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Yuusha Tokkyuu Might Gaine
Yuusha Tokkyuu Might Gaine
Jun 29, 4:08 PM
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One Piece
One Piece
May 23, 11:00 AM
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Kidou Senshi Gundam: Silhouette Formula 91
Kidou Senshi Gundam: Silhouette Formula 91
Oct 9, 2015 7:55 PM
Completed 10/10 · Scored 7
Kidou Senshi Gundam F90
Kidou Senshi Gundam F90
Oct 9, 2015 7:54 PM
Completed 9/9 · Scored 6
Shin Kidou Senki Gundam Wing: Dual Story - G-Unit
Shin Kidou Senki Gundam Wing: Dual Story - G-Unit
Sep 7, 2013 6:32 PM
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leingodf8 Yesterday, 1:19 AM
Also, looks like 7 new pokemon may have been leaked. They're unconfirmed but seems like most people are taking them as probably legit. We got 3 wonky looking bugs, an ugly fish, the pikachu clone, some weird... electric? thing, and puff the magic dragon
leingodf8 Yesterday, 12:47 AM
Got to play a bit today. It really feels like an MMO honestly, which isn't necessarily a bad thing just a little different. Combat is almost identical to SO3, characters seem alright although they haven't really done much of anything yet (just got the little girl character who you apparently can't control and can't fight, she just buffs your party. Kinda cool actually), and the plot has yet to really start.

If there's one big problem with the game, its the camera is ass. I tried to find if there's a way to fix it and there just isn't. When your just running around its fine, but when you get into combat it bops and bumps its way around making it hard to keep track of where everything is. If they just gave you the option to fix the camera in place, and not have it do its stupid little action cam for your special attacks, then this game would be off to a flying start.
leingodf8 Jun 29, 12:44 AM
Ya I remember reading a while back that it got some pretty mediocre reviews in Japan as well. But w.e like you say I don't put a whole lot of stock in what general reviewers say. I mean looking back at previous installments of the SO series they gave SO3 the highest score, followed by 2 and 4 having nearly even scores... which I don't agree with at all. For one, SO4 was a pile, and for two... as much as I love SO3, I kinda think 2 was a better game objectively.

Anyways, picked up my copy today. Even comes with some fancy Valkyrie Profile OST DLC ~

I kinda get the feeling this game is going to be fine, but forgettable.
leingodf8 Jun 22, 12:14 AM
Ya, I've been trying to avoid spoilers as well, although I do know a bit about the characters and that its set somewhere between SO2 and 3.

Didn't know Bersaria was set to be a prequal (so what it is to phantasia what zesteria is to symphonia?) but ya the gameplay looks pretty good. Maybe I'll try to give Zesteria another try at some point since I never really touched it again after losing my save.
leingodf8 Jun 21, 1:04 AM
Ya, tough to say what Tokyo Sessions will be like. Its just such a weird concept to come out of the two series. Seems like Japanese game critics were pretty positive on the game, but I don't really take a whole lot of stock in that.

But ya, excited to get back into the star ocean groove soon. On a similar vein, I realized I hadn't really looked up any info on Tales of recently and was surprised to see the next one, Berseria, is coming out in 2 months in Japan. I wonder how that will turn out.
leingodf8 Jun 18, 7:22 PM
So any other big interests for you coming out of e3 aside from pokemon? I'm personally most excited for Civ 6, The Last Guardian, and of course Persona 5 (also didn't realize Youkai Watch 2 is coming out this September until e3).
leingodf8 Jun 14, 11:29 AM
Ya some interesting stuff. Also a battle royal 4 player FFA option. Seems like theres been a lot of tweeting of the GUI as well, like now you can see which stats have been raised. Looking pretty cool, but still need to see more damn pokemon!
leingodf8 Jun 11, 10:21 AM
Ya saw that come out with the new Zygarde video. I honestly like it, at least more than most of the recent wild battle themes, especially the piano. Also would like to hear a better quality version of it first before I really decide how much I like it.

Also techincally speaking Ferrets, Raccoons, Meerkats and Rabbits aren't rodents either :P
leingodf8 Jun 11, 12:31 AM
Huh, rare to see a rock type that doesn't look like its actually made out of rocks. Also gonna assume the Koala is the Bidoof of the game.
leingodf8 Jun 10, 12:32 AM
Ya it seems like it could be a pretty good game. Theres also an Ace Attorney anime out at the moment, maybe I'll give that a once over. Help me get over this spell while I wait for 6 to come out this fall.

Also looks like they annoced the US release date for Persona 5, February 2016.
leingodf8 Jun 7, 11:31 AM
Ya I've been watching a playthrough of this one online since we're not getting it officially translated. It honestly might have some of the best music in an ace attorney game.

And ya, 6 comes out this thursday in Japan it seems. And not just ema, Mystic Maya returns. I... I just...

As for dual destinies I was very happy with it. Maybe it wasn't quite at Trials and Tribulations level but I liked the trials, I liked what they did with the characters, Athena managed to be a very compelling new addition to the roster, and I thought Foolbright twist was a rather satisfying ending. All in all I liked it a lot. Did you have any major problems with it?
leingodf8 Jun 3, 1:01 AM
Ya was pretty surprised that wasn't fire, but I am glad that the bat thing did turn out to be a ghost type. Not sure why they bothered to give the legendaries new abilities when the effects have already been done before. The lion gets clear body / white smoke, while the bat gets marvel scale.

Also thought the old guy from the first video was going to be the professor, but it seems like they just keep getting younger every generation... (well I guess Rowan was older than the 2 before him but you get my drift). I could see the new girl being more like Dawn / Lucas were from DPP, i.e more your ally while Hau plays main rival.
leingodf8 Jun 2, 12:46 AM
I mean pokemon XD really is a pretty apt comparison gameplay wise. You definitely aren't restricted to 1 digimon, as its a 3 on 3 style battle system. You also can potentially have up to 11 guys total in your party (although your restricted by each digimon costing a certain amount of memory). And you also have access to a farm from early on, which is basically a daycare that lets you level up any extra digimon you have.

Technically you catch digimon by just fighting them. At the beginning of every fight a % number fills up based on how many times you've seen the Digimon, and when it reaches 100% you can create your own version of it. However the best way to get a bunch of digimon is to capture a bunch of the most basic ones and then digivolve them into different stuff, as they branch off into a million different things and are super easy to get.

Otherwise its a pretty basic RPG gameplay wise. Run around a lot, random encounters, turn based combat etc etc.

leingodf8 May 30, 4:37 PM
Went and got myself a copy of Digimon Cyber Sleuth last night. Didn't realize the game has no dub whatsoever.

Still, games giving me some pokemon XD vibes so far (the recurring villain is even a guy with an outdated taste in music). Might be really enjoying this one.
leingodf8 May 24, 12:15 AM
Ya mostly just star ocean for me, although I'm kinda looking at this no mans sky game as well.

I mean if you liked FF5 (and I know you did) then theres a lot to like about bravely default. Nothing spectacular but well worth a playthrough at least