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TazzyMan | 01-18-14, 9:21 AM
Maybe after I finish making the character list, which is already gonna take a while as is.

OGHelios | 01-18-14, 12:16 AM
Ahh I see. Yeah those are the panels I think of when I think of a convention, and those are the ones I'd be interested in going to (assuming they're good obviously).

Oh hey I never watched Aria or Hidamari Sketch. That ippo poster is pretty cool though! That's a really cool collection you got there though. I would love to see a Major poster with Goro at the end of his pitching motion, with the gyroball being thrown and the wind everywhere and his hat falling's a really cool image in my head haha.

Majikoi needs to hurry up and be completely subbed so I can play it!

Right. If I'm gonna drive out there and invest my time in this, I want it to be done right haha. I do have a few, but I don't know any that would actually want to go to a convention or anything. Most of them are closet anime fans (as in they don't want other people knowing they watch anime). I can think of one guy I know irl who might be interested in going to one, but because he goes to school in a different city than me I rarely ever see him anymore.

DemonicAngelLulu | 01-15-14, 10:48 PM
uhhhh well I have a lot of them but I guess the one's I like the most right now are Jean/Marco and Ymir/Christa from Snk? most of them are from snk and free ouo; i like lon'qu and olivia from fire emblem too haha xD

OGHelios | 01-14-14, 5:41 PM
Hahaha okay I can see why it was a bummer now. That anime cosplay swimsuit contest has me dying of laughter though. All guys?!?! Well I can see why girls would be awkward but really there were no brave souls?!! Hahaha I can see some guys being like "wtf I thought there'd be girls here". The ecchi one makes sense I guess. I bet that panel was still popular though lol. What types of panels are there normally at these conventions?

Oh I see. What kind of posters do you have?

Michigan, so I'm guessing there might be some in Chicago. I'd have more trouble finding people to go with though. I'm pretty sure that these things are more fun with your friends after all haha.

OGHelios | 01-13-14, 10:21 PM
Well the people you're around and overall atmosphere affects these things quite a bit I'd think. What made some of the panels disappointing (I don't really know what these panels are about usually anyway).

Ahh I see. I was wondering if you added to your figurine collection lol.

Hahaha that's awesome man. Time well spent. These are the fond memories you get to look back at when you're an old fart and chuckle and smile! I need to go to one of these things one day.

OGHelios | 01-12-14, 8:21 PM
Damn I was gonna ask you if you had pictures cuz I wanted to see this haha. How'd you like it though? Buy or see anything cool?

OGHelios | 01-11-14, 5:42 PM
Are you waiting til Ippo S3 is over too?

OGHelios | 12-06-13, 7:10 AM
You know me bro I love baseball haha.

Yeah I'd say that's an accurate representation. Sawamura (main character) is nowhere near as awesome as Goro; rather than being the confident badass Goro was, he's a (lovable?) idiot who knows nothing about baseball, but loves the sport and harbors secret but crazy potential as a pitcher. The show focuses a lot more on the high school. Rather than being a team run by the main character like in Major, this show makes it so that every player, regardless of how big they are, are all key cogs to a well oiled, championship caliber squad.

OGHelios | 12-03-13, 10:53 AM
Yeah pretty much, but he's more dependent on others (like the main heroine) than Tokuchi, and he's less heartless/cold-blooded. He's a lot more human, which makes more sense when you read the manga.

I've read that it's still ongoing, but the author is taking a break to try and figure out how he wants to plan out the next few arcs.

OGHelios | 12-01-13, 9:49 PM
Nah it's not really like Death Note since there aren't deaths involved or anything. Just lots of money being thrown around haha. And yes she is incredibly annoying and naive, but she does develop as the manga progresses. The main guy is a boss similar to Tokuchi though.

OGHelios | 12-01-13, 2:36 PM

OGHelios | 11-27-13, 5:15 PM
Agreed. But to me, the rest of it was so good that it kinda made up for it.

I do hope that the 20th does come out though. More One Outs isn't a bad thing lol.

Then we'll put it in a spoiler!

What about you?

OGHelios | 11-25-13, 11:55 PM
Right! You don't know how hard it is for me to try and get my little bros or friends to read this manga (since they're all still hoping for a second season) without ruining anything. Tokuchi is such a boss!

I didn't "technically" complete the manga, but I'm saying I did just because the actual manga is only 19 volumes and I read those 19. The 20th isn't out yet and is supposed to be more of a side thing than actually part of the main plot.

DemonicAngelLulu | 11-23-13, 11:05 PM
Thank you! :]

OGHelios | 11-21-13, 9:23 PM
I know right? It only gets better too. The manga content is much better than the anime's as well. One of these studios needs to give One Outs a chance.

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