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Gunslinger Girl
Gunslinger Girl add
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni add
Clannad: After Story
Clannad: After Story add
Bakemonogatari add

Favorite Manga
Berserk add
Yotsubato! add
Skip Beat!
Skip Beat! add
Gunslinger Girl
Gunslinger Girl add
Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin add

Favorite Characters
Ayanami, Rei
Blouse, Sasha
Hanekawa, Tsubasa
Izayoi, Sakuya
Tohsaka, Rin
Minase, Akiko
Nagato, Yuki
Matoi, Ryuuko

Favorite People
Wakamoto, Norio
Wakamoto, Norio
Sakurai, Harumi
Sakurai, Harumi
Miyazaki, Hayao
Miyazaki, Hayao
Urushihara, Satoshi
Urushihara, Satoshi
Nisio, Isin
Nisio, Isin

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camel-d | 07-28-14, 2:32 PM
lol, you know a lot about it I guess :D.

I didn't like fate route that much :(, Tohsaka>Saber !! I think they did a good choice of not re-animating all the routes :P Unlimited blade works is great.

if it ever ends up like ubw movie then it's better if they don't make any movie at all. But heaven's feel is a very long route one movie might not be enough. If they release it in parts it might be better.

:D Ufotable makes better zettai ryoiki than studio deen, so i guess in that department no one will be disappointed ;)

camel-d | 07-27-14, 8:03 AM
Hello, a happy day for fate stay night fans :D,
the 2014 adaptation is not going to be an original but it will adapt unlimited blade works:

also heaven's feel has been confirmed as a movie :D

Roqe | 07-17-14, 12:32 PM
Na Istrocone este asi dlho taka nebude

camel-d | 07-16-14, 3:01 PM
Yes, I like her brutality, if it was a man I wouldn't like it, but because she is hot it's acceptable :D hvehvehve

You should read it, it's great. I caught in one day with it..

camel-d | 07-16-14, 3:32 AM
:D Yeah, she is a sadist,and is a professional torturer + she has a torture chamber. You will like her.

Roqe | 07-14-14, 5:44 AM
Googlil si to, alebo uz hral?

camel-d | 07-12-14, 10:48 AM
Though I don't really agree with it because the heat sucks :P

camel-d | 07-12-14, 10:18 AM
I know, everyone envies our summer :>, a poem about summer that I stole :}

the grass so green,
the sun so bright,
life seems a dream,
no worries in sight

tans and tank tops,
laughter and bliss,
each moment passes,
without even a miss

Roqe | 07-12-14, 10:06 AM
Ja na prerelease. A budem mat aj padawana, zacal jeden prievidzan hravat.

Roqe | 07-12-14, 8:45 AM
Uz som strasne dlho nehral, teraz ked, tak Corruption of Chapmions si obcas zahram. BTW nezajdes dnes do cajovne?

camel-d | 07-05-14, 3:31 PM
:D, lol you get me really well XD

camel-d | 07-05-14, 5:20 AM

lol the camera is capturing the wrong thing xD

camel-d | 06-28-14, 1:00 PM
Me too :D, but i'm afraid my skull will break if i give it my all.

Congratz, but in the end you will use your earned money to get a figurine, and do some german like stuff to it :P

camel-d | 06-27-14, 3:28 PM

Roqe | 06-24-14, 7:00 AM
A do čajovne aspoň občas zájdeš? (Trolujme angličtinárov diakritikou)

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