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September 10, 1988
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April 28, 2010
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A big RPG fan who enjoys just about all range of anime (except Harem! D:);
current and old.

Top 10 Video Games:
1. Shining Force III (Sega Saturn)
2. Mother (NES)
3. Dragon Quest V (SNES)
4. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together (SNES/PSX)
5. Grandia II (PS2/Dreamcast)
6. Chrono Cross (PSX)
7. Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War (SNES)
8. Shenmue (Dreamcast)
9. Skies of Arcadia (Dreamcast/GC)
10. Earthbound/Mother 2 (SNES)

Honorable mentions: Dark Chronicle, Shin Megami Tensei series, Silent Hill 2, Xenogears, Suikoden, Shining Force II, FE7, FE3, ICO, FFT, SRW series, Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Pokemon, Animal Crossing series

Favorite anime/video game track at the moment:

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leingodf8 | 10 hours ago
Oh ya, I've got the psp version of FF2 actually. Never did beat it but it was still pretty fun for the half or so I did play.

As you could probably guess I've been playing through some of the etrian odyssey games (currently playing one called Millenium Girl which was on sale on the 3DS store). Can't believe I never really noticed the music from this series before this year... every time I look I find another track that blows me away.

leingodf8 | Yesterday, 7:26 PM
Yo, I've been around. Got a bad cold a few days ago and am only just getting over it ~.~

Anyways, whats up? Been keeping up with all this Fire Emblem Fates stuff or are you trying to keep yourself as spoiler free as possible? I've been avoiding all the story stuff but I like going through the characters and classes and stuff. Glad to hear it got the best selling opening weekend for any fire emblem to date.

Been playing some FF2?

leingodf8 | Jun 20, 12:10 AM
Huh, I didn't realize sigurd and crew got executed partway through 4, I just assumed it was like 6&7 rolled into one game, and just had the second part take place so many years later with all the previous characters just growing old.

Still, I doubt they'll do something like 4 (although It'd be cool if they did). Seems like most people think it will be an alternate reality thingy going on... which might explain why the owain, inigo and severa "clones" are running around.

leingodf8 | Jun 19, 1:15 AM
Ya saw that too. Should be pretty cool to see that remastered, although I hope they don't try to change the story and just give it a graphical upgrade.

In other news, looks like marriage and children are coming back in fire emblem fates. Not sure exactly how your going to meet with your children but I sure hope they don't do another time travel thingy.

leingodf8 | Jun 16, 2:01 PM
Well some interesting trailers coming out of e3 today. Star ocean 5 looked pretty cool, love that battles look to be seemless rather than in their own little arena like all the previous SOs. Also saw more of FExSMT... and even with the basic plot explained to me I still have no idea what to think of it. Also some stuff on fire emblem if, but I pretty much knew all of that already (although in the west it will be called Fire Emblem Fates I guess). Finally Kingdom Hearts 3 looks quite interesting as well. I didn't think we'd ever get a more embarassing summon than chicken little... but that tea cup ride might give him a run for his money.

Also apparently they're trying to come up with Shenmue 3. Not something I've personally got experience with but it seems like its a pretty big deal.

leingodf8 | Jun 7, 12:31 AM
Hmm, hadn't seen that yet. Interesting, although theres pretty much nothing to go on what it will be like. Velvet kinda looks like Rutee, only more serious and long hair.

leingodf8 | Jun 5, 12:32 AM
Ya... but I mean... what is going on with fire emblem! First SMT x FE is this weird J-Pop magical girl affair, and now this weird fetish to be able to stroke characters faces! Gahhh...

Well anyways... did you see the whole list of stuff they have out about how weapons will work? Some pretty crazy drawbacks they're throwing on some of these things (like javalins can't counter attack), seems like it will be fun to figure out.

leingodf8 | Jun 3, 11:56 PM
But it IS real, its in the official video for the castle stuff... I mean... why would anyone think that was something people wanted? I mean Pokemon Amie was weird enough but this is just kinda creepy.

Anyways, ya I saw all those jobs, theres also a female fighter too which should be cool. The way things are going, I'm gonna take a stab in the dark and say Ninja's are a Hoshido only class, and assassin's will be a Nohr class.

Ya, theres not a lot coming out right now is there? I thought Zestiria was coming out this summer but it looks like there is no official release date at this point. I might check
this game out, but its not all that high on my priorities.

leingodf8 | Jun 2, 10:52 PM
Ya I saw a lot of that! Most of it seems to solidify my opinion that nohr is the right choice xD. Also damn, I was hoping we were getting away from the "beast-men" thing after the bunny people... but no now theres fox people.

Still, theres a lot that looks interesting, I like the whole personalized skill thing. The castle thing doesn't really look like its for me, and I'm just gonna wait for more jobs to be revealed.

Also, WTF is up with this?

leingodf8 | May 19, 12:02 AM
Ya I'm looking forward to so5 too.

I've been mostly playing Etrian Odyssey 3, which I managed to get a copy of a few days ago. Was thinking about getting 1 first but a lot of reviews seem to say that 3 is a bit fairer to new entrants into the series, plus its seems to have a much more kicking soundtrack. Also still slowly but surely working my way through skies of arcadia. How bout you?

leingodf8 | May 16, 12:14 AM
From what I heard, there won't be any weapon durability period, but to make up for it they're gonna be really revamping how weapons work. Making really powerful but really heavy weapons, as well as weaker lighter weapons with upsides like lowering the opponents crit rate. I think it could be really interesting if they do it right.

Also, from what I can tell, one of the main differences between the Hoshido and Nohr routes, is Hoshido will have something of an overworld map, akin to FE8 and awakening, which will let you do optional battles, while Nohr won't, I guess being more like the traditional levels in 6 and 7 and such, and basically won't let you grind.

Personally, at this point I think I'm going to pick Nohr (well I'll probably get both eventually xD), partially because its supposed to be the more challenging, but also paritally because it looks like it could be the first time you get to play in a nation that uses wyverns over pegasi in their primary military force! (Maybe... at least one of their main characters is a wyvern rider)

leingodf8 | May 13, 12:36 AM
See some of the new news for Fire Emblem if? Looks like they're taking away the weapon durability system :o... I'm... I really don't know how I feel about that. Also added a super easy mode, which revives any dead character the following turn. Harmless, but was awakening really so hard that they needed an even easier mode?

Also apparently your character will be able to make bridges and get rid of mountains and stuff. Not really sure how that will work but it seems like it could create some interesting design space.

Finally (I think this news might be a bit older?) they're REALLY doing the pokemon thing by having three games. 2 at first, and a third later on... Ehh what ya gonna do. I wonder exactly how much that game will differ from the first 2.

leingodf8 | Apr 28, 8:40 PM
I was thinking he would be an early von karma actually. As for sherlock, I'm guessing he'll be this games gumshoe? Give us evidence in court, although it would be weird to make sherlock holmes, the greatest detective ever, into a bumbling buffoon like Gumshoe or Fullbright or Emma (although I guess she wasn't bumbling so much as lazy).

leingodf8 | Apr 23, 10:43 PM
Sorry, here ya go.

Just shows a bit of gameplay and the characters. Actually I guess it comes out in japan in only a few months.

leingodf8 | Apr 21, 11:58 PM
Btw, this is a little behind the times but did you see the video that came out earlier this month for dai gyakuten saiban? Looks pretty interesting, new prosecutor looks like they bred Edgeworth and Blackquill.

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