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Tonari no Totoro
Tonari no Totoro add
Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi
Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi add
Hotaru no Haka
Hotaru no Haka add
Mononoke Hime
Mononoke Hime add
Mushishi add

Favorite Manga
Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä
Kaze no Tani no Nausicaä add
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou add
Oyasumi Punpun
Oyasumi Punpun add
Monster add
Blame! add

Favorite Characters
Spiegel, Spike
Tenjou, Utena
Oscar François
de Jarjeyes, Oscar François
Aznable, Char
Yang, Wenli
Abriel, Lafiel
Grimmer, Wolfgang

Favorite People
Miyazaki, Hayao
Miyazaki, Hayao
Takahata, Isao
Takahata, Isao
Hisaishi, Joe
Hisaishi, Joe
Asano, Inio
Asano, Inio
Wakamoto, Norio
Wakamoto, Norio
Kanno, Yoko
Kanno, Yoko
Oshii, Mamoru
Oshii, Mamoru

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August 22, 2011
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Dashiawia | 6 hours ago
Awesome to hear that. I would be very much interested to read what you have to say about those films, so feel free to share them with me. And I'm fairly sure that I will at least appreciate what Taxi Driver has to say, if not enjoy it immensely. I usually do relate well with loner protagonists, because to an extent, I was a former loner in my elementary school days, and even during my early middle school period. I literally had friends I could count with one hand (lol). Makes me glad that I was able to transition into a normal lifestyle by the time I hit high school. Life suddenly became a lot more beautiful the more I interacted with people. That's why I'm always a firm believer that people can change for the better, if they realize what they need to work on to improve themselves. I'm a living example of this.

Ahem. A little off topic there, but my point is that I'm probably naturally inclined to appreciate well-written works with loner protagonists, since I was, at one point in my life, on the same boat.

Dashiawia | 6 hours ago

Ah, that's quite the goal you have set for yourself there. I wish you success on your path to become a film critic. As for the list you gave me, I haven't quite taken a quick glance at the basic info on any of them yet, but based on what you said about Taxi Driver, I might be willing to start with that one, as it does sound like something that would be up my alley. I'll let you know should I watch it at any point in the near future. :)

Yeah, glad you understand my position, bud. Anime is still where my passion is, and I'd like to dedicate my limited free time to it wherever possible. But thank you very much for suggesting those films to me; I'll certainly keep them somewhere safe on my distant backlog.

ABHISHEKV | Yesterday, 10:46 PM
Thank You Very Much :D

I appreciate it.

ABHISHEKV | Yesterday, 10:45 PM
That's my exact point. As long as something satisfies the conditions for what you deem to be a 10, the number doesn't matter.

That's great to know then. You did say that you want a major in film stream or something so this should definitely be favorable. I do hope that it helps.

Of course not. I don't even know who he is lol. That's what I figured. It had to do with the style.

You're too humble.

ABHISHEKV | Yesterday, 10:45 PM
Lol. That sounds pretty creepy for some reason. Have mercy though. I'll keep my mouth shut so please don't silence me.

Yeah. You'll only find the final core once you break open the outer shells.

I can imagine that. I can also imagine that you could become a fan provided he has a genuine reason for acting the way he does or if his actions are justifiable. That's probably not the case here though.

Dashiawia | Yesterday, 7:27 PM
You bet. I already think that the pros outweigh the cons, since I'd like nothing more than to display my expertise at every given opportunity on my new job, even if doing so would be taxing on my body at first. With more experience on my belt, I imagine my work would progressively start to feel easier to handle. At least, I hope that will be the case.

I see how it is. Well, you're a fine critic already from my perspective, given that your thoughts on anime are almost always insightful in one way or another. I'm sure that your knowledge on films will continue to grow, the more exposed you are to the medium. I also hope that you will have fun with those courses that you're willing to take.
Sure, and thanks for that list. I'll check some of those movies out, sooner or later, although my priority is still on anime/manga/LN's/VN's at this point. Good luck trying to motivate Abhi to watch those films, by the way. He's probably easier to convince than I am, if I had to guess.

ABHISHEKV | Yesterday, 5:11 AM
That makes sense I guess. If a film satisfies everything that you would want from a 10, then any number of 10s is fine. As long as it's upto speed with your benchmark for a 10 then it shouldn't matter.

I appreciate it. Take your time. Don't trouble yourself too much. I can't speak for its style, content or presentation. All I can say is that the series' subject matter itself interests me.

Hope you did well.

ABHISHEKV | Yesterday, 5:10 AM
I don't see why it would silence me. I can't think of it being that ridiculous.

Of course. The synopsis is but a nutshell of a nutshell. However, more often than not, if that's enough to hook you or interest you, then the work is bound to reap rewards.

Haha. I can imagine the type of character he is already. If YOU are filled with rage then god only knows what I would think of him.

Dashiawia | Oct 1, 7:38 PM
Thanks, dude~ I'm quite glad that my boss is already entrusting me with projects and other important tasks, since there's a higher chance for me to move my way up faster this way. On the downside, I'm also a bit worn out these days due to not getting enough rest, and man, I would love to be able to chat more with my MAL friends on a regular basis. But I suppose that's just part of life; we can't have everything.

Awesome to hear that! Wow. Those films must have been truly impressive to earn 10's from a critic of your caliber~ I might even be willing to try out a few in due time, if you insist that I should.

ariefdviruz | Oct 1, 7:48 AM
hello :)

Solos | Sep 30, 8:03 PM
In that case it's double the convenience. Had I chosen to go to the bigger university downtown I would've lived in residence, however it's super expensive :/

I think it had it's moments of brilliance, then again I'm easily satisfied lol. Such as the narcotics scene. Good stuff.

He's certainly up there, my homie Alvin might rise up to the challenge! Maybe even Luke fon Fabre as well.

As a matter of fact, you have. I was in the mood for a new pic when I was writing my previous reply and seeing yours made me think of Tales.

Bassam_ | Sep 29, 9:43 PM
thanks! Same as yours. It's nice to see Mushishi in your favorite list :) I think you've got a good list.
Btw, How have things been on your side? :) Seen/read anything worth mentioning?

Dashiawia | Sep 29, 7:47 PM
Pretty well, thanks. Although it's definitely been on the busy side for the past week, as I've been put in charge of a project which is quite time-consuming, and I've had to work overtime a few times because of it. As such, I've barely had any leisure time in the last couple of days. How about you, man? Still living the film life?

Bassam_ | Sep 29, 6:46 PM
Hi there, Nice to meet you

High anime compatibility. Not bad. :)

ABHISHEKV | Sep 29, 9:39 AM
That's great to know.

Sure. Sure. Do it at your leisure. I want to try the donkey movie (Balthazar) the most I think.

All the best with that paper.

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