so many situations where this kind of thing happens... the characters don't ask questions, they just accept it and rush on to the next plot point.

I mean, I feel like the framework for both the plot and characters work perfectly fine... but theres just absolutely no polish put into the connecting bits.
leingodf8 Jun 30, 1:19 AM
Also, looks like 7 new pokemon may have been leaked. They're unconfirmed but seems like most people are taking them as probably legit. We got 3 wonky looking bugs, an ugly fish, the pikachu clone, some weird... electric? thing, and puff the magic dragon
leingodf8 Jun 30, 12:47 AM
Got to play a bit today. It really feels like an MMO honestly, which isn't necessarily a bad thing just a little different. Combat is almost identical to SO3, characters seem alright although they haven't really done much of anything yet (just got the little girl character who you apparently can't control and can't fight, she just buffs your party. Kinda cool actually), and the plot has yet to really start.

If there's one big problem with the game, its the camera is ass. I tried to find if there's a way to fix it and there just isn't. When your just running around its fine, but when you get into combat it bops and bumps its way around making it hard to keep track of where everything is. If they just gave you the option to fix the camera in place, and not have it do its stupid little action cam for your special attacks, then this game would be off to a flying start.
leingodf8 Jun 29, 12:44 AM
Ya I remember reading a while back that it got some pretty mediocre reviews in Japan as well. But w.e like you say I don't put a whole lot of stock in what general reviewers say. I mean looking back at previous installments of the SO series they gave SO3 the highest score, followed by 2 and 4 having nearly even scores... which I don't agree with at all. For one, SO4 was a pile, and for two... as much as I love SO3, I kinda think 2 was a better game objectively.

Anyways, picked up my copy today. Even comes with some fancy Valkyrie Profile OST DLC ~

I kinda get the feeling this game is going to be fine, but forgettable.