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06-08-14, 12:16 PM
Not specified
April 19,
January 1, 2010
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Time (Days) 25.4
Watching 7
Completed 66
On Hold 10
Dropped 9
Plan to Watch 22
Total Entries 114

Anime compatibility with supernovaa is:
Unknown :(

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Time (Days) 42.4
Reading 12
Completed 30
On Hold 7
Dropped 4
Plan to Read 3
Total Entries 56

Manga compatibility with supernovaa is:
Unknown :(

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About supernovaa
It started out with an obsession of anime
(cus of a friend, whom I don't know whether to thank or... well, not)
then I found I love manga
...that is all :)

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-Elly--chwan | 06-17-13, 9:08 AM
Would you like to join ??

haladflire65 | 08-31-11, 10:02 PM
Mhm, still. I've just been keeping up with Gintama and Natsume Yujinchou San, I was going to watch this other show but didn't have time D:

haladflire65 | 08-28-11, 10:02 PM
I was about to say that I've seen more anime but realized that that's not true either... XD At least have I seen more new series than you?

Mr_Ed | 08-28-11, 5:50 PM
Wow...I normally don't comment on stranger's pages, but we have the highest compatibility I've ever seen.

haladflire65 | 08-27-11, 5:15 PM
D: Well that took you a while D:

haladflire65 | 07-11-11, 5:02 AM
*stalk stalk stalk stalk*

haladflire65 | 05-26-10, 5:06 PM
Well, anything to do with Toshi is an instant fave for her, I think :p

haladflire65 | 05-26-10, 12:56 PM
BTW, Sharpie joined :p

haladflire65 | 05-07-10, 5:37 PM
I'm watching DRRR! and the HumanCentipede at the same time...
I'm also working in the Roy Mustang club :)
I'm glad you're trying again XD

haladflire65 | 05-05-10, 4:21 PM
Haven't seen you do much lately.... :p

haladflire65 | 04-28-10, 8:36 PM
I love you!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
Roy is 48th!!!!!

haladflire65 | 04-20-10, 8:18 PM
XD Ok, I'll tell him that, even though I haven't talked to him for a while...

haladflire65 | 04-20-10, 6:12 PM
Ok, I advise you to go for Monster, Until Death Do Us Part, and Hellsing :)

haladflire65 | 04-19-10, 6:56 PM
At least get away from Shounens, dude :p There's a lot of awesome adult stuff out there that you'll like...

haladflire65 | 04-18-10, 8:35 PM
... what a great way to read stuff...
I like people who like variety and DIVERSITY.
Especially in manga/anime :p

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